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February 1961 

jw look at 

j gift income 
rd achieved 

ry Ransom 
5 over at the 
fersity of 

ts and 
ge spirit 

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gets into 

A Conference in Georgetown: 

Alumnus John J. Hooker and 
President John F. Kennedy 





The Sewanee News, issued quarterly by the Associated Alumni 
of The University of the South, at Sewanee, Tennessee. Second 
Class postage paid at Sewanee. Tennessee. 


Issue Editor 

Arthur Ben Chitty, '35 

Paris Eugene Smith, '57 

Elizabeth N. Chitty 

Edith Whiteseli. 

Joy Young 


2 The Vice-Chancellor's Column 

3 Commencement, 1961 

6 New Gift Income Record Achieved 

7 Alumnus Ransom Takes Over at Texas 

8 Sewanee's College Spirit Burns Brightly 

12 Sewanee Clubs 

1 3 Matching Offer Successful 

1-1- Summer School at Sewanee ; 

Bishop Dandridge Dies 
15 Alumni Figure Prominently in 

"New Frontier" 
1 6 Who Gets Into Colleger 


17 Who Gets Into Sewanee? 


22 From the Sewanee Classes 

27 In Memoriam 

28 I960 Alumni Contributors 

February 1961 

Volume 27 

Number 1 

ON THE COVER— Alumnus John Jay Hooker, Jr., PDT, 
who attended SMA and the College, is shown on the steps 
of John F. Kennedy's Georgetown home after conferring 
with the president-elect about a possible position in the 

new administration. Hooker sup- 
ported Kennedy before his nomi- 
nation and later organized 
committees of doctors, lawyers, 
and other professional groups to 
work on behalf of the Kennedy- 
Johnscn ticket. He declined to 
leave his Nashville law practice 
to accept the offer. 


Walden Fabry 

'Gentlemen . . . 
The Vice-Chancellor' 

The November i960 issue of the Sewanee 
News included a story on the need for 
greatly enlarged facilities for science with 
which the Vice-Chancellor and Regents 
are in hearty agreement, except that the 
solution proposed is not the one which 
they have had in mind for some time. 
In the first place, the extension of Carnegie 
Hall to the north to meet Walsh-Ellett is 
not an emergency measure to provide par- 
tial relief, but an essential part of the over- 
all plan which has been in mind ever since 
the construction of Walsh in 1890, when the 
southeast corner of that building was left 
unfinished for that purpose. Such an ex- 
tension will surely be required no matter 
what is done about Science Hall, because 
the southeast corner of Walsh-Ellett should 
not be left unfinished, and that space should 
not be left unutilized. It is, by the way, a 
very considerable space. The wing as 
planned will include 7,200 square feet of 
floor space, which is more than the whole of 
the present Physics Department. Further- 
more, as two of its four walls are already 
provided by adjoining buildings, it should 
cost cons'derably less than the $100,000 
which would be required to start from 

THE OTHER part of the Administra- 
tion's plan is an east wing at the center of 
the back of Carnegie Hall, which would be 
three bays wide and four stories high and 
continued on page 5 

The Sewanee News 

A New Look In Commencement Plannin 

Full schedule of events awaits Seniors, Regents, Trustees, and 
Alumni — Three phases planned from June 2 through June 11 

not only reflect a "new look" 
in Commencement plan- 
ning, but from all indications it 
promises to be the most successful 
one in many years. 

Last June the Board of Trustees 
voted to hold its annual meeting 
after Commencement, which will al- 
leviate considerably the housing- 
shortage for the families of gradu- 
ating seniors. In recent years, 
since the opening of the new Se- 
wanee Inn, most of the rooms have 
been reserved for regents and trus- 
tees, and many families here for 
their sons' graduation still had to 
stay in Winchester, Monteagle, and 
even as far away as Jasper and 

This year, for the first time, the 
seniors themselves have been given 
the responsibility of organizing their 
own Commencement plans. Robert 
N. Rust, III, of Arlington, Virginia, 
was elected senior class president 
in December, and is serving as the 
overall chairman for "PHASE 
ONE" of Commencement Week. As- 
sisting him are the class secretary. 
Joseph H. Tucker, III, of Shreve- 
port, and the class editor, David W. 
Wilson, of Kansas City, Missouri. 
This committee has been hard at 
work since the first of January lay- 
ing the groundwork of a successful 

In recent years, due partially 
to the tight housing situation 
and other factors, the traditional 
Commencement activities have be- 
come fewer and fewer. For ex- 
ample, a graduation dance was not 
even held last year due to a general 
lack of interest, and the 1959 dance 
was poorly attended. 

With the seniors themselves run- 
ning the show this year, a great deal 

By Eugene Smith 

of interest among the senior class 
and the rest of the student body 
already has been generated, and the 
various fraternities and groups arc 
planning open houses, dances, a 
smorgasbord, and other activities. 
Committees have been appointed to 
handle such details as housing, in- 
vitations, the class gift, a dinner- 
dance, fraternity parties, depart- 
mental open houses, finances, 
special programs, faculty lectures, 
and concerts. 

"PHASE TWO" of Commence- 
ment Week begins on Monday alter 
the seniors graduate. The Board 
of Regents meets that afternoon and 
the Board of Trustees begins its 
business sessions on Wednesday. 
This part of the extended Com- 
mencement Week lasts until Thurs- 
day, June 8, when the alumni begin 

"PHASE THREE", which be- 
longs to the alumni, will include 
class reunions, special alumni semi- 
nars, and appropriate entertain- 
ment. All alumni are encouraged 
to be here at this time; however, 
the classes of 191 1, 1912, and 1915 
will hold special reunions, as will 
the classes of 1929, 1930, 193 1, and 
1932. The classes of 1949, 1950, 
195 1, and 1952 are also scheduled 
for reunions during this time, and 
the "Old Timers" will also hold 
their annual reunion. 

The tentative ten-day Commence- 
ment schedule follows. The final 
schedule will be published in th : 
May issue of the Sewanee News. 
Meantime, make your plans nozv 
to be on hand! 

{for the complete Commencement 

schedule, please turn the page) 

Construction on the new Guerry Memorial Building continues. Slated for com- 
pletion in June, it will contain an auditorium seating 1,000, classrooms, offices, art 
gallery, music studio, and space for the fire and police departments. Discussing 
plans for future use are Vice-Chancellor Edward McCrady, left, music director 
William W. Lemonds, center, and Purple Masque director Brinley Rhys, right. 

February T961 


Friday, June 2 

11:00 a.m. — 12:30 p.m. Beta Theta Pi open house 
2:00 p.m. — 5:00 p.m. Alpha Tau Omega beach 

4:00 p.m. — 6:00 p.m. Delta Tau Delta coffee 
6:00 p.m. — 9:00 p.m. Open (Ribbon Society func- 
9:00 p.m. Phi Delta Theta dance 

Saturday, June 3 
9:00 a.m. — 10:00 a.m. Sigma Nu pancake breakfast 
10:00 a.m. — 11:30 a.m. Faculty Lectures for seniors 

and their guests, including a 
lecture by Eugene M. Kay- 
den, an authority on Boris 
12:30 p.m. — 2:30 p.m. Phi Gamma Delta smorgas- 
2:30 p.m. — 4:00 p.m. Kappa Sigma open house 
4:00 p.m. — 5:30 p.m. Concert, featuring "The 

7:00 p.m. Dinner-Dance, including 

speaker, small orchestra, etc. 
Sunday, June 4 
10:40 a.m. 

Formation of Academic Pro- 

11:00 a.m. Baccalaureate Service 

3:00 p.m. — 5:00 p.m. Departmental open houses 
6:30 p.m. — 8:00 p.m. Vice-Chancellor's buffet for 

seniors and their families 
8:00 p.m. — 9:30 p.m. Choir Concert 

9:30 p.m. 

Monday, June 5 
7:30 a.m. 

9:00 a.m. 

9:40 a.m. 

10:00 a.m. 

Joint Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 
Kappa Alpha open house 

Corporate Communion for 
Graduating Seniors 
Commissioning Ceremony, 
AFROTC graduates 
Formation of Academic Pro- 
Commencement Exercises 


Monday, June 5 

10:00 a.m. Commencement Exercises (It 

is anticipated that many trus- 
tees will want to arrive in 
time to attend the actual 
Commencement Service) 
4:00 p.m. Opening Session, Board of 


Tuesday, June 6 

morning Regents meeting 

afternoon Regents meeting 

Wednesday, June 7 
11:00 a.m. 

12:30 p.m. 

2:00 p.m. 
4:00 p.m. 
7:00 p.m. 

8:00 p.m. 
Thursday, June 8 

7:30 a.m. 

9:30 a.m. 
10:30 a.m. 

12:30 p.m. 
2:00 p.m. 
4:00 p.m. 


Thursday, June 8 
5:00 p.m. 

7:00 p.m. 
9:00 p.m. 

Friday, June g 
8:30 a.m. 
10:00 a.m. 

3 :oo p.m. 

7:00 p.m. 
Saturday, June 10 
9:00 a.m. 
9:30 a.m. 

12:30 p.m. 

late afternoon and 

late evening 
Sunday, June 11 
11:00 a.m. 

Meeting of bishops of the 

Province of Sewanee 

Luncheon for new trustees 

and their wives, followed by 

bus tour of domain. 

Bishops meet with theological 


Opening Session, Board of 


Dinner for trustees and their 

wives with faculty and staff, 

Gailor Hall 

Committee meetings 

Corporate Communion 
Trustees meeting 
Woman's Club entertains 
visiting ladies 
Trustees luncheon 
Trustees meeting 
Special Convocation for In- 
stallation of Chancellor, All 
Saints' Chapel 


Open House for all guests in 
honor of the Class of 191 1, 
given by Bishop and Mrs. 
Frank A. Tuhan 
Open (Ribbon Society func- 
tions, Old Timers, etc.) 
Vice-Chancellor's reception 
for all visitors to the Moun- 

Meeting, Alumni Council 

Pending (U. S. Sen. Barry 

Goldwater has been invited 

to debate Rep. Richard D. 

Boiling, '37, on a mutually 

agreeable topic) 

Alumni Forum with LTniver- 

sity officials 

Buffet Dinner-Dance 

Alumni Memorial Service 

Annual Meeting, Associated 



Class reunions 

Chapel Service, All Saints' 

The Sewanee News 

Charles Cheston, head of Sewanee's Forestry Department, displays some of the 297 
gavels in an unusual collection given to the University by Louis J. Williams of 
Chattanooga. It is the only collection of its kind in the world, and each gavel was 
handmade by Mr. Williams from different kinds of wood from all over the world. 

The V-C's Column 


would more than double the total 
volume of the science facilities. If 
this wing is made ninety feet long, 
which is the maximum the space 
will allow and still provide proper 
egress for the fire trucks, it will add 
21,600 square feet of floor space at 
a cost of approximately #325,000. 
Thus for #500,000 we could have 
two-and-one-fourth times as much 
space as we now have for one-third 
of the cost suggested in the other 
proposal, and still have #75,000 to 
spend on equipment. It would seem 
very foolish to consider any other 
plan, especially as the present Car- 
negie Hall is one of the most solidly 
constructed buildings one could 
imagine, and is already provided 
with special equipment like hoods 
and stacks which would be of no 
use in any other connection. Even 
if we should be so fortunate as to 
acquire #1,500,000 (the figure pro- 
posed in the other article) for 
science facilities, it would be much 
wiser to acquire the space as I have 
indicated above, and use the spare 
million for equipment and endow- 
ment of the science program. 

I SUSPECT that many people 
are unaware of the extent of the 

science program at Sewanee. Ap- 
proximately one fourth of the stu- 
dent enrollment is in science depart- 
ments, and nearly one fourth of the 
major students are majoring in sci- 
ence. Those who have the impres- 
sion that undergraduate science 
professors are too busy teaching to 
have any time for creative original 
research will be surprised to learn 
that at Sewanee right now there are 
active scientific research programs 
in progress in the following im- 
pressive range of subjects: plasma 
physics, electron scattering and the 
fine structure of the atomic nucleus, 
classical mechanics, complex com- 

pounds of chromium, chemical 
analysis of soils, solubility of ionic 
compounds in pairs of organic sol- 
vents, ternary phase studies, radio- 
activity of Tennessee soils, P 32 up- 
take in inbred and hybrid corn, 
anatomical and taxonomic studies 
of copepods and amphibians, plant 
classification and ecology, and a 
considerable series of studies in 

THE distinction of our science 
program has been recognized in a 
practical way by grants of money 
from the Atomic Energy Commis- 
sion, the National Science Founda- 
tion, and many industries and pri- 
vate foundations. This year seven 
grants from such sources have 
brought #36,540 to the support of 
scientific research at Sewanee, and 
in addition the National Science 
Foundation has granted #57,500 for 
support of a Sewanee Summer Sci- 
ence Institute which will open in 
June 1961. 

THIS MEANS that over #94,000 
has been brought to Sewanee within 
a year for our work in the sciences. 
A program which wins that kind of 
external support certainly deserves 
the best possible facilities, and we 
must get them as soon as possible. 

Sincerely yours. 

&£«xz<U 'ki&i. 


Miss Katharine Alexander Smith Dies 

Miss Katharine Alexander Smith, 
matron of Johnson Hall for 14 
years, died October 2, i960. 

"Miss Katharine", as she was 
known affectionately to hundreds of 
Sewanee students, was the daugh- 
ter of the late Maj. Gen. and Mrs. 
William R. Smith. Gen. Smith was 
a former superintendent of West 
Point and after retiring from active 
duty became superintendent of 
S. M. A. 

Funeral services were held at All 
Saints' Chapel, Sewanee, and burial 
took place at West Point, N. Y. 

February 1961 

New Gift Income Record Set In 1960 

By Arthur Ben Ghitty 

A New Record in total gift income for one year 
has been achieved at the University of the 
South. During i960 Sevvanee received 
$1,883,000 to place among the leading men's colleges in 
the nation. It was the sixth successive year that the 
University received over a million dollars in gifts, ac- 
cording to Bishop Frank A. Julian, director of develop- 

The record was aided materially by a bequest from 
the estate of the late Dr. and Mrs. Louis W. Alston, 
which finally totalled $760,000, the largest bequest in 
the school's history. 

Perhaps the most significant figures in the gift re- 
port is the total of $318,000 which came from Episcopal 
dioceses and parishes. $104,000 of this was for capital 
purposes (mostly for All Saints' Chapel), but over 
$210,000 came from "Sewanee-In-T he-Budget" and 
Theological Education appeals. 

44/'~"\ne of the most important tasks ever performed 


by an Episcopal layman for Sewanee was that 
of G. Allen Kimball of Lake Charles, Louisiana, who 
in i960 completed his third year as general chairman 
for Church Support in the twenty-one owning dioce- 
ses," said Bishop Juhan. "Giving hundreds of hours of 
his time and that of his office, this able corporation 
lawyer established and maintained contacts with clergy 
and keymen throughout the South which resulted in 
gifts nearly equalling the $345,000 produced by the 
entire University endowment," Bishop Juhan pointed 

Although former students of the University continue 
to give generously (of some 6,000 living alumni, 1,230 
gave $138,000 in i960), the}-' were substantially eclipsed 
by Episcopalians and other friends who, by bequest or 
contribution, gave $1,283,000. 

<6Tn all candor, it must be admitted," said Bishop 
X Juhan, "that the greatest weakness in our gift 
income record is our total from corporations and found- 
ations. In i960 we received $49,000 from business 
firms and $37,000 from charitable foundations. We 
have not yet been discovered by these two great 
sources of educational support." 

The year i960 will be the twenty-second in which 
the University of the South operated without a deficit. 
In round numbers the invested endowment is valued a1 
$10,000,000 and the physical plant at $30,000,000 by 
replacement estimates. Sewanee is the largest invest- 
ment in education by the Episcopal Church in America. 

A millon dollars in bequests came to the University 
of the South in i960, setting a new record in this cate- 
gory of gift income. Of the total $1,000,542, about 
three-fourths — $760,250 — came from the estate of the 
late Dr. Louis W. Alston and his wife Charlotte Niven 
McKinney Alston of Morganton, North Carolina, and 
Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Alston was a dentist and 
both were active in the work of the Episcopal Church. 
The next largest item was $68,440 from the estate 
of the late Mrs. Crawford Johnson of Birmingham, a 
partial settlement of a larger amount subject to cer- 
tain life interests. The Johnsons gave a dormitory at 
Sewanee thirty years ago which bears their name. 
Bequests received during the year were as follows: 
Dr. and A'lrs. Louis W. Alston $ 760,250 

Morganton, N. C, and Baltimore, Mel. 
Mr. and Airs. Crawford Johnson 68,440 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Miss Georgia Wilkins (partial payment) . . 50,000 

Columbus, Ga. 
Mrs. Douglas W. (Jennie Farris) King ... 41,391 

San Antonio, Tex. 
Dr. Robert South Barrett 25,000 

Alexandria, Va. 
Dr. Alice Barlow-Brown (partial payment) IL4°7 

Corpus Christi, Tex. 
Dr. Owen H. Wilson 10,746 

Nashville, Tenn. 
Mrs. A. L. (Florence Griswold) Shuman . . 10,000 

Fort Worth, Tex. 
Professor Tudor Seymour Long 5,oo8 

Sewanee, Tenn. 
Air. and Mrs. W. I. Moody 5,000 

Alemphis, Tenn. 
Mr. Lloyd St. John Smith 5,000 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Mrs. Thomas F. (Harriet Horry Frost) 

Parker 4,000 

Greenville, S. C. 
Mr. James C. Fargo (partial payment) . . 1,800 

Augusta, Ga. 
Dr. William Egleston (partial payment) . . 1,000 

Hartsville, S. C. 
Mrs. William A. (Louise Hawkins) Smith . 1,000 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Mrs. Ella O'Bannon Rew , 500 

Shreveport, La. 

Total $1,000,542 

The Sewanee News 


Educator For Texans 

Alumnus Harry H. Ransom rises from 

English Professor to Chancellor at the 

University of Texas 

Cv Eugene Smith 

Dr. Harry Hun it Ranso:\ 
who graduated from Sewa- 
nee in 1928 with a B.A. de- 
gree, now has the biggest job in 
American education ever held by a 
Sewanee graduate. He is president 
of the University of Texas and on 
December 10, i960, was appointed 
Chancellor-elect to succeed Dr. Lo- 
gan Wilson. 

Harry Ransom has been des- 
cribed by the Dallas Morning News 
as the "energetic and imaginative 
galvanizer of educational life at the 
University of Texas". Time (Janu- 
ary 13, 1961) says he is a "daringly 
different successor" (to Logan Wil- 
son), and that one of his fadulty- 
men said of him: "He doesn't just 
walk out on a limb for you. He 
climbs out on a twig, and jumps up 
and down on the leaf." 

Harry Ransom's varied interests 
include copyright law, bibliography, 
Texas history, students' transition 
from high school to college and spe- 
cial programs for superior students. 
Since joining Texas' faculty in 1935 
he has worked enthusiastically in 
general education experiments, 
chiefly through a program called 
"Plan II", a liberal arts curriculum 
which the university offers to top 
graduates of Texas high schools. 

He has contributed numerous 
articles to the Saturday Re- 
view, the Sewanee Reviezv, and the 

Texas Quarterly, which he helped to 
found. His principal contribution 
to this periodical is his regular 
"Arts and Sciences" editorial. He 
has written extensively on Texas 
history, and has served as an as- 
sociate editor of the Southwestern 
Historical Quarterly. 

In addition to his Sewanee de- 
grees (he returned to Sewanee in 
1958 to be awarded an honorary 
Doctor of Letters degree), Dr. Ran 
som has M.A. and Ph.D. degrees 
from Yale. He studied law at Har- 
vard and has an honorary degree 
from Baylor University. Before 
being appointed president of the 
University of Texas in the fall of 
i960, he served that institution as 
its vice-president and provost, dean 
of the College of Arts and Sciences, 
and as Graduate School associate 
dean. His teaching experience has 
included positions at North Dako- 
ta State Teachers College and at 
Colorado State College. 

During the Second World War, 
Dr. Ransom served as direc- 
tor of the USAAF Editorial Office, 
for which he received the Legion of 
Merit for his work in editorial in- 
telligence. He attained the rank of 
Major in the Army Air Force. Dur- 
ing 1939 he worked on a research 
program in London and received the 
International Copyright League 
award for this service. 

W.ilter Barnes 


ow listed in Who's Who in 
America, Harry Ransom got an 
early start on participating in col- 
lege activities and organizations. 
While at Sewanee he was a member 
of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, a 
member of the Order of Gownsmen. 
Phi Beta Kappa, worked on the 
Purple and Mountain Goat, was ac- 
tive in Purple Masque and was a 
member of the dramatic society. H'.- 
was the publicity manager for the 
football team and glee club, served 
as president of a literary society, 
was president of the Pi Omega de- 
bating society, was a member of the 
Pan-Hellenic council, an assistant to 
the professor of English, winner 01 
the South Carolina medal for Latin, 
winner of the Lea medal for ora- 
tory, president of the American Col- 
lege Editors, and a delegate to the 
National Education Association 
Convention in 1928. He was an al- 
ternate Rhodes Scholar for 1927, 
and was valedictorian of his class. 

Harry Ransom's philosophy 
might be summed up in a remark 
once made by him. It went like 
this: "In an age preoccupied with 
cuter space, no space is so impor- 
tant to education as the area which 
lies between the human ears." 

February 1961 

'Sewanee's College Spirit 
Burns Brightly Despite 
Decade of Amateurism' 

Howard Coulson 

Discussing Sewanee's athletic policies in front of Juhan Gymnasium are. left to right. Director of Development Bishop Frank A. Juhan. 
basketball coach Lon Varnell, Dean of Administration Gaston S. Bruton, head football coach Shirley Majors, athletic director Walter 
Bryant, and Vice-Chancellor Edward McCrady. 

The Dean of Administration comments on 
the 'Sports Illustrated' article about Johns 
Hopkins' problems with amateur athletics 

Editor's Note: Tom Siler, Sports Edi- 
tor of the Knoxville News-Sentinel, 
wrote Dean of Administration Dr. Gas- 
ton S. Bruton that the article appear- 
ing in the December 5 issue of Sports 
Illustrated entitled "How Pure Can A 
Game Get?", by James Poling, had trig- 
gered his curiosity on Sewanee's ath- 
letic program, and he asked Dr. Bruton 
to write a review of Sewanee's 14 years 
in amateur football. Mr. Siler ran the 
article in the News-Sentinel under the 

Mr. Siler wrote that "Sewanee and 
Johns Hopkins University have at least 
two things in common: (1) Each has 
an extremely high academic rating and 
(2) each operates an intercollegiate 
sports program on a purely amateur 

According to Mr. Poling's article to- 
tal de-emphasis has resulted in almost 
complete obliteration of the school 
spirit of Johns Hopkins and is cheating 
the students of an important quality jn 
campus life. The team wins only be- 
cause it loves the game and not out of 
any pride in the school, and most of 

the students, faculty, and alumni have 
no interest in whether the football 
team wins or loses. 

We are reprinting Dr. Bruton's arti- 
cle written for the News-Sentinel be- 
cause we feel it is an accurate portrayal 
of Sewanee's athletic program as it 
really exists. Our overall athletic pro- 
gram, intramural as well as varsity, ap- 
pears to be gaining momentum instead 
of slowing down. This is a healthy sign, 
for there is no fear at Sewanee that 
athletics will ever be "over-empha- 


The Sewanee News 

We have the plan of intercollegiate sports which is best for 
us, by far, than anything we have tried.'* 

By Gaston S. Bruton 

Mr. Poling's article indi- 
cates that there just isn't 
any case for moral recti- 
tude or any excuse for an academic 
point of view in college football. He 
doesn't actually say these things but 
he is thinking from that viewpoint 
as he writes. 

Unfortunately he is safe from cri- 
ticism. The few college presidents 
and deans who read his story on 
Johns Hopkins will be unwilling to 
comment because they ( i ) do not 
like to become involved in contro- 
versy in which they are not well 
posted, and (2) they won't take the 
time to investigate the intricacies of 
the utterly commercial point of view 
from which he speaks. Dead sil- 
ence, comparatively speaking, is 
what he will get from those who bit- 
terly resent what he says. Too bad. 

Poling has several irons in the 
fire. Let's look at one of them. Plis 
magazine, hence his job, is entirely 

dependent on big time sports. It.> 
circulation moves (other promotion- 
al factors being equal) up and down 
with the crowds. Two men on a 
shuffleboard court may be having an 
experience which will change the 
lives of both of them, something 
comparable to the white light of 
Saul near Damascus, but that is of 
no moment to Sports Illustrated. To 
the men of the college world, the 
dedicated men, striking a spark is 
important, wherever and however it 
can be struck. The purest scholastic 
will not question that the fierce, 
competitive situations of gridiron 
and court do strike sparks and do 
affect (frequently for the bettetj 
the character of the players. But 
for Mr. Poling to intimate that this 
can only happen to the tinkle of 
money in the till, to the howl of 
100,000 spectators, is puzzling to the 
college professor, the college chap- 
lain, the college president. 

/V t The University of the 
•* ■*- South, wehavecome 
through stages to our present posi- 
tion. We believe today, with a 
nearly unanimous agreement among 
faculty, students, and alumni, that 
we have the plan of intercollegiate 
sports which is best for us, by far, 
than anything we have ever tried. 
In the 1920's in the Southern Con- 
ference and in the logo's in the 
Southeastern, minutes will s h o w 
that our representatives (Benjamin 
F. Finney, William H. MacKellar, 
and Gordon Clark) repeatedly 
spoke out for an honesty-in-aid pol- 
icy: "If we are going to buy ath- 
letic talent (or make an education 
possible for those who possess it) 
let us do it in the open. Let us 
make rules which take into account 
what we intend to do anyway.'' 
This attitude finally prevailed and 
Sewanee's withdrawal from the SEC 

Hubbard Miller 

Swimming is one- of the most popular varsity and intramural sports. 
Here Sewanee tankmen congratulate swimmer Kip Culp after a 
victorious event. The swimming team completed the season with 
a six-five record. 

Howard Coulson 

Coach Shirley Majors talks over the starting lineup with captain 
Danny Woods, center, and co-captains Ernie Cheek, standing, and 
Jody Gee. right. Gee made Little All American. Williamson 
System. He docs not have a scholarship of any kind. 

February 1961 

Hubbard Mille- 

Yictorious Sewanee Tigers carry Coach Varnell off the floor after defeating 
Mississippi College 92-63 January 9. Sewanee was rated as underdog against 
Mississippi College, which was first in the nation among small colleges in 
scoring, having averaged over 100 points per game up until this time. Captain 
Sparky Edgin. left, Ed Hatch, center, and John Smith, right, helped pace the 
Tigers to their unexpected victory. 

just before World War II was for 
other reasons — namely 40 consecu- 
tive conference losses. 

The administration here at Sewa- 
nee makes athletic policy. We have 
had coaches who did not agree with 
the policy and who subverted it. 
Invariably these deviations were 
dealt with when they were exposed. 
We have had alumni send athletes 
to Sewanee. We have never de- 
clined to accept a student no mat- 
ter who paid his way BUT he had 
to pass an admissions committee on 
which there was no member of the 
athletic department. The University 
has awarded scholarships to many 
athletes but they play side by side 
with boys who receive no aid at all. 
This year our captain (Little All 
American Williamson system) had 
no scholarship aid. So far the best 
device we have found to keep our- 
selves in line is the rigidly enforced 
policy "no recipient of scholarship 
aid is required to participate in the 
sports program." Our coaches weep 

to see an all-state tailback from a 
big, championship high school foot- 
ball team walking our campus a 
free man while poorer players than 
he are butting heads. But the stu- 
dent who has decided not to play is 
under no pressure to do so just be- 
cause he holds a scholarship, no 
matter how big. 

\A/ E think that one of the more 
* * notable events in American 
football went unheralded in 1 9 q 6 
In that year Sewanee lost all of its 
eight games. But observe these 
things: (1) the football coach was 
not hanged in effigy, (2) the school 
paper did not call for his scalp, (3 I 
the alumni did not withhold then- 
contributions (en the contrary iqc? 
was the best year for fund raisin','; 
we had ever had), (4) we did not 
lire the coach. We did offer him 
another job on cur staff at the same 
salary. He sc tight and received a 
better offer elsewhere, took it. and 
we hired Shirley Majors, with whom 
we could hardly be more pleased. 

Perhaps we should withhold com- 
ment on Johns Hopkins. True, we 
have a special interest in the Hop- 
kins program because the director 
of athletics, Marshall S. Turner, Jr., 
is our alumnus, class of 1937; a 
fine student, by the way. There are 
problems in Baltimore, as Mr. Pol- 
ing indicates, which do not plague 
us at Sewanee. Our local colts and 
goats are not competitors for the 
crowds of 1,200 who overflow our 
400-seat stadium. The permanent, 
non-student population of Sewanee 
is about 1,500 so we may well be 
drawing a higher percentage of 
neighboring residents than either 
the Colts or the Army-Navy game. 

Hubbard Mil 

Student spirit is sparked by the University Band, now entirely divorced from 
AFROTC. The spectator esprit de corps at athletic events has imoroved greatly 
in the last year. 


The Sewanee News 

An observer whose pride would not 
be understood by Mr. Poling said 
in 1958, "Sewanee has built a per- 
manent stone stadium and a per- 
manent stone chapel in the same 
}ear. The chapel has twice as many 
seats (1,100 to be exact) as the sta- 
dium. A 'first' in America for sure!" 
Should we have the temerity to 
offer a criticism, ever-so-slight, of 
the Hopkins program, we might 
suggest that Dean Shaffer's "no 
gate receipts" rule is probably a 
mistake. True, its philosophy is 
sound (remove the profit motive 
and temptations are reduced) but 
it ignores one regrettable axiom of 
our materialistic civilization, namely 
that we equate worthwhile things 
with their cost. If it's expensive, it 
must be good; if it's cheap, it must 
be inferior; if it's free, there is some- 
thing wrong with it. Ask any theo- 
logian where this puts the more im- 
portant values of Christianity. 

I o summarize, we admire the 
■*- Hopkins plan in spite of Mr. 
Poling. We even admire the Emory 
plan which says in effect, "Profes- 
sionalism in college sports is so bad 
that the best solution is to stay out 
of it." We have tried to eat our 
cake and have it too. So far we 
have succeeded admirably, i.e., it 
surely tastes good ... to us! 

Hubbard Miller 

Intramural athletics comprise one of the most important parts of the overall athletic 
program at Sewanee, with participation and competition at a high level. Pictured here 
is the Phi Gamma Delta team which won the intramural football championship last 
fall with a perfect 10-0 record. 

V-C Comments on Scholarship Policies 

By Edward McCrady 

The University of the South does 
not subsidize athletes, but also does 
not penalize them. An athlete has as 
much right as anyone else to a schol- 
arship; but any scholarship he receives 
must be awarded by the same Univer- 
sity Scholarship Committee that awards 
all other scholarships, and must not be 
subject to any conditions regarding 
participation in athletics. No coach can 
award any scholarship, though there is 
no reason why he should not persuade 
good athletes who are academically 
qualified to apply to the University 
Scholarship Committee for aid, just as 
any other needy and worthy student? 
would. If an athlete who has received 
a scholarship decides not to participate 
in athletics, his scholarship does not 
terminate, because it was not an award 
for athletic services. Conversely, if the 
grades of an athlete who has a scholar- 
ship drop below the level required of 

Marshall Turner, Jr., Class of 1937, 
Is Director of Athletics at Hopkins 

Marshall S. Turner, Jr., Sewanee '37, is Johns Hopkins' Director of 
Athletics. He writes that ". . . there are problems concerned with 
playing football on an amateur basis, and especially where another 
sport on the campus enjoys a more "big-time" reputation as we do in 
Lacrosse. Things are not hopeless, however, and kids get something 
out of playing this way or we'd have folded long ago. ... / was in- 
terested to have so many of my athletic director friends in this area say 
that they could have put the name of their school in the (Sports Ilus- 
trated) article, and it woidd sound very natural. But they didn't expect 
to throw in the towel any more than we do. . . . The problems are in 
existence on every small college campus, in greater or lesser degree, and 
varying from year to year. We feel we have the right policy for us, and 
as long as enough kids want to pay the price to play, we'll have some 
kind of team." 

all scholarship holders, the athlete loses 
his scholarship whether he participates 
in sports or not. We want athletes at 
Sewanee to participate in sports, not 
for mercenary considerations, but for 
the love of the game, and the physicn; 
and spiritual benefits to be derived 
from honest amateur athletics. We be- 
lieve deeply in those benefits. We do 
not think we have "de-emphasized" 
athletics. Our program is expensive 
We provide excellent facilities, equip- 
ment, and staff; and we try to get al- 
most everyone involved in some com- 
petitive sport. We value athletics 
highly, and we cherish its benefits for 
our regular student body. 

When he was a student at Sewanee, Johns 
Hopkins' athletic director Marshall Turner 
played halfback on the Sewanee teams 
of 1935 and 1936. 

February 1961 

I 1 

With The Sewanee Clubs 

Sewanee Clubs from the east 
coast to the west coast have held 
meetings, luncheons, dinners, and 
parties in recent months. Attend- 
ance generally has been excellent. 


The Sewanee Club of Atlanta 
held its annual Christmas — New 
Year's open house January I, at 
the Piedmont Driving Club. Ap- 
proximately forty prospective stu- 
dents attended the party, and met 
Director of Admissions John B. 
Ransom. Also on hand from Se- 
wanee was W. Porter Ware, cam- 
paign director. The Cathedral Bell 
Ringers from the Cathedral of St. 
Philip in Atlanta provided the enter- 

The array of Atlanta boys al- 
ready at Sewanee is eloquent testi- 
mony to the efforts of this club. 
Each spring John H. Nichols gets 
from the director of admissions a 
list of the names and address of 
students who have been accepted 
at Sewanee. He writes each of 
them a personal letter of congratu- 

lation and invites each to phone 
him if they have any questions. 
Those who do call usually receive 
an invitation to lunch. 

A previous meeting of the Club 
was held November 20, during 
which the program of awarding Se- 
wanee Club medallions to outstand- 
ing junior high school students was 
discussed. Club officers elected for 
1961 were H. Garland Head, presi- 
dent, H. W. Whitman, Jr., vice- 
president, T. G. Linthicum, trea- 
surer, and James H. Bratton, secre- 


The Birmingham Country Club 
was the setting for a dinner held 
by the Sewanee Club of this city 
November 16. Dean of the College 
Robert S. Lancaster was the honor 
guest and he spoke about recent 
developments at Sewanee. 

On March 4, 1961. the Club plans 
another dinner when Edward Mc- 
Crady will be in the area. Ivey 
Jackson is handling the arrange- 
ments for this meeting. 

Edward MeCrady spoke at the St. Francis Episcopal Church in Palos Verdes and 
visited the Marineland of the Pacific with the Rev. Robert Tourigney, center, and 
Mr. and Mrs. Harris C. Moore, Sr., right. Marineland attendant, left, looks on while 
Dr. MeCrady shakes hands with "Bubbles", 


A Founders' Day dinner was held 
by the Coastal Carolina Club No- 
vember 10. Dr. Gaston S. Bruton, 
Dean of Administration, was the 
principal speaker at this event, 
which was held at the Hotel Fort 
Sumter in Charleston. J. Walker 
Coleman, Jr., was elected president, 
deRosset Myers was elected vice 
president, and John Bratton was 
elected secretary. 


The Chattanooga Club held a 
dinner at the Fairyland Club Oc- 
tober 26. Dr. Charles T. Harrison 
was the guest speaker. New presi- 
dent of the Club is James W. Gen- 
try, Jr. The new vice president is 
James A. Lyle, and the treasurer 
is Al Wade Jones. 


The Sewanee Club of Charlotte 
was organized October 6. Forty- 
six persons heard Arthur Ben 
Chitty, alumni secretary, talk about 
Sewanee. Officers elected were Dr. 
Fred N. Mitchell, president, War- 
ren Way, vice president, and the 
Rev. Martin Tilson, secretary. A 
second meeting was held February 
22 and the color movies about Se- 
wanee were shown. 


One of few north of the Mason- 
Dixon line, the Sewanee Club of 
Cleveland held a dinner meetim; 
February 8, at the University Club 
in that city. Arthur Ben Chitty 
gave a report on the University and 
showed the Sewanee color movies. 


Julius G. French, president of the 
Houston Club, was not satisfied in 
merely inviting people to the Club's 
luncheon December 28. Dressing 
up as Santa Claus and loaded down 
with toys, Julius made the rounds 
to the homes of alumni and friends, 


The Sewanee News 

Howard Coulsoa 

From Sewanee 

giving the children a thrill and re- 
minding their parents about the 
forthcoming luncheon. It was a 
success too, for forty-seven persons 
came to the dinner which featured 
a unique long-distance telephone 
hookup with Sewanee and the sing- 
ing of the Alma Mater and the 
Sewanee Hymn. Plans for the fu- 
ture include a meeting of the Hous- 
ton Club (at Sewanee, no less) dur- 

$50,000 Matching Offer 
An Unqualified Success 

The $50,000 matching offer was 
an unqualified success. Early in 
November a generous benefactor 
offered up to $50,000 to be used in 
a matching offer campaign during 
the last two months of 1960. Gifts 
received were counted dollar- for- 
dollar from all alumni, wherever 
they were, and from Sewanee 
friends living in cities where there 
was an organized Sewanee Club. 

On December 27, i960, $49,000 
had been received, and on the fol- 
lowing day the $50,000 mark was 
reached, and another $50,000 was 
immediately added for a total of 
$100,000. When all gifts post- 
marked before December 31 had 
been tallied, over $65,000 had been 
contributed. Thus, from the match- 
ing fund campaign, over $115,000 
was received by the University. 

ing "Phase Three" of Commence- 
ment this June, a dinner for the 
football team next fall after the 
game with Austin College at Sher- 
man, Texas, and an election meet- 
ing next November. 


The Jacksonville Club held a 
luncheon meeting October 28 at the 
George Washington Hotel. Eugene 
Smith, assistant director of public 
relations, talked about Sewanee and 
showed both Sewanee color films. 
Thirty-three people attended. W. 
Sperry Lee, handled invitations and 
other arrangements. 

A Christmas party highlighted 

I' or the Sewanee Club o] Houston meeting 
December 28, Julius French had Arthur Chitty, 
left, and Bishop Frank A. Julian call at a pre- 
arranged time. Julius had the Houston tele- 
phone company tie in a loudspeaker and for 
sixteen minutes listening club members and 
guests asked questions and received an up-to- 
the-minute report on goings-on at Sewanee. 

the holiday celebrations of alumni 
and friends of Sewanee in the Kan- 
sas City, Missouri, area. On De- 
cember 28 a party was held at the 
home of Mr. and Mrs. Gardinei 
Rapelye. Club president Newman 
R. Donnell handled arrangements. 


The Sewanee Club of Los Ange- 
les held a dinner meeting December 
2, at which Vice-Chancellor Edward 
McCrady was the guest speaker. 
Thirty-seven alumni and friends in 
the greater Los Angeles area at- 
tended. Jim Helms masterminded 
all arrangements for the dinner, 
which was held at the Lost Angeles 
Athletic Club. 


The Sewanee Club of Washington 
held a dinner February 20, at the 
Hotel Washington. Edward Mc- 
Crady was the guest speaker. 
Coates Lear, newly elected club 
president, was in charge of the din- 
ner and the cocktail party preced- 
ing it. 

to Houston, by phone 

Hubbard Miller 

Houston Club president Julius French, left, and David Coulson. center, listen while 
Peter Phillips converses with Arthur Chitty and Bishop Julian. Forty-seven attended 
the luncheon meeting. 

February 1961 


Summer Institute of Science, 
Math to be Held at Sewanee 

Summer school at Sewanee is 
a reality once again! 1 Begin- 
ning this summer, for the first 
time in a number of years, class- 
rooms will be occupied, lectures 
will be delivered, and quizzes will 
be given. The reason? — The Se- 
wanee Summer Institute in Science 
and Mathematics, made possible by 
a $57,500 gram from the National 
Science Foundation, will begin oper- 
ation June 26, 1961. In addition, a 
legular summer session will be con- 
ducted by the College of Arts and 
Sciences according to an announce- 
ment made February 28th by Dean 
of the College Robert S. Lancaster. 
While the Science Institute, which 
is open only to high school teachers 
of science and mathematics, is hold- 
ing classes in Carnegie Science Hall, 
the undergraduate students will be 
attending classes in Walsh-Ellen 
and possibly in the new Guerry Me- 
morial building. The undergradu- 
ate summer school is still in the 
planning stages, and will be held if 
as many as forty students indicate 
a desire to attend. Beginning in 
the summer of 1962 a full-fledged 
co-educational summer school is 
planned, according to Dean Lan- 

Dr. H. Malcolm Owen, head of 
Sewanee's Department of Biology 
and director of the math and sci- 
ence institute, says that approxi- 
mately fifty high school teachers of 
science and mathematics will be en- 
rolled in this school, which runs 
eight weeks. Participants will be 
eligible for a Master of Arts in 
Teaching degree, which will be 
awarded by the University of the 
South at the successful completion 
of approximately three to four 
summers of residence work. 

iEditor's Note: The last regularly scheduled 
summer session at the undergraduate level was held 
in 1952. The Graduate School of Theology has 
continued having sessions each summer. 

Dr. Malcolm Owen 

Late in 1959 Sewanee's faculty 
voted to establish the MAT 
degree, realizing that there was little 
opportunity for secondary school 
teachers to work for an advanced 
degree in other than the field of 
education or in a specific subject. 

Accordingly, in i960 the National 
Science Foundation was requested 
to support a sequential program of 
study that would present the oppor- 
tunity, indeed the challenge, to 
secondary school teachers to work 
for a master's degree in all of the 
basic science subjects rather than 
in any one of them. 

Basic courses in biology, chemis- 
try, mathematics, physics and 
the history of science will be offered 
during the first summer of the in- 
stitute's operation. Advanced topics 
to be offered this year include cour- 
ses in genetics, finite mathematics, 
and radioisotopes. 

Tuition and fees for the partici- 
pants are paid by the NSF grant. 
Each teacher selected to attend the 
institute will also receive a stipend 
of $75 per week, plus $15 per 
dependent per week (up to four 
dependents), and a travel allowance 
of four cents a mile to and from 
the participant's permanent home is 
also included. From these funds, 
each student will in turn pay for 
his room and board. 

Bishop Edmund P. Dandridge Dies; 
Was Former Dean of the Seminary 

The Rt. Rev. Edmund Pendleton 
Dandridge, former dean of Se- 
wanee's Theological School, died 
January 28, 1961, at the home of his 

daughter in Lexington, Kentucky. 

He retired as the fifth bishop of 
Tennessee in 1953 and became act- 
ing dean of the School of Theology, 
a position he held until 1956. 

Bishop Dandridge was educated 
at the University of Virginia, where 
he received a B.A. degree in 1902 
and his M.A. the following year. He 
attended the Virginia Theological 
Seminary, and Oriel College, Ox- 
ford LIniversity, where he received 
a B.A. in Theology degree in 1908. 
He received a Doctor of Divimty 
degree from Sewanee in 1938. 

He was born September 5, 188 1 
at Flushing, N. Y., and was married 
to the late Mary Robertson Lloyd 
in October, 1909. They had two 
children. He was 79 at the time of 
his death. 


The Sewanee News 

Fabian Baclirarh 

Richard W. Bolling 

Hiram W. Brawley 

Sewanee Alumni Occupy Key 
Roles In JFK's 'New Frontier' 

Two Sewanee alumni who will 
occupy important roles in the new 
Democratic administration are Con- 
gressman Richard W. Boiling and 
the new Deputy Postmaster Gen- 
eral, Hiram W. Brawley. 

Graduating from Sewanee in 1937 
with a B.A. degree and in 1939 
with a M.A.j Dick Bolling has risen 
to a prominent level in congressional 
circles. In November he was re- 
elected to Congress from the Fifth 
Congressional District of Missouri. 
He holds key positions on the Joint 
Economic Committee and the pow- 
erful House Rules Committee, and 
debated committee chairman How- 
ard W. Smith of Virginia on national 
television recently. 

The June 20, i960 issue of Nezvs- 
zveek published the results of a poll 
among fifty Washington correspond- 
ents asked to rank members of Con- 
gress. Speaker Sam Rayburn was 
ranked first, Representative Mills of 
Arkansas second, and Dick Boiling 

Representative Bolling has ac- 
cepted an invitaticn to debate Sena- 
tor Barry Goldwater at Sewanee 
June 9. Senator Goldwater's de- 
cision is still pending. 

Hiram W. Brawley, C'40, was ap- 
pointed Deputy Postmaster General 
by President John F. Kennedy. A 
resident of Alexandria, Virginia, he 
served as campaign coordinator for 
Lyndon Johnson in i960, and as an 
assistant campaign manager for Ad- 
lai Stevenson in 1956. He has served 
as president of the National Capi- 
tal Democratic Club in Washington. 

Arthur Dugan Elected 
to SPSA Presidency 

Professor Arthur B. Dugan, chair- 
man of Sewanee's Political Science 
Department, was elected president 
of the Southern Political Science As- 
sociation in November, i960, lor a 
one year term. The Association was 
iounded thirty-two years ago, and 
meets yearly at Gatlinburg, Tennes- 
see. The SPSA extends from Texas 
to Maryland, and it publishes The 
journal of Politics. Arthur Dugan 
has served as recording secretary 
and as a member of the executive 
committee of the SPSA. He has 
also served as a member of the 
council of the American Political 
Science Association. 

Eugene Smith Is 
Assistant Director 
of Public Relations 

Paris Eugene Smith, '57, became 
Assistant Director of Public Rela- 
tions in October, i960, upon comple- 
tion of three years active duty in the 
Air Force. 

In this capacity he will handle 
news releases and other items of an 
informational nature and has the 
responsibility of servicing the clubs 
and classes. 

Mr. Smith graduated from Sewa- 
nee in 1957 with a B.A. degree in 
Economics and Business, and was 
commissioned a second lieutenant In 
the Air Force upon completion of 
the AFROTC program here. He 
entered active duty training in Feb- 
ruary, 1958, and received his navi- 
gator wings the following November, 
when he was assigned as a combat- 
crew navigator in the Strategic Air 
Command. During his tour of duty- 
he saw service in Newfoundland, 
the Azores, Morocco, Spain, and 

Mr. Smith is married to the for- 
mer Mildred Katharine Whiteside, 
daughter of Lt. Col. and Mrs. Sam 
Whiteside. Colonel Whiteside was 
Sewanee's Professor of Air Science 
from 1955 until 1958. 


February 1961 

Who Gets 

Into College? 

By Frank H. Bowles 

What are my child's 
chances of getting into col- 
lege? What can I as a par- 
ent do to improve my child's 
chances of getting into the college 
that seems best for him? 

Chances are you've asked these 
questions, and maybe other parents 
have asked them of you. For ad- 
mission to college has become the 
nation's surefire topic of conversa- 

Elections, baseball and interna- 
tional upheavals compete for atten- 
tion, of course; but these matters 
don't touch our personal lives. Yet 
it seems that every American has 
some contact with the business of 
college entrance, knows a surprising 
amount about it — or at least thinks 
he does — and wants to know more. 

What he wants to know usually 
boils down to the two questions 

There is a quick answer to the 
first question — what are my child's 
chances of getting into college? 

Any child who has an I.Q. of 
ninety-five or better, who can write 

Copyright 1061 by Editorial Projects for Edu- 
cation, Inc. All rights reserved. 

office. Left to right are Director of Admissions John B. Ransom, Charles Cheston, Dean of , 
Bruton, Dr. Bayly Turlington, and Dr. Charles T. Harrison. 

As one of the 'preferred' colleges, Sewanee 

a letter including a simple declara- 
tive sentence such as "I want to go 
to your college," who can read with- 
out moving his lips, and who can 
pay college expenses up to #500 a 
year can go to college. But it may 
also be true that a child with an 
I.Q. of 140 who can do differential 
equations in his head may not get 
to college. 

Obviously, then, the general an- 
swer can only indicate that there is 

a tremendous range of institutions, 
with varying standards and oppor- 
tunities, and that many factors de- 
termine actual chances of admission. 


-t this point, we need some 1 
specific information about types of 

"Preferred" institutions : — the j 
ones that receive the most attention 
from high school students — number 

Fabian Bachrach 

Editor's Note: Frank H. Bowles is 
the nation's leading authority on a 
matter of great importance to students 
and their parents: how to find the right 
college and get into it. He has been 
director, and now president, of the Col- 
lege Entrance Examination Board (tho 
Southern Regional Office of which is 
located in Sewanee) since 1948, and he 
has been dealing with college admis- 
sions and testing of applicants since 
receiving his M.A. from Columbia in 

He has served on the Fulbright Na- 
tional Selection Committee, and the 
King George VI Scholarship Commit- 
tee of the English-Speaking Union. He 
has been a consultant to a number of 

colleges and universitiies, generally 
dealing with administrative organiza- 
tion and the development of graduate 
programs. He is also a member of the 
Board of Visitors of the U. S. Military 

Currently Mr. Bowles is in Paris, at 
the office of UNESCO, on a two-year: 
assignment heading a Carnegie-sup- 
ported study of university admissions 
theory and practice around the world. • 
His book, "How to Get into College," 
was published in 1958, and revised last: 
year. In this article he opens new 
horizons and gives fresh advice and 
new ideas for those increasing numbers I 
lege at a time when getting into col- 
of youngsters who want to go to col- 
lege seems to be more difficult. 


The Sewanee News 

Howard Coulson 

egents' Room to consider a few of the hundreds of applications now flooding the admissions 
in M. Webb, Dean of the College Robert S. Lancaster, Dean of Administration Gaston S. 

ntinues to be swamped with applications 

from ioo to 150, depending on who 
makes the list. In my judgment, 
the largest number is correct, and 
the list is still growing. It should 
reach 200 by 1965, and 250 by 1970. 
The number of places available in 
preferred institutions — now ap- 
proximately 100,000 — s h o u 1 d in- 
crease to about 150,000 during the 
next decade. 

The present 150 preferred colleges 
are located in about fifteen states — 
mostly in the Northeast, the north- 

rn Middle West and the Pacific 
:oast. Four-fifths are private, with 
three-fourths of the total enrollment 
of the group. The one-fifth that are 
public have one-fourth of the en- 

ollment. This proportion is 

hanging; in a few years it will be 
three-fifths private and two-fifths 
public, with a fifty-fifty enrollment 


It now costs about $3,000 a year 
to send a child to a preferred insti- 

"Standard" institutions — which 

are not selective at admission, but 
will not admit any student ob- 
viously destined to fail — number 
from 700 to 800. The larger num- 
ber includes about fifty that could 
be considered part of the preferred 
list and another fifty that could be 
placed on the easy list. In my 
judgment, the smaller number is the 
right one for this category. It will 
stay about constant over the next 
decade, with some shifting between 
lists. But enrollments within the 
standard category will go up by at 
least fifty per cent. 

Standard institutions are of 
course located in every state. 
Seventy per cent of their enroll- 
ments are in public institutions, and 
thirty per cent in private ones. But 
the private institutions outnumber 
the public ones in a ratio of sixty- 
forty. Many of the private col- 
leges are remarkably small. 

Costs at standard institutions 
tend to run from $1,500 to #2,500 
(continued on next page) 

Who Gets 
Into Sewanee? 

By John B. Ransom 

Director of Admissions 

The University of tfie 
South's admissions board 
continually finds that its job 
is getting more difficult. The duty of 
the board has ccme increasingly to 
be an exercise of selection among 
applicants. For several years now, 
the number of applications has ap- 
preciably exceeded the number of 
new students that the College can 
accommodate, and the problem is 
becoming increasingly more acute. 
For example, there were 494 com- 
pleted applications for the semester 
beginning in the fall of i960, and 
198 matriculated. For the semester 
beginning in September, 1961, there 
have been over 1300 requests for 
the final application papers already, 
and it is anticipated that there will 
be more than 750 completed appli- 
cations filed. Of this number, there 
will be room for only about 185 
freshmen next fall. 

At the present time, with in- 
creased numbers of applications, 
and a decreased number of spaces 
for new students, the proportion 
of possible admissions is consider- 
ably lower than ever before. In 
the past, selection has consisted 
largely of trying to screen out those 
who would have little chance for 
success. Now it is necessary to 
choose among qualified applicants. 
In the opinion of the admissions 
board and of the members of the 
College in general, this circum- 
stance is a highly desirable one. It 
stems both from the recognized suc- 
cess of the College in doing a dis- 
tinguished job of undergraduate 
education, and enhances the pros- 
pect for continued and increased 
success. But, whatever view may be 
taken of the value of having a large 
number of applicants from which 
(continued on page 20) 

February 1961 


Who Gets Into College? 


per year. Yet some of these schools 
operate with very low fees, and 
naturally the public ones are in the 
lower cost brackets. 

"Easy" institutions number 
about 800, of which 300 are four- 
year colleges and the rest junior col- 
leges or community colleges. The 
list will grow rapidly as colleges are 
established over the next decade. 
Even though some easy colleges will 
raise requirements and join the 
standard group, there may well be 
1,500 colleges in this category by 
1970. Enrollment will triple in the 
same period. 

At present about one-third of the 
easy institutions are four-year pri- 
vate colleges with enrollment prob- 
lems, and many of these are trying 
to enter the standard group. But 
almost all newly established in- 
stitutions are tax-supported. Thus 
by 1970 the number of private col- 
leges on this level of education will 
be negligible. 

Cost of attending these institu- 
tions is now very low; tuition ranges 
from nothing to $500 a year. 

ith these descriptions esta- 
blished, let us consider chances of 
admission to these institutions, now 
and in the future. 

The "preferred" institutions are 
already difficuh to enter, and will 
become more so. In general, their 
requirements call for an academic 
standing in the upper quarter of 
the secondary school class, and pre- 
ferably in the upper tenth. School 
recommendations must be favor- 
able, and the individual must show 
signs of maturity and purpose. Ac- 
tivities and student leadership have 
been much overplayed, particularly 
by parents and school advisors, but 
they carry some weight as indica- 
tions of maturity. Parental con- 
nections with colleges help, but are 
rarely decisive. If any factor is 
decisive, it is the school record as 
verified by College Board scores. 

Chances of admission to any of 
this group of "preferred" colleges 
may be estimated as follows : 

School record in upper ten per 
cent, with appropriate College 
Board scores and endorsement 

A CASE HISTORY — Charles Metcalf Crump, Jr.. of Memphis, visits Sewanee 
and is interviewed by Admissions Director John B. Ransom. Here John Ransom 
answers Met's questions about Sewanee and at the same tim; gains a valuable 
impression of the prospective student. Although personal interviews are not re- 
quired. Mr. Ranscm recommends that whenever possible, a prospective student 
should v sit the campus. 

from high school not worse than 
two chances out of three. 

School record in upper quarter, 
with verifying College Board scores 
— no worse than one in three. This 
does not mean that the student will 
get one acceptance out of two or 
three tries, but rather that this esti- 
mate of chance holds for any pre- 
ferred institution he applies to. 

School record below the upper 
quarter, with strong counterbalanc- 
ing factors, such as high College 
Board scores, remarkable personal 
qualities, proven talents in special 
fields, strong family connections, 
recent awakening of interest and 
excellent performance, achievement 
despite great handicaps — not better 
than one chance in three, and not 
worse than one chance in four. 

No others need apply. 


Howard Coulson 

he standard institutions are, 
taken as a group, s*:i!l accessible to 
any student whose past perfor- 
mance or present promise gives 
reasonable chances of college suc- 
cess. But there are gradations 
within the standard institutions. 
Some approach the selectiveness of 
the preferred group; others are 
purposefully lenient in their admis- 
sions and stiffer in later "weeding 
out" during the first year of college. 

A student shows reasonable 
chance of success when he has 
taken a secondary school program, 
including at least two years of 
mathematics, two years of foreign 
language, and four years ot English, 
has passed all subjects on the first 
try, and has produced good grades 
in at least half of them. Th's means 
a school record not too far below 
the middle of the class, at worst. 
Now that nearly all standard insti- 
tutions are requiring College Boards 
or similar types of examinations, 
the school record has to be backed 
by lest scores placing the studejit 
'n the middle range of applicants 
(CEEB scores of 400 or higher). 

Such a student can be admitted 


The Sewanee News 

io a standard institution, but he 
may have to shop for vacancies, 
particularly if his marks and scores 
are on the low side and if he comes 
from a part of the country where 
there are more candidates than 



definition non-selective. We can 
make several generalizations about 

First, any high school graduate 
can enter an "easy" institution, re- 
gardless of his I.Q., or his studies 
in school, or what he hopes to do in 
college and after. 

Second, an easy college usually 
offers a wide range of courses, all 
the way from a continuation of the 
general high school course, to 
technical and semi-professional pro- 
grams, to the standard college sub- 

Third, easy colleges will draw 
some well-prepared students who 
later go on to advanced degrees. 

Fourth, since easy colleges are 
not selective (neither keeping stu- 
dents out nor forcing them out), 
{continued on page 21) 

Sewanee Statistics 

For the freshman class enter- 
ing Sewanee in the fall of 1960, 
494 completed applications were 
received. Of these, 70.4 percent 
were offered admission. Of those 
accepted, 62.3 percent matricu- 
lated. A total of 198 freshmet! 
entered the fall semester, repre- 
senting 143 secondary schools. Of 
this number, 77 percent came 
from public schools, 23 percent 
from private ones. In their high 
school class rank, 94 percent of 
the applicants who came from 
the top fifth of their public sec- 
ondary school class were offered 
admission. The breakdown is as 

Top fifth . . . 





Second fifth 



Third fifth . 



Fourth fifth 



Bottom fifth 

. 8.3 


Met receives a tour of the campus. Guide John Ransom points out 
interesting features of recently completed All Saints' Chapel, the "most 
used Episcopal Church in the Soul li.' 

After visiting Sewanee, Met decides to apply to three schools; 
and Sewanee. Here Leah Rhys, secretary to the director of 
pares Met's folder for the admissions committee to consider 
others for the freshman class entering in i960. 

Princeton. Rice. 
admissions, prc- 
along with 493 

February 1961 


Getting Into Sewanee 


an entering class may be chosen, it 
is a simple fact that the limited 
physical resources of the University 
compel the practice of selection. 

As a process of both necessity 
and choice, the board has gradually 
worked out a framework for the 
practice of selection. Because of 
the recent large increase in the num- 
ber of applications and the conse- 
quent difficulty in making selec- 
tions, the board has come to state 
its principles of choice somewhat 
more clearly and consciously than 
in the past. 

The dominant principle is this: 
it is unfair to accept an applicant 

National Publicity 

With increasing repetition in 
recent months Sewanee has been 
mentioned in leading national 
magazines, and it is believed 
that this unsolicited publicity has 
played an important role in the 
significant jump in inquiries, re- 
quests for applications, and com- 
pleted applications for admis- 

In an article entitled "Fresh- 
man Class: 1960", Life (Decem- 
ber 3, 1960) says of Sewanee: 
"One of the strongest small 
liberal arts schools in the 
South " 

The October, 1960 issue of the 
Kiplinger Changing Times maga- 
zine mentions the University of 
the South as one of twenty lesser 
known but desirable schools. 

In its "Education" section. 
Time (December 5, 1960) says 
that "Tennessee's quiet little 
University of the South patterns 
its 10,000 acre campus after Ox- 
ford, complete with gowns for 
top students, and publishes the 
oldest U. S. literary quarterly, 
the Sewanee Review.'''' 

"Getting Into College" is the 
subject of a January, 1961 arti- 
cle in Coronet. It lists Sewanee 
in its sampling of colleges, stat- 
ing that we are one of a group 
that is "Non-ivy, not over- 
crowded — but quality schools 
available for qualified students." 


whose chances for academic success 
at Sewanee are poor, regardless of 
other considerations. Thus, the first 
concern of the board is with aca- 
demic competence. In adjudging a 
candidate's competence, the board 
takes into account his school record, 
his scores on the required College 
Board examinations, and the opin- 
ions of qualified persons — notably 
of teachers and principals, but also 
of ministers and friends. 

The board has no rigid or cate- 
gorical definition of competence: 
each candidate is individually con- 
sidered, according to standards that 
seem relevant for him. Nor does 
this primary concern with academic 
competence mean that a candidate's 
chances for acceptance are in direct 
proportion to his grades or scores. 
Finally, it does not mean that the 
board aspires to the attainment of 
an unreasonably high standard of 
intellectual aptitude. 

The admissions board places great 
value upon qualities of character 
and evidences of leadership as well 
as academic promise. It is con- 

Gosts at Sewanee 

Education costs continue to go 
up. It now costs approximately 
$2,000 per year to go to Sewanee, 
travel and personal expenses ex- 
cluded. Here's what it will cost 
the freshman student entering 
next fall: 

1961-1962 EXPENSES 

Tuition $ 950.00 

Room and board 670.00 

Lab fees 10.00 

Social and health fees . . 90.00 

Laundry 90.00 

Books and supplies .... 100.00 

Fraternity 100.00 

Although it seems expensive. 
this yearly investment actually is 
only a portion of what it really 
costs the University to educate 
one student. Sewanee's endow- 
ment and yearly gift income 
make up the balance. 

cerned with its obligation to serve 
the Church, to serve its constitu- 
ency, and to serve the region from 
which the majority of its studen 
have always come. In recognizing 

The long awaited letter 
of acceptance from Se- 
wanee is greeted with *•» ~™ 
a smile, and is soon mm 
followed by similar ones 
from both Rice and 
Princeton. Met chose 
Sewanee and entered 
last fall. He is a 
member of the SAE 

Howard Coulson 

The Sewanee News 

chese obligations, The board is con- 
sistently concerned with the follow- 
ing interests: 

i. That of the alumni. Sons and 
brothers of alumni are given special 
consideration, provided they meet 
academic requirements. 

2. That of Sewanee's active 
friends and supporters. 

3. That of the Church; most es- 
pecially of the dioceses and parishes 
which have regularly supported Se- 

4. That of diversity in back- 
ground. The board recognizes some 

possibility of the development at 
Sewanee of an undesirable homo- 
geneity in attitude and view. It 
believes that its students will be 
benefited by the opportunity to en- 
large their capacities for under- 
standing and tolerance. 

5. That of balance among the 
academic disciplines within the Col- 
lege. It is necessary, on occasion, 
to accommodate standards to this 
need for balance. 

6. That of the various extra-cur- 
ricular activities which are such an 
important part of college life. 

Who Gets Into College? Continued 

they must operate so that students 
will make their own decisions, and 
thus they must have a strong insti- 
tutional emphasis on guidance. 

Fifth, since one of the most 
powerful of all selective devices is 
the charge for tuition, easy colleges 
tend to charge low, or no, tuition. 


o sum up, then, the answer to 
our first question is that a student's 
chances of getting into college are 
excellent — provided that he is able 
and willing to do what is necessary 
to prepare himself for the college 
he would like to enter, or that he is 
willing to enter the college that is 
willing to accept him. 

Let's turn now to our second 
question: What can I as a parent 
do to improve my child's chances 
of getting into the college that seems 
best for him? 

This is one of the standard, rather 
heavy questions for which there are 
already available a great many 
standard, rather heavy answers, 
dealing with the desirability of the 
good life, the need for stable parents 
and other valid but unenlightening 
pronouncements. But some of the 
problems raised by this question do 
not yield to standard answers. 
Three such problems, or needs, de- 
serve our attention: 

1. The need for parents to pro- 
mote thinking,, learning and reading. 

Colleges, particularly the prefer- 
red colleges, are bookish places. 
They emphasize reading and dis- 
cussion as stimuli to learning and 
thinking instead of stressing note- 
taking and the study of text-books 
to accumulate facts. College en- 
trance tests are built in part to 
measure reading skills. And the 
student with the habit of reading 
will do better work in college than 
the student who relies on studying 
text books and memorizing facts. 

The habit of reading is most 
easily formed at home. It can be 
formed by the presence and dis- 
cussion of books. This means, for 
example, that the fifty dollars that 
parents often spend on coaching 
for college entrance tests can better 
be spent over two years in the col- 
lection of fifty or sixty "highbrow" 
paperbacks. For this is reading 
that will do more than any coach- 
ing courses to improve test scores — 
and it will at the same time improve 
preparation for college studies, 
which coaching courses do not do. 

2. The need for parents to make 
financial preparation for college. 

College is a costly business. The 
preferred colleges cost about $3,000 
a year, and of course this comes out 
of net income after taxes have been 
paid. For most families with child- 

ren in college, it represents gross 
income of at least $4,000. 

Not long ago, a survey showed 
that half of a group of parents who 
expected their children to go to col- 
lege did not know the costs of col- 
lege and were not making any 
preparations to meet those costs. 
The lesson is obvious. Parents 
who are not ready to deal with 
college costs are failing in a vital 
area of support. Urging a child to 
study so that he can get a scholar- 
ship may pay off, but it is a poor 
substitute for a family plan for the 
financing of the child's education. 

3. The need to choose a college 
in terms of the child's abilities and 

Much is made of the problem of 
choosing colleges, and great effort 
goes into the process of choice. But 
the results, if judged by the tur- 
moil that attends the annual selec- 
tions, fall far short of expectations. 
The difficulty seems to lie in the 
placing of emphasis on the college, 
not the student. When the applica- 
tion is sent in, the parent often 
knows more about the merits of the 
college to which the application is 
going than he does about the ap- 
plicant as an applicant. 

Naturally it is difficult for a par- 
ent to be objective about his own 
child. But enough is now known 
about evaluating individual abilities 
and achievements that any parent 
who really wants to may v'ew his 
child as the child will be viewed 
by the college. Such an evalua;ion 
is neither so difficult nor so time 
consuming as the processes parents 
often go through in evaluating col- 
leges. And since it relies on stand- 
ard academic information, it in- 
volves little or no cost. Yet its 
value is inestimable. For if the 
choice of college is made in terms 
of the child's capabilities, the first 
and most important step has been 
taken toward placing the child in 
the college that seems best for him. 
And this in turn is the best insur- 
ance for a successful college career. 

February 1961 


From The Sewanee Classes 


Hon. Bayard B. Shields, KA, circuit 
court judge from Jacksonville, Florida, 
retired in December after serving in 
(hat capacity for 25 years. Judge Shields 
began the practice of law in Jackson- 
ville in 1806 and was elected circuit 
court judge in 1935. 

The Very Rev. W. Douglas Matthews 
is confined to a hospital in Albuquer- 
que, New Mexico. His son, John S. 
Matthews, sends his father's greetings 
to his fellow classmates. 


G. Bowdoin Craighill, KA, and Mrs 
Craighill, of Washington, D. C, cele- 
brated their 50th wedding anniversaiy 
June 29, 1960. 

Frank M. Gillespie, PDT, owner of 
San Antonio's Gillespie Motor Com- 
pany, was presented a citation for his 
work as chairman of the church exten- 
sion department of the Diocese of Wesi 
Texas for 15 years. Making the pres- 
entation was the Rt. Rev. Everett H. 
Jones, Bishop of the Diocese of West 
Texas. Mr. Gillespie and Herbert E. 
Smith, '03, PDT, are Sewanee's senior 
lay trustees, having begun their terms 
in 1929. 


The Rt. Rev. James M. Stoney, DTD, 
has written a book entitled Lighting the 
Candle, which was published by the 
Rydal Press, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 


William O. Baldwin has retired as 
vice-president of the First National 
Bank, Montgomery, Alabama. He will 
remain a director of the bank. 

Dr. Oscar N. Mayo, '06, is connected with 
the Medical Arts hospital and clinic in 
Broivnwood, Texas, where he is in active 
practice as a radiology specialist. 


Dr. John Chipman, DTD, has collabo- 
rated on an important technical paper 
entitled "Stability of Hercynite at High 
Temperatures," which appeared in the 
November issue of the Journal of the 
American Ceramics Society. He is now 
head of M.I.T.'s department of metal- 


Dr. Philip Davidson, the recipient of 
an honorary Litt.D. degree from Sewa- 
nee, and president of the University of 
Louisville, has been awarded the Hon- 
orary Office of the Most Excellent Or- 
der of the British Empire by Queen 
Elizabeth. He was one of five Ameri- 
cans to receive the award January 1, 


Hugh W. Fraser, Jr., KS, has been 
named a general vice-president of the 
Citizens and Southern National Bank 
in Atlanta. 


Carl A. Detering, KA, of Houston, 
has purchased the historic 850-acre 
Liendo Plantation near Hempstead. 
Texas, which he and Mrs. Detering plan 
to restore to its original beauty. The 
Liendo plantation home was built in 
1853, and served as a campsite for Gen 
G. A. Custer and his command during 

Thorn B. Lord, ATO, was the Demo- 
cratic candidate for U. S. Senator from 
New Jersey in the November elections. 
His opponent, Republican incumbent 
Clifford P. Case, was the victor. 

Thomas P. Noe, Jr., SN, is second-in- 
command at Carolina Steel and Iron 
Co. in Greensboro, North Carolina. 


Quintin T. Hardtner, Jr., KS, of 
Shreveport, has been elected president 
of the Southern States Industrial Coun- 
cil. He is president of the Urania Lum- 
ber Co., the Hardtner Lumber Co., and 
the Hardtner-Edenbom Oil Co. He is 
chairman of the board of Security Na- 
tional Bank, Alexandria, Louisiana, and 
Olla State Bank, Olla, Louisiana. 


The Rev. Francis D. Daley, SN, is 
chaplain at the Seamen's Church In- 
stitute of New York, where he is also 
supervisor of their Alcoholics Assist- 
ance Bureau. 


Niles Trammell, KA, former presi- 
dent and chairman of the board of the 
National Broadcasting Company, has 
been elected a trustee of the Episcopal 
Radio-TV foundation. 


John Burton Frierson, Jr., PDT, has 
been named a director-at-large of the 
Chattanooga, Tennessee, Chamber of 


Malcolm C. Brown, SAE, has been 
named president of the Florida National 
Bank at Brent, Florida. He joined the 
bank in 1956 after a 25 year business 
career in Brent. He was also named to 
the bank's board of directors. 


The Sewanee News 


Ernest Robertson, Jr. 

Robert IP. Daniel, '35, PDT, has accepted 
the position of Associate Professor of Eng- 
lish at Kenyan College, Gambler, Ohio. 
lie was formerly teaching at the University 
ol Tennessee, Knoxville. 

Harry P. Cain, PDT, recently headed 
a United Fund appeal for the Greater 
Miami area. He is vice-president of 
the First Federal Savings and Loan As- 
sociation and was the moderator on a 
Miami television program called "VIP" 

Allen H. Watkins, ATO, who also 
graduated from SMA in '25, is president 
of the Triangle Hosiery Co. at High 
Point, North Carolina, and of the Kitty 
Hawk Corporation nearby. He owns 
two private planes and keeps one in 
North Carolina and one in Texas. He 
has not yet visited Sewanee's airport 
but plans to soon. 


James C. Putman, PKP, is head of the 
J. C. Putman building firm in High 
Point, North Carolina. He is active in 
the Wesleyan Methodist Church and is 
a trustee of Central Wesleyan College 
in South Carolina. 


Charles C. Chadbourn, Jr., SN, is in- 
strumental in the operation of the Lou- 
isiana Tech Sigma Nu colony. Dr. 
Chadbourn, who teaches English at ths 
Ruston, Louisiana, school, recently 
published a history of the efforts of the 
group to become a part of the legion 
of honor. 

The Rev. Fra?k V. D. Fortune, SN, 
hes accepted the rectorship of St. Al- 
ban's Episcopal Church, Elberton, 
Georgia. He was formerly the chap- 
lain at Sewanee Military Academy. 

Harvey M. Templeton, Jr., of Win- 
chester, Tennessee, received the "Award 
of Merit" in December when he retired 
from the presidency of the Plant Pro- 
pagation Society of America. He has 
designed and constructed a "portable 
greenhouse" which has brought him or- 
ders from all over the world. 


B. H. Lord, Jr., has assumed the posi- 
tion cf director of the American Petro- 
leum Institute's transportation division. 


Quincy B. Love, ATO, has become the 
clerk-treasurer for the city of Hunts- 
ville, Alabama. 


Frank H. Kean, KS, has been elected 
to the board of directors of the City 
National Bank of Baton Rouge. After 
graduating from Sewanee he attended 
LSU's graduate school in law and busi- 
ness administration. 


Augustus T. Graydon, SN, has been 
named historiographer of the diocese of 
Upper South Carolina. He succeeds 
Charles E. Thomas, '27, SN. 


Born to The Rev. Russell W. Turner, 
PDT, a daughter, Marian Elizabeth, on 
September 8, 1960. 

The Rev. James L. Duncan, KA, rec- 
tor of St. Peter's Church, St. Peters- 
burg, Florida, recently west with his 
family to South Africa, where he will 
exchange parishes with a leader of the 
Church there, who will come to Ameri- 
ca and take charge of St. Peter's for a 
brief period of time. 

James R. Lasater, PGD, an Arnold 
Engineering Development Center offi- 
cial and the former mayor of Cowan, 
Tennessee, has been appointed a road 
commissioner in Franklin County. 

Walter L. McGoldrick, DTD, has 
moved from Texas to California where 
he is regional college division manager 
and editor for a new publishing firm 
formed from a merger of the firms or 
Rinehart, Henry Holt and John C. Win- 


J. Walker Coleman, SAE, has been 
e'ected president of the Sewanee Club 
of Charleston, South Carolina. His son. 
J. Walker Coleman. Ill, is a freshman 
in the University. 


Du. Frederic R. Morton, DTD, is as- 
sociate professor of Spanish and di- 
rector of the language laboratory at th; 
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 


The Rev. W. Armistead Boardman. 
ATO, has been promoted to Major in 
the USAF. He is the base chaplain at 
Torrejon Air Base, Madrid, Spain. 

R. Critchell Judd has been with 
Sears, Roebuck and Company since the 
war, and is presently a staff assistant 
in the general merchandise office, Glen 
Ellyn, Illinois. 

Douglas A. Smith, SAE, is sales 
manager of station WFBC-TV in Green- 
ville, South Carolina. After leaving Se- 
wanee in 1944 he finished his academic 
work at the University of South Caro- 
lina. He is married and has a son, 13, 
and daughter, 10. 

The Rev. Milton L. Wood, KS, has 
accepted the directorship of the Ap- 
pleton Church Home for teenage girls 
at Macon, Georgia. He was formerly 
rector of All Saints' Church. Atlanta. 


C. Hutcheson Sullivan, SN, recently 
made a gift to the University library 
for the purpose of buying books, each 
of which is to be marked with a book - 
plate in memory of Professor Tudor 
Seymour Long. 


John P. Young, III, is connected with 
the Robins and Wire Insurance Com- 
pany, in Greensboro, North Carolina. 

February 1961 



James G. Cate, Jr., PDT, president of 
the Class of 1947, has been elected to 
the board of directors of the Merchants 
Bank in Cleveland, Tennessee. He is 
secretary and legal counsel for the Bo- 
waters Southern Paper Corp. 

Born to The Rev. John Marshall 

Haynes, DTD, a son, Thomas Erskine, 

November 27, 1960 in Gainesville, 

The Rev. George E. Stokes, Jr., ATO, 
was married to Nancy Benn Thomas, on 
December 26, 1960, in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Kenneth S. Swenson, SN, is manager 
of the insurance department of South- 
west Savings and Loan Association in 
Phoenix, Arizona. 


Dr. James F. Govan, former circula- 
tion department head of the University 
of Alabama's library, has accepted the 
post of head librarian at Trinity Uni- 
versity in San Antonio, Texas. 

Brannon Huddleston, SAE, has been 
elected an assistant trust officer of the 
First American National Bank in Nash- 

The Rev. Martin Tilson is rector of 
St. John's Episcopal Church in Char- 
lotte, North Carolina. Prior to forming 
St. John's, Mr. Tilson served Episcopal 
churches in Lancaster and Anderson, 
South Carolina. 


Born to William F. Brame, DTD, his 
third son, Ernest Deans, on August 2f>. 
1960, in Wilson, North Carolina. 

Born to Walter D. Bryant, Jr., ATO, 
a son, Walter David, III, en September 
20 at Sewanee. Walter is director of 
athletics for the University. 

John W. Caldwel:, DTD, is chairman 
of the theatre arts department of the 
new University of South Florida at 
Tampa, and will be remembered as the 
author-producer of "Florida Aflame", 
an outdoor spectacle. 

Br. Joseph H. Dimon, III, SAE, has 
accepted the position of part-time in- 
structor in surgery at Emory Univer- 
sity's medical school. After receiving 
his B.S. degree from Sewanee, Dr. Di- 
mon received his M.D. from the Co- 
lumbia College of Physicians and Sur- 
geons. He has also served on the Har- 
vard faculty, and will maintain a pri- 
vate practice in Atlanta while serving 
at Emory. 

Born to The Rev. Charles L. Henry, 
PGD, a son, James William, on Janu- 

ary 12, 1961. He is rector of St. James' 
Church, Clovis, New Mexico. 

The Rev. William L. Hicks, SN, is 
rector of Christ Church, Lancaster. 
South Carolina. 

The. Rev. John R. Lodge, KS, is rector 
of St. Philip's Episcopal Church, Wran- 
gell, Alaska. He writes that he is look- 
ing forward to a visit at Sewanee this 

James R. Moore, SAE, is assistant to 
the president of Tennessee Investors, 

Dr. Armistead Nelson, PDT. has be- 
come associated with the Burch Clinic 
in Nashville. His practice will be lim- 
ited to general and thoracic surgery. 

Dr. Lester L. Smith, Jr., ATO, began 
the private practice of urology in No- 
vember, and is associated with the 
Nalle Clinic in Charlotte, North Caro- 


Donald M. Axleroad was married 
last fall to Yeuvawn Emilee Scott, of 
Manchester, Tennessee. They are cur- 
rently living in Columbia, Tennessee. 

Born to the Rev. E. Dudley Colhoun, 
Jr., ATO, a son, Charles Cleveland Col- 
houn, on August 14, 1960. Mr. Colhoun 
has accepted the rectorship of St. Paul's 
Church, Winston-Salem, North Caro- 
lina, a move which necessitated his 
resignation as Sewanee trustee from 

Lewis H. Hill, III, SAE, was married 
to Sally Doar Shapard on October 8 in 
Griffin, Georgia. The bride is the 
daughter of Robert P. Shapard, Jr., '29, 
SN, and is related to the owner of 
one of the original tracts comprising the 
University domain. One of the officiat- 
ing clergymen was The Rev. Ray H. 
Averett, '49, and the best man was 
Robert P. Shapard, III, SMA, '49. Grand- 
mother of the bride is Mrs. R. P. Shap- 
ard, donor of Shapard Tower, All 
Saints' Chapel, Sewanee. 

Henry C. Hutson, ATO, was married 
to Harriet Lowndes Rhett Maybank of 
Charleston on October 15. Mr. Hutson 
is now a representative of R. S. Dick- 
son and Co. in Charleston. 

David W. McCullough, ATO, was 
married to Ann Woltz Currie August 
14, 1960, at Arden, North Carolina. He 
teaches at Christ School there. 

Coleman R. Perry, SAE, and L. 
Graham Barr, Jr., PDT, owners of the 
industrial sales firm of Perry and Barr, 
Nashville, have been appointed exclu- 
sive representative of the Gries Repro- 
ducer Corporation in the South and 

The Rev. Edward C. Rutland, DTD, 
has accepted a call to the Church of 
the Epiphany, Independence, Kansas. 
He was formerly associate rector of St. 
George's Church, Arlington, Virginia. 

The Rev. Merrill A. Stevens, Episco- 
pal chaplain at Auburn University since 
1953, has become the Episcopal chap- 
lain at the University of Maryland. 

Episcopal chaplains who arc members of the 48th Armored Division of the Army 
National Guard attend active duty training at Fort Stewart, Georgia. Left to 
right are JV alter B. Peterson, '57, D eland, Florida, Robert S. Snell, '52, Jacksonville, 
Jerome Zeller, '55, Palatka, Florida, T. D. Byrne, the division chaplain, Paul 
L. Pitch, '55, Atlantic Beach, Florida, Vance Clark, 'j/, Tifton, Georgia, and 
Barnum McCarty, \6, Tallahassee. 


The Sewanee News 


Fred H. Benners, SAE, has opened a 
law partnership with Robert G. Payne 
in the Republic National Bank Build- 
ing, Dallas, Texas. 

Born to William T. Cocke, III, a son, 
William Tomphson, IV, on September 
13, 1960, in Sewanee. Mrs. Cocke is 
the former Loulie Hunt of Sewanee. 

Paul K. Uhrig, DTD, has opened a 
trophy store in Columbus, Ohio. He 
last visited the Mountain in 1951, and 
writes that he looks forward to bring- 
ing his wife, Charlotte, for her firct 

John N. Wall, Jr., PDT, has been 
named a partner in the Atlanta firm of 
Montag and Caldwell Investment Coun- 

Born to Wynne Ragland, SN, a son, 
Wynne, Jr., on September 28, 1960, in 
Birmingham, Alabama. Wynne writes 
that he and his wife plan to attend the 
class reunion this June. 


The Rev. Canon William L. Hargrave. 
of Orlando, and the Rev. Harry B. Doug- 
las, SAE, of Tallahassee, are members 
of an advisory committee on religious 
affairs appointed by the chairman of 
the Governor's committee on race rela- 
tions in Florida. 

Hinton F. Longino, an honorary 
member of the Associated Alumni, re- 
tired on March 14, 1960, after 38 years 
with the Retail Credit Co. The firm's 
trade journal stated upon his retire- 
ment that "of many outside interests, 
Sewanee, the University of the South, 
has perhaps been his first love." He is 
currently serving as chairman of the 
board of trustees of the Episcopal Ra- 
dio-TV Foundation, and holds impor- 
tant posts with the Diocese of Atlanta. 

John R. McGrory, Jr., now stationed 
in Morocco with the USAF, was pro- 
moted to the rank of Captain in Octo- 
ber. Last summer he flew to Sewanee 
for the national convention of the Bro- 
therhood of St. Andrew. 

Robert G. Mullen, SN, has been ap- 
pointed executive officer of the Sheffield, 
Alabama, Naval Reserve unit. He holds 
the rank of Lieutenant in the Nava) 
Reserve and is the assistant manager 
of the Martin Marine Co. 

Edward G. Nelson, PDT, was mar- 
ried to Carole Olivia Frances Minton 
in Nashville on September 17. 

Windsor M. Price, PGD, was married 
to Kay Lillian Seiner of Syracuse, New 
York, on October 1. Officiating at the 
wedding was The Rev. Gladstone H. 
Stevens, Jr., '51, PGD. Windsor is now 
associated with the Morris Machine 
Works, Baldwinsville, New York. 


The Rev. James H. Douglass is in his 
fourth year of missionary work in the 
Dominican Republic, where he is di- 
rector of St. Stephen's School and rec- 
tor of St. Stephen's Church, in the city 
of San Pedro de Macoris. 

Charles L. Jennings, SN, addressed 
the Winnsboro, South Carolina, Rotary 
Club on a six months' European tour 
which he made with a group of students. 


William M. Hood, ATO, a career offi- 
cer in the Air Force, has recently been 
promoted to the rank of Captain. 

Born to The Rev. Konrad E. Kelley. 
Jr., a son, Konrad Kelley, III, in El 
Paso, Texas, on September 16, 1960. 

Capt. Wendell F. Kline, PGD, and 
Mrs. Kline are making plans now to 
spend nine months abroad, beginning 
next September. Captain Kline has 
served as manager of Sewanee's grow- 
ing and thriving airport. Their home 
Brinkwood, will be available for rental 
during their jourrey. 

Born to The Rev. W. Barnum Mc- 
Carty, ATO, his second daughter, Mary 
Shannon, on November 7, 1960. 

William H. Savage, SN, graduated 
from the University of Michigan Lav.' 
School in June, 1960, and is now en- 
gaged in the general practice of law 
with the firm of Weaver and Glassie, 
Washington, D. C. 


The Rev. Larry P. Davis has been 
named executive director of the Clinton 
Square Neighborhood House in New 
York. He attended the Philadelphia 
Divinity School after graduating from 

Ralph Little, Jr., SN, has been as- 
signed as the senior salesman for the 
Continental -Diamond Fibre Corp., and 
will be located in South Pasadena, Cali- 

David B. P'Pool, Jr., BTP, was mar- 
ried to Charlotte Ann Gibson in Nash- 
ville on August 6, 1960. 

Philip B. Whitaker, Jr., SAE, was 
married to Ellen Fitzgerald Shutze 
September 10, 1960 in Atlanta. 


The Rev. Harry L. Babbit took charge 
of St. James' Church, Port St. Joe, 
Florida, on July 1. His son, Harry, 
Jr., entered the College last September. 

John E. M. Ellis, BTP, was married 

to Carol Huska of St. Petersburg, Au- 
gust 27, 1960. John and Carol spent 
part of their honeymoon in Sewanee en 
route to the Smokies. He is presently 
enrolled in the University of Florida's 
Law School at Gainesville. 

Bom to The Rev. Coleman Inge, of 
Marion and Greensboro, Alabama, a 
daughter, Mildred Mandeville, on Octo- 
ber 13, 1960. 

J. Ackland Jones, SN, was married 
to Shirley Grace Goodell, on October 
11, 1960, in Basel, Switzerland. 

N. Baxter Key, Jr., PGD, married 
Mina Frances Armstrong August C, 
1960, at Lebanon, Tennessee. They are 
now living in Carthage, Tennessee, 
where Baxter is practicing law. 

Born to Sheldon A. Morris, SN, a son 
on November 12, 1960, in Jacksonville, 

Carroll J. Savage, SN, was married 
to Loti Rhett Kennedy in Charleston. 
August 13, 1960. Carroll is current 1 . y 
attending the Harvard Law School. 

Thomas W. Thagard, Jr., PDT, was 
married to Elizabeth Rhett Ball of 
Nashville and Charleston, South Caro- 
lina, on January 28, 1961, in All Saints' 
Chapel, Sewanee. Tommy is slated to 
receive his law degree from the Uni- 
versity of Virginia Law School this 

Edwin H. Vineyard, SAE, was mar- 
ried to Ann Abdo of Houston on Octo- 
ber 20. They are living in Wharton, 

Julian W. Walker, Jr., ATO, married 
Ellen Watt Eagle of Durham, North 
Carolina, August 20, 1960, in the Duke 
University chapel. Julian is associated 
with the law firm of Breeden, Howard 
and MacMillan in Norfolk, Virginia. 

Born to Kenneth Ware, KS, a son, 
Paul Stephen, on December 3, 1960. 

Richard A. Wilson, SN, has written 
an article "Taxation of Debt Collection 
and Cancellation", which has been re- 
printed from the California Law Re- 
view, Vol. 48. He is an attorney in San 


Born to William R. Campbell, ATO 
a daughter, Constance Virginia, on Sep- 
tember 28, 1960. William is employed 
as a cost accountant at the Buick-Olds- 
mobile-Pontiac assembly division at 
Doraville, Georgia, and has recently 
completed requirements for a master of 
science degree in industrial manage- 
ment at Georgia Tech. 

Richard B. Hughes, ATO, is attending 
Johns Hopkins where he is working on 
his master's degree in the writing semi- 
nars. He was a guest at the Eugene 
Smith's in Sewanee during the Christ- 
mas holidays. 

February 1961 

Howard Coulsoii 

John McCrady, '59, was married to Miss Martha Jane Fogarty of Tulsa and New 
Orleans on December .•>/, iq6o. The wedding took place in Christ Church Cathe- 
dral, New Orleans. Edward McCrady III, served as his brother's best man. 
Shown al the McCrady home at Sewanee preceding a reception for the bride and 
groom-elect several days before the wedding are, standing left to right, Dr. Ed- 
ward McCrady, Mrs. McCrady, Waring, Sarah, Ned, Ned's wife Sally, and John. 
Seated are Mrs. Sara S. Dowling, left, and Martha Jane Fogarty, right. In the 
forefront are Ned and Sally's two children. John and Helen. 

The Rev. Franklin Martin, who has 
served St. John's in Charleston, South 
Carolina, for several years, is the new 
headmaster at St. Andrew's School 
near Sewanee. 

William Harwell Murrey, ATO, re- 
ceived his M.D. from the University of 
Tennessee Medical School in Memphis 
December 19. Harwell will interne for 
a year in Memphis. 

Ronald L. Palmer, ATO, graduated 
from Duke Law School in June, passed 
his Florida bar exams in the fall, and 
is currently stationed with the Air 
Force's Judge Advocate General's offi'je 
at Goose Bay AFB, Labrador. 

Robert D. Scott, PGD, received his 
Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Tufts 
University in June, and was married to 
Dale Gifford of Stratham, New Hamp- 
shire, the same month. He is employed 
as an advertising artist with D. C. 
Heath and Company, educational pub- 

Edwin H. Trainer, KS, and his wife 
are spending the year in France on a 
Fulbright Scholarship, where he is 
working on his doctorate in history. 


Hart W. Applegate, ATO, is currently 
stationed with the U. S. Army in Kirch 
Goens, Germany. Address: H/H Co. 

2nd ARB, 46th Infantry, 3rd Armored 
Div, APO 39, New York. 

Fred E. Sales, KA, is an assistant field 
director with the American National 
Red Cross. 


Ronald Cornell has been appointed 
conservation forester for the Tupelo, 
Mississippi, area, and will be stationed 
at Houston, Mississippi. He and his 
wife, Frankie, have two sons, age; 
three and five. 

Allan M. Densford, SN, is an Ensign 
in the U. S. Navy, stationed aboard the 
USS Eldorado as the assistant supply 
officer. Address: USS Eldorado (AGC- 
11), c/o Fleet Post Office, San Fran- 

William C. Hallowes, SN, was mar- 
ried to Harriet Ann Hewitt in Jack- 
sonville, Florida, on June 11, 1960. 

Robert C. Hooker, PGD, is announcer 
and director of music for radio station 
KILT in Houston. 

William R. Weaver, PGD, has joined 
the staff of U. S. Sen. Thomas H. Ku- 
chel (R-Calif). Bill served as the 
Nueces County, Texas, manager for 
Vice-President Nixon's campaign in the 
Corpus Christi area. 

Lt. Walter Wilmerding, DTD, wa? 
married to Priscilla Jo Cooper, of Sel- 
ma, Alabama, on December 20, 1960. 

Walter is stationed at Pensacola, Flori- 
da, with the Marine Corps. 


Born to Isaac C^com Beatty, IV, a 
son Croom, V, in Sewanee on June 12 
1960. Croom is attending the Univer- 
sity of Alabama, working on h's mas- 
ter's degree in history. 

Charles S. Hamel, SN, is doing grad- 
uate work in his'ory at the University 
of Virginia. 

Born to Edward B. Harris, Jr., ATO, 
a son, Edward Bledsoe, III, November 
8, 1960, in Lynchburff, Virginia. Ned is 
leaching at the Virginia Episcopwl 
School in Lynchburg. The baby's grand- 
father is the Rev. E. B. Harris, '18, 
ATO, of York, South Carolina, and his 
great-grandfather was the late Rev. 
John A. Harris, '83. 

Leonard W. Johnson. BTP. was mar- 
ried to Carole Anne Paulsell, of Harts - 
dale, New York, on August 13, 1960. He 
is attending the University of Kansas 
medical school. 

Born to 2/Lt. G. Donald Ormsby, Jr.. 
BTP, a son, Wayne David, on Decem- 
ber 17, 1960. The child is the great- 
grandson of the Rev. Erie H. Merri- 
man, H'23, of Sewanee. 

Robert T. Owen, SN, was commis- 
sioned an ensign in the U. S. Navy De- 
cember 2, 1960, upon completion of 18 
weeks training at the Naval School of 
Pre-Flight, Pensacola, Florida. 

James R. Price, DTD, is an adjuster 
for the Pennsylvania Thresherman and 
Farmers Mutual Insurance Company, in 
Greensboro, North Carolina. He joined 
the firm after six months active duty 
in the service. 

W. Patterson Young is a photogra- 
pher-reporter for NBC, and has re- 
cently been on assignments in several 
South and Central American countries. 
He is currently living in Anderson, 
South Carolina. 


Jerry B. Johnson of Macon is one of 
90 students from 44 American colleges 
and universities spending the year 
studying at the University of Paris, 
France, and living with French families 
under the "Junior Year in France Pro- 
gram" administered by Sweet Briar 


Born to A. Charles Cannon, Jr., a 
son, John Maxwell Sterling, on Janu- 
ary 16, 1961, in Sewanee. 


The Sewanee News 

3fn jWemonam 




St. George Leakin Sioussat, age 82, 
a former dean of the College from 1909 
to 1911 and a professor of history 
and economics at Sewanee, died at his 
home in Washington, D. C, on October 
31. He was the retired chief of the 
manuscripts division of the Library of 
Congress and the holder of its chair 
of American History. He was the au- 
thor of biographies of John C. Calhoun 
and James Buchanan. He was a mem- 
ber of the Royal Historical Society of 
England and of the Historical Societies 
of Maryland and Massachusetts. He ir 
survived by his wife, Julia Richardson 
Dillard Sioussat. 


Miss May Peronneau DuBose, age 9^, 
died October 28, 1960, in Monteagle, af- 
ter several years of declining health. 
She was the only surviving child of the 
late Rev. William Porcher DuBose, first 
chaplain of the University and later 
dean of the School of Theology. She 
and her sister, Miss Susan, operated 
Fairmount College in Monteagle, which 
was established by her stepmother 
Among their summer pupils were the 
Soong sisters from China, later Madame 
Chiang-Kai-Shek and Madame Sun 
Yat Sen. 


Miss Catherine de Berniere McCrady, 
aunt of Vice-Chancellor Edward Mc- 
Crady. died at Sewanee December 3'0, 
1960. She was 84 years of age. Miss 
McCrady was the last surviving child 
of John McCrady, first professor of bi- 
ology at Sewanee. She was born June 
4, 1876, at Sullivan's Island, Charleston, 
South Carolina, and spent most of her 
life at Sewanee. 

311 are 

Barbara Porter Ware, daughter of 
Sewanee's campaign director W. Portek 
Ware, '26, died October 30 in Palo Alto. 
California, after a critical illness of 
three months. She is survived by her 
father and stepmother, Mr. and Mrs. W. 
Porter Ware, and a sister, Miss Mary 
Dabney Ware, of Atlanta. 


Dr. Mose McC. McMillan, '99, died 
on June 17, 1960. He attended Sewa- 
nee's Medical School, and practiced in 
Guntown, Mississippi. 

Br. Otis H. Johnson, '00, KS, died 
December 12, 1960, in Morehead City, 
North Carolina. He was engaged in 
the eye-ear-nose-and-throat practice 


Cyrus D. Hogue, Sr., '09, DTD, promi- 
nent Wilmington, North Carolina, at- 
torney, died suddenly at his home on 
October 26. After graduating from Se- 
wanee he attended the University of 
North Carolina Law School. He was a 
veteran of World War I, and was in- 
strumental in organizing the Wilming- 
ton Port Commission and the North 
Carolina State Ports Authority. Sur- 
viving are his widow, one daughter, 
one son, and six grandchildren. Mr. 
Hogue represented the diocese of East 
Carolina on the Sewanee board of trus- 
tees at the time of his death. 


Jesse Douglas Farmer. '22, of Buffalo 
Valley, Tennessee, died October 2, I960. 


The Rev. Newton Middleton, 'og, DTD, 
died in Jacksonville, Florida, on January 
24, 1961, following a lengthy illness. Be- 
tween the years of 1905 and 1915 he at- 
tended SMA, the College and the School 
of Theology. He perhaps was best known 
to Sewanee men everywhere as the com- 
poser of the Sewanee Alma Mater. He 
was ordained a deacon and priest in 1915, 
and served as rector of St. John's Church, 
Jacksonville from 1928 until 1952, when 
he retired as rector emeritus. Burial was 
at Jacksonville Beach, Florida. 

Gordon O. McGehee, 11, ATO, died, 
on November 23, 1960, of a heart con- 
dition. He was an attorney in Houston 
for 41 years. 


Dr. Joseph W. Spearing, '12, DTD 
died November 11. 1960, in Columbus. 
Kansas, where he was a practicing 
physician. He was an authority on tu- 
berculosis and shortly before his death 
was co-author of a study entitled "Tu- 
berculosis in Kansas" which was pub- 
lished in the Journal of the Kansas 
Medical Society. 


Charles W. Waring, '20, died in 
Charleston, South Carolina, on Novem- 
ber 28, 1960. He was president of the 
Charleston County Bar association and 
at one time served as a member of the 
South Carolina House of Representa- 
tives. His brother is Thomas R. War- 
ing, '27. 


Charles E. Drennen, '22, ATO, died 
November 3, 1960, in Birmingham, Ala- 
bama. He and his twin brother, Hous- 
ton Drennen, ATO, who survives him, 
were members of the football team of 
1918. Other survivors are his wife and 
son, Jimmy. 


Charles F. Hood, Jr., '29, DTD, died 
January 19, 1961, while on a business 
trip to Indianapolis. He was a resident 
of Chattanooga, where he was sales 
manager for the Notat Tire Co. 


Palmer S. Huey, '57, KS, was fatally 
injured in an automobile accident Sep- 
tember 2, and died on September (•. 
1960. He is survived by his parents, 
Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Huey, Monroe, Lou- 


William R. Burgess, '63, KS, was 
killed in an automobile accident near 
his home, Waco, Texas, on November 
27, 1960. He was a sophomore in the 

February 196 i 


Alumni Contributors in 1960 

(M) Memorial 
(W) Gift by wile 
(H) Gift in honor of 
(B) Bequest 

Prior to 1894 

Rev. Alfred Robert Taylor. '81 (M) 

Maj. Gen. Henry Jervey, '83 (M) 

lames A. Lanier. Sr.. '84 (M) 

Rt Rev. Theodore D. Bratton, '87 (M) 

Dr. John H. P. Hodgson, '87 (B) 

Dr. Rufus E. Fort. '80 (W) 

Benjamin F. Whitner, '00 (M) 

Isaac Ball, |r.. '91 (W) 

Rev. Will W. Blatchford, 'g! (M) 

A. Sessums Cleveland. '91 (W) 

Frank P. Phillips, '93 (W) 


Dr. William Egleston (B) 
Dr. Robert W. B. Elliott 
J. C. Fargo (B) 
Henry T. Soaper 
J. C. Watson 


Spruille Burford, Jr. 
Dr. R. M. Kirby-Smith 
Rev. James M. Magruder (M) 
Rev. Caleb B. K. Weed 


William B. Benjamin 
W. T. Seibels (M) 
Dr. O. N. Torian 
Dr. William Weston 


R. W. Hogue CM) 


Dr. Robert South Barrett (B) 
Dr. Esau A. Harris 
Telfair Hodgson (M) 
Mercer Green Johnston (B) 
Very Rev. Warner D. Matthews 
ludge Bayard B. Shields 
Charles J. Slack 
Patrick L. Stacker (M) 
Rt. Rev. Albert S. Thomas 


Harbert W. Benjamin 

Clarkson Gal'eher (M) 

Berkeley St. J. Green 

Rt. Rev. W. M. Green (M) 

Robert Jemison, Jr. 

Dr. Henry G. Seibels 

Rev. Harold Thomas 


Milton R. Bacon (M) 
Rev. S. Moylan Bird 
James A. Bull (M) 
Dr. J. G. deRoulac Hamilton 
Bradley B. Hogue (M) 
Dr. W. E. Middleton (M) 
Dr. Jonas J. Moyer (M) 
Ralph J. Nesbit (M) 
Ormond Simkins (M) 
David A. Shepherd (M) 
Dr. Charles N. Watts 
Dr. J. E. Wilkinson 


John C. Avery, Jr. (M) 

"Ralph P. Black (M) 

P. S. Brooks, Jr. (M) 

Col. Henry T. Bull 

Guy H. Caffey 

Rev. W. S. Claiborne (M) 

George P. Egleston (M) 

Rev. G. Hendree Harrison (M) 

Rev. Charles W. B. Hill 

James T. Mann (M) 

Dr. H. J. Savage 

Lawrence M. Williams (M) 

Dr. J. T. Williams, Jr. 


Rev. John N. Atkins 
Albert A'onzo Carrier 
Howard F. Crandell 

Bishop Kirkman G. Finlay (M) 
lohn C. Goodman (M) 
Rt. Rev. Walter Mitchell 
Vernon S. Tupper (M) 
Gilman J. Winthrop (M) 


Robert W. Barnwell 
Robert E. Cowart, Jr. (M) 
G. Bowdoin Craighil] 
J. B. Daggett 
Daniel B. Hul' 
Richard L. Lodge 
Coles Phinizy (M) 
Dr. Herbert E. Smith 
Dr. I. Bayard Snowden 
Rev. Royal K. Tucker 


George \V. Croft (M) 

Dr. John Earl Garrison 

Capt. William J. Hine 

Raymond D. Knight 

Wil'iam W. Lewis 

Rev. Francis M. Osborne (M) 

Jesse L. Suter (M) 


Dr. William C. Alston 

Thomas E. Dabney 

William N. Gilliam 

Very Rev. Emi'e S. Harper 

John E. Hoge 

Rev. H. L. Hoover 

James M. Hull 

Dr. William T. Lowe 

Fred L. Moore 

Lillo S. Munger 

Rev. Wilmer S. Poyner 

Rev. Prentice A. Pugh 


Samuel H. Boren 

Robert E. Bostrom 

Co'. William G. deRosset 

FL Harrison Sneed (W) 

Rev. J. Lundy Sykes (W) 

Roger E. Wheless 


Bower W. Barnwell 
John L. Cobbs, Jr. 
David R. Dunham 
Ford P. Fuller 
FL M. Gass (W) 
James D. Ingraham (M) 
Rev. George B. Myers 
C. McD. Puckette (W) 
S. M. Sharpe 
George L. Watkins 


John B. Greer 

Rev. B. F. Huske 

Rev. J. F. McCloud (W) 

Rt. Rev. R. Bland Mitchell 

Col. Paul R. E. Sheppard 

A. H. Wadsworth 

Brig. Gen. L. Kemper Williams 


Maj. Thomas A. Cox, Jr. 

F. C. Hillyer 

Kenneth McD. Lyne 

Col. Arthur T. Prescott (M) 

Silas Williams (M) 


Frederick P. Cheape 
Dr. A. Guerry (M) 

B. D. Lebo 
Edward A. Marshall 
Rev. Clarence P. Parker 
Dr. William B. Sharp 


Dr. W. B. Adams 

Dr. Henry Grady Callison 

Judge Ben F. Cameron 

Rosser J. Coke 

Capt. Greer A. Duncan 

Frank M. Gillespie 

Rt. Rev. Frank A. Juhan 

Dr. J. T. MacKenzie (M) 


Col. Paul G. Bell 

Judge Frank H. Gailor (W) 

Lt. Gen Alvan C. Gi'lem 

FVank N. Green 

Dr. James N. Owens 

E. Lyle Scruggs 

R. N. Staggers 

Jack R. Swain 

Edward P. Vreeland 


Edmund C.Armcs (M) 
John W. Durr 
Stephen P. Farish 
John R. McClung 
George L. Morelock 
John E. Puckette 
N. Hobson Wheless 
Col. G. W. B. Witten 


B. J. Carter, Jr. 

(lodfrey Cheshire 

Dr. Beverly W. Cobbs 

Co'. D. G. Cravens (M) 

Rev. Willis P. Gerhart 

David B. Griffin 

Theron Myers 

R. R. Rosborough 


Pat C. Dinkins 
J. J. Gillespie 
William B. Hamilton 
Rev. William T. Holt 
Rev. Clarence H. Horner 
Rev. Henry C. Smith 
R. Lee Tolley (W) 
Dr. F. Lynwood Wren 


lohn Morgan Aiken 
D. Troy Beatty 
Charles C. Chaffee. |r. 
Henry C. Cortes (W) 
Rev. Glenn B. Coykendall 
Maj. Gen. Joe N. Dalton 
Rev. Mortimer W. Glover 
D. Philip Hamilton 
Edgar L. Jones 
A. G. Murphey 
Rev. George Ossman 
Col. John W. Russey, Jr. 
Benjamin R. Sleeper 
Rev. H. N. Tragitt, Jr. 


Dr. W. Rogers Brewster 
Merlin K. Bruce 
Col. L. C. Chapman 
FHrner Seigfred Hoi men 
Rev. Douglas B. Leatherbury 
Frederick M. Morris 
Joe R. Murphy 
Joe M. Scott. Jr. 
Harding C. Woodall 


Col. John C. Bennett, Jr. 

Theo Otto Buchel 

FL E. Clark 

Dr. Robert L. Crudgington 

Joseph S. deGraffenried 

Malcolm Fooshee 

Cameron L. Gamsby 

Rev. Edward B. Harris 

Dr. George L. Inge 

W. Groom Leftwich 

D. B. Mclsaac 

Noel E. Paton 

James Y. Perry 

Niles Trammell 

Rev. Joseph R. Walker 

Very Rev. Paul F. Williams 

J. Albert Woods 

Eben A. Wortham 


James M. Avent 

O. Beirne Chisolm 

Sidney C. Farrar 

Julien K. Moore 

Rev. Valentine H. Sessions (W) 

Charles W. Waring (M) 


Rev. Charles Bailey 
Haro'd E. Bettle 
Paul L. Burton 

Dr. John Chipman, Jr. 

John G. Dearborn 

Rev. Hiram K. Douglass 

William A. Edens 

W. Dudley Gale 

Dr. W. Cabell Greer 

Rev. David E. Hot 

Jack. W. Howerton 

Quintard Joyner 

Dr. Dean B. Lyman, Jr. 

J. Edgar Nash 

H. J. Quincey 

Dr. B. B. Soiy. Jr. 

Rev. William S. Stoncy 

Ken G. Whitaker (M) 

Rev. Charles L. Widney 


Col. W. C. Atkinson 

Dr. E. A. Bancker 

George K. Bradford 

J. C. Brown Burdi 

Rt. Rev. Thomas N. Carrut 

Robert W. Covington, Jr. 

Walter B. Dossett 

D. St. Pierre DuBose 

M. St. J. DuBose 

Sterling A. Gates 

Rev. Moultrie Guerry 

William R. Hagan 

Thomas E. Hargrave 

James E. Harton, Jr. (M) 

Lyman P. Hoge 

Isaac H. Hollingsworth 

Zack R. Lawhon 

Rev. Capers Satterlee 

Calvin K. Schwing (W) 

Hamilton Wallace 

Hugh B. Whaley 

G. Cecil Woods 

Charles M. Woolfolk 


Albert A. Bonholzer 
C. D. Conway 
J. Rorick Cravens 
William B. Cuningham 
Dr. Philip G. Davidson 
C. Sprigg Flower (M) 
Dr. C. Frederick Hard 
Mrs. Vaughan Howard 
John A. Witherspoon 
Emmons H. Woolwine (W) 


W. Tunstall Cobbs 
Leighton H. Collins 
J. Burton Frierson 
Rev. Edward B. Guerry 
Robert E. Harwell 
John F. Hunt 
Dr. H. Fraser Johnstone 
Edwin A. Keeble 
Thomas G. Linthicum 
Rev. John B. Matthews 
Charles R. Milem 
T. A. Milem 
"Robert H. Mitchell 
B. Allston Moore 
Dr. Maurice A. Moore 
Rev. John H. Morgan 
Roger G. Murray 
William B. Nauts 
Frank H. Parke 
Paul L. Sloan, Jr. 
Thomas D. Snowden 
Rev. Francis B. Wakefield 


Seaton G. Bailey 

Greene Benton, Jr. 

Hugh W. Fraser 

Rev. George H. Harris 

Rev. Ralph J. Kendall 

Hunter S. Kimbrough 

Tudor S. Long (M) (B) 

Marion W. Mahin 

Rt. Rev. William F. Moses 

Keith Short 

W. Joseph Wallace, Jr. 


Cecil A. Brownlow (Family) 
William J. Hamilton 
Roland Jones, Jr. 
Rev. John M. Luke (W) 
F>ed B. Mewhinney 
Lancelot C. Minor 
Wilson Norfleet 
H. Powell Yates 



The Sewanee News 


Rev. J. Hodge Alves 
William A. Barclay 
George H. Barker 
Rev. E. Dargan Butt 
N. Hamner Cobbs 
G. B. Dempster 
Robert F. Evans 
Sgt. Elliott D. Evins 
W. Hollis Fitch (H) 
R. Delmas Gooch 
D. Heyvvard Hamilton, Jr. 
Coleman A. Harwell 
Miss Elizabeth Haynes 
Philip Postell Hebert 
Rev. Henry B. Hodgk'ms 
Charles E. Hunt 
George R. Miller 
W. Michaux Nash 
Cuttis B. Quarles 
Holton C. Rush 
Walker Stansell, Jr. 
W. Porter Ware 
Rev. Leslie A. Wilson 
Rev. Charles F. Wulf 
Rev. W. Tate Young 


Dr. Frederick H. Bunting 
Gordon M. Clark (W) 
Robert P. Cooke 
Fred H. Dearborn 
William D. Douglas 
Cornelius S. Gooch 
Rev. Durrie B. Hardin 
George B. Jones 
Dr. Henry T. Kirby-Smith 
R. I. Nash 
Ben H. Parrish 
Rev. Charles B. Romaine 
Dr. Andrew B. Small 
Ralph J. Speer, Jr. 
Charles E. Thomas 
Andrew L. Todd, Jr. 
A. Richard Toothaker 
Rev. William S. Turner 
T. R. Waring, Jr. 


Rev. Francis D. Daley 

Joe Earnest 

John K. Freeman 

Dr. C. Prentice Gray 

Frank Hickerson 

Rt. Rev. Girault M. Jones 

John W. Perkins 

Rev. John C. Turner 

Gordon Tyler 

George W. Wallace, Jr. 

Henry O. Weaver 

Thomas A. Young 


Alfred T. Airth 
Henry H. Baulch 
Malcolm D. Beatty 
Charles E. Berry 
Robert A. Binford 
Malcolm C. Brown 
John C. Bruton, Jr. 
Franklin G. Burrows, Jr. 
Stanyarne Burrows, Jr. 
Chester C. Chattin 
Rev. Francis H. Craighill 
Du'Val G. Cravens, Jr. 
William M. Cravens 
William H. Daggett 
Dr. W. B. Dickens 
Frederick R. Freyer 
James F. Griswold, Jr. 
John C. Herndon 
Langston W. McCalley 
Dr. William C. McGehee 
Rev. John W. Mutton 
Arch Peteet, Jr. 
William C. Schoolfield 
Col. J. L. Warren 
Dr. Leslie J. Williams 


Dr. William J. Ball 
Clinton G. Brown, Jr. 
Nash K. Burger 
Willoughby N. Claybrook 
John S. Davidson 
Charles C. Dudley 
Edward R. Finlay 
James Holt Green (M) 
Dr. Thomas N. E. Greville 
Rt. Rev. John E. Hines 
Murray S. Hitchcock 
John S. King. Jr. 
Dr. Thomas Parker 
Charles A. Poellnitz, Jr. 
Robert K. Porter 
Dr. Roger A. Way 


C. F. Baarcke 

James 0. Bass 

David A. Bridewell 

Moultrie B. Burns 

John H. Cobbs 

John M. Ezzell 

Rev. George H. Hann 

W. F. Holmes, Jr. 

C. Richard Kellermann 

Dr. R. Nelson Long (M) 

Harris G. Lyman 

Walter Matthews (M) 

Edward C. Nash 

John G. Seitz 

S. Porcher Smith 

G. A. Sterling 

Robert W. Thomas 

Milton C. Trichel, Jr. 

Rev. David W. Yates 


Frank N. Bratton 
Rev. James S. Butler 
Rev. Wood B. Carper 
Donald H. Cowan 
Dabney Crump, Jr. 
William Haskell DuBose 
Rev. F. V. D. Fortune 
Julius G. French 
Carlisle S. Page, Jr. 
W. T. Parish, Jr. 
Jay D. Patton 
Frank B. Plummer 
Rev. Frank E. Pulley 
Royal K. Sanford 
J. Morgan Soaper 
Dr. Dick Taylor, Jr. 


Dr. Douglass G. Adair, Jr. 

Charles Carlis'e Ames 

Herman E. Baggenstoss 

Rev. Olin G. Beall 

Dr. Randolph C. Charles 

Bayard M. Cole 

Fred T. Cooke 

Robert W. Fort 

Harry L. Graham 

Dr. Robert H. Green 

Edwin I. Hatch 

Edward F. Hayward, Jr. 

A. L. Postlethwaite, Jr. 

B. B. Provine, Jr. 
Rutledge St. John Rice 
Rev. John H. Soper 
Thomas H. Walsh 
Frederick D. Whittlesey 
Rev. Hedley J. Williams 


John A. Adair 
Emmett R. Anderton, Jr. 
I. Rhett Ball 
John P. Castleberry 
Thomas A. Claiborne 
Kenneth K. Clark 
St. George Cooper 
J. Fain Cravens 
Rev. C. H. Douglass 
Dr. William S. Fast 
Dudley C. Fort 
Guy W. Glass 
Rev. George J. Hall 
Joseph E. Hart, Jr. 
R. Morey Hart 
John I. H. Hodges 
Preston B. Huntley 
Francis Kellermann 
W. Frank King, Jr. 
James P. Kranz, Jr. 
Dr. Robert S. Lancaster 
Malcolm J. Morison. Jr. 
A. B'evins Rittenberry 
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Harry C. Templeton 
Dr. John L. Tison 
T. J. Wagner, Jr. (W) 
Alexander W. Welltord 
Dr. Charles J. Wise 


Dr. I. Croom Beatty. Ill 

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Arthur B. Chitty 

J. J. Daggett 

Dr. Robert W. Daniel 

E. Ragland Dobbins 

W. Harding Drane 

John C. Eby 

Frank W. Gaines, Jr. 

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John A. Johnston 

Sam C. King 

Rev. Stiles B. Lines 

Fred F. Lucas 

Charles S. Miller 

P. R. Phillips 

Rev. Julius A. Pratt 

Julian P. Ragland 

Rev. Willis M. Rosenthal 

Rev. Charles M. Seymour, Jr. 

Paul T. Tate, Jr. 

Dr. James E. Thorogood 

Douglas L. Vaughan, Jr. 

Dr. Cyril T. Yancey 

Rev. Fred G. Yerkes, Jr. 


Willard G. Bennett 

Hiram S. Chamberlain, III 

G. Bowdoin Craighill, Jr. 

Richard L. Dabney 

H. T. Ferguson 

John R. Franklin 

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Thomas E. Haile 

Frank H. Kean, Jr. 

Col. Edmund Kirby-Smith 

E. E. Murrey, Jr. 

James E. Reynolds 

Rt. Rev. David S. Rose 

Herbert E. Smith, Jr. 

Sam T. Speakes 

Britton D. Tabor 

Rev. Louis O'V. Thomas 

William H. Wheeler, Jr. 

Richard B. Wi'kens, Jr. 

Rev. W. Harry Wintermeyer 

Sidney H. Young 


Samuel L. Allen 

Rev. J. R. Anchutz 

Rev. John R. Bill 

Hon. Richard W. Bol'ing 

Rupert M. Colmore, Jr. 

Dr. William G. Cook 

Harold Eustis 

William S. Fleming, IV (M) 

Augustus T. Graydon 

OrviUe Harris 

Dr. Walter M. Hart 

Theodore C. Heyward, Jr. 

Dr. Francis H. Holmes 

Rev. J. F. G. Hopper 

Rev. Norman F. Kinzie 

Mrs. B. M. Lewis 

Rev. Cotesworth P. Lewis 

Hill Luce (M) 

James T. MacKenzie 

Rev. Ben A. Meginniss 

Dr. Benjamin Phillips, Jr. 

Theodore D. Ravene' 

Samuel B. Strang, Jr. 

Marshall S. Turner, Jr. 


Very Rev. George M. Alexander 

I. D. Copeland, Jr. 

David F. Cox (M) 

Rev. N. Chafee Croft (H) 

Herbert Ephgrave, Jr. 

Frank M. Gil'espie, Jr. 

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Norwood C. Harrison 

William B. Harwell 

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Rev. A. L. Lyon-Vaiden 

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Hendree B. Mi' ward 

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T. T. Phillips, Jr. 

James B. Ragland 

Rev James E. Savoy 

Thomas M. Stewart 

Randall C. Stoney 

WiUiam N. Wilkerson 

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Comdr. Cyril Best 

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Samuel Boykin 

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W. Houston Crozier 

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Ben P. Donne' 1 

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Gilbert G. Edson 

lohn R. Ehrsam 

R. S. Fast 

Wallace H. Gage 

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Alexander Guerry, Jr. 

0. Morgan Hall 

James P. Lasater 

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Lt. Col. Leslie McLaurin, Jr. 
Edwin M. McPherson 
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Richard Stanley Quisenberry 
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E. Hartwell K. Smith 
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Dr. George N. Wagnon 
Dr. T. Glyne Williams 


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Dr. Ransom Varley 


Dr. Russell E. Andrews 
Maj. W. D. Bratton r 

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Nagel Haskin 
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deRosset Myers 
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Francis H. Yerkes 


Theodore D. Bratton 
H. Harris Brister 
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B. R. Wrigley 


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Berkeley Grimball 

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James L. Williams 

Rev. Milton L. Wood (H) 

W. Whittier Wright 

February 1961 



Minter Y. Aldridge 
Reginald H. Bede'l, Jr. (M) 
O. Winston Cameron 
Edward W. Carpenter 
Rev. Hunley A. Elebasli 
loseph C. Fuller 
Rev. W. L. Hays 
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W. P. Perrin 

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Sidney J. Stubbs, Jr. 

William G. Vardell 

Irl R. Walker, lr. 

R. W. Walker, Jr. 

Richard L. Wa'Iens 

Charles A. Wilev 

Rev. G. Cecil Woods, Jr. 


Dr. John B. Dicks 

William B. Elmore 

Rev. George C. Estcs, Jr. 

Jett M. Fisher 

lolin Gass 

William D. Hail 

Blackburn Hughes, Jr. 

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Carter Nicholas 

Thomas B. Rice 

H. Kelly Seibe's 

Dr. Wilson C. Snipes 

Rev. M. R. Tilson 

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Willoughby 


Thomas E. Adams 

Rev. C. FitzSimons Allison 

G. Dewey Arnold 

Capt. Kenneth M. Barrett 

Rev. Roy C. Bascom 

Dr. W. Reed Bell 

Walter D. Bryant, Jr. 

Lamar B. Cantelou 

James P. Clark 

loseph B. Cushman, Jr. 

C. W. Davis 

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Rev. J. F. Dickman 

Rev. Donald H. Feick 

John P. Guerry 

Rev. Robert B. Hall 

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Edward W. Hine 

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Samuel H. Howell 

Rev. Roderick H. Jackson 

John Rison Jones, Jr. 

Rev. John S. Martin 

J. F. McMullan 

George R. Mende. Jr. 

Dr. I. Armistead Nelson 

Rev. Edward F. Ostertag 

Rev. Frederick A. Pope, Jr. 

Stephen E. Puckette 

lames A. Rogers 

Rev. G. A. E. Rowley 

John H. Sherman, Jr. 

Rev. Robert S. Snell 

Rev. John T. Speakes 

Robert R. Thomas 

Warner S. Watkins, Jr. 

Dr. Ben E. M. Watson 

Elbert Watson 

Rev. J. Philson Williamson 


I. Frank Alford 

W. Alan Babin 

Rev. George C. Bedell, II 

Rev. Jack M. Bennett 

Charles M. Binnicker, Jr. 

Dr. Wyatt H. Blake, III 

Rev. Fred J. Bush 

Wade C. Cambell 

H. Creason Clayton 

Rev. E. Dud'ey Colhoun, Jr. 

R. E. Connor. Jr. 

William H. P. Cowger 

Cooper M. Cubbedge, Jr. 

Joel T. Daves, III 

Alexander Dearborn, III 

Rev. Charles J. Dobbins 

Richard B. Doss 

Donal S. Dunbar 

Leroy J. Ellis, III 

Parker F. Enwright 

David A. Fort 

Charles P. Garrison 

James W. Gentry 

Dr. Edward H. Hamilton, Jr. 

George Hoover Hamler 

Maj. Howard M. Hannah 

H. Garland Head, III 

Smith Hempstone, Jr. 

G. Selden Henry, Jr. 

I. Otto Hill 

Lewis H. Hill, III 

Henry C. Hutson 

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D. Gilbert Lee 

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W. S. McKeithen. Jr. 
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lames H. Ruth 
Rev. Harold F. Shaffer 
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Dr. William S. Stoney, Jr. 
J. R. Thul 

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William T. Wil'iamson 

E. C. Winstead 
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Rev. John C. Worrell 
Douglas M. Wright, Jr. 



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Maurice K. Heartfield, 
Rev. Lucian T. Jones, ] 
O. L. Keller, Jr. 
Richard W. Leche, Jr. 
Rev. Carlos A. Loop 
Dr. Robert M. Mickey, J 
Rev. Merri'l C. Miller, 
John H. Nichols 
Jack P. Pace 
Herbert A. Philips 
Harvey Pride, Jr. 
Wayne Ragland 
Ralph W. Reed (M) 
Rev. John H. Sivley 


Dr. John C. Stewart 
Dr. Bayard S. Tynes 
John N. Wall, Jr. 
Francis G. Watkins 
Arthur A. West 
R. H. Wheeler 


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fames G. Beaven 

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S. N. Boldrick, Jr. 

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Kenneth L. Barrett. Jr. 

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E. Marvin Compton, Ir. 

R. D. Conkling 

Dawson Crim 

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C. H. Horsfie'd 

Guyton P. S. Huey (M) 

O. W. Jervis 

Rev. Robert B. Jewell 

Eillson Capers Johnson 

W. L. D. Kimbrough 

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Rev. Charles S. May 

John H. Owen 

Ronald L. Palmer 

Alton B. Parker 

Rev. F. S. Persons 

Rev. Walter B. Peterson 

P. Eugene Smith 

John W. Talley 

Rev. James H. Taylor, Jr. 

Ralph T. Trov 

William S. Turner. Ill 

Rev. Thomas M. Wade, HI 

Rev. Francis X. Walter, III 

George B. Wheelus (M) 

Rev. Christopher B. Young 


Olin G. Beall, Jr. 
Rev. Lorraine Bosch 
Rev. M. H. Breyfogle 

The Sewanee News 

3617 Mountain Lane 
Birmingham 13, Ala. 
October 17, i960 

Hi There! 

My name is Eve Jackson. My father is Ivey Jack- 
son, Class of '52 from Sewanee. The other day at the 
breakfast table, he looked awfully worried and said it 
was because he was afraid that his class would not 
con + r ; bute much to Sewanee for the year i960. I told 
him not to worry — that / would write you and get you 
to contribute. 

In my four years of life, I have found that men can- 
not turn down a request from a blonde. So, I am ask- 
ing you to send your i960 contribution to The Uni- 
versity of the South now — don't delay. It's for a very 
good cause. Any size contribution will help, even one 
dollar. Please don't let me down because I am trying 
to get Daddy off of the "worrying team". 

Since you are a special friend, I am enclosing a pic- 
ture of me for your wallet. 

Sincerely yours, 
Eve Jackson 

P. S. My brother just chimed in 
that he could raise more money 
than I could, so if you receive a 
letter from him, just ignore it — send 
your money today in my envelope 
so that / can get the credit. 

Cue and Bett jjach&ott 
helix the Glall a£ 1953. 

Anderson B. Carmichael 

Robert W. Creveling 

Everett J. Dennis 

Rev. J. L. Ebaugh 

Anthony W. Hathaway 

Rev. Theodore A. Heers 

Rev. William D. Henderson 

Richard C. Jenness 

Rev. J. L. Johnson 

O. W. Lyle, Jr. 

Jack R. Moore 

William M. Mount 

Eric W. Naylor 

Rev. Limuel G. Parks, Jr. 

Robert C. Rice, Jr. 

Michael R. Richards 

Walter W. Ross, III 

F. E. Sales 

lames M. Scott 

Rev. Harry W. Shipps 

John C. Thompson 

Rev. George W. Todd, III 

Halsey E. Werlein 

John R. Wright 


Laurence R. Alvarez 
Rev. John W. Arrington, 
Hugh C. Avant, Jr. 
Thomas E. Britt 
Carroll E. Brown 


Rev. Cham Canon 
James C. Clapp 
Charles D. Cooper 
Allan M. Densford 
Albert M. Frierson 
Robert D. Gooch 
T. John Gribble 
Robert P. Hare 
Rev. Charles H. Hay 
John C. Hodgkins 
lohn G. Horner 
David C. Littler 
Rev. C. Brinkley Morton 
Robert M. Reeves 
Robert N. Robinson 
Charles B. Romaine, Jr. 
Battle S. Searcy, III 
Charles F. Voltz 
W. W. Wueste 


I. Croom Beatty, IV 
Thomas E. Bugbee, III (M) 
Benjamin R. Collier 
Walter I. Crawford, Jr. 
Rev. John A. Dirks, Jr. 
Paul D. Goddard 
Robert L. Haden, Jr. 
Jerome G. Hall 
Howard W. Harrison 
Rev. Richard W. Ingalls 

Rev. William E. Littleton 
T. A. Nelson 
Robert T. Owen 
William E. Quarterman 
Rev. William L. Sharkey 
Dennis P. Thompson 
Rev. James M. Warrington 
M. Roger Whitehurst 
Mi-.+uiel H. Wi'son 


Christopher P. Bird. '61 
Sidney A. Cameron, Jr.. '6t 
William S. Ebert, '61 
E. Wiley Johnson, Jr., '61 
Raymond C. Mensing, Jr., '6i 
Rev. William Parkerson, Jr., '61 
Robert Radcliff, '6i 
A. Shapleigh Boyd, III, ',: 
John R. Wa'lingford, '62 
Richard E. Vogel, '62 
Blanchard B. Weber, '62 
William R. Burgess (M), '6.; 
Harvey F. Pierce, '6; 
Vance J. Thornton, Jr., '63 


Dr. George M. Baker 
Dr. William E. Baldwin 
Dr. Arthur J. Bedell 
Tames S. Bonner 

Harvey G. Booth 

Rev. Roelif H. Brooks 

Wil'iam W. Crandell 

). Kennedy Craig 

Rt. Rev. Edmund P. Dandridge 

Mrs. Alfred I. duPont 

Rt. Rev. Robert W. B. Elliott CM) 

Robert Finley 

Rt. Rev. Walter H. Gray 

Mrs. Alexander Guerry 

Rt. Rev. O'iver J. Hart 

Justice T. Grady Mead 

Dr. Hugh Hodgson 

Rt. Rev. Everett H. Jones 

Rt. Rev. Hamilton H. Kelh.L".- 

Dr. William A. Kirkland 

Capt. Wendell F. Kline 

Rt. Rev. A. C. l.ichtenbergc-r 

Hinton F. Longino 

Rev. Albert H. Lucas 

Rt. Rev. Arthur R. McKinstry 

Rt. Rev. C. Gresham Marmion 

Chares Moss 

Dr. Edmund Orgill 

Rev. William G. Pollard 

Dr. John Potts 

Rt. Rev. Noble C. Powell 

Rt. Rev. George H. Quarterman 

Dr. C. Madison Sarratt 

Rev. James R. Sharp 

Re\ . Wilson Sneed 

Rev. Holly W. Wells 

with unicjfUe jjU+td 
lai&iiiXf, a<pAxeal& , . . 

Hi Men! 

Did you get that gushy letter from my sister, Eve, 
the other day: Aren't girls silly? I bet her 3 lollipops 
and 2 tootsie rolls that I could raise more money for 
the Sewanee Class of '52 than she can. My father, 
Ivey Jackson, is Class Secretary and responsible for 
giving everyone a chance to contribute. 

Actually, / have quite a stake in raising these con- 
tributions for Sewanee. By having a large percentage 
of contributors from each class, I can be assured that 
the I'niversity w'll keep up its standards until I get 
there for the Class of '79. The money itself helps 
greatly, but the large percentages from each class help 
even more because the University can then show the 
big foundations that the Alumni do appreciate what 
Sewanee did for them and that their interest is still 
strong. Past history shows that the big foundations 
and wealthy benefactors of colleges help those schools 
that help themselves. 

So, send in your check, cash or money order today- 
even ^1.00 will help. Make it payable to "University 
of the South". Many thanks for helping Sewanee and 
helpmg me beat my sister. 

Sincerely yours. 
I! en Jackson, 
Class '79 

P. S. It you know a cute two year 
i Id redhead — give her my picture 
and address. 

February 1961 


Sewanee News 



V, 1 1 7*c ■ & 

fhe complete 



Class of 1961 
vins impressive 
ist of honors 

Classes of 19L 
913, 1929-1932, 
1948-1951 in 

Seven honorary 
legrees to be 

\lumni forum to 
;over question 
)f integration 

Commencement, Nineteen Sixty-One: 
Ceremonies, reunions, social events 
to fill June second through eleventh 

31 .<? 





The Sewanee News, issued quarterly by the Associated Alumni 
of The University of the South, at Sewanee, Tennessee. Second 
Class postage paid at Sewanee, Tennessee. 

Issue Editor 

Arthur Ben Chitty, '35 

Paris Eugene Smith, '57 

Elizabeth N. Chitty 

Edith Whiteseli, 


2 The Vice-Chancellor's Column 

3 Commencement, 1961 

Class of 1961 Distinctions 

4 Commencement Schedule 

5 Class Reunions 


6 Commencement Schedule, continued 

7 Bishop Mitchell Dies 

8 Commencement Schedule, continued 

9 Honorary Degrees 
1 ] Alumni Forum 

May 1961 

Volume 27 

Number 2 

ON THE COVER— Seniors discuss final plans for "PHASE 
ONE" of Commencement, which promises to restore ap- 
propriate emphasis to the graduating seniors for the first 
time in many years. The Gift of the Class of 1961 is books 
for the library, and over $2,000 has been contributed by the 
seniors for this project. Le't to right are class gift chair- 
man Danny E. Woods, PGD, Madison, Tennessee; class 
president Robert N. Rust, III, PDT, Arlington, Virginia; 
Commencement housing chairman John K. Rothnletz, PDT, 
Dallas, Texas; dinner-dance chairman Edwin D. Williamson, 
SAE, Darlington, South Carolina; and class secretary Joseph 
H. Tucker, III, ATO, Shreveport, Louisiana. 


Walden Fabry 

'Gentlemen . . . 
The Vice- Chancellor 9 

For the first time in half a century the 
University of the South is considering ex- 
panding its scope, and is seriously studying 
the various possible directions in which it 
might move. We are rapidly approaching 
completion of the physical facilities essential 
to the proper functioning of our present 
units. The number of our applicants and 
the size of our endowment are both con- 
siderably in excess of any previous figures. 
The time has come for us to chart our course 
even though a few more preliminary steps 
must be taken before we actually begin. 
First, then, let us briefly consider the pre- 

It seems perfectly clear that no sort of 
expansion in any direction should be con- 
templated without a really adequate library, 
a doubling of our science facilities, a re- 
placement of the last of the substandard 
dormitories, and, if possible, the provision 
of a more satisfactory dining hall, kitchen, 
and faculty common room combination. 

Certainly the first three of those four are 
not in any sense optional. The present li- 
brary, though one of our most beautiful 
buildings, is already seriously inadequate; 
and it cannot be sufficiently enlarged with- 
out destroying both its beauty and its 
functional utility. There is no alternative 
but to spend something like $1,500,000 on a 
completely new building to provide room 
for three or four hundred thousand volumes 


The Sewanee News 


Plans are complete for the finest Commencement in history — Seniors, 
Regents, Trustees, and Alumni will participate — New Chancellor to be 
elected and installed — Chapel windows and memorials to be dedicated 

Each of the groups concerned 
with Commencement will 
have a turn in the spotlight, 
with events planned for their par- 
ticular interests. First, the graduat- 
ing seniors have set a gay weekend 
preceding the solemn ceremonies of 
Baccalaureate Sunday and Com- 
mencement Day. Then the regents 
and trustees meet, with ample ac- 
commodations for all, time to give 
adequate attention and debate to 
the policies and plans of the Uni- 
versity, and with a social program 
designed to acquaint them with each 
other and the people of the Moun- 
tain. The alumni in turn will find 
an alumni emphasis restored to 
some of their traditional events, an 
opportunity to consult with Uni- 

versity officials on broad questions 
of policy, and many occasions to 
visit with their friends. 

Designed for the entire alumni 
reunion, including the wives, are the 
Vice-Chancellor's reception on 
Thursday night, the Alumni Forum 
on Friday, the buffet dinner-dance 
that evening, a barbecue, class pa- 
rade and field day on Saturday. 
Fraternity alumni groups will have 
meetings on Friday, most of these 
taking the form of catered lunch- 
eons at the chapter houses. 


hree special services in All 
Saints' Chapel will take place dur- 
ing the Alumni Reunion. On Fri- 
day, June 9, the fifteenth chancellor 
of the University will be installed 

Class of 1961 receives impressive list of 
fellowships, awards, and distinctions 

The class of 1961 has garnered 
a bumper crop of fellowships, 
honors, and awards. Leading 
the list is Larry Shelton Varnell, 
son of Sewanee basketball coach 
Lon Varnell, who won a Woodrow 
Wilson Fellowship, a National Sci- 
ence Foundation Fellowship, and a 
Fulbright Scholarship, as well as 
being the Southern runner-up for 
a Rhodes Scholarship. Varnell, a 
math and physics major, will take 
the Fulbright Scholarship for a year 
of physics study at the University 
of Bristol, England. 

Larry Varnell's career at Sewanee 
is one of the most brilliant on re- 
cord. Besides being elected to Phi 
Beta Kappa in his junior year, he 
has been president of the "S" Club, 

first baseman and clean-up batter 
on the baseball team, and co-cap- 
tain of basketball. 

Sewanee earned eight Woodrow 
Wilson Fellowships this year and 
three students received honorable 
mention for the award, leading all 
schools in Region VI, composed of 
Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, 
and Mississippi. Vanderbilt was 
second in the region with six fel- 

Named to receive the Fellowships 
were John T. Ferguson, a history 
major from Tifton, Ga., who plans 
to do his graduate work at Emory 
University; Patrick J. McGowan of 
Hollywood, Fla., a political science 
major who will enter the School of 
International Relations at the 

following his election the day before 
from among the bishops of the own- 
ing dioceses. On Saturday, at the 
annual Alumni Memorial Service, 
gifts from the following classes will 
be dedicated: 1928's gift of the 
chancel floor, 1930's sound system 
in memory of Holt Green, and 
1932's window in memory of Dr. 
Sedley L. Ware, in which gift they 
were joined by his family. 

On Sunday, at the 11:00 a.m. ser- 
vice, the academic windows will be 
dedicated. Those attending the 
meeting of the board of trustees on 
June 8 will also participate in the 
service of dedication for the di- 
ocesan memorials, most of which 
are in memory of alumni. 

Fletcher School of Law and Diplom- 
acy; Frank T. Melton, Columbia, 
S. C, a history major who will 
enter Vanderbilt for graduate work; 
Robert J. Schneider, Ft. Lauder- 
dale, Fla., a medieval studies major 
who will enter the Institute of 
Medieval Studies at Notre Dame; 
and Larry Varnell, who is planning 
to accept his Woodrow Wilson 
Fellowship at the California Insti- 
tute of Technology after his Ful- 
bright year in England. 

Three recipients of the Fellow- 
ships have not yet named the 
schools where they will do gradu- 
ate work. They are Franklin D. 
Pendleton, a math major from 
Madison, Tenn.; Robert J. Snell, a 
French major from Lumberton, 
N. C, and James R. Stow, an eco- 
nomics and business major from 
Cocoa, Fla. 

(continued on page ten) 

May 1 96 1 

The Ninety-Third Commencement 

The University of the South 
Sewanee, Tennessee 

June Ml, 1961 



9:00 a.m. Dormitory Housing opens for Fami- 
lies of Seniors. Registration, lobby 
of Elliott Hall. 

Beta Theta Pi "Kick-Off" Party. 
All Students and Comrnencement 
Visitors are Invited. 
Gailor Hall open for lunch. 
Alpha Tau Omega Beach Party, 
Lake O'Donnell. All Students and 
Commencement Visitors are invited. 
Delta Tau Delta Open House. All 
Students and Commencement Visi- 
tors are invited. 

Green Ribbon Society Buffet Din- 
ner at the Home of Dr. and Mrs. H. 
Malcolm Owen, for members and 
their invited guests. ($3.00 per 

Phi Delta Theta Dance. All Stu- 
dents and Commencement Visitors 
are invited. 

1 1 :oo A.M. 

12:30 P.M. 
2:00- 5:00 P.M. 

4:00- 6:00 P.M. 

6:00- 9:00 P.M. 

9:00- I :00 P.M. 

9:00 A.M. 

10:00 A.M. 


9:00 a.m. Registration continues all day at 
Elliott Hall. 

Sigma Nu Breakfast. All Students 
and Commencement Visitors arc 
invited ; Gailor Hall will be closed. 
Faculty Lecture: Dr. John B. 
Dicks, Associate Professor of Phys- 
ics, speaking on "Missiles." Phys- 
ics Lecture Room, Carnegie Science 

Faculty Lecture: Mr. Eugene M. 
Kayden, Emeritus Professor of Eco- 
nomics, speaking on "Boris Paster- 
nak." Professors' Common Room, 
Walsh-Ellett Hall. 
Phi Gamma Delta Smorgasbord. 
All Students, Commencement Visi- 
tors, Faculty, Staff and Their Fami- 
lies are invited. Gailor Hall will be 

1 1 :oo A.M. 

1 1 : 30 a.m.- 
1 :30 p.m. 

1:30- 3:00 p.m. Kappa Sigma Party. Open to 
All Students and Commencement 
Visitors. {$1.00 per person.) 

3:00 p.m. Jazz Concert, sponsored by the 
Sewanee Jazz Society, (pending) 

7:00 p.m. Dinner-Dance, Gailor Hall. Buffet 
dinner honoring Seniors and their 
guests. (There will be no charge 
for the buffet dinner.) Semi-formal. 

9:00 p.m.- Dancing to Owen Bradley's Orche- 

1:00 a.m. stra. Gailor Hall. Open to all Stu- 
dents, Visitors, and Residents. Tick- 
ets $3.00 per couple. Dress is semi- 


8:00 a.m. Holy 

10:40 A.M. 

1 1 :oo A.M. 

2:00- 4:00 P.M. 

4:00- 6:30 P.M. 


6: }0- b:oo p.m. 

8:00 P.M. 

Communion, All Saints' 

Formation of Academic Procession, 
Walsh-Ellett Hall. Bishops vest in 
Regents Room. 

Baccalaureate Service, All Saints' 
Chapel. Sermon by the Very Rev. 
James Milton Richardson, LL.D., 
Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, 
Houston, Texas. 

The Carillon will be played after 
the service. Bellmaster: Albert A. 

Gailor Hall will be closed for the 
noon meal. 

Open House for Theological Seniors 
and Their Families, Home of Dean 
and Mrs. George M. Alexander. 
Reception for the Red Ribbon So- 
ciety Members and Their Guests, 
Bairnwick, Home of the Rev. and 
Mrs. George B. Myers. Formal 

Vice-Chancellor's Buffet Dinner for 
Seniors and Their Guests, and Stu- 
dents participating in Commence- 
ment. Fulford Hall. Gailor Hall 
will be closed. ■> 

Concert of Sacred Music by the 

(continued on page six) 

The Sewanee News 

1961 COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE meets in the Professors' Common Room to cover all aspects of planning ranging from 
housing, feeding, and dinner-dances to academic processions. Left to right are, standing: Mrs. Maryon Moise, Bob Rust, 
Mrs. Amy Eggleston, Mrs. Walter Bryant, Mrs. Edward McCrady, Harding Woodall, James Oates, Bayly Turlington and 
Chaplain James Brettmann. Seated are Mrs. Robert Petry, Ed Williamson, Arthur Chitty, William Lemonds, and 
Miss Barbara Tinnes. 

Eleven classes to hold reunions; 
Each schedules own festivities 

Class reunions will feature the 
fifty year class, 191 1, and 
two groups which have been 
out of college thirty and ten years 
respectively, 1929-1932, and 1948- 
1951. These classes will join the 
general alumni body for many 
events, but each has scheduled its 
own festivities. 

The class of 191 1 will open its 
50th anniversary on Thursday, 
June 8, with a party given by the 
class president, Bishop Frank A. 
Julian, and Mrs. Juhan, at their 
home overlooking Abbo's Alley. 
Special guests will be the "Old 
Timers," who are in classes prior 
to 1914. Following will be the an- 
nual "Old Timers" banquet at 
Claramont at 7:00 p.m. The next 
day the same group will have 
another gathering at Cheapestead, 
home of the president of 1910, 
Eric P. Cheape, and Mrs. Cheape. 

Elaborate plans have been made 
by the classes of 1929-1932 under 
the general chairmanship of Julius 
G. French, '32, of Houston, Texas. 
Special events include class parties 
on Friday, June 9, and a joint din- 
ner on Saturday evening. The 
classes have been divided into 
Scholars, Athletes, Artists, and 
"Mrs. E's Boys," and all are ex- 
pected to take part in the general 
alumni festivities, providing a choir 
for the alumni service on Saturday 
morning, entertainment at the din- 
ner dance on Friday night, and ani- 
mation for a softball game Satur- 

The classes of 1948-195 1 are each 
sponsoring an event for the entire 
group, beginning with a party Fri- 
day afternoon preceding the dinner 
dance. The Class of 1950 will give 
a swimming party at Lake O'Don- 
nell on Saturday afternoon. All 

will join in a steak dinner on Satur- 
day night. 

Sessums Cleveland Hall, the new- 
est dormitory, has been set aside for 
the 1929-1932 reunion, with space 
for about 30 couples. The 1948- 
195 1 reunion has been given Gailor 
Hall. The 50-year group of 191 1 
and their friends will be housed in 
Tuckaway and Elliott Halls. Hun- 
ter Hall will be used first for the 
bishops attending the trustees meet- 
ing and on the weekend for alumni 
of all classes. 

Two dinner-dances 
add to entertainment 

Anew innovation in Com- 
mencement planning this 
vear is the idea of the 
"Dinner-Dance," two of which will 
be held. 

The first Dinner-Dance will be 

for seniors and their guests, and 

will get under way at 7:00 p.m. 

Saturday, June 3, during "PHASE 

{continued on page nine) 

May 1 96 1 


Commencement Schedule, continued 

University Choir, assisted by Mem- 
bers of the Chattanooga Symphony 
Orchestra, the Sewanee Cantata 
Singers, and a University instru- 
mental ensemble. All Saints' 

10:00 p.m. "Au Revoir" Open House given by 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Kappa 
Alpha Fraternities at the SAE 
House. All Students and Com- 
mencement Visitors are invited. 

7:30 a.m. Corporate Communion for the 
Graduating Classes, All Saints' 
8:00 a.m. Breakfast, Gailor Hall. 
9:00 a.m. Commissioning Ceremony, United 
States Air Force, War Memorial 
Chapel in Shapard Tower. 
9:40 a.m. Formation of Academic Procession, 
Central Quadrangle. Bishops vest 
in Regents' Room. 

10:00 a.m. Commencement Exercises, All 
Saints' Chapel. Address by the 
Rev. Massey Hamilton Shepherd, 
Ph.D., D.D., Professor of Liturgies, 
Church Divinity School of the Pa- 
cific, and Director of the Graduate 
School of Theology of the Univer- 
sity of the South. 

Trustees and Regents are invited 
to take their places in the Aca- 
demic Procession. 

12:^0 p.m. Luncheon for Recipients of Honor- 
ary Degrees and Their Wives, Ful- 
ford Hall. 

Gail or Hall will be closed for the 
noon meal. 


4:00 p.m. Opening Session of the Board of 
Regents, Regents' Room, Walsh- 
Ellett Hall. 

c;:oo p.m. Dormitory housing opens for Trus- 
tees desiring early accommodations. 

6:30 p.m. Dinner for Regents and Their 
Wives, Open. 


8:00 a.m. Corporate Communion for Regents, 
St. Luke's Chapel. 

9:00 a.m. Board of Regents' Committee Meet- 
ings. The Regents will be in ses- 
sion all day. 

12:30 p.m. Luncheon for Regents, Woodwinds. 
6:30 p.m. Dinner for Regents and Their 
Wives, Fulford Hall. 


8:00 a.m. Holy Communion, St. Augustine's 

9:00 a.m. Registration for Trustees and 
Alumni, All Day, Elliott Hall. Re- 
gents' Meeting continues. 
11:00 a.m. Meeting of Bishops of Province of 

Sewanee, St. Luke's Oratory. 
12:30 p.m. Luncheon at Gailor Hall. Special 
tables for Trustees attending first 
meeting of the Board and for Bish- 

1:15 p.m. Bus Tour of Domain for All Visi- 
tors, departing from Gailor Hall. 

2:00 p.m. Conference of All Bishops on the 
Board of Trustees with Members 
of the Theological Faculty, St. 
Luke's Oratory. 

3:45 p.m. Carillon Concert. Bellmaster: Al- 
bert A. Bonholzer. Shapard Tower 
will be open at this time. 

4:00 p.m. Opening Session of the Annual 
Meeting of the Board of Trustees, 
All Saints' Chapel. Address by the 
Rt. Rev. Charles C. J. Carpenter, 
D.D., Bishop of Alabama and Act- 
ing Chancellor of the LTniversity of 
the South. 

Business Session of the Board of 
Trustees, LTniversity Library. 

7:00 p.m. Vice-Chancellor's Dinner for Trus- 
tees, Regents, Faculty, Officers of 
Administration, and Their Wives, 
Gailor Hall. 

Following Dinner, Matrons' Coffee 
for the Ladies, Gailor Lounge. 

8:15 p.m. Committee Meetings of Trustees. 


7:30 a.m. Corporate Communion of the Board 

of Trustees, All Saints' Chapel. 

Dedication of Bishops' Chairs and 

Diocesan Memorials. 

9:00 a.m. Registration for Trustees and 

Alumni, Elliott Hall, All Day. 
9:30 a.m. Business Session of the Board of 

Trustees, LTniversity Library. 
10:30 a.m. Sewanee Woman's Club Party for 

.Visiting Ladies, Tuckaway Inn. 
12:30 p.m. Luncheon, Board of Trustees. 

Gailor Hall. 
12:30 p.m. Luncheon for Wives of Trustees 
{continued on page eight) 

The Sewanee News 

Bishop Mitchell Dies 

Was thirteenth Chancellor; 
untimely death interrupts 
'new career' of service 

The Rt. Rev. Richard Bland 
Mitchell, 'o8 ; died on Tuesday, 
March 7, 1961, at Emerald-Hodg- 
son Hospital in Sewanee at the age 
of 73. He was the eighth Bishop 
of Arkansas and the thirteenth 
Chancellor of the University of the 
South. Death came after an acci- 
dent near Athens, Georgia, in which 
he suffered chest bruises when the 
car, in which he and Mrs. Mitchell 
were almost at a standstill, was 
struck from the rear by a county 
highway truck. Exposed to low 
temperatures while waiting for 
officers, wrecker, and travel ar- 
rangements, he contracted a cold. 
Threatened with pneumonia, he was 
placed in an oxygen tent at Se- 
wanee but rallied, came home and 
appeared nearly to have recovered. 
On Sunday before his death, he 
went back to the hospital. On Mon- 
day his condition had so deterior- 
ated that he was given the last rites 
of the Church by the Very Rev. 
George M. Alexander. He died the 
next day of acute bronchitis compli- 
cated by low cardiac reserve. 

Bishop Mitchell was born July 
26, 1887, in Rolla, Missouri, the 
son of General Ewing Young 
Mitchell, a Confederate major who 
became adjutant of the state after 
the Civil War, and the former 
Amanda Corinne Medley. He came 
to Sewanee in 1900 and was inti- 
mately connected with its institu- 
tions until his death. He became 
the only student of Sewanee's first 
century to receive five diplomas or 
certificates: he was an honor gradu- 
ate of the old Sewanee Grammar 
School; held a B.A. (optime me- 
rens) from the college; the G.D. 

By Arthur Ben Chitty 

and B.D. from the seminary; am 

in 193 1 received an honorary D.I). 
from the University. He won honor : 
in Hebrew, Latin, history, and de- 
bating. He was a member of Phi 
Beta Kappa as are his son Bland, 
'47, (of Curacao, Netherlands 
West Indies) and his daughter 
Vivien (Mrs. Robert C. Thweatt of 
Towson, Maryland.) Father and 
son both were members of Phi 
Delta Theta. In 1915 he was mar- 
ried to Vivien McQuiston whose life 
has been as actively devoted to the 
work of the Church as was his and 
who continues to live in Sewanee. 
Their two children have three chil- 
dren each. 

Dr. Mitchell served the Episcopal 
Church in a variety of ways. As a 
young priest in 1919, after touring 
China, he made a report to the 
General Convention as secretary to 
the board of missions. Subse- 
quently he was for eight years with 
the National Council as secretary of 
the field department. In 1928 he 
came to Sewanee in charge of its 
expansion fund, but in 1929 he wen; 
to St. Mary's-on-the-Highlands in 
Birmingham where he was still rec- 
tor in 1938 when elected bishop on 
the first ballot. He retired in 1956 
to move to his summer home at 
Sewanee. He repeatedly served as 
delegate to the General Convention, 
Sewanee trustee and regent, and in 
key posts in the national church, 
particularly for rural work, budget, 
and program. He was a member of 
the Episcopal National Council, 
1946-52, and was one of the 29- 
member delegation representing his 
church at the formation of the 

National Council of Churches of 
Christ of the U. S. A. 

Under Bishop Mitchell's guid- 
ance, Arkansas became one of the 
best-managed dioceses in the coun- 
try. With a rock-like determination 
and phenomenal capacity for detail, 
this shorthand-writing bishop was 
the originator and builder of Camp 
Mitchell, a diocesan conference cen- 
ter atop Mount Petit-Jean which 
was named for him. He had two 
brothers who gained distinction. 
Walter Mitchell, 03, PDT, sixth 
Bishop of Arizona, now lives in re- 
tirement at Rancho Santa Fe, Cali- 
fornia. The late Ewing Mitchell 
was a member of the "Little Cabi- 
net" in the so-called brain-trust of 
Franklin D. Roosevelt as assistant 
secretary of commerce. An older 
sister was married to the late 
Congressman Richard P. Bland of 
Missouri, for whom her younger 
brother was named. 

Bishop Mitchell is memorialized 
at Sewanee in St. Augustine's 
Chapel, which was given as a thank 
offering for his Episcopate by the 
diocese of Arkansas. His untimely 
death interrupted a "new career" 
of service to his beloved university 
as editor of its ordinances and as 
lecturer in canon law at its school 
of theology. 

May 1 96 1 

Commencement Schedule, continued 

and Ladies of the Sewanee Com- 
munity, Claramont Restaurant. 
{$2.00 per person.) 
2:00 p.m. Trustees' Meeting resumes Session, 
University Library. 
3:00 p.m. Business Session for St. Luke's 
Alumni Association, St. Luke's 


4:00 P.M. 

5:00 P.M. 



7:00 P.M. 
8:30 P.M. 

Meeting of the Alumni Council, 
Elliott Hall. {National officers, 
class presidents , club presidents.) 
Fiftieth Reunion of the Class of 
191 1, with Old Timers (prior to 
19 14) and Their Wives as Special 
Guests, Home of Bishop and Mrs. 
Frank A. Juhan. 

Green Ribbon Society Buffet for 
Members and Their Guests, Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon house. {Tickets: 
$3.00 per person.) 
Old Timers' Dinner, Walnut Room, 
Claramont Restaurant. 
Vice-Chancellor's Reception for All 
Visitors and Residents, Fulford 

8:00 a.m. Holy Communion, St. Augustine's 

10:00 a.m. Special Convocation for Installation 
of the Fifteenth Chancellor of the 
University of the South, All Saints' 

After the Service, the Carillon will 
be played. 

11:00 a.m. Alumni Forum, Thompson Union 
Theatre. Two sessions, 11:00- 
12:30 and 2:30-4:00 to discuss LTni- 
versity affairs. 

Fraternity Luncheons and House 
Corporation Meetings. 
Alumni Forum again in Session, 
Thompson Union Theatre. 
Classes in Reunion: 
1911, 1912, 1913 at Cheapestead 
{All "Old-Timers" also invited to 
this event.) 

1929 at Claramont, Room One, as 
guests of Frederick R. Freyer. 

1930 at Home of Mr. and Airs. 
Arthur Ben Chitty. 

193 1 at Phillips House, home of 
Chaplain and Mrs. J. W. Brett - 

12:30 P.M. 

50- 4:30 P.M. 

5:00 p.m. 

1932 at Plumtree Cottage, home of 

Mr. and Airs. W. Porter Ware. 

1948 { 

J 949 ! 


6:30-10:30 P.M. 

195 I ( 


Party in Walnut Room, 
Claramont; Classes of 
1948 and 1949 in charge 

Dinner-Dance at Gailor 
Hall for Alumni, Facuhy, Visitors 
and Residents. Formal Dress. 
{Tickets: $2.50 per person.) 
10:00 p.m. Red Ribbon Society Party for 
Members and their Guests at Bairn- 
wick, Home of the Rev. and Mrs. 
George B. Myers. {$3.^0 per mem- 

<>:oo a.m. Corporate Communion for the 
Alumni, All Saints' Chapel. Dedi- 
cation of Class Gifts and Ale- 
morials. Recessional to St. Augus- 
tine's Stone for Alemorial Service 
for Deceased Alumni. 
After the Service, the Carillon will 
be played. 
10:00 a.m. Annual Aleeting of the Associated 
Alumni, Thompson Union Theatre. 
10:30 a.m. Coffee for Alumni Ladies, given by 
Mrs. William M. Cravens and Mrs. 
Arthur Chitty, Home of Mrs. 
12:30 p.m. Barbecue for All Visitors and Resi- 
dents, Clark Field. {$1.50 per per- 

Parade of Classes: 191 1, 1912, 
1913; 1917; 1929-1932; 1948-1951- 
Alumni Softball Game. 

3:30 p.m. Swimming Party for Classes of 
1948-195 1, Lake O'Donnell, spon- 
sored by Class of 1950. 

5:30 p.m. Reunion for Classes of 1948-195 1, 
sponsored by Class of 195 1. 

7:00 p.m. Reunion Dinner for Classes 1929- 
1932, Walnut Room, Claramont 

After 8:00 P.M., Dancing on the 
Patio at Claramont for All Guests. 

7:00 p.m. Reunion Dinner for Classes of 
1948-195 1, Monteagle Diner. {$2.25 
per person.) 

8:00 a.m. Holy Communion, All Saints' 

11:00 a.m. Morning Prayer,' All Saints' Chapel. 
Dedication of Academic Windows 
and Other Memorials. 

4:00 p.m. Carillon Concert, All Saints' Chapel. 

The Sewanee News 



W m 

^B ~'- : 

■- W M 

; Br s J 

Alumni Dance Chairman Woodall 

Two dinner-dances 

ONE" of Commencement. The 
seniors' party is being arranged by 
Edwin Williamson, senior political 
science major from Darlington, S. C. 
With the cooperation of Gailor 
Dining Hall manager James Oates, 
the seniors plan to convert Gailor 
into a night-club atmosphere, com- 
plete with reserved tables, table 
cloths, candles, and all the trim- 
mings. A buffet table will be set 
up, and serving will begin at 7:15 
and last until 8:30. There is no 
charge for the dinner. 

From 9:00 until 1:00 Gailor Hall 
will be open to the entire Mountain 
and all Commencement visitors and 
residents are invited to dance to the 
music of Owen Bradley's Orchestra. 
Considering the fact that there was 
no Commencement dance at all last 
year, and those held in 1958 and 
1959 were poorly attended, William- 
son states that the seniors guarantee 
to reverse the trend this year. 

Dress for this function will be 
semi-formal. There will be a charge 
of $3.00 per couple for the dance. 

Not to be outdone by the under- 
graduates, Harding Woodall, 
SAE '17, is arranging a second Din- 
ner-Dance for alumni during 
"phase three," on Friday, June 9, 
from 6:30 until 10:30 p.m. There 
will be a charge of $2.50 per person, 
which will include the dinner. 

Seven honorary 
degrees voted 

The University of the South will 
award seven honorary degrees this 
June, according to Dr. Edward Mc- 
Crady, Vice-Chancellor and Presi- 

Individuals named to receive 
honorary degrees by the Board of 
Regents are the Rt. Rev. Robert 
Fisher Gibson, Jr., Richmond, Va.; 
Eugene Mark Kayden, Sewanee; 
the Very Rev. James Milton 
Richardson, Houston, Tex.; the 
Rev. Massey Hamilton Shepherd, 

Baccalaureate Preacher Richardson 

Jr., Berkeley, Calif.; the Rev. 
William Shannon Stoney, Hagood, 
S. C.j the Rev. Gray Temple, 
Charleston, S. C; and Thomas 
Richard Waring, Charleston, S. C. 

The honorary degrees will be 
awarded during Commencement 
Exercises in All Saints' Chapel, Se- 
wanee, on June 5, 1961. 

Bishop Robert F. Gibson, who 
will be awarded a Doctor of Di- 
vinity degree, is a former Dean of 
the School of Theology at Sewanee, 
and is presently Bishop of the 
Diocese of Virginia. He is a mem- 
ber of the Joint Commission on 
Theological Education, a trustee of 
the Virginia Theological Seminary, 
president of the Overseas Mission- 

ary Society and chairman of a 
special committee on overseas theo- 
logical schools. 

Professor Eugene Kayden, a na- 
tive born Russian and renowned 
translator of Boris Pasternak's poe- 
try, will be awarded a Doctor of 
Letters degree. Mr. Kayden is a 
retired professor of economics at Se- 
wanee. Poems by Boris Pasternak, 
translated by Eugene Kayden, is 
the title of his book recently pub- 
lished by the University of Michi- 
gan press. He is a member of the 
Board of Directors of the Highland- 
er Folk School at Monteagle. 

The Very Rev. J. Milton 
Richardson is Dean of Christ 
Church Cathedral in Houston. He 
will be awarded a Doctor of Di- 
vinity degree. A former rector of 
St. Luke's Church, Atlanta, he is a 
national trustee of the Episcopal 
Church Pension Fund, and was a 
trustee and co-founder of the 
Episcopal Radio-TV Foundation in 
Atlanta, Ga. He will be the Bacca- 
laureate Preacher on Sunday, June 

The Rev. Massey H. Shepherd, 
Jr., professor of liturgies at the 
Church Divinity School of the Pa- 
cific, Berkeley, Calif., will be award- 
ed a Doctor of Letters degree. He 
is the Director of the Graduate 
School of Theology held at Sewanee 
{continued on page ten) 

Commencement Orator Shepherd 

May 1 96 1 

initiation ceremonies on May 6, and qualified members were inducted 
into the national fraternity. Left to right are, first row: Allen Maloney, 
David Wright, Paul Matte, Frank Bennett, John Rose Second row: 
Arthur Schipper, Will Rietzel, David Pierce, Thomason, Sam 
Dargan. Third row: Taber Hamilton, Alfred Dietrich, Peter Parker, 
Jack Morrison. Fourth row: John McDonald, James Elkins, Bill 
Noble, Jerry Cochran. 

Distinctions for Glass 
of 1961, continued 

Seniors receiving honorable men- 
tion were David M. Lindsey, Hart- 
sell, Ala.; Roy G. Parks, Jr., Little 
Rock, Ark.; and Danny E. Woods, 
Madison, Term. 


he Woodrow Wilson Fellow- 
ships cover the first year of gradu- 
ate study and are meant to en- 
courage outstanding students to 
consider college teaching as a ca- 
reer. Commenting on the number 
of fellowships received by Sewanee 
students this year, Dean Robert S. 
Lancaster said that "the fact that 
we produced in the Class of 1961 
eight Woodrow Wilson fellows and 
three students who earned honor- 
able mention is a tribute to a 
faculty devoted to excellence and a 
student body capable of serious 
academic effort. It indicates that 

selectivity is important both to the 
college and to the student," he 

National Science Fellowships 
were awarded to Ernest Wiley John- 
son, Jr., who will continue his bi- 
ology studies at Harvard, and Gor- 
don T. P. Wright, math major 
assigned to the University of 
California at Berkeley. 

John K. Rothpletz has a three- 
year Root-Tilden scholarship to the 
Xew lork University School of 
Law. He majored in English at 
Sewanee. Another Root-Tilden 
scholar is Edwin D. Williamson 
(political science) who will also go 
to the Xew York University School 
of Law. 

Other winners of graduate dis- 
tinctions are Emory Akerman, who 
has a graduate fellowship to the 
Yale School of Forestry; Bobby Joe 
Bertrand, a math major, who has a 
scholarship for the Duke LJniversity 

Law School; Richard Gibbs, a 
graduate fellowship to the Clarkson 
College of Technology; Roy Gilbert 
Parks, Jr., who will attend the 
Fletcher School of Law and Diplom- 
acy on a full tuition scholarship; 
and Jerry A. Snow, who has secured 
a fellowship at the Washington Uni- 
versity Medical School in St. Louis. 
A dozen members of the class of 
[961 have been selected for in- 
clusion in WHO'S WHO IN 
UNIVERSITIES: Robert S. Cath- 
cart, James M. Link, Randolph 
Parker, John K. Rothpletz, Robert 
N. Rust, W. Scott Welch, III, Ed- 
win D. Williamson, David W. Wil- 
son, James R. Wisialowski, Danny 
E. Woods, Patrick J. McGowan, 
and Franklin D. Pendleton. 

Seven honorary degrees 

each summer, and has published 
numerous books and articles about 
the Episcopal Church. He will be 
the Commencement Orator June 5. 

The Rev. William S. Stoney, rec- 
tor of the Church of the Ascension, 
Hagood, S. C, and of the Holy 
Cross Church, Statesburg, S. C, 
will be awarded a Doctor of Di- 
vinity degree. He is an alumnus 
of Sewanee, having received a B.S. 
and a B.D. degree from the Uni- 

Bishop Gray Temple, Bishop of 
the Diocese of South Carolina, will 
receive a Doctor of Divinity de- 
gree. He is a member of the Board 
of Trustees of the University of the 
South. He was elected Bishop of 
the Diocese of South Carolina last 

Thomas R. Waring, editor of the 
Charleston, S. C, Nezvs and Cour- 
ier, will be awarded a Doctor of 
Civil Law degree. Mr. Waring 
received his BA degree frorri Se- 
wanee in 1925. He also has an 
honorary degree from The Citadel. 


The Sewanee News 

Integration question to be 
discussed at alumni forum 

By Arthur Ben Chitty 


o integrate or to segre- 
gate" is one of the topics 
for discussion during the 
new Alumni Forum planned for 
post-Commencement festivities. 
William M. Cravens, president of 
the Associated Alumni acknowl- 
edged the controversial character of 
the subject. 

"We have had friends ask 'Why 
stir up trouble?' On the other hand 
there are those who feel 'We can't 
poke our heads in the sand.' We, 
the Reunion Committee, felt Se- 
wanee alumni would rather have 
straight talk in a friendly atmos- 
phere than an air of censorship and 
'keeping the lid on.' To handle 
this delicate session, which is sche- 
duled for Friday afternoon, June 9, 
at 2:30, we have called on Stan 
Burrows, a former alumni president, 
whose reputation for fairness is not 
exceeded by that of anyone in our 
alumni group." 

Seven topics will be discussed at 
the Alumni Forum with Congress- 
man Richard W. Boiling (D-Mo.) 
as moderator. They will be as 

11:00 a.m. University Expansion 
with discussion of new 
college units, size of stu- 
dent body, admission of 
women, etc. Chairman: 
Dr. Charles T. Harri- 

11:30 a.m. University Finance, en- 
dowment, government 
aid, fund raising, Chair- 
man: Harding Woodall. 

12:00 noon The Faculty, the li- 
brary, academic stand- 
ing, curriculum. Chair- 
man: Dean Robert S 

12:30 p.m. Fraternity Luncheons 

2:30 p.m. "To integrate or to 
segregate" at Sewanec. 
Chairman: Stan Bur- 
3:00 p.m. Athletics at Sewanee. 
Chairman: Walter 
3:30 p.m. Music at Sewanee. 
Chairman: Dr. William 
4:00 p.m. Admissions Policy. 
Chairman: John B. 
Each chairman is assembling his 
own panel of experts who will speak 
briefly and open the floor for dis- 
cussion. It is hoped that the short 
time span will result in providing 
ample subject material for un- 
scheduled bull sessions which could 
well extend into July. 

The V-G's column 

and all of the carrells, research 
rooms, microfilm facilities, and other 
conveniences of the most modern 
libraries. This building should go 
either across Georgia Avenue from 
the new Guerry Hall or between the 
Phi Delta Theta house and Dr. 
Buck's home. 

In the February issue I discussed 
the doubling of the science facilities 
and will not repeat my remarks here 
except to emphasize again that 
every science department is seri- 
ously overcrowded and handicapped 
both for teaching and research. It 
would be a most unwise policy in 
our day to expand in some other 
direction while leaving the sciences 
improperly provided for. 

There can be no doubt that Bar- 
ton Hall and Selden Hall are sub- 
standard by any criteria one might 
use. They are unsightly, expensive 
to maintain, and dangerous as fire 

Howard CouIso ; i 

Lt. Col. Joseph H. Powell USAF, Pro- 
fessor of Air Science, AFROTC, pre- 
sents the Guerry Scholarship Medal to 
Cadet Col. Randolph Parker, of Charles- 
ton. Parker also received the Brig. Gen. 
L. Kemper Williams Senior Medal for 
being the most outstanding senior cadet. 
In becoming cadet commander, Parker 
followed in the footsteps of his older 
brother, Louis T. Parker, '58, who was 
cadet commander in 1958. Also shown 
is Cadet Lt. Col. Walter S. Welch, III, of 
Vicksburg, who received the Professor 
of Air Science Medal for outstanding 
contributions of service. 

hazards. The ninety boys that they 
house could all be taken care of in 
(jailor Hall by replacing the dining 
room, kitchen, and storage rooms 
with dormitory rooms at a cost of 
approximately $133,000 in contrast 
to $450,000 needed to build a totally 
new dormitory for the same num- 
ber. The $317,000 thus saved could 
be used to much better purpose for 
a really fine dining hall, kitchen, 
and faculty common room. 

Thus, at a total cost of approxi- 
mately $2,500,000, we can really 
give our present University unex- 
celled facilities; and this we must 
do before we do anything else. 

In the next issue I shall probably 
discuss what we might undertake 
after that. 

Cordially yours, 

May 1 96 1 

1 1 

(with University Seal or SMA Crest in Gold) 

The Sewanee Chair is made from Northern Birch and Rock Maple — 
Finished in Black with Gold Trim. A perfect gift for Graduation, Christ- 
mas, Birthday, Anniversary or Wedding. A beautiful addition to any room 
in your home. Manufactured by S. Bent and Bros., Gardner, Massachuetts. 
Price $30.00 f.o.b. Gardner, Massachusetts. 

To order yours, write 
University Supply Store 

Attn: Tom Hawkins 

The University of the South 

Sewanee, Tennessee 

Specify University 
Seal or SMA Crest. 

Enclose Check or Chair will be shipped 

Money Order for $30.00. to you express collect. 


Sewanee News 

,if t^, 3 


lan frontiei 


Chancellor Carpenter Receives 

Generous Gift from Tennessee 

Coal and Iron Division, US Steel 





The Sewanee News, issued quarterly by the Associated Alumni 
of The Unuersity of the South, at Sewanee, Tennessee. Second 
Class postage paid at Sewanee. Tennessee. 

Issue Editor 


Arthur Ben Chittv, '35 

Paris Eugene Smith, '57 

Elizabeth N. Chitty 

Edith Whitesell 

Joyce Castleberry 


2 The Vice-Chancellor's Column 

3 Commencement, 1961 

6 Bishop Carpenter Elected 15th Chancellor 

7 Bresee Joins Peace Corps 

8 Sewanee News Notes 

9 Judge Shields of Florida 

1 Milton Trichel Expands Human Frontiers 

12 Sewanee Loses Prominent Citizens 

14 Ewing Mitchell, "Sky King" Sheriff 

1 5 Fire on the Quarterlies 

1 6 From the Sewanee Classes 

19 Harvey Booth Heads Church Support 
Fall Calendar 

August 1961 

Volume 27 

Number 3 

ON THE COVER— Bishop Charles C. J. Carpenter, newly- 
elected Chancellor of the University of the South, receives a 
$20,000 check from Arthur V. Wiebel, president of the United 
States Steel Corporation's Tennessee Coal and Iron Division, 
locate?! at Birmingham, Alabama. In presenting the gift to 
Sewanee Mr. Wiebel said: "It was about a century ago that 

1he little Sewanee Mining 
Company, the industrial fore- 
bear of Tennessee Coal and 
Iron, gave the Episcopal 
Church a large tract of moun- 
taintop land on which to start 
a college. That college became 
the University of the South, 
one of the world's truly great 
institutions of higher learn- 
ing." The gift will be used to 
purchase books for the library. 

Walden Fabry 

Gentlemen . . . 
The Vice- Chancellor 

In my last message to you I discussed the 
crucial needs of the present University which 
should be met before we expand in any nezy 
direction. Today I want to share with you 
some of my thoughts about what we might 
next undertake after these needs have been 

are generally ephemeral and rarely 
fruitful. Most important progress has 
its roots deep in the past. To reach great 
heights we need to nourish ourselves con- 
tinually at the source from which we sprang 
Accordingly, I return often to the words of 
our founders, and study our history to dis- 
cover the peculiar essence of Sewanee, so 
that we may strive to bring our special 
character to its full flowering, and not be 
tossed about and broken and stunted by 
yielding to every breath of fashion. Thus 
in 1946 when I gave the Founders' Day ad- 
dress, I asked whether multitudes would 
journey hundreds of miles to a remote 
mountain-top to assemble in a wilderness 
for any trifling occasion. What brought 
them here? 

In the first place, it was no small project 
which was being proposed. In 1858, when 
Pbllk and Elliott first began to solicit funds, 
the South was at a peak of prosperity. Half 
a million dollars was raised without, accord- 
ing to Bishop Elliott, more than scratching 
the surface. Most of it came from some 


The Sewanee News 

Commencement '61 
is memorable event 

By Eugene Smith 

The "new look" in Com- 
mencement planning, stretch- 
ed over a period of nine days, 
has brought praises from many- 
sides. Ex-regent R. Morey Hart 
wrote that he and his wife thought 
this Commencement "was one of 
the best we have ever attended. I 
thought the schedule was well ar- 
ranged and everything we attended 
was interesting and unusually weil 

Although the entire period from 
June 2 through n was filled with 
the activities of graduating seniors, 
meetings of the Boards of Trustees 
and Regents, and the alumni re- 
unions, most involved with the new 
Commencement agreed that it was 
an overwhelming success. The re- 
unioning alumni were unanimous in 
agreeing that their class reunions 
were unusually successful and well 

Election of alumni officers was a 
principal order of business at the 
annual meeting on June 10. John 
M. Ezzell, '31, of Nashville will 
head the Associated Alumni for the 
next two years, succeeding William 
M. Cravens, '29, of Winchester. Mr. 
Ezzell, director of executive man- 
power for Genesco (formerly 
General Shoe Corporation), has 

Howard Coulson 

On Baccalaureate Sunday June 4, families of graduating seniors, 
friends, and relatives watch the academic procession as it moves 
into All Saints' Chapel. The Very Rev. J. Milton Richardson, 
Dean of Christ Church Cathedral in Houston, preached the Bac- 
calaureate Sermon, the title of which was "What Went Ye Out . . . 
For to See?" 

served as alumni trustee, president 
of the Class of 193 1 , and since 1957 
as vice-president for bequests of the 
Associated Alumni. He was head 
proctor and president of the Order 
of Gownsmen, the "S" Club, and 
the Pan-Hellenic Council while a 
student, lettered in football, basket- 
ball, and track, and was a member 
of the Honor Council. Phi Delta 
Theta, and ODK. 

Vice-presidents elected were R. 
Morey Hart, '34, of Pensacola, 
Church Support; f. Rhett Ball, '34, 
of High Point, N. C, Capital 
Funds; James W. Moody, Jr., '42, 
of Nashville, Bequests; John P. 
Guerry, '49, of Chattanooga, Clas- 
ses; James W. Gentry, '50, of Chat- 
tanooga, Admissions; and John H. 

(continued on the next page) 
SMA's Commencement precedes the University's 

August 1961 

Faculty members line up for Academic Procession 

Nichols, '51, of Atlanta, Regions. 
The St. Luke's Alumni elected as 
their president the Rev. John M. 
Allin, '43, rector of All Saints' 
Junior College, Vicksburg and he 
serves the Associated Alumni also 
as vice-president for St. Luke's. 
Charles G. Mullen, '42, remains 
president of the SMA Alumni As- 
sociation and then' vice-president 
in the general University organiza- 
tion. Francis Kellermann, '33, of 
South Pittsburg, Tenn., is the new 
recording secretary for the Associ- 

Left: Bishops ap- 
proach All Saints' 

Below: For the 
Graduating Seniors, 
four years of hard 
work are about to 
be rewarded. 

ated Alumni. P. Eugene Smith, '57, 
who will be in graduate school at 
Phoenix, Ariz., this winter, is the 
treasurer. The executive director, 
Arthur Ben Chitty, '35, is serving 
die third year of a four-year term. 

Commencement, 1961, got under- 
way June 2 with a round of fra- 
ternity celebrations. All was not 
gaiety, however, as faculty lectures 
and chapel services added to the 
solemnity of the occasion. Among 
the highlights of both the senior 
weekend and the alumni reunions 
were the lavish buffet dinner-dances 
staged by Gailor Hall manager 
James Oates and his staff. Rarely 
have the Gailor tables been laden 
with such appealing and attrac- 
tively prepared food. 

Larry Shelton Varnell, son of Se- 
wanee's basketball coach, was the 
1961 valedictorian. Robert Judson 
Snell, of Lumberton, N. C, was 
salutatorian. A record 152 degree.-; 
were granted by the University. 
Six honorary degrees were confer- 
red. Receiving BA degrees were 
118 students; five BS degrees were 
granted, 20 bachelor of divinity, 
five graduate in divinity, and three 
master of sacred theology degrees 
were conferred. 

The Board of Trustees elected 
the Rt. Rev. Charles C. J. Carpen- 
ter, Bishop of Alabama, as the 15th 
(continued on the next page) 

The Sewanee News 

Six Honorary Degrees are Awarded: Bishop Charles C. J. Carpenter, right, 
congratulates the six recipients of honorary degrees. They are, left to right: The 
Rev. Massey H. Shepherd, director of Sewanee's Graduate School of Theology and 
professor of liturgies at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific; Bishop Robert 
F. Gibson of the Diocese of Virginia and a former Dean of the School of Theologv 
at Sewanee; The Rev. William S. Stoney, rector of the Church of the Ascension, 
Hagood, South Carolina, and of the Holy Cross Church, Stateburg, South Carolina; 
Thomas R. Waring, Sewanee alumnus and editor of the Charleston, South Carolina 
News and Courier; The Very Rev. J. Mil on Richardson, Dean of Christ Church 
Cathedral, Houston; and Bishop Gray Temple, of the Diocese of South Carolina and 
a member of Sewanee's Board of Trustees. 

Chancellor. Four new Regents were 
also elected. They are the Rt. Rev. 
E. Hamilton West Bishop of 
Florida; the Rev. Harold C. Gos- 
nell, rector of St. Mark's Church, 
San Antonio; Harvey G. Booth, of 
Atlanta, vice-president of Southern 
Bell Telephone Company, and G. 
Allen Kimball, a corporation law- 
yer from Lake Charles. Kimball 
was also honored by the Board of 
Trustees for his "extraordinary tal- 
ent and generosity" in serving as 
Church Support Chairman from 
1957 until 1961. "Kimball's efforts," 
said Director of Development Bish- 
op Frank A. Juhan, "have been 
equal to the income on five million 
dollars of endowment. His post a 
voluntary one, is probably the most 
important which can be held by a 
layman in the Episcopal Church in 
the South." Harvey G. Booth slic- 
es <:o?z£mw^ on -page thirteen) 

Bishop Carpenter (center) joins 
alumni at the barbecue. 

Harding G. Woodall, '17, left, and Jimmy 
Varnell serve themselves at the Alumni 
Barbecue June 10. 

August 196 1 


Vice-Chancellor Edward McCrady, left, congratulates the Rt. Rev. 
Charles C. J. Carpenter of Alabama upon his election to a six-year 
term as the University of the South's 15th Chancellor. Bishop Car- 
penter had been serving as acting Chancellor following the death of 
Bishop Carruthers. 

Bishop Charles G J* Carpenter 
elected as fifteenth Chancellor 

The Board of Trustees elected 
the Rt. Rev. Charles C. J. Carpen- 
ter, Bishop of the Diocese of Ala- 
bama, as the 15th Chancellor of the 
University of the South. 

Bishop Carpenter had been serv- 
ing as Acting Chancellor following 
the death of Bishop Thomas Car- 
ruthers, who died in June, i960. 
He was elected to a full six-year 

The new Chancellor is the senior 
active member of the American 
House of Bishops. He attended 
Lawrenceville School in New Jersey 

and Princeton University and Vir- 
ginia Theological Seminary. He has 
received honorary doctoral degrees 
from the University of Alabama, 
Princeton, V.T.S., and from Se- 

In his role as Chancellor, Bishop 
Carpenter will preside over the 
meetings of the Board of Trustees 
and serve as a member of the Board 
of Regents. 

Other bishops nominated for the 
position were Bishop Girault Jones 
of Louisiana and Bishop John 
Hines of Texas. 

The V-C's Column 

thirty people. Much more seemed 
available for the asking. The pros- 
pect of abundant support for a 
large-scale project seemed bright 
and secure, so no piddling plans 
were made. A comprehensive uni- 
versity was proposed with a dis- 
tinctly Christian environment, and 
with special emphasis on graduate 
work, a field hitherto almost unde- 
veloped in the South, and still to 
this day neglected. 

One of the principal speakers, 
President Barnard (at that time 
President of the University of Mis- 
sissippi, and later President of Co- 
lumbia), dwelt at length upon this 
subject. In his own words, "The 
design of the projectors of the uni- 
versity was to erect here a school of 
learning, to which not merely youth, 
but men, may resort, and in which 
not merely the rudiments of knowl- 
edge shall be taught, but every 
branch ctf letters and science might 
be pursued throughout all its rami- 
fications, and aids may be furnished 
for the independent research and 
original investigation by which the 
boundaries of the field of knowledge 
may be carried forward into the re- 
gion of the still unknown. This 
being," he says, "as I understand it, 
the design of this proposed univer- 
sity — a design from which I trust its 
projectors and patrons will not 
swerve or shrink back a single hair's 
breadth — as an educator, I look up- 
on it with feelings of intensest in- 
terest, for the influence which it is 
destined inevitably to exert upon 
our whole educational system." 

Bishop Elliott also emphasized the 
unusual nature of the plan when he 
said, "The very highest scholarship 
is never sought for save by a lim- 
ited number of persons. A 
amount of scholarship is all that the 
vast majority cares for. This high- 
est scholarship which is necessary as 
a standard — which is necessary for 
the reputation of a country — which 

The Sewanee News 

is essential to the dignity and pres- 
tige of the South, it is our desire to 

So the plan was distinctive and 
inspiring in several ways. It con- 
templated: First) Education in a 
distinctly Christian environment; 
Second) Special emphasis upon re- 
search and creative activity on a 
scale not previously envisioned in 
America; Third) The intention of 
catering to the highest quality of 
student only, and in numbers which 
would make possible personal inti- 
macy; and Fourth) The selection of 
a site of inspiring natural beauty 
and unusual comfort. 

When we now look back at that 
first sketch of our design, we see 
that the first and fourth element in 
it are securely achieved, the third is 
setter realized now than at any time 
in our first hundred years, and the 
second is yet to come. That is to 
say, our natural environment of ex- 
traordinary beauty is presumably 
ours forever; our Christian char- 
acter is at least as securely anchored 
as complete ownership by the 
Church can make it; our selectivity 
is at the highest point it has ever 
reached; and only our special em- 
phasis upon graduate work remains 
to be accomplished. In order u 
move forward in our own tradition, 
we must not let any unit get big 
enough to eliminate the possibility 
of intimate personal attention, and 
we must increase our graduate offer- 
ings whenever we can do so with as 
high standards of excellence as we 
have maintained in undergraduate 

The immediate occasion of the 
appointment of the Trustees' Com- 
mittee on Expansion was the re- 
newal of the suggestion that the 
University of the South should in- 
clude a college for women. In or- 
der to put the picture into some 
kind of perspective, let us assume 
that such a college would have an 
enrollment of 300. Obviously we 
would have to build new dormitory 
^pace for these girls, and the cost 
of new, stone, fireproof buildings as 

fine as those we provide in the 
present college, would be about 
$1,500,000. In order to maintain 
the ome-to-ten faculty-student ratio, 
which is characteristic of the indi- 
vidual colleges at Oxford and Cam- 
bridge, and is required if we are to 
have the personal attention needed 
for the highest quality of work, for 
these 300 women we shall need 
thirty professors. If the tuition fees 
are to be no higher than those we 
charge in the College for men, then 
only about half of the faculty sal- 
aries will be provided by the fees, 
and we shall require the interest on 
approximately four million dollars 
10 pay the rest. Though our pres- 
ent gymnasium might be large 
enough to accommodate an addi- 
tional college for men, it could not 
be used by both men and women, 
and so we should need a new gym- 
nasium at the cost of say $800,000. 
A new classroom building and a new 
dining hall together would cosL 
about $900,000. At least $300 000 
endowment for maintenance would 
be necessary, and this is really too 
small a figure, but it will enable us 

to round off the whole sum of new 
capital required at $7,500,000. 

If instead of providing for wo- 
men, we should decide to do some- 
thing for some of the men whom we 
turn away in such large numbers 
each year, the project would be less 
costly, principally because our gym- 
nasium could take care of at least 
one more college, but even then the 
total amount of capital required 
would be at least $6,300,000. 

Either of these projects would be 
in line with the founders' intention 
of providing intimate personal at- 
tention by utilizing the British or- 
ganization of the University as a 
collection of small and reasonably 
self-contained residential colleges, 
each with a high faculty-student ra- 
tio; but neither would extend the 
academic scope in the direction of 
graduate or professional offerings. 
In the next issue I plan to discuss 
the various possibilities in that di- 

Cordially yours, 

Harrison P. Bresee, Jr. '56, selected 
as one of first Peace Corpsmen 

Harrison Pendleton Bresee, Jr., 
'56, SN, was one of the first 27 

Peace Corpsmen selected by Peace 
Corps headquarters in Washington 

Bresee, now 30 years old, ma- 
jored in forestry while at Sewanee. 
After graduation he served a tour 
of duty in the U. S. Army, and then 
spent four years touring Africa 
Asia and Europe, mostly on foot. 
According to Time Magazine (June 
2}, 1961), Bresee "used a beard, a 
b't of French and a cast-iron stom- 
ach to impress African tribesmen, 
figures he already knows the secret 
of getting along in Tanganyika 
(which he visited) : 'They accept 
you if you sit down and eat with 

(continued on the next page) 

August 1961 




Faculty sabbatical leaves arc 
now a part of Sewanee's educational 
setup — based on seniority and 
length of employment, faculty mem- 
bers will be given the option of a 
semester off at full pay or two se- 
mesters at half pay every seven 
years; this time off to be used for 
research, or for further schooling. 

New Faculty Members 

New faculty members to begin 
teaching this fall are Dr. Wil- 
liam T. Allen, who will be assis- 
tant professor of physics; Stanford 
Barrett, who comes to Sewanee 
from Notre Dame to teach fine 
arts; Ira B. Read will replace 
David Underdown as history in- 
structor; H. Allen Whartenby 
Jr., will be an instructor of French. 

Dr. Robert L. Keele, Jr., '56, 
will teach political science and his- 
tory; Capt. William F. Campbell, 
USAF, will take over the duties of 
the assistant professor of Air Sci- 
ence; Lucas Myers, '53, will teach 
English during the year that Dr. 
Monroe K. Spears is on leave. Lt. 
Col. Leslie McLaurin. Jr., USAF 
(ret.), '39, will join SMA's faculty 
as instructor in mathematics and 
science. He was formerly assigned 
to Sewanee's AFROTC unit when it 
was first activated. Clinton L. 

Corpsman Bresee 

(continued from page seven) 
Bresee is currently receiving 
training at Texas Western College 
at El Paso. He has been quoted as 
saying that the corps isn't a two 
year investment for him, but a life- 
time proposition. 

Ervin will also join the SMA fac- 
ulty as an instructor in math and 
science. Staff Sergeant Dallas J. 
Pilcher, USAF, will join the 
AFROTC staff. 

Acting Chaplain James W. 
Brettmann, '33, will become head 
of the Department of Religion, and 
will also assist Chaplain David B. 
Collins, '43, who has just returned 
from a year's graduate study at St. 
Augustine's College, Canterbury, 

The Rev. John M. Gessell will 
join the faculty of the School of 
Theology as assistant professor of 
Christian education and homiletics. 
The Rev. William Ralston, 'qi, 
will be assistant professor of phi- 
losophy of religion, ethics, and 
moral theology beginning in Sep- 
tember, 1962. He is now an Ameri- 
can fellow at St. Augustine's Col- 
lege, Canterbury. 

Active Summer 

Sewanee has traditionally 
been regarded as a quiet place dur- 
ing the summer months. Not so this 
year, though, with the many con- 
ferences and several summer schools 
in session. The Sewanee Summer 
Music Center completed its fifth 
consecutive season July 23. Sum- 
mer schools in session are the un- 
dergraduate school in the College of 
Arts and Sciences, the Graduate 
School of Theology, and the Se- 
wanee Summer Institute of Science 
and Mathematics. 

Deer for the Domain 

Five bucks and six does, all 

healthy young Texas whitetail 

deer, have been turned loose on 

the Domain. Charles Cheston, 

New Editor for 

Sewanee Review 

Andrew N. Lytle, novelist and historian, 
will become editor of the Sewanee Re- 
view in September. He will serve as 
editor during the year that Monroe K. 
Spears is on leave. Lytle will also 
lecture in English. He is a graduate 
of Vanderbilt, has studied at Ya*e, and 
has been a member of the faculty of 
Southwestern at Memphis. He served 
as the Review's managing editor dur- 
ing World War II. He was an SMA 
cadet here from 1916 to 1920, graduat- 
ing as valedictorian. 

professor of forestry, hopes the 
domain eventually will be well- 
stocked with deer. 

General Convention 
Seminary Dinner 

The St. Luke's Seminary Din- 
ner will be held during the General 
Convention in the English Room of 
the Sheraton-Cadillac Hotel, De- 
troit, on Wednesday, September 
27, at 7:00 p.m. The Rev. John 
M. Allin, rector of All Saints' 
Junior College and newly elected 
president of St. Luke's Alumni As- 
sociation, will preside. All St. 
Luke's alumni, wives, members of 
the Board of Trustees, and other 
friends of Sewanee are invited to 
the dinner. Reservations may be 
made by notifying the Development 
Office at Sewanee prior to Septem- 
ber 15. 

(continued on page thirteen) 

The Sewanee News 

Judge Bayard Shields 

Ignorance is the curse 0/ Cjod; 
knowledge, the wings where- 
with we fiy to Heaven. 

By Arthur Ben Chitty 

Many of the years of Judge 
Bayard Benoist Shields 
seem barely to have no- 
ticed as he passed by. When the 
Sage of the St. John's retired the 
last of i960, he ended fifty-five 
years of legal practice in Jackson- 
ville, Florida, the last twenty-five 
of them as magistrate of the fourth 
judicial circuit, highest court of 
original jurisdiction in the state. 

Since his successful race against 
three opponents in 1934 (he was 
unopposed after that), he has con- 
ducted hearings on many different 
types of cases ranging in scope from 
murder to adoption. The perspec- 
tive characteristic of his decisions 
has come from a lifelong pursuit of 
history, biography, philosophy, and 
scripture. "Ignorance," he likes to 
say, "is the curse of God; knowl- 
edge, the wings wherewith we fly to 
Heaven." His encyclopedic memory 
has made Suite 303 of the new 
$8,000,000 Duval County court- 
house a point of reference for fellow 
lawyers completing a brief and for 
reporters tidying up a story. 


•ayard Shields was born in 
Aberdeen, Mississippi, February 

19, 1879, son of the Rev. Van 
Winder Shields, longtime trustee of 
the University of the South. He 
was given the name of a great 
grandfather, the second territorial 
judge of Mississippi. In 1889 he 
moved to Florida when his father 
was called to St. John's Church. 
At the age of 15 he entered Se- 
wanee with a $100 scholarship from 
Bishop Edwin G. Weed. The fol- 
lowing year he received $400 as one 
of the first beneficiaries of the then- 
new James Hill scholarship fund, 
established from the first large be- 
quest ($40,000) ever received by 
the University. 

For six years after graduation 
('98, KA) from Sewanee, he 
"worked for a living" before decid- 
ing to study law at Washington and 
Lee. He graduated there in 1906 
passing bar exams for both Virginia 
and Florida. From 1906 until he 
ran his only political race in 1934 
he practiced civil law and immer- 
sed himself in his favorite hobb'es 
but always with the historian's love 
for detail. 

"Get married and have a big 
■ amily," he told a secretary, but he 
didn't follow his own advice. This 

/over of children this keen admirer 
uf womankind — especially the 
young and lovely — has devoted his 
life to domestic problems not his 
own. He never dismisses an adop- 
tion case, or any suit involving 
children, that he doesn't call the 
youngster to his bench or his knee 
for a few companionable words 
and, if appropriate, a piece of 
candy. His fatherly advice to par- 
ents rings with the authenticity ot 
an Old Testament patriarch ol 
many tents — with a wife and family 
in each. 

But catch him after the court 
has recessed, or better, when a case 
is favorably concluded, and start 
him. "What was Jacksonville l'ke 
when you came?" Instantly his eyes 
flash, he smiles, turns in his swivel 
chair, looks reflectively over the Big 
Bend of the St. John's River — looks 
back to make sure you really want 
to hear — and begins. 


1901, was actually the third I 
had seen in the downtown area," 
he will say. And then the Judge 
will make live for his listener the 
(continued on page nineteen) 

August 1961 

Milton Trichel '30J 


children to help til 

Left: David Trichel 
awaits the pitch as his 
father plays catcher for 

By Ed 

ASewanee alumnus who has 
expanded the frontiers of 
human potential on the 
home front is Milton C. Trichel, '30, 
Shreveport, Louisiana, lawyer. He- 
has been a moving factor in the 
cause of helping retarded children 
and young adults to help them- 
selves, and was a principal founder 
of three pioneer schools for these 
once forgotten members of society. 

As recently as a decade ago the 
only recourse for most parents of 
children who, for any of numerous 
causes, had an intelligence quotient 
below the "normal" (always an ar- 
bitrary definition) was to place 
them in institutions where they were 
kept alive and little more; to keep 
them at home in an aura of con- 
cealment; or to allow an over-cared- 
for member of the family to dis- 
rupt the life of the group. 

Milton Trichel and his wife, 
Frances, refused to accept any of 
these procedures. When into their 
family of three healthy, bright, 
youngsters was born a Mongoloid 
baby, and their physician advised 
them to place him at once in an in- 
stitution, they searched deeply for 

some new answers. In a letter to 
the physician which Trichel made 
public in the interest of the cause 
he now wholeheartedly espouses, he 
said, "When, on the eve of taking 
Frances and the baby home, I 
learned from you that the baby was 
defective I followed your advice and 
checked with the institution you 
named before talking to Frances. I 
found that I could enter the babv 
at a cost of between $150 and #300 
per month, which would, of itself, 
rather seriously affect the other 
children. I also learned from Dr. 
Edward Grant, Director of Insti- 
tutions of the State of Louisiana. 
that while Shreveport doctors gen- 
erally thought that such babies 
should be taken immediately out of 
the home or better still directly 
from the hospitals to institutions, 
the consensus elsewhere in the state 
was that the mother as well as the 
child fared better if the child re- 
mained with the mother until a rea- 
sonable mother could see that she 
was unable to cope with the situa- 
tion or was being unfair to the other 
children. I feel that there is merit 
in both views. . . . 

David b 

"Thus we are faced with a situa- 
tion in which we must make 
the best of the facts as they exist. 
We will appreciate everything you 
can do to help us. If any medical 
treatment can be of any help or 
hope we will appreciate your ad- 
vice or reference. I am not one of 
those who believe that these things 
happen because of God's will; but 
I am one of those who believe that 
with God's help we can make the 
best of a bad situation. We will 


The Sewanee News 

ilps retarded 


reading, writing and arithmetic — 
c'.nd be prepared for gainful employ- 
ment. Four more of the 30 could 
be trained for self-help and often 
for useful and rewarding work. Onlv 
one of the 30 was helpless, requir- 
ing lifetime care. This is a far civ 
from the old days when all thirty, 
with rare exceptions, could look for- 
ward only to staring at the wall in 
a custodial institution where the} 
were more likely than not to be i'l 
fed and ill clothed while even their 
families tried to forget that they ex- 

is swing 


n a letter to us a little over a year 
ago, which he has allowed us lo 
quote, Milton Trichel said, "You 
probably remember that our fourth 
child is Mongoloid. This fact cata- 
pulted me, with at least passive re- 
sistance upon my part, into retarded 
children's work. I may or may not 
have told you when my wife and 1 
were last at Sewanee that one rea ■ 
son for the trip was to try to get 
b Federal grant for a vocational 
training program for adult retarded. 
The erant was then pending, but 

had gotten bogged down as such 
things do. The trip was successful, 
upon that score and others, and our 
program is now in its third year of 
operation. It is one of seventeen 
throughout the country. We have 
been quite success! ul and have suc- 
ceeded in placing a little better than 
one-third of our pupils in appar- 
ently permanent employment. Mar- 
bridge Ranch at Austin, Texas has 
approximately the same average. 

"During the past two years I have 
served as President of the Caddo- 
Bossier Association for Retarded 
Children, which operates this voca- 
tional training program and two ele- 
mentary schools. During this time 
1 have also been a Board Membo; 
and Officer (President 1958-1959, 
Secretary-Treasurer 1959-1960) of 
the Presbyterian Foundation of 
Louisiana, Inc., and a Board Mem- 
ber of the Louisiana Association for: 
Retarded Children. From these 
vantage points it has been my privi- 
lege to coordinate the efforts of 
many different groups in planning 
and establishing the Evergreen Pres- 
byterian Vocational School at Min- 
(continued on page nineteen) 

Right: A HIT! 

seek His help, and we will seek your 
help too." 

As an effect of his search Milton 
Trichel found himself one of a new 
and growing corps of devoted people 
who felt with all their strength that 
"the retarded child can be helped." 
Events were bearing them out. A 
number of school systems in large 
cities had established elementary 
schools for these children, and it was 
found that 25 of every 30 of them 
could be trained in the basic skills — 

August 1961 


Sewanee loses three beloved citizens: Dr. 
Myers, Mrs. Torian, and Mrs. Kirby-Smith 

Howard Coulson 

Dr. George B. Myers 

Dr. George B. Myers, T'07, 
DTD, emeritus professor of philoso- 
phy and religion, ethics, sociology 
and practical theology, died Mon- 
day, June 26, in Sewanee following 
an extended illness. He was 79. 

A requiem mass was held at All 
Saints' Chapel, and burial tools- 
place in the University cemetery. 

Dr. Myers was born in Holly 
Springs, Mississippi, October 13, 
1881. He attended St. Thomas' 
Hall, a preparatory school in Holly 
Springs, and graduated from the 
University of Mississippi in 1905 
with a law degree. He received a 
bachelor of divinity degree from Se- 
wanee, and was awarded a doctor 
of divinity degree in 1953. He also 
had a D.D. degree from the Phila- 
delphia Divinity School. 

Dr. Myers served churches in 
Greenwood, Mississippi, Little 
Rock, Arkansas, and Havana, Cuba 
before coming to Sewanee in 1922 
to teach. Although he retired in 
1950, he continued to offer elective 
courses for several years thereafter. 

He served as acting chaplain for the 
University in 1945-46, and in 19.50- 
5 1 he was acting rector of St. 
A'lary's-in-the-Highlands, Birming- 
ham, and in 195 1 he served as the 
locum tenens rector of Seale Parish 
Church, Surrey, England. 

In 1938 he served as acting dean 
of the school of theology. When 
he was made professor emeritus in 
?95i, the vice-chancellor said the 
action was taken "as a token of our 
devotion and our obligation to him 
and his family whoi have ever set 
for us the noblest example of Chris- 
tian living, and in recognition of the 
incalculable contribution to the spir- 
itual, the intellectual, and the social 
life of Sewanee," which he had 

In 191 1, Dr. Myers married Ver- 
na Payne Henderson of Runnymede 
Plantation, Laflore County, Missis- 
sippi. She died in 1919, leaving two 
children, Mrs. Olin G. Beall, wife 
of the rector of the Church of the 
Redeemer, Biloxi, Mississippi, and 
Alexander H. Myers, Sewanee. 

In 1920 he married Margaret Jet 
ferys Hobart of New York City. 
Both Dr. and Mrs. Myers are re- 
membered by countless Sewaneeans 
and former Sewanee students for 
their active interest in, and spon- 
sorship of the English-Speaking 
Union and the Red Ribbon Society. 

Dr. and Mrs. Myers' surviving 
children include Mrs. Peter Thorn- 
ton, Seale, Surrey, England; Mrs. 
Calhoun Winton, Wilmington, Dela- 
ware; the Rev. Henry Lee Hobart 
Myers, Greenwich, Connecticut; E. 
Lucas Myers, Sewanee; and Hobart 
Jefferys Myers, San Francisco. 

Another son, Lt. George Clifton 
Myers, II, was killed in action in 
Germany during the Second World 

War. The Jackson-Myers Airfield 
at Sewanee and an altar in Sewa- 
nee's memorial chapel are memorials 
to him. 

A memorial fund in Dr. Myers' 
memory has been established. The 
income from the endowment will be 
used to buy books for St. Luke's 
library. Gifts to the fund should 
be sent to the Development Office, 
marked "George B. Myers St. 
Luke's Memorial Fund." 

Howard Coulson 

Mrs. Oscar N. Torian 

Mrs. Oscar Noel Torian, wife of 
Dr. Oscar N. Torian, died at Sewa- 
nee July 13 after a month's illness. 
She was 81. 

She was the daughter of the Rev. 
Telfair Hodgson, third Vice-Chan- 
cellor, and Frances Glen Potter 
Hodgson, donor of St. Luke's 

"Miss Sarah," as she was affec- 
tionately known, made her debut at 
Sewanee in 1898 and married Oscar 
Torian, M.D., in 1907. She and Dr. 
Torian lived in Indianapolis until 
1 94 1, when they returned to Sewa- 


The Sewanee News 

In 1943 Mrs. Torian was elected 
Archivist of the University of the 
South. She compiled historical col- 
lections dealing with Sewanee. the 
Southern Episcopal Church, and the 
South, which were highly regarded 
by scholars all over the South. She 
was co-editor of Sewanee in 1932, 
and edited her parents' diaries for 

She is known to generations of 
Phi Delta Thetas, as she served her 
husband's fraternity loyally for 
many years. Her brothers John, '87, 
and Telfair, '98, and her sons, Tel- 
fair, '30, and John Potter, '33, were 
all Phis. 

Mrs. Torian is survived by her 
husband, Dr. Torian; one daughter. 
Mrs. Hubert Bond Owens, Athens, 
Georgia; and two grandchildren, 
Sarah Hodgson Owens and Hubert 
Bqnd Owens, Jr. 

Howard Coulscm 

Mrs. Reynold M. Kirby-Smith 

Mrs. Maude Bethune Tompkins 
Kirby-Smith, resident of Sewanee 
since 1906, died Monday, July 31, 
at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville 
after a brief illness. She was the 
wife of Dr. Reynold Marvin Kirby- 
Smith, last surviving son of four- 
star Confederate General Edmund 
Kirby-Smith. Dr. Kirby-Smith was 
health officer of the University of 
the South for forty years and chief 
of staff of Emerald-Hodgson Hos- 
pital here. 

Funeral services were held Au- 

gust 2, at All Saints' Chapel. Burial 
was in the University cemetery at 

At Sewanee Mrs. Kirby-Smith 
was past president of St. Augus- 
tine's Guild, the Fortnightly Club, 
and the Sewanee Civic League. She 
was official mother of the Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon fraternity chapter 
here. She was a brilliant woman 
with wide cultural interests. Her 
Tuesday at-homes were greatly en- 
joyed by the Mountain. 

She is survived by her husband, 
by four sons, two daughters and fif- 
teen grandchildren. Her sons are 
Reynold M. Kirby-Smith, Jr., of 
Cocoa, Florida, Dr. Henry T. 
Kirby-Smith, chief of staff of 
Emerald-Hodgson Hospital at Se- 
wanee, Dr. John S. Kirby-Sm'th. 
Oak Ridge, Tenn., physicist, and 
Col. Edmund Kirby-Smith, U. S. 
Army, of Alexandria, Va. Her 
daughters are Dr. Elizabe.h VV. 
Kirby-Smith and Mrs. Harry E. 
Clark, both of Sewanee. She is also 
survived by two sisters, Mrs. Blan- 
ton Fortson of Athens, Ga., and 
Mrs. Bessie Fortson of Atlanta, and 
by two brothers, Henry B. Tomp- 
kins of Atlanta and Laurence 
Tompkins of New York. Her hus- 
band, two brothers, four sons, and 
three of her grandchildren are Se- 
wanee men. 

Sewanee News Notes 

(continued from page eight) 
The building boom of private 
homes at Sewanee continues, with 
many new homes under construc- 

Athletics at Sewanee 

In recapping Athletics at Se- 
wanee for the 1960-1961 season, 
the overall record varsity record 
was 53 wins, 37 losses, and 1 tie. 
The most outstanding record was 
posted by the tennis team under 
the direction of Dr. Gaston S. Bru- 
ton. They won 12 matches and 
lost 3, defeating both Tennessee 

and Vanderbilt in dual matches. 
They also won the T.I.A.C. tourna- 
ment held at Sewanee. The varsity 
record follows: 

Won Lost Tied 
Football 431 

Basketball 12 7 

Wrestling 3 3 

Swimming 6 5 

Track 1 4 

Golf 7 5 

Tennis 12 3 

Baseball 8 7 

Varsity Participation Trophy 
The Varsity Participation Tro- 
phy for the year was won by the 
Independents. The Intramural 
Trophy was won by Phi Delta 
Theta with 145 points. Phi 
Gamma Delta was a close second 
with 1 37/4 points. 

Commencement '61 

(continued from page five) 
ceeded G. Allen Kimball as church 
support chairman. 

In other action, the Trustees in- 
structed "the Vice Chancellor and 
the authorities charged with admis- 
sion of students to give all apphca- 
tions for admission sincere and 
thorough consideration without re- 
gard to race." 

The action simply eliminated 
from a resolution adopted in 1953 
language which restricted to the 
school of theology the admission of 
qualified Negroes. 

In announcing the action, the 
Vice-Chancellor pointed out that 
there had never been a specific bar 
to the admission of Negroes and 
that no qualified Negro applicant 
to any department had ever been 
turned down. 

The bishops voted 8 to 1 in favor 
of the motion. The clerical and lay 
trustees voted 33 to 23 in favor of 
the motion. 

The Sewanee Club of Atlanta 
won the E. Ragland Dobbins tro- 
phy for the best Sewanee Club of 
i960. Club officers were presented 
the trophy at the dinner dance. 

August 1961 

Ewing Mitchell, '53, PDT, 
who portrays the Sheriff on 
the "Sky King" adventure 
series on CBS-TV each Saturday 
in which he co-stars with Kirby 
Grant and Gloria Winters, is no 
drugstore cowboy. 

Mitchell, six-two without his high- 
heeled boots, was raised in Arizona 
and is well acquainted with horses. 

The 47-year-old actor was born 
in Charleston, South Carolina, 
where his father, the Rev. Walter 
Mitchell, '02, was head of Porter 
Military Academy. When Ewing 
was still a child, the elder Mitchell 
was appointed Episcopal Bishop of 
Arizona, and the family moved 

The Mitchells lived in Phoenix in 
the winter and Prescott in the sum- 
mer. When he reached college age, 
Ewing returned to the South for his 
junior year at Hampden-Sydnev 
College in Virginia, transferring to 
Sewanee where he was a member of 
Phi Delta Theta fraternity. 

During summer vacations and af- 
ter graduating from Sewanee in 
1 93 3, young Mitchell worked on 
Arizona ranches as a cowpuncher 
and bronco-buster. 

Ewing Mitchell, alias 
Sheriff on 'Sky King', 
is successful stage, film 
and television actor 

However, his interest in music, 
plus his rich bass-baritone voice, 
soon steered him frbm the open 
range to the stage. He left Arizona 
in 1938 and went to Hollywood to 
study singing, finally joining the 
original cast of the Coast-originated 
"Song of Norway," smash-hit oper- 
etta based on the life of Edvard 
Grieg. When the show opened on 
Broadway, Mitchell remained with 
it through its entire 106-week run. 

^( ubsequently, he starred at the 
v3 Memphis, Tennessee, Open Air 
Theatre in many musical produc- 
tions, and then entered opera as the 
leading bass-baritone of the South- 
ern California Opera Company. He 
also appeared with the Los Angeles 
and San Francisco Civic Light 
Opera Companies, and his vocal 
work later included tours of the west 
and southwest as concert and ora- 
torio soloist, and appearances with 
leading symphony orchestras and on 
all major radio and television net- 

Mitchell's establishment of him- 
self as a singer-actor inevitably led 
to straight acting parts. Among 
these were the male lead oppo- 

site Elissa Landi in Somerset 
Maugham's play, "Theatre," leads 
in "Stage Door," "Out of the Fry- 
ing Pan," Noel Coward's "The 
Astonished Heart" and many other 

The actor returned to Hollywood 
in 1950, entering motion pictures 
and dramatic television at approxi- 
mately the same time. He has ap- 
peared in some 20 films, including 
"The Last Outpost," "Francis Goes 
to the Races," "Man Without a 
Star," "Springfield Rifle," "The 
Court Martial of Billy Mitchell" 
(no relation!) and "Gunman's 

Mitchell's television work em- 
braces virtually every major show 
and series on the air, both straight 
dramatic anthology and western. He 
is equally at home in "live" or 
filmed TV. 

He :s particularly happy with 
the "Sky King" series by dual 
reason of the congeniality of his 
lellow-artists and the fact that the 
show rates as high in parental favor, 
as wholesome fare for youthful 
America, as it does with adults on 
interest-value alone. 

(continued on page eighteen) 


The Sewanee News 

Quarterlies endeavor to 
keep ideal of cultural 
unity alive, says editor 
of Sewanee Review 

By Edith Whitesell 

John Sutherland, manager of the Sewanee Press, 
sets type for the Sewanee Review while editor 
Monroe K. Spears looks on. 

VI onroe Kirk Spears, editor of the Sewanee 
"^ Reviezv, oldest of the literary quarterlies in 
America (founded 1892), was questioned on his con- 
cept of the function of these periodicals, which have 
been currently under attack in unexpected quarters. 

Dr. Spears, who is also a professor of English at 
Sewanee, believes that the quarterlies are far from per- 
fect but that they are produced by the peculiar cultural 
situation of our time. The sharp distinction in this 
country between the "highbrows" and the "middle- 
brows" has lost for the quarterlies the intelligent gen- 
eral reader but, according to Spears, not only do the- 
few dedicatedly "highbrow" magazines hope to regain 
the intelligent general reader but they have to act as if 
they had him. "While other periodicals reflect the frag- 
mentation of our culture into specialized groups, the 
quarterlies at least make an effort to keep the ideal of 
cultural unity alive and to reach any surviving, or po- 
tential, general readers." 

Fire on the quarterlies has been contradictory. On 
the one hand they have been accused of shaping 
our age into one of criticism rather than creativeness; 
at the other extreme they are said to exist in insulated 
self-containment where nobody pays them any mind. 
Spears does not deny the influence of the magazines 
among which the Sewanee Review is pre-eminent; al- 
though the circulation figures are small, half the dis- 

tribution is to libraries and half to writers, critics, 
and would-be writers. But he does deny that they 
have upped criticism at the expense of creation. 

"As I pointed out in a recent article in the Texas 
Quarterly" Spears said, "The notion that the literary 
quarterlies seldom publish new writers and generally 
undervalue the 'creative' seems to have become a part 
of our literary mythology. As to new writers, the facts 
are easy to ascertain, and a glance over the files will 
show that the quarterlies do publish them regularly. 
As to the amount of space devoted to poetry and fic- 
tion, this is not governed by any assumption of rela- 
tive values — as if to say that criticism is three times as 
valuable as 'creative' writing — 'but is what seems to 
be sufficient to include most of the poems and stories 
of real interest and distinction that are available. The 
amount of poetry and fiction capable of meeting the 
highest standaids that is produced each quarter is not, 
after all, very large." 

Of recent upper-level criticism of the quarterlies by 
Randall Jarrell in Poetry and the Age and Malcolm 
Cowley in The Literary Situation Spears says, "Both 
Messrs. Jarrell and Cowley give the quarterlies full 
credit for their achievements, and both of them are 
careful to qualify their criticisms so that they are, if 
read carefully, informed and not unfriendly strictures. 
But both pieces have been seized upon gleefully, by 
those who have always suspected the quarterlies, as 
{continued on page eighteen) 

August 1961 


From The Sewanee Classes 



Born to the Rev. F. Newton Howden. 
his fifth child and third son, David Stu- 
art, on February 9. 


Born to the Rev. Anthony G. Dtffen- 
baugh, SAE, a son, Jonathan Guy, on 
April 30, 1960. 


Born to the Rev. John M. Allin, KS, 
his fourth child and third daughter, 
Frances Elizabeth, on October 4, 1960. 


Born to the Very Rev. William E. 
Sanders, his third daughter, Laura 
Cowan, on February 21. 


Born to the Rev. W. P. Rowland, a son 
Arthur Michael, on August 27, 1960. Bill 
is presently the assistant rector in St. 
Andrew's Church in Kansas City. 


Born to John Newton Wall, Jr., PDT, 
his third child, Frances Wadlington, on 
June 26. 


Born to the Rev. George R. Peters, a 
daughter, Susan Strother, on December 
14, 1960. 


Born to Robert Joseph Lipscomb, KA; 
a son, Robert Carter, on April 4, in 
Meridian, Mississippi. 

Born to John Harrison Wright, Jr., 
BTP, a daughter, Catherine Isabel, on 
April 3. 


Born to Robert Lawrence Ewing, s 
daughter, Laurie Ann, on March 5, in 

Born to James C. Hoppe, KA, a daugh- 

ter, Lynda Anne on February 27, in 
Tampa, Florida. 

Born to James Payton Lamb, ATO, a 
daughter, Susan Patricia, on April 3. 


Born to the Rev. John Banks, ATO, 
rec'or of St. James' Church, Lake City, 
Florida, a daughter, Emily Ann, on Jan- 
uary 30. 

Born to Chaplain George H. Quar- 
terman, Jr., PGD, a daughter, Emily 
Ann, on June 29. 


Born to Charles A. Harris, Jr., KA, 
of Columbus, Georgia, a daughter, Les- 
lie Ann, on December 11, 1960. 


William Gadsden Vardell, Jr., ATO, 
married Sara Eunice Clark on April 15. 
He is employed with the research de- 
partment of the West Virginia Pulp and 
Paper Company. 


Francis Gettys Watkins, ATO, mar- 
ried Ann Patton on July 1. They are 
living in Athens, Tennessee. 


Joe Hart Davis was married last win- 
ter to Delois Jean Estes of Murfrees- 
boro. The couple is residing in Hunts- 
ville, Alabama, where he works for the 
Thiokol Chemical Corporation, Redstone- 


Blount Hamilton Grant, Jr., PDT. 
married Roberta Jean Sjoblom on June 
10, in Cartersville, Georgia. 

Herbert Tolman Morford, BTP, mar- 
ried Mary Faith Bailey June 24 in 


Joseph Phelps McAllister, BTP, mar- 
ried Rachel Lawrence Merritt July 1, 
in Nashville. 

Merritt Wikle, Jr., SN, married Per - 
melia Ann McElwee on December 17, 
1960, in Sylacauga, Alabama. He is in 

the Missile Research Program of Thio- 
kol Chemical Corporation at Huntsville. 

Dr. J. James W. Yoder married 
Katharine Q. Leach on June 22, in Pat- 
erson, New Jersey. They are living ir 
Cleveland, Ohio, where he is an intern 
at St. Luke's Hospital. 


Robert Louis Howland, Jr., KA, mar- 
ried Rachel Louis Downey on Decem- 
ber 20, 1960. 

Richard B. Hughes, ATO, married 
Be + h Farris on June 17, in Montgomery, 
Paris Eugene Smith, '57, PGD, was a 
groomsman in the wedding. 


Henry Bond, III, DTD, married Laura 
Massee Walker on June 21, in Pensa- 
cola, Florida. They are residing at 6104 
Pershing, St. Louis 12, Missouri. 

Sessions Ault Hootsell, Jr., KA, 
married Linda Gail Allen on June 1, in 
Gulfport, Mississippi. 

Bernard Arthur Scofield, SAE, mar- 
ried Jan Louise Brinkerhoff on Febru- 
ary 11, in Houston, Texas. They are 
living in Houston where he is on the 
news staff of the Houston Press. 


Zachary Anderson Coles, Jr., SAE, 
married Lyneen Louise McCurdy on 
June 17, in Akron, Ohio. They will re- 
side in Nashville where Andy is a stu- 
dent in the Vanderbilt School of Medi- 

Lowell Timothy Johnston, KA, mar- 
ried Alice Gail MacDonald on March 8. 


Bruce Stone Keenan, ATO, married 
Mary Gray Haden of Hendersonville, 
North Carolina, on June 14. She is the 
sister of Robert L. Haden, Jr., ATO, 
'60 and William Whitner Haden, ATO, 
'62. Bruce is a student at the Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania Medical School. 

Jan Alan Nelson married Carol Clif- 
ford Burke on June 15, in Pensacola, 


Michael Chandler, KS, married 
Judith McKim on June 3, in Dallas. 
They are living in Dallas at 3212 
Daniels, where he is employed with 
Gulf Insurance Company. 


The Sewanee News 

William Edward Prewitt, III, KA, 
married Na+alie Elizabeth Dickerson on 
May 17 in Anniston, Alabama. They 
are living at 559 Dan Lane, N.E., At- 
lanta, Georgia, where he is a student at 
the Emory University School of Law. 

The Rev. Edward Albert Rouffz 
married Virginia Leigh Porcher on June 
1, in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. 
He is assistant rector of Christ Episco- 
pal Church in Macon, Georgia. 

Danford L. Sawyer, Jr., DTD, mar- 

ried Ruthanne Englund on April 30, in 
Sarasota, Florida. They are living in 
Coral Gables. 


Julian Ruffin Beckwith, KA, mar- 
ried Latta Joyce Ballard on November 
3, 1960. He will be a senior at Sewanee 
this year. 

Thomas Hastings Greer, Jr., BTP, 
married Joycelyn Anne Davis on June 

11, in Starkville, Mississippi. He will be 
a senior in the college this fall. 

Miss Katherine Elizabeth Clark, 
daughter of the late Gordon M. Clark, 
'27, SAE, former director of athletics 
at Sewanee, and Mrs. Clark, married 
Robert Edward Stroud on April 8, in 

Miss Shirley Ann Majors, daughter ot 
Shirley Inman Majors, Sewanee's head 
football coach, married Thomas Phillip 
Husband, Jr. in All Saints' Chapel on 
June 10. 

In jWemonam 

Robert L. Buckner. '25, playwright 
and actor, died on January 24, in Wash- 
ington, D. C, after an extended illness. 

Dr. Newton Hunter Culbertson, '09, 
KS, died June 14, in Chapel Hill, Ten- 
nessee, following an extended illness. 
He is survived by his wife and son. 

Houston Drennen, '22, ATO, died on 
March 21, at his home in Birmingham. 
At the time of his death he was in 
semi-retirement as a real estate agent. 

George Clifton Edwards, '98, KS, died 
on January 31, in Lansing, Michigan, 
where his son is a member of the Su- 
preme Court of that state. After his 
death his son wrote, "Sewanee was a 
major part of my father's life and he 
retained a great love for it." 

Thomas Howard Faulkner, '15, SAE, 
died in Helena, Arkansas, on March 17, 
of a cerebral hemorrhage. He was the 
president of Helena Wholesale, Inc. He 
is survived by his wife, two daughters, 
a stepdaughter, a stepson, and six 

Burton W. Glover, '32, died at his 
home in Springfield, Tennessee, last 
November. His son, Burt, was a mem- 
ber of the 1961 graduating class. 

John Temple Graves, H'35, a staff col- 
umnist for the Birmingham Post-Herald 
and widely acclaimed Southern jour- 
nalist, died during a speech he was 
making in Mobile on May 19. 

He is the author of The Shaft In The 
Sky, a novel published in 1923, and The 
Fighting South, published in 1943. He 
was a staunch defender of states rights. 

Major Henry W. S. Hayes, '00, died 
on April 18, at the Peninsula Hospital 
in Burlingame, California. 

Lloyd M. Hooper, '23, PDT, died in 
Montgomery on March 1, after a long 
illness. He was active in political af- 
fairs and public relations, and at the 
time of his death was the Alabama Di- 
rector of the United States Brewers 

The Rev. Robert Batten Jewell, '56, 
T '57, died on January 19, by drown- 
ing, while at a diocesan clergy con- 
ference. He is survived by his wife and 
one son. At the time of his death he 
was rector of St. Thomas' Church, 
Lyndhurst, N. J. 

Hugh C. McKee, III, son of Hugh C. 
McKee. T. '48, was killed in an auto- 
mobile accident in New Orleans in June. 
Young Hugh, a graduate of St. Martin's 
School at Metairie, where his father is 
parish rector, had been accepted for 
admission to Sewanee this fall. 

Dr. Erle Homer Merriman, H'23, died 
in Sewanee, May 15, following an ex- 
tended illness. He was a former assist- 
ant profesor in the school of theology 
and was professor at the DuBose Me- 
morial Training School in Monteagle. 
He is survived by his wife, two sons 
and one daughter. 

George Wharton Pepper, H'08, one- 
time Republican senator from Pennsyl- 
vania and a foe of Franklin D. Roose- 
velt's "New Deal," died on May 24, at 
his home in Philadelphia at the age 
of 94. 

Dr. John Potts, H'34, died on October 
22, 1960, in Washington, D. C. He was 
a physician and author. 

Rev. Canon James Robert Sharp, H'44, 
died in Nashville on May 12. He was 
the retired canon to the Ordinary of the 
Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee, and 
was well-known throughout the entire 
Episcopal Church. He was 84 at the 
time of his death. 

Dr. William B. Sharp, 10, died on 
March 24. At the time of his death he 
was a member of the Department of 
Microbiology of the University of Tex- 
as Medical Branch. 

Thomas Day Snowden, Sr., '23, SAE, 
prominent Memphis business executive 
and sportsman, died July 9, in Memphis. 

Charles Fairfax Speer, '29 ,KS, died 
July 14, 1961, at Biloxi, Mississippi. He 
was the owner of Speer Motors in 

Dr. Charles C. Stockard, '08, died in 
April, in Atlanta. 

Dr. Glen L. Swiggett. senior former 
faculty member at Sewanee, died June 

August 1961 


26 in Washington, D. C, at the age o:C 
93. Born in 1867, the year before Se- 
wanee opened in 1868, he served as pro- 
fessor of modern languages from 1903 
unvil 1912, and later established two en- 
dowments at the university, the Bain- 
Swiggett Poetry Prize, and the Bah- 
Swiggett Fublica+ions Fund. 

In 1956 he published a translation in 
lerza rima (the original verse form) of 
Dante's Divine Comedy, which was 
praised by scholars and writers bath 
in America and abroad. He was devotee'. 
f o the sonnet form, and was a prolific 
writer of the 14-line poems, having pub ■ 
lished 640 of them. The Universi+v 
Press at Sewanee has printed many of 
his writings. 

Edward B. Tucker, '52, PGD, was 
killed on May 13, in an automobile ac- 
cident near Nacogdoches, Texas. He is 
survived by his wife and three children. 

The Rt. Rev. Anthony H. G. Woolf, 
'37, widely-traveled Eastern Orthodox 
cleric, died in July, of a heart attack 
suffered in Cairo, Elgypt, while on a 
world tour. 

Editor's Note: The Alumni Office has 
just received notice of the death of th'S 

Arthur Paul Lewis Schmitt died 
November 9th, 1948. He attended Se- 
wanee in 1926 and 1927. After this 
he returned to Wisconsin where he en- 
gaged in various business activities and 
at the time of his death was president 
of National Housewares, a commercial 
t.v. company. He married Cora Lee 
Roebuck and they have two children; 
Valerie Cecile and Arthur. Arthur, at 
the present time, is in the Air Force, 
but would like to come to Sewanee 
when he gets out, if this can be ar- 
ranged. Mrs. Schmitt is continuing to 
live in Milwaukee where she is a bridal 
consultant, which she states is both 
time consuming and interesting. 

Ewing Mitchell is 
successful actor 

(continued from page fourteen) 

Mitchell lives at Solana Beach, ?. 
small community some 8o miles 
south of Hollywood, in the San 
Diego area. He raises thoroughbred 
race horses, and also runs a herd of 
cattle on a mountain near San Fe- 

Married, and the father of Walt- 
er, 9, and Ewing, 6, Ewing Mitchell 
is as genuine and warm-natured a 
westerner as the Sheriff he portrays 
on "Sky King." 

Ihe role of the 

(continued from page fifteen) 
giving the 'inside dope' on the harm 
they are doing. One is sorry to see 
the New Illiterates encouraged in 
their contemptuous dismissal of the 
New Critics and New Fictionists. 
The New Fiction is a figment of 
Mr. Cowley's imagination, and the 
New Criticism does not exist as a 
definable entity; but the New Il- 
literacy does exist and threatens to 
dominate the publishing business." 

Monroe Spears sums up the 
position of the Sewanee Re- 
view and other literary quarterlies, 
"Unless someone discovers a way 
to bring to the Mohammed of the 

Class of '65 is one 
of most selective 

The Class of 1965, which enters 
this September, is one of the most 
selective groups to enter Sewanee, 
according to John B. Ransom, Di- 
rector of Admissions. Over 1,200 
application forms were requested 
and sent to prospective students. Of 
this number, approximately 800 
were returned to the admissions 
office. Allowing for multiple appli- 
cations, the admissions committee 
selected 310 for admission, and at 
latest count, 219 of those accepted 
Lave indicated they will be on hand 
for the opening of school in Septem- 

Most of those accepted ranked in 
the top one-fourth of their high 
school graduating class, and the 
average CEEB scores of all students 
admitted were 560 Verbal and 585 

The entering class boasts a varied 
lecord of academic and extra-cur- 
ricular accomplishments. A break- 
down follows: 

President of Student Body or 

Senior Class 20 

quarterlies not a mountain but at 
least a small hill of an audience, it 
appears that they will have to con- 
tinue their serious make-believe: 
trying to operate as if their con- 
tributors were professional men of 
letters and their audience mostly 
intelligent general readers, and they 
themselves part of the commercial 
world. Thus they will try to keep 
alive the ideal of a profession of 
letters operating with dignity and 
integrity at the center of a unified 
culture. This is an ideal and not a 
reality; it is grotesquely at variance 
with the facts; and the quarterlies 
keep it alive only by a kind of hot- 
house cultivation. But if the cli- 
mate is unfavorable, we must have 
hothouses or lose some valuable 
flowers; and someone may yet dis- 
cover how to change the weather." 

Editor of School Publication 


Eagle and Explorer Scouts 


Club Presidents 


Beta Club 


Key Club 


Student Council 


Science Club 


Language Club 




National Honor Society 


National Merit Scholarships 





Letter of Commendation 


Boys State Delegate 








Athletic Team captain 


All-State or All-Conference 


Varsity Sports Letters 





















The Sewanee News 

Alumnus Trichell helps 
retarded children 

{continued from page eleven) 

den, Louisiana, an Agency of the 
Presbyterian Synod of Louisiana. 

"This is a prep school for men- 
tally retarded boys. Preparation is 
for life, not college. Almost all cities 
now have schools for the mentally 
retarded up to the age of sixteen. A 
number of the larger cities have vo- 
cational training programs compara- 
ble to our own for mentally retarded 
adults. Yet, to expect the mentally 
retarded child to go from the ele- 
mentary school directly into the 
trade school, with nothing to cor- 
respond to the high school period, is 
to expect him to achieve something 
we do not expect of our normal chil- 
dren. The Evergreen School is de- 
signed to fill that gap." 

Trichel was also instrumental in 
founding a similar school for Negro 
>ouths at Dixie, Louisiana, the Rosa 
Smith Memorial School, on land do- 
nated by a former slave who was 
Trichel's client. The E. A. Frost 
School in Shreveport, for younger 
children, also was launched with 
Trichel's aid. 


avid Trichel, the Mongoloid 
boy whom his father credits with 
being responsible for all of this, is 
now almost seven years old. He lives 
happily at home and his family are 
happy with him. He has attended 
a Baptist kindergarten and his par- 
ents plan to try him in one of the 
local church schools, and if he can 
not keep pace they will send him to 
the Cado-Bossier Association's 


is October 21 

Mark Your 



Harvey G. Booth is new 
church support leader 

Harvey Gordon Booth, of Atlan- 
ta, vice-president of the Southern 
Bell system, was elected to the 
board of regents of the University 
by the trustees at their annual 
meeting. Shortly afterward, he also 
accepted appointment as the fourth 
chairman for Church Support, fol- 
lowing Edmund Orgill, Hinton F. 
Longino, and G. Allen Kimball, who 
successively held that office for the 
past twelve years. This post has 
been called by Bishop Frank A. Ju- 
han as the most important which 
can be held by a layman in the 
South. Booth, 57, is an alumnus of 
the University of Georgia and has 
served a wide variety of civic causes. 

Judge Shields 

{continued from page nine) 
terrible holocaust — one of the worst 
in the nation's history in terms of 
the proportion of city consumed — 
and will recall how it started just 
after noon six blocks north of the 
Lee Street viaduct. A strong west 
wind blew over a city undampened 
by rain for a month. A spark 
landed amongst brushes spread out 
for drying by a fibre company. 
Young Bayard was on his way back 
to work at the bank after lunch at 
the rectory when he saw the flames 
and smoke. 

Fall Calendar 

jo Opening of the University 
30 Football: Millsaps, Jackson, 

Alumni Council at Sewanee 
7 Football: Hampden-Sydney, 

10 Founders' Day and Dedication 
of Guerry Hall 

13 SMA Homecoming 

14 Football: Austin, Sherman, 

iK St. Luke's Day 

Regents meet 
21 Homecoming: Randolph-Macon 
28 Football: Centre, Danville, Ky. 


4 Football: Southwestern, 

11 Football: Washington and Lee. 

18 Football: Mississippi College, 

It was all over by 6 p.m. with 144 
city blocks in ashes. The heat be- 
came so great in midafternoon that 
a waterspout appeared in the river. 
Damage to human and animal life 
was small but property loss was 
complete in the downtown area. 

And so he will go, the friendly 
and lovable judge, retelling with 
prodigious recall the fascinating de- 
tail. "My association with Judge 
Shields has been an education," 
says his pretty secretary Evelyn 
Price. "He is so interested in every- 
thing, quoting from his Greek his- 
torians, his Prayer Book. his 
Bible. . . ." 

\\ hen praised for always doing 
more than necessary in the study of 
a case, he twinkles "I have never 
done a darn thing but tend to 

To which someone, some day. 
may add "Then it must be a very 
hi" business." 

August 1961 


A Growing Program: Matching Gifts from Industry and Business 

A growing method of corporation support is through matching gifts of their employees. 
On this page appear the names of matching gift companies as of January 1. If you are as- 
sociated with one of them, notify your employers when you make your gift to the University 
of the South and they will provide you with a short form to fill out. When this has been com- 
pleted, they will send a matching amount to Sewanee. 

We hope that every alumnus will investigate his company's method for supporting higher edu- 
cation. Where no method has yet been settled on, it may be possible for the alumnus to in- 
terest his employers in the program supported by the companies in the following list. 

Acme Shear Company 
Allegheny Ludlum Steel 

American Brake Shoe Company 
American and Foreign Power 

Company, Inc. 
American Home Products 

Atlas Power Company 
Atlas Rigging and Supply 

Bank of New York 
Bonwit Teller 
Whitney Blake Company (The 

Cook Foundation) 
Buchan Loose Leaf Records 

Burlington Industries, including* 

Ely and Walker, Inc. 

Adler Company 
Godfrey L. Cabot, Inc. 
Campbell Soup Company 
Canadian General Electric 

Company, Ltd. 
Carter Products, Inc. 
Cerro de Pasco Corporation 
Chase Manhattan Bank 
Chemical Bank New York Trust 

Cleveland Electric Illuminating 

Columbia Carbon Company 
Connecticut General Life 

Insurance Company 
Connecticut Light and Power 

Continental Oil Company 
Corning Glass Works Company 
Deering Milliken and Company, 

Diamond Alkali Company 
Dow Chemical Company 
Dow Corning Corporation 
Draper Corporation 
Wilbur B. Driver Company 
Ebasco Services, Inc. 
Eastern Car and Construction 
Electric Bond and Share 

Fafnir Bearing Company 
Ford Motor Company 

E. and J. Gallo Winery 
General Atronics Corporation 
General Electric Company 
General Foods Corporation 
General Public Utilities 

Gibbs and Hill, Inc. 
Ginn and Company 
Giidden Company 
B. F. Goodrich Company 
W. T. Grant Company 
Gulf Oil Corporation 
Harris-Intertype Corporation 
Hercules Powder Company 
Hewlett-Packard Company 
Hill Acme Company 
Hooker Chemical Corporation 
J. M. Huber Corporation 
Hughes Aircraft Company 
International Business Machines 

Jefferson Mills, Inc. 
S. C. Johnson and Son, Inc. 
Jones and Laughlin Steel 

Kaiser Steel Corporation 
Kern Country Land Company 
Walter Kidde and Company 
Walter Kidde Constructors 
Kidder, Peabody and Company 
Koiled Kords, Inc. (The Cook 

Lehigh Portland Cement 

Mallinckrodt Chemical Works 
Manufacturers Trust Company 
Marine Midland Trust Company 

of New York 
Maytag Company 
McCormick and Company. Inc. 
McGraw-Hill Publishing 

Medusa Portland Cement 

Merck and Company, Inc. 
Metal and Thermit Corporation 
Middlesex Mutual Assurance 

Morgan Engineering Company 
National Distillers and Chemical 


National Lead Foundation 

National Supply Company 
New York Trap Rock 

Northrop Corporation 
Norton Company 
John Nuveen and Company 
Owens-Corning Fiberglas 

Pennsalt Chemicals Corporation 
Petro-Tex Chemicals 

Phelps Dodge Corporation 
Pitney-Bowes, Inc. 
Pittsburgh Plate Glass 
Ralston Purina Company 
Reliable Electric Company (The 

Cook Foundation) 
Riegel Textile Corporation 
Rockwell Manufacturing 

Sobering Corporation 
Scott Paper Company 
Selby, Battersby and Company 
Seton Leather Company 
Sharon Steel Corporation 
Simmons Company 
Simonds Saw and Steel 

Singer Sewing Machine 

Smith Kline and French 

Sperry and Hutchinson 

Stevens Candy Kitchens, Inc. 
W. H. Sweney and Company 
Tektronix, Inc. 
Tennessee Gas Transmission 

Towers, Perrin, Forster and 

Crosby, Inc. 
United Clay Mines Corporation 
Wallingford Steel Company 
Warner Brothers Company 
John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 
Worcester Pressed Steel • 

Williams and Company 
Young and Rubicam, Inc. 

November 1961 

Juerry Hall — 
fie Best 

prechen Sie 
ton Espanol? 

fcruton made 
irst Provost 

<ine fall for 


Mississippi Consecration of Sewanee's 
Forty-second Bishop: Duncan M. 
Gray, '25, Arthur C. Lichtenberger, 
Trustee, and John M. Allin, '43 


2? f O 








The Sewanee News, issued quarterly by the Associated Alumni 
of The University of the South, at Sewanee, Tennessee. Second 
Class postage paid at Sewanee, Tennessee. 


Arthur Ben Chitty, '35 

Elizabeth N. Chitty 

Edith G. Whitesell 


2 The Vice-Chancellor's Column 

3 Guerry Hall Dedication 

5 Sprechen Sie Bon Espanol? 

7 Promotions in Administration 

8 Sewanee News Notes 
1 Football Triumphant 
1 2 At St. Luke's 

1 4 Clubs and Chapters 

1 8 Operation Deepfreeze 

20 About Sewanee Alumni 

November 1961 

Volume 27 

Number 4 

ON THE COVER— Consecrated on October 28 was Sewa- 
nee's forty-second bishop, the Rt. Rev. John M. Allin, coadju - 
tor of Mississippi, graduate of the College in 1943 and the 
School of Theology in 1945. He has been rector of All Saints' 
College, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Sewanee's Louisiana trus- 
tee, and current president of the St. Luke's Alumni Associa- 
tion. With him are two of his consecrators, the Rt. Rev. 
Duncan M. Gray, '25, diocesan, and the Presiding Bishop, 
Arthur C. Lichtenberger, who retains his seat on the Se- 
wanee board of trustees as former bishop of an owning 

Gentlemen . . . 
The Vice-Chancellor 

In the August issue I introduced the sub- 
ject of expansion and reviewed with you 
what the Founders originally envisioned for 
Sewanee. I mentioned the possibilities of 
a college for women, or perhaps another 
college for men so that we could do some- 
thing for some of those whom we turn away 
in such large numbers every year. I esti- 
mated the former would require at least 
$7,500,000.00 in new capital, and the latter 
at least $6,500,000.00. I pointed out that 
either of these projects would be in line with 
the Founders' intention of providing inti- 
mate personal attention by utilizing the 
British organization of the University as a 
collection of small and reasonably self-con- 
tained residential colleges, each with a high 
faculty-student ratio; but that neither would 
extend the academic scope in the direction 
of graduate or professional offerings, a mat- 
ter which the Founders considered of prime 
importance. I promised that this time I 
would discuss the various possibilities in 
that direction. 

1 N contrast to an undergraduate college 
-*- for women or another for men, a law 
school, or a two-year medical school, or an 
extension of our master's program would 
be very much less costly. The minimum 
faculty for a law school would be eight new 
professors. About forty thousand dollars of 
their salary budget would have to come 
from interest on an endowment of approxi- 
mately one million dollars. I should esti- 
mate the maximum enrollment in the law 
school at eighty students, and dormitory 
facilities for these would cost #400,000.00. 
A new classroom building, the purchase of 
the essential law library nucleus, and a little 
endowment for maintenance would bring 
the total capital investment to perhaps two 
million dollars. 

A two-year medical college would cost 
about the same amount as the law school; 
and an extension of our graduate program 
to include master's degrees in other fields 
than theology and the teaching of science 
would certainly not cost more, and could 


The Sewanee News 

What Does 
Guerry Mean? 

A New Building Enriches A 
University, A Community, and 
An Area with Cultural Gifts 

/ % major building at Sewanee 
"*■ """ in memory of Alexander 
Guerry became a reality on October 
10, Founders' Day, 1961. Within 
days after the ninth Vice-Chancel- 
lor's death in 1948, Dr. and Mrs. 
Oscar N. Torian gave $10,000 to 
start the fund, and a number of 
gifts were added. More recently, a 
great foundation gave $260,000, a 
great-grandson of Leonidas Polk 
gave $100,000, and others contri- 
buted toward the $650,000 Guerry 

Today Guerry provides the cam- 
pus with eleven new classrooms, a 
room designed for an art gallery 
but now used as overflow space for 
the University library, an ultra- 
modern language laboratory, and a 
thousand-seat auditorium with stage 
big enough for the Ballet Russe. 
Guerry Hall faces north, as does 
Gailor Hall. It looks across 
Georgia Avenue at Manigault Park 
and the School of Theology. 

The dedication ceremonies were 
attended by Mrs. Alexander Guerry, 
Alexander, Jr., '39, and John, '49 

(both presidents of their classes), 
Alexander, III, a student at Baylor 
School, and the Rev. Edward 
Guerry, '23, South Carolina's trus- 
tee. Following the service Mrs. 
Guerry was honor guest at a re- 
ception at the home of the Vice- 

In the Founders' Day address, 
J. Albert Woods, '18, recalled the 
amazing career of Dr. Guerry — his 
changing the histories of three in- 
stitutions (Baylor School, the Uni- 
versity of Chattanooga, and Se- 
wanee). Dr. Woods was intro- 
duced by his close friend and Dr. 
Guerry's contemporary, Bishop 
Frank A. Juhan, director of de- 
velopment. The building was pre- 
sented by General L. Kemper Wil- 
liams, chairman of the board of re- 
gents, received by the Vice-Chancel- 
lor, and dedicated by the Chancel- 
lor, Bishop Charles C. J. Carpenter 
of Alabama. 


\*. Woods said that he came to 
Sewanee for this occasion "to testify 
That dreams do come true, that our 
admiration, respect and love for a 
great man is fittingly recognized 
and that with the dedication of a 
magnificent building in his memory, 


we have moved a step nearer to the 
immanent ot his grand plan for this 

He spoke of phases of Dr. Guer- 
ry's work at Sewanee. He restored 
the financial integrity of the institu- 
tion, spurred the Church to recog- 
nize its responsibility, laid a secure 
foundation. "The monumental 
beauty of this domain, the careful 
restoration, and the enhancement 
of the beauty of the older buildings, 
and the grandeur of the new, may 
not have been carried out in the 
precise detail of the original plan 
as the execution . . . fell to other 
hands. But the grand design was 
his!" Guerry was "at one and the 
same time a dreamer with precise 
plans, a leader with ideals, an ad- 
ministrator who ran an orderly 
house and commanded the respect, 
loyalty and devotion of faculty, stu- 
dent body and alumni." He gave 
substance to Sewanee's vision of 
greatness. "He restored, he plan- 
ned, he built. He gave breath and 
life and reality to a vision." 

The Alumni Office has copies of 
Dr. Woods' address, which will be 
mailed upon request. 

Guerry Auditorium Scene of 
Concerts, Lectures and Films 


.merica's best bargain in fine 
arts is the $12 season ticket offered 
Sewanee students this year in Guer- 
ry Hall. In a combined series of 
concerts, movies, and plays, the 
occupants of the fine new audi- 
torium will sample cultural privi- 
leges normally costing three times 
that amount. 

Opening performance on October 
8 brought Alabama-born Nell Ran- 
kin, the class of the Met, in a 
breath-taking demonstration of 
what the human voice can do. The 
beautiful Carmen earned prolonged 
applause, sang with the Sewanee 
Glee Club, and remained after- 
ward for a wonderful idea — an on- 
stage reception dreamed up by con- 
cert chairman, Dr. William B. 

The formal season includes on 

Nell Rankin sings with the Sewanee Glee Club 

Sewanee Purple 

Nov. 7 the world famous New York 
Pro-Musica, six singers and four 
instrumentalists in early music; on 
December 3 Rosalyn Tureck on 
harpsichord and piano; on January 
3 1 Archer and Gile, soprano, con- 
tralto, and guitar, with folk music 
in many languages; on February 23 
Rey de la Torre, a classical guitar- 
ist; on April 3 the Chattanooga 
Symphony's ensemble, led by con- 
ductor Julius Hegyi; and on April 
29 Virgil Fox to try out the new 
organ of All Saints' Chapel. 

Interspersed are showings by 
the Cinema Guild which include the 
Japanese Ikiru, the Swedish Naked 
Night, the French Carnival in Flan- 
ders, and Poitier's Edge of the City 
— all internationally famous films. 
The Purple Masque will present 
Othello in the fall and two or three 
other stage shows later. Spring per- 
formances will feature the Chatta- 
nooga Boys' Choir on one occasion 
and the University Choir on 

The University Choir and Glee 
Club, directed by Dr. William 
Lemonds, the Chamber Orchestra, 
Brass Choir, and Band are all 
scheduled to appear in Guerry this 

The duPont lectures began in 
November with Maurice Hindus 
speaking on 'Russia Revisited." On 
March 15 Willy Ley, space physicist 
and author, will speak on the "The 
Conquest of Space." On April 4 the 
Honorable Sir Steven Runci'man w'll 
represent theology in the series. 
He will be followed on May 1 by 
Herbert Morrison, former deputy 
prime minister. 

Carnegie Hall was never like this. 

A. B. Carmichael, Jr. 

A student checks out a tape in the language laboratory from lab supervisor-instructor H. Allen Whartenby, while Professor 
T. C. Lockard helps an aspiring linguist. The laboratory may be used by thirty students simultaneously. 

Sprechen Sie Bon Espanol? 

By Edith Whitesell 


f all the sounds brought forth 
at the same time in Room 220 of 
the new Guerry Hall were heard at 
once, they might sound something 
like that. But so they will not all 
be heard at once and each student 
will have exactly the coaching he 
needs in the language he is study- 
ing, $13,500 worth of equipment has 
been installed to make up the langu- 
age laboratory, the Mountain's 
favorite new toy. The investment 
was given impetus by a major gift 
from the Lodge Manufacturing 
Company of South Pittsburg. 

Of course the laboratory is a 
great deal more than a toy, ir- 
resistible as are the individual 
booths each with its own micro- 
phone and tape playback machine. 
The problem with language study, 
especially in college when psycho- 

logical blocks to sounds other than 
those of one's native tongue have 
long been embedded, has always 
been to secure the needed endless 
repetition and retain the sanity of 
the instructor, even should he hap- 
pen to have the hundred hours a 
day necessary to hear the exercises 
of all his students. In the past a 
professor has had to settle for con- 
veying the structural bones of a 
language, imparting, if he is lucky 
and has a good student, the spirit 
of its literature and the basis for a 
reading knowledge and hope for 
him a year or two abroad. 

Since the development of the 
language laboratory — and Sewanee's 
is the equal of any in the field — 
the professor need not settle for 
anything short of conversational 
mastery, added to the older and 
still enduring objectives. In the 

unknown contingencies of our 
thrown-together world, it would be 
hazardous to settle for less. 

A tape recording does not get 
bored. Thirty tape recorders have 
a hundred hours a day, or more. A 
tape recorder repeats, flawlessly 
pronounced, a phrase or a sentence 
as many times as a student needs 
to hear it. Furthermore, it "listens" 
to the student. He plays a few 
words, repeats them on blank tape, 
and then compares his efforts with 
that of the master. He can do this 
until he has it exactly right. He 
then records oral tests and his pro- 
fessor need listen only to the 
finished product. 

The lab in Guerry has thirty sta- 
tions, and in boom hours they may 
all be in use. Each booth has 
sound-absorbent walls on three 
sides. A neat little plastic stand 

November 1961 

holds a microphone up and pro- 
vides storage space for it when the 
desk top is down. Earphones con- 
nect each student with his own 
machine, and switches will connect 
him with his own tape or with the 
central control section where he 
may communicate with his instruc- 

The instructor is still very much 
there. The man in charge of the 
language lab is a language man, H. 
Allen Whartenby, Jr., instructor in 
French. Each professor in the ele- 
mentary courses prepares tapes to 
tie the practice in with his own 
course, supplementing the material 
recorded by native speakers of each 
language. Reports have it that the 
German tapes are the most ebul- 
lient, with Professor Lockard em- 
bellishing the "There is the black- 
board" routine with snatches of 
music from his own record collec- 
tion, and if the lesson says, "Die 
Uhr ist an der Wand" a striking 
clock livens up the dialogue. Over- 
all director of the enterprise is Dr. 
Stratton Buck, head of modern 
languages as well as professor of 

Splendid aid that the language 
lab is to study, young hopefuls who 
expect it to be some magic replacing 
study are doomed to disappoint- 
ment. When French professor 
Scott Bates was reviewing the 
efforts of his elementary class in a 
recorded oral test, he came across 
traces of, perhaps, one such. The 
tape intoned in its precise, cheerful 
voice, "Le chat est sur la table." 
After a pause followed a low, an- 
guished mutter, "Le chat, mmm, 
table." The tape proceeded, "Le 
chat est sur la table dans la mai- 
son." Still more anguished followed 
the disembodied voice: "Chat . . . 
table . . . mmmm." Unrelaxing in 
its cheer, the tape master expanded, 
"Le chat est sur la table dans la 
maison sur la rue." Then after a 
long pause came the low voice, all 
but strangled by now, "Le chat, 
uhhh table, mmmm. Oh DAMN!" 
The rest of the tape was blank. 

Regents Act on 
Many Matters 

a\. Board of Regents with three 
infusions of new blood met in Octo- 
ber to carry out its normal admini- 
strative functions for the 108-man 
Board of Trustees. Meeting for 
the first time as regents were the 
Rev. Harold Gosnell of San An- 
tonio , Harvey G. Booth of Atlanta, 
and G. Allen Kimball of Lake 
Charles, Louisiana. Bishop E. 
Hamilton West was detained by 
diocesan responsibilities. 

Bishop Charles C. J. Carpenter, 
beginning a six-year term as Chan- 
cellor, met with the group ex-officio 
and Gen. L. Kemper Williams pre- 
sided as chairman. 

Largest budget in Sewanee his- 
tory — $3,529,849 — was adopted and 
three busy days were spent review- 
ing a wide variety of matters. The 
University of the South's budget is 
a continuing source of amazement 
to other educators who cannot be- 
lieve that so small an institution 
can have so large an annual outlay. 
The answer lies in the imposing ar- 
ray of auxiliary enterprises which 
make the Domam a self-sufficient, 
if somewhat feudal, microcosm. 
There are laundry, movie, supply 
store, hospital, water system, dis- 
posal plant, maintenance establish- 
ment, to name onlv a few. 

Oince FHA and VA loans can- 
not be made on Universitv property, 
a loan fund for employees' housing 
is needed. The regents added 
#50,000 to the present fund to raise 
the total substantially above a 
quarter million dollars. SMA was 
pleased to hear of a $30,000 alloca- 
tion to continue the floor-by-flpor 
renovation of Quintard Hall begun 
last year. Faculty members were au- 
thorized to borrow up to $40,000 
for an E. 0. B. club house. The 
"Ecce Quam Bonum" has held 

•.:< :■ 

Appointed dean of the summer session, 
1962, by the regents was John M. Webb, 
dean of men and professor of history 
in the College. The co-educational 
term will begin June 25. Application 
forms may be obtained from the Ad- 
missions Office. 

Dean Webb has been a member of 
the Sewanee history department since 
1946 and is related to the famous Webb 
School family of Bell Buckle. He re- 
ceived his B.A. and Ph.D. degrees from 
Duke and his MA. from Yale. The 
new summer session dean is married to 
the former Ellen Farnum of Asheville, 
and their son, Shipp, is in the eighth 
grade of the Sewanee Public School. 

fortnightly meetings at Sewanee 
ever since 1870. 

A hearing was given the faculty 
committee petitioning for the right 
of all students and university guests 
to be served at Claramont. Regents 
agreed that the Vice-Chancellor and 
the chairman of the board should 
continue negotiations and report at 
the February meeting. 

The Sewanee Summer Music 
Center was approved for a sixth 
session under director Julius Hegyi. 
conductor of the Chattanooga Sym 
phony. With last season's tota. 
enrollment, including choral stu- 
dents, exceeding a hundred and with 
the successful fundraising efforts of 
the Rev. G. Cecil Woods, Jr., the 
Music Center is on a firmer footing 
than ever before. The new audi- 
torium in Guerry Hall fills the only 
need formerly lacking in its facili- 

The Sewanee News 

Survey Brings 


J. he fashion these days is to have 
a management survey. Last spring 
Sewanee underwent a visitation of 
the biggest firm in the field — Booz, 
Allen, and Hamilton — and came out 
oretty well. 

The first results were promotions. 
It was the opinion of the experts 
that Sewanee's administration 
needed more people to do what it 
had been doing. Accordingly Dean 
of Administration Gaston S. Bruton 
was elevated to the post of Provost 
(pronounced PROV-ust and not 
pro-vo) and Gailor dining hall 
manager James C. Oates was made 
acting business manager and direc- 
tor of auxiliary enterprises. 

Dr. Bruton keeps his hats as pro- 
fessor of math, tennis coach, and 
director of academic enterprises. 
Actually he is the vice-president. 
He takes charge when Dr. McCrady 
is away. He has nothing to worry 
about except the College, the Acad- 
emy, the Seminary, the Air Force 
ROTC, the library, the registrar's 
and admissions offices, the athletic 

Howard Coulso 

Provost Bruton escorts Founders' Day Speaker, J. Albert Woods 

department, the health officer, and 
the Sewanee Review. 

Oates has charge of the Supply 
Store (which is managed by DuVal 
Cravens, '29), Thompson Union 
soda fountain, the University Press, 
the Jackson-Myers airfield, the 
dairy, laundry, and shop. 

The University architect and 
engineer i's Arthur Nimitz, former 
commissioner of buildings and 
lands. Gordon Hamilton, A'26, will 
be in charge of maintenance, build- 
ings, and grounds. 

Gailor Dining Hall has an ami- 
able and energetic new manager. 

Nat Porter came to Sewanee from 
Chattanooga in September when 
Jim Oates assumed his new duties. 

Porter had been in hotel manage- 
ment for many years. He was born 
in Paris, Tennessee, in 1907, and 
attended Union University and 
Vanderbilt University. He is an 
SAE, and is married to the former 
Mildred Timberlake. 

Nat Porter takes a very positive 
attitude indeed toward dining hall 
service. He says, "Managing Gailor 
Dining Hall is doing a job at a pro- 
fession in which I have had many 


Sewanee's Development Office 
Evaluated by Efficiency Experts 

A. B. Carmichael, Jr. 

James G. Oates 

Not everything said by Messrs. 
Booz, Allen, and Hamilton consti- 
tuted an orchid bouquet but their 
comments on promotional aspects 
of the development office were en- 
couraging. There is a movement 
(by this writer) to have them cast 
in bronze. 

Page 94. The development ser- 
vices have been responsible for im- 
pressive accomplishments (which) 
have earned for it an enviable re- 
cord among similar institutions. . . . 
(The cost of total gifts, a modest 
4% to 8%, is an experience that 
many colleges cannot claim.) 

Page 96. Past successes in in- 
creasing gift income through in- 

creased development services sug- 
gest that substantially increased fi- 
nancial requirements and objectives 
could be obtained through expanded 
development services. . . . 

Page 98. In general, planning 
for development services is imagi- 
native, effective, and thorough . . . 
(and) appropriate for the objective 
sought. Public relations procedures 
are excellent, show unusual skill 
and imagination, and are a credit to 
the university. Fund-raising pro- 
cedures are also highly satisfactory. 

Page 119. The university is for- 
tunate to enjoy the benefits of a 
truly remarkable development ser- 

November 1961 




he University of the South 
placed first in the nation among pri- 
vate men's colleges in a i960 gift- 
income survey published by the 
Council for Financial Aid to Educa- 
tion. Sewanee led in the category 
"average gift per student" with total 
gift income higher in proportion to 
enrollment than that of any other 
institution in the same category. 

The figure for Sewanee was 
32,710 in gift-income per student, 
that is, a total gift income of 
$ 1, 883, 000 and a student body of 
680. Next on the list of private 
men's colleges were Dartmouth with 
$2,637, Amherst with $2,576, and 
Williams with $2,258. 

Princeton far outstripped other 
major private universities with 
$4,028. Harvard was second at 
$2,841. Yale took third with $2,068. 
Among private women's colleges, 
Vassar led with $2,885 an d Smith 
was next with $1,227. 

Dr. McCrady congratulated Bish- 
op Frank A. Juhan, Sewanee's di- 
rector of development, on the show- 
ing. "The volunteer services of 
this outstanding leader," he said, 
"have made and are making a 
difference in the history of this 

Lambda Chi Alpha 
Off to Good Start 

Lambda Chi Alpha, a Greek- 
letter colony soon to become Se- 
wanee's tenth fraternity, added 
twenty-one pledges to about that 
many members to form a group of 
forty-three this fall. The Lambda 
Chi's rent the former Phi Delta 
Theta cottage (first chapter house 
in that national organization) on 
Alabama Avenue and already have 
made their presence felt on the 

^■"i»* K .««««»^ 

* y^ftr i fb^ 

Chaplain David Collins left the Parthenon but brought back 
rich memories and a 1,000 ideas for All Saints' Chapel from his 
year at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury. 

Smith to School 

P. Eugene Smith, '57, issue editor 
of The Sewanee News in 1961, 
has returned to school at the Ameri- 
can Institute of Foreign Trade in 
Phoenix, Arizona. After completing 
three years of active duty as a navi- 
gator in the Air Force, Gene Smith 
came to Sewanee in September, 
i960, as assistant director of public 
relations. To him is due the more 
sprightly appearance of The Se- 
wanee News. The Class of 196 1 
is indebted to him for many of the 
plans which made Commencement, 
1961, such a gala occasion for them 
and their families. 

Homecoming Award 

Sigma Nu was winner of the 
Homecoming decoration award. 
The Snakes featured a recumbent 
Tiger toying idly with a Randolph- 
A-facon player while a nearby ambu- 
lance waited to take the casualty 
"back to ole Virginny." The SNs 
are current holders of the scholar- 
ship trophy. 

Buck Honored 

Dr. Stratton Buck, professor of 
French, has been honored by the 
French government with member- 
ship in the order of "Academic 
Palms." The citation from the 
French Embassy singles out Dr. 
Buck "for academic distinction and 
for the cultivation of friendship 
between the United States and 

Dugan Presides 

Professor Arthur B. Dugan pre- 
sided at the 33 rd annual meeting of 
the Southern Political Science As- 
sociation at Gatlinburg November 

His presidential address, "Mac- 
kinder and His Critics Recon- 
sidered" was delivered at the as- 
sociation dinner. 

Dr. Ronald F. Howell, '49, now 
of Emory, and Dr. Gilbert F. Gil- 
christ, '49, of Sewanee took part 'n 
a panel on "Political Theory." 


The Sewanee News 

Wanted: Picture of 
Jefferson Davis 

The Sewanee chapter of Kappa 
Sigma is looking for a picture of 
Jefferson Davis suitable for hang- 
ing over a mantel. All Kappa Sig- 
mas hold a special reverence for 
the President of Confederacy; the 
Sewanee chapter has an even closer 
tie. They feel his interest influ- 
enced the chartering of this chapter. 
Will a prospective donor of a Davis 
picture please write direct to John 
Griswold, Student Post Office, Se- 
wanee, Tennessee? 

74 Attend General 
Convention Dinner 

At the General Convention in 
Detroit, St. Luke's alumni and 
friends met — seventy-four strong — 
at the Sheraton-Cadillac on 
Wednesday, September 27. Speakers 
were the seminary alumni president, 
the coadjutor-elect of Mississippi, 
the Rev. John M. Allin, '43, Dean 
George M. Alexander, and the Vice- 

Garland Athletic 
Field Dedicated 

The Athletic Field at S. M .A. was 
dedicated on October 14 to a former 
academy athletic director, Peter 
Joseph Garland. The late Colonel 
Garland held during twenty years 
almost every post on the school 

Ecumenical Ground- 
Breaking Ceremony 

At St. Petersburg's new Florida 
Presbyterian College groundbreak- 
ing ceremonies on September 24, 
the University of the South was 
represented by a handsomely deco- 
rated shovel which assisted in turn- 
ing the first shovelsful of earth. 
Albert Roberts, III, '50, took charge 
of Sewanee's shovel, which has now 
gone to the Peace Corps. 

Chapel Objectives 
Met by Six Dioceses 

Six dioceses have completed their 
commitments to All Saints' Chapel. 
A seventh, East Carolina, lacks 
only a few hundred dollars of com- 
pleting its objective of $22,950. 

Woodall Reports on 
University Finance 

J. JLarding C. Woodall, '17, 
chairman of the regents' finance 
committee, in recent reports to 
alumni and to regents, has revealed 
that the University's financial posi- 
tion grows steadily better. At pres- 
ent the investment firm Scudder, 
Stevens, and Clark on Wall Street 
handles just over $11,000,000 in 
securities for the University. In 
addition there are other trusts, some 
with life interests, which total over 
$2,000,000. This is probably the 
highest endowment-per-student in 
the Southeast. 

The portfolio holds investments 
in approximately these proportions: 
Bonds and Cash 36.7% 

Preferred Stocks 3-3% 

Common Stocks 50.9% 

Real Estate, Mortgages 9-i% 

This proportion fluctuates with the 
market and at present Sewanee's 
common stocks are somewhat 
higher than shown. The last re- 
ported income on the total portfolio, 
based on market value, was 3.3%, 
somewhat lower than usual in the 
last few years. 


n a generally bright picture, one 
shadow is cast by the fact that the 
University owes banks an average 
from month to month of about 
$500,000. This is caused principally 
by "over-runs" in the construction 
of various buildings. At present the 
following sums are owed on these 

All Saints' Chapel $450,000 

St. Luke's Renovation 130,000 

Water Treatment Plant 134,000 

Parenthetically it can be seen in 
the fine print that $33,000 goes in 
scholarship aid to sons of clergy — 
an average of $600 each to 55 stu- 
dents. An additional $24000 goes 
to scholarship aid for staff sons and 
Franklin County boys. 

Team of '99 Featured 
In Sports Illustrated 

J— /on't bother to buy it if you al- 
ready know all about Sewanee's 
team of 1899 but if you don't, check 
Sports Illustrated, October 16 issue. 
Under the feature "Yesterday," the 
editors of the biggest sports maga- 
zine in the world paid homage to 
the University of the South's im- 
mortal iron men. 

Particularly valuable was the 
selection by the writer John Durant 
of many facts previously unpub- 
lished. The Sports Illustrated fea- 
ture began several years ago when 
the University historiographer 
wrote to all then-living members of 
the squad for their recollections of 
the famous trip which saw Sewanee 
defeat Texas on Thursday, Texas 
A&M Friday, Tulane Saturday, 
L. S. U. Monday, and Ole Miss. 


.rthur Ben Chitty also re- 
corded an interview with the late 
"Uncle David" Shepherd of fabu- 
lous memory. These materials 
turned over to the magazine 
brought assurance that the feature 
would be used "soon." Then for 
innumerable years the World's 
Series dragged out to seven games. 
The Sewanee feature stayed on ice. 

This year, when the abbreviated 
series collapsed in Cincinnati, the 
story of the Purple Tigers and their 
12-game championship of the South 
came forth. Omitted was mention 
of the fact that Sewanee also had an 
undefeated baseball team in 1899, 
that the previous year's football 
team was unbeaten, and that in 
1958 the University of the South 
again produced two undefeated ath- 
letic teams: Shirley Majors' pig- 
skin carriers and Hugh Caldwell's 

November 1961 

Sewanee Purpk- 

Coaches Horace Moore, Shirley Majors, Clarence Carter, with seniors Tom Moore, Bill Yates, Bill Shasteen, Frank Kin- 
nett, and Tee Cooper. 

Fifth Straight Winning Season for Majors 

Another winning football season by the lack of a fullback. He solved six opponents point to a stout de- 
— and Coach Shirley Majors has it with characteristic imagination, fense. In the forward wall the 
never had anything else since he shifting 160 pound tailback Sammy hardest spot to fill was that vacated 
came in 1957 — was assured in 1961 Gill into the spot usually reserved by Little All-American Jody Gee 
by the fifth game. The season for a bigger bone crusher. Gill at tackle. Versatile "Bear" Yates 
opened with uncertainty against performed remarkably well in the of Babylon, New York, who has 
Mi'llsaps in Jackson with a scoreless new role and gave Sewanee the played center and guard for three 
tie. It was the Mississippian's claim to having the smallest college seasons was shi'fted to tackle and 
third game and their extra experi- fullback in America. rising junior John Turner of Mobile 
ence made a difference. There was still strength to spare turned in such a series of perform- 
After that the Tigers rolled over in the strategic tailback position. ances as to make himself Sewanee's 
five opponents before being stopped Wallace Pinkley held the starting best candidate for Little All-Ameri- 
by a great W & L outfit. The berth throughout the season, spelled can honors in 1961. Bill Shasteen 
record: by Larry Majors, last year's high made a tough center. 

Millsaps 0-0 scorer. Consternation in the ranks The secret weapon of the defense 

Hampden-Sydney 21-12 of opponents was caused by M. L. however was in two fierce line- 
Austin College 21- o Agnew of Meridian, Mississippi, backers, Hayes Noel of Nashville 

Randolph-Macon 21-9 who played all over the Sewanee and Tee Cooper of Rochester, Min- 

Centre 41- o backfield. At 190 pounds, Agnew nesota, a sophomore and a junior. 

Southwestern 27-12 was the only heavyweight on the Their spine-rattling tackles were a 

Washington & Lee 8-26 Purple rushing staff. He ran at big factor in Sewanee's success. < 

Mississippi College (score not avail- wingback, fullback, and tailback Captain Frank Kinnett of Atlanta 

able at press time) and gave Sewanee a third reliable played standout games at wingback 

As the season developed, Coach throwing arm. • until a leg injury sidelined him in 

Majors' ingenuity was challenged The low scores of Sewanee's first continued on page fifteen 

10 The Sewanee News 

On Priorities 

By Arthur Ben Chitty 

V^uestions are frequently asked 
about the order in which buildings 
are begun at Sewanee. Why was 
not the chapel finished before the 
gymnasium or a library before Se- 
wanee Inn? the answer is this. 

The University regents establish 
a general order in which construc- 
tion will take place in the regular 
pattern of fundraising effort. They 
will not, however, decline the gift of 
a building which departs from that 
pattern, providing the building 
meets a need. 

Admittedly today a new library 
is the greatest need of the College 
with the enlargement of Carnegie 
Science Hall a close second. This 
does not mean that the University 
would decline the gift of a dormi- 
tory. It happens that a forestry 
building is to be the next major 
construction to get underway. That 
is because some generous lumber- 
men under the leadership of Se- 
wanee's forestry professor Charles 
Edward Cheston, will provide the 
money for it — without a general 

The library, added space for the 
science departments, and a new 
building for Sewanee Military Acad- 
emy, rank next on Sewanee's over- 
all list of priorities, with dormitory 
space and additional housing for 
faculty and married students in the 
category of "also badly needed." 

Phi Delta Theta 
Plan Torian Tribute 
in New Library 

An archives room in the new li- 
brary in memory of Sarah Hodg- 
son Torian is to be the joint pro- 
ject of student and alumni mem- 
bers of Phi Delta Theta. Chapter 
president William Trimble has an- 
nounced that £50,000 will be the 
goal for thji important part of 
the proposed £2,000,000 facility. 
The late Mrs. Oscar N. Torian de- 
voted the last two decades of her 
life to the collecting and preserving 
of "Sewaneeana." 

Lake Torian Named 

One of the nine new lakes on the 
Domain, the four-acre hazard on 
the Golf Course, has been named 
for Dr. Oscar Noel Torian, '96. He 
was an Indianapolis pediatrician 
when he gave $10,000 toward the 
early improvement of the course 
nearly forty years ago. Regents ap- 
proved the name at their October 
meeting on the suggestion of the 
donor of the lake, Bishop Frank A. 

In an October issue of the Nash- 
ville Tennessean magazine, the work 
of Dr. Oscar N. Torian was fea- 
tured. Copies of the issue will be 
sent free to anyone addressing the 
Alumni Office. 

On display in the new forestry building will be the gavel col- 
lection of Louis J. Williams of Chattanooga, shown here by- 
Professor Charles Cheston. The 298 specimens range from co- 
cobolo wood to fishfuddletree. 

Howard Coulson 

Independent House 
To be Dedicated 

A he Association ok Indepen- 
dent Men has a new home. The 
handsome sandstone club house for 
non-fraternity students was made 
possible by gifts from about a hun- 
dred fraternity men and other 
donors, under the chairmanship of 
Gen. L. Kemper Williams and In- 
dependent president Richard E. Vo- 
gel. The fundraising effort was in 
the form of a limited solicitation of 
about a dozen alumni in each of the 
Greek-letter fraternities plus par- 
ents and friends known to be in- 
terested in the project. The cam- 
paign began in the spring of i960 
with a dinner for Independents. 

The drive got off to a fast start 
when Bishop Frank A. Juhan 
offered a challenge gift of $5 000 to 
be paid when £20,000 had been 
raised. Gifts totalling £6,000 from 
Thomas T. Phillips and £5,000 from 
Mrs. Calvin Schwing put the drive 
over the top in September. Other 
••"pjor donors were Gen. Williams, 
J. Albert Woods, and J. Bayard 
Snowden. Every Sewanee fraternity 
is represented in the list of contribu- 

Independents' Hall is located 
across from the Beta and Phi Gam 
houses and below Hunter Hall. It 
is built around a large living room 
with broad French doors, a central 
stone fireplace facing two ways, a 
pool room, kitchen, refreshment 
bar, and a lounge which can be used 
as a bedroom when the house is 
rented to summer visitors. The 
pool table has been presented by 
the family of the late Bishop Hun- 
ter Wyatt-Brown, '05, who was 
sponsor of the Independents' first 

Through the generosity of Miller 
Brothers of Chattanooga, the furni- 
ture is particularly appropriate and 
durable. Finishing touches are be- 
ing put on the house, with dedica- 
tion scheduled for November. 

At St. Luke*s 

Phil Graham 



Duncan, Hargrave Elected 

Sewanee's Forty-third and Forty-fourth 
Bishops in Diocese of South Florida 

When South Florida elected two 
suffragan bishops in October, both 
were Sewanee men, the Rev. James 
L. Duncan, '39, and the Rev. Wil- 
liam L. Hargrave, '52. They will 
be Sewanee's forty-third and forty- 
fourth alumni in the episcopate and 
succeed in the post of suffragan the 
late Rt. Rev. William F. Moses, '24. 

Duncan received a B.D. from St. 
Luke's in 1939 and served in the 
diocese of Atlanta until he went to 
South Florida. He was rector of 
St. Peter's Church, St. Petersburg, 
for eleven years, and has just re- 
cently returned from six months in 
Natal, South Africa, where he was 
rector of All Saints' Church, Lady- 
smith. He now represents South 
Florida on the Sewanee board of 

Hargrave is the first recipient of 
an S.T.M. degree from the Gradu- 
ate School of Theology to be elected 
bishop. He attended the Atlanta 
Law School, Emory University, and 
the Virginia Theological School. He 

has been executive secretary of the 
diocese of South Florida. 

Not since 1945 has Sewanee had 
three men elected bishop in the 
same year, and one of those was an 
alumnus of the Graduate School, 
the Rt. Rev. Henry I. Louttit, '37, 
whom the bishops-elect will assist. 

Lawson is St. 
Luke's Speaker 

St. Luke's Day, the annual home- 
coming of the School of Theology, 
was celebrated on the day itself, Oc- 
tober 18. First on the schedule was 
Holy Communion, followed by a 
corporate breakfast for faculty, stu- 
dents, and alumni. Dean and Mrs. 
Alexander welcomed the visitors at 
tea at the deanery. Following 
Evening Prayer at St. Luke's Chap- 
el there was an informal dinner at 
Gailor Hall, to which members of 
the University administration were 
invited. The St. Luke's assemblage 
comfortably filled the auditorium of 
Guerry Hall for the skit presented 
by the junior class. 

On Thursday, Dean Alexander 
presided at a meeting of the St. 
Luke's alumni, at which there was 
free discussion of recent develop- 
ments in regard to racial matters 
on the Mountain. 

In the morning and afternoon, 
the DuBose lecturer, the Rev. Le- 
Roy Lawson of Stetson University, 
spoke on "The Episcopal Church 
on Campus." 

Rhys Publishes Book on Romans 

Macmillan has just published 
The Epistle To The Romans, by the 
Rev. J. Howard W. Rhys, associate 
professor of New Testament in the 
School of Theology. According to 
the publisher, "This is a highly in- 
formative guide to the study of 
Paul's work. The Epistle to the 
Romans gives definitive answers to 
some of the controversies surround- 
ing the book of Romans and con- 
tributes greatly to the eventual so- 
lution of others. The Epistle to the 
Romans is Paul's major letter to 
the early church. The message it 
contains is the central concern of 

every New Testament student. 

"Dr. Rhys focuses attention on a 
neglected phase of the subject. His 
book is an answer to the question: 
What did Paul himself intend to 
say to his readers? This commen- 
tary discusses Paul's message on: 
law and grace, predestination, free 
will, sacramentalism, original sin, 
the theory of human worth and 
Christian hope for the future. A 
glossary of terms provides concise 
definitions of key theological terms. 
The end result is a book that is 
penetrating, vigorous, and persua- 


The Sewanee News 

Alumni Council Surveys Sewanee 


Gessell Joins 

St. Luke's Faculty 

New this year in the School of 
Theology is the Rev. John Maurice 
Gessell, assistant professor of Chris- 
tian Education and Homiletics. He 
came to Sewanee from Salem, Mas- 
sachusetts, where he was associate 
rector of Grace Church. He was 
also an instructor in Christian Edu- 
cation at the Episcopal Theological 

Dr. Gessell was born in St. Paul, 
Minnesota, in 1920, went to high 
school in Topeka, Kansas, and from 
there on in settled at Yale, where 
he was B.A. Magna Cum Laude in 
1942 and a member of Phi Beta 
Kappa, B.D. 1949, and Ph.D. 1959. 
While at Yale he was awarded the 
Dwight Fellowship for Graduate 
Study. He is the author of numer- 
ous articles and a contributor to The 
Anglican Theological Review, The 
Witness, The Cathedral Age, and 
The Christian Century. 

Book Funds Honor 
Two Professors 

Two book funds have been es- 
tablished in St. Luke's library in 
memory of two distinguished and 
beloved members of the faculty. 
The late Rev. Drs. Bayard Hale 
Jones and George Boggan Myers 
are remembered with book plates 
in volumes purchased from the in- 
come of the two endowments. 

he Alumni Council, govern- 
ing group of the Associated Alumni, 
has been holding fall meetings at 
Sewanee Inn for the last couple of 
years. The recent session, October 
6-8, brought thirty VIPs to discuss 
ways in which Sewanee alumni 
might help their Alma Mater. 

Unlike most institutions, Sewanee 
has been blessed with a self-start- 
ing alumni organization since 1876. 
That was the year in which a group 
of recent grads, all of them just 
out of college, founded the Associa- 
ted Alumni. Since that time the 
group has maintained a continuous, 
and at times vigorous, existence. 
Today the alumni elect their own 
executive director. He is not ap- 
pointed by the administration. 

President John M. Ezzell could 
not be present because of the illness 
of his wife, Peggy, who has since 
happily recovered. Vice-president 
R. Morey Hart took charge of the 
meetings. A Friday afternoon ses- 
sion heard four students report on 
the campus, its traditions, and cur- 
rent morale. They made a good 
impression. They answered ques- 
tions articulately and frankly. They 
convinced those present that the 
students today may be a bit differ- 
ent but they are mighty good. 


important traditions — the honor 
code, the friendly campus, the close 
teacher-student relation ship — are 
being preserved. The gown is faith- 
fully worn, the coat and tie to all 
classes and to meals. New organiza- 
tions (Wellingtons, Highlanders, 
Peones) replace old familiar names 
(Pi Omega. Sigma Epsilon, Punch 
and Judy, Neograph). There are 
now ten Greek-letter fraternities, a 
Guild of Carilloneurs, the Sewanee 
Chapel Guides, Der Deutsche Ver- 
ein, and the Order of the Headless 
Gownsmen. The students of the 
second century drink beer at their 

fraternities or in Claramont instead 
of mountain dew at Proctor's Hall. 
Since they were the elite among 
numerous applicants, they are 
generally studious and nearly all 
are contemplating graduate work 
after they finish at Sewanee. 

Friday night's session heard 
Robert P. Hare, IV, present SMA's 
needs and plans. James W. Moody, 
Jr., outlined bequest projects. R. 
Morey Hart described his program 
of Sewanee Clubs working on 
Church Support. 

The Saturday morning session, 
arranged by Vice-President John 
Guerry, was superb. An exacting 
schedule was followed which 
brought forth VC, deans, and other 
key people discussing long range 
planning, admissions, the theological 
school, the academic program, 
sports, and the role of the alumni in 
all this. The Alumni Council ex- 
pressed the hope that alumni opin- 
ions would be considered when the 
trustees made major policy deci- 
sions in the future. 

A luncheon at Claramont was 
followed by the 21-7 victory over 
Hampden-Sydney. The weekend 
was a many-splendored thing. Clas- 
ses and clubs will hear further from 
their presidents. 

Reunions 1962 

At Alumni Weekend following 
Commencement, 1962, two groups 
of college classes will stage reunions. 
On June 7-9, the classes of 1944-47 
and of 1925-28 will signal a gather- 
ing of the clans. Presidents are 
Roland Jones, '25, Daniel Hey- 
ward Hamilton, '26, Rev. Canon 
William S. Turner, '27, and George 
W. Wallace, '28. 

Presidents of the 1940 group are 
C. Hutcheson Sullivan, '44, William 
Nelson, '45, Rev. Charles E. Kars- 
ten, Jr., '46, and James G. Cate, '47. 

The 50th reunion group, 1912, is 
led by Frank N. Green. 

November 1961 


With Sewanee Clubs 
and Chapters 

At a Birmingham gathering last spring were John G. Dearborn, 
'20, Charles M. Woolfolk, '25, Vice-Chancellor Edward McCrady 
and Herbert E. Smith, '03. 

The Chancellor, the Rt. Rev. C. 
C. J. Carpenter, was guest speaker 
at the annual Founders' Day dinner 
of the Sewanee Club of Atlanta at 
the Druid Hills Golf Club on Octo- 
ber 13. H. Garland Head, '50, 
president for the past year, was in 
charge, with the Rev. Norman Gore 
as master of ceremonies. One hun- 
dred and twenty-one persons were 
present. At a business meeting in 
November H. W. Whitman, Jr., '53, 
was elected president for the coming 
year, with Sam M. Weyman, father 
of a student, vice-president, James 
H. Bratton, Jr., '52, secretary, and 
T. G. Linthicum, '23, treasurer. The 
Christmas-New Year's open house 

has been set for December 31 at 
the Tack Room of the Piedmont 
Driving Club. 

The Sewanee Club of Jackson- 
ville will hear the Very Rev. George 
M. Alexander, '38, dean of the 
School of Theology, speak at a 
dinner meeting at the Florida Yacht 
Club on Wednesday, November 29. 
At a luncheon meeting on August 
10, the Very Rev. Robert R. Parks, 
"49, reported on the annual meeting 
of the board of trustees. Jerry 
Slade, '57, was elected president, 
Thomas M. McKeithen/51, vice- 
president, William R. Boling, '56, 
secretary-treasurer, and directors 
Col. Francis Nixon, '29, Rev. Glad- 

stone Rogers, '24, Rev. Robert 
Snell, '49, and Dr. Ensor Dunsford. 

Jr., '45- 

Dr. Gaston Bruton made his first 
speaking appearance as provost at 
the Sewanee Club of Houston on 
November 1. Slides and a tape re- 
cording made especially for the club 
were shown. New officers elected 
are Charles W. Hall, '51, president, 
Charles L. Hawkins, '31, vice-presi- 
dent, William K. Bruce, '52, secre- 
tary, and George H. Copeland, '31, 
treasurer. The Houston Club had 
its first Sewanee Club Award for 
Excellence luncheon at the Houston 
Club on May 11. Five juniors in 
high school were honored for 

The Sewanee Club of Kansas City 


The Sewanee News 

Above: Howard Tellepsen, Jr., center, was one of five high school 
juniors receiving ths Sewanee Club Award for Excellence in Hou- 
ston on May 11. Piresent were Howard's father, left, and grand- 
father, Thomas Tellepsen, founder o' the construction firm bearing 
his name. The bronze medal, sculptured by Vice-Chancellor Mc- 
Crady, shows All Saints' Chapel and is beribboned in purple and 

scholarship, Christian leadership, 
school and community service, and 
activities. They were carefully se- 
lected as the outstanding junior 
boys of the fifteen major high 
schools in Houston. 

The Sewanee Club of Birming- 
ham had its annual picnic at Motel 
Birmingham on May 26. After 
swimming, dinner was served and 
slides shown. Elected officers were 
Bill Brantley, '57, president, Harold 
G. Graham, '51, vice-president, 
Ernest Statham, '56, secretary, and 
Billy Warfel, '57, treasurer. 

Chaplain David B. Collins, '43, 
was the featured speaker at the Se- 
wanee Club of Charleston-Coastal 
Carolina Alumni' gathering in 
Charleston on November 10. 

W. Porter Ware, '26, of Sewanee, 
was guest speaker at the Sewanee 
Club of Kansas in October. J. 
Randolph Tucker, '49, is president 
of the club. 

The Sewanee Club of Tampa saw 
the University's 20-minute film at a 
meeting attended by about twenty 
persons in June. St. Petersburg 
alumni joined the audience and the 
club was particularly glad to have 
several SMA alumni' present. R. 
Andrew Duncan, '53, is president. 

The New York Alumni Chapter 
has set its annual meeting for 
February 20. The Vice-Chancellor 

was the speaker at the 1961 meeting 
at the Harvard Club. 

Memphis alumni entertained stu- 
dents and friends at a victory cele- 
bration at the Memphis Country 
Club immediately following the 
Southwestern game. Sewanee alum- 
ni in Mississippi had their annual 
reunion in connection with the Mill- 
saps game on September 30. 

The Sewanee Club of Miami met 
on Founders' Day, October 10, it 
the Coral Gables Country Club. 
Dan S. Dearing, '54, president, was 
in charge. The officers of the club 
met with Arthur Chitty for a plan- 
ning session in July. 

St. Luke's alumni attending the 
South Florida diocesan convention 
met for breakfast at St. Mary's of 
the Angels' Church in Pine Castle 
on May 4. 

Winning Season 


the fifth game. At end co-captain 
Tom Moore of Irving, Texas, was 
repeatedly spotlighted for defense 
as well as for pass receiving. 

Alumni of several generations 
would have been pleased to watch 
freshman end Jo Colmore of Chat- 
tanooga. His father and grand- 
father made All-Southern at Se- 

These two Texas oilmen are a little low 
on oil but not lubricant. They have 
kept the wheels of the Sewanee Club 
of Houston turning for a number of 
years. On the left is Rutherford R. 
Cravens, '39, of the famous SMA clan, 
and right is Julius G. French, '32, presi- 
dent, organizational genius, and im- 

Porter to Gailor 


years of training and experience, as 
a hotel manager. The old theory 
was 'The guest is always right.' 
This has been corrected, by ex- 
perience, to be 'The right guest is 
seldom wrong.' 

"My personal and professional 
attitude is: The students at the 
University of the South are most 
important; without them there 
would be no University nor a job 
for me. They will have the best of 
food. The food will be well pre- 
pared and all other details that are 
necessary to good and pleasant 
dining will be carried out. My wish 
is to please each student at every 
meal; my aim is to please most of 
the students most of the time. All 
of our staff in the dining hall will 
be working, every day, for better 

Student reports have it that Por- 
ter's guiding motivation really 
shows. "Each student is my guest 
while in the dining hall," Porter 
says, and no one has any doubt 
that he means it. 

November 1961 

Leadership in Academic Excellence in a 
Christian Context - - - McCrady 


have the advantage of being more 
flexible with respect to the number 
of departments in which the pro- 
gram would be offered, and might 
be initiated at almost any level of 
expense which we might choose. 

Until this year I considered any 
thought of medical education at Se- 
wanee as entirely out of the ques- 
tion. My opinion was based upon 
a basic difference of policy between 
the American Medical Association 
and its British counterpart. In 
England the universities do not re- 
gard the clinical training as part of 
their province. They teach only 
the pure science subjects, which 
could be taught as well at Sewanee 
as anywhere else, and leave the 
hospital experience to be acquired 
later in metropolitan hospitals, not 
in universities at all. For the past 
r ifty years the American Medical 
Association has insisted that all 
medical schools must be in big 
cities, and it was that policy which 
forced us to abandon our medical 
school in 1910. 


ithin the last year, the 
American Association has reversed 
itself, and instead of trying to elimi- 
nate all two-year medical schools, it 
is now begging for them. The ex- 
planation given is that too many 
medical students fail in their work 
and drop out of school before the 
clinical years, so that the latter are 
not able to maintain a full enroll- 
ment, and fewer physicians are be- 
ing graduated than the country 

needs. They feel that if good liberal 
arts colleges would carry part of the 
load of teaching the basic medical 
sciences, their students could trans- 
fer for the junior year and senior 
year to presently established four- 
year medical colleges without over- 
taxing the facilities of the latter, 
which are not now being fully uti- 
lized. This means that there is no 
longer any insurmountable obstacle 
to the offering of medical courses 
at Sewanee, but our students would 
not actually be able to finish their 
work here, and the final degree 
would come from some other insti- 

A change has also occurred in the 
point of view of the accrediting as- 
sociations with respect to master's 
degrees. At the time when we 
ceased to offer the master of arts 
degree in 1939, while we were not 
actually obliged to do so, we were 
following the recommendations of 
the accrediting associations, all of 
which looked with disfavor on mas- 
ter's degrees offered in any but the 
largest institutions. The reversal of 
this policy is due to the acute and 
increasing shortage of college teach- 
ers to take care of the tidal wave of 
students now flooding the institu- 
tions of higher learning. 


here has been great confusion 
in America about the significance of 
the master's degree. Originally in 
English universities, the master's 
degree was that which qualified a 
man for teaching in the university. 
In Germany the doctor's degree had 

precisely the same significance. It 
is a curious anomaly that in Ameri- 
ca physicians are generally called 
doctors, though they're not expected 
to teach at all. During the nine- 
teenth century in America, where 
there has always been an un- 
paralleled degree of freedom among 
educational institutions, elements of 
both the German and the British 
universities became fused without 
any unified national plan. Since 
both master's and doctor's degrees 
were granted by the same institu- 
tions, some distinction had to de- 
velop, and as a rule, the master's 
became a halfway step toward the 
doctor's degree. In some it be- 
came considered the proper quali- 
fication for teaching in the second- 
ary schools, but not enough to 
qualify for a professorship in a col- 
lege or university. 

The tendency which is being pro- 
moted today is to make the master's 
degree a respectable degree again, 
and sufficient for instructors and 
assistant professors at colleges, but 
still a steppingstone toward a docto- 
rate. The hope nowadays is to 
make the master's degree so good 
that it will make procedure to the 
doctoral level easier and less time- 
consuming than before. To do this 
the new program envisages the se- 
lection of promising students at the 
end of the sophomore year who 
hope to prepare for university 
teaching, and the provision of a 
special program for them in_ the 
junior and senior years of the 
undergraduate college in which they 
will be given much more oppor- 


The Sewanee News 

tunity for independent study and 
research than is usually provided at 
that level. For the most part they 
are to be tutored rather than lec- 
tured to. They are expected to 
complete both language require- 
ments for the Ph.D., obtain some 
teaching experience by assisting the 
regular faculty, and pursue an in- 
dependent piece of research to its 
conclusion at the end of three 
years. They will obtain their bache- 
lor's degrees at the end of their 
normal senior year, and their mas- 
ter's one year after that. The three- 
year program thus includes the last 
two undergraduate years and the 
first year in graduate school, and 
thus does not shorten the minimum 
time at present required for a mas- 
ter's, but is expected to provide a 
much better program, and to lead 
naturally and easily to the Ph.D. 
two years beyond the master's. 
Thus the doctoral program would 
be shortened by at least one year 
and probably by several; but the 
more important significance would 
lie in the introduction of the stu- 
dent to graduate levels of work at 
an earlier stage, and the improve- 
ment of the quality of the product. 
At Sewanee our Gownsmen can 
already win the privilege of more 
independent study, our honors pro- 
grams in the junior and senior year 
already provide research oppor- 
tunities for some of our best stu- 
dents in some departments, and our 
language requirements are already 
high enough so that any of our B.A. 
graduates who have taken two years 
each of two foreign languages (that 
is to say, of French and German) 
could easily take the language ex- 
ams for the Ph.D. Thus all we 
would need to initiate the program 
here would be the addition of a few 
professors to take care of these 
special students in their fifth year. 
The fact is that our present offering 
for our best students is so close to 
that expected in the new program, 
that a transition to the latter would 
be the easiest possible kind of ex- 
pansion for us to undertake. It al- 

A. B. Carmichael, Jr. 

Dr. Edward McCrady comments on "Recent American Prints," a Smithsonian trav- 
eling exhibit, which was the opening show this fall of the department of fine arts. 
Newest of Sewanee's departments, fine arts has a new head this year, Stanford 
Barrett, formerly of Notre Dame. Mr. Barrett's title is artist in residence. 

so would fit beautifully into the in- 
tentions of the Founders, and would 
represent the beginning in a small 
way of the realization of the only 
one of their major objectives which 
we have seriously neglected in out- 
first century. 

Of course, it would be up to us to 
decide in how many departments 
and for how many students such a 
program would be offered. In this 
way its cost could be tailored to our 
resources, and its scope could be ex- 
panded at almost any rate consist- 
ent with our means. This is the 
program which I personally would 
favor the most strongly, and for 
which I believe it would be easiest 
to obtain financial support. 

The Planning Committee of the 
Board of Regents is actively in- 
volved in studying all of the possi- 
bilities which I have outlined above. 

It, in turn, will make recommenda- 
tions to the Board of Trustees both 
as to what our specific objectives 
should be for the immediate and 
the remote future, and also how and 
when we should set about raising 
the necessary funds to carry out 
the plans which we adopt. 

Thus at the beginning of our 
second century we seem to be on 
the threshold of another era of de- 
velopment. We have passed 
through the precarious period of 
struggling for survival. We are 
entering upon the maturity of our 
strength, and charting a course 
which we hope will be one of leader- 
ship in academic excellence in a 
Christian context. 

Cordially yours. 

^ ki^^u^y 

November 1961 


U. S. Navy Photo 

Pardue's team of medical corpsmen and aides learn scaling 
techniques for rescue work in the ever-menacing crevasses. 

Flight Surgeon Pardue Holds 
Sick Bay on Antarctica Ice Strip 

By Edith Whitesell 

^y^' e take a continuing satis- 
™ faction in tracing the neat 

geometric patterns of Sewanee 
alumni spaced on the face of the 
globe. Not long after we pointed 
out the juxtaposition of Prowse '50 
and Hempstone '50 in Africa (Feb- 
ruary, i960) we got a Christmas 
card from the North Pole (Lt. Rob- 
ert B. Connelly, USN, freshman of 
1947 who was graduated from An- 
napolis in 1952 — see Sewanee 
News, August, i960). Then Dr. 
A. Michael Pardue, '53, rounded 
the whole thing off by reporting for 
duty at McMurdo Sound in Ant- 
arctica. With of course, a jaunt to 
the South Pole. 

And since where there's one Se- 
wanee man there's bound to be 
another to visit him, sure enough 
Wallace Westfeldt, '47, Nashville 
Tennessean science writer, looked 
in on Pardue and reported Opera- 
tion Deepfreeze for his paper. 

Pardue is a Naval Flight Surgeon 
for the VX-6 Air Development 
Squadron which provides air sup- 

port for the scientific studies of 
"Operation Deepfreeze." The 
United States is one of twelve coun- 
tries, including the Soviet Union, 
engaged in research for peaceful 
purposes down there. According to 
Pardue, he got this unusual as- 
signment by asking too many ques- 
tions. "While I was still stationed 
with an air anti-submarine squad- 
ron in Rhode Island, I wrote a let- 
ter requesting some information 
about Antarctic operations. Two 
weeks later, I received orders to 

During the months preceding his 
2100 mile flight to the Ice, he was 
responsible for maintaining the 
health of officers and men in the 
squadron, as well as insuring their 
physical and mental qualifications 
for the isolated duty ahead. Al- 
though the squadron seldom ex- 
ceeds 300 men in strength, there 
is up to fifty percent annual turn- 
over. Pardue found that three- 
quarters of the men reporting in 
did not at first measure up to the 
rigid physical standards demanded 

of them. "Only about seven per- 
cent were eventually disqualified," 
he said. "The rest made it 
supervised health and training pro- 
grams. The major deficiency has 
been dental. The men requiring 
work on their teeth had to have it 
done before they were deployed." 

The men were required to pass a 
physical examination as stiff as 
that for submarine duty, and in 
addition they had to be psycho- 
logically adapted to such arduous 
duties in an isolated area. Pardue 
mentioned one exception to the 
tough physical requirements. "Color 
blindness will not disqualify a man. 
Since most of the blindness involves 
the colors green and red, it is un- 
important in Antarctica. Every- 
thing here is snow white with oc- 
casional dark patches of black or 
deep brown of exposed mountains." 

Lt. Pardue established his branch 
clinic on the ice landing strip at 
McMurdo Sound. The sick bay is 
located in the aft end of a canvas 
and wood Jamesway Hut. The run- 
way of the strip is carved out of the 
bay extension of the Ross Ice Shelf, 
the largest mass of floating ice in 
the world. It is about the size of 
Spain. Pardue sends his serious 
cases to the main camp dispensary. 

From McMurdo Sound, VX-6 
planes fly to outlying stations in 


The Sewanee News 

the middle of Marie Byrd Land 
and the geographic South Pole. 
Flights are also made to over-snow 
traverse parties striking out from 
either McMurdo or Byrd stations, 
and to two auxiliary air fields called 
Beardmore and Little Rockford. 
Pardue made a flight to the Pole 
last summer (our winter) to study 
the effect of high altitude and ex- 
treme cold on the men working 
there. Pole Station is 1 0,000 feet 
above sea level and at that time was 
twenty below zero. Dr. Pardue 
had two other reasons for his ex- 
cursion to the Pole, which is marked 
in a way to satisfy any imaginative 
child by a pole, a bamboo shaft 
striped black and yellow. He had 
been asked by the Arctic Institute 
of North America to make an 
evaluation of the clothes worn by 
the Pole scientists (he approved 
them) and he wanted to inspect a 
do-it- yourself dispensary extension 
at the station, made by a medical 
corpsman to pass the time. He ap- 
proved it heartily. 

The greatest menace in the bitter 
land? Frostbite? Snow blindness? 
No, Pardue says. He treated very 
very few cases of these. Although 
easy to acquire, the flight surgeon 
attributes their low incidence to the 
selection of the men for their in- 
telligence. The big threat is car- 
bon monoxide poisoning from en- 
gine failures in the close quarters 
indoors. Admiral Byrd nearly died 
of it, and five men were stricken 
during Lt. Pardue's last tour, three 
scientists and two Navy men. For- 
tunately they were caught in time 
by fellow scientists who had been 
out of doors. Pardue stressed the 
need for constant alertness against 
the ever-present hazard. 

Accidents of course, also take 
their toll. Prompt aid after a crash 
landing on Pardue's strip was credi- 
ted with saving the twelve men 
aboard a WV-2 tvoe aircraft from 
"Project Magnet," in for a refuel- 
ing stop. He flew to the site of 
another crash in the Horlick Moun- 
tains, 300 miles north of the Pole, 

but found the men there just 
shaken up. Pardue's corpsmen, 
with the help of a specially trained 
Para-rescue team, are always on 
the lookout for slips into the ubi- 
quitous, often hidden, crevasses in 
the ice. 

Lt. Pardue explodes the notion 
that there are no germs in Ant- 
arctica. "Wherever there are people 
or animals living, there are bacteria. 
Men bring in colds and they spread. 
Other bacteria not necessarily 
harmful, are transported by gulls, 
seals, and penguins." 

The most common medical ail- 
ment treated at McMurdo is an 
ordinary cough. "Most of the men 
who complained of it came down 
with the cough during the first few 
weeks. It was caused by the ex- 
treme dryness of the climate down 
here, and was aggravated by the 
heated huts and a slight general in- 
crease in smoking. 

"I prescribed a soothing cough 
mixture and the coughs disappeared 
as soon as the men became ac- 
customed to the climate. This took 
about two weeks." 

Another inconvenience caused by 
the dryness is the limitation of 
baths to one a week. Besides the 
irritating effect of too frequent use 
of water on dry skin, water must 
be melted from snow and is con- 

In all the dispatches about Lt. 
Pardue there is no record of his 
having indulged his favorite hobby, 
skiing. A little too nippy for it? 
When last heard from he was look- 
ing forward to thirty days leave in 
Europe — to ski. 

Another Recruit 

loining Operation Deepfreeze this 
winter is the Rev. Christopher B. 
Young, '57, Lieutenant (j.g.) and 
chaplain, USNR. He was vicar of 
St. Richard's in Winter Park before 
entering the service. 

Hempstone Publishes 
African Chronicle 


kJ.MiTH Hempstone, 50, was the 
subject of a two-page, six-picture 
feature in the September 30 issue 
of the Chicago News magazine. He 
has been representing that great 
daily ever since the incidence of new 
nations in Africa reached the epi- 
demic stage. Smith lives near Nai- 
robi, Kenya, with his wife Kitty, 
and travels some 70,000 miles a 
year, about two-thirds of it by air 
and the rest by truck, boat, horse- 
back, and on foot. 

In four years Hempstone talked 
to most of the principal native 
leaders throughout the continent, 
numerous former colonial officials 
Mau Mau terrorists, pygmies in 
the bush, and white supremacists 
in Capetown. He makes the sur- 
prising evaluation that the new 
African wants political freedom 
even at the cost of personal liberty 
and is not particularly concerned 
about the type of government he 

His first book Africa: Angry 
Young Giant (Frederick A. Prae- 
ger, $7.50) has brought flattering 
comment. One reviewer praised his 
unprejudiced and sympathetic ac- 
ceptance of African cultures and his 
detailed grasp of historical back- 
grounds and contemporary politics. 
This volume deals with Africa north 
of the Congo and south of the 
countries bordering the Mediterran- 
ean and is based on personal visits 
to each of the new nations. 

Hempstone's Africa has the nomi- 
nation of The Sewanee News for 
a Pulitzer Prize. 

Since leaving Sewanee, Hemp- 
stone has spent a year at the Uni- 
versity of Virginia, a hitch with the 
1st Marine division in Korea, and 
has written for AP, a couple of 
dailies, and the National Geo- 
graphic. He has received a national 
award from journalism's honorary 
fraternity. Sigma Delta Chi, for 
foreign affairs coverage. 

November 1961 


About Sewanee Alumni 

Nashville Banner 

Frank M. Purnell, '91, and the VC 


Frank M. Purnell, PDT, was the se- 
nior Sewanee alumnus present at the 
Episcopal Church's 60th General Con- 
vention in Detroit. The 90-year-old 
native of Winona, Mississippi left his 
home in Memphis by plane, arriving 
in Detroit September 23. He checked 
in at his hotel, walked a city mile to 
the convention hall, and promptly be- 
gan meeting old friends. 

The first was his nephew, Rt. Rev. 
George Purnell Gunn of Southern Vir- 
ginia, whom he last saw in Winona 
when the future bishop was twelve. He 
next saw Dr. Edward McCrady, with 
whose grandmother he had boarded at 
Sewanee in 1887. He visited his rector, 
the Rev. Donald Henning, and his law- 
yer, Charles Crump. "Everybody's 
here," he said. 

Purnell, who entered his first plane 
September 1 for a jump to San Fran- 
cisco, has resolved from now on to tra- 
vel for his health. 

Henby T. Soaper, PDT, first served 
on Sewanee's board of trustees fifty- 
four years ago. His son, Morgan, '32, 
now represents the diocese of Lexing- 
ton on the board. Mr. Soaper lives in 
Harrodsburg, Kentucky, where he is 
in the tobacco business. 


A "Sewanee fund" of a different sort 

has been exposed by our reporter-at- 

large, Charles Edward Thomas, '27. It 

seems that Mr. and Mrs. deChastaignier 

Mazyck have two sons, 5 and 7. When 
the boys were born the parents set up 
a "Sewanee fund" for their education. 
Whenever there is extra money lying 
around the house — even change — it is 
popped into the Sewanee Fund. The 
boys' grandfather was the late Rev. 
Henry deC. Mazyck, II, '95, SAE. 


A gift to the Library Memorial Book 
Fund has been made in memory of Ro- 
land J. Pickett. 

Robert Jemison, Jr., PDT, is the old- 
est living past president of the Na- 
tional Association of Real Estate Boards 
(1926). He attended the dedication of 
Guerry Hall at Sewanee in October. 


Old "Fritz" — the Chrysler — has for- 
mally entered a life of larger service. 
The familiar black sedan of the late 
David Alexander Shepherd, '00, has 
been given to the Sewanee airfield by 
the Rev. and Mrs. John H. Soper, he 
of '33 and she the former Mary Shep- 
herd. Fritz waits patiently in the Hu- 
ger memorial hangar until a planeload 
of visitors arrives. Then, purring with 
satisfaction, he takes them to Clara- 
mont for a snack or to Morgan's Steep 
for a view. When returned to the field, 
the seven-passenger limousine slithers 
unobtrusively into the hangar, eager to 
demonstrate again the hospitality for 
which his former master was famous. 

Dr. W. P. Ezzard has practiced medi- 
cine in the same office in Lawrence- 
ville, Georgia, for more than fifty-three 
years,. His only son is also a doctor. 
Among the 3,000 babies delivered by 
the elder Ezzard, several have been 
named for him. One of these, Ezzard 
Charles, became a famous boxer. 


Capt. William J. Hine, SAE, visited 
the Mountain with Mrs. Hine this sum- 
mer. He spent forty-one years in the 
Navy, retiring to Memphis in 1946. In 
1952 he moved to New Orleans to be 
near his daughter and two grandchil- 

Dr. Carl B. Welch has been practic- 
ing medicine for fifty-four years. He 
lives in Attapulgus, Georgia. 


The Rev. H. L. Hoover had an air- 
plane trip to England and Ireland in 
the summer of 1960. He plays golf, 
reads many hours a day, but no longer 
spends much time tending his twenty 
varieties of camellias. His last visit to 
Sewanee was on All Saints' Day, 1959. 

The Rev. Prentice A. Pugh, PKA, was 
honored September 6 by the Nashville 
Shrine Club at a luncheon. The club 
will give an annual "Prentice Pugh 
Award" to the nurse, interne or resi- 
dent who during the year has made the 
greatest contribution to the sick out- 
side his or her normal duties. Dr. Pugh, 
who is president of his Sewanee class, 
will be 80 in December. 


Bower W. Barnwell, SAE, is living 
in Old Lyme, Connecticut. He has 
been at Sewanee only twice in the last 
twenty-five years. 

The Rev. Willis G. Clark, D.D., rec- 
tor emeritus of St. Peter's Church, 
Charlotte, North Carolina, makes his 
home in Macon, Mississippi at 915 West 

Ford P. Fuller, KA, reports that his 
son, Ford, Jr., a graduate of West 
Point, has been promoted to colonel. He 
is stationed at the Pentagon after ser- 
vice in Europe, Mexico, and Korea. He 
was on the teaching staff at Virginia 
Military Institute for a time. His two 
sons are at Kent School in Connecticut. 

S. Merrick Sharpe, DTD, is living in 
Roxbury, Connecticut. His last visit 
to Sewanee was in 1914 but his inter- 
est has continued through the years. 


John B. Greer, KA, was on the Moun- 
tain with Mrs. Greer in October to at- 
tend the dedication of Guerry Hall and 
to represent the class as its president 
at the Alumni Council meeting. 

Sorsby Jemison, SAE, of Birming- 
ham, did what many should do. He 
made a strictly sentimental journey. He 
selected compatible friends and came 


The Sewanee News 

back. He wanted to see the autumn 
leaves again. The Alumni Office and 
Claramont. together were able to make 
the return a memorable one. He will 
recommend the idea. 

A. H. Wadsworth, SAE, is president 
of the Bay City Federal Savings and 
Loan Association in Texas. He gradu- 
ated from the Sewanee Grammar 
School in 1904 and entered the Univer- 
sity, but left before graduation to take 
a course in pharmacy at the Univer- 
sity of Texas Medical School. 


Thomas A. Cox, Jr., is a consulting 
engineer in Asheville, North Carolina, 
row retired from the Army in which 
he reached the rank of major. 

F. Clifton Hillyer, DTD, and his 
wife, who attended the old Fairmount 
College in Monteagle, celebrated their 
fiftieth wedding anniversary in August. 
The best man, G. Wilson Baltzell, 10. 
SAE, was on hand, as was the ring- 
bearer, a great-granddaughter of Maj. 
George R. Fairbanks of Sewanee. The 
Hillyers, who were married in Fernan- 
dina, Florida, now live in Jacksonville. 


Eric Cheape, DTD, class president, 
represented the class at the Alumni 
Council meeting in October. 


Bishop Frank A. Juhan, DTD, as class 
president represented 1911 at the Alum- 
ni Council meeting and reported on 
development plans of the University. 


Alumni Weekend, June 7-9, 1962 

Frank N. Green, SAE, has been ap- 
pointed president of the class of 1912 
and is making plans for the fiftieth re- 
union on June 7-9, 1962. He and Mrs. 
Green were at Sewanee for the fall 
Alumni Council meeting. 


N. Hobson Wheless, SAE, of Shreve- 
port, class president and alumni trus- 
tee, flew to Sewanee for the Alumni 
Council meeting in October. 


The Rev. Willis P. Gerhart, KS, and 
Mrs. Gerhart came to Sewanee this fall 
just before going to Spain for two 
months. Their older son, Harry, is a 
junior at Sewanee and their younger 
son entered Harvard this fall. 

J. T. Thomas, KA, prominent planter 
of Cruger, Mississippi, has been elected 
to a three-year term as a director of 
the Mississippi State Chamber of Com- 
merce. He is serving on the board for 
a second time. 

Justice Pride Tomlinson, KA, of the 
Tennessee Supreme Court retired in 
July because of ill health. His long 
career has been one of continuous pub- 
lic service, first as county attorney in 
his native Maury county and then in 
the state. In 1945 he headed the State 
Code Revision Commission. He served 
fourteen years on the Supreme Court. 


i i 

'*';"'' * 

T. L. 


James N. Neff, '25, has been appointed 
judge of the 128th judicial circuit in 
Texas. His home is in Orange where 
he has practiced law since his gradua- 
tion from Cumberland Law School in 


Joe M. Scott, Jr., ATO, was honored 
by St. James' Church, Dalhart, Texas, 
for his long service as warden of the 
church, trustee of Sewanee, and mem- 
ber of diocesan committees. The certifi- 
cate presented to him included this 
statement: "Your true devotion and 
your constant faith is an inspiration to 
al of us." 


Harry E. Clark, SAE, president of 
the Bank of Sewanee, represented the 
class at the Alumni Council meeting 
in October, 

The Rev. Canon Warner L. Forsyth, 
DTD, has retired from the active min- 
istry after forty-three years, most of 
them spent in the diocese of Michigan. 
"The Canon Missioner of the North" 
established three missions and helped 
two churches to parish status in the 
area he has served since 1949. The For- 
syths live on Lake Huron. 

Robert H. Mitchell, ATO, is secre- 
tary-treasurer of the Georgia state Ki- 
wanis Club for 1962. 


Alumni Weekend, June 7-9, 1962 

William Whitfield Shaw, PGD, is 
president of the Peoples Bank and Trust 
Company ($45 million in commercial 
and $15 in trust assets) and the Coastal 
Plains Life Insurance Company in 
Rocky Mount, North Carolina. The 
bank has eighteen offices in a dozen 
North Carolina towns. He has never 
forsaken his original interest in music, 

having led a dance band, directed two 
choirs, played the violin for 150 wed- 
dings and designed three organs. His 
civic distinctions include leadership in 
industrial development, chamber of 
commerce, Methodist college work, li- 
brary, hospital, Rotary, YMCA, and the 
senior wardenship of the Episcopal 
Church. He is a past board chairman 
of the North Carolina Bankers Associa- 

H. Powell Yates, ATO, became third 
vice-president, insurance and public 
relations, of the Metropolitan Life In- 
surance Company on June 1. His son, 
Bill, is a senior on Sewanee's football 
team, and his younger daughter, Mir- 
iam, is a student at St. Mary's here. 


Alumni Weekend, June 7-9, 1962 

The Rev. J. Hodge Alves is rector of 
The Falls Church in Virginia, which in 
1960 had the most baptisms of any con- 
gregation in the whole state. The 
church building was erected in 1767-69 
with funds raised while George Wash- 
ington was church warden. In 1959 
the interior of the church was com- 
pletely redone in the original Georgian 
style, with sanctuary, galleries, and z 
narthex added. 

Thomas P. Noe, Jr., SN, is executive 
vice-president of Greenville Steel and 
Foundry Co., in South Carolina, a sub- 
sidiary of the Carolina Steel Corpora- 
tion. The Greenville firm is under- 
going a half-million-dollar expansion 
of its operations, which include struc- 
tural and plate steel fabrication, dis- 
tribution of steel, and manufacture of 
textile machinery. 


Alumni Weekend, June 7-9, 1962 

Robert I. Nash, DTD, has become 
U. S. marshal for one hundred coun- 
ties in the northern district of Texas. 
His appointment is subject to Congres- 
sional confirmation in January. Nash's 
territory includes Dallas and Ft. Worth. 
He has been a rancher and banker in 
Kaufman, Texas, except for service as 
an M. P. in World War II in North 
Africa and Italy. His brothers, Mi- 
chaux, '26, and Edward, '31, have both 
served as Sewanee trustees. 


Alumni Weekend, June 7-9, 1962 

Paul A. Tate, PGD, who left Cuba 
in 1960 after thirty-two years as head 
of St. Paul's School at Camaguey, has 
been working with Cuban refugees in 
Florida. When he and Mrs. Tate left 
Cuba, they were only able to take out 
a suitcase of clothes. 

George W. Wallace, DTD, is making 
plans for the class reunion scheduled 
for the Alumni Weekend next June 7- 
9. He and Mrs. Wallace were on the 
Mountain in October for the Alumni 
Council meeting. 

Stanyarne Burrows, Jr., SAE, has 
the newly-created post of vice-presi- 

NOVEMBER 1 96 1 


Dr. Fred H. Bunting, '27, o" the International Cooperation Ad- 
ministration, is just back in the States from Pakistan, where 
this picture was taken in Karachi Harbor last February. His 
fellow sailor, right, is Lewis C. Burwell, '28, who was working 
on a transportation survey under the supervision of the U. S. 
Army's corps of engineers. Photographer was Mrs. Bunting, the 
former Ethel Jane Westfeldt of New Orleans, an archaeologist 
and one of Sewanee's rare alumnae (summer school 1928) . 

dent for administration and personnel 
of the Volunteer Life Insurance Com- 
pany, having previously been in charge 
of mortgage loans. He and William M. 
Cravens, KA, represented the class at 
the Alumni Council meeting this fall. 

The Rev. Richard L. Sturgis, SN, has 
become associate rector of Christ 
Church, Pensacola, Florida, where he 
will assist the Rev. Henry Bell Hodg- 
kins, '26. For the past four years Mr. 
Sturgis has been priest in charge of St. 
Francis' Church, Greenville, South Ca- 
rolina, and Holy Cross Church, Foun- 
tain Inn. He is grand chaplain of Sig- 
ma Nu fraternity. 


Moultrie B. Burns, SN, is one of 
two trustees for a county educational 
fund set up by anonymous donors for 
Kershaw County, South Carolina. The 
fund is to be spent for the benefit of 
public schools in the county. 

Dr. Charles C. Chadbourn, II, SN, 
professor of English at Louisiana Poly- 
technic Institute at Ruston, was first 
advisor and chief supporter of the stu- 
dent group which became a chapter of 
Sigma Nu. His son, C. C, III, won the 
Sigma Nu national Achievement Award 
this year for his work in establishing 
the new chapter. 

The Rev. Charles D. Snowden is rec - 
tor of St. James' Church, Langhorne, 

Dr. L. Spires Whitaker, DTD, is 
president of the Sewanee Club of Chat- 
tanooga. He spoke to the Alumni 
Council in October on the work of Se- 
wanee local organizations. 

Julius G. French, president of the 

Sewanee Club of Houston, represented 
that group at the Alumni Council meet- 
ing in October. Col. Robert P. Hare. 
Ill, PDT, was the class representative 
at this session. 

Col. Orin H. Moore retired July 31, 
after thirty years in the service. He 
graduated from West Point in 1935 and 
spent the first seven years of his com- 
missioned service with infantry and ar- 
mored units. Since then he has been 
with air units, serving with the Joint 
Staff in Washington and with NATO 
in Naples. During the past year he 
has been in charge of conceptual re- 
search at the Air University's Research 
Studies Institute at Maxwell AFB. His 
son, Larry, is a junior at Sewanee. Col. 
Moore will live in Seattle. 

Harvey M. Templeton, Jr., has made 
Winchester, Tennessee, the Mistic Bub- 
ble center of the universe. He and his 
spouse Jewel have perfected a number 
of inventions which make the hot- 
house seem at best a stone-age facility. 
Orders for their $30 contraption have 
come from Australia, New Zealand, 
Japan, Hawaii, Venezuela, Colombia, 
Spain, Belgium, Rhodesia, Borneo, 
Hong Kong, and even quainter places. 
If you plan to grow anything beside 
children, they probably have some- 
thing — i.e. their electronic leaf — to help 
you. For rearing children, they offer 
only advice, no gadgets. Their advice, 
however, might be worth hearing. They 
have brought up a half-dozen or so. 


Herman E. Baggenstoss, publisher of 
the Grundy County Herald at Tracy 
City, has been made an honorary mem- 
ber of the Soil Conservation Society of 
America. His promotion of conserva- 
tion and management projects has pro- 
foundly influenced Tennessee natural 

resource development over the last 
quarter century. Among the Tennes- 
see organizations which he has helped 
organize are a federation of sportsmen, 
Wildlife federation, timber growers' as- 
sociation, and forest festival. He origi- 
nated the Tennessee Wildlife magazine, 
forerunner of the s + ate-published Ten- 
nessee Conservationist, and helped draft 
an overall ^orest policy for Tennessee 
and a model frh and game law. 

Francis M Kellermann, KS, cf 
South Pittsburg, Tennessee, and Mrs. 
Kellermann were at Sewanee in Octo- 
ber for the Alumni Council meeting. 
Mr. Kellermann is recording secretary. 


Thomas A. Claiborne, KA, has moved 
to Nashville from Houston, in connec- 
tion with his appointment as general 
sales manager of the alloy and metals 
division of Tennessee Products and 
Chemical Corporation. A subsidiary of 
Merritt-Chapman and Scott Corpora- 
tion, the company operates eleven 
plants and other facilities in the South. 
Mr. Claiborne has been closely associ- 
ated with the iron and steel industry 
for more than twenty-five years. 

R. Morey Hart, SAE, senior vice- 
president of the Associated Alumni, 
presided at the fall meeting of the 
Alumni Council. His son, Ricky, is a 
member of the freshman class. 

Dr. John L. Tison, Jr., SN, of the 
English faculty of the University of 
Georgia, is the author of a fifteen-page 
article in the Modern Language Quar- 
terly for June, 1960, entitled "Shakes- 
peare's Consolatio for Exile." John, III, 
is a student at Kent School in Con- 

The Rev. Stiles B. Lines, DTD, in 
May became rector of St. Paul's Church 
in Delray Beach, Florida, after serving 
fourteen years in Camden, South Caro- 
lina. He spent a number of summers 
at Sewanee, while at work on the the- 
sis which earned his Ph.D. from Co- 
lumbia University. 


Hiram S. Chamberlain, SN, is a rep- 
resentative of Investment Securities 
Corporation in Chattanooga, having 
entered this field two years ago. His 
second son, Tommy, transferred to Se- 
wanee this year. 

Col. Edmund Kirby-Smith, SAE, is 
attending the Army War College at 
Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. The 
Army's senior school prepares selected 
officers for assignment to top staff and 
command positions. He holds an M.S. 
degree from Texas A. and M. and an 
M.B.A. degree from Syracuse. Mrs. 
Kirby-Smith is the daughter of the late 
Henry C. Cortes, '16. 

J. Pabst, PGD, his wife, Betty, and 
their daughters were at Sewanee this 
summer, taking the elder to Connecti- 
cut where she joined a high school stu- 
dents' trip to Russia. 


Rep. Richard Bolling, PDT, is one of 
eight Congressional representatives on 


The Sewanee News 

the federal Civil War Centennial Com- 

Theodore D. Ravenel, III, SAE, has 
moved to Monteagle as manager of the 
Assembly Grounds there. Mrs. Ravenel 
was Mary Virginia Cravens of Sewa- 


Alex Guerry, Jr., SAE, class presi- 
dent and Tennessee trustee, attended 
the fall meeting of the Alumni Council 
in October. 


Dr. Shubael T. Beasley, DTD, has 
accepted a professorship at Georgia 
State College in Atlanta, where he is 
head of the department of German. He, 
his wife Ruth, and their four children 
moved from Sullivan's Island, South 
Carolina, in September. Dr. Beasley, 
who taught German and Spanish at 
Sewanee 1953-1956, had a Fulbright 
fellowship in Germany in 1957. 

The Rev. Richard A. Kirchhoffer, Jr., 
SAE, and his church, St. Timothy's, 
Oahu, Hawaii, are sponsoring the reset- 
tlement of a Dutch-Indonesian plan - 
tation foreman and his family. 

The Rev. George C. Merkel, GST, is 
retiring from the active ministry, after 
serving almost twenty years in the At- 
more, Alabama, mission field. He is a 
former district governor of Rotary. 


William B. Hawkins, DTD, received 
a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois 
in January, 1961. He is an entomolo- 
gist at the Government Health Center 
at Savannah, Georgia. 

James W. Moody, BTP, represented 
the class at the fall meeting of the 
Alumni Council. He is vice-president 
for bequests of the Associated Alumni. 


William O. Beach, SAE, became 
county judge of Montgomery County, 
Tennessee, in May. He had previously 
served as city judge in Clarksville and 
sessions judge. 

Dr. W. B. Rogers Beasley has gone 
to Liberia on a two-year contract with 
the International Cooperation Adminis- 
tration. He will work with tropical 
diseases and leprosy. Address: State 
Department Mailing Room, Washington 
25, D. C. 

The Rev. David B. Collins, KS, rep- 
resented the class at the fall meeting of 
the Alumni Council. 

The Gaud School for Boys of Berke- 
ley Grimball, ATO, has moved into 
new quarters in the old John Rutledge 
mansion in Charleston and has its first 
senior class enrolled. The school's 165 
boys are in grades four through twelve. 
Classes for the seniors this year include 
advanced mathematics (college alge- 
bra), physics, Spanish, American his- 
tory and English. The school, founded 
in 1908, had an enrollment of about 15 
when Mr. Grimball assumed the head- 
mastership in the late 1940's. 

E. Grenville Seibels, II, SAE, is 
opening a new studio for Columbia 
Films, a television service which he 
operates in Columbia, South Carolina. 


Alumni Weekend, June 7-9, 1962 

The Rev. C. Judson Child, Jr., who 
was last winter at St. Augustine's Col- 
lege, Canterbury, was named as the 
student making the outstanding con- 
tribution to the fellowship and general 
life of the College. He will preach at 
All Saints' Chapel, Sewanee, on De- 
cember 10. 

The Rev. Henry W. Havens and his 
wife, Joyce, attended the Jnternational 
Conference for Town and Country 
Work at St. Augustine's College, Can- 
terbury, last summer. He is now serv- 
ing St. John's Church, Halifax, Vir- 


Alumni Weekend, June 7-9, 1962 


Alumni Weekend, June 7-9, 1962 

The Rev. Robert B. Greene, SN, is 
seerving St. Elizabeth's Mission in 
Whiterocks, Utah. 


Alumni Weekend, June 7-9, 1962 

The Rev. John C. Ball, Jr., ATO, has 
succeeded the Rev. E. Dudley Colhoun, 
'50, ATO, as rector of St. Anne's 
Church, Atlanta. After graduating from 
the college, he spent eight years with 
ordnance plants before returning t( 
Sewanee to study at St. Luke's. 

Pierre G. T. Beauregard, PDT, and 
his young son have been busy during 
this Civil War Centennial year attend- 
ing commemorations associated with 
their famous ancestor, the Confederate 
general. They attended the opening of 
the battle field museum at Antietam 
and the anniversary of Ft. Sumter in 
Charleston. Sewanee's Beauregard is 
an electronic microscope manufacturer, 
who lives in a Washington suburb. 

James G. Cate, Jr., PDT, is president 
of the Cleveland, Tennessee, Communi- 
ty Chest. He attended the fall meeting 
of the Alumni Council here in October. 

Joseph B. Cumming, Jr., SAE, has 
been named chief of the Atlanta bu- 
reau of Newsweek. In his four and a 
half years with the magazine he has 
traveled throughout the South covering 
such assignments as school desegrega- 
tion in Little Rock and New Orleans, 
the launchings at Cape Canaveral, the 
Cuban revolution. He is married to the 
former Emily Wright of Atlanta. Then- 
children are Joseph Bryan, 11, Doug- 
las Oliver, 9, Walter Whittier, 7, and 
Anne, 4. The middle two are named 
for uncles who came to Sewanee in 
the 1940's. 

Richard M. Deimel has moved from 
Long Island to Florida as brokerage 
supervisor for the Guardian Life In- 
surance Company. Address: 33'5 S.W. 
27th Ave., Miami 35. 

Roy Fite Francis, DTD, received an 
M.A. degree from Peabody College in 

Dr. Perrin Lowrey has returned to 
the University of Chicago as associate 
professor of English, after a year's 

Carter Smith, '51, is the new manager 
of Britannica Press, a division of the 
corporation which publishes the ency- 
clopedia. He has been in Chicago since 
1953, following services on the Stars 
and Stripes in Korea. 

teaching at Sweetbriar. He and Mrs. 
Lowrey and the children visited Se- 
wanee in early September. The Au- 
tumn, 1961, issue of the Sewanee Re- 
view has a story, "The Great Speckled 
Bird," by Dr. Lowrey. 

The Rev. George E. Stokes, ATO, has 
become rector of St. Luke's Church, 
Camillus, New York. 

Dr. Wilson C. Snipes, ATO, is now 
professor of English at Mercer Univer- 
sity, after four years at Converse Col- 
lege, where he had been dean of the 
College of Arts and Sciences since 1960. 
He has been president of the South 
Carolina Council of Teachers of Eng- 


Christopher W. Davis, ATO, is head 
of the social science department at 
Pensacola Junior College. He has been 
teaching there since 1955. 

Maj. Walter R. Davis, LCA, is at- 
tending the Army's senior tactical 
school, the Command and General Staff 
College, at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. 

The Rfv. J. Frederick Dickman, KA, 
is chaplain to Episcopal students at the 
University of Tampa and the new Uni- 
versity of South Florida. 

John P. Guerry, SAE, presided over 
the Saturday morning session of the 
Alumni Council early in October. He 
is vice-president for classes of the As- 
sociated Alumni and president of 1949. 
Dr. Stephen E. Puckette, ATO, and the 
Rev. C. F. Allison, SAE, represent the 
faculties of the College and the Semi- 
nary on the Council. 

Dr. Ronald F. Howell, DTD, received 
a research grant from the Rockefeller 
Foundation to study contemporary 
French political philosophy during a 
leave of absence from Emory Univer- 



Dr. Tom P. Haynie, '53, was named 
"resident of the year" at the University 
of Michigan's medical center at Ann 
Arbor. He is working in the field of 
nuclear medicine and teaching in the 
medical school. 

sity. He is associate professor of po- 
litical science there. 

Mrs. Sigmund Hudson (Anne Lester), 
who attended the Sewanee summer 
school in 1949, has been awarded a 
mathematics fellowship at Tulane by 
the National Science Foundation's Post- 
Doctoral Fellowship program. 


Frank Alford has been studying at 
Scarritt College in Nashville in prepa- 
ration for missionary service with the 
Methodist Church. He has been bas- 
ketball coach at Athens College in Ala- 

John D. Crews, KA, after four years 
as an editorial writer, has entered the 
graduate school of the University of 
Virginia. He has a National Defense 
Education Act fellowship and will study 
20th century British and American lit- 
erature and criticism. He expects to 
go into teaching. 

Theodore W. Davis, Jr., ATO, is a 
Nashville representative of the Con- 
necticut Mutual Life Insurance Co. He 
has five sons. 

Parker F. Enwright, SN, became ex- 
ecutive director of the Albany Inter- 
national Center in March. He extends 
the hospitality of the center to old 

James W. Gentry, SAE, of Chatta- 
nooga came to Sewanee in October for 
the meeting of the Alumni Council. He 
is vice-president for admissions of the 
Associated Alumni. 

Walter B. Parker, DTD, is plant 
manager of the Fry Roofing Company 
in Irving, Texas. He has been with the 
firm since 1956. He and his wife have 
two daughters. 

Dr. James H. Vaughan, Jr., ATO, 

specialist in African ethnic groups is 
assistant professor of anthropology at 
the University of Cincinnati. His mas- 
ter's degree is from the University of 
North Carolina and his doctorate is 
from Northwestern, where he was a 
member of the African Studies Fellow- 
ship program. In 1960 he completed a 
fifteen-month study tour in Nigeria 
and the Cameroons. 


William T. Cocke, PDT, instructor in 
English at Sewanee, represented th-3 
class at the fall meeting of the Alumni 
Council. John H. Nichols, PDT, vice- 
president for regions of the Associated 
Alumni, also was present. 

Julian F. Neill, PGD, has been made 
a vice-president of the Whitney Bank 
in New Orleans. 

Arthur Alexander West, KA, is a 
project engineer in the Defense Sys- 
tems Department of the General Elec- 
tric Company. He lives in Fayette- 
ville, N. Y. 

The Rev. Fred C. Wolf, Jr., is con- 
tinuing his studies at Oxford Univer- 


Horace W. Coleman, III, is a district 
Boy Scout executive in West Chester, 

The Rev. Lewis Hodgkins and his 
wife, who work at All Saints' Church, 
Anchorage, Alaska, spent part of the 
summer at the Indian village of Minto, 
conducting Vacation Church School. He 
visited the Rev. Dick Walkley, '55, at 
another Indian village, Tanacross, and 
took part in the centennial of Angli- 
can work at Ft. Yukon. He will be glad 
to lend his color slides to any church 
group, with commentary included. Ad- 
dress him at All Saints', Anchorage. 

Capt. Hartwell D. Hooper, BTP, has 
been recalled to active duty with the 
Air Force and is taking a refresher 
course at Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, 
Texas. His wife and children are re- 
maining at 1631 Edgemont Drive, 
Florence, Alabama, until his plans are 
more definite. 

Dr. John P. Vineyard, Jr., KS, has 
entered the practice of internal medi- 
cine in Austin, Texas. He hopes to 
bring his family to the Mountain soon. 

Gordon E. Warden, Jr., SN, is direct- 
ing the tennis and intramural programs 
at Presbyterian College in Clinton, 
South Carolina. He was tennis profes- 
sional for the past three years at Chi- 
cago's South Shore Country Club. In 
May he received a bachelor of divinity 
degree from Nashotah House. 


The Rev. Thomas D. Bowers, ATO, 
has taken charge of St. Patrick's 
Church in Washington. This summer 
he attended the Graduate School of 
Theology at Sewanee. 

Donald S. Clicquennoi is a salesman 
for Beldon Manufacturing Company in 
Memphis.. He was married recently. 

The Rev. John David Hall, KA, is 
heading a pilot project on community 

mental health for a group of Baptist, 
Christian, Presbyterian, and Methodist 
churches in Nashville. The churches 
are interested in a preventive program 
of mental health. The pastor often is 
the first person approached by people 
with problems in this area. Mr. Hall 
has a B.S. from the University of Ala- 
bama, a B.D. from Cumberland Pres- 
byterian Seminary, and is working on 
a doctorate in counseling psychology. 

Gilbert Hinshaw is stationed with 
the Air Force in Thule, Greenland. 

The Rev. David G. Jones, ATO, is on 
the Christian Education staff of the 
National Council oi the Episcopal 
Church, with headquarters in Green- 
wich, Connecticut. 

William S. Wrigley, DTD, is assist- 
ant administrator of the John C. Lin- 
coln Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. 


W. Harold Bigham has become as- 
sociated with the Nashville law firm of 
Phillips, Gullett and Steele. He has 
been an attorney with the Department 
of Justice under the "honor graduate" 
program. At Vanderbilt's law school 
he led his class as Founders' Medalist 
and was editor of the Law Review. 

Michael R. Richards, BTP, who has 
been teaching English and French at 
McCallie School for the past three 
years, is now on the English faculty 
of the University of Chattanooga. He 
is completing work on a master's de- 
gree at Duke. 

William H. Smith, SAE, Sewanee 
trustee from East Carolina, became 
manager of the Third Street office of 
Wachovia Bank and Trust Company in 
Wilmington in February. He is secre- 
tary-treasurer of the American Insti- 
tute of Banking in Wilmington. 

Leonard N. Wood, BTP, represented 
the class at the fall meeting of the 
Alumni Council. 


Dr. Sam Albritton, PGD, is practic- 
ing dentistry in Florence, Alabama. 

Keith Fort received a master's de- 
gree from the University of Minnesota, 
and is teaching English there. 

Robert P. Glaze, PDT, has received 
a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the Uni- 
versity of Rochester. 

Edward McCrady, III, ATO, has re- 
ceived a master's degree in biology at 
the University of Virginia. He is con- 
tinuing his studies for a doctorate. 

The Rev. Richard N. Walkley gives 
news of himself, his wife Patricia and 
daughter Elizabeth in an occasional 
newsletter, the Mission Bell, from Tana- 
cross in Alaska. The Lent issue re- 
ported a rather mild winter (50 de- 
grees below), a 1,400 pound moose to 
provide meat for the family, an ordina- 
tion near the Arctic coast, a village 
buffalo "cook" for Christmas, and an- 
ticipation of Easter and the summer 
growing season. 


Frederick M. Cole, PDT, of New 
York has been appointed CARE field 


The Sewanee News 

representative in Libya. He had sev- 
eral weeks of field training in Cairo 
before assuming his post May 1. He 
will assist in the administration of a 
country-wide food and self-help pro- 
gram. He has been in the advertising 
business in New York since his gradu- 
ation from Sewanee. 

Dr. Elbert C. Cunningham has 
opened a medical practice in Harriman, 
Tennessee, after receiving an M.D. from 
the University of Tennessee in 1959 and 
interning in Denver. Mrs. Cunningham 
is the former Lynn Blalock of Quit- 
man, Georgia. 

David S. DuBose, Jr., PDT, is assist- 
ant cashier of the State Bank and 
Trust Company in Columbia, South 
Carolina. After graduating from the 
University of South Carolina in 1956, 
he served three years in the Air Force. 

The Rev. Richard Hayes, DTD, has 
returned from Lenox School in Massa- 
vchusetts, to his preparatory alma ma- 
ter as English and history master. 

John A. Lever stayed on in Europe 
after his discharge from the service and 
is working on Air Force publications. 
He and his wife and daughter are liv- 
ing in Wiesbaden, Germany. 

Victor Pierre Serodino, BTP, is liv- 
ing on Signal Mountain in Chattanooga. 
He is president of Serodino, Inc. and 
is one of the largest barge operators 
on the Tennessee River. His firm also 
engages in coal stripping. He is mar- 
ried to the former Betty Joyner of 
Greensboro, North Carolina, and they 
have two children, Victor P., Ill, age 3', 
and Patricia, age 2. 

Lt. William Raymond Stamler, Jr., 
KA, married Ellen C. Boyd of Tracy 
City on September 30 at All Saints' 
Chapel, Sewanee. Mrs. Stamler is the 
daughter of Charles M. Boyd, '30, 
PGD. Lt. Stamler is stationed at 
Sewart AFB, Tennessee. 

Richard A. Wilson, SN, is practicing 
law in San Francisco with the firm of 
Kent and Brookes. He graduated from 
the University of California School of 
Law at Berkeley in 1959. 

The Rev. E. Stewart Wood is on the 
staff of All Saints' Junior College in 
Vicksburg, Mississippi, where he joins 
the Rev. Raul Mattei, '57, instructor in 
Spanish and Bible, and the Rev. Wade 
Egbert, '56, dean of the faculty. 


1st Lt. Roger Abel, BTP, graduated 
from the dental school of the Univer- 
sity of Tennessee in June and has since 
completed an orientation course at the 
Army Medical Center, Ft. Sam Hous- 
ton, Texas. Mrs. Abel is the former 
Beverly Ann Garner. They have one 

Frank R. Harrison, III, DTD, re- 
ceived his Ph.D. from the University 
of Virginia in June. He is teaching 
philosophy at Roanoke College in Sa- 
lem, Virginia. He presented a paper 
on St. Thomas at a recent meeting of 
the Southern Society for Philosophy 
and Psychology and has an article ap- 
pearing in Franciscan Studies this fall. 

Richard B. Hughes, ATO, in Juna 

Andrew H. Bayes, '53, is head of the psychology department at 
Florida's Sunland Training Center at Orlando, a hospital for the 
non-ambulatory mentally retarded. The hospital has an intensive 
research program. 

received an MA. (in English and the 
Writing Seminars) from Johns Hop- 
kins University. He is now instructor 
of English at Converse College. 

William A. Kimbrough, SAE, a 
graduate of the University of Alabama's 
law school in January, is the new as- 
sistant U. S. attorney for the southern 
district of Alabama in Mobile. 

Lt. Ronald L. Palmer, ATO, is sta- 
tioned at Goose Bay, Labrador, with a 
combat support group. In addition to 
his duties as legal officer, he is teach- 
ing business law for the University of 
Maryland in their overseas program. 
The Sewanee colony in Labrador in- 
cludes Lt. Heyward B. Roberts, Jr., '57, 
PDT, and his wife, Peggy, and Lt. Hugh 
Wellford, '56, SAE, who is at an iso- 
lated station there. 

Brooks Parker, KS, has joined a 
Nashville public relations firm. He was 
formerly public relations director for 
Southern Bell in Middle Tennessee. The 
Parkers have one child, Carrie Lyons. 

John W. Talley, Jr., PDT, is North- 
east Georgia's area representative for 
the Georgia Power Company, working 
with civic and business groups inter- 
ested in the economic development of 
the area. He has previously been em- 
ployed by General Electric. 


Olin G. Beall, Jr., ATO, is an Army 
specialist assigned to Tripler General 
Hospital in Honolulu. 

The Rev. Millard H. Breyfogle is 
rector of St. Luke's Church, Marianna, 

Andrew Pyong C. Park is working 
in the biochemistry department of Em- 
ory University. He graduated from 
Vanderbilt and went to the University 
of Virginia for further study. 

Edward C. Wilson, PGD, is owner of 
the Jones Insurance Agency in Well- 

man, Iowa. He is married and has one 


Nathan J. Harsh, SN, has graduated 
from Vanderbilt in law, served on ac- 
tive duty with a Tennessee Air Na- 
tional Guard unit in Texas, and taken 
a grand tour of England and the Con- 

Lt. W. Allen Morrow, KA, is in the 
Marine Corps as a disbursing officer at 
the air station at Beaufort, South Caro- 

1st Lt. Robert Dudley Peel, PDT, is 
a security flight officer with the 310th 
Combat Defense Squadron at Salina, 

E^s. Joel Strawn, PGD, returned in 
August from six months aboard the 
U.S.S. Forrestal in the Mediterranean. 

The Rev. D. G. Vergara dos Santos 
is vicar o" St. Luke' Church in Sao 
Paulo, Brazil. 


The Rev. George C. Field, Jr., GST, 
is now attending St. Augustine's Col- 
lege in Canterbury. He has been rec- 
tor cf St. Stephen's Church, Norfolk- 
Virginia, since 1957. 

Richard R. Forster, III, graduated 
from L. S. U. in 1960 with honors and 
has been studying for a doctorate at 
the University of Southern California. 

Donald W. Krickbaum, BTP, is sec- 
retary of the middle class at General 
Theological Seminary. 

The Rev. William H. Littleton has 
become rector of St. Stephen's Church, 
Milledgeville, Georgia. 

The Rev. Carl Russell Sayers, GST, 
has become assistant minister of Christ 
Church, Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills, 
Michigan, and vicar of St. Stephen's 
Church in Birmingham. He serves as 
chaplain, with the rank of captain, to 

November 1961 

the First Missile Battalion of the Michi- 
gan National Guard. He had served 
St. Luke's, Allen Park, Michigan, for 
ten years, during which time he earned 
his S.T.M. at the Graduate School of 
Theology at Sewanee. 


John Bacheller, Jr., PGD, has be- 
come a partner in the Atlanta law firm 
of Adair, Goldthwaite and Stanford. 

Airman Richard D. Bowling is train- 
ing as a medical administrative special- 
ist at Reese AFB, Texas. 

Hiram S. Chamberlain, III, is station 
agent for Eastern Airlines in Spar- 
tanburg, South Carolina. 

Ernest M. Cheek, PGD, is a member 
of the faculty at Castle Heights Mili- 
tary Academy, his alma mater. 

Burton D. Glover, SN, is an automo- 
bile dealer in Springfield, Tennessee. 

John G. Keck, ATO, is a management 
forester with the Virginia Division of 
Forestry. He lives in Roanoke at 5029 
Victoria St., N.W. 

Robert P. Nesbit, ATO, is teaching 
history at Frederick Military Academy 
in Portsmouth, Virginia, and during 
the summer is working on an M.A. at 
Peabody in Nashville. 

E. Dan Newton, SAE, is president of 
the Industrial Hose and Fittings Co., 
Inc., in Memphis. 

M. Lee Shaffer, Jr., SAE, is in the 

Many of the class of 1961 have gone 
to graduate or professional schools. A 
partial list follows: 

Law: Bobby Joe Bertrand (Duke) ; 
Ronald B. Dowd (Texas); Walter G. 
Mullins (Oklahoma); Thomas S. Tis- 
dale (South Carolina) ; Marion G. 
Tomlin (Virginia) ; William Prewitt, 
III (Emory). 

Theology: Sterling M. P. Rayburn 
(Nashotah); Harry E. Miller (Vander- 
bilt); Michael H. Wilson (Berkeley Di- 
vinity School). 

Other Schools: M. Keith Cox (den- 
tistry, Baylor) ; Paul Lee Prout (archi- 
tecture, Rice) ; Jerry A. Snow (medi- 
cine, Washington University) ; James 
R. Snow (Wharton School of Business) : 
Paul C. Alvarez (American Institute 
for Foreign Trade), Frank T. Melton 
(Vanderbilt) ; Raymond C. Mensing 
(Emory) ; Danny E. Woods (Northwest- 
ern) ; Anthony P. Walch (journalism, 
Missouri); Robert J. Schneider (Notre 
Dame) ; Richard L. Gibbs (physics, 
Clarkson College of Technology ) ; 
Christopher P. Bird (biology, Illinois 
State Normal University) ; Edward 
Ethridge (Stanford). 


A gift in memory of William Ridley 
Burgess, KS, has been received by the 
Library at Sewanee for the purchase 
of books for the Spanish collection. The 
donor, a close friend and fraternity 
brother of Burgess, intends to make an 
annual gift for this purpose. The Kap- 
pa Sigmas are placing a tablet on their 
new front porch in memory of Burgess, 
who was killed in an automobile acci- 
dent while at home for a weekend last 


Geoffrey Charles, son of the Rev. Da- 
vid B. Collins, '43, KS, on September 2 
at Sewanee. His name is reminiscent 
of his family's year at St. Augustine's 
College, Canterbury. 

David, son of the Rev. Moultrie H. 
McIntosh, '47, ATO, on January 21 in 
Oak Ridge, where Mr. Mcintosh is rec- 
tor of St. Stephen's Church. 

Anne Camille, daughter of Dr. Fred 
N. Mitchell, '48, on September 9 in 
Charlotte, North Carolina, where her 
father specializes in pediatric cardi- 
ology and is president of the Sewanee 

John Burwell, adopted son of the 
Rev. Roy Bascom, '49. Mr. Bascom is 
rector of Grace Church in Hammond, 

Josephine Herring, daughter of the 
Rev. William L. Hicks, '49, SN, on July 
25 in Lancaster, South Carolina, where 
he is rector of Christ Church. 

Susan Connally, daughter of Howard 
M. Smith, '49, SAE, September 12 in 

Leslie Ann, daughter of David L. 
McQuiddy, Jr., '51, KA, in September 
in Nashville. 

Joseph Bryan, son of Lt. William L. 
Smith, '51, in September in Pensacola, 

Elizabeth Standley, daughter of R. 
Andrew Duncan, '52, KA, in Novem- 
ber, 1960, in Tampa. Mr. Duncan has 
formed a legal partnership, Duncan and 
Lawson, attorneys, and is president of 
the Sewanee Club of Tampa. 

William Brown, IV, son of the Rev. 
W. Brown Patterson, '52, BTP, on 
July 16 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Michael Wayne, son of Homer W. 
Whitman, Jr., '53, ATO, on October 9 
in Atlanta. 

Julie Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. 
J. Ralph Patston, '54, DTD, on July 14 
in Huntington, Indiana, where Father 
Patston is in charge of the Church of 
Christ the King. 

Susan Carol, daughter of the Rev. M. 
Clark Baker, '55, KA, and granddaugh- 
ter of Emmett H. Baker, '17, KA, in 
April. The Clark Bakers are living in 
Monteagle, where he is in charge of the 
Church of the Holy Comforter. 

Shannon Grace, daughter of the Rev. 
(Capt.) John Pedlar, 56, on August 3 
in El Paso, Texas, where he is stationed 
at Ft. Bliss. 

Timothy Walker, son of the Rev. 
George V. Johnson, '57, on July 19 in 
Columbia, South Carolina. Dr. Johnson 
is chaplain-missioner in Upper South 

Todd Donnell, son of Thomas D. 
Evans, Jr., '58, BTP, on April 14. The 
Evanses live in Libertyville, Illinois, 
and were on the Mountain briefly in 
September. Mr. Evans graduated from 
Northern Illnnois University in 1960 
wi+h a B.S. in chemistry. He is a de- 
velopment biochemist at Abbott Labs 
in North Chicago. Mrs. Evans is the 
former Carol Hunter. 


Arch Peteet, Jr., '29, SAE, to Mrs. 
Sara Arnold Ausley on September 2 in 
Anniston, Alabama. They are living in 
Greenwood, Mississippi. 

James T. McKtnstry, '48, KS, to Jane 
Carol Edwards on August 26 in Wil- 
mington, Delaware. He is a graduate 
of Washington and Lee and the Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania Law School. 
Mrs. McKinstry is a graduate of the 
University of Delaware. 

Edgar J. Cheatham, Jr., '52, to Pa- 
tricia Joy Pierce on August 18 in Mem- 
phis. They are living in Greenville, 
South Carolina, where Mr. Cheatham 
is now dean of the middle school of 
Christ Church's preparatory school. Mr. 
Cheatham spent eight years on the fac- 
ulty of Sewanee Military Academy and 
more recently has been in the travel 
business. Mrs. Cheatham is a gradu- 
ate of the University of Arkansas and 
a member of Phi Beta Kappa. 

Dr. Drury S. Caine, III, '54, KA, to 
Virginia Hall Brinson on August 12 in 
Greenville, South Carolina. He has an 
M.S. degree from Vanderbilt and a doc- 
torate in organic chemistry from Em- 
ory University, where Mrs. Caine 
earned an M.S. Both are members of 
Sigma Xi. They are living in New 
York, where he is doing post-doctoral 
research at Columbia University. 

Ensign Campbell Conklin, '54, SAE, 
to Patricia Marchant Haswell in Chat- 
tanooga in September. They are living 
at 3451 Roswell Road in Atlanta. 

William D. Tynes, '54, PDT, to Emily 
Symington Wilson on September 16 in 

Larry Philip Davis, '55, BTP, to 
Erla Joyce Cleaves on October 28 in 
Albany, New York, where he is direc- 
tor of Clinton Neighborhood House. 
Both Mr. and Mrs. Davis have been 
youth workers at St. Christopher's 
Chapel on the Lower East Side of New 
York. He worked with teen-age gangs 
in Philadelphia and is a graduate of the 
Philadelphia Divinity School. Mrs. Da- 
vis is a graduate of Colby College and 
a member cf Fhi Beta Kappa. 

Lawrenc:: D. C kiddle, '56, ATO, to 

Joan Reitelbach on September 19 in 

Dallas, Texas. She is a graduate of 
the University of Arizona. 

James Maxwell Belford, '57, SN, to 
Sherry Joy Ginsberg, in September in 
Savannah, where both teach at Groves 
High School. They are living at 1107 
E. Duffy St. 

Carleton Sewell Cunningham, Jr , 
'57, PDT, to Nelia Daggett on March 25 
in Marianna, Arkansas. Mrs. Cunning- 
ham is the daughter of William H. Dag- 
gett, '29, PDT, Sewanee trustee, and 
the granddaughter of Jesse B. Daggett, 

Dudley C. Fort, Jr., '58, PKA, to 
Mandy Gray Simpson on July 15 in 
Nashville. Mr. Fort is a student at the 
Medical College of Georgia. His father, 
Dudley, '34, PDT, and his grandfather, 


The Sewanee News 

Dr. Rufus Fort, '93, SN, were both Se- 
wanee men. Mrs. Fort is a graduate 
of Vanderbilt and Columbia Unive-rsity. 

The Rev. Bruce Green, '58, ATO, to 
Dorothy Allen Cooke on June 19 in 
Memphis. They are living in Copper- 
hill, Tennessee, where he is a newly- 
ordained deacon. Mrs. Green attended 
Southwestern at Memphis. 

Arthur Leo Speck, '58, DTD, to Nancy 
Lee Carter, on June 24 in Austin, Tex- 
as. He attends the University of Texas 
Medical School at Galveston. 

Alexander P. Looney, '59, KA, to 
Carol Hamilton Knight on September 
16 in Big Stone Gap, Virginia. They are 
living in Kingsport, Tennessee, where 
he i.~: a Chevrolet dealer. Mrs. Looney 
graduated irom Greenbriar College. 

John Hatley Nichols, Jr., '59, PGD, 
to Mary Ann Groseth on July 29 in 
Hinsdale, Illinois. Curtiss Scarritt, '59, 
SN, was best man. Mr. Nichols has an 
M.B.A. degree from Columbia Univer- 

John Samuel Miller, Jr., '59, to Mary 
Jane Roberts on September 1 in Tal- 
lahassee, Florida. Mr. Miller gradu- 
ated irom Florida State University 
there. Mrs. Miller attended Hollins 

The Rev. John R. Bell, Jr., '60, to 
Gretchen Horsch on September 2 in 
Newnan, Georgia. 

Lloyd Jan Deenik, "60, KA, to Susan 
Lillian Southwick on August 26 in All 
Saints' Chapel at Sewanee. Mrs. Dee- 
nik's father is the superintendent of 
Sewanees Emerald-Hodgson Hospital. 
Mr. Deenik, a graduate of Sewanee 
Military Academy, was valedictorian of 
the College class of 1960. They are 
living in Spencerport, New York. He 
is connected with Eastman Kodak. 

Ralph H. Flynn, '60, PGD, to Peggy 
Moore Prince in August in Winchester. 
He is a graduate student at Vanderbilt. 

Robert Clark Gregg, '60, PDT, to 
Mary Layne Shine on September 8 in 
Hinsdale, Illinois. He is attending 
the Episcopal Theological School in 
Cambridge. Mrs. Gregg attended Sweet- 
briar College. 

Ens. Duncan Y. Manley, '60, PDT, 
to Celeta Ruth Barnes on September 15 
in Birmingham. He is stationed at Port 
Hueneme, California. Mrs. Manley is 
a graduate of Vanderbilt. 

James Peter Maguire, '60, PGD, to 
Claire Ann Byrne on September 2 in 
Cleveland Heights, Ohio. He is attend- 
ing the Parsons School of Design in 
New York. Mrs. Maguire is a graduate 
of the American Academy of Dramatic 

James L. Hutter, III, '61, DTD, to 
Nelle Nuckolls on July 1 in Memphis, 
Tennessee. He is doing graduate work 
at the University of Oregon. Mrs. Hut- 
ter is an alumna of Southwestern. 

Fayette Clay Ewing, V, '62, to Rose 
Virginia Mathews on September 2 in 
Greenwood, Mississippi. Three Fayette 
Clay Ewings have come to Sewanee. 
One became a trustee, one a faculty 
member, and the present one is a stu- 
dent in the College. 


The Rt. Rev. Theodore N. Barth, 
sixth bishop of Tennessee and member 
of Sewanee's board of regents, died in 
August after a long illness. Following 
the traditions of Tennessee bishops 
(three chancellors, two vice-chancel- 
lors, and a dean), his interest in the 
University was great. 

Dr. John Selden, '96, died in Septem- 
ber at the age of 88, following an auto 
accident. He practiced medicine in 
Macon, Georgia, for many years. His 
brother, Karl, '00, is the only surviving 
Selden brother. 

Hueling Davis, '99, DTD, died Octo- 
ber 31, in Tulsa, where he had lived 
for thirty years. He was a graduate 
of the Law Department at Sewanee, 
and played on the 1898 undefeated 
football team. He practiced law in 
Jacksonville, Florida, and Charlotte, 
North Carolina, and in Tulsa had been 
president of Petroleum Engineering and 
Producing Company and in the circu- 
lation department of the Tulsa news- 
papers. At the time of his death at 84 
he was employed by the Oklahoma 
Auto Association. His survivors in- 
clude, Mrs. Davis, sons Randal and 
Hueling, Jr., '28, PDT, and a daughter. 

James E. Boatright, '07, died sudden- 
ly on May 18 at his home in Monetta, 
South Carolina. His survivors include 
Mrs. Boatright and a son, James, Jr., 


Vernon S. Gray, '12, died December 
27, 1960, in Woodstock, Vermont. He 
was an alumnus of Academy and Col- 
lege at Sewanee. Mrs. Gray survives 

Col. C. R. Endsley, Sr., '14, president 
emeritus of Tennessee Military Insti- 
tute at Sweetwater, died February 10, 
1961. He was a graduate of Cumber- 
land University, with an LL.D. from 
Maryville. His son, Col. C. R. Endsley, 
Jr., has succeeded him as president of 
the military honor school. 

The Rt. Rev. William F. Moses, '24, 
KS, suffragan bishop of South Florida 
since 1956, died in London, England, on 
July 31. He suffered a heart attack 
while traveling in England with Mrs 

He attended Georgia Tech before 
coming to the seminary at Sewanee in 
1921. His early ministry was spent in 
the dioceses of Atlanta and Alabama. 
In 1930 he went to South Florida as 
rector of All Saints' Church, Lakeland. 
He was rector of the Church of the Re- 
deemer in Sarasota when he was con- 
secrated. In 1957 he received the D.D. 
degree from Sewanee. He was six 
times a deputy to the General Conven- 
tion of the Episcopal Church and in 
1958 had episcopal oversight for the 
Miami Beach General Convention. 

His survivors include Mrs. Moses, two 
daughters, and a son, Frank H. Moses, 
'47, of Florence, Alabama. Sewanee 

was a second home to Bishop and Mrs. 
Moses, where they came for summer 
vacations and visited frequently. He 
was one of Sewanee's most devoted 
alumni and trustee. 

Col. Jeff Clay, III, '25, died August 
22 in New Orleans, at the age of 54. He- 
had served in the Army for eighteen 
years, with service in Japan, China and 
the Philippines. He was parachuted 
behind Japanese lines in China as an 
O.S.S. officer in World War II. He was 
chief of the counter-intelligence corps 
for Europe when he became ill eighteen 
months before his death. He is sur- 
vived by his wife and a daughter, Mr.3. 
Fergus MacAble of Canberra, Australia. 

Lewis Serles Cooke, '25, SN, of Ola, 
Arkansas, died in Danville on July 19, 
1961, after an extended illness. Mrs. 
Cooke writes that he often talked of 
his happy memories of Sewanee. 

Capt. Gaston S. Bruton, Jr., '47, 
was killed instantly on September 3 in 
a parachuting accident near West 
Point, New York. He and friends were 
sky-diving when his emergency para- 
chute opened prematurely. He was the 
son of Sewanee's Provost and Mrs. 
Bruton. Burial was at Sewanee. 

He was born at Sewanee and was 
.salutatorian of Sewanee Military Acad- 
emy's class of 1943. After a year in 
the College and a summer at the Uni- 
versity of New Mexico, he entered the 
Army. After World War II, he went 
to the University of North Carolina, 
where, like his father, he was a mem- 
ber of Phi Beta Kappa. He received 
B.A. and M.A. degrees at Chapel Hill 
and then went to Yale. Called to active 
duty in the Korean crisis, he was for 
fourteen months a rifle platoon com- 

For the past two and a half years he 
had been teaching mathematics at the 
U. S. Military Academy. His superior 
wrote: "From the very first day of his 
joining the Department of Mathematics, 
it was evident that we had gained an 
officer exceptionally gifted in the quali- 
ties that we hope all cadets will ac- 
quire from example. Brilliant as a 
mathematician and equally so as a 
teacher, he was also the ideal of a pro- 
fessional officer. His instinctive sense 
of responsibility and integrity, his utter 
devotion to duty, his characteristically 
impressive bearing, dignity and sense of 
ethics, made us especially proud to have 
him appear before the cadets. . . . (He) 
will always be remembered as one of 
Ihe most outstanding instructors and 
officers in the history of the Depart- 
ment of Mathematics." 

Mrs. Raimundo deOvies of Atlanta 
died in October. Her husband was a 
former chaplain at Sewanee, and her 
son, Julian, and grandson, Julian, Jr , 
are alumni. She was the daughter 
of the late Robert Marion DuBose. 
treasurer of the University for many 

November 1961 

2 7 


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Vol. XXVIII, Supplement 

January, 1962 



History is the essence of innumer* 
able biographies. 

Thomas Garlyle 



Edited by 



General Index to Biographies of Students of All Departments of the 
University of the South (1868-1957) 
Trustees (1857-1957), Regents (1911-1957), 
Faculty (1868-1957), Honorary Alumni 

Sewanee Centennial Alumni Directory, Section VI, 






(§ewanee D^(jws <£e1ppanee (Centennial <iAlumni ^Directory 

Successor to the Sewanee Alumni News 

The Sewanee News, issued quarterly by the 
Associated Alumni of The University of the 
South, at Sewanee, Tennessee. Second-class postage 
paid at Sewanee, Tennessee. 

this supplement has been published by 
the Associated Alumni of the Univer- 
sity of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee, 
as a part of the observance of the Se- 
wanee Centennial. 

JANUARY, 1962 
Volume XXVITI Supplement 

Member American Alumni Council 

Directory Staff 

Helen A. Petry, 

Elizabeth N. Chttty Editors 

Rainsford Fairbanks Glass Dudney 

University Registrar 

Mary Crockett Hunt ..SMA Registrar 

Sarah Hodgson Torian Archivist 

Associated Alumni 

John M. Ezzell, '31 President 

Arthur Ben Chttty, '35 Executive 

Director, Editor Sewanee News, and 
University Historiographer 

Rt. Rev. John M. Alltn, '43 

President St. Luke's Alumni 

Rev. Robert Cherry, '44 

President SMA Alumni 

Robert P. Hare, IV, '54 

SMA Alumni Secretary 

The University of the South 
Rt. Rev. C C. J. Carpenter 

Edward McCrady 


Very Rev. George M. Alexander, *38 

Dean, School of Theology 

Col. Craig Alderman ..Superintendent, 
Sewanee Military Academy 

The General Index is the last of six sections of the Sewanee Centennial 
Alumni Directory. Publication began in 1954 with the Geographical Di- 
rectory, listing all living matriculants. Succeeding sections were the 
Matriculation Registers: Part I, including Medicine, Law, and the College 
of Arts and Sciences to 1920; Part II, with college matriculants from 1921 
to 1956; and Part III, other matriculants, especially in the School of Theo- 
logy, and recipients of honorary degrees. The fifth section was the Sewa- 
nee Military Academy Matriculation Register, published in 1959. 

A companion volume in this series is indexed here. The Centennial Re- 
port of the Registrar of the University of the South was published in 1959. 
Anticipating the publication of a second section, Faculty and Staff Biogra- 
phies, those names are included in this index. 

The Alumni Office is offering for sale bound volumes including the six 
Alumni sections of the Directory. Any alumnus desiring free copies of the 
separate sections may obtain them by writing to the Alumni Office, Se- 
wanee, Tennessee. 

The seven years spent in publication of this Centennial Alumni Directory 
have had for one editor at least, a certain resemblance to the Biblical years 
of bondage. For the apparently interminable time spent, for errors and 
omissions detailed on pages 523-531, apologies are certainly due, but ex- 
planations are in order too. Economy is the only reason for lack of an 
index in each section, or for the scheme of publishing by sections at all. 
The book would be more useful if post-1957 biographical facts could have 
been included, but deaths only are noted. There is always a temptation to 
delay publication until just one more fact is verified. Corrections still are 

The unreliability of official sources has been a constant surprise. We 
knew that the Calendars or catalogues classified as college students men 
for whom only grammar school grades have been found, but we did not 
know that the Proceedings of the Board of Trustees continued to list 
trustees after they died, resigned or were replaced. We relied heavily 
upon the Registrar's copv of the Matriculation Book through T883, until 
we discovered the original book in the Treasurer's vault and solved some 
vexing questions. We learned that alumni change the spelling of their 
names and stoutly deny that the original spellings ever existed. Members 
of a familv spell the same names differently. If a person ever used Jr. or 
III, that designation appears in this index. 

Some confusion has arisen from the method of indicating trusteeship. 
The plan was to use the actual meeting dates for which trustees were eligi- 
ble, since we thought it impossible to study the primary sources, more than 
1,700 diocesan journals. Later it proved necessary to go to the journals, 
with the corrections resulting. For a period in the early 1950's by error 
trusteeship was indicated by the year of office beginning half a year before 
the first eligible meeting or ending six months after, when the diocese next 
met. These contradictions are reconciled in the section on corrections. 

Let the editors of the Sesquicentennial and Bicentennial directories be- 
ware, and begin work not three but seven years before the anniversaries. 
(Arthur Howard Noll took seven years, too, for his Semi-Centennial di- 
rectory.) Not every search is as awkward as the one in which a reply 
came to letters written all over Texas: "If vou consult his sister, who re- 
sides in Sewanee, Tennessee, she can doubtless give you the information 
you need," or the one involving about twenty letters which ended with the 
discoverv that the current secretary of the board of trustees was the grand- 
son of the "lost" alumnus. 

We have in previous sections detailed our gratitude to persons who have 
been helpful. Here we can onlv say that literally thousands of persons 
have contributed to this accounting of Sewanee's stewardship in the first 
centurv. We still believe with Cardinal Newman that "A University is . . . 
an Alma Mater knowing her children one by one, not a foundry, or a mint, 
or a treadmill." and we justify our labors with Carlyle's belief that "His- 
tory is the essence of innumerable biographies." E. N, C. 




Sources and Comments 

Abbreviations in All Volumes 

Ladies at Sewanee 

Geographical Distribution of Living Alumni 








AND SCIENCES, 1868-1920 85-172 

Historical Note on the University 87 

Explanation of Biographical Notes 88 

Matriculants of the Medical Department, 1892-1909 89-1 12 

Matriculants of the Law Department, 1893-1909 113-115 

Matriculants of the College 1 1 6-1 72 

Junior Department, 1868-1870 116-117 

Academic Department, 1871-1907 118-153 

College of Arts and Sciences, 1908-1920 154-172 


Comment and Explanation 175 

Matriculants 176-286 

World War II Military Units 221-222, 225-226, 229-244 


DEGREES 289-368 

Officers of the Associated Alumni 292 

College Matriculants, 1956-1957 293-295 

Historical Note on Theology at Sewanee 296-297 

Matriculants of School of Theology, 1869-1957 298-329 

Summer Schools of Theology 330 

Matriculants of the Graduate School of Theology, 1937-1957 331-338 

Summer Schools of Greek, French, Other Subjects 340 

Summer Schools of Music 341 -342 

Recipients of Honorary Degrees 343-365 




Historical Note on Preparatory Department 371 

Heads of Preparatory Department 373-374 

Comment on SMA Biographies 375 

Officers of SMA Alumni Association 376 

Matriculants 377-491 

Index to Biographies of Preparatory Department 492-5 1 6 


Honorary Members of the Associated Alumni 521 

Sewanee Ambulance Unit 522 

Additions and Corrections to Biographies 523 

General Index to Biographies 532 

Subject Index 601 


I. Matriculation, Enrollment and Degrees 4-17 

II. Commencements 18-27 

III. The Owning Dioceses 28-29 

IV. Board of Trustees 30-47 

V. Meetings of the Board of Trustees 48-109 

VI. Board of Regents 110-112 

VII. Constitutional and Other Officers of the University 1 13-121 

Sources 122-123 

Index to Registrar's Report 124-125 


This index is designed to contain the name of every student matriculated in the University of the South from 
its opening in 1868 through its Centennial in 1957 (College of Arts and Sciences and its predecessors, the Junior 
Department and the Academic Department; Medical and Law Departments; School of Theology with its summer 
Graduate School; the summer French School; the Sewanee Grammar School and its successor, the Sewanee Mili- 
tary Academy). Available names of persons attending the Tennessee diocesan training school are listed. The 
names of persons attending a variety of summer programs which did not give them matriculant status are in- 
cluded: the Summer School of Greek, early Summer Schools of Theology, musical programs such as a Summer 
School of Music, the Cumberland Forest Festival, and the Sewanee Summer Music Center. Enrollees in the World 
War II Civilian Pilot Training Program are indexed. These have all been "students at Sewanee." 

Recipients of honorary degrees and persons named to membership in the Associated Alumni are listed. From 
the Registrar's Report came the names of persons named to the Boards of Trustees and Regents of the Univer- 
sity, and the Commencement preachers and orators, and the constitutional officers of the University. Faculty and 
staff are indexed here as far as the research has gone, but this category may not be complete. 


Abbreviations in the index refer to the following divisions of the University or special activities carried 
on by the University. 

A— Matriculant of Sewanee Grammar School or Sewanee 
Military Academy 

C-Matriculant of the College of Arts and Sciences 

CFF — Participant in Cumberland Forest Festival of Music 

(CPT— Enrollee in Civilian Pilot Training Program World 
War II 

GST— Matriculant in Graduate School of Theology 

H— Recipient of Honorary Degree 

HA— Status as "honorary alumnus" by some method other 
than honorary degree 

L — Matriculant in Law Department 

M — Matriculant in Medical Department 

Mus — Summer School of Music 

RR — Centennial Report of the Registrar 

SATC— Staff of Student Army Training Corps World War I 

SSGr — Participant in Summer School of Greek 

SSMC — Participant in Sewanee Summer Music Center 

SST— Participant in Summer School of Theology other than 

T— Matriculant in School of Theology 

V-12— Staff of Naval Training Unit World War II 


The Associated Alumni have two kinds of honorary members: 1) recipients of honorary degrees, who 
have not matriculated either before or after receiving the degree; and 2) persons elected to honorary 
membership by the association or the Alumni Council. 

Many recipients of honorary degrees were former students of the University, and at least one 
honorary degree recipient matriculated after receiving the honorary degree. These persons are not in- 
cluded in the list of "honorary members" given here. 

In recent years "honorary members" have been thus designated by formal action of the Alumni 
Council. The non-alumni who served in France in World War I with the Sewanee Ambulance Unit 
were elected in a body to honorary membership sometime before 1944. For some "honorary members" 
there is only tradition to substantiate their membership. In 1917 and 1918 the Alumni Newsletter 
recorded the awarding of "honorary degrees" by the alumni. All went to matriculants except Dr. Sarah 
Barnwell Elliott, who already had a University honorary degree, and Mrs. Fannie M. Preston, who was 
cited as "Spiritus Sewaniensis Conservatrix." 

A list of "honorary members" appears below. Other persons may have received this honor. 

ADKINS Victor B (Selma Ala); 
elected HA Sewanee Ambulance Unit 

ANDERSON C Elbridge (Birmingham 
Ala) ; named HA before 1941; died Nov 

ANDERSON Joseph Porter (Chatta- 
nooga Tenn) ; elected HA Sewanee Am- 
bulance Unit; entered U S Naval Acad 
1914; deceased 1927 

ANDERSON John D (Selma Ala); 
elected HA Sewanee Ambulance Unit 

ARNOLD S A; Sewanee Ambulance 
Unit; U S Naval Acad; onetime Ford 
Motor Co Memphis; died in France 
1918; (name may be Sequine Allen) 

BAKER William H; elected HA Sewa- 
nee Ambulance Unit; Philadelphia Pa* 

BISHOP Rev William Samuel; named 
HA sometime before 1936; Rutgers Coll 
AB 1887 AM 1891; Gen Theol Sem BD 
1894 DD 1905; deacon 1891 priest 1891; 
prof Sch of Theol U of S 1902-1912; vie 
emeritus St Thomas Ch 1935- Wash- 
ington D C; died Washington D C 15 
Mar 1944 

BONNER James Shepherd (Atlanta 
Ga); elected HA 1958; exec Southern 
Bell Tel & Tel (ret) ; now civil defense 
Atlanta; World War I U S Army; 3532 
Kingsboro Rd NE Atlanta 19 Ga 

BOOTH Harvey Gordon (Atlanta Ga) ; 
elected HA 1959; v pres Southern Bell 
Tel & Tel; Atlanta trustee U of S 1958-; 
Box 22] 1 Atlanta 1 Ga 

BOUCK Lyle J; elected HA Sewanee 
Ambulance Unit; St Louis Mo* 

CARNEY Richard R (Clarksville 
Tenn) ; elected HA Sewanee Ambulance 
Unit; died Clarksville Tenn 

CARTER Hodding (Greenville Miss) ; 
elected HA 1953; Bowdoin Coll BA 1927 
LittD 1947; Columbia U 1927-1928; Tu- 
lane U 1928-1929; Harvard U 1939 MA 
(hon) 1947; Washington U LHD 1954; 
see Who's Who 1956-1957; ed Delta 
Democrat-Times; Greenville Miss 

CATER Robert B (Selma Ala) ; elect- 
ed HA Sewanee Ambulance Unit; Ga 
Inst of Tech 

CATLETT John B; elected HA Sewa- 

nee Ambulance Unit; 328 Home Ave 
Clarksville Tenn 

CHANDLER D T; elected HA Sewa- 
nee Ambulance Unit 

CHRYSTIE C E (Philadelphia Pa); 
elected HA Sewanee Ambulance Unit 

CLARK Morris Kerr (Clarksville 
Tenn) ; elected HA Sewanee Ambulance 
Unit; Gen Motors 1918-1955 managing 
dir export div; died New York N Y 9 
Sept 1955 

CRAIG John Kennedy (Knoxville 
Tenn); elected HA 1949; U of Tenn 
1910-1913; pres C B Atkins Realty Co 
Atkins Hotel Co & Knoxville Home 
Bldg Co; Tenn trustee U of S 1943-1954; 
Houser Road Rt 14 Knoxville Tenn 

CRANDALL William Wright (New 
York N Y) ; elected HA 1940; Princeton 
U BA 1928 MFA 1930; Oxford U D Phil 
1933; architect; comdr U S Navy World 
War II; Doswell Va 

DAVIS William E (New York N Y) ; 
Sewanee Ambulance Unit; died 1921 

DEMETER George C (Boston Mass) ; 
elected HA Sewanee Ambulance Unit; 
Harvard U BA; Boston U LLB; atty; 
214 Huntington Ave Boston Mass 

FINLEY Robert Elmer (Nashville 
Tenn) ; elected HA 1954; treas Nashville 
Banner; Nashville Tenn 

FLINTOFF Harrold Rae (Sewanee 
Tenn); became HA and later matricu- 
lated as C 4770; Yale U; Hampden-Syd- 
ney Coll; onetime admins asst to 
vice-chancellor U of S; supt Emerald- 
Hodgson Hosp 1939-1949; died Sewanee 
Tenn 19 Feb 1949 

FOSTER William (Foster Falls Tenn) ; 
elected HA Sewanee Ambulance Unit 

GORDON William Hamilton (Annis- 
ton Ala); elected HA Sewanee Ambu- 
lance Unit; Talladega Ala (or 2019 19th 
St NW Washington D C) 

GRAZON R A L; elected HA Sewa- 
nee Ambulance Unit; Philadelphia Pa* 

GROSSE M H (Old Fort Mich); 
elected HA Sewanee Ambulance Unit; 
Philadelphia Pa* 

GUERRY Charlotte Patten also Mrs 
Alexander (Chattanooga Tenn); elected 
HA 1956; Vassar Coll; Mt Vernon Semi- 
nary Washington D C; Lookout Mt Tenn 

HAMM Jefferson Koger; elected HA 
Sewanee Ambulance Unit; U of Miss 
BA 1917; former sec Alumni Assoc & 
now business mgr of intercollegiate ath- 
letics U of Miss 1954; University Miss 

HEAD Thomas Grady (Atlanta Ga); 
elected HA 1959; Chattanooga Coll of 
Law 1925; assoc justice Supreme Ct of 
Ga; see Who's Who 1956-1957; 3727 Ver- 
mont Rd NE Atlanta 3 Ga 

KAYDEN Eugene Mark (Sewanee 
Tenn) ; elected HA 1956; U of Colo BA 
1912; Harvard U MA 1913; fellow in 
economics Princeton U 1913-1914; grad 
stu Columbia U 1916-1917; economist 
& trade expert War Trade Board 1917- 
1919; U S Dept of State 1919-1920; instr 
economics Yale U 1920-1922; consultant 
U S Dept Agr 1922-1924; prof of eco- 
nomics U of S 1924-1955 emeritus prof 
1955-; see Who's Who 1950-1951; trans- 
lator of Pasternak; Sewanee Tenn 

KIMBALL George Allen (Lake 
Charles La); elected HA 1959; atty; La 
trustee U of S 1954- & chairman Church 
Support 1957 -; Box 910 Lake Charles 

KLINE Wendell Fischer (Sewanee 
Tenn); elected HA 1954; U S Naval 
Acad BS 1926; capt U S Navy (ret); 
former vice-pres for development U of 
S; now mgr Jackson-Myers Airfield; 
Sewanee Tenn 

KLOSE Carl Otto; elected HA Sewa- 
nee Ambulance Unit; onetime dept 
store clerk; E Moriches Long Island NY 

LAMB Thomas Kelsey (Beaumont 
Tex); elected HA 1955; U of Missouri 
1926; mgr Lamb Printing Co; Tex trus- 
tee U of S 1952-1957; 2020 Higgins Cir- 
cle Beaumont Tex 

LEWIS Charles R (Meridian Miss); 
elected HA Sewanee Ambulance Unit; 
c/o Merchants & Farmers Bank Me- 
ridian Miss 



LOARING-CLARK William James 
(Clarksville Tenn) ; became HA some- 
time before 1935; U of Chattanooga DD 
1913; attended summer school of theol 
at Sewanee 1906; deacon 1904 priest 
1906; rector St Luke's Ch Jackson Term 
1930- ; died there 1 Feb 1959 

LOGAN Sheridan A (New York 
N Y); elected HA 1955; Harvard Coll 
BA 1923; exec sec George F Baker 
Trust; 1 Wall St New York N Y 

LONGINO Hinton Fort (Atlanta Ga) ; 
elected HA 1952; U of Ga AB 1917; WW! 
It U S Army 1917-1922; exec Retail 
Credit Co (ret); Atlanta trustee U of 
S 1950-1953 regent U of S 1951-1957 & 
chairman Church Support 1954 through 
1956; 2982 Habersham Rd N W Atlanta 
5 Ga 

LOWRY George; elected HA Sewanee 
Ambulance Unit; U S Army; 50 S Gar- 
field St Dayton O 

McGINNISS Ralph T; elected HA Se- 
wanee Ambulance Unit 

McISAACS Alfred C (Chattanooga 
Tenn) ; elected HA Sewanee Ambulance 
Unit; probably deceased 

McMAHON John Houston (Laurel 
Miss) ; elected HA Sewanee Ambulance 
Unit; Meridian Miss* 

MOSS Charles (Nashville Tenn); 
elected HA 1953; Vanderbilt U 1920- 
1924; exec ed Nashville Banner; see 
Who's Who 1956-1957; Deer Park Dr 
Nashville Tenn 

M Y N D E R S Alfred (Chattanooga 
Tenn); elected HA 1958; U of Tenn 
1908-1911; WWI; ed Chattanooga Times 

1942-1958 (ret) ; 728 Oak St Chattanoo- 
ga Tenn 

NASH W E; elected HA Sewanee 
Ambulance Unit 

OEHRING Fred H; elected HA Se- 
wanee Ambulance Unit; joined unit at 

ORGILL Edmund (Memphis Tenn); 
elected HA 1949; DCL 1954; U of Va BA 
1920 PBK; former pres Orgill Bros & 
Co hardware & mayor of Memphis; re- 
gent U of S 1947-1953 chairman 1951- 
1953; 1490 Linden Ave Memphis Tenn 

PAGET Tom W; elected HA Sewa- 
nee Ambulance Unit; Philadelphia Pa* 

PARSONS Sherwood; elected HA Se- 
wanee Ambulance Unit 

POLLARD Austin Wesley (Sewanee 
Tenn); elected HA 1950 ATO; physics 
laboratory technician U of S 1943-1944; 
formerly 20 yrs with Cleveland Bros 
Houston Tex; memorialized by A W 
Pollard Fund of Physics 1959; died 
Houston 24 Sept 1958 

POTTER Russel (Buffalo N Y) ; elect- 
ed HA Sewanee Ambulance Unit; It U S 
Army; commanding off of unit when it 
returned to U S 

PRESTON Fannie (Sewanee Tenn); 
elected HA sometime between 1912 and 
1920 as "Spiritus Sewaniensis Conser- 
vatrix"; longtime matron St Luke's & 
other halls; died Sewanee 5 May 1930 

SETZE Julius Adolphus (Augusta 
Ga) ; elected HA 1948; dir 1st Nat Bank 
& Trust Co Augusta; Ga trustee U of 
S 1933-1954 and regent 1943-1949; died 
Augusta 16 May 1955 

SMITH William Ruthven (Sewanee 
Tenn) ; elected HA 1933; grad U S Mili- 
tary Acad 1892; maj gen U S Army; 
superintendent U S Mil Acad 1928-1932 

& Sewanee Mil Acad 1932-1941; died 
West Point N Y 15 July 1941 

THORNTON L E (Philadelphia Pa); 
elected HA Sewanee Ambulance Unit 

TUELL Herbert A (Orlando Fla); 
elected HA Sewanee Ambulance Unit 

VAN ALSTYNE David (New York 
N Y) ; elected HA with Sewanee Ambu- 
lance Unit; It U S Army & unit com- 
manding officer between Dr Croft & Lt 
Potter when unit was in port of Amiens 

WAMBOLDT Wickes; elected HA 
1920; onetime journalist & mayor of 
Asheville N C 1933; dir Million Dollar 
campaign U of S 1920; WWI; died Ashe- 
ville N C 1953 

WASHINGTON Marina Woods also 
Mrs George Augustine "Miss Queenie" 
(Cedar Hill Tenn) ; elected HA 1920 or 
1921; ed first Sewanee Cook Book; 
died New Orleans La Dec 1959 

WHITFIELD Frank Young; HA Se- 
wanee Ambulance Unit 

WILHELM Rudolph L; elected HA 
Sewanee Ambulance Unit; druggist; 
Jersey City N J* 

WILLIAMS Victor (Winchester 
Tenn) ; elected HA 1952; pres V R Wil- 
liams & Co (ins) ; died Sewanee Tenn 
14 June 1958 

WILSON Cecil L; elected HA Sewa- 
nee Ambulance Unit; Star Route Aline 


During World War I there was formed the Sewanee Ambulance Unit, officially designated Ambu- 
lance Section No. 58, U. S. A., which trained at Camp Pearson, Allentown, Pennsylvania, and served 
with such distinction in France that it was given a divisional unit citation. Three of its members were 
individually given the croix de guerre of France: C. D. Conway, J. K. Moore, and J. K. Werner. The 
non-alumni were made honorary members of the Associated Alumni. The flag of the Sewanee Ambu- 
lance Unit now hangs in the War Memorial Chapel of All Saints'. 

A complete list of the unit appears below: 

ADKINS Victor B 
ANDERSON Joseph Porter 

ATKINS Edward Bryant Martin 
BAKER William H 
BETTLE Harold Edward 
CARNEY Richard R 
CATER Robert B 
CHAPMAN Burt Ward 
CLARK Morris Kerr 

CLARK Harry Everenden 
CONWAY Charles Duncan 
CROFT Theodore Gaillard 
CURRY Ancel Carlyle 
DAVIS William E 
DOBBINS Bob Taylor 
FOSTER William 
GERHART Nathaniel Vogle 
GORDON William Hamilton 
GRIFFIN William Hunt 
HAMM Jefferson Roger 

HALL William Pike Jr 
HODGE Robert Francil 
KLOSE Carl Otto 
LEWIS Charles R 
LOWRY George 
McISAACS Alfred C 
McMAHON John Houston 
MARTIN Samuel Cecil 
MOORE Julien Kendrick 
MURPHEY Arthur Gage 
NATION Hugh Edward 

PARSONS Sherwood 
PATON Noel Edward 
PATTILLO Manning Mason 
PHINIZY Stewart Jr 
POTTER Russel H 
REED Stuart Royden 
STONEY WiUiam Shannon 
TUELL Herbert A 
TULLIS Rogers Bethune 
WERNER James Kennely 
WHITFIELD Frank Young 
WILHELM Rudolph L 


Additions and Corrections to Biographies 

ADAIR Douglass Graybill Jr; A 3833 
C 4253; Yale U PhD 1941 not 1943 

AIKEN William Brownlow Jr; A 1194 
C 1162; killed in Philippines Spanish- 
Am War 

ALDRIDGE Andrew Jackson Jr; A 
1979 C 2026; died Boston 3 July 1959 

ALDRIDGE Frank Paxton; A 1978. 
died Leland 1959 

ALEXANDER Minor; A 3596 C 3772 
attended both College & SMA 

ALLDREDGE Hugh Henry; M 690 
died Englewood 6 Feb 1958 

ALLEN Forrest Francis; C 3049 
World War I; died Tuckahoe Oct 1957 

AMBLER Richard Jaquelin; A 1997 C 
.993; died 19 Feb 1960 

ARMES Edmund Campion; C 2134; 
alumni trusteeship began 1937; died 
Birmingham 26 Sept 1958 

ARNALL Ellis Gibbs; C 3616 H 425, 
alumni trustee for annual meetings 
1949-1951 term began 1948 

ARNETT Charles Thomas Jr; C 6; 
Ark trustee 1878-1880 

ARNOLD David Christopher; C 2530; 
World War I 

ATKINS John Norton; C 1681; Ashe- 
ville trustee 1918-1919 

AUSTELLE Alfred Lawrence Jr; C 
4769; Ford Glass Co Nashville; died 
there 28 Jan 1960 

AUTRY James Lockhart; A 309; al- 
though listed in Noll as college matri- 
culant and in Calendar for 1875 with 
college subjects no college grades found 
and he is classified as grammar school 

BABIN Wallace Joseph; M 1231; died 
Los Angeles Calif 21 Feb 1954 

BAILEY James Franklin; A 671 C 
689; entered from Bailey's Mills Ga; 
wholesale lumber & naval stores Co- 
lumbia S C; died 6 Apr 1944 

BAIRD Thomas Catchings; M 45; Va 
Mil Inst BA 1891; Yale U (law) 1891- 
1892; Atlanta Med Coll MD 1896; asst 
surg (2nd It) Spanish-Am War; died 8 
Mar 1916 

BALDWIN William Edward; C 4855 
H 325; regent 1935-1942 not 1934 

BALDWIN William Owen; A 2634 C 
2412; U S Naval Acad grad Class of 
1918 BS awarded 1939; v pres 1st Nat 
Bank Montgomery; now deputy register 
juvenile & domestic relations division 
of circuit court 

BALL Frank Jervey; C 5009; U of 
Rochester PhD 1944 not 1946 

BALL Robert Wilson; C 2746; World 
War I 

BALLARD Carsie Zay; M 1352; died 
Dublin 25 Nov 1955 

BARNHART Robert Knox; C 7924; 
resigned from KS 

BARNWELL James O'Neill; A 1438; 
died 17 Feb 1955 

BARNWELL Robert Woodward; C 
482 T 4.4; did not receive DD from U of 
S; recipient of DD in 1900 was bishop 
of Ala 

BARNWELL Thomas Choate; C 2365; 
died Roslyn Hts 21 Aug 1958 

BARRETT Robert S (initial only); 
H 81; Ky trustee not Ga 1885-1886 

BARRETT Robert South; C 1467 H 
298; signed Matriculation Book as Rob- 
ert Stribling Jr but appears everywhere 
else as Robert South; died Alexandria 
24 Feb 1959 

BARROW Robert Church; C 2717; 
World War I 

BARRY William Shelby Jr; C 2462; 
died Greenwood 31 July 1956 

BATTEY William Cephas; C 150; Fla 
promoter real estate ins & citrus; died 
Hendersonville NCI July 1917 

BAUSCH Frederick Rudolph; M 1126 
died Allentown 4 Apr 1957 

BEALE Phelan; C 1586 L 75; alumn 
trustee for annual meetings 1934-1937 
died Pass Christian Miss 2 June 1956 

BEARDEN Ellis Miller; C 2425 T 310 
World War I 

BEASLEY John Johnson; M 859 
died Pleasant Shade Tenn 2 June 1950 

BEDFORD White; C 232; entered 
from Bailey Depot Tenn 

BELFORD Walter Robert; C 4875 T 
557; Miss trustee only 1954 not 1951- 

BELL Bernard Iddings; H 246; died 
Chicago 1958 

BELL Percy Lee; A 2803 C 2494; died 
Greenville 16 Oct 1946 not 1937 

BELL William Franklin; C 1836; 
World War I 

BENNETT John Caldwell Jr; C 2502; 
alumni trustee 1934-1937 Ky trustee 

BENSON John Schuler McKinney; 
C 6205; in 1960 reported deceased 

BENTON William Goitein; C 3039; 
died Clarendon 5 Feb 1959 

BERWICK David Allen; M 370; died 
Pineville La Apr 1954 

BIGGAR Richard Aaron; M 1001; in 
1956 reported deceased 

BIRGE Nathaniel Bradford; C 3734; 
World War II 

BIRMINGHAM William Edward Jr; 
C 2402; World War I 

BLACK Ralph Peters; C 1611; Ga 
Tech MS 1929 CE 1930 not 1928 & 1929; 
died Atlanta Jan 1960 

BLACK Walter Bacon; M 468; died 
Austin 31 Mar 1955 

BLACKWELL William Gary; M 274; 
died 10 Apr 1938 

BLAIR Alfred Farnell; C 2664; con- 
tractor; 374 Millauden St New Orleans 

BLAIR James Newell; C 3993; Mo 
trustee for meetings 1931 through 1936 

BLEKER Julius William Jr; A 2010 
C 2028; U of Tex LLB 1914 not 1915 

BLOCK Hamilton; A 2023 C 1937; 
World War I; died Los Angeles 24 Apr 

BLOCK Karl Morgan; H 330; died 
San Francisco 20 Sept 1958 

BODEN Brench Linn; C 8425; KS 

BOLLING John Minge; A 4279; West 
Va U BS 1947 PhD 1952; Am Cyanamid 
Co 1952-1959; died Bound Brook N J 
6 Sept 1959 

BOONE Malcolm Alvah; M 269; in 

1956 reported deceased 

BOSWELL George Elmer; C 2361; 
died Flint Mich 13 Sept 1959 

BOTT Franklin Lucas; M 118; in 1956 
reported deceased 

BOWDEN Paul Delafield; C 2356 T 
320; W Tex trustee 1920 

BOYD James Edwin; M 808; died 
Hillsboro Jan 1957 

BOYD Wilson Lowrie; A 2931 C 2955; 
died Ft Worth 2 May 1960 

BRAILSFORD Edward DuBose; C 
3643; SC trusteeship began 1943 not 1942 

BRANAN Caroline Candler Co-ed 39 
(New Orleans La) ; entered summer 
school 1930 but name omitted from p 
198 by error 

BRAND Andrew Jackson; M 397; 
died Prairie 1958 
BRAND Dudley Vernon; C 3015; in 

1957 reported deceased 

BRATTON James Henry; C 2710; 
died Decherd 14 Aug 1959 

BRATTON Theodore DuBose; A 364 
C 547 T 55 H 129; became chairman bd 
of regents 1936 upon election as chan- 
cellor not 1935; honorary trustee 1938- 

BREAUX Louis J; M 1196; in 1960 
reported deceased 

BRETTMANN James William; C 4115 
T 456 GST 35; Ala trustee for annual 
meetings 1952-1954 term ended 1955 

BRIDGES Wiley Allen; C 2441; 
George Peabody Coll BS & MA; head 
dept of math & coach Peabody 1928- 
1953; died Nashville 22 Mar 1958 

BROCK Lee; C 707; died Nashville 24 
Jan 1947 

BROWN George Washington; M 1305; 
died Monroe La 22 July 1956 

BROWN William Wallace; M 577; in 
1957 reported deceased 

BROWN Wyatt Hunter; C 1834 T 241 
H 320; Asheville trustee 1914-1915 
(Proceedings list 1915-1916 but he was 
elected in 1914 and replaced for 1916) 

BRUCE Walter Barwick; C 1819 M 
309; Ark trustee 1904-1906 & 1921-1938 
(Proceedings fail to list 1921 & 1925- 
1927 but Ark elected him for these 

BUCHNER Clark Alvarado Jr; A 
3555; died 18 Jan 1960 

BUCK Randolph; A 999 C 1029; died 
Sewanee 2 Apr 1933 not March 

BULL Henry DeSaussure; C 2265 T 
269 H 447; college matriculant and not 
academy as in error in Registrar's Re- 
port p 34; Western N C trustee 1924 S C 
trustee 1934-1936 & 1945-1955 (Pro- 
ceedings list 1925 but he had been re- 
placed by Western N C then); died 
Barnwell S C 26 Apr 1957 

BURKS Bennette Auxford; M 1412; 
died Winter Park Feb 1928 



BURNHAM D S; C 287; entered from 
Morehouse Parish La 

BURNS Moultrie Brailsford; C 3943; 
Upper S C trustee for annual meetings 
1951-1953 term ended 1954 

BURROWS Stanyarne Jr; C 3676; 
alumni trustee for annual meetings 
1952-1954; term began 1 July 1951 

BURTON William Waldo; C 1414; KS 
BUSBY Ely Everett; M 1304; died 
Brookhaven 15 Mar 1955 

BUSTER Francis Richard; C 7404; 
name changed legally to DeBRAY 
Francis Richard 

BUTLER Clifford Jerome; C 3081; 
died Cheyenne Wyo 2 Apr 1931 

BUTLER John W Jr; C 64; entered 
from Haydensville Ky not Kaydensville 

BUTLER Thomas Jr; M 305; died 4 
June 1954 

CADE Samuel Coleman; M 740; died 
Many 26 July 1956 

CADE Samuel Tinsley; M 259; re- 
ceived PhG diploma not PhD 

CAMERON Dwight Frederic; C 1745 
T 193; died 11 Nov 1958 

CAMERON Sydney Algernon Jr; C 
3604; Ark trustee for annual meetings 
1951-1953 term ended 1954 

CAPERS Ellison; H 83; U of S C DD 

CAPERS William Theodotus; H 188; 
bishop coadjutor 1914 not 1913 

CARRUTHERS Thomas Neely; C 2880 
T 389 GST 43 H 380; died near Charles- 
ton S C 12 June 1960 

CARUTHERS William Stoddert; A 
495 C 590; highway engr & builder in 
Ore and N W; died Sacramento Calif 

CASADY Thomas; H 282; retired 1953 
not 1954; died Oklahoma City 9 Sept 

GATES Albert; M 1006; died Okla- 
homa City 4 Oct 1958 

CHATHAM Robert Carleton Jr; C 
2691; died Shreveport 8 June 1956 

CHESHIRE Godfrey; A 2347 C 2259; 
World War II col U S Army 

CHILDRESS Robert Taylor; M 1377; 
Lincoln Memorial U (med dept) no de- 
gree but passed state bd & granted MD; 
died Kingsport Tenn 22 Feb 1947 

CHITTY Arthur Benjamin Jr; C 4525; 
served as Fla alternate trustee 1944- 

CHURCHILL Charles Stewart; A 
2539; died 17 Oct 1959 

CLANTON Albert Williamson; M 
1144; died Millport Ala 28 May 1956 

CLARK Carlton Alphonso; T 365; 
died Topeka 12 Sept 1957 

CLARK W B; C 122; entered from 
Cashatta Chute La not Miss 

CLARKE Francis Wadsworth; C 2355; 
Lexington trustee 1944 

CLAY C J; C 647; entered from Se- 
wanee guardian was from Savannah 

CLAY Green Jr; A 1090 C 1117; en- 
tered from Bolivar Tenn 
CLAYPOOL Austin Bingley Jr; 

C 2053; died auto accident near Muncie 
Ind 23 Sept 1956 

CLEM John Lincoln Jr; C 1944; W 
Tex trustee 1911-1914 & 1929-1931; died 
San Antonio 6 Mar 1958 

CLEVELAND Alexander Sessums; A 
945 C 1045; Tex trustee 1897-1899 1907- 
1947 regent 1929-1934 1941-1942 

CLEVELAND George Washington; 
C 284; entered from Houston Tex not 
Charleston S C; died Wena tehee Wash 
1939 or 1944 

CLEVELAND William Davis Jr; 
A 954 C 1109; died Houston 6 Oct 1958 

CLINGMAN Charles; H 283: regent 
1936-1945 & 1946-1947 & 1949-1953 

COBB Edward Lang; A 2190; died 
Santa Barbara 24 May 1960 

COBB Randolph Howell; C 2386; atty 
right of way dept City of Orlando Fla; 
World War I 

COBBS Edward Ellerbe; C 1476 T 
156; World War I 

COBBS John Hamner; C 3960; Ala 
trustee 1943-1951 

COBBS John Lewis; C 1955; v pres 
Benton & Bowles New York not exec 
vice pres 

COCHRAN Baxter Pace; A 5664; re- 
ported deceased in error; Davidson Coll 
BA 1957; Union Theol Sem (Richmond) 
1959-19S0; student asst minister West- 
minster Presbyterian Ch; 4201 NE 2nd 
Ave Miami 37 Fla 

COCKE Philip St George; A 1010 C 
1142; attended U of Va (med dept); 
died 1956 

COKER Ernest Alroy; C 2213; World 
War I 

COMEAUX Aristide Joseph; M 486; 
in 1954 reported deceased 

CONNOR Thomas Lawton Jr; A 1642 
C 1679; died 9 Jan 1955 

CONSTANT Frank Tebbets; C 1304 
L 28; engr & contractor Shreveport La; 
died 15 Nov 1939 not 1940 

COPELAND Miles Axe; M 831; died 
Birmingham 10 Mar 1958 instead of 1948 

CORNISH George Rainsford Fair- 
banks; C 2052; col U S Army (ret) 

CORSE Herbert Montgomery; A 1799; 
died 1959 

CORTES Henry Cornelius Jr; A 4076 
C 4819; entered college from Dallas not 
Houston Tex; ptnr Ad-Ver-Tis-Er 1954- 

COX David Friend; C 4816; died in 
late 1950's 

COXE Francis Sidney; A 714; U of Pa 
1888; v pres Battery Park Bank & dir 
Commercial Bank of Charlotte N C; 
pres French Broad Granite Brick Co & 
Woolsey Improvement Co; owner Bat- 
tery Park Hotel; died while in Phila- 
delphia Pa 2 Nov 1907 

CRACRAFT George Knox Jr; C 2191; 
Ark trustee 1916-1924 & 1942-1947 
(listed in Proceedings also 1925-1927 
but Ark had elected replacement) ; died 
Helena 24 Mar 1960 

CRACRAFT George Knox Jr; C 5347; 
Ark trustee 1948-1949 

CRAIG Emmett Cox; C 4607; died 
Tallulah 29 Nov 1959 

CRAIGHILL George Bowdoin Jr; 
C 4589; alumni trustee for annual 
meetings 1950-1953 term ended 1954 

CRAWFORD James Calvin; M 1134; 
in 1956 reported deceased 

CREARY James Edwin; C 5; attended 
U of Va; Simpson Lumber Co Bagdad 
until 1902; pres bank lumber yd & 
woolen mill Corinth Miss until about 
1907; mill Roseland Fla; died 1 Aug 
1923 not 1924 

CROSBY Thomas James; T HI; er- 
roneously called Jefferson Registrar's 
Report p 36 

CROSS Boiling Allyn; C 2066; died 
Baton Rouge 18 Nov 1957 

CROWDER John Wade; M 1145; died 
West Blocton Ala 22 Mar 1956 

CROWDER Robert Stephen; C 5000; 
in 1958 reported deceased 

CROWL Chester Jackson; M 551; in 
1958 reported deceased 

CROWNOVER Matison or Madison; 
A 300 C 395; name appears Matison in 
Matriculation Book 

CROWNOVER Winfield Scott; C 2835; 
in 1958 reported deceased 

CUMMINGS John Campbell; A 5464; 
grad SMA 1952; date entered So Meth 
U unknown 

CUMMINS John Bigelow; M 121; 
died Ft Worth 31 Dec 1958 

CURD Patrick Joyes; C 2018; World 

War I It 

DABNEY William Pope; A 178; died 

DAGGETT Jesse Boomer; A 1656 C 
1704; Ark trustee 1912-1921 

DALTON Joseph Nicholas; C 2407 H 
420; DCL U of S 1946 not 1947 

DANDRIDGE Edmund Pendleton; H 
369; died Lexington Ky 28 Jan 1961 

DARDEN Albert Dickson; C 50; atty 
& judge; died yellow fever Columbus 
Tex 4 Dec 1873 

DAVES Graham; this trustee appears 
in Proceedings as DA VIES and DOVER 

DAVIES Thomas Hayden; A 5675; 
grad SMA 1953; U S Mil Acad 

DAVIS Thomas Frederick; C 484; 
listed erroneously as Theodore in list 
of salutatorians Registrar's Report p 27 

DeBELL Arthur Wise; M 932; died 
Maiden Mar 1959 

DEENIK Lloyd Jan; A 6171 C 8756; 
named changed from ELIE Lloyd 

DEKLE John T; C 2286; died 1913 

DENHAM James Scott; A 2088; died 
Hardeeville 11 Sept 1959 

DENT Raymond Theodore Jr; A 5655 
C 7853; also attended SMA 

DeROSSET Frederick Ancrurrf; C 236 
T 25; in his lifetime capitalized last 
name; Ancrum not Armand as in Reg- 
istrar's Report p 24 

DEVLIN Theodore Peter; T 447; Up- 
per S C trustee 1939-1940 



DEWEY Chauncey; C 1562; died 4 
Nov 1959 

DICKENSON Edwin Russell; L 89; in 
1956 reported deceased 

DICKIE Jesse Carson Jr later James 
Carson; C 3375; died Tyler 26 Aug 1958 

DICKINSON Marion Franklin; M 
1401; died Little Rock 18 May 1958 

DICUS Richard Earl; C 4575 T 491 
H 493; W Tex trustee for annual meet- 
ings 1951-1953 

DIXON Francis Samuel; C 3060; died 
Natchez 30 Oct 1956 

DOBBINS Edward Ragland; A 3880 
C 4474; alumni trustee for annual meet- 
ings 1957-1959 

DOLSON Ronald Thomas; C 7940; 
entered from Denville N J not Danville 

DONNELL Jess Franklin; A 3561; 
Mo trustee 1944-1946 & seated as trus- 
tee 1947; error in A number in Regis- 
trar's Report 

DOSSETT Walter Brown; C 2772; 
Tex trustee 1931-1933 & 1955-1957 

DOUGLAS Richard Mansfield; A 2702 
C 2875 T 356; World War I 

DOUGLASS Hiram Kennedy; C 2912 
T 334; BA is from State Normal Coll 
Florence Ala not Ala State Normal; 
ministry in Ga Tenn & Mich 

DuBOSE McNeely; A 187 C 390 T 43; 
S C trustee 1886-1888 alumni trustee 
1889 & 1891-1892 not 1889-1892 Ashe- 
ville trustee 1897-1905 & elected by 
Asheville 1910 & not listed in Proceed- 
ings; elected S C alternate trustee 1889 
but did not attend 

DuBOSE Theodore Marion; A 186 
C 310; alumni alternate trustee 1884- 

DUNBAR Henry Steiner; A 1227 C 
1215; died 12 Aug 1955 

DUNCAN George Washington; C 1947; 
World War I; same as Ga Inst of Tech 
student p 154 

DUNK Thomas Richard; A 2992; died 
Apr 1954 

DUNN John Guion; A 1465 C 1514; 
died New Bern 8 Nov 1959 

EATHERLY Wilson Robertson; C 
4799; died Metcalfe Apr 1956 

EDMONDSON Richard Henry; C 777; 
World War I 

EDWARDS Wilbur Thomas; L 86; 
atty Birmingham; died there 7 Mar 

EGLESTON DuBose; C 4213; West- 
ern N C trustee for annual meetings 

ELIE Lloyd Charles later DEENIK 
Lloyd Jan; A 6171 C 8756; changed 
name from ELIE June 1960 and di- 
ploma printed DEENIK 

ELLIOTT Edward Stiles; C 672; 
alumni trustee 1886-1887; World War I 

EMBREY Louis Owen; C 2882; died 
Laurel 10 June 1960 

ENSLEY Enoch; C 2161; died Mem- 
phis late 1957 or early 1958 

ESTILL Reverdy Van Warren; C 1429 
M 137; died Charleston S C 20 Apr 

EVANS Roland Curtin; M 1237; 
World War I 

EVANS William Henry; C 2146; died 
Gate City La 1957 

FALVEY Jeremiah Calvin Jr; M1571; 
Vanderbilt U MD; phys FAMA & pres 
Sabinas Oil Corp Longview Tex; World 
War I; died Binghampton N Y 19 Dec 

FARGO Joseph Chester; A 1180 C 
1190; died Augusta 30 June 1956 

FARMER Allen Thompson; C 7488; 
after release from active duty U S Ma- 
rine Corps lost on journey off Formosa 
Oct 1958 

FARNSWORTH Austin Manchester; 
A 2541 C 2262; World War I 

FAUCETT Lawrence William; C 2397 
T 297; World War I 

FECHTIG Allen Garthwright; C 2118; 
in 1956 reported deceased 

FERGUSON Edward Benjamin; GST 
37; killed in hunting accident near San 
Francisco Calif 29 Oct 1958 

FERGUSON Robert Claudius; M 973; 
in 1960 reported deceased 

FERGUSON William Brownlee III; 
C 5590; entered from Houston Tex not 
Mobile Ala 

FERRILL John Pickett; C 2581; 
World War I 

FERRIS Royal Andrew Jr; A 2668 
C 2431; died Dallas 19 Apr 1958 

FINNEY Benjamin Ficklin; C 903 H 
373; in World War I served with Bro- 
therhood of St Andrew; vice-chancellor 
1922-1938 (not 1922-1928 as in Regis- 
trar's Report p 115) 

FINNEY Teschanner DeGraffenreid; 
C 813; in original matriculation book 
name appears Teschanner not Teschar- 

FISCHLER Berthold in; C 7168; in 
1956 reported deceased 

FITCH Thomas Lindsey; A 3663 C 
4263; World War II 

FITCH William Hollis; C 3279; be- 
came W Tex trustee 1948 not 1947 

FITTS Herbert; C 762; in 1958 re- 
ported deceased 

FLAVIN Harold John; C 5947; World 
War II 

FOOTE Huger William; A 1802; died 
16 Aug 1950 

FOOTE William Maury; A 5949; grad 
SMA 1955 

FORT Rufus Elijah; A 1000 C 1141 
H 360; entered from Sadlersville Tenn; 
World War I 

FORT Walter Vinson; A 2737 C 2436; 
Walter V Fort Co (investment securi- 

FRANCEZ Zachary J; M 587; died 
Crowley La Dec 1957 

FRANKLIN Lewis Battelle; H 277; 
died Noroton 21 Mar 1959 

FRENCH James Thomas; M 1550; 
died Monroe 22 Apr 1958 

FRIEND Robert Craig Jr; C 3083; 
World War II 

FROELICH Joseph Conon; M 519; 
died Newark 10 Jan 1956 

FULLER Ford Prioleau; C 1950; Ga 
trustee for annual meetings 1945-1954 

FULMER John Fizer; A 3328; died 
Memphis 17 Sept 1959 

FULTON Charles Hammond; C 7625; 
died 4 May 1960 

GAGE Nelson Miles; GST 58; died 
LaGrange 111 30 July 1958 

GAILLARD Elias Prioleau; C 1295; 
died New York Dec 1957 

GAILOR Thomas Frank; H 87; be- 
came regent 1911 not 1910; on p 115 
Registrar's Report was chaplain 1890- 
1893 not 1983 

GALBRAITH Richard William; C 
2103; died Providence R I 2 Feb 1957 

GALE William Dudley III; A 2777 C 
2501; should appear on academy roster 
as III; alumni trustee 1944-1946 Tenn 
trustee 1947- 

GARDNER John Martin; A 1228 C 
1236; died Martin 26 Dec 1959 

GARNER BayneKnox; A 4488 C 5519; 
academy number omitted in college 

GASS John; C 320 T 32; Ark trustee 
1896-1897 not 1895-1896 

GASS John; A 1691 C 2086 T 282 H 
304; Lexington trustee 1920 not Ky 

GASTON William Henry Jr; C 1472; 
died Dallas 10 Feb 1960 

GATES George Phelps; A 1728 C1854 
L 127; died Jacksonville not Lake City 

GAUNT Robert Marshall; C 2971; 
died 15 Aug 1959 

GERHART Nathaniel Vogle; C 2377; 
died Clarksville Tenn Mar 1959 

GIBSON Samuel Malone; A 219 C 443, 
college biog omitted academy number; 
Tex trustee 1902-1906 

GILCHRIST Alexander MacGregor; 
C 7509; KS 

GILCHRIST Gilbert Frank; C 6597; 
lines 3-6 page 248 should read Johns 
Hopkins U PhD 1954; Fulbnght Schol- 
ar London Sch of Economics 1954-1956; 
asst prof political sci U of S 1951-1952 
on leave 1952-1956 assoc prof 1956- 

GILLAND Aurora May; Coed 69 page 
249; now Mrs Donald Pope; 1025 W 
King's Highway San Antonio Tex 

GILLESPIE Jerald Dan; A 5964; grad 
SMA 1956 

GILLETT David Collins; A 1715 C 
1763 L 79; Southern Fla trustee 1910- 
1915 1920-1922 S Fla 1923-1924 

GILREATH Emory Holton; A 1909 
C 1893; died Cartersville June 1958 not 

GLADDEN Karl Donald; C 8125; 
now Brother Christopher Order of the 
Holy Cross; West Park N Y 

GLASGOW Robert Samuel; M 444 
in 1959 reported deceased 

GLASS Charles Lewis; A 873 C 1104 
killed in elevator accident about 1916 

GLASS James G; C 602 T 58 H 284, 
alumni alternate trustee 1887 S C trus- 
tee 1898-1900 Southern Fla 1914-1922 S 
Fla 1923-1927 & 1929-1939 



GLENN James Lyle or Lyles Jr; C 
869; died Nashville 1931 

GLENN Richard Wallace; C 803; died 
Clarksville 1929 

GLOVER John Heyward; A 484 C 549; 
died 20 Dec 1901 

GLOVER John Wilder; C 1370; U S 
Army Spanish-Am War 

GOLDSBY J A; C 469; entered from 
Mobile Ala not Nesbill 

GOLDTHWAITE Robert Jr; C 1098; 
World War I 

GOODRICH George Edwin; C 2045; 
auditor Kansas City Southern RR; died 
Jan 1955 

GRAY Charles Mcllvaine; C 11 T 3; 
ordained deacon 1872 not 1873 (first ma- 
triculant ordained) ; Southern Fla trus- 
tee 1893-1910 (not 1874-1892) 

GRAY Robert Muncaster; C 1587 M 
194; World War I 

GREEN Francis Collin; M 1191; died 
Oglesby 17 Jan 1957 

GREEN Mary; Co-ed 115; not GST 
115 as on p 274 (women enrolled in 
Grad Sch of Theol assigned co-ed rath- 
er than GST numbers) 

GREEN William Mercer; H 17; birth 
date 2 May 1798 not 1804 as on p 114 
Registrar's Report 

GREENE Earle Rosenberry; C 2008, 
World War II 

GREENE James Allums III; C 7744; 
killed in plane crash U S Air Force 7 
Oct 1958 

GREENE Ward Storrs; C 2324; died 
Havana Cuba 22 Jan 1956 

GREER Dion Attus; M 16; died Chat- 
tanooga Tenn 7 Dec 1959 

GREER Frank Whited; A 4292 C 5180; 
killed in airplane explosion Sept 1959 

GREGG James Jr; C 5209; killed in 
auto accident 23 Nov 1958 

GRESHAM James Wilmer; C 1220 
T 114 H 198; died San Francisco 21 Mar 

GRIFFITH A; C 462; not in Matricu- 
lation Book but grades found Aug-Dec 

GRIFFITH Robert Sherrill; C 2529; 
World War I 

GRIFFITH Robert William Jr; C 3903; 
died Little Rock 21 Mar 1960 

GRISWOLD Hurlbut Anton; C 3884 
T 419 GST 13; SAE 

GUDE Albert Valdemar; C 2562; 
World War I 

GUERRY Edward Brailsford; C 298S 
T 369 GST 80; S C trustee 1956- 

GUERRY LeGrand; A 1201 C 1193 
M 12 H 262; elected trustee by Upper 
S C 1927 not listed in Proceedings until 

GUERRY LeGrand Jr; C 2823; died 
Columbia June 1959 

GUERRY William Alexander; C 671 
T 62 H 159; S C trustee 1907-1928 & re- 
gent 1917-1923 

GULLICK Guy Adolphus; C 2678; 
died Greenville 28 July 1956 

GUNTHERBERG Alfred Joseph; 
C 7645; World War H 

HAGAN William Ramsey; C 2789; 
World War H 

HALIFAX Lord Edward also WOOD 
Edward Frederick Lindley; H 391; died 
York England Dec 1959 

HALL Thomas Hartley; M 725; in 1957 
reported deceased 

HAMILTON Gordon Battelle; M1252; 
died San Francisco 19 Mar 1958 

HAMPTON John Erwin Jr; M 585; in 
Nov 1957 death in Newport Tenn re- 

HANAHAN Alfred Rhett; A 3456; 
died Atlanta 3 Dec 1925 

HANCOCK Meda Walter; M 1475; in 
1958 reported deceased 

HARBISON Richard Nelms; C 2758; 
in 1958 reported deceased 

HARDISON Herman Henry Jr; 
A 4608 C 5562; World War II 

HARRIS Edward Bledsoe; C 2546; 
alumni trustee 1943-1945; U S Navy 
World War I 

HARRIS George Carroll; H 137; Tenn 
trustee 1872-1875 & 1877-1878 Miss 
trustee 1885-1887 

HARRIS Jerome; C 2396; did not re- 
ceive BD from U of S 1918 

HARRISON Edward Hendree; C 4421 
GST 126; Fla trustee 1949-1954 not 

HARRISON Jesse McVeigh; C 1588; 
died West Park 27 Jan 1959 

HARRISON Zadok Daniel; H 263; Ga 
trustee 1886-1907 Atlanta trustee 1908- 
1923 not 1924 & 1927-1929 

HARTON James Edward Jr; C 2776; 
died Los Angeles 1 Feb 1956 

HARVEY Joseph Harris; C 1907 T 
246; died Valley Park Mo 9 Aug 1957 

HAWKINS Charles LeGrand; C3951; 
World War II rank was maj 

HAWKINS Murray; A 2455 C 2238; 
in 1959 reported deceased 

HAYGOOD Virgil Marion; M 1122; 
died Augusta 17 Dec 1954 

HAZLEHURST John G; summer 1908 
page 154; died Atlanta Nov 1957 

HEARN Thomas Oscar; M 955; in 
1955 reported deceased 

HEARNE Lorenzo Dial; A 1159 C 1159; 
date of death is not known — probably 
not 20 Oct 1951 

HEARNE William Garlington; A 1160 
C 1267; date of death is not known pro- 
bably not 20 Oct 1951 

HELM George Meredith Jr; A 2997 
C 2925; World War II 

HELVEY Orin Greenhill; C 3395; Tex 
trustee for annual meetings 1937-1942 
& 1949-1954 

HEROD Alfred George; M 1195; pro- 
bably died 1957 

HERRING John Bisland; C 2783; 
World War I 

HERRING William Douglas; C 2563; 
died Kilgore 29 Mar 1956 

HICKS Joseph Harkess; M 622; MA 
from U of Tex 1926 not Tulane U 1927 

HICKS Oliver Burdette; M 1065; in 
1958 reported deceased 

HILDRETH Richard Prescott; A 2395; 
World War I decorations were Croix de 
Guerre with 2 stars Distinguished Ser- 
vice Cross with 2 palms; died White 
Plains N Y 21 July 1958 

HILL Lewis Hamilton III; A 5083 C 
6825; name of law firm is Hill Hill & 

HOAG Frank Victor; C 2251; World 
War I 

HOBART Duncan Monroe; C 4224 
GST 27; Atlanta trustee 1941 

HODGE Robert Francis; C 2540; 

HOGAN Francis Griffiths; C 1329; 
died LaJolla Calif 6 Apr 1960 

HOGUE Bradley Brown; C 1581; 
World War I 

HOLDEN Hector Sharp; C 2246; in 
1956 reported deceased 

HOLMER Carl Stewart; A 4566; not 
killed World War II as on page 453; 
did serve U S Navy World War II; now 
mgr drug store; 10716 N E 3rd Ave Mi- 
ami Fla 

HOLMES James Garrott; A 1890 C 
1865; World War I 

HOLT David Eldred; C 2652 T 346; 
Miss trustee 1925 but not 1926 when 
Miss replaced him & Dallas trustee 1945 

382; died Philadelphia 30 June 1957 

HOLYFIELD Hays Newton; M 1153; 
died Brandon 26 July 1956 

HOWARD Ewing Fox; A 1039 C 1145; 
name not Edwin as in Registrar's Re- 
port page 39; Miss trustee 1899-1904 & 
1914-1919 but not listed in Proceedings 

HOWARD Isaac Bell; M 1300; died 
Williamson 10 Aug 1956 

HOWARD Laurence Branch; C 2927; 
died Nashville 2 Mar 1959 

HOWE William Bell White; H 2; Co- 
lumbia U DD 1872 not 1894 

HUEY Guyton Palmer Stubbs; C 8229; 
killed in auto accident 6 Sept 1960 

HUEY Stanton Ennes; C 7247; KS 

HUGHES Nicholas Collin Jr; C 360 
H 232; E C trustee 1894-1895 & 1898- 

HULL James Meriwether Jr; A 1792 
C 1827; Ga trustee 1921 & 1936-1944 

HUNT William Blackburn; C 7896; 
medical school was Tulane U not Em- 

HUNTER Sam Douglas; C 2404; died 
May 1960 

HUTCHISON Louis; A 752 C 861; en- 
tered from San Marcos Tex not Louis- 
ville Ky 

JACKSON Harold Eugene; C 4304; 
World War II 

JACKSON Walter Bassil; M 298; 
died Waxahachie Tex 29 June 1955 

JACKSON William Oren; C 2995; 
World War II 

JACOBS Bedford Forrest; A 5149; 
attended Ga Inst of Tech 1955-1957; 
now General Offices Emory U Atlanta 




JACOBS Henry Grady; A 4368; did 
not enter from Floral City Fla 

JACOBS Rice Abner; A 4367; Jacobs 
Heating Co not Jacobs Theater Corp; 
Floral City no longer has post office 

JARRATT William Vincent; C 3067; 
World War I; now dir public procure- 
ment State of Tenn Dept of Health 

JEWETT Thomas J; A 30 C 240; died 
Gainestown Ala 1880 

JOHNSON John; H 69; trustee list 
Registrar's Report p 39 does not show 
alumni status 

JOHNSON Thomas Hines Rector; A 
513 C 511; surveyor & farmer Ft Smith 
Ark; died Dec 1938 or Jan 1939 

JONES Edward Reynolds; C 2606 
T 313; elected Miss trustee 1926-1929 
but not listed in Proceedings 1926; died 
Yazoo City Apr 1955 

JONES Frank Parker; A 3203 C 3107; 
attended both SMA & College 

JONES James Monroe; C 2787; World 
War I; died Thomasville Ga 8 Jan 1959 

JONES Joseph Brevard; A 487 C 788; 
died Montgomery 23 Dec 1955 

JONES Theodore Bliss; C 6912; died 
Florence 10 July 1958 

JONNARD William Aimison; C 2143 
T 276; died St Paul 15 June 1957 

JORDAN Francis Victor; A 1462 C 
1718 M 789; died 1926 not 1928 

JORDAN Mortimer Harvey; C 2840; 
died Greenwood sometime before Sept 

JUHAN Charles James; A 4389 C 
5550; killed in action in France 4 not 6 
July 1944 

KAHN Lawrence A Jr; C 6015; in 
1957 reported deceased 

KEARNY Warren; H 287; chairman 
bd of regents 1937-1941 

KEENE Wallis Bodein; C 1305; re- 
ported deceased 

KEITH Charles Fleming; C 21; mer- 
chant farmer & dentist 

KEYES Henry Sheridan; M 316; It 
col U S Army Med Corps (ret); died 
Calif 29 July 1955 

KILPATRICK Ringland Fisher; A 
1482 C 1620 L 63; died Spring Lake N J 
4 Nov 1955 not New York 

KING John Smith Jr; C 3839; name 
of firm is now Whitfield King 

KIRBY-SMITH John Selden; A 3714 
C 4375; Duke U MA 193« not 1935 

KIRBY-SMITH Reynold Marvin; A 
770 C 1138 M 33 H 444 SAE; demonstra- 
tor in anatomy 1896-1897 U of S med 
dept; 1st Tenn Vol Spanish-Am War; 
It & capt (asst surgeon) U S Army Med 
Corps; served in Havana with Gorgas 
& resigned 1907; prof med dept U of S 
1907-1909 & instr botany 1910-1911; 
health off U of S and chief of staff 
Emerald-Hodgson Hosp Sewanee 1908- 
1948; World War I surgeon Am Red 
Cross units in France 1914-1915 & in 
Serbia during typhus epidemic; maj 
U S Army med corps reserve & then 
It col; now Sewanee Tenn 

KNIGHT Albion Williamson; A 459 
C 457 H 148; Fla alternate trustee 1883 

Fla trustee 1886-1892 alumni trustee 
1893-1904 honorary trustee while vice- 
chancellor 1914-1922 

KNIGHT Albion Williamson; A 2150 
C 2173; college number in error Regis- 
trar's Report p 40 

KNIGHT John A; M 656; died Lafay- 
ette La 21 Apr 1958 

KNIGHT Raymond Demere; C 1783 
L 109; World War I 

LAMB John Hall; C 756; World War 

LAMBERT Peter William Jr; C 3945 
T 453 GST 254; registered in College as 
Jr & in GST as IV 

LAND Joseph Norton; M 945; died 
Anderson 6 Mar 1957 

LANSDEN John Bethel; M 472; name 
is John not Jahn; died 5 March 1954 

A 393 C 403; original signature in Ma- 
triculation Book appears in this form 
rather than LA PICE Eugene B de- 

LAUDERDALE Clay; M 1242; died 
Austin 23 June 1958 

LAUNSPACH George William; M581; 
died Dubuque Iowa 26 Dec 1930 

LEAR James Coates; A 3831 C 4556; 
now atty Lear & Scoutt Cafritz Bldg 
Washington D C 

LEATHERBURY Douglas; C 2700 T 
332 H 440; not PGD 

LEBBY William; C 2019; died 
Charleston SCI Feb 1956 

LEE Lenoir Valentine; H 423; Dallas 
trustee for annual meetings 1938-1944 
not 1937 

LEE Thomas Jefferson Jr; L 264; U of 
Ky LLB 1910; dist mgr Farmer's Ins 
Group Los Angeles Calif 1956; in 1958 
reported deceased 

LEGARE Julien Stockton Keith; A 
2666 C 2413; World War I 

LEIGH Armistead Claiborne; C 51; 
regent 1911-1913 

LeMAY David John; C 2589; World 
War I 

LEMOINE Jules Downing; M 652; in 
1954 reported deceased 

LENNIE-SMITH Walter; C 1438 T 
140; Spanish-American War 

LENOIR David Gaillard; C 2384 
World War I 

LEWIS Charles Kelley Jr; C 2668 
World War II 

LEWIS Cotesworth Pinckney; T 494 
Ark trustee 1947-1956 

LEWIS Howard Guy or Kemp; C 
2153 L 130; died Houston 9 Nov 1957 

LEWIS Thomas Lorton; C 2648; died 
Greenville 26 Nov 1958 

LIGHTNER Homer Greysden; M 1078; 
died Ideal Feb 1958 

LINDLEY Calvin Denton; M 664; died 
Carrizo Springs June 1960 

LINDSAY George Wilbur; L 85; 
World War I 

LITTLE Jesse Trawin; M 158; in 1955 
reported deceased 

LITTON James Cooper; C 3053; died 
Memphis 30 May 1956 

LONDON John R; omitted from list 
of trustees Registrar's Report p 41; S C 
alternate trustee 1883-1890 but never 

LONG Randolph Nelson; C 3910; died 
Selma 30 Jan 1960 

LONG Tudor Seymour; C 3488; died 
Summerville S C 25 Feb 1960 

LOVE William Iverson; C 2154; died 
Nashville 13 Nov 1956 

LUMMIS Frederick Rice; C 1850; died 
Houston 24 May 1959 

LYMAN Augustus J; C 357; Trinity 
Coll AB; atty; lived in Merano Italy; 
died Feb 1950 

McALISTER Finis Ewing; M 967; in 
1957 reported deceased 

McCLELLAND John James; A 3060; 
reported deceased in error; attended 
U S Naval Acad not U S Mil Acad BS 
1926; now comdr U S Navy (ret); Box 
11 Coronado Calif 

McCLINTOCK Oliver Wood; C 3160; 
McClintock & Sons Co (farm imple- 
ments) ; 1185 Poplar St Marianna Ark 

McCLOUD George Mitchell; A 4084 
C 5018; received BS not BA from Pea- 
body Coll 

McCONNELL James Jr; A 690 C 771; 
attended U of Va 

McCONNELL John Alexander; M 677; 
in 1958 death reported 

McCONNELL J S or Samuel James 
(Dede); A 511 C 531; probably sugar 
chemist; died 1928 or 1929 

McCOWN William Vance; A 5657; 
grad SMA 1952 

McCUTCHEN William Laurence; C 
2004; in 1959 reported deceased 

McDANIEL John R; M 247; in 1960 re- 
ported deceased 

McDANIEL William Cleage; C 8025; 
pledge of PGD only not initiated 

McGOODWIN Robert Lea; C 2320; 
World War I; died Little Rock 29 Sept 

McINNIS John McCallum; M 213; in 
1955 reported deceased 

McINTOSH Guilford Cade; A 1236 
C 1216; farmer 

McIVER George Elliott; C 2457; fed- 
eral employee Kennesaw Nat Pk; Ma- 
rietta Ga 

McKAY David William; C 8370; 
pledge of PGD only not initiated 

McKEAGE (Guillam) Henry Royston; 
C 2478; in 1956 reported deceased 

McKENZIE Gordon Columbus; M 
1241; died Ashburn 26 Feb 1958 

McKEOWN James; C 5187 T 586; 
Western N C trustee 1948 

McLEOD Martin Clifton Jr; A 5766; 
grad SMA 1951 

McMILLEN James M; M 183; died 
Goodwell Okla 

McNAIR Stephen Duncan; C 3055; 
died Clarksdale Miss 23 Aug not 13 

MABRY John E; C 300; entered from 
Garretsburg not Garretsboro Ky 



MABRY John Gregory; C 2255; 
chaplain House of Holy Nativity; Bay- 
shore Long Island N Y 

MacDOUGALL George Macgillivray; 
T 22J; died Santa Paula 2 June 1959 

MacKELLAR William Henry How- 
ard; C 782 T 89; Chattanooga Coll of 
Law LLB 1929 not 1933 

MACKENZIE James Tucker; C 2145 
H 301; died Birmingham 17 Nov 1958 

MAGRUDER Levin Wales Jr; M 422; 
died Waveland 20 Aug 1957 

MANN William Stillwell; C 5025 T 
584; Miss trustee 1951-1953 not 1950 

MANNING Vivian Meredith; C 2000; 
World War I 

MARRS William Rankin; C 1168; 
Noll lists in grammar school 1889 but 
grades found in College Grade Book 

MARSHALL Richard Maynard Jr; 
T 184; died Charleston 14 Nov 1957 

MARTIN Frank Marion or Maryon; 
C 2714; World War I 

MASTERSON Harris Jr; A 1635 C 
1678; Tex trustee 1911 1924-1926; alum- 
ni status omitted from Registrar's Re- 
port p 41 

MATHEWES Charles Peronneau; A 
672 C 749; died Spartanburg 27 not 25 
July 1957 

MATSON Robert Culbertson Hayden; 
C 2599; died New York 4 May 1957 

MAYEUX Samuel Joseph; M 1328; 
coroner Avayelles Parish 

MAYFIELD Hugh Franklin; M 1146; 
died Hutting before Mar 1959 

MAYFIELD John Blythe; C 373; 
business man Overton Tex 20 yrs; in 
1898 became ptnr in wholesale grocery 
firm Moore Starr & Mayfield Tyler; la- 
ter organized Mayfield Co Tyler; died 
Tyler 28 Sept 1921 

MAYFIELD William Deloraine or 
DeCaraine; C 2545; died Waco 7 May 

MEADOR Bruce Staffel; C 5576; PDT 
at U of S 

MEADOWS Robert Walter Garfield 
Jr; C 595S; World War II 

MENZ Frederick; C 6510; member 
PGD not PDT 

MERRITT Patrick Richard; C 3877; 
died Harriman 16 Nov 1957 

MIDDLETON Edward R; C 237; en- 
tered from Charleston S C not Rome Ga 
MIDDLETON Newton; A 2074 C 2032 
H 405; no middle name; Winston is er- 
ror; died 24 Jan 1961 

MIDDLETON William Epping; M 478; 
died probably Starke Fla 22 Dec 1959 

MILLER Austin; A 1606 C 1675; died 
27 May 1941 not 1945 

MILLER George Roger; A 3403 C 
3325; middle name is Roger not Rogers; 
v pres George R Miller Co 

MILLER Hilliard Eve; A 2556 C 2261; 
World War I 

MILLER Horace William; A 2903; 
alumni status omitted from Registrar's 
Report p 42; died Asheville 3 Oct 1959 

MILLER W W; A 842 C 852; given 
names unknown; confused with MILL- 

ER William Waverly C 2360; he entered 
from Memphis Tenn not Benton Ala. 

MINOR Alcorn Ferguson; A 3036 C 
2939; owner A F Minor Co ins; see 
Who's Who 1940 

MITCHELL George Milner; M 958; 
now deceased 

MITCHELL Lewis Thayer; M 222; 
World War I; died Pittsburgh 1953 

MITCHELL Richard Bland; A 1881 C 
1986 T 265 H 305; died Sewanee Tenn 
7 Mar 1961 

MONTGOMERY Thaddeus Robert; 
M 969; died Memphis 25 Nov 1956 

MOORE Cecil Ulrich; C 2357; saluta- 
torian 1914 not valedictorian as in error 
Registrar's Report p 26 

MOORE Thomas Channing; A 877 C 
1105; World War I; alumni trustee 1920- 

MORELOCK Maurice Melvin; C 2422; 
died Haynesville 17 Nov 1957 

MORGAN John William; C 5988; in 
1957 reported deceased 

MORRIS Dowling Clements; M 1249; 
died Chattanooga 15 May 1960 

MORRIS Frederick Miller; C 2445; 
Eastern Okla trustee 1919 Okla trustee 

MORRIS John Morton; A 1021 C 1144; 
Ky trustee 1914-1923 & 1927-1929 & 

MORRISON Mark Charles; M 1444; 
World War I; died Lookout Mt 17 June 

MOSS Charles Smith Jr; C 2121; 
World War I 

MOULTON Edgar; C 755; died 12 Mar 
1935 not 1955 

MULLIKIN Thomas Wilson; A 5022 
C 6542; U of Tenn BA not BS 1950 

MUMBY Jacquelin Daniel; A 2214; 
died Jacksonville 1938 

MURPHY DuBose; T 314; died Bir- 
mingham Ala 26 Mar 1960; DD U of S 

MURPHY Joseph Raymond; C 2451 
T 323; W Tex trustee not N Tex 1935- 

MURRAY Albert Arthur; M 1164; 
phys Baxterville Miss 1913-1928 Den- 
ham Springs La 1928-1950; died 19 Oct 

MYERS John Dobbins; C 2205 L 168; 
died 15 Mar 1959 

NASH Woodson Michaux; A 3401 C 
3304; in World War II It comdr U S 
Coast Guard not U S Navy 

NEGISHI Timothy Yoshitaro; H 350; 
died Tokyo Japan 20 Mar 1960 

NELSON Edward Bridge; C 1129 M9; 
World War I 

NELSON James Algernon; A 2645 C 
2348; not regent U of S 1932-1935 (con- 
fused with NELSON Charles C 2372) 

NELSON John Millard; C 2557 T 301; 
Easton trustee 1950-1952 not 1953-1956 
as Registrar's Report p 62 

NEWBERRY Eugene Bedford; M 
1457; in 1957 reported deceased 

NICKSON John Wesley; M 1267; died 
Apr 1915 

NOE Israel Harding; C 2306 T 309; 
died Memphis 3 July 1960 

NOE Thomas Pasteur; C 1417 T 151; 
died Wilmington 27 Aug 1958 

NOLEN Frank Edward; C 2764; in 
1958 reported deceased 

NOLL Maxwell Hamilton; A 2161 C 
2257; KS 

ODEN John Wesley; M 1092; in 1958 
reported deceased 

OGLE John Willis; M 1567; in 1957 
reported deceased 

O'LEARY Daniel William; M 1013; 
died Norman Mar 1959 

O'NEILL Rue; C 2272; died Dallas 
Tex 6 Mar 1957 

ORGAIN Franklin Adelbert; C 220; 
entered from Bastrop Tex not Bovina 
Miss; died Bastrop 6 June 1920 

PALFREY E D; A 466 C 458; lived 
onetime Owassa O but died Hammond 
La Apr 1917 

PALFREY Henry Sterling; A 476 
C 505; died Franklin La 11 Mar 1957 

PALFREY William Taylor; C 2909; 
died Atlanta Ga 1 Jan 1957 

PARK John Kirk; A 3623 C 3786; died 
Merigold Miss 30 Dec 1957 

PARKER Clarence Prentice Watkins; 
T 266; elected Ark trustee 1924 but not 
listed in Proceedings 

PARKER John Clifton Jr; T 953 GST 
268; middle initial not S as on page 338 

PARKER Reuben Sherman; A 2685 
C 2347; died El Paso Tex 10 Sept 1957 

PARMLEY Tim Hennessey; M 1451; 
died in auto accident 15 Apr 1957 

PARR Holly Hix; M 952; in 1956 re- 
ported deceased 

PARRISH James Wesley; M 978; died 
30 Apr 1960 

PARTRIDGE Charles Stevens; C 
1482; died New York 1 Sept 1959 

PARTRIDGE Preston Hughes; C 1247; 
died Charlotte N C 24 Jan 1954 

PAYNE Virgil Leroy; C 2607; World 
War I 

PEACOCK Albert Cicero; M 1428; 
died Tulsa 29 Nov 1955 

PEAK George Victor; C 1885; died 
Dallas 29 May 1959 

PEARCE Henry Wynne; C 2525; died 
some years before 1959 

PEGRAM Ferwell; C 835; name is 
Ferwell not Fendall in original Matri- 
culation Book 

PENICK Edwin Anderson; A 2007 
C 1998 H 254; chaplain (It) U S Army 
World War I; became bishop coadjutor 
1922 not 1923; died Chapel Hill N C 6 
Apr 1959 

PERCY LeRoy; A 470 C 492; Miss 
trustee 1902 

PEREIRA y LEAL Luis Pablo; M 
1539; reported deceased by Puerto Rico 
medical society 

PERNOT Henri Charles Stephens; C 
2388; World War I; died Wilmington 
Calif before Sept 1959 

PERRY Robert Jackson; M 1121; died 
Paris Tenn 1 Nov 1958 



PETERS Edward Johnson; A 1325 
C 1447; elected Okla trustee 1916-1918 
but not listed in Proceedings 1916; in 
1919 & 1923 listed in Proceedings when 
another man had been elected by Okla 

PETERS Lindsay; A 1166 C 1268; 
World War I 

PETERS Roger H; T 67; alumni sta- 
tus omitted Registrar's Report p 43 

PETTYJOHN Joseph; M 153; public 
health service Washington D C 1904- 
1911; died Bolivar Tenn 23 Aug 1926 

PHILIPS Joseph Jr; A 763 C 1136; 
last name not PHILLIPS; Lehigh U BS 
1895 E M 1896; date of death might be 
1903 not 1905 

PHILLIPS Clarence Eugene Jr; A 
5553; grad SMA 1950 

PHILLIPS Henry Disbrow; C 1739 
T 212 H 370; Atlanta trustee 1912-1915 
Upper S C trustee 1931-1933 & 1936- 
1937 alumni trustee 1941-1943 

PHILLIPS Thomas Tyre Jr; A 4080 
C 4728; SMA number omitted in college 

PHILLIPS Walter James; C 5206; KS 

PHINIZY Irvine Jr; C 7219; died Au- 
gusta 20 July 1958 

PHINIZY Stewart; A 2798 C 2497; 
died Augusta about 15 Apr 1960 

PIERCE William Meredith; M 793; 
middle name not Meriday; died 30 Apr 

PIGGOT (not PIGGOTT) Cameron; 
name mispelled in Registrar's Report 
p 120 

PINCKNEY Charles Cotesworth; C 
1394 L 38; World War I 

PINNEY Charles Porter Jr; A 6031; 
grad SMA 1954 

PIPITONE Pietro Joseph; M 1579; 

died 7 Dec 1955 
PITTS Rufus; M 111; deceased 
PLUMMER Cameron MacRae; C3280: 

address 109 Churchill Dr Mobile Ala 

not Box 109 

POINDEXTER Richard Gundry; C 
3462; died 1960 

POPE Andrew Jackson; M 910; died 
La Feria 16 Dec 1955 

POW John Robert; M 804; died 
Woodward 23 Jan 1958 

POWELL Eli; M 1101; died Cross 
Plains 1958 

POWELL John Edgar; M 1554; died 
Gautier 1955 

POWERS Henry Howard; M 608; in 
1956 reported deceased 

PRESTON James Cummings; A 537 
C 570; entered from Wilson's Point La 
not Galveston Tex 

PRUITT Sidney S; M 132; in 1955 
reported deceased 

PUCKETTE John EUiott; A 1968 C 
2090; Ky trustee 1939-1949 

PUCKETTE Stephen Elliott; A 4775 
C 6746; Yale U PhD 1957 not 1956 

QUINTARD George William Jr; 
A 1995 C 1992 L 134; died New York 10 
Apr 1919 

QUIRK Daniel Lace Jr; C 1060; died 
15 Oct 1955 

RAINER William Walton Jr; C 3638; 

RANDOLPH Gary; C 32; contractor; 
died Austin Tex 26 Dec 1935 

RANDOLPH Richard Rutherford; A 
610 C 659; died Birmingham 19 Dec 

RATELLE Robert Eugene; T 624; ad- 
dress is Alexandria La not Va 

RAVENEL Mazyck Porcher; C 538; 
World War I 

RAYMOND Reginald Irving; C 2186 
T 259; died 25 Nov 1958 

REED Ralph Wilson; C 6954; killed in 
bus accident near Fayetteville Tenn 
May 1958 

REID Cyrus Eugene; C 7420; U S 
Navy pilot; died in plane crash off Ber- 
muda about 20 Nov 1956 

REID Warren Harrill; M 1108; died 
Pontotoc Miss 28 Feb 1956 

RHETT Herbert; C 277; capt Bluff 
City Grays 1881 

RHODES Charles Eugene; M 1216; 
middle name not Eugeene; present ad- 
dress Jefferson Ala 

RHYS Brinley John; C 6474; KS 

RICHARDSON Ryan Maclin; C 3059; 
in 1959 reported deceased 

RICHEY Francis Harramond; T 170; 
died Maplewood N J 22 Apr 1959 

RIDGLEY Marion Gardner; A 1234 
C 1272; in college section reported de- 
ceased in error; George Walton Apts 
Walton Way Augusta Ga 

RILEY George Samuel III; C 3658; 
no longer known as RILEY George 

RINER Clinton Remus; M 556; died 
Savannah Ga 13 Mar 1957 

ROBERT Joseph Clarke; M 268; Miss 
State Coll BS & MS; onetime dean Agr 
Sch Miss State Coll; died Lexington Va 
10 Mar 1946 

ROBERTS Charles Jr; A 1725 C 1765; 
World War I 

ROBERTS Matthew C; C 973; alumni 
status omitted from Registrar's Report 
p 44 

ROBERTSON Willliam Clendenin; 
A 1029 C 1049; middle name is not Clen- 
dennin; Tenn trustee 1908-1909; col- 
lege number page 44 Registrar's Report 
should be 1049 

ROBINSON Joseph William; A 3815 
C 4189; academy number omitted from 
college section 

ROSE David Shepherd; C 4533 T 499; 
alumni trustee for annual meetings 
1950-1953 West Tex trustee 1954-1958 

ROSEBOROUGH Ruskin Raymond; 
C 2485; World War I 

ROSENBERG John Almon; C 2243; 
interior decorator; 11 Cedar PI Garden 
City N Y 

ROUNSAVILLE Gus Jr; C 4057; died 
Dallas 7 Feb 1958 

ROWLAND John S; C 155; not Epis- 
copal priest; see p 297 

RUSSELL Martin Van Buren; M 846; 
in 1960 reported deceased 

RUST Richard Sanford Jr; A 1260 C 
1353; died Atlanta 9 Jan 1960 

RUTH William Hardwick; C 831; in 
1956 reported deceased 

RYLANCE Joseph Bozeman; A 1565 
C 1699 L 97; died 1919 not 1918 

SANDELS William Anthony Wil- 
liams; A 383 C 408; died Colo in 1920's 

SANDERS Robert Lee; M 994; World 
War I 

SANTOS y TIO Luis Felipe; M 1598; 
address 13 Norte Mayaquez Puerto Rico 

SATTERLEE Charles Capers; C 2741 
T 349 GST 148 H 485; World War I; 
Upper S C trustee 1934-1935 & 1954- 
1956 Ala trustee 1940-1944 regent 1957- 

SAWRIE Nathaniel Jones; C 1952 L 
126; died Memphis 24 May 1957 

SAXON Robert E Lee; M 881; died 9 
Aug 1959 

SCARBROUGH John William (regis- 
tered William John); A 1739 C 1917 
died Austin Tex 3 Mar 1960 

SCHONWALD John DeWitt; C 2002 
in 1959 reported deceased 

SCHOOLFIELD Stephen Hughes Jr 
A 3220 C 2942; S C trustee 1935-1942 

SCHWENK Alfons Frederick; T 876: 
died Orlando Fla 14 Apr 1960 

SCHWING Calvin Kendrick; A 2946 
C 2726; died New Orleans La 24 Oct 

SCHWING Samuel Poynter Jr; C 
2853; died New Orleans La 5 July 1959 

SEARCY Emory William; A 3211 C 
2941; died Griffin not New Orleans 24 
Nov 1956 

SEIBELS William Temple; C 1335: 
died Montgomery 11 Mar 1960 

SELDEN Armistead Inge Jr; C 5090; 
alumni trustee for annual meetings 
1955-1957 term began 1 July 1954 

SERRILL William Wilfong; M 1129; 
in 1958 reported deceased 

SESSUMS Davis; A 64 C 244 T 17 
H 70; 4th bishop of La not 3rd 

SHAVER James Nicholas; A 4435; 
died about 1958 

SHELBY Frederick Poitevent; M 601; 
in 1960 reported deceased 

SHELBY George Barnes; A 1698 C 
1760; died Shelby Aug 1959 

SHEPHERD David Alexander; A 1421 
C 1507; died London England 5 June 

SHERARD Stuart Baskin; M 869; in 
1959 reported deceased 

SHERRILL John Monroe Jr; A 3508 
C 3337; SMA number omitted in col- 
lege section 

SHIELDS Wilkins Benoist; C 2054; 
Mo trustee 1903-1905 

SHIPP Frank Sterling Jr; A 4069; 
middle name not Stirling; U of Tenn 
Coll of Agr 1950-1951; BAC Realty and 
Ins Co Chattanooga 

SHOOK Paschal Green; A 994; ore 
mining industrialist with Tenn Coal 
Iron & RR Co 

SHORT Clarence Albert; C 2005; 
World War I 

SHOUP Conway Howard; C 3286; 
World War II 



SHOUP Frank Elliott; A 764 C 1101; 
Dallas trustee 1902-1904 1906-1910 1918- 
1922 & 1934-1935 (listed in Proceedings 
1905 when Dallas had replaced him & 
not listed 1918 when he was elected) 

SIMKINS William Stuart; H 216; 
Northern Tex trustee 1887-1895 (listed 
sometimes in Proceedings as SIMP- 
KINS W D & W S) Dallas trustee 1896- 
1899 Texas trustee 1901-1903 

SIMMONS James Irby; M 1398; in 
1956 reported deceased 

SIOUSSAT William Leonard; C 2116; 
in 1959 reported deceased 

SISTRUNK Robert Donnie; M 127; 
died Dade City 10 June 1956 

SKARDON Alvin Wilson Jr; C 1437 
T 139; died Walterboro 18 Nov 1957 

SLOAN Samuel Walker; C 1777; lec- 
turer teacher & writer on Ralph Waldo 
Emerson Berkeley Calif 1946- ; died 
there 1 Dec 1955 

SMITH Algernon Sidney; C 278; 
spelled his father's name Sidney in Ma- 
triculation Book not Sydney 

SMITH Charles Edwin; C 1566; died 
Memphis 2 June 1959 

SMITH Herbert Edmunds; A 1592 C 
1674 L 98 H 496; entered from Dallas 
Tex not Ft Worth 

SMITH Larkin; A 738 C 775; World 
War I 

SMITH Monroe L; C 95; druggist 
Hernando Miss; died there 1918 

SMITH Robert James; C 2586; World 
War I 

SNOW Alden Hazard; A 2626; died 
Tuscaloosa 2 Apr 1960 

SNOW McLester Jared; C 2108; killed 
in action World War I 

SOAPER John Morgan; C 4084; Lex- 
ington trusteeship began 1953 not 1954 

SOAPER William Henderson; trustee 
listed in Registrar's Report p 45 was 
not alumnus; A 1345 C 1357 was his son 

SOAPER William Henderson; A 1345 
C 1357; listed in Registrar's Report as 
Ky trustee but his father was the trus- 

SORY Bailey Brown Jr; C 2660 
World War II 

SPAAR Albert Peter Jr; C 5252 
World War II 

SPARKMAN Henry Berkeley; C 1958 
World War I; banker 

SPAULDING James Herbert; C 3009 
died Chattanooga about 1953 

SPEARS Claudius Wistar; error in 
Academy index for SEARS Claudius 
Wistar A 2346 

SPEARS Henry Esten; C 1197 T 129 
GST 21; died Paris Ky 11 Nov 1957 

SQUIRES Robert Lester; M 678; died 
Marietta 2 June 1957 

STARNS Charles Emanuel; M 1590; 
died Tucson 28 Mar 1956 

STATHIS Kostas Chris; C 5784; 
World War II 

STERLING George Archibald; A 3653 
C 3971; World War H 

STEWART William Meacham Jr; C 
1848; World War I; died Memphis 25 
Oct 1957 

STICKNEY Frederick Grist Jr; C 213; 
cotton buyer Demopolis Ala; died be- 
fore 1914; did not teach U of Ala & 
Livingston Coll 

STICKNEY Joseph Bryan; C 1364; in 
1960 reported deceased 

STICKNEY Joseph Bryan Jr; A 3076 
C 3126; KS 

STONE William Porter; C 470; World 
War I 

STONEY James Moss; C 2122 T 275 
H 400; World War I 

STONEY William Shannon; C 2526 
T 344 GST 8; Ala alternate trustee 1943- 
1944 Ala trustee 1945-1951 & 1955 

STRADLEY Frederick Sill; C 7241; 

STRANGE Robert Jr; A 2427; E C 
trustee 1949-1952 

STRANGE Robert Wright Jr; A 2223; 
not a trustee 

STRINGFELLOW James H; C 59; son 
of Rev Horace Stringfellow who was 
Ala trustee 1881-1883; deacon 1872 
priest 1874 

STURDIVANT Benjamin William; 
A 3171 C 2950; died Glendora 14 June 

STURGIS Richard Leroy; C 3815 T 
463; E C trustee 1949-1950 

STYRON Arthur Herman; C 2475; 
died Milford Conn 8 Sept 1958 

SUMRALL Jesse Lott; M 823; died 23 
May 1923 

SUTTON George Thomas; M 980; 
died Dallas 3 Oct 1957 

SWANN Edward; A 492 C 566; died 
21 Sept 1945 not Oct 1934 

TALIAFERRO Harry Nicholas; C 
2270; entered from Madisonville Ky not 
Union City Tenn 

TANNER John Stewart; C 1402 M 106 
World War I 

TATE Robert Middleton; A 2148 
farmer; died 11 Dec 1959 

TATUM Robert George; C 2748 T 339 
World War I 

TAYLOR Benjamin Cicero; M 1508 
died Mt Holly 11 Mar 1957 

TAYLOR Herman Marshall; M 723 
died 1955 

TAYLOR James Jerkins; C 2114 
died Ocala 10 Aug 1958 

TEMPLE Morris Eugene; C 1062 
died Lookout Mt Nov 1957 

TENISON Smith Jr; A 3087 C 2943 
Calhoun Life Ins Co; Box 627 Colum- 
bia S C 

THIESEN Rudolph Jack; A 1882; 
academy number omitted from Ga Tech 
list p 154 

THOM James Alexander; M 1506; 
died Baton Rouge Oct 1958 

THOMAS Charles Edward; C 3390; 
taught at Syracuse U 1928-1929 not Cor- 

THOMAS John William Jr; C 2854; 
World War II 

THOMAS Otho; M 819; died Tahoka 
17 Apr 1956 

THOMPSON Ernest Lindrel; M 301; 
died Hot Springs 14 Feb 1950 

TISDALE Martin Luther; M 1310; U 
of Ala MD 1907; now deceased 

TOLLEY Mark McClellan; C 3646; 
died Chattanooga 9 Feb 1959 

TOWNES James A; A 3270 C 3549; 
and James A Jr; A 5819; father regist- 
ered as Armsted; son changed name to 

TOWNSEND Henry Evans; C 2148; 
died Charleston S C 22 May 1954 

TREAT Cornelius Parker; A 2937 C 
2729; Mo trustee 1947; died Hannibal 
Mo 4 Dec 1958 

TREZEVANT Hugh Pollard; A 1526; 
entered from Oak Ridge La not Tenn 

TREZEVANT James Cain Jr; A 5671 
C 7712; SAE U of Fla not U of S 

TREZEVANT Stanley Hamilton; C 
1845 L 113; died Memphis 1 Dec 1955 

TRIPPE Richard Edwards; A 1658 C 
1803; World War I; died 1949 

TUCKER Henry St George; H 465; 
died Richmond 8 Aug 1959 

TULLOS Nevil Eugene; M 265; U of 
Tenn MD 1902 

TUPPER Vernon Southall; C 1682 
T 206; Tenn trustee 1919-1930 & 1934- 

TURLINGTON Bayly; C 5106; has 
dropped first name Sam 

TURNER Henry Augustine Jr; C 
3838; died Phoenix 16 Nov 1956 

TURNEY Tom; C 96; entered from 
Winchester Tenn not Birmingham Ala 

UNDERWOOD Charles Walton Jr; A 
3610 C 4199; academy number omitted 
from college section 

VACCARO Regis Francis; A 3593 C 
4037; academy number omitted from 
college section 

VAN NESS Frank Waters; A 1437 C 
1480; Ala Polytech Inst; Spanish-Am 
War; industrial engr; died Richmond 
Va 16 Aug 1942 

VAN NESS William Waters Jr; C 871; 
member Royal Geographic Soc England 

VAN VOORHEES Steven Coerten; A 
6272; used last name of VOORHEES 
when at academy 

VANZANT James Houston Jr; C 5239; 
died Tacoma 3 Mar 1959 

VAUGHAN Fielding; A 405 C 383; 
alumni trustee 1884-1887 

VAUX Cleland Huger; C 2634; died 
Vancouver Dec 1954 

VESTAL Kent Greer; A 5442 C 7517; 

VICK Kyle Alfred; C 2454; died Wa- 
co 1956 

VOGTLE Jesse Stringer; A 5669; 
grad SMA 1951 

WADDILL George Anderson; A 579 
C 656; entered from Mound Station La 
not Maund 

WAGNER Theodore Joy Jr; C 4338: 
died Amarillo 21 Sept 1956 

WALKER Gordon Beverly; C 4518 
World War H 

WALKER Roosevelt Pruyn; C 1872 
died Athens 4 Jan 1960 



WALL Joshua Columbus Jr; A 1232 
C 1237; entered from Wallview not 
Wallville Term 

WALLACE Edward Bruce; C 2370; 
Okla trustee 1942-1946 

WALTERS Frank Edward; C 4230 T 
465; alumni trustee for annual meet- 
ings 1947-1948 elected in 1946 

WALTHALL Thomas Jones Jr; M 
1178; PDT 

WALTMON Robert R; A 483 C 468; 
died Bastrop La not Tex 

WARE William Franklin; C 2376; 
died Trenton 20 May 1959 

WARREN James Walter; M 466; died 
New Orleans 15 Apr 1956 

WARREN Samuel Nathaniel; A 431 
C 449; trustee U of Tenn 1912-1927 not 
not U of S 

WATIES John Collins; L 48; in 1958 
reported deceased 

WATSON Matthew; A 1487 C 1572 
L 44; may have lived until 1959 

WEAVER James Martin; C 4613; in 
1957 reported deceased 

WEAVER John Calvin; M 565; died 
Atlanta 20 Apr 1958 

WEAVER William Minter Jr; C3921; 
died Courtland Ala Feb 1957 

WEBER John Walker; C 264; taught 
high school math 1890-1895 Nashville 

WEBSTER Vannoy Cleveland; C 5967; 
died Wartrace 28 Oct 1958 

WEED Caleb Brintnall Knevals; C 
2217 T 245 H 354; La trustee 1922-1944 

WELLER Reginald Heber Jr; C 376; 
DD 1901 from Nashotah House not U of 
S; went to France in World War I 

WELLFORD Alexander White; C 
4378; alumni trustee for annual meet- 
ings 1954-1956 elected in 1953 

WELLS Frederic Lyman; A 1457 C 
1727; correct address 87 School St Bel- 
mont 78 Mass 

WENDTE William; A 2373; in 1890's 
with Towle Mfg Co silversmiths Salem 
Mass; missionary work in Africa with 
Society of Friends about 1900; killed 
near Kisumu Kenya in native uprising 

WENGER Joseph Bainbridge III; C 
2742; died Encino Calif 5 Sept 1959 

WEST Edward Hamilton; H 433; be- 
came trustee upon consecration 1948 
first annual meeting as trustee was 1949 

WETTLIN David Gottlieb; A 1599 C 

1960; U of Miss LL B not BA 1907; atty; 
died Orange Calif 1958 not 1955 

WHALEY James Swinton; C 581; S C 
trustee 1898-1906 & 1910-1927 & 1930 

WHALEY Marcellus Seabrook; C 
1909; not World War I; county judge 
Richland Co S C 1917-1934 

WHEELUS George Bryant; C 8257 
BA 1957; died Galveston Tex 1959 

WHELESS Wesley Eakin; A 1759 C 
2773; died Shreveport 5 Mar 1957 

WHITAKER Kenneth Griffin; C 2674; 
died Chattanooga 12 May 1960 

WHITAKER Philip Bailey; C 2216; 
died Chattanooga 23 Dec 1955 

WHITE Brooks Gwathmey Jr; C 
2140; in 1957 reported deceased 

WHITE Gus Barrett III; A 5446 C 
7589; attended U of Tenn not Tex 

WHITE J S; C 272; entered St John's 
S C not Moncks Corner 

WHITED Samuel James Bowman; A 
1879 C 1864; died 22 or 23 June 1957 

WHITFIELD Henry Jones; C 2099; 
Ala trustee 1937-1939; died Demopolis 
4 Sept 1957 

WHITTAKER Benjamin Henry; C 
2266; World War I 

WIDNEY Charles Leonidas; C 2633 
T 345 GST 31; World War I 

WILBURN James Frederic Jr; C 
2392; died Pickens 23 Dec 1955 

WILKERSON Warren Aubrey; A 
1119 C 1183; died Hearne Feb 1954 

WILLEY Henry Alpheus; C 2142 H 
434; died Kauai Hawaii 4 Jan 1958 

WILLIAMS Charles H; M 1027; in 
1958 reported deceased 

WILLIAMS Charles Olin; M 1203; 
died West Point 22 Mar 1957 

WILLIAMS Frank; C 274; entered 
Bolivar Tenn not St John's S C 

WILLIAMS George Henry; C 1092; 
died Duarte Calif 2 Sept 1958 

WILLIAMS Harry Craig; A 1241 C 
1238; first name Harry not Henry; brig 
gen U S Army; also served Spanish- 
Am War; died Baltimore Md 30 Jan 

WILLIAMS Henry John Jr; C 6292; 
World War H 

WILLIAMS Lewis Kemper; C 2079 
H 359; DCL awarded 1935 conferred 

WILLIAMS Paul Frederick; C 2706 
T 332; in Registrar's Report p 62 should 

have been listed as Easton trustee 1953- 
1956 instead of J M Nelson 

WILLIAMS William Phillips; C 1801; 
World War II; died Aruba Netherlands 
West Indies 13 Nov 1957 

WILMER Cary Breckinridge; H 151; 
died Tampa Fla 5 Jan 1958 

WILMER Joseph Pere Bell; H 23; 
name omitted from alphabetical list of 
Commencement orators Registrar's Re- 
port p 22 

WILSON Buford Gray; C 2997; died 
Nashville 19 Sept 1957 

WILSON William Blackburn Jr; C 
1644 L 62; died Rock Hill 8 Dec 1958 

WILSON William Miller; L 137; died 
Sumter July 1956 

WILSON Wirt Bunten; M 1450; died 
Charleston 4 Nov 1955 

WINN Herbert Eugene; C 5182; did 
not attend SMA & academy number of 
4666 for him is error 

WINSLOW Kenelm Rogers; C 1971; 
World War I 

WINTHROP Gilman Joseph; C 1692; 
World War I 

WITSELL William Postell; T 142 H 
270; died Little Rock 27 Dec 1959 

WOLCOTT Roger Dod; A 2478 C 2240; 
died Calif Aug 1959 

WOOD Earle DeLeon; A 2021; not 
deceased before 1914; grad Chattanooga 
Coll of Law & licensed to practice 1920; 
Chattanooga Manufacturers Assoc 1909- 
1960 exec sec & authority on freight 
rates and transportation; died Chatta- 
nooga 15 Nov 1960 

WOODLEY John Ernest; A 3234 C 
3165; died 2 Oct 1958 

WOODSON Turner Ashby; C 2702; 
World War I 

WOOLVERTON William Hand Jr; C 
4713; World War II 

WRAGG Otis Oliver Jr; A 3955 C 
4555; SMA number omitted from col- 
lege section by error 

WRIGHT Charles Quintard; C 2157; 
Ga trustee 1927-1929 

WRIGHT Charles Roy; M 1443; in 
1954 reported deceased 

WYATT-BROWN Hunter; C 1834 T 
241 H 320; see BROWN Wyatt Hunter 

YANCEY Thomas Bragg Jr; M 289; 
died Kingsport 24 Sept 1956 

YORK William Edward; M 23; died 
Giddings Tex 7 Dec 1958 


General Index to Biographies 


ABBEY Thomas Benton Jr A-3637 
ABBITT George Chapman RR pp 3 3 

69 70 
ABBITT George Chapman Jr C-2220 
ABBITT William Henry C-2636 
ABBOT Frank Carrigan Jr C-4797 
ABBOTT Dan Scarborough C-777I 
ABBOTT Don Quitman C-61 
ABBOTT Henry Pryor Almon H-290 

RR pp 21 22 33 71 
ABBOTT Joe Warren A-5730 
ABBOTT Thomas Levi A-2510 
ABBOTT Walter Russell Jr A-3940 
ABBOTT William Branch Fac 
ABEEL Joseph Bartlett C-1799 L-77 
ABEL James Anderson C-2877 
ABEL Leslie Roger C-8215 
ABELL Duane Hatheway A-5703 
ABELL Earl Clark Fac Staff 
ABERCROMBIE John William H-161 
ABERNATHY Alfred Howard A-1560 

ABERNATHY Henry Jones A-123 
ABERNATHY James Dilday C-8428 
ABERNATHY James Greenwood Jr C- 

ABERNATHY John Matthews Jr 

A-4Q06 C-6749 
ABERNATHY Leslie Clive Jr C-6381 
ABERNATHY Marietta T FS-35 P 340 
ABERNATHY Thomas Jerome A-5618 
ABERNATHY William Murfree C-161 
ABERNETHY Eddie Greenland M-813 
ABERNETHY Paul Lee Jr A-5534 
ABLES Aubrey Eugene C-5851 
ABLES William McKinley Jr C-5908 
ABRAMS Harold Jeffreys C-1847 L- 

103 RR pp 33 59 
ABSHIRE David Manker C-6337 
ACKERMAN Robert Louis A-5765 
ACHESON Alexander Lanier III C-7753 
ACKERET Edwin J C-4954 
ACKERMAN Stephen Wilson T-817 

GST- 175 
ACKLEN Charles John CPT p 22s 
ACKLEN Joseph Warren White A-2789 
ACKLEY Guy Winfield M-1585 
ACOSTA William Capers GST-105 
ACREE Page Waddill Navy V-12 
ACTON Leslie Robert M-436 
*ADAIR Douglass Graybill Jr A-3833 

ADAIR Munsell Lee C-2302 
ADAIR John Augustine A-3832 C-4344 
ADAIR Robin A-3963 
ADAM Claus CFF p 342 
ADAMS Adam Gillespie A-5663 
ADAMS Adrin Edward Jr A-3750 
ADAMS Albert Cone T-678 
ADAMS Alexander C-7467 
ADAMS Arthur Stanton H-413 RR pp 

19 21 
ADAMS Charles W A-482 C-507 
ADAMS Charles Wesley T-529 
ADAMS David IV A-5019 
ADAMS Donelson Ross C-8644 
ADAMS Egbert C-1604 
ADAMS Floyd Harrison Jr C-6397 
ADAMS Frank Clement A- 15 24 
ADAMS George Guyer A-2881 
ADAMS Horatio Hearne C-1134 
ADAMS H S A-518 C-533 
ADAMS Harden Wickes A-952 C-985 

ADAMS Harry Cunningham A-1720 

C-1764 L-81 
ADAMS Horace Andrew A-908 
ADAMS Innis Overton C-185 T-5 RR 

PP 33 52 
ADAMS James Francis A-5713 C-7746 
ADAMS James Matthews C-4831. 
ADAMS James Preston C-8099 
ADAMS Joel Randolph A-3336 
ADAMS John Bellington A-2741 
ADAMS John Dolphus M-476 
ADAMS John Hooper Jr A-3898 
ADAMS John Vildorah M-1425 
ADAMS John Powers A-5903 
ADAMS John Quincy Fac 
ADAMS John Vincent C-7274 
ADAMS Lawrence Smith C-2274 
ADAMS LeRoy Money L-88 
ADAMS Lloyd Jr A-5316 
ADAMS Mayrant A-1892 
ADAMS Prentice C-2628 
ADAMS Richard Dale A-4917 
ADAMS Richard Elliott Jr C-8123 
ADAMS Robert Cornell C-8569 
ADAMS Robert Ethridge A-5515 
ADAMS Robert Milton M-720 
ADAMS Robert Stanley A -2 567 
ADAMS Samuel James A-1197 C-1444 
ADAMS Samuel Thompson C-4888 
ADAMS Thomas Edward C-6791 
ADAMS Thomas Fleming Jr A-4406 
ADAMS Tommy Earl A-5909 
ADAMS Walter B M-1491 
ADAMS William Baylor C-6876 
ADAMS William Bridewell A-4521 
ADAMS William Forbes H-9 RR p 62 
ADAMS William Matthews C-4257 
ADAMSON Benjamin Greenbury M-280 
ADAMZ Alfonso Constantine T-422 
ADAMZ Alfonso Constantine Jr C- 

ADAMZ Mrs Alfonso Constantine Ji 
also HINES Catherine Cabeen Co- 
ed 56 p 245 
ADCOCK James Gilbert C-5694 
ADDEN Luther Henry Jr A-4561 
ADDISON Charles Morris H-208 
ADGENT Robert Boyd C-8413 
ADKINS Victor B HA p 521 
ADKISON Gene Patrick A-6207 
ADKISSON John Anderson M-291 
ADLER Kurt Paul now ADLER Ken- 
neth C-5627 
ADLER Waldo C-2095 
ADOUE Jacques Poindsxter A-3022 

ADOUE Jacques Poindexter Jr A-5053 
ADOUE Julien Baptiste A-1401 C-I454 

ADOUE Julien Baptiste Jr A-3299 

ADOUE Julien Baptiste III A-59°7 
ADOUE Norman Dumble A-6439 
AGRICOLA Algert Swanson A-4789 
AGRICOLA Otto II A-4477 
AIKEN Budd Slawson A-1749 C-1742 

AIKEN Charles CPT p 225 
AIKEN Douglas Trawick C-7120 
AIKEN Franklin Dunwody RR pp 33 

AIKEN Franklin Dunwody Jr A-28+1 
AIKEN Franklin Dunwody III A-483S 
AIKEN Horace Osborne A- 1284 C-1281 

AIKEN Isaac Means A-2934 RR pp 1.3 

AIKEN James Hugh A-1766 
AIKEN John Gayle A-206 C-442 
AIKEN John Morgan C-2371 
AIKEN John Spencer Harrison A-4952 
AIKEN Joseph A-365 
*AIKEN William Brownlow Jr A-1194 

AIKEN William David Jr A-1769 

AIKEN Wiliam Martin C-233 
AIKINS William LeRoy A-6357 
AILES James Milton C-6363 
AIMES Hubert Hilary Suffren Fac 
AIMES Peter Martin A-3816 
AIREY James Whitcomb Egan C-3479 

T-403 R R PP 33 98 
AIRTH Alfred Thomas C-3661 RR pp 

33 64 65 
AIRTH George Edward C-3735 
AKERS Nolan Gale GST-267 
AKERS William Atkin C-6736 
AKIN Thomas Norwood A-5779 
AKOUN Ferdinand A-1617 
ALBANESE John Francis A-6152 
ALBANESE Nicholas C-8653 
ALBERS Frederick Charles CPT p 225 
ALBERSON Bruce Marion M-1057 
ALBERT Charles Walker M-395 
ALBERT William Vahram T-546 
ALBRECHT Clifford Fac 
ALBRIGHT Victor Franklin A-3838 
ALBRITTON Arthur Dallas Jr A-5112 
ALBRITTON Hugh Hilton Jr A-5847 
ALBRITTON Jerry Pratt A- 5776 
ALBRITTON Sam Jones Jr C-7738 
ALCORN Fred Cragin C-7510 
ALCORN George Avery C-8049 
ALDEN Herbert Steed A-3055 
ALDEN John David C-7815 
ALDEN John William A-3886 
ALDERMAN Allen Russell A-5586 
ALDERMAN Craig p 374 
ALDERMAN Edwin Anderson H-112 
ALDRICH John Lanning C-8606 
ALDRICH Marvin Treadwell A-2328 
*ALDRIDGE Andrew Jackson Jr A 

1979 C-2026 
♦ALDRIDGE Frank Paxton A-1978 
ALDRIDGE Minter Young C-5433 P 

ALEXANDER Adam Leopold A-2968 
ALEXANDER Albert Prentiss M-864 
ALEXANDER Allen Converse A-1623 
ALEXANDER David M Navy V-12 
ALEXANDER Gary Witherspoon C- 

ALEXANDER George Moyer C-477« 

T-507 GST-12 p 338 RR pp no 
119 Fac 
ALEXANDER George Shorter A-MS4 
ALEXANDER Grant Green A- 1676 

C-I757 L-78 
ALEXANDER Harry Benham M-52 
ALEXANDER Harry Lee M-731 
ALEXANDER Hugh Causey Jr A-6610 
ALEXANDER Hugh Garrett III A- 

ALEXANDER James Hillhouse A-3161 
ALEXANDER John Jr C-61 09 
ALEXANDER John Howard A-5475 
ALEXANDER Julian Huiskamp A-15S1 

♦ALEXANDER Minor A-3596 C-3772 
ALEXANDER Raydon p 342 
ALEXANDER Raymond Jackson Jr C- 

ALEXANDER Richard Arthur C-3504 
ALEXANDER Richard Wells A-5485 
ALEXANDER Stephen Gray A-6426 
ALEXANDER Worley Lenoir A-2921 
ALFORD Earl Curry A-5762 
ALFORD Edward Hamilton A-1666 
ALFORD Harold Bennett C-5740 
ALFORD Jasper J A-100 
ALFORD John Frank C-7160 
ALFRED Charles Richard C-6778 
ALIG Robert Campbell A-5518 
ALISON Grover Jr T-570 RR pp 33 

ALISON Thomas Lide C-3558 
ALLAN Frank Kellogg T-949 
ALLAN William Temple T-36 
ALLBRIGHT John Ireland C-8575 
ALLBRIGHT Sterling Eli M-799 
♦ALLDREDGE Hugh Henry M-690 
ALLEN Alfred Hooe C-3340 RR pp 

25 27 
ALLEN Asa Benton A-4393 
ALLEN Baltis A-882 
ALLEN Bryant Manning A-5550 
ALLEN C R A- 1 60 C-256 
ALLEN Charles Tyrone C-7304 
ALLEN D Berwick C-515 
ALLEN David Sledge A-4796 
ALLEN E H C-374 
ALLEN Edward Stewart Jr C-7531 
ALLEN Edwin Dibrelle C-5309 
ALLEN Elba L-94 
ALLEN Elmer LaZone T-696 
•ALLEN Forrest Francis C-3049 
ALLEN George Eugene CPT p 225 
ALLEN Gwynne A-2933 
ALLEN Harry Evans Jr T-963 GST- 

ALLEN Harvey Waldo C-8273 
ALLEN Harvey Walter A-584S 
ALLEN James Bentley Jr C-7925 
ALLEN James Swayne C-2986 T-359 

RR pp 33 98 
ALLEN John Brooks A-1433 C-1508 
ALLEN John Edward A-4570 
ALLEN John Francis Jr C-7985 
ALLEN John Rowan RR pp 33 71 
ALLEN Joseph Lee Jr C-3805 
ALLEN Lewis C-1606 
ALLEN Percy A-862 
ALLEN Percy Anderson C-2552 
ALLEN Ras Potter C-3339 
ALLEN Richard Eilers C-6188 
ALLEN Richard Henry Jr A-1904 

ALLEN Robert Byrns C-4385 
ALLEN Robert Julian C-2738 
ALLEN Ruth Co-ed 33 p 196 
ALLEN Ruth Alice Fac 
ALLEN Samuel Lanham C-4604 
ALLEN Sidney James A-1454 
ALLEN Walter Gregory Jr A-4451 
ALLEN William Benjamin A-5972 
ALLEN William Cline M-97 
ALLEN William Grover C-73'5 
ALLEN William Parker Jr A-5IS9 
ALLEN William Robert A-3120 
ALLEY James Pinckney Jr C-4460 
ALLENDORPH Henry Pitcher A-5739 
ALLIGOOD Cecil Locke C-4S3S 




ALLIGOOD Joseph (or Joe) Winston 

ALLIN George R p 374 
ALLIN John Maury C-5233 T-588 

GST-195 RR pp 33 75 
ALLIN Richard III C-7086 
ALLISON Christopher FitzSimons C- 

6940 Fac 
ALLISON George Edward Downing 

ALLISON Granville T-144 
ALLISON James Newby A-3193 
ALLISON James Newby Jr A-5359 
ALLISON John McLean Jr A-5514 

Charles A FS-52 p 340 
ALLISON Robert Donald A-3698 
ALLISON William Burgess C-5961 
ALLSOPP James Edward Jr A-5001 
ALSTON James Fitts A-1750 
ALSTON Philip Henry Jr RR pp 33 S» 
ALSTON Robert Cotten H-221 RR pp 

19 21 no 
ALSTON William Corder M-1203 
ALTHAUS Kenneth George Jr A-4427 
ALVAREZ Laurence Richards C-8820 
ALVERSON Dix Henry Jr M-482 
ALVES James Jr C-2330 
ALVES James Thomason C-6669 T-816 
ALVES Joseph Hodge Jr C-3269 RR 

PP 33 75 
ALVES Lafayette Wallis C-3526 
AMACHER Fred C-2873 
AMALRIC Louis T-258 
AMBLER Francis Willis C-1430 T-153 

H-392 SST p 330 RR pp 33 90 
*AMBLER Richard Jaquelin A-1997 

AMBLER Willis Hawthorne C-1908 
AMBROSE Henry Frizzell Jr A-3929 
AMBROSE Karl Jordan Jr A-5123 
AMBURGEY Gordon Moore C-6201 
AMEND Frederick Brooks C-6441 
AMES Charles Bulkley A-729 C-754 

AMES Charles Carlisle C-4243 
AMES Mortimer Parker C-7399 
AMES Robert Alton C-5186 
AMICK Charles Leonard M-1382 
AMIS Robert Walter C-5815 
AMOS Charles Fay M-79 
AMOS Paul Stoddard C-5135 
ANDERSON Adolph Edward III C- 

ANDERSON Alfred A-89 
ANDERSON Alister Carroll GST-171 
ANDERSON Alvin Albert C-2972 
ANDERSON Andrew Edwin Ferdinand 

RR pp 33 70 
ANDERSON Ben A-2521 
ANDERSON Benjamin Mackenzie T- 

ANDERSON C Elbridge HA p 521 
ANDERSON Mrs Caruthers also Mrs 

Maude Staff 
ANDERSON Charles Edward M-579 
ANDERSON Charles Slate C-5730 
ANDERSON Charles Whitney C-3430 
ANDERSON Clifford Vinton C-7121 
ANDERSON David Patrick C-8614 
ANDERSON David Ray C-8286 
ANDERSON Donald Gilbert A-6291 
ANDERSON Edward Jr C-3912 
ANDERSON Edward Henry Jr C-186 
ANDERSON Guy Townsend A-2543 


ANDERSON H M RR pp 33 100 
ANDERSON Halstead Tindal C-4015 
ANDERSON Harry C A-593 
ANDERSON Henry M RR pp 33 66 

117 Staff 
ANDERSON Irving Wilson C-4408 
ANDERSON James Adolphilus A-1696 
ANDERSON James Clack Jr M-1330 
ANDERSON James Garnett C-1785 
ANDERSON James Rather A 3696 

ANDERSON James William T-729 

ANDERSON Jefferson Randolph H-308 
ANDERSON John D HA p 521 
ANDERSON John Ford C-7882 
ANDERSON John Thomas Edward 

A- 1 692 
ANDERSON Joseph Porter HA p 521 
ANDERSON Joy p 342 
ANDERSON Kenneth Theodore C-427<> 
ANDERSON Leroy H RR pp 3 3 49 51 
ANDERSON Lomax Strudwick A-3382 

ANDERSON Lomax Strudwick Jr C- 

ANDERSON Mrs Lomax Strudwick al- 
so Mrs Louise Person Staff 
ANDERSON Mrs Lomax Strudwick 

also WILSON Elliott Co-ed 21 p 

ANDERSON Mrs Louise Person see 

ANDERSON Mrs Lomax Strudwick 
ANDERSON Marvin Chester A-4321 
ANDERSON Mary Virginia Co-ed 109 

P 271 
ANDERSON Mrs Maude or Mrs Ca- 
ruthers Staff 
ANDERSON Maury M-517 Fac 
ANDERSON Owen Van C-1873 
ANDERSON Richard Davis A-146 

ANDERSON Robert Edward C-8695 
ANDERSON Sandy T-693 
ANDERSON Thomas G RR pp 33 97 
ANDERSON Thomas James Hall A-822 
ANDERSON Vernon Milton A-3323 
ANDERSON Wallace B A-3797 
ANDERSON William E RR pp 33 63 

ANDERSON William Pattin A-1702 
ANDERSON William Perry A-35'3 

ANDERSON William Thomas A-5333 
ANDERSON Willis Crawford Barnett 

ANDERTON Emmett Russell Jr C- 

ANDERTON Jo Carter C-4917 
ANDRESS Paul Nilson C-799I 
ANDRESS Redden Thaddeus II C-7478 
ANDREW Alexander Matheson C-4960 
ANDREWS Charles Hollman C-2689 
ANDREWS Charles Marshal! A-3S81 
ANDREWS David Outlaw Jr C-4980 
ANDREWS Edward Bryan T-243 
ANDREWS Edwin Norment A-2901 

ANDREWS Garnett Jr C-3367 
ANDREWS Leo Kirk A-3245 
ANDREWS Neal L Jr A-5786 
ANDREWS Robert Woollen C-5400 
ANDREWS Russell Edgar Jr or III 

ANDREWS William W Jr A-138 
ANGAS Robert Moore A-1851 
ANGAS William Mack A-1869 

ANGIER (not AUGIER) Clarence 

Victor Jr A-1527 
ANGLEA Bert Allen C-8059 
ANGLE Stanley Marshall A-6474 
ANGLIN John Tyler M-489 
ANHALT Robert Valentine C-7663 
ANNANDALE Clyde Bullard C-6327 
ANSCHUTZ John Raymond A-3851 

ANTHONY Joseph Daniel Jr C-7716 
ANTHONY Lawrence Kenneth C-3585 
ANTONY Sam Overton C-6443 
ANTONY Samuel Overton M-822 
ANZE Alfred see AUZE Alfred A-371 
APPERSON Edmund Minitree A-4708 

APPERSON George Patterson Jr 

A-S027 C-7027 
APPERSON John Ross C-5068 
APPERSON William Jeffries A-2259 
APPLE Marshall Ford C-3913 
APPLEGATE Hart Wilson C-8334 
ARBUCKLE Ned Claiborne C-7840 
ARBUCKLE Thomas Castleton C-1169 
ARBON B J RR pp 33 88 
ARCE Daniel Espiradion T-281 
ARCHER Abram Barnes Jr C-6372 
ARCHER John Edwin A-3742 
ARCHER William Harry Fac 
ARIAIL Julius Fellows A-2144 
ARIANO Jose Manuel Eckhardt A-3873 
ARMBRECHT William Henry RR pp 

3 3 50 
ARMBRUSTER Charles Jacobsen C- 

2221 T-283 
*ARMES Edmund Campion C-2134 RR 

PP 33 50 51 108 Staff 
ARMFIELD John RR pp 33 48 94 06 
ARMISTEAD Robert Augustus Jr C- 

ARMSTRONG Charles Mitchell Jr C- 

ARMSTRONG Charles Rane Jr A-2446 
ARMSTRONG Charles Rice C-2064 
ARMSTRONG James Bowers T-916 
ARMSTRONG James London Jr C- 

ARMSTRONG James Morton A-963 

ARMSTRONG Joseph Honesby A-927 

ARMSTRONG Miller Francis III T- 

ARMSTRONG Minard James M-718 
ARMSTRONG Richard Felix C-1053 
ARMSTRONG Robert W C-286 
ARMSTRONG Thomas Francis Jr 

ARMSTRONG Willis Frierson C-2254 
ARN Ferdinand David C-8703 
ARNALL Alvan Slemons C-8713 
♦ARNALL Ellis Gibbs C-3616 H-425 

RR pp 19 21 33 108 
ARNALL Frank Marion II C-4610 
ARNECKE Christopher Adam M-59 
♦ARNETT Charles Thomas Jr C-6 RR 

PP 3 3 5 2 
ARNETTE John Coleman A-3823 
ARNOLD Arthur A- 165 1 
ARNOLD Charles Jr A-4788 C-6677 

RR pp 25 27 
♦ARNOLD David Christopher C-2530 
ARNOLD David Phillips C-8675 
ARNOLD Frank Clinton A-3855 
ARNOLD George Dewey Jr C-6501 
ARNOLD Mrs Geraldine E once AR- 
NOLD Mrs George Dewey and now 

THUNEMAN Mrs Geraldine E 
Co-ed 74 p 252 

ARNOLD Harry Win field A-4146 
ARNOLD Henry Frank Jr C-8159 RR 

pp 25 26 
ARNOLD J Ed Jr C-123 
ARNOLD John W S Fac Staff 
ARNOLD John William C-6755 
ARNOLD Lynn A-2239 
ARNOLD Paul Mitchell C-2547 
ARNOLD Prenthe A-2226 
ARNOLD Richard McGowan A-1497 
ARNOLD S A HA p 521 
ARNOLD Samuel Houston Jr C-5857 
ARNOLD Sanders Gibson A-5313 
ARNOLD Troy Gerard Jr A-5890 
ARNOLD Walter Klinton C-5079 
ARONSON Darryl Elliot A-6248 
ARRINGTON John White III A-4710 

ARRINGTON Robert Goldthwaite C- 

ARRINGTON Nelson Battle Jr A-5740 
ARROYO Monroe A-3399 
ARSNAULT Leighton Philip T-635 
ARTHUR Donald Dougherty C-7406 
ARTHUR John Greening T-733 
ARTHURS Francis Wellington Ross T- 

ARWINE James Tevis M-36 
ASDEL Richard Dale C-8236 
ASGER William Mehdy or ASGER 

Mehdy William Jacob Herbert 

Monroe C-5002 T-574 
ASH James Clair M-176 
ASH John Louis Jr C-548l 
ASHBURN Joseph Augustus A-4453 
ASHBY (not ASHLEY) Charles Aylett 

RR pp 33 82 83 
ASHBY Clarence Garnett Jr C-6702 
ASHBY Mrs McDonald P also QUIN- 

TARD Catherine Hand Co-ed 55 

P 245 
ASHCRAFT John Dunklin Jr A-4873 
ASHER Edd Jr A-6292 
ASHFORD E L Mus p 341 
ASHFORD Hartwell Taylor M-349 

33 82 85 
ASHLEY Moreau Albert A-3130 
ASHLEY Ray Waldo A-5731 
ASHLEY Thomas Evert M-292 
ASKEW Francis Bartow Jr A-j6io 
ASKEW James Barnes Jr C-3660 
ATCHESON Nathaniel Bernard A-1382 
ATCHISON Frank Edward C-8417 
ATCHISON Thomas A A-469 
ATHERTON Henry Winfield Jr C-8:95 
ATHERTON Marion Bowden C-8198 
ATHEY William Beaty C-553 
ATKINS Atlas Jones Martin C-1814 
ATKINS Edward Bryant Martin C 

1879 L-143 
ATKINS George Albert C-4964 
ATKINS Gregory Hale C-5858 
ATKINS James Marion M-1142 
ATKINS Joe Foster Jr C-6243 
*ATKINS John Norton C-1681 RR pp 

33 105 Staff 
ATKINS John Norton Jr C-4903 
ATKINS Joseph Addison C-4814 
ATKINS Josiah Harrison C-2400 
ATKINS William James A-5770 
ATKINS William Lamar A-5441 
ATKINSON Alexis Henry also ATKIN- 
SON Henry Alexis C-5199 
ATKINSON Edward Cooper A-235 
ATKINSON Fitzgerald Jr C-5294 
ATKINSON Henry Alexis also ATKIN- 
SON Alexis Henry C-5199 
ATKINSON James Augustus H-12 



ATKINSON James Ellis C-6202 
ATKINSON James Lewis A-2864 
ATKINSON Roger RR pp 33 102 
ATKINSON Roger Nelson C-1798 
ATKINSON Sydney James C-5506 
ATKINSON Thomas H-28 RR pp 23 

22 33 81 83 
ATKINSON Thomas RR pp 33 60 61 
ATKINSON William Currier A-2879 

ATKINSON William Lane C-1255 L-3 
ATKINSON W M RR pp 33 102 
ATTAWAY William Grady A-6615 
ATTWATER William Clarkson C-3861 
ATWOOD Alfred Livingston A-1008 
ATWOOD Julius Walter Fac 
AUBREY Llewellyn C-230 RR pp 33 

97 98 
AUCOIN Oscar Joseph C-3454 
AUCOIN Riley Anthony C-3452 
AUDIBERT David Chappie C-3802 
AUER Edwin Rugby Jr T-620 
AUGIER see ANGIER Clarence Victor 

Jr A-1527 
AUGSBURGER Willis Andrew T-788 
AUGUR (not AUGER) Christopher Co- 
lumbus RR pp 33 73 
AUGUR Ford S A-442 
AUGUSTIN Edwin Louis A-2824 
♦AUSTELLE Alfred Lawrence Jr C- 

AUSTELLE Thomas Malcolm C-399; 
AUSTIN Albert James C-5128 
AUSTIN Albert Morris A-3069 
AUSTIN Anthony C-8805 
AUSTIN Charles William A-5051 
AUSTIN David Gay A-5181 
AUSTIN Guy Leslie M-1323 
AUSTIN John Alexander Jr A-1047 

AUSTIN John Brander T-913 GST-221 
AUSTIN Stephen Finis C-2097 RR pp 

24 26 
AUSTIN Thomas Alan A-5479 
AUSTIN Thomas Collins M-1278 
AUSTIN William DeNeen Jr A-4471 

C-71 10 
AUSTIN William Lee A-1144 
AUTIN Sydney Peter also AUTIN Syd- 
ney Jack C-3762 
*AUTRY James Lockhart (not AUTRY 
Joseph L or AUTREY) A-309 RR 
PP 33 57 59 98 
AUZE (not ANZE) Alfred A-371 
AVANT Hugh Clifford Jr A-6276 

AVENT Jacqueline Co-ed 103 p 271 
AVENT James Monroe (not Munroe) 

C-2590 p 88 Staff 
AVENT James Monroe Jr A-5614 

AVENT Mayna Rose also MACKIN- 
NON Mrs D C Co-«d 104 p 271 
AVERA Jack Wray II A-5599 
AVERA John Byron Jr A-5648 
AVERETT Helen Marie Staff 
AVERETT James Weston A-2663 
AVERETT Ray Hert Jr C-6748 
AVERETT William Temple C-666s 
AVERILL Frederick Sprague A-1459 

AVERILL John Henry A-1458 
AVERY Albert Minor C-183 
AVERY Albert Wheeler A-1361 
AVERY Francis Brownell Jr C-8209 
AVERY Holmes Bennett A-4949 
AVERY John Campbell Jr C-161S L-61 
AVERY Richard McCord A-427 C-448 
AVERY Theron Mackey C-6132 
AVERY William Powel C-3476 

AVES Henry Damerel H-147 RR pp 

33 98 
AVES Henry Damerel Jr C-2779 
AVES Paul Hughes A-2980 
AVEY John Jacob Jr C-6326 
AXELRAD Samuel Donald A-6174 
AXLEROAD Donald Morris C-6760 
AYCOCK Guy Gabriel M-1548 
AYCOCK John Knox C-5916 
AYDELOTT George Cortner A-1174 

AYDELOTT James Grizzard A-2314 
AYDELOTTE Frank H-442 RR pp 19 

AYER Joseph Cullen Jr H-2I3 
AYLESWORTH William George And- 
erson C-737 
AYLWARD Philip Benjamin A-6054 
AYRES Brown H-162 
AYRES George Collett C-7642 
AYRES Robert Moss Jr C-6847 
AYRES Quincy Claude A-2325 C-2178 
AYSCUE Quincy Adams A-5773 


BAARCKE Charles Frederick C-4006 
BAARCKE Leonide Alfred Jr A-522S 
BABBAGE John Ditto Jr C-2111 
BABBIT Harry Livingston T-843 
BABBITT Almon William Jr C-8518 
BABBITT Charles Holton M-733 
BABBITT Eugene Howard Fac 
BABCOCK George Cattonnel (not Cat- 

tonel) A-360 C-398 RR p 24 
BABCOCK Roy Huston C-6874 
♦BABIN Wallace Joseph M-1231 
BABIN Walter Alan C-7048 
BACHE Harold Franklin T-430 GST-3 
BACHELLER John Jr C-71 56 
BACHLOTTE Louis Robert C-811S 
BACHMAN James David Jr C-6143 
BACHSCHMID Paul Moncure C-S109 
BACK William Edward C-5865 
BACKSTROM Edward Thompson M- 

BACKUS Patrick Edward A-6424 
BACON Charles Finley A-3666 C-3969 
BACON Charles Finley Jr A-5835 
BACON Milton R A-1456 C-1571 
BADGER Frank H A-162 C-205 
BAER Earl Lee C-6195 
BAGGENSTOSS Herman Edward C- 

BAGGENSTOSS Ronald Emile A-6429 
BAGLEY William Francis M-1413 
BAGNALL Roger Shaler A-4626 
BAGNELL William RR pp 33 79 
BAHAN Lawrence Place Jr A-5902 
BAILEY Alton Reuben A-6179 
BAILEY Burkett I V C-6030 
BAILEY Burton Bellamy C-45 
BAILEY Caleb Theodore M-I399 
BAILEY Charles T-336 
BAILEY Charles Bacon Jr C-6873 
BAILEY Clarence Campbell C-4632 
BAILEY Cliff Ernest C-2696 
BAILEY Cullen R A-343 
BAILEY Cullen William A-2113 
BAILEY David Jackson A-368 RR pp 

33 55 
BAILEY Dean Adams C-5789 
BAILEY Dewey Wayne A-6447 
BAILEY Edgar Hull C-6179 
BAILEY Edward Bradford C-215 
BAILEY Emlen MacDougal C-6601 
BAILEY Ernest Troupe Jr C-4056 
BAILEY Fannie also HOLLAND Mrs 
Jack Carlyle FS-19 p 339 

BAILEY Ferriss Clay Jr C-6679 
BAILEY Fleming Grantland A-56 
BAILEY George Thomas Jr A-4648 
BAILEY Grady Wallace A-4349 
BAILEY Henry Blevins C-2015 
BAILEY Howard Sandison Jr A-4920 
BAILEY J Carlisle A-2871 
BAILEY James Alfred Jr C-6177 
♦BAILEY James Franklin A-671 C-689 
BAILEY James LaRoche A-1019 C-1210 
BAILEY James Maxwell Jr A-5647 
BAILEY James Mitchell C-7917 
BAILEY James Preston C-2697 
BAILEY James William M-1395 
BAILEY John Houston M-62 
BAILEY John Snodgrass A-4592 
BAILEY John Swortout A-3616 
BAILEY Joseph B M-641 
BAILEY Leonard Campbell T-50S 
BAILEY Lester Peterson A-3703 
BAILEY Minneola also BELL Mrs 

Minneola Bailey Co-ed 9 p 176 
BAILEY Nathaniel Hammond A-2895 
BAILEY Oliver Joe A-5702 
BAILEY Percival Roberts Jr T-791 
BAILEY Ralph Cash C-2886 
BAILEY Richard A-4164 
BAILEY Robert A-4159 
BAILEY Scott Field GST-63 
BAILEY Seaton Grantland A-3090 

C-2822 RR pp 33 55 
BAILEY Thomas Laval C-2797 Fac 
BAILEY Thomas Pearce Fac 
BAILEY Thomas Wooten A-2114 
BAILEY Walter Vail C-4321 
BAILEY William Earney C-6871 
BAILEY William Fields Jr A-6349 

C-902 1 
BAILEY William Jack Jr C-44 
BAILEY William McGregor A-5521 
BAILEY William Winston C-7205 
BAILEY Wright Warren C-3634 
BAIN Charles Wesley C-1567 p 373 
BA1NBRIDGE Robert Edmund C-7526 
BAIR Maurice Zacharias Jr C-5563 
BAIRD Charles O'Connor Fac 
BAIRD George Evans A-2014 RR pp 

33 77 
BAIRD Horace Bishop C-5041 
BAIRD Howard Dilworth C-6160 
BAIRD James Catchings once BAIRD 

James Madison A- 1184 C-1424 
BAIRD James Madison now BAIRD 

James Catchings A-I 184 C-1424 
BAIRD James Russell C-3127 
BAIRD John Forrester A-6473 
BAIRD John Herman Jr C-5426 
BAIRD John Rupert III A-5573 
BAIRD Kenneth McGregor C-2865 
BAIRD Robert Bruce C-656; 
BAIRD Robert Charlton Jr GST-106 
BAIRD Robert Wade A-2046 
*BAIRD Thomas Catchings M-45 
BAKER Beverley Gene C-7463 
BAKER Charles Henry Jr A-2580 
BAKER Claude N Jr A-3239 
BAKER Edwin Dale T-736 
BAKER Emmett Home A-2707 C-2434 

RR pp 33 55 56 
BAKER George Dallas A-6351 
BAKER George L A-564 
BAKER George Lathrope A-2558 
BAKER George Merrick H-475 RR pp 

115 120 Fac 
BAKER George Morris A-4588 
BAKER Gus Lafayette C-5338 
BAKER Howard Henry Jr C-5882 
BAKER James McDowell Jr A-4968 

BAKER Joe Benson A-5007 

BAKER Joe Clark C-2615 

BAKER John Dayton A-5698 

BAKER John Ogg A-4868 

BAKER Joseph Miner A-396 C-410 RR 

PP 33 50 
BAKER Lewis III C-5996 
BAKER Mallie Clark C-7787 
BAKER Mims Richardson A-3599 
BAKER Norval Sanders Jr A-S2s8 
BAKER Paul Edward C-6071 
BAKER Pearce Home Jr A-5474 
BAKER Richard Henry H-453 RR pp 

21 22 33 81 83 
BAKER Rita May CFF p 341 
BAKER Thurman Dee Jr C-7518 
BAKER William H HA p 521 
BAKER William Holbert A-5579 
BAKER William Hoyte Jr A-6566 
BAKER William Preston A-1844 
BALCH Leon Crawford T-8si 
BALDRIDGE Edgar Earle A-3385 
BALDWIN Alfred Willett Jr A-4494 
BALDWIN Charles Coventry C-935 
BALDWIN Daniel Higgenbotham 

BALDWIN Gustave Bouligny III A- 

BALDWIN John Bronaugh M-1566 
BALDWIN Robert Benton C-5707 
BALDWIN Walter Luther Jr A-3812 
♦BALDWIN William Edward C-4855 

H-325 RR pp 33 109 no 
BALDWIN William Moses C-2156 
♦BALDWIN William Owen A-2634 

BALEY P Farrar A-732 C-848 
BALFOUR Grcver Steveson A-2640 
BALFOUR William Turner RR pp 33 

BALL Charles Arthur Jr A-5562 
BALL Charles W C-129 
BALL Edward Robbins C-6589 
♦BALL Frank Jervey C-5009 
BALL Gene Harold A-6537 
BALL Isaac Jr A-830 C-947 
BALL Isaac Rhett III C-4352 
BALL James Dorsey Carnochan Jt 

BALL John Coming Jr C-5467 T-031 

P 229 
BALL Lionel Eugene Fac 
♦BALL Robert Wilson C-2746 
BALL Samuel Whitson A-3023 
BALL Theodore Porter GST-141 
BALL William James C-3874 
BALL William Moultrie C-4011 
BALLARD Alexander Blair C-S41 
♦BALLARD Carsie Zay M-1352 
BALLARD George Clinton M-144 Fac 

BALLENGER Perry Minshall C-4753 
BALLENTINE George Young Jr C- 

BALLENTINE Thomas McClellan 

BALLINGER Edwin Lloyd T-527 
BALTZELL George Wilson A-2167 

C-2040 Staff 
BAMBERG Francis Marion C-2610 
BAMBERG Henry Frederick Jr A-3595 
BAMBERG Joseph McGee C-2832 
BANCKER Evert Abram III ,C-2747 
BANCROFT Donald Huntley II A-631S 
BANCROFT George Walter Jr C-37*° 
BANCROFT Richard B RR pp 33 53 
BANCROFT Robert John Huntley 

BANDY Richard Gilbert A-3681 




Monro RR pp 33 49 51 
BANISTER Walter Gilroy M-991 
BANKHEAD Jack Edward A-5745 
BANKS Alfred John Gayner C-2403 T- 

291 RR pp 33 99 103 

Mrs Wesley FS-12 p 339 
BANKS David Paul Jr A-3896 
BANKS Frazer Jr C-5424 p 229 
BANKS George E Fac 
BANKS Howard Daniel A-5621 
BANKS John M-i S77 
BANKS John Ernest Jr C-7891 T-946 
BANKS Philip Barbour Minor C-5660 
BANKS Ralph Alton Jr C-7812 
BANKS Ralph Roundtree Jr C-5637 V 

BANKS Thomas V FS-32 p 340 
BANKS William Henderson M-965 
BANKS William Stephen T-452 
BANNERMAN Walter Bruce M-920 
BANNISTER James Madison M-1115 
BARBEE Henry Nesbit T-267 
BARBER Frederick L A-5517 
BARBER Vincent Harton A-4878 
BARBOUR Clyde Arthur Jr A-2952 
BARBOUR John Strode RR p 18 
BARBOUR Johnson RR pp 18 21 
BARBOUR Llewellyn P Fac 
BARCLAY Frank Beeman Jr C-3845 
BARCLAY John William C-7632 
BARCLAY Julius Preeton C-5573 
BARCLAY William Alexander C-3249 
BARDIN Keith Morris C-53 18 GST-i 13 
BARDIN O'Neal C-5543 
BARDWELL David G M-795 
BARHAM Charles Jr C-3259 
BARKER Edward Phillips A-6491 
BARKER Edward Walton A-4538 
BARKER George Henry C-3299 Staff 
BARKER George Lovelace C-7537 
BARKER John Perin C-6810 
BARKER Nathaniel Cocke A-S932 
BARKER Percy Harrison II A-3520 
BARKER Richard Dozier Jr A-5513 
BARKER Thomas Watson A-4120 
BARKLEY Bernard Wesley C-5757 
BARKLEY Merrill Bailey A-1357 

BARKSDALE William Robert C-2463 
BARLOW Arthur Walter A- 1 840 C-1923 
BARLOW Robert Harry A-1518 
BARLOW Sam Shipley C-4447 
BARNARD Frank C C-318 
BARNARD Robert Stephen A-6060 
BARNES Aiden Emmett A-2354 
BARNES Albert Parker M-1253 
BARNES Charles Raymond C-2531 RR 

pp 25 26 
BARNES Claudius Hugh Jr C-1795 

L-110 RR pp 33 64 
BARNES Edward Milum M-1562 
BARNES George Edward A-3000 
BARNES Glenn Dickson C-6839 
BARNES Harrison Wainwright C-7333 
BARNES Isaac M-1248 
BARNES Jay Dail A-4883 
BARNES Jodie Lemuel C-2793 
BARNES John Stovall C-1642 
BARNES Lee Alfred A-4396 
BARNES Mabra C-4693 
BARNES Marshall Ireland C-4743 
BARNES Robert Hayward A-252S 

BARNES Walter Grinell C-7939 
BARNES Walter Palma A-4107 
BARNES William Elias Jr C-2478 

BARNES William Herbert C-6506 
BARNES Winfield Scott C-<45 
BARNES Yarnell Staff 
BARNETT Albert Samuel E A-2101 
BARNETT Das Kelley Fac 
BARNETT David Roscoe C-102 
BARNETT Ernest Lowell Staff 
BARNETT Harlow C-164S 
BARNETT John Nisbett C-7897 
BARNETT Leonard Owen A-5885 
BARNETT Levi Aubrey M-1269 
BARNETT Lloyd Jr A-4429 
BARNETT Lyle Saxon C-3183 T-400 
BARNETT Silas Liles M-659 
BARNETT Thomas M A-34 C-191 
BARNEY Raiford Ward A-2745 C-2437 
BARNEY William Joshua A-1673 

"BARNHART Robert Knox C-7924 
BARNITZ Dabney Green Jr A-3748 
BARNWELL Bower Williamson A- 

1425 C-1651 
BARNWELL Charles Heyward A-743 

BARNWELL Isaac Hayne A-2566 
♦BARNWELL James O'Neill A-1438 
BARNWELL John DuBose A-2137 

BARNWELL John Singleton C-381 
BARNWELL Middleton Stuart H-340 

RR pp 33 50 66 67 
♦BARNWELL Robert Woodward C-482 

BARNWELL Robert Woodward H-127 

RR pp 33 49 
BARNWELL Robert Woodward C-173S 
BARNWELL St Julien Mazyck C-2472 
♦BARNWELL Thomas Choate C-2365 
BARNWELL Walter A-716 C-815 RR 

P 24 
BARNWELL Walter Izzard C-222 
BARNWELL William Hazzard C-8698 
BARNWELL William McCaslan A-1441 

C-1457 RR pp 33 100 
BARR John MacReadie T-708 
BARR Leal Graham Jr C-6447 
BARR Nelson Travis C-3533 
BARR Richard Alexander Jr C-326: 
BARR Richard Wheat Craven A-4702 
BARRAS Lou.s Robert II A-2761 
BARRET Edward Tatum A-3837 
BARRET Hollingsworth Blanchard 

BARRET Robert Leighton Crawford L- 

BARRET (not BARRETT) Thomas 

Charles C-680 RR pp 33 74 75 
BARRET Walter Stanley C-2071 L-146 
BARRET William Morris C-268S 
BARRET William Thomas A- 1430 
BARRETT Andrew Thomas III A-6637 
BARRETT Arthur Eames Wright Jr 

BARRETT Edward Alva C-7231 
BARRETT Harold Elliott C-6509 GST- 

BARRETT Henry Grady C-7243 
BARRETT James CFF p 342 
BARRETT John Henry C-3740 
BARRETT Kenneth Linn Jr C-8073 
BARRETT Kenneth Montier C-5465 
*BARRETT Robert S H-81 RR pp 33 

69 70 
♦BARRETT Robert South also BAR- 
RETT Robert Stribling C-1467 H- 
298 RR pp 19 21 

♦BARRETT Robert Stribling Jr see 

BARRETT Robert South C-1467 

H-298 RR pp 19 21 
BARRETT William Prentiss C-50S9 

T-558 GST-182 
BARRICK James Edward Jr C-6103 
BARRON Charles Henry C-3950 
BARRON Robert William A-3275 
BARROW Dodge Trader A-2648 C-2190 
BARROW Mrs G Hurst also BIER- 

HAUS Josephine Condict Co-ed 107 

P 271 
BARROW George Yeaman A-1816 
BARROW Henry Yeaman A-1797 

BARROW John Shelby C-130 
BARROW Junius Jordan A-2603 
♦BARROW Robert Church C-2717 
BARROWS William Dinsmore C-4283 
BARRS Joseph Clarence A-2067 
BARRY Howard McComb A-4421 
♦BARRY William Shelby Jr C-2462 
BARRY Joseph Claiborne A-6009 
BARRYTE Evan Lucien M-152 
BARTA John Joseph C-8586 
BARTH Theodore Nott H-437 RR pp 

33 94 96 

BARTHOLOW Richard Stephens A-6416 

BARTKOWSKI John Franz C- 7 8ot 
BARTLAM Ernest Percy C-43 10 T-459 

RR PP 3 3 99 
BARTLE Douglas Matthew C-8120 
BARTLETT Allen Lyman Jr C-6851 
BARTLETT Harold Graves Jr CPT 

P 225 
BARTLETT John Rice A-2071 
BARTLETT William C-2993 
BARTLING Harrison Hines A-6602 
BARTLING Martin Luther III A-6296 
BARTON Clarence C C-645 
BARTON David Judson M-697 
BARTON Edward Anthony A-5041 
BARTON George Lloyd III GST-239 
BARTON Guy R A-216 
BARTON Richard Bethel Jr A-3899 
BARTON Samuel Marx RR p 120 Fac 
BARTON Walter Irving C-669 
BARTON William Bernard A-3 106 
BARTON William Herbert A-6116 
BARTON William Norcom C-43 1 
BARTON Wilson Perry C-3883 
BARTON Yancey Pascal M-646 
BARTUSCH Robert Frederic C-5935 
BARZIZA Philip Dorsey A- 11 20 
BASCOM Roy Clark C-6616 T-808 
BASCOM Mrs Roy Clark Staff 
BASKERVILL William Malone C-2100 
BASKETTE John Howard Jr A-2421 

BASNETT Arthur Domingo A-2468 
BASS Francis Arthur C-4759 
BASS Henry Leonidas Jr A-5804 
BASS James Orin C-4143 
BASS John Cortez Jr A-1754 C-1772 
BASS John M Fac 
BASS John William Jr C-4449 
BASS Richard Boynton C-8727 T-980 

BASS Robert Leslie C-2709 
BASSETT Colin Sharp T-127 
BATCHELOR Albert Agrippa M-1053 
BATEMAN Alvin A-4647 
BATEMAN Florence Golson (Mrs) 

CFF p 341 
BATEMAN Robert Eugene GST-96 
BATES Alfred Scott Fac 
BATES Arthur William Jr Fac 

BATES Conrad Fac 

BATES Edwin Thurman Jr C-7534 


Gerrit Waldron A-4112 
BATES James Morgan Jr A-4689 

BATES Leroy Sumner RR pp 33 102 
BATES Margaret Catherine Co-ed 6 p 

BATES Milton Hughes C-4300 
BATES Richard Mortimor Jr A-1956 
BATES Royce Eugene Staff 
BATES Thomas Fletcher A-1352C-1409 
BATES William Boggan A-1976 
BATESON Charles Edward Jr A-1410 
BATESON Richard Humphreys A-1411 
BATEY Thomas R C-158 
BATHURST Samuel Philander Jr 

BATHURST William Ray M-225 
BATJER William F D RR pp 33 85 
BATSON John Oscar Fac 
BATSON Melbourne Lafayette M-553 
BATTAILE Anne T also Mrs Ben- 
wood Hunter Jr FS-55 p 340 
BATTAILE John Francis A-4450 
BATTEY George Magruder II C-149 
BATTEY Henry Halsey A-329 
♦BATTEY William Cephas C-150 
BATTLE Anne Elizabeth FS-7 p 339 
BATTLE Blanchard Ball A-2673 
BATTLE George Boddie C-5643 
BATTLE James Columbus M-1361 
BATTLE Kemp Plummer RR pp 33 81 
BATTLE Richard Henry (not R N) 

RR pp 33 81 
BATTLE Thomas Hall RR pp 33 82 83 
BATTLE William James H-241 
BATTY Edward Lionel A-2517 
BAUDER William Collins A-5032 
BAUGUS Talmage Cleveland A-2152 
BAUKNIGHT James Merchant C-8658 
BAULCH Harry Hine C-3791 
BAUM Henry Mason Fac 
BAUMAN William Allen C-3234 
BAUR William Hugh III A-6214 
♦BAUSCH Frederick Rudolph M-1126 
BAXLEY Timothy Collins (legal name 

COLLINS Harry Timothy) A-5947 
BAXTER Edward Laurence C-4786 X- 

541 GST- 1 14 
BAXTER Edward Worsley RR pp 33 

BAXTER George White C-154 
BAXTER John Alexander C-229 
BAXTER Leighton Hartmus A-1326 
BAXTER Neill Zilles C-8321 
BAYES Andrew Hartin C-7290 
BAYLE William Miles C-5524 T-739 
BAYLISS Frank Cecil T-102 
BAYLOR John Roy H-2S7 
BAYLY Philip Turner C-2373 
BEACH Edward Bryant A-5598 
BEACH John Wingood C-7253 
BEACH Stafford Bacon Jr A-5108 
BEACH William Oscar Jr C-5241 
BEADLE Don Gilbert A-6225 
BEADLES Adrian Otto M-1118 
BEADLES James Nicholson Jr C-1167 
BEALE Ethan Irvan A-3421 
♦BEALE Phelan C-1586 L-7S RR pp 

33 108 
BEALL George Dent C-3246 
BEALL George Dent Jr C-8217 
BEALL James Augustus C-901 
BEALL James Lewis A-3693 
BEALL James Franklin Jr C-8318 
BEALL John Marckmann C-8475 
BEALL Olin Gordon C-4241 T-488 RR 

PP 33 77 78 



BEALL Olin Gordon Jr C-8287 
BEAN George Goodwin C-4945 
BEAN Joseph Scott Jr A-6215 
BEAN Joseph Smith C-3966 
BEAN Reuben Crawford C-3667 
BEAN Robert Anderson A-4252 
BEAN William Cosby Jr A-3121 
BEANLAND Ernest Jarratt C-3737 
BEARD Frederick Leroy T-737 
BEARD French Emmett A-2710 
BEARD George Anderson C-14 
BEARD J Wilmer A-808 C-820 
BEARD John RR pp 33 63 
BEARD John Shepard A-140 C-544 
BEARD Thomas Jefferson H-103 RR 

PP 32 33 49 51 
BEARD William Kelly A-2349 
BEARDALL Harold Martyn II A-4569 
BEARDALL Jon Bonser A-5397 
BEARDALL William Hamer A-4502 
BEARDEN Earl Sherwood C-5151 
*BEARDEN Ellis Miller C-2425 T- 

310 RR pp 25 27 
BEARDEN Henry Kinard M-651 
BEARDEN Julian Blake Jr C-6619 
BEARDEN Roy Ellsworth A-5399 
BEARDEN Walter Albert A-5400 
BEARDSLEY Charles Harold A-6048 
BEARE Robert Lee Jr C-4309 
BEARE Robert Lee III C-8280 
BEASLEY Cecil Isom C-4947 
BEASLEY James S Staff 
♦BEASLEY John Johnson M-859 
BEASLEY Joseph Charles Jr A-2107 
BEASLEY Oman Winfred M-312 
BEASLEY Robert L-150 
BEASLEY Shepherd Lee A-793 
BEASLEY Shubael Treadwell Jr C-4874 

BEASLEY William Boddie Rogers C- 

BEASLEY William Donald C-6388 
BEATON Ralph Alexander Jr C-3441 
BEATHE Fountain Fox Jr A-3908 

BEATTIE John Edgeworth Jr C-2200 
BEATTIE Samuel Marshall A-2003 

C-I996 RR pp 33 100 101 
BEATTIE Thomas Fentriss C-6073 
BEATTY Daniel Troy C-1009 T-90 H- 

230 RR pp 33 94 95 
BEATTY Daniel Troy Jr C-2364 T-321 
BEATTY Isaac Croom III C-4423 RR 

pp 25 26 
BEATTY Jackson Gibbs A-6129 
BEATTY James Guy Jr A-S234 
BEATTY James Rives A- 1294 
BEATTY Malcolm DeBruntz A-3484 

BEATUS Carl C-2902 
BEATY Edgar Elliott C-3291 
BEATY James Stewart M-1297 
BEATY Loma Briley C-5852 
BEAUCHAMP Jesse Leaphart M-971 
BEAUCHAMP Jethro Macy M-1155 
BEAUMONT Henry Francis IV A-3369 
BEAUREGARD Joan Douglas Toutant 

also WILLIAMS Mrs Richard P 

III Co-ed 70 p 249 
BEAUREGARD Pierre Gustave Tou- 
tant C-6336 
BEAVAN James Goodwin C-7154 
BEAVERS James Thomas C-6548 
BEAZLEY Edmund James Jr A-2338 
BECHTEL George C-3898 
BECHTEL William Grant Jr A-5888 
BECK Clyde McKay M-1307 
BECK Herbert Edward T-874 p 329 
BECK James Tait A-2885 
BECK Lucien Pinkston M-147 

BECK Robert William A-6542 
BECKERT George Frederick C-3887 
BECKETT George RR pp 33 96 
BECKETT James Litton C-5164 
BECKETT John Temple A-419 C-528 
BECKETT Ronald Clay C-7952 
BECKNELL James Cunningham Jr 

BECKWITH Charles Minnigerode H- 
133 P 373 RR PP 33 49 SO 66 98 
BECKWITH Edmund Ruffin A-2238 

C-2092 RR pp 24 27 
BECKWITH James Dunbar C-3940 
BECKWITH John Quintus C-1341 RR 

pp 33 60 61 
BECKWITH John Watrus H-15 RR 

pp 20 22 33 66 68 
BECKWITH Samuel Cary C-1226 T- 

146 RR pp 33 90 Staff 
BECKWITH Thomas Stanley C-3460 
BECTON Edward Pinkney Jr M-34S 
BEDELL Arthur Joseph H-452 
BEDELL George Chester II C-6608 
BEDELL Reginald Hudson Jr C-5372 
BEDENBAUGH James Ira M-626 
♦BEDFORD White C-232 
BEE Bert Wayne C-6278 
BEE William C RR pp 34 89 91 
BEEAN John A-1240 C-1273 T-I48 
BEELAND Robert Alpheus III A-459& 

BEENE Owen Raulston Jr C-228 
BEENE Samuel Jackson C-438 
BEESLEY Claude Alan RR pp 34 58 
BEESON Leigh Chalmers M-i 148 
BEESON William Eugene A-5063 
BEGG George William C-3122 
BEGGS James Lemen Jr C-4376 
BEGGS John Adams A-4301 
BEIRNE Lewis Caperton A-3453 
BEKEMEYER Frederick Henry C-6262 
BELEW Harold Lewis C-5492 
BELFORD Lee Archer C-4448 T-498 
BELFORD Richard Argyle A-3225 
♦BELFORD Robert Walter also BEL- 
FORD Walter Robert C-4875 T- 
557 p 222 RR pp 34 78 103 
♦BELFORD Walter Robert also BEL- 
FORD Robert Walter C-4875 T- 
557 RR PP 34 78 103 
BELL Alan Paul C-7144 
♦BELL Bernard Iddings H-246 
BELL Charles Keith C-172 
BELL Charles Naylor A-6559 
BELL David Herman III C-5427 
BELL Douglas Morton III A-5649 
BELL Edmond Lawson C-2962 
BELL James Burt Jr C-6781 
BELL James Howard C-6322 
BELL John A-2908 C-2644 
BELL John Edward Jr C-7602 
BELL John Hendren M-1569 
BELL John William C-7847 
BELL Joseph Fenner M-1302 
BELL Luther Washington M-1520 
BELL Marcus L (not D) RR pp 34 52 
BELL (Mrs) Minneola Bailey also 

BAILEY Minneola Co-ed 9 p 176 
BELL Paul Gervais A-2352 C-2180 
BELL Percy Jr C-4868 
♦BELL Percy Lee A-2803 C-2494 
BELL Richard Alexander C-5994 
BELL Robert Davis C-8083 
BELL Robert Erie C-4940 
BELL Sam Davis Jr C-7894 
BELL Samuel Jackson III A-5286 
BELL Sherman A-1914 
BELL Thaddeus Park M-591 

BELL Thomas J C-263 
BELL William F Jr C-6787 
♦BELL William Franklin C-1836 
BELL William Markley Jr C-3464 
BELL William Reed C-6623 
BELL William Rivers Jr A-5141 
BELLINGER George Rivers C-733 RR 

P 24 
BELLINGER John Bellinger Jr A-4433 
BELSER William Warren Jr C-6777 
BELSHAW George Phelps Mellick C- 

BELSTERLING Edward RR pp 34 57 

BENDER William Ralph M-1525 
BENEDICT Cleveland Keith RR pp 

116 119 Fac Staff 
BENEDICT Cleveland Keith C-3527 
BENEDICT Cooper Procter A-3102 
BENEDICT Edward Clark C-3421 T- 

BENEDICT Henry Pinckney A-1316 

BENEDICT Robert A-1200 C-1376 

T- IS 2 

BENEDICT Samuel A-2836 
BENEKE Ray Lynn C-7221 
BENET Christie RR pp 19 21 
BENET W C RR pp 34 91 
BENET William Christie RR pp 19 :i 
BENITEZ Maurice Manuel T-899 
BENJAMIN George Henry Jr A-6596 
BENJAMIN Harbert Wilson A-1380 

BENJAMIN Percy Ozier A-1649C-1727 
BENJAMIN William Breithaupt C- 

BENJAMIN William Harbert RR PP 

34 74 
BENNERS Frederick Hagaman C-6860 
BENNETT Albert Clifford A-2329 
BENNETT Albert George Branwell C- 

2074 T-274 RR pp 34 too 101 
105 106 
BENNETT Burgess Jr A-388 
BENNETT Charles G A-461 
BENNETT Edwin Lyles C-5574 
BENNETT Francis Clayton Jr A-5069 
BENNETT George Penniman C-3833 
BENNETT Harlow Wesley A-1965 
BENNETT Jack Marion C-6797 
BENNETT Jack Mirza Jr C-4205 
BENNETT Jesse Robert A- 1694 
♦BENNETT John Caldwell Jr C-2502 

RR pp 34 70 108 
BENNETT John Manche Jr A-4285 
BENNETT Mary Anita Co-ed 88 p 

BENNETT Michael John C-3 394 
BENNETT Michael Smith Staff 
BENNETT Samuel Holding C-7394 
BENNETT W N A-399 C-411 
BENNETT Willard Glenn C-4586 
BENNETT Willard Hall C-6649 
BENNETT William Reece Jr A-3782 
BENNETT Winfield Scott II C-8262 

T-889 p 329 
BENOIST Edwin Eugene C-7383 
BENOIST Otis Cecil Jr A-6211 
BENSMAN Bruce Philip A-6 189 C-865 2 
BENSON Edward Close H-104 
BENSON Frank Lucian M-801 
BENSON Mrs Gregory K Jr also 

KAVANAGH Kathleen Sevier Co- 
ed 113 p 274 
♦BENSON John Schuler McKinney C- 

BENSON Norman Eudox M-674 
BENSON Robert Speer M-1074 
BENSON Warren Bernard CPT p 225 

BENSON Wesley Edward Jr C-8665 
BENTLEY Cyril Edmund RR pp 34 

BENTLEY John Charles M-1561 
BENTON Angelo Ames Fac 
BENTON Elisha Spencer Jr A-2784 
BENTON Greene Jr A-3029 C-3085 
BENTON John Albert Jr T-638 
BENTON John Thomas C-3301 
BENTON Mortimer Murray RR pp 54 

69 Fac 
♦BENTON William Goitein C-3039 
BENTON William Lane Hall T-106 
BENTON William Terry A-883 C-iot9 
BENTZ George Zerfoss C-7777 
BERESFORD William Thompson C- 

BERG Donald William C-8248 
BERG Eliot Hubert CPT p 225 
BERGER Robert Rex C-4227 
BERGHAUS Paul C-1365 
BERGLIN Robert Swanson A-6016 
BERGMANN Louis William Jr A-4573 
BERKELEY Edmund Fac 
BERKELEY Edmund Jr A-6010 C-8274 
BERKELEY Norborne A-6270 
BERKY Darius Weller Fac 
BERLOWITZ Joseph or Josef Oliver 

Jr A-4363 
BERMUDEZ Miguel A-6389 
BERNARD Hal Gordon T-961 
BERNARDIN David Mierriotte A-5218 
BERNE Joseph Livingston RR pp 34 

52 53 
BERNER Warren Kenneth Jr C-8184 
BERNHARDY Roy Hunt CPT p 225 
BERRIEN Frank Whittelsey C-4588 
BERRY A M Shook A-1644 
BERRY Arthur Nelson A-3474 C-3355 
BERRY Benjamin James Jr C-8166 
BERRY Charles Edward C-3659 
BERRY George Mills C-5028 
BERRY George Smith Jr A-2823 C-2571 
BERRY Isaac Jay Jr C-1125 
BERRY Lawrence Matthews Jr T-504 

RR pp 34 86 87 
BERRY Robert Allyn C-7320 
BERRY Thomas A-1157 C-1158 
BERRY Thomas Huntingdon A-2585 
BERRY Walter Lester C-2060 RR pp 

24 26 
BERTELSEN Henry Clarence C-2911 
BERTHEL Henry Jules A- 1602 
BERTREM Josiah Willie M-1393 
BERTRON James Andrew A-5544 
♦BERWICK David Allen M-370 
BEST Charles Monroe Staff 
BEST Cyril C-4637 T-492 
BESTE Walter Harrison Jr C-4832 
BESTON Joseph James M-1046 

C-1743 M-606 
BETHEA Barron C-6875 
BETHEA Henry Croom A-2630 C-2411 
BETHEA Morrison Eugene C-2461 
BETHEA Samuel Rice C-808 
BETTLE Harold Edward C-2578 
BETTLEY Willard Elijah A-3S06 
BETTON G W RR pp 34 65 
BETTON William L A-884 C-950 
BETTY Charles Jones C-6429 
BETTY Howard Gene C-5397 
BETZNER James Edwin West A-5431 
BEVAN Lionel William Jr A-437'5 
BEVAN Wilscn Lloyd Fac 
BEVERLEY Edward Percy M-240 
BEVIL Lamar Clay C-3957 
BEVILL Rardon Dixon III A-6023 
BEVILLE Alfred Stephen A-937 



BEYER Mrs Mary Sue see BEYER 

Mrs Walter Richard 
BEYER Walter Richard Staff 
BEYER Mrs Walter Richard also BEY- 
ER Mrs Mary Sue Staff 
BEYER Walter Richard Jr A-497S 

BIAS Eugene Henry A-5747 
BIBB Frank Raymond A-5191 
BIBB Julian Lee C-1887 
BICKERS Charles Ellas C-3173 
BICKERS William Clark C-3373 
BICKFORD Roger Brownell CPT o 


BICKHAM Charles Jasper RR pp 34 

73 74 
BICKHAM Horace Mann C-2843 
BICKHAM Warren Stone A-298 C-5»7 
BICKHAM William Lindsey A-718 
BIDDLE Percy Dake A-1729 C-1767 
BIDDLE Richard L-66 
BIDWELL Charlton Bontecou Jr A- 

3548 p 376 
BIDWELL (Mrs) Patricia Davis Co- 
ed no p 271 CFF p 341 
BIEDENHARN Robert Matthew 

BIEBERBACH Walter Daniels M-1135 
BIEHL Carl Gustav C-4071 
BIEHL George Frederick C-45»7 
BIEN William Kenneth C-4552 
BIERHAUS Edward Gibson Jr C-7553 
BIERHAUS Josephine Condict also 

BARROW Mrs G Hurst Co-ed 107 

P *7> 
BIERY Charles Samuel A-I577 
BIERY Frederick A-2081 
BIERY Samuel Wilmer A-2608 
•BIGGAR Richard Aaron M-1001 
BIGGERS Donald Lowell C-8134 
BIGGERSTAFF Silvester Lee C-S93* 
BIGGS Peter Willis C-369S 
BIGGS William Percy L-83 
BIGHAM George Edward M-256 
BIGHAM William Harold C-7529 
BIGLER John Scott C-5592 
BILBRO William Caldwell Fac 
BILBRO William Caldwell Jr C-2367 
BILL John Robert III T-503 
BILLEITER Charles Reesman C-2850 
BILLINGSLEY Benjamin Lloyd A-2948 
BILLINGSLEY Charlea Edward A-1048 

BILLS John Houston A-432 C-463 
BILLUPS Joseph Donald C-6292 
BILLY Robert Mezoff A-5473 
BINFORD Robert Addison C-3905 
BINFORD Robert Carey Jr A-5516 
BINGHAM Charles Duvall C-5767 
BINGHAM Rachel Harriet also HANC- 

KEL Mrs William Henry Jr Co-ed 

45 P 225 
BINGHAM Roger Sherman C-2687 
BINKLEY Richard Burney A-2160 
BINNICKER Charles Mathews Jr C- 

BINNINGTON John Percy C-4654 
BIRCHFIELD Jerry Kenneth C-B786 
BIRD Arthur Judson M-102 
BIRD Henry Dearborn A-720 
BIRD Robert Lee C-4763 
BIRD St Clement Redmond A-2155 
BIRD Stephen Moylan H-8a RR pp 

34 97 99 
BIRD Stephen Moylan Jr A-1496 C- 

1573 T-191 RR pp 34 98 Staff 
BIRD Wilmer Parke C-998 
BIRD William Trump Jr C-6719 
BIRDSEY Ralph Talmadge 0-83*5 

•BIRGE Nathaniel Bradford C-3734 
•BIRMINGHAM William Edward Jr 

BISHOP Arch Jr A-4013 C-4837 
BISHOP Herbert Acie A-1861 
BISHOP Mitchell Charles Jr C-6682 
BISHOP Raymond Judson L-118 
BISHOP Wallace Reverdy M-538 
BISHOP William Samuel Fac HA p 521 
BISLAND Ashton T-31 
BISSELL Schuyler C-7o6* 
BITNER Quentin Durward T-645 
BITTER John Leonard Jr A-5496 
BIVINS Henry Wright C-3185 
BIXLER Emanuel Hezekiah Jr C-4487 
BLACK Charles Eugene C-6809 
BLACK Frank A- 1620 
BLACK Heniy Scott A-1957 
BLACK James Berton M-922 
BLACK John William M-1390 
BLACK Orlando E M-433 
*BLACK Ralph Peters C-1611 RR pp 

34 55 108 Fac 
BLACK Robert Kirkland A-3565 
BLACK Robert Micklebeiry Williamjon 

A-687 C-770 T-83 
BLACK Samuel Orr A-2280 
BLACK Thomas Morcombe C-8283 
♦BLACK Walter Bacon M-468 
BLACKARD Charles Galloway Jr C- 

BLACKBURN Deryl Alfred A-4621 
BLACKBURN Fleming Cocke C-6526 
BLACKBURN John Dupree A-3826 
BLACKBURN William Hodge C-5833 
BLACKLOCK Alexander Galpin A-1143 

C-1156 L-33 RR pp 24 26 34 102 
BLACKLOCK Mrs Alexander Galpin 

also GALLEHER Miss Charlotte 

Fairfax Staff 
BLACKMAN H G A-486 C-508 
BLACKMAN Percy Clarke Jr C-3928 
BLACKMAR Ray Wellborn A-4769 

Co-ed-97 p 263 
BLACKWELL Alan Nicholas A-3043 
BLACKWELL Jack Henderson C-5395 

P «9 
BLACKWELL Jack Lester Jr A-3884 
BLACKWELL Joshua Melvin M-276 
♦BLACKWELL William Gary M-274 
BLACKWOOD Clinton Herbert A-2736 
BLACKWOOD Eddie Hymes M-886 
BLACKWOOD Herman Oscar Jr C- 

BLAIN Thomas Anderson A-27I2 
BLAIN William Ernest C-3806 
BLAINE Edward James A-1244 
♦BLAIR Alfred Farnell C-2664 
BLAIR Catherine Aldine Fac 
BLAIR Charles Mabry M-no 
BLAIR J E Staff 
BLAIR James Douglas Jr C-4563 
♦BLAIR James Newell C-3993 RR I'P 

34 79 
BLAIR Ralph Pope A-2406 
BLAIR Robert Donald C-4153 
BLAIR Thomas Henry A-1539 C-1624 
BLAIS Bernard Roy C-5834 
BLAISDELL Charles Franklin H-»38 
BLAKE Daniel A-1018 C-ini 
BLAKE Edmund M A-S7° 
BLAKE Frank Polk C-1097 
BLAKE James Harris A-2832 
BLAKE Wyatt Heflin III C-6568 
BLAKESLEE Charles Hugh Jr C-5314 
BLANC Henry William A-330 C-487 

RR p 121 Fac Staff 
BLANC Jules Axnaud RR pp 34 73 74 

BLANC Louis see BLANC Jules A RR 

P 34 
BLANCHARD James Ashton A-1285 

BLANCHARD Newton Crain RR pp 

34 73 
BLANCHARD Nelson Calvert C-noo 
BLANCHARD Paul Stewart A-3870 
BLANCHARD Roger Wilson RR pp 

34 80 
BLAND C J C-144 
BLAND Richard Winfield C-6000 
BLANKENSHIP Arthur Ernest M-1465 
BLANKENSHIP John Frank C-6562 
BLANKS Edel Faulkner C-3399 
BLANKS Harold Puryear Jr A-6037 
BLANTON Kenneth Edward A-6578 
BLANTON Livy A-1578 
BLANTON Thomas Eugene A-1643 
BLANTON William Whitaker A-296 

BLANZ Robert Langley A-5427 
BLATCHFORD William Wallack T-84 
BLAYLOCK David Bailey Jr A-41S5 
BLECKLEY Logan Edwin H-80 RR 

pp 18 21 
BLEDSOE George Troop M-1422 
BLEKER Julius William RR pp 34 

♦BLEKER Julius William Jr A-2010 

BLEKER Thomas Cooke A-2181 
BLEVINS Raymond Anderson Jr C- 

BLIESENER Betty p 342 
BLISS Francis William Royster A-2227 

BLISS Robert Harms III A-6335 
BLISS Rupert Quentin A-5221 
BLITCH Joseph Jackson M-475 
BLOCHER Charles Lewis Morehead 

♦BLOCK Hamilton A-2023 C-I937 
♦BLOCK Karl Morgan H-330 RR pp 

21 22 34 80 
BLOCKER Edgar Lyon A-5094 
BLODGETT Laurence Ruhl A-3849 
BLOOM Arthur M-892 
BLOOMFIELD Thomas Clarke T-534 
BLOUNT Eugene Harmon C-1591 L- 

67 RR pp 34 98 
BLOUNT Frederick Alexander A-4195 
BLOUNT Guy Arthur A-1770 C-1889 

RR pp 34 98 
BLOUNT Guy Arthur A-5722 
BLOUNT William Augustus C-4128 
BLOXHAM James Mitchell A-3202 
BLUE Charles V Jr A-6092 
BLUM Albert Harold C-2460 
BLUM Charles William Jr A-4891 
BLUM Herman A- 163 2 
BLUM Julian Everett A-3859 
BLUME Claud M-820 
BLUME John Neal M-817 
BLUME Thomas Allen M-966 

P 225 
BLUMER Thaine Quentin C-6324 
BLUNT A L C-298 
BOARD Franklyn Heemann also 

BOARDMAN Franklyn Heeman 

BOARD Robert Corcoran RR pp 34 70 
BOARDMAN Franklyn Heeman also 

BOARD Franklyn Heeman C-4734 
BOARDMAN William Armistead C 

5171 T-585 
BOATWRIGHT James Ernest A-»ois 


BOATWRIGHT James Ernest Jr C- 

BOAZ Alan Wright A-5560 
BOAZMAN Howard Dark C-4030 
BOBERG Francis Oscar Henry T-171 
BOCOCK William Hollyday A-1945 
BOCQUIN George Sale Birnie A-970 
BODDY Donald Welles C-2353 
•BODEN Brench Linn C-8425 
BODEN William Henry C-7813 
BODFISH Robert Valentine C-5020 p 

BODLEY James Orville T-632 GST- 

BOESCH Henry Goff A-413S C-4792 
BOESSER Mark Alan C-6006 p 229 
BOGAN Leslie Eugene III C-8335 
BOGGS John Samuel M-1007 
BOGGS Robert Edward A-4584 
BOGLE John Edward C-6461 
BOHLER Haygood A-3752 
BOHMER Charles Wilhelm C-4707 
BOHN Horatio Robeson C-882 Fac 
BOLDING William Edwin C-6197 
BOLDRICK Samuel Neill Jr C-7146 
BOLIN Prentice Jr A-4679 
BOLING William Calvin Jr A-6305 
BOLING William Robert C-7981 
BOLLING Elliott Officer C-867 
BOLLING James Alfred A-634 C-633 
♦BOLLING John Minge A-4279 
BOLLING R R RR pp 34 102 104 
BOLLING Richard Elliott C-1603 M- 

BOLLING Richard Walker C-4661 FS 

5 P 339 
BOLLING William E A-676 C-66s 
BOLLES Jonathan Hobby A-4254 
BOLLINGER Conrad Booth C-8823 
BOLLINGER Eugene Russell JrA-6243 
BOLMER Mrs W F Sr (also SCOTT 

Mrs Catherine Russell) Staff 
BOLTON Charles Warren Jr C-4432 
BOLTON Richard Anthony A-3621 
BOLTON William Norton T-642 
BOLYN Robert Taliaferro M-755 
BOMAR John Cornelius C-8688 
BOMAR William Morgan C-7101 
BOMFORD Wright Jr C-5717 
BOND Augustus Godin Guerard A-3058 
BOND Edward Anderson A-1777 C-191 8 

BOND Ezekiel McNeal A-840 C-865 
BOND Henry III C-8337 
BOND Lawrence Beacham M-41 
BOND Percy Franklin C-2905 
BOND Richmond A-3272 
BOND Robert Edward Lee A-982 C-994 
BOND Thomas Hervey A-1036 
BOND Walter A-960 
BONDS Lyman Franklin C-3832 
BONDURANT Frank Banker A-5064 
BONDURANT Walter Ernest A-1091 
BONE W J A-546 
BONEY J G A-456 
BONEY Quillian Elmore A-6035 
BONEY Samuel Ashford A-5136C-7267 

BONEY Mrs Samuel Ashford also 

KLINE Marcia Lois Co-ed 99 p 

BONFILS Mark T-644 Staff 
BONHAM Delma Martin C-7229 
BONHOLZER Albert Andrew A-2169 
BONHOLZER Albert Andrew A-2975 

C-2818 Staff 
BONHOLZER Frederick John A-1638 
BONNER David R A-480 C-467 
BONNER Eugene Benton A-1179 



BONNER Henry Montague C-1421 RR 

PP 34 61 
BONNER Henry Williamson C-763 
BONNER J Willis Fac 
BONNER James Shepherd RR pp 3* 

56 HA p 521 
BONNER John B RR pp 34 60 
BONNER Robert Hughes C-7651 
BOOKER Jesse Hare A-532 C-534 
BOOKS Clarence Hamilton M-5M 
BOON Clifton Udonna also BOONE 

Clifton Udonna C-3807 
BOONE Clifton Udonna also BOON 

Clifton Udonna C-3807 
•BOONE Malcolm Alvah M-269 
BOONE Thomas Jr A-1038 
BOONE William Jones Jr A-1072 
BOONE William Pennebaker C-1398 
BOOTH Harvey Gordon HA p 521 
BOOTH James Fleet M-815 
BOOZER William Henry M-1271 
BORDELON Albert Lewis M-318 
BORDELON Joseph Jerge A-6252 
BORDEN Nadine CFF p 341 
BORDERS Alexander Jr A-3907 
BOREN Fletcher Clifton (not Cifton) 

BOREN Samuel Hampson C-1846 
BORN Charles Allen C-8284 
BORTON Frederick Eugene A-4577 
BORUM Joe McLaurin A-6008 
BOSCH Lorraine T-969 
BOSS Michael Cleare C-8767 
BOSTAIN Richard Harvey A-3434 
BOSTROM Robert Ernst C-1876 
BOSTWICK Charles Warren A-4457 
BOSTWICK John Middleton A-2040 
BOSTWICK William Cowan A-4464 
BOSTWICK William Moreau Jr C-1163 
BOSWELL Chandler Gantt C-5172 
BOSWELL Charles William C-8345 
•BOSWELL George Elmer C-2361 
BOSWELL James Loyd C-7705 
BOSWELL William Henry C-2189 
BOSWORTH Benjamin Drake Jr A-3132 
BOSWORTH Millard C-62 
BOSWORTH William Martin C-5376 
BOTELER James B A-725 
•BOTT Franklin Lucas M-n8 
BOTTIE Norman Nicholas CPT p 215 
BOTTOMS James Willard T-84S 
BOUCHELLE Henry Tutwiler Jr 

A-2066 C-2132 
BOUCHELLE McKee Gould A-2350 
BOUCHER Augustus A-571 C-713 RR 

PP 24 27 
BOUCK Lyle J HA p 521 
BOUGHMER Robert Nesbit M-396 
BOULDIN Thomas Jefferson M-457 
BOULDIN Helen also JONES Mm 

Freeman Co-ed 65 p 249 
BOULT John Ward C-7719 
BOULT Richard Dorsey Jr C-6654 
BOUNDS Oliver Alexander C-3296 
BOURIE Richard C-7028 
BOUTON Ralph Leonard M-1083 
BOW Douglas McClaren A-2625 
BOWDEN Carleton Goldstone C-2275 

RR pp 24 26 
BOWDEN Edwin Turner C-2368 
BOWDEN John Douglas A-2057 

•BOWDEN Paul Delafield C-2356 T- 

320 RR pp 34 103 
BOWDEN Upton Beall RR pp 34 «°J 
BOWDEN Upton Beall Jr A-2002 

M-i 167 
BOWDEN Upton Beall III A-6456 
BOWEN Armour Cromwell Jr C-5384 P 


BOWEN Arthur MacMurry Jr A-4288 
BOWEN Charles William Jr A-3310 
BOWEN David A-2920 C-2817 
BOWEN Gwyn Harris A-4981 
BOWEN Jack Winnree C-6373 
BOWEN Nathaniel RR p 89 
BOWEN Osa A A-270 
BOWEN Richard Thurmond A-4287 
BOWEN William George A-4467 
BOWERS Herbert Edmund RR pp 34 

98 99 
BOWERS John Pennington C-7923 
BOWERS Robert Madison C-3522 
BOWERS Roy Houston A-3247 
BOWERS Thomas Dix C-7858 
BOWERS William Basil C-5145 
BOWLES Albert Morse Jr A-4497 

BOWLES Mrs Albert Morse Jr or 

CLARKE Louise Staff 
BOWLES Robert Lee Jr A-6166 
BOWMAN Charles Harold Jr C-7681 
BOWMAN Dunklin Caffey Jr C-65SI 
BOWMAN Edwin Aiken C-7053 
BOWMAN Elmer Elon M-420 
BOWMAN Harwood Christian Jr 

BOWMAN Haskins Williams A-5535 
BOWMAN Mortimer Tuttle A-4863 
BOWYER Frank Prague A-2590 
BOXER Henry M-1469 
BOYCE James Clarence T-373 
BOYD Brooks Simmons C-7249 
BOYD Charles Monroe C-3656 
BOYD Charles William A-3609 C-401S 
BOYD Charles William T-141 RR pp 

34 90 
BOYD Edward Leigh Jr A-3322 
BOYD Fred Wynne C-4676 
BOYD George Verdery A-6315 
BOYD Hubert Porter A-4818 
BOYD James Armstead C-5782 
•BOYD James Edwin M-808 
BOYD James Thyron C-4339 
BOYD John Peebles A-2857 
BOYD John Percy L-87 
BOYD Joseph Anthony Jr A-6563 
BOYD Miles Case A-3017 C-2736 
BOYD Richard Kendric A-6384 
BOYD Robert James Jr A-4764 
BOYD Spencer Wallace Jr A-5672 
BOYD Sterling Mehaffy C-7892 
BOYD Walter Ernest C-3977 
BOYD William Deeds RR pp 34 83 
BOYD William Edgar C-2534 
BOYD William Orgill C-5586 
•BOYD Wilson Lowrie (not Lawrie) 

A-2931 C-2955 
BOYDEN Stephen William Cole C-483 
BOYER Alexander William T-576 
BOYER Andrewton Blanchard GST- 

BOYER Charles Alonzo M-250 
BOYER Donald Ernest C-8220 
BOYER Thomas Edward M-375 
BOYER William Edwin C-7051 
BOYETT Wesley David Jr A-6000 
BOYETT William Lycurgus M-754 
BOYKIN Elmer Monroe Jr C-6631 T- 

BOYKIN Mrs Elmer Monroe Jr or 

SNELL Anne Carlton Staff 
BOYKIN Lemuel Whitaker A-558 C- 

BOYKIN Robert Berlie M-742 
BOYKIN Samuel C-4783 
BOYKIN Travis Hardy Jr C-6116 
BOYKIN William DeSaussure A-214 


BOYLAN Jimmie or James A-116 C- 

BOYLAN William C-159 
BOYLAN William Francis CPT p 225 
BOYLE Albert Leopold Jr C-3872 
BOYLE Bogardus Snowden Jr C-5821 
BOYLES Daniel Fletcher Jr A-3248 
BOYLES Harlan Henley C-7947 
BOYLSTON Henry F A-238 C-276 
BOYLSTON Robert Judson C-7327 
BOYNTON Charles Homer H-239 
BOYNTON Chester Dwight Fowler C- 

BOYNTON Lawrence W Staff 
BOYSEN Earnest or Buddy A-4356 
BOZEMAN Frank Carmack C-7795 

RR pp 25 27 
BOZMAN Richard Morris A-919 
BRABHAM Robert Cornelius A-6269 
BRABSON John Miller C-2834 
BRADDOCK Elbert Clayton Jr C-73°3 
BRADEN William Henry Jr C-42l8 
BRADFORD Benjamin p 296 
BRADFORD Clarence Theodore M-826 
BRADFORD George King Jr C-2708 
BRADFORD Glenn Ulric C-3319 
BRADFORD James Cowdon Fac 
BRADFORD John Stonington Jr A-14 
BRADFORD John T A-320 
BRADFORD Marion Beryl C-6279 
BRADFORD Ramon Cyrus A-33>8 
BRADFORD Robert Huntington C-7469 
BRADFORD William Roy C-33'8 
BRADHAM Laurence Stobo C-6855 
BRADHAM William Simons C-6853 
BRADLEY (possibly Samuel A-45) Staff 
BRADLEY Dan Greene A-4434 
BRADLEY Edward RR pp 34 94 96 
BRADLEY Edwin C-6284 
BRADLEY Joe Weldon C-8306 
BRADLEY Mrs John Miller Jr also 

ELMORE Isabella Josselyn Co-ed 

101 p 263 
BRADLEY John William Jr C-7592 
BRADLEY Patrick O'Callaghan A-4501 
BRADLEY Samuel A-45 
BRADLEY William Hearn A-479I 
BRADLEY William Woodson Jr C-2654 
BRADNER James Wood III C-8235 
BRADNER Lester H-240 
BRADSHAW Andrew Caldwell C-288 
BRADSHAW Charles Edwin Jr C-7667 
BRADSHAW Charles Leston C-5853 
BRADSHAW Charles William A-4338 
BRADSHAW Frank Bert Jr C-6237 
BRADSHAW James Campbell Jr C- 

BRAGAW John G Jr RR pp 34 61 
BRAGG John A-246 
BRAGG John Alden A-4676 C-6489 
BRAGG William Bonnell A-245 
•BRAILSFORD Edward DuBose C- 

3643 RR PP 34 91 
BRAILSFORD Lucien Edward C-7786 
BRAIN Irving Halsey Jr A-5224 C-6877 
BRAIN James Linn A-5370 
BRAIN Marshall David A-5688 
BRAKE Joseph Albert C-5864 
BRAKE Ralph Emerson M-154 
BRALY Harold White C-2673 
BRAM Martin Julius H-460 RR p 92 
BRAMAN F D or T D A-791 
BRAME William Forney C-651S 
BRAMLETTE Carl Allen Jr C-6227 
BRAMLITT Edward Turner C-7973 
•BRANAN Caroline Candler Co-ed 39 

should have been listed p 198 
BRANCH Albert Arthur Jr C-7085 

BRANCH Austin Thomas Plummer A- 

1464 C-1513 
BRANCH Lemuel Edward A-4357 
BRANCH Robert Irvine C-1537 
•BRAND Andrew Jackson M-397 
•BRAND Dudley Vernon C-3015 
BRAND Lewis Mead C-2766 
BRANDAU Robert Boyd C-35SO 
BRANDON Alfred Joseph Jr C-4311 
BRANDON Henry Wall A-1991 
BRANDON James Dean C-3605 
BRANDON John David C-4468 
BRANDON John William A-1860 
BRANNAN Andrew Jackson C-1564 
BRANNON Lynnard Carson A-5818 
BRANNON Samuel Lewis Jr C-6747 
BRANSFORD John Sterling Jr C-7408 
BRANSFORD McGavock Dickinson C- 

BRANSON Eugene Cunningham A-5085 
BRANTON William Coleman A-2096 
BRANTLY Edmund Brook C-7481 
BRANTLEY William Henderson III 

BRANYON Arthur Curtis M-827 
BRASWELL Cruse Cornish C-4967 
BRASWELL John Andrew Jr C-7183 
BRASWELL Ray Wilford Jr A-5068 
BRATTON Gordon Clark A-4077 
BRATTON Frank Newman C-4101 
BRATTON Mrs Ivy Gass see BRAT- 
TON Mrs William DuBose 
♦BRATTON James Henry C-2710 
BRATTON James Henry Jr C-7J91 

RR pp 25 26 
BRATTON John Gass A-4972 C-6880 

pp 292 376 
•BRATTON Theodore DuBose A-364 

C-547 T-55 H-129 SST p 330 RR 

pp 34 76 77 78 90 no 114 
BRATTON Theodore DuBose A-4033 

C-483 5 
BRATTON William DuBose C-542 
BRATTON William DuBose A-2106 

C-2124 T-287 RR pp 34 99 
BRATTON Mrs William DuBose also 

Mrs Ivy Gass Staff 
BRATTON William DuBose C-5100 
BRAUN Charles Bruning C-22II RR 

pp 24 26 Fac 
BRAUN Samuel Alvin M-1480 Fac 

BRAUN William Thomas Jr C-3982 
BRAWLEY Hiram Wilks C-4876 
BRAY John Lewis A-3617 
BRAY William Marks A-505 C-514 
BRAZELTON Arthur Pearson A-2900 
BRAZIER John Henry C-597S 
•BREAUX Louis J M-1196 
BRECK Todd Tebbetts C-8723 
BRECKINRIDGE Benjamin Johnson 

BRECKINRIDGE William Norwood 

BREEDEN Paul Hamilton C-1972 
BREEN Roy E RR pp 34 67 
BREEN Whilden Patrick Jr A-4793 
BRELAND Ernest Erastus M-904 
BREMOND John Jr A-780 
BREMOND Randolph Robinson A-637 

BREMOND Walter Jr A-639 C-63S 

RR pp 24 34 98 
BREMOND Walter Jr A-2637 
BRENIZER Charles Allen Jr C^no 
BRENIZER Ralph Lafayette C-3955 
BRENNAN James Lennon M-iosi 
BRENNEN William Michael A-3108 
BRES Mrs Harold A also SCOTT 

Betty Grace Co-ed 41 p 225 



BRESEE Harrison Pendleton Jr C-749S 
BRETHERTON George Cornelius III 

•BRETTMANN James William C-4"S 

T-456 GST-35 RR PP 34 5i 
BRETTMANN Mrs James William 

also WRIGHT Laura Jean Co-ed 

32 p 193 Staff 
BRETTMANN William Sims C-8290 
BREW James William C-4195 
BREWER Thomas Marcellus A-4117 
BREWSTER Harry Cyril C-2849 
BREWSTER Matthew T-73 RR pp 31 

34 74 75 
BREWSTER Walter Rogers C-2442 
BREWTON Herbert Buckner M-672 
BREYFOGLE Millard Hugh T-901 
BRICE Walter Miller III C-7775 
BRICKER Joseph Ambrose C-6859 
BRIDEWELL David Alexander C-4004 

RR pp 34 53 
BRIDGER Barry Bruton A-6414 
BRIDGERS Henry Clark C-1367 
BRIDGERS John Dixon Staff 
BRIDGERS William Frank C-7621 
BRIDGES Albert Peyton C-5907 
BRIDGES Ben Loyd (Lloyd?) M-1406 
BRIDGES Gardner William GST-179 
BRIDGES James Caldwell A-3973 
BRIDGES Ralph Andrew T-485 
BRIDGES Robert Russell C-5457 
BRIDGES Thomas Fort J A-5119 
"BRIDGES Wiley (not Wyley) Allen 

BRIDGFORTH Edward McPhail Jr 

BRIDGMAN John Northam Jr T-701 
BRIGANCE Edwin Graham A-4912 
BRIGGS Albert Sidney III C-7334 
BRIGGS Charles Loree A-4244 
BRIGGS Dick Dowling Jr C-7951 RR 

PP 25 27 
BRIGGS Robert Earl C-6852 
BRIGGS Samuel Stubbins Fac 
BRIGGS Wallace Neal FS-48 p 340 
BRIGHAM Harold Frederick Jr C- 

BRIGHT Frank Sims A-2065 
BRIGHT Gaston DeFoix T-886 p 329 
BRIGHT Noble Jr A-5451 
BRINGHURST Albert Henry C-1307 
BRINGHURST Thomas C-127 

Anne F FS-26 p 339 
BRINGLE Walter Verble C-8138 
BRINEY Wilton Moore A-2487 
BRINK Vaughn Delbert C-5699 
BRINKERHOFF Nelson Mitten M-371 
BRINKLEY Amie! Word Jr A-5014 
BRINKLEY George Thomas M-782 
BRINKLEY James Foote A-2219 
BRINKLEY James Mhoon A-16 
BRINKLEY Robert Campbell C-810 
BRINKMAN Reginald Roy Jr A-4978 
BRINSON Daniel Webster M-1095 
BRISCOE Powel III A-6290 
BRISTER Hammond Harris C-5098 
BRISTER Truss Emanuel M-956 
BRITT Bernard Eugene M-1055 
BRITT Thomas Edward C-8580 
BRITTAIN Kingman Mercer C-7577 
BRITTON Charles Burwell C-8667 
BRITTON George Harris C-3999 
BRITTON George Miller or Tim A-64 15 
BRITTON John J A-167 C-206 
BRITTON William C-180 
BRITTON William Johnstone Jr A-3416 

BROADWELL William Virginiui 


BROBSTON Stanley A-2403 
BROACH George Hodges C-365S 
BROADWAY Frank Rushing Jr C- 

BROCK Fleet William M-1067 
BROCK Frank Warner A-6209 
BROCK George Russell A-5066 
BROCK Jimmy or James Ray A-5204 

BROCK Kenneth Wilson A-6419 
♦BROCK Lee C-707 
BROCK Robert William A-5398 
BROCK Roy Hollis Jr A-4449 C-5729 
BROCK Wallace Donald C-3783 
BROCK William Edward A-6577 
BRODIE James Hawkins C-1713 L-64 
BRODNAX George Taylor C-2898 
BROGDEN William Blount C-4162 
BROMBERG Frank Wallace A-5391 
BROMBERG Gene Alexander C-7377 
BROMBERG John Louis C-2662 
BRONG John Luther C-1906 
BRONSON Benjamin Swan (not W S 

or W B) RR pp 34 81 
BRONSTETTER William Eli Jr C- 

BROOK William Samuel Matthew Dark 

BROOKE Francis Key H-180 RR pp 

20 22 34 86 
BROOKE Robert Edwards C-830J 
BROOKE Robert Owen C-5932 
BROOKE Walter Carroll C-7844 
BROOKS Carroll A-869 
BROOKS George Millington A-5358 
BROOKS Edward Herbert C-6560 
BROOKS Hall Stadj'e C-7827 
BROOKS Jacques Alreys A-3909 
BROOKS Joseph Adam A-5345 
BROOKS Joseph Conover A-4780 
BROOKS Larry Ray A-S975 
BROOKS Laurence Waddill Jr A-5638 
BROOKS Leonard Isham A-2404 
BROOKS Louis Porcher A-1519 C-19H 

M-i 169 
BROOKS Macpherson (not MacPher- 

son) Berrien A-1533 
BROOKS Maurice VanBuren C-3731 
BROOKS Norman Covington C-1969 
BROOKS Philip A-3212 
BROOKS Preston Smith C-217 
BROOKS Preston Smith Jr A-1307 

C-1616 M-430 
BROOKS Richard Leonidas A-26 C-135 
BROOKS Robert Means A-1515 C-I753 

BROOKS Roelif Hasbrouck H-343 RR 

pp 21 22 
BROOKS Russell Sage C-1970 
BROOKS William Haiden Jr A-2402 
BROOKS William Harrell A-5318 
BROOME John Dozier A-739 C-849 
BROOME John Tol C-7551 
BROSNAHAM John Dudley A-428 

BROSNAN Robert Lamar A-6071 
BROTHERTON Robert Townsend 

BROUGH William Frederic C-6612 
BROUILLETTE Nelson James C-6539 
BROUN William LeRoy RR pp 18 31 
BROUSSARD Barry David C-8291 
BROUSSARD Guy Rainer A-5486 
BROUSSARD Joseph Otto L-93 
BROUSSARD Oric Augustus Jr A-5487 
BROWDER Wilbur Fisk Jr C-1203 
BROWARD Montcalm III A-4347 
BROWN Agatha Staff 
BROWN Alexander H-99 

BROWN Allen Stickney A-4419 
BROWN Andrew E A-348 
BROWN Armon Kenneth C-8172 
BROWN Belno Adams Fac 
BROWN Bertram Erwin T-104 
BROWN Carl Franklin C-3080 
BROWN Carroll Erwin T-956 
BROWN Charles Arthur A-6462 
BROWN Charles Clifton M-1228 
BROWN Charles Edward C-6744 
BROWN Charles Fred Warren A-4275 
BROWN Mrs Charles Lynnwood al- 
so COLEMAN Rowena Kirby- 

Smith Co-ed 71 p 249 
BROWN Charles Mathews also WY- 

ATT-BROWN Charles Mathews 

C-4756 T-535 GST-248 
BROWN Charles Oliver Jr A-2807 C- 

BROWN Claiborne Hyland A-6074 
BROWN Clarence E A-198 
BROWN Clinton Giddings Jr C-3799 
BROWN Donald Redway C-7153 
BROWN Edmund C C-17 
BROWN Eleanor CFF p 341 
BROWN Emmett Wilson Jr A-4563 
BROWN Ernest Elliott Jr A-3296 
BROWN Eugene Paul C-6544 
BROWN Francis Craighill C-2976 RR 

pp 25 27 1 19 Fac 
BROWN Fred William A-3694 
BROWN Frederick Davis Jr C-2754 
BROWN George Albert C-6228 
BROWN George Charles Jr A-5632 
BROWN George LeRoy SATC Staff 
BROWN George Miller A-1819 
BROWN George Thomas M-215 
*BROWN George Washington M-I 305 
BROWN Harvey Lloyd Jr C-4599 
BROWN Henry Denison C-151 
BROWN Henry Wright A-3 199 
BROWN Horace Frederick Jr C-8677 
BROWN Horatio Henry M-211 
BROWN Hugh Crawford C-7052 
BROWN Hugh Thomas Fac 
BROWN James Alan A-6251 
BROWN James Manly M-377 
BROWN James Rias M-1496 
BROWN James Rice A-1820 C-1921 
BROWN James Russell C-5662 
BROWN Jane Ellen p 34a 
BROWN Joe E C-8267 
BROWN John C-1737 
BROWN John Calvin C-1224 
BROWN John Crockett C-4459 
BROWN John Ernest M-500 
BROWN John Grover A-S153 C-6731 
BROWN John Henry T-130 RR pp 

34 60 
BROWN John Jefferson C-7292 
BROWN Joseph A-4794 
BROWN Joseph Adolphus M-iS5a 
BROWN Joseph Reaves M-570 
BROWN Kenneth Victor Allison C- 

BROWN LeFay Frank Jr C-6866 
BROWN Leonard Daniel C-6ia4 
BROWN Lucile FS-22 p 339 
BROWN M Beverly A-3 26 
BROWN Malcolm Cameron C-3744 
BROWN Manning Pitts A-1719 
BROWN Murray Thornton M-5^4 
BROWN Newton Albert C-2679 
BROWN Norborne Alexander Jr C-8409 
BROWN Percy C-1469 
BROWN Peter Howard A-6381 
BROWN Pope Thomas A-2553 
BROWN Quarles Dowsing M-ao8 
BROWN R L RR. pp 34 98 

BROWN Ralph Carlisle C-5i6a 
BROWN Ray Francis H-498 
BROWN Richard Ewell C-939 
BROWN Richard Ivan T-398 
BROWN Robert Edward C-6771 
BROWN Robert Francisco C-1978 
BROWN Robert H A-762 
BROWN Robert Lee A-4855 
BROWN Robert Raymond H-492 RR 

PP 34 52 54 
BROWN Robert Samuel Jr C-4844 
BROWN Robinson Watson C-4107 
BROWN Roy Christian Jr C-7791 
BROWN Samuel James Jr A-6508 
BROWN Theodore Garrett Jr A-2837 
BROWN Thomas C Jr A-5183 
BROWN Thomas Edwin T-255 
BROWN Thomas Gordon A-3049 
BROWN Urbin Albert T-732 
BROWN Vanre Jordan RR pp 34 106 
BROWN Vaughan Morgan A-774 
BROWN Wallace Andrew Jr A-4130 
BROWN Warren Crenshaw III C-5445 
BROWN Wendell Vinton C-4889 
BROWN Wilbur Gayle A-1083 C-1116 

BROWN William Alexander M-189 
BROWN William Cabell H-128 
BROWN William H C-435 
BROWN William Hendrix M-1493 
BROWN William L A-655 C-663 
BROWN William Meade Jr C-3005 

T-390 RR pp 25 27 34 98 Fac 
BROWN William Montgomery H-119 

RR pp 31 34 52 53 
BROWN William O'Neal A-6579 
BROWN William Turner St John for- 
merly BROWN William Turner Jr 

T-608 Staff 
•BROWN William Wallace M-577 
BROWN Wood III A-5780 
BROWN Wray Douglas Jr A-5699 
*BROWN Wyatt Hunter also WYATT- 

BROWN Hunter C-1834 T-241 H- 

320 RR pp 21 22 24 26 34 105 
BROWN Wyatt Jr also WYATT- 

BROWN Hunter Jr C-4640 T-520 

GST- 149 
BROWNE Alvin Lowell C-aisa L-167 
BROWNE Cecil C-117 
BROWNE Jefferson B RR pp 34 9a 
BROWNE Joseph Emmet A-2164 
BROWNE Lloyd Southgate C-3778 
BROWNE Milton Myer A-2434 
BROWNE Robert Andes A-5916 
BROWNE Thomas Burton T-286 
BROWNE Wilfred Reese A-2293 
BROWNE William Bradford C-uo 
BROWNE William Phineas Jr A-2024 
BROWNE William Robert C-5795 
BROWNING Edmond Lee C-7118 T- 

BROWNING Robert Lee C-78SI 
BROWNLEE Joseph McClung T-347 
BROWNLOW Cecil Alexander Jr C- 

BROWNLOW Girard Polk Jr C-7041 
BROWNRIGG Richard Thomas C-711 

RR p 24 
BROYLES Gordon Barrett C-4634. 
BRUCE B A A-3 52 
BRUCE Ben M A-898 C-922 
BRUCE Caleb Alexander RR pp 34 J* 
BRUCE Edward Frederick M-ia4 
BRUCE James Coles C-355 
BRUCE John Hancock A-4414 
BRUCE Marmaduke M C-103J 
BRUCE Merlin Knox C-2471 



•BRUCE Walter Barwick C-1819 M- 

309 RR pp 34 S3 54 
BRUCE William Kirkland C-7230 
BRUESTLE Charles Clark A-4640 
BRUMBY Alexis Neville A-348S 
BRUMBY James King A-6631 
BRUMBY James Remley Jr A-336j 

BRUMBY James Remley III C-6627 

BRUMBY William Magruder A-2552 
BRUMFIELD Henry Alva III A-6267 
BRUMIT Francis Elmer C-6025 
BRUNDICK Frederick W III A-5011 
BRUNING Charles M-85 
BRUNING Henry Charles also LEWIS 

Henry Charles A-5268 
BRUNNER Frank George Jr C-3858 

RR pp 25 27 
BRUNSON R A-576 C-65S 
BRUNSON Thomas Ashby A-2629 
BRUSHETT William Robert GST-244 
BRUTON Gaston Swindell RR pp 117 

120 Fac Staff 
BRUTON Gaston Swindell Jr A-4152 

BRUTON John Calvin Jr C-3666 
BRYAN Cyril Kenneth A-2600 
BRYAN John Edwards Jr C-6625 
BRYAN John P Kennedy RR pp 34 90 
BRYAN Stewart Fac 
BRYANT Felix Vinson M-337 
BRYANT James David C-6399 
BRYANT John Pope C-5224 
BRYANT Joseph Allen Jr Fac 
BRYANT Marquis Lafayette M-913 
BRYANT Walter David Jr C-6772 Staff 
BRYANT William Chauncey C-3906 
BRYANT William Cullen Jr C-6141 
BRYSON Charles Hart A-890 
BRYSON Richard Alexander Jr C-5619 
BRYSON Tandy Arnold A-1983 C-2027 
BUBIS Ralph Irvin C-5760 
BUCHANAN Arthur Magill M-1081 
BUCHANAN James A A-207 
BUCHANAN Robert Franklin A-3459 
BUCHANAN Thompson C-1546 
BUCHEL Theodore Otto A-2628 C-2429 

RR pp 34 103 104 
BUCHHOLZ Gordon Otto C-5675 
BUCHLY William Saunders C-8132 
•BUCHNER Dark Alvarado Jr A-3S55 
BUCK Helen now REYNOLDS Mrs 

Albert Barnett Co-ed 114 p 274 
•BUCK Randolph A-999 C-1029 
BUCK Richard Arthur C-6294 
BUCK Stratton RR pp 34 109 Fac 
BUCK William Calmese C-6613 
BUCKELEW Willfred Frater Jr A-5917 
BUCKINGHAM Hugh Lemmon A-S24 
BUCKLE Louis M-S28 
BUCKLER Cecil Payne RR pp 34 84 
BUCKLEY C W RR pp 34 99 
BUCKMAN Ellwood (not Elwood) H 

A-S30 C-S5° 
BUCKNER Edward Richards A-267* 
BUCKNER Henry Bruce C-836 
BUCKNER Henry Winchester A-983 

BUCKNER James Clinton T-76» GST- 

BUCKNER James Rice A-926 
BUCKNER Johnny C-7313 
BUCKNER Robert Latimer A-3268 

BUDD James Lemen C-8285 
BUENZ John Frederick Jr C-7477 
BUFORD George Mallory C-4145 

BUFORD Maribel also LAWRES Mrs 

Irving A J Co-ed 16 p 182 
BUGBEE Thomas Everett III C-8752 
BUGGEL William Edward Rose A-3207 
BUHL Harry Clay A-2168 
BUJAC Etienne de Pellissier Jr (screen 
name CABOT Bruce) A-3461 
BULFORD Robert Edgar A-4430 
BULL Charles Ptnckney Jr M-940 
BULL Harcourt Jr A-3864 
•BULL Henry DeSaussure C-2265 T- 
269 H-447 RR pp 34 90 91 103 
BULL Henry DeSaussure Jr C-6857 
BULL Henry Tilghman A- 1525 C-1575 

p 292 RR pp 34 107 108 
BULL James Armitage C-1542 
BULL John Hamilton T-709 
BULL William Arthur also WIL- 
SON William Arthur A-6si9 
BULLARD Clifton Price M-IS7S 
BULLARD Eugene III C-7832 
BULLEN William Lyall Jr C-7094 
BULLOCH Hezzie Donice M-640 

1 1 1 C-200 
BULLOCK Claude Curtis Jr A-5403 
BULLOCK Otis William M-898 
BULLOCK William Oliver C-5752 
BULLOCK William Robert C-8683 
BULLUCK Reading Dempsey JrA-3521 
BUMPOUS Earle Thomas Jr C-5404 
BUNCH Wayne Patton A-6266 
BUNN Arthur Dudley M-642 
BUNN George Strother III T-967 p 329 
BUNN Henry Jr A-490 
BUNN Travis A-491 
BUNNELL James Leighton C-S703 Fac 
BUNTIN Charles Erwin A-1432 C-1652 
BUNTIN Daniel Franklin Carter C- 

BUNTIN Horatio Berry C-4494 
BUNTIN John Craighead A-409S 
BUNTIN William Allison A-1431 

BUNTIN William Allison Jr A-4071 

BUNTING Frederick Horner C-3389 

RR pp 34 105 no 
BUNTING Mrs Frederick Horner 
also WESTFELDT Ethel Jane Co- 
ed 31 p 193 
BUNTING John Blair C-3254 
BUNTING John Summerfield H-351 
BURBANK Samuel McKee A-1704 
BURCH Bruce Lamar C-6887 
BURCH Charles Sumner H-184 RR pp 

20 22 
BURCH Duncan Cooper A-2945 C-2730 
BURCH George Edward M-1513 
BURCH John Calvin Brown A-2957 

BURCHARD Albert Stanley A-4S14 
BURCHARD Thomas Herring A-3640 
BURDEN Henry Shulz C-6468 
BURFORD Spruille Jr C-1223 
BURG Corinne Staff 
BURGER Elmer Marion C-5289 
BURGER Knox C-2249 
BURGER Nash Kerr Jr C-4059 
BURGES James Urquhart L-is 
BURGES Lovatt F A-S43 
BURGESS Herbert Hart A-2680 
BURGESS Joe Roy O'Neal A-4807 
BURGESS Nathaniel Davisson A-376* 
BURGESS William Sydney Jr C-47SO 
BURGHER Cedric Waggoner C-SS3« 
BURGINS Robert Smith Jr C-5724 

BURGISS Harold Dean Jr A-4829 
BURGOON Antoinette also LEHMAN 

Mrs George W FS-45 p 340 
BURGREEN Alsace Lorraine GST-59 
BURGREEN Charles Lee T-626 Staff 
BURGWYN W H S RR pp 34 81 
BURHANS Robert Nolan A-4605 
BURK Glenn William C-5641 p 229 
BURKE Cornelius Charlton RR pp 34 

BURKE David Grayson C-5995 
BURKE Frank Edmond A-1478 
BURKE Frank N RR pp 35 53 54 
BURKE Francis Noel Jr C-3816 
BURKE Grafton Rush C-1943 M-1171 

BURKE John Robert Jr C-5849 
BURKE Malcolm Clayton C-1594 
BURKE Roger Williams A-4753 
BURKE William Fischer C-6219 
BURKHALTER Samuel McGinnis C- 

BURKHART Auben Gray Jr C-5927 
BURKHART George Jr A-753 C-816 
•BURKS Bennette Auxford M-1412 
BURKS Charles Cheatwood A-4122 
BURKS Willard Reppard C-3262 
BURLEW Marshal Seger C-4961 
BURLEW William Stanley C-4817 

Hey ward Jr A-3154 
BURNETT Clarence Myron C-2224 
BURNETT Henry II C-3031 T-341 
BURNETT Mark Herman A-6584 
BURNETTE Robert Maxwell A-5592 
BURNHAM Henry McCabe M-712 
BURNS Allen Augustine C-3278 
BURNS Charles Cates A-3890 
BURNS Cornelius Benton C-4285 
BURNS Howard DeMoss A-1918 
BURNS James Mark A-3702 
BURNS John Scott A-2104 
•BURNS Moultrie Brailsford C-3943 

RR pp 35 100 
BURNS Paul Dodd C-4445 T-55S 
BURNS Robert A-4661 
BURNS Robert Paul M-711 
BURNS Robert William Jr A-S494 
BURNS William L A-448 
BURNSIDE Marion Towles Jr A-5309 
BURNSIDE Richard (Dick) Newman 

BURRELL Eugene John Jr A-5070 
BURRELL Frederick Higginbottom T- 

118 Staff 
BURRELL-SAHL Jamie C-7413 
BURRILL Gerald Francis H-454 RR 

P 57 
BURRILL James Thompson C-8601 
BURRILL William George C-7804 
BURRIS Clifford Arthur C-6198 
BURRISS Donnie Arnold M-1208 
BURROUGHS Franklin Gorham C-3773 

BURROUGHS James Massie A-816 
BURROUGHS John Coles C-3747 
BURROUGHS Walter Leighton Jr C- 

•BURROWS Stanyarne Jr C-3676 p 

292 RR pp 35 108 
BURROWS William III C-371* 
BURRY Thomas T-94 
BURT Duke Coulter A-5002 
BURT Thomas Anthony A-6511 
BURT William Austin C-7S82 
BURTON Harold Cook A-2537 C-*4*7 
BURTON Jay Hall A-4692 
BURTON Larimore Jr C-8810 

BURTON Lewis William H-108 RR pp 

20 22 31 35 71 
BURTON Miles Kirk A-3264 
BURTON Paul Lowe C-2682 
BURTON Perry Cooper C-6698 
BURTON Robert Stuart C-6S30 
•BURTON William Waldo C-1414 
BURTON Wilson Price C-5184 
BURTS Henry Finlay M-3 
BURTS Robert Harris C-7067 
BURWELL Clayton Lee C-4163 
BUR WELL Lewis Carter RR pp 35 82 
BURWELL Lewis Carter Jr C-3582 RR 

PP 35 82 
BURWELL Lewis Sale C-7970 
BURWELL Stephen Luse Jr C-4066 
BURWELL Zachariah Custis M-507 
BUSBEE Ronald Clyde A-6343 
BUSBY Darrel Martin M-1353 
•BUSBY Ely Everett M-1304 
BUSCHARDT Boiling Eldridge A-3649 
BUSCHARDT William Charles Jr 

A-41 10 
BUSH Arnold Arlington Jr C-8523 
BUSH Arthur Dermont M-549 
BUSH Charlie Farmer M-1595 
BUSH David Diffey A-4802 
BUSH Frederick Judson T-685 
BUSH Samuel Allman C-3588 
BUSH William Moyer Jr C-8210 
BUSHONG Joe Edward C-3372 
BUSKIRK Thomas Jackson A-3706 
BUSSCHE Carlos Ulrich Clare von dem 

BUSSEY Samuel Mann C-5189 
BUSTER Edwin Roane Jr A-3554 
•BUSTER Francis Richard also De- 

BRAY Francis Richard C-7404 
BUTEHORN Robert Frank T-831 
BUTLER Alford A SST p 330 Fac 
BUTLER Charles Mathews A-3745 
BUTLER Chauncey Williams (not Wil- 
liam) Jr C-3997 
•BUTLER Clifford Jerome C-3081 
BUTLER David Arthur A-6621 
BUTLER Frank Horatio Jr C-2120 
BUTLER Frank Newcomb T-545 
BUTLER Harry Martin A-4506 
BUTLER James Dillard C-4377 
BUTLER James Elmer Jr C-4058 
BUTLER James Elmer III C-7932 
BUTLER J S Jr C-642 
BUTLER James Sessions Jr T-439 
•BUTLER John W Jr C-64 
BUTLER Lowndes McCaa C-7187 
BUTLER Pierce Pickens A-2917 
BUTLER Timothy Joseph M-1600 
•BUTLER Thomas Jr M-30S 
BUTLER Thomas Evans C-8567 
BUTLER William Raymond M-833 
BUTLER Woodrow Wilson C-S263 
BUTT Archibald Willingham deGraf- 

fenreid C-742 
BUTT Edmund Dargan T-385 GST-42 

RR PP 35 «8 Fac 
BUTT Holt Fairfield IV C-8189 
BUTT Lewis Ford A-730 C-892 
BUTTERMORE Thomas Nelson C-8170 
BUTTON Paul Malcolm C-393I 
BUTTORFF Gordon Stephen JjA-4643 
BUTTRAM Harold Eugene A-4896 
BUTTRICK William Turner Jr C-S280 
BUTTS Fred Rawlings M-998 
BUTTS Frederic Harrington C-5*47 
BUXTON John Cameron RR pp 35 82 





BUXTON Jarvis RR pp 35 81 
BUXTON R P RR pp 35 60 
BUZARD Jack Pryor or BUZARD 

Johnson Pryor C-3855 
BYARS Joe Covington C-6513 
»YERLE Thomas Orlando A-2173 
BYERLEY Frank Jr A-2631 C-2430 
BYERS George Ligon Jr C-35H 
BYERS M Clayton C-461 
BYERS Richard Anderson M-38S 
BYNUM Richard Thompson A-4833 
BYRD Adam Monroe Jr C-3192 
BYRD Carlisle Oliver Jr A-3970 
BYRD Corinne FS-39 p 340 
BYRD Hugh Hunter C-8834 
BYRD James David Jr C-6118 
BYRD William Stanage C-8674 
BYRN John Menefee M-1446 
BYRNE Francis Malcolm A-4631 
BYRNE John Spridian A-2655 
BYRNE Thomas Dorgan C-3916 RR 

PP 25 27 
BYWATERS David Walter C-4704 
BYWATERS Walter Hill C-8530 

CABANISS Jelks Henry Jr A-4270 
CABANISS Royston Sum 1908 p 15* 
CABANISS Septimus D Jr C-137 
CABELL Ben Bryan C-7789 
CABERO Leon George Jr C-8046 
CABOCHE Louis Alphonse M-1284 
CABOT Bruce see BUJAC Etienne de 

Pellissier Jr 
CADE Charles Smedes A- 1546 
CADE Charles Taylor Jr A-1532 
CADE Evin A-61 
CADE Guilford William A-1245 
CADE Joe Wade C-5828 
CADE Overton C-89 
CADE Robert A- 1489 C-1621 
♦CADE Samuel Coleman M-740 
♦CADE Samuel Tinsley M-259 
CADE William A-102 C-248 
CADMAN Godfrey William Radclyffe 
C-1523 T-189 RR pp 35 99 Staff 
CADMAN Paul Fletcher L-154 
CADY H SST p 330 
CADY Walter Clafein C-615 
CAFFEY Guy Hamilton C-1641 
CAFFERY John Murphy Jr A-3671 
CAGE Chaille M also THOMPSON 

Mrs J Lewis Jr FS-34 p 340 
CAGE Elliott C-1780 
CAGE Harry Cato C-5407 p 222 
CAHILL Thomas Francis Jr CPT p 

CAILLOUET Norbert Magill A-3525 
CAIN Harry Pulliam C-3628 H-426 
CAIN John Savely RR p 121 Fac 
CAIN Marilyn Jean CFF p 341 
CAIN Walter Louis C-7387 
CAINE Drury Sullivan III C-7615 
CALDER Edwin Keith A-1265 C-1277 
CALDER John Horn A-968 
CALDER Robert Edward Jr C-5298 p 

CALDER Robert James Jr C-4600 
CALDWELL Albert Sloo H-193 RR PP 

19 21 
CALDWELL Bernie Roscoe M-S09 
CALDWELL Carl Leonard C-6126 
CALDWELL Europe Alexander Ji 

CALDWELL Hamlin Jr C-5165 
CALDWELL Hugh Harris Jr Fac 
CALDWELL Jack Caruthers A-4776 
CALDWELL Jerry Russell formerly 

CALDWELL Russell D C-3769 T- 

CALDWELL John Waldrop C-6793 Fac 
CALDWELL John Word A-1491 
CALDWELL Joshua William RR pp 

19 21 
CALDWELL Mary Hollowell Co-ed 4 

P 171 
CALDWELL Robert Adair A-1080 
CALDWELL Robert Allen C-8763 
CALDWELL Russell D also CALD- 
WELL Jerry Russell C-3769 T-407 
CALDWELL Thomas Beverly A-2746 
CALDWELL Thomas Judson M-1199 
CALDWELL Tom B Jr A-2229 
CALDWELL Walter Dean III A-6581 
CALEY Llewellyn Neville H-222 
CALHOUN Andrew Pickens C-1227 
CALHOUN I K or J K A-267 
CALHOUN John A RR pp 35 89 91 
CALHOUN John Caldwell Jr A-5172 
CALHOUN William Lowndes A-244 
CALHOUN William Wright M-S23 
CALIFF Joseph Mark C-4383 
CALLAHAN Thomas Clay C-55I5 
CALLAN Thomas Lev Jr M-545 
CALLAWAY Jack McClellan A-4524 
CALLAWAY Robert Edgar M-836 
CALLEJA Juan Bautista Lopez A-2691 
CALLICOTT Calliway Macon C-4417 
CALLIHAN Philip Starnes C-5862 
CALLISON Henry Grady M-1468 
CALLUM Travis Brodnax A-2896 
CALMES Thomas Carr A-1683 
CALVERT Charles C A-221 C-341 
CALVERT William Jonathan III A- 

CALVIT Montfort C-2967 
CAMACHO Manuel Raul (not Paul) 

CAMERON Alan P A-4018 
CAMERON Benjamin Franklin Jr C- 

2162 RR pp 35 77 78 110 
CAMERON Benjamin Franklin III C- 

5 1 15 Fac Staff 
CAMERON Mrs Benjamin Franklin III 

also Mrs Ruth Anders Staff 
♦CAMERON Dwight Frederic C-1745 

CAMERON George Franklin RR pp 35 

CAMERON John Ruthven C-4065 
CAMERON Leroy Herman C-6181 
CAMERON Overton Winston C-5320 
CAMERON Paul Pittman A-2516 
CAMERON Mrs Ruth Anders see 

CAMERON Mrs Benjamin Frank- 
lin III 
♦CAMERON Sydney Algernon Jr C- 

3604 RR pp 35 54 
CAMERON Sydney Algernon Jr A-5910 

CAMERON William Albert A-2515 
CAMORS Robert Loeliger C-4601 
CAMP David Bennett Fac 
CAMP Frank Hale Jr C-8681 
CAMP George Henry A-6446 
CAMP Harry Ward C-7468 
CAMP Henry Garson M-1262 
CAMP Herbert Asbury Jr A-2054 

CAMP John Harrison A-3692 
CAMP Richard Field A-2055 
CAMP Thomas Lamar C-1005 
CAMPBELL Archibald Rowland Jr C- 

CAMPBELL Charles Duncan RR pp 

35 69 70 
CAMPBELL Charles Hugh Jr C-6239 
CAMPBELL Charles Rogers C-2795 

CAMPBELL Charles William Jr A-3082 
CAMPBELL Claude C Jr A-4646 
CAMPBELL Claude Colin Jr C-2677 
CAMPBELL Colin C-940 
CAMPBELL Colin Reid C-4641 GST- 

CAMPBELL Collis Ormsby A-2335 
CAMPBELL David C-177 
CAMPBELL Donald Archibald Jr C- 

CAMPBELL Edward Bachman A-4043 
CAMPBELL George Yerger C-6517 Staff 
CAMPBELL Gordon Moore Jr C-4062 
CAMPBELL Harry Jr C-1131 
CAMPBELL Hugh A-158 
CAMPBELL J B RR pp 35 88 
CAMPBELL Jackson Burns Jr C-735* 
CAMPBELL James David A-3354 
CAMPBELL James Douglas C-4286 
CAMPBELL James Douglas Jr A-6363 
CAMPBELL John A RR pp 35 73 74 
CAMPBELL John Bela Jr A-2048 
CAMPBELL John James Jr A-5510 

CAMPBELL Park Hunter Jr A-4443 

CAMPBELL Patte George A-2143 
CAMPBELL Robert Erskine H-281 
CAMPBELL Robert Newton RR pp 

35 51 
CAMPBELL Robert Vaughn C-5339 
CAMPBELL Wade Cothran C-6776 
CAMPBELL Will A-1917 
CAMPBELL William Allen M-348 
CAMPBELL William Robert C-8104 
CAMPION Charles Robert A-3357 
CAMPS Lowell Crocker A-4683 
CANADA William Floyd C-5989 
CANALE Lawrence Joseph C-2903 
CANFIELD H Spofford A-369 C-400 
CANFILL Joseph Daryl C-8551 
CANN Robert Calvin C-3879 
CANNON Dudley Ragland C-6086 
CANNON Griffith Ghaston M-206 
CANNON Ira Franklin M-440 
CANNON John Brown A-1139 C-1185 

T-245 RR p 116 Fac 
CANNON John Henry M-499 
CANNON William Anderson A-3218 
CANNON William Edward A-2843 
CANNON Wynne Gay A-2232 
CANON Cham T-9S1 
CANOVA Earl Manucy C-6700 
CANTELLO John Alexander M-595 
CANTELOU Lamar Black C-6821 
CANTERBURY Claude Edward GST- 

CANTRELL Lawrence Everett Jr C- 

CANTRELL William Armour Jr A-1102 

C- 1 1 20 
CANTRILL Cecil Edwards C-4063 
CANTWELL Harry DeMuth A-2698 
CANTWELL John DeMuth A-2697 
CAPDEVIELLE Frederick Charles Jr 

♦CAPERS Ellison H-83 RR pp 35 89 

90 114 
CAPERS Ellison Jr C-2333 
CAPERS Frank Fayssoux C-621 
CAPERS Walter Branham H-214 
CAPERS Walter Woldridge A-3546 

♦CAPERS William Theodotus H-188 

RR pp 35 102 103 
CARAWAY Talmage Elisha A-2642 
CARD Clifford Claude Jr A-3719 
CARDEN Allen Dickerson C-1207 

CARDEN James Robert C-6523 
CARDWELL Edgar Parmele C-267* 
CARDWELL Leonard Ray C-6483 
CARDWELL William Harold C-6861 
CAREY Patrick Poindexter C-8659 
CARLETON Samuel Barnett C-8464 
CARLISLE George Lawaon Jr C-S*8j 
CARLISLE Robert Taylor C-356« 
CARLSON Marvin Willimon A-6324 
CARLTON Gordon Davidson A-594I 
CARLTON Ogden Dunaway C-4082 
CARMANY Charles Cyrus A-4326 
CARMICHAEL Anderson Barnwell Jr 

CARMICHAEL Henry Oswell M-2 
CARMICHAEL James RR pp 3 s 60 61 
CARMICHAEL Oliver Cromwell H-371 
CARNAHAN Hart C-1495 
CARNAHAN Robert Samuel A-5059 
CARNAL Walter Flower A-2119 
CARNAL William McKenzie A-2120 
CARNELL Marshall Dickson Jr C-4337 
CARNES Robert Scott A-182S C-1830 

RR PP 35 93 
CARNES William Henry A-1590 C-i67» 
CARNEY Joseph Taylor M-112 
CARNEY Richard R HA p 521 
CARNEY Robert Spe»cer C-2739 
CARON Joseph Robert CPT p 225 
CAROTHERS Eugene Stuart Jr C-2836 
CAROTHERS Horace Harvey M-398 
CAROTHERS James Muir A-1716 
CARPENTER Charles Arthur C-4326 
CARPENTER Charles Blake Jr C-3208 
CARPENTER Charles Colcock Jones 

H-368 RR pp 35 49 50 51 no 
CARPENTER Christopher Avery 

CARPENTER Courtney Lynn C-7214 
CARPENTER Edward Waterfall C- 

CARPENTER George Rice H-163 
CARPENTER John Fields A-5151 
CARPENTER John Hubert III A-5495 
CARPENTER Noel C-4891 

Virgil Franklin C-6507 
CARPENTER William Albert A-5077 
CARPENTER William Calvin A-6193 
CARPENTER William Leland II C- 

5654 p 229 RR pp 35 93 
CARPER Charles Elliott III A-S705 
CARPER Wood Bowyer Jr C-4132 T- 

444 RR pp 25 26 
CARR Charles H C-3151 
CARR Frank Walton III A-5727 
CARR John Buckley A-2959 C-2815 
CARR Oliver Franklin M-419 
CARR Perry Gaither C-7876 
CARRAWAY Alfred Charles A-5126 
CARREL Walter B C-1434 
CARRERO Nestor C-6498 
CARRIER Albert Alonzo C-1736 
CARRIERE Oliver Provosty A-3449 
CARRINGTON Edward E A-4673 
CARRISON Daniel Jordan A-15C* 

CARROLL Albert Peter T-539 GST-24 
CARROLL Albert Peter Jr C-8233 
CARROLL Alexander Giltman A-1479 
CARROLL Dewey Eugene C-6191 
CARROLL George Frank M-1183 
CARROLL Herman Grey C-3891 
CARROLL John Ralph C-7430 
CARROLL Mary J FS-27 p 339 
CARROLL Robert Marshall C-7014 
CARROLL Thomas C-6154 
CARRUTH Allen Higgins A-4111 
CARRUTH John Alexander A-2320 
CARRUTHERS Albert Blanton A-3329 



CARRUTHERS Louis Leaville C-2716 
*CARRUTHERS Thomas Neely C-2889 

T-389 GST-43 H-380 RR pp 35 

89 90 91 110 114 Fac 
CARSON George Mills A-3668 
CARSON Harry Roberts C-1404 T-119 

CARSON Henry David M-364 
CARSON Sam Joe C-6403 
CARSON Thomas Hill Jr T-790 
CARSON Thomas Mills A-3669 
CARSON William Herman C-5976 
CARS WELL Thomas James M-1467 
CARTER Arthur Richard M-1003 
CARTER Ben John Jr C-2276 
CARTER Bobby Gene C-7167 
CARTER Davis Blake T-747 
CARTER Edward Herbert Jr C-7977 
CARTER Edwin Royall Jr T-451 
CARTER Frank Joseph C-5107 
CARTER George Thomas C-2608 
CARTER George Thomas M-1259 
CARTER George Washington M-22I 
CARTER George Wyatt C-5902 
CARTER Harold Breckinridge Jr 

CARTER Henry Hara Jr C-6s:8 
CARTER Hodding HA p 521 
CARTER James Conrad C-2623 
CARTER James Martin M-304 
CARTER James Robert Jr C-869O 
CARTER John Paul GST-97 P 338 
CARTER John Saunders M-1358 
CARTER John William T-805 
CARTER Joseph Dean Jr C-6003 
CARTER Odia Martin M-897 
CARTER Oscar Newton M-320 
CARTER Robert Frizzell A-2506 
CARTER Stephen Siverlo M-80 
CARTER Virginia also CARTER Mrs 

Eugene p 342 
CARTER William Franklin C-7462 
CARTER William Thomas Jr A-5590 
CARTWRIGHT Frank William M-435 

CARTWRIGHT John H Reagan A-2086 
CARTWRIGHT William Alton A-S865 
CARUS Paul Fac 

CARUTH George W RR pp 35 53 5* 
•CARUTHERS William Stoddert A-495 

CARVER Marshall Hampton Jr C-3135 
CARVER William Smith M-1176 
CARWILE George Baldwin A-2369 
CARY Hallie Wilkinson A-367S 
CARY Henry Hall A-4072 
CARY Hunsdon Jr GST-218 
CARY Rhea Preston A-1049 C-1112 
CARY Richard Miles A-3488 
CASADY Simon III C-3689 
♦CASADY Thomas H-282 RR pp 35 86 
CASE John Porter Jr A-6411 
CASE Robert Waine C-8264 
CASEBEER Daniel Hunt Harroun C- 

CASEY Craig Walter C-8289 
CASEY John Hoffman Murray A-2250 
CASEY Lee Taylor A- 165 5 C-2085 
CASEY Thomas Henry M-64 
CASEY Walter Gilbert M-1288 
CASH George Brower A-5044 
CASKEY John Francis GST-237 
CASSELS Samuel Jones III A-5454 
CASSETTA Dominick C-20io 
CASTLE William Richards Jr H-344 
CASSON Flavis "J" Lee Jr A-6472 
CASTLEBERRY Albert Andrew C- 

CASTLEBERRY Carl Frederic A-2141 
CASTLEBERRY Grover A-2201 

CASTLEBERRY Harold Douglas Jr 

C-$666 p 229 
CASTLEBERRY John Parks C-3985 
CASTLEBERRY Ralph Baxter A-3999 
CASTLEBERRY Woodrow Lorn C- 

CASTLEMAN David A-750 
CASTLEMAN David James Jr C-8796 
CASTLEMAN Howell Lea M-365 
CATE James Gus Jr C-5425 
CATE Raymond Edward C-6094 
CATE Richard Stephens A-3933 C-4479 
CATE Thomas Waterman C-430 
CATER Howard Williams Jr A-5729 

CATER John Austin Jr C-7318 
CATER Robert B HA p 521 
•CATES Albert M-1006 
CATES George Mitchell Jr C-7081 
CATHERWOOD Winbourn Stockton 

C-6782 Fac 
CATLETT John B HA p 52! 
CATON James Harold C-5620 
CAUDLE Theron Lamar Jr A-5281 
CAUNTER David Hawley A-4803 
CAUTTRELL Charles Christian Jr C- 

CAVANAGH William Henry T-68 
CAVE George Harold Jr C-8085 
CAVE James David Jr C-6263 
CAVEN Mrs Alex Staff 
CAVENDER Kenneth Earl C-6097 
CAWTHON Ashley Whilden A-6575 
CAWTHON O F RR pp 35 50 
CAWTHORNE Walter Wallace C-664* 

CAYCE Frank Quarles C-7676 
CECIL John Patrick A-6226 
CECIL Thurman White Jr A-6297 
CELLA Anthony A-3757 
CELLA Charles Anthony A-2813 
CELLA William Joseph A-3758 C-4308 
CHABOT George S RR pp 35 102 
CHADBOURN Charles Cumston Jr C- 

CHADWICK Isaac Almon M-242 
CHAD WICK Robert Berry C-4031 
CHAFEE Augustus Hayden A-317 
CHAFEE Harry Latham A-1566 C-1720 
CHAFEE Henry Campbell A-1477 

CHAFFE Charles Jr A-650 C-710 
CHAFFE John RR pp 35 73 
CHAFFE John Charles A-272 
CHAFFEE Charles Clarence Jr C-2354 
CHALARON Frank Joseph Jr A-3839 

CHALARON Frank Joseph III A-6469 
CHALKER John Frazer Jr C-8309 
CHALKLEY Lyman RR p 121 Fac 
CHALKLEY Lyman Jr A-2551 


CHAMBERLAIN Park Lewis C-2459 
CHAMBERS Charles Thomas Jr C- 

6488 T-687 
CHAMBERS Eugene Peterson Jr C- 

CHAMBERS Frank Jr CPT p 225 
CHAMBERS James Matthews C-8067 
CHAMBERS John Hall Jr A- S o 7 i 
CHAMBERS Joseph Andrew Jr C-4754 
CHAMBERS Robert Charles A-3339 
CHAMBERS Stanford Hardin C-8234 
CHAMBERS William Henry M-1114 
CHAMBLISS Alfred Parker Jr T-517 

GST-233 RR pp 35 106 Staff 
CHAMBLISS George Edward A-2774 

CHAMBLISS M Mus p 341 
CHAMLEE William Franklin Jr C-4046 
CHANCE Carl C-6074 
CHANDLER Commodore Gatlin A-3603 
CHANDLER Henry Hawes M-185 
CHANDLER James Robert M-1380 
CHANDLER Joel M-1383 
CHANDLER Johnston Harman A-5784 
CHANDLER Stephen Sanders Jr C- 

CHANEY Fred Clark C-3314 
CHANEY Marion Ginty M-617 
CHANEY Van Boddie C-2895 
CHAPEL George Leslie C-8191 
CHAPIN Desmore David RR pp 35 71 
CHAPIN John Ashley C-1292 RR pp 

24 26 35 86 
CHAPIN John Lorenzo A-5296 
CHAPIN Judd Valmore A-4664 
CHAPMAN Burt Ward William War- 
ren C-2663 
CHAPMAN Charles Edward Jr M-258 
CHAPMAN Eugene Marsden GST-98 
CHAPMAN Frank Hudson A-2833 
CHAPMAN Gibson Taylor Jr C-2S42 
CHAPMAN John Adams A-112S 
CHAPMAN John Bunyan M-1107 
CHAPMAN Joseph Bruce Jr A-6344 
CHAPMAN Leicester A-2683 
CHAPMAN Leicester Charles Jr A-2586 

CHAPMAN Leigh McLean A-3818 
CHAPMAN Oscar Manning M-1447 
CHARLES Randolph Cassells C-3939 
CHARLET Elbert Pete Jr C-6685 
CHARLTON Hunter Shields III C-7687 
CHARNOCK Arnold T-547 
CHARRINGTON Arthur Mowbray 

Randolph A-2062 
CHARTER Robert Wesley A-2574 
CHASE Henry L RR pp 35 79 80 
CHATHAM Dudley Aldridge C-7581 
•CHATHAM Robert Carleton Jr C-2691 
CHATTIN Chester Coles C-363* 
CHATTIN Gilbert Marshall C-4668 
CHATTIN J B A-165 C-258 
CHAUDRON Paul deVendel (not De 

Vendel) Jr A-1948 C-1930 
CHAVIS Charles Lindley C-5785 
CHEAPE Dudley Willis A-2339 
CHEAPE Frederic Peter A-1555 C-2084 

CHEATHAM Benjamin Franklin Jr 

A-758 C-796 H-33S 
CHEATHAM Edgar Jones Jr C-786S 

P 376 
CHEATHAM James Hamlin Jr A-6038 
CHEATHAM Jess Bailey Jr C-7073 
CHEATHAM Joseph William A-2868 

CHEATHAM Patton Robertson A-ioso 

C- 1 o 5 
CHEATHAM Thaddeus Ainsley T-186 

RR pp 35 82 83 
CHEATHAM Thomas Horace M-612 
CHEATWOOD Thomas Wright M-1502 
CHEEK Elbert Alston Jr A-3181 

CHEEK Joseph Darling Pickslay C- 

CHEEK Owsley Ritchley A-38s» 
CHEEK William Augustus M-501 
CHEESEMAN Owen McPherson C-6862 
CHEN Clement Hsuan-Yuan C-7417 
CHENAULT William Anderson C-6459 
CHENEY William Henry M-600 Fac 
CHENNAULT Frank Leroy A-2650 
CHENOWETH Henry Poyntz A-2971 


CHENOWETH Hiram Pearce A-813 
CHENOWETH Horace Avery C-6701 
CHEQUER John Daniel GST-131 
CHERRY Allen B A-322 
CHERRY Edgar Gardner A-1971 
CHERRY Robert Fulton A-4924 

C-6676 T-ioii 
CHERRY Robert Tompkins C-8047 
CHERRY Rufus Adrian Jr Fac 
CHERRY William Wallace C-4347 
•CHESHIRE Godfrey A-2347 C-2259 

RR pp 35 82 83 
CHESHIRE Godfrey Jr A-4U5 
CHESHIRE Joseph Blount Jr H-101 

RR pp 35 81 82 
CHESNUT David Samuel III A-5594 
CHESNUT Wesley Wakefield C-8522 
CHESNUTT Raymond C-6366 
CHESTER George Motheral GST-44 
CHESTON Charles Edward Fac 
CHESTON Mary Catherine p 342 
CHEVES Henry Charles Jr A-2237 

CHEW Bonnie Grayson II C-8450 
CHEW William Bartlett Jr A-2326 
CHIASSON Earl Anthony C-3374 
CHICHESTER Arthur Mason Jr A-686 

CHICKERING Fred S A-451 C-459 
CHILD Charles Judson Jr C-S538 T- 

CHILD Richard Wall CPT p 225 
CHILDERS George Ellis A-2408 
CHILDERS Pinson Marsh A-2398 
CHILDRESS C W A-757 C-817 
♦CHILDRESS Robert Taylor M-1377 
CHILDRESS William C-72 
CHILDS Stuart Row C-6519 
CHILDS William Wallace C-39°4 
CHILES John Madison Arcouet C-5695 
CHILLI NGTON Joseph Henry Jr T- 

CHILTON Robert Henry Jr C-5978 
CHILTON Robert Lee Mason A-23 
CHIPMAN John Jr C-2532 H-385 
CHISHOLM Lester Rachal C-4867 
CHISM Samuel Baker A-2020 
CHISOLM Oliver Beirne C-2605 
CHITTIM Atlee Neal C-5047 
♦CHITTY Arthur Benjamin Jr C-4525 

pp 292 297 RR pp 35 65 Staff 
CHITTY Mrs Elizabeth Nickinson al- 
so Mrs Arthur Benjamin Jr p 86 
CHITTY Gertrude Brown also TERRY 

Mrs John Heaney Co-ed 59 p 248 

CHITTY William Cooper A-4247 

CHITWOOD Marguerite Elizabeth also 

WILLIAMS Mrs David J Co-ed 

47 P 244 
CHITWOOD William Oscar M-620 
CHOATE Glenn William M-1414 
CHOI Chang C-8491 
CHONG Paul Thatsyn C-2248 T-333 
CHRISMAN Richard Edwin A-6489 
CHRISTIAN John Cattlet Jr A-5315 
CHRISTIAN John Sigmond C-3900 
CHRISTIAN Sanders Lewis M-1448 
CHRISTIE George Toliver Jr A-3667 
CHRISTIE William Edmond A-6490 
CHRISTOPHER William Haywood Jr 

CHRISTY Alfred Stewart GST-62 
CHUCK Wong James C-3485 
CHUMBLEY George Wayne C-7407 
CHUMLEY Mary Katherine also 

YOUNG Mrs Joe Co-ed 90 p 259 



CHUNN Judson David M-ui8 
CHURCH Alfred Whitney T-631 
CHURCH A'onzo A-Q73 C-993 
♦CHURCHILL Charles Stewart A-2539 
CHURCHILL Samuel A-177 
CIANNELLA Domenic Kennith C- 

5226 T-587 
CIMELEY Gene Alan C-7392 
CINBERG Morris M-301 
CIRLOT Felix Lossing C-3610 T-397 
CLAIBORNE Alice Violetta Co-ed 12 

P 178 
CLAIBORNE Charles Robert Jr C-4451 
CLAIBORNE Harry L A-472 
CLAIBORNE John Stewart A-4668 
CLAIBORNE Randolph Royall H-438 

RR pp 35 49 55 56 
CLAIBORNE Thomas Aurelius C-4307 
CLAIBORNE William Fitzhugh C-3487 
CLAIBORNE William Sterling T-161 

RR pp 35 95 107 108 
♦CLANTON Albert Williamson M-1144 
CLAPP Aubry Beard A- 1863 
CLAPP James Conner C-8445 
CLAPPART Frank Ernst Jr C-5651 
CLARE Fulton Warren Jr A-5282 
CLARE Sam Rufus A-5525 
CLARE William Pettigrew C-8706 
CLARK Alfred Joseph Loaring later 

LOARING-CLARK Alfred C-3486 

T-386 Staff 
CLARK Allan Jay II C-8327 
CLARK Archibald Borden A-2467 
CLARK Avery Leon A-6148 
♦CLARK Carlton Alphonso T-365 
CLARK Charles William Loaring also 

liam A-2323 C-2295 
CLARK Chester Morris Jr L-71 
CLARK David Erwin C-4292 
CLARK Edward Green A-2353 
CLARK Edward Preston Jr C-7839 
CLARK Eugene R C-1840 
CLARK Fleet Spencer C-4540 
CLARK Frank Pendleton Jr C-7195 
CLARK Fred Abble A- 1476 
CLARK George Dallas C-6330 T-600 
CLARK George Morris A-5567 
CLARK George S Fac 
CLARK George Thomas Jr C-6741 
CLARK Gordon Morris C-3406 p 292 

CLARK Harry Everenden C-2538 Staff 
CLARK Harvey Witherspoon C-3751 
CLARK Herbert C-4409 
CLARK Holland Ball GST-236 
CLARK Mrs Holland Ball also 

CLARK Jane Edmond Smith Co- 
ed 1 1 8 p 3 3 8 
CLARK Horace RR pp 35 102 
CLARK Hugh Savage GST-107 
CLARK Ike M C-290 
CLARK Ira George Jr C-5924 
CLARK James Clay C-617 
CLARK James Holcomb GST-193 
CLARK James Pollard C-6155 Staff 
CLARK Jane Edmond Smith also 

CLARK Mrs Holland Ball Co-ed 

118 p 338 
CLARK John A-1123 
CLARK John Armsed M-29 
CLARK John Meek Jr C-6658 
CLARK Joseph Marion M-993 
CLARK Julian Pau A-1412 
CLARK Karl Samuel Jr A-4184 
CLARK Kenneth Kirby C-4398 
CLARK Lawrence Fitzgerald A-3335 
CLARK Leigh A-172 C-208 
CLARK Malcolm Renau M-19 
CLARK Micaiah Henry Jr A-1888 

CLARK Morris Kerr C-670 
CLARK Morris Kerr HA p 521 
CLARK Peter Sergeant also TOWN- 
SEND Peter Sergeant A-4530 
CLARK Robert Ernest C-2167 
CLARK Ross Bert II C-7619 
CLARK Rufus Anthony C-2768 
CLARK Saville Trice Jr A-5167 
CLARK Sheffield III A-4988 
CLARK Vance Norman T-962 
*CLARK W B C-122 
CLARK William Jackson A-6079 
CLARK William James Loaring SST 

P 330 
CLARK William Richard C-7240 
CLARK Willis Gaylord T-217 RR pp 

35 82 92 93 105 106 
CLARKE Arthur Middleton A-1381 
CLARKE Eugene C-211 
CLARKE F D RR pp 35 53 54 
♦CLARKE Francis Wadsworth C-2355 

RR PP 35 72 Staff 
CLARKE Frank Helm A-4475 
CLARKE George Gunther C-5575 
CLARKE George Herbert Fac 
CLARKE Henri deSaussure C-7617 
CLARKE Heyward Burnet C-8740 
CLARKE Horace Burt C-2541 
CLARKE Joshua Williams M-636 
CLARKE Kenneth Edward C-6261 T- 

628 GST-64 Fac Staff 
CLARKE Lloyd Willis C-3110 T-363 

RR pp 25 27 Fac 
CLARKE Louise Lefevre now BOWLES 

Mrs Albert Morse Jr Staff 
CLARKE Materson A-1662 
CLARKE Philip Griffen Jr T-766 
CLARKE Sylvester H-56 Fac 
CLARKE William Percy A-1124 
CLARKE Will-Mercer Green A-6122 

CLARKSON Allen Boykin T-509 GST- 

65 RR pp 35 68 
CLAUDE David Kerr Jr C-8508 
♦CLAY C J C-647 
♦CLAY Green Jr A-1090 C-1117 
CLAY Jeff III C-3766 
CLAY William Caldwell Jr A-3969 
CLAYBROOK Willoughby Newton Jr 

CLAYBROOK Mrs Willoughby New- 
ton Jr also WRIGHT Marion Sims 

Co-ed 15 p 182 Staff 
♦CLAYPOOL Austin Bingley Jr C-2053 
CLAYPOOL John Charles C-5514 
CLAYTON Edgar Lyman A-iioi 

CLAYTON Hansel Creason C-6715 
CLAYTON James Keeble A-3494 
CLAYTON James Keeble Jr A-6158 
CLAYTON Joseph C-55 
CLAYTON Shannon A-2528 
CLAYTON William Grant III A-4587 
CLAYTOR Edward McCrady C-31S' 

T-355 Fac 
CLAYTOR Philip Pindall A-3301 

C-3 344 
CLEGHORN John Hyde C-364* 
♦CLEM John Lincoln Jr C-I944 RR 

pp 35 102 103 104 
CLEMENS James Boyles C-6457 
CLEMENS J J RR pp 35 99 
CLEMENT Donald Hayes C-3717 RR 

PP 35 61 
CLEMENT Robert Otis T-731 
CLEMENTS James Parker H-500 RR 

P 97 
CLEMENTS John Pruitt Jr C-6559 
CLEMONS Earl McCaeger C-4116 
♦CLEVELAND Alexander Sessums A- 

945 C-1045 p 292 RR pp 35 98 99 

1 10 
CLEVELAND Ann Mary also ROB- 
ERTSON Mrs Boiling Staff 
CLEVELAND Charles Mark A-55 
CLEVELAND David Martin Jr C-5420 
♦CLEVELAND George Washington C- 

CLEVELAND Jay Philip Jr C-8435 
CLEVELAND John Zimmerman C-1555 
CLEVELAND Lawton William Jr 

CLEVELAND Robert Benjamin C-:64D 
CLEVELAND William Davis RR pp 

3 5 97 99 
♦CLEVELAND William Davis Jr A- 

954 C-1109 RR pp 35 97 98 
CLEVERDON Richard C-5824 
CLEWIS Alonzo Charles Jr A-3572 
CLICK Stephen M Jr A-4144 
CLICQUENNOI Donald Sigler C-731J 
CLfFFE Daniel Bonaparte Jr A-1094 
CLIFFE Earle Wayne Jr C-7268 
CLIFT Hugh William Jr C-4360 
CLIFT William Edgar Jr C-7029 
CLIFTON Thomas Woodward C-7802 
CLIFTON Warren William C-729S 
CLIFTON Yerger Hunt Jr A-5211 
CLINE David Crown M-943 
CLINE George P M-378 
CLINE Robert Carroll M-1437 
♦CLINGMAN Charles H-283 RR pp 

21 22 35 50 51 69 70 109 no 
CLINGMAN Thomas Lanier RR pp 

18 21 
CLINTON Richard Emmett C-3607 
CLOPTON John Walter C-7 
CLOPTON William Garth M-1044 
CLOUD Daniel Tuttle A-2962 
CLOUD Fayette Jeffries Jr A-4779 
CLOUD Percy Dryer A-5284 
CLOUD Robert Emmett M-I503 
CLOUGH David Culbreth C-3924 
CLOUGH David Culbreth Jr A-5992 

CLOUGH Donald Norman CPT p 225 
CLOW Charles Rhodes A-3543 C-3690 
CLOW N Read Stowe later STOWE N 

Read A-5966 
CLUTE Albert Leslie C-7397 
COACHMAN James H C-697 
COACHMAN Julian Ravenel C-582 
COATE Malcolm Buckland A- 1922 
COATES Austin Murray Jr C-7453 
COATES John Reaves Jr A-4074 
COATS John Rea Jr C-2713 
COBB Angus Brown Jr A-5953 
COBB Carl Boardman A-4258 
COBB Charles Lonergan Jr C-8043 
♦COBB Edward Lang A-2190 
COBB Frederick Gordon II A-5497 
COBB James Benjamin C-8712 
COBB John Jefferson C-3117 T-350 
COBB Joseph Manley GST-23 
♦COBB Randolph Howell C-2386 
COBB William Frederick Jr A-5328 
COBBS Beverly Woodfin C-2277 
COBBS Charles Glenn C-7739 
♦COBBS Edward Ellerbe C-1476 T-156 
COBBS Edward Ellerbe Jr C-3693 
COBBS Francis Avery C-874 
COBBS John Hamner C-625 
♦COBBS John Hamner C-3960 RR pp 

35 51 
COBBS John Lewis RR pp 35 50 51 
♦COBBS John Lewis Jr C-1955 
COBBS Nicholas Hamner RR pp 35 49 
COBBS Nicholas Hamner C-2279 
COBBS Nicholas Hamner C-3266 
COBBS Nicholas Hamner Jr C-4989 

COBBS Richard Christopher C-4683 
COBBS Richard Hooker SST p 330 
COBBS Richard Hooker Jr C-761 
COBBS Wiley Tunstall A-3164 C-2934 
COBBS William Addison C-1563 
COBBS William Westcott A-6149 
COBEY William Gray C-6802 
COBLE Charles Richard C-6095 
COBURN David Edwards A-5176 
COBURN Milton Cutler C-4394 
♦COCHRAN Baxter Pace A-5664 
COCHRAN David John A-6616 
COCHRAN Ivan Lawrence C-6412 
COCHRAN James Henry A-2830 

COCHRAN John T A-362 
COCHRAN Kenneth Edward Jr A-4901 
COCHRAN Samuel David A-5658 
COCHRAN Steven Knight A-5758 
COCHRAN William Granville Morris 

COCHRANE David Minge Jr A-6202 
COCHRANE Robert Hunt III A-5882 

COCHRANE William James Jr C-4790 
COCKE Benjamin T A-35 
COCKE Charles Hartwell RR pp 35 76 
COCKE Charles Pollard A-1075 C-1051 

RR pp 24 27 35 74 Fac 
COCKE Paul Lee A-1032 
♦COCKE Philip St George A-1010 C- 

COCKE William Tomphson III C-66sa 
COCKERHAM John Harrison A-2390 
COCKFIELD Reamer Lorenzo M-1511 
COCKRILL Calvin Goodloe C-965 
COCKRILL Benjamin Franklin IV 

COCKRILL Sterling Robertson Jr A-306 
COE Cleveland Beach A-2459 
COE John Valentine Jr A-3411 
COE Kenton Summers A-5380 
COE William McGee also McGEE 

William A A-6126 
COFER Carl Hubert Jr C-8087 
COFFEY Jonathan Bachman GST-240 
COFFIN Charles Howells A- 1503 
COFFIN Francis Joseph Howells A-1946 

C-1990 T-264 RR pp 35 60 
COGGINS John Kimble C-7035 
COHEN Hyman M-245 
COHEN Max C-6108 
COHN Daniel J II A-6160 
COHEN Burton Irwin A-6175 
COINTMENT Joseph Delma A-590S 
COIT Robert T FS-8 p 339 
COKE Rosser Johnson C-2150 
COKER Carl Dennis C-2043 
COKER Duncan Gay A-5601 
♦COKER Ernest Alroy C-2213 
COLBOURNE Cuthbert Walter C-2704 
COLBY Charles Edward T-835 
COLE Alexander Hunt C-2626 
COLE Arthur Carman H-313 
COLE Bayard Mcintosh C-4392 
COLE Charles Lawrence C-55 12 
COLE Clarence Alfred C-4671 T-48a 

H-476 RR pp 35 83 100 
COLE David Paul C-7778 
COLE Donald Edward C-3077 
COLE Edward Logan CPT p 225 
COLE Frank Eli C-897 
COLE Frederick MacKay C-7913 
COLE Guerney Hill Jr C-5388 
COLE Henry Greene A-2704 
COLE Jack Wallace T-694 
COLE John Benton Jr C-4095 
COLE John Farmer C-3635 



COLE John Freeman A-3707 
COLE Robert Alexander A-4620 
COLE Robert Henry T-97 L-17 
COLE Sperry Warden A-2389 
COLE Whitefoord (not Whiteford) R 

RR pp 35 69 
COLEMAN Daniel RR p 35 
COLEMAN Edward Herbert A-6020 
COLEMAN Edward Merriman M-109 
COLEMAN Edwin Cabaniss T-769 
COLEMAN Everette Harvey A-1290 

COLEMAN Frederick Compton C-2845 
COLEMAN Henry Neal M-562 
COLEMAN Horace Wilder III C-7364 
COLEMAN Hunter Lee C-5274 
COLEMAN James Malone T-850 
COLEMAN James Walker Jr C-493S 
COLEMAN John Robert A-5540 
COLEMAN Lee James Jr C-5188 
COLEMAN Luther Shannon M-1461 
COLEMAN Robert Lee Jr C-4731 
COLEMAN Rowena Kirby-Smith also 

BROWN Mrs Charles Lynnwood 

Co-ed 71 p 249 
COLEMAN Samuel Carey C-1614 
COLEMAN Thad Weir Jr A-6na 
COLEMAN William Alton Jr C-5216 
COLEMAN William Evan A-1158 

COLEMAN William Chisolm C-5139 

p 222 
COLEMAN William Pinckney C-I474 
COLES Zachary Anderson Jr C-8596 
COLEY Charles H RR pp 35 94 96 
COLHOUN Edward Dudley Jr C-3194 
COLHOUN Edward Dudley Jr C-6750 
COLHOUN Horace Christopher C-1839 

COLLETTE William Thomas M-317 
COLLEY Thomas Jefferson M-346 
COLLIER Benjamin Raye C-6696 
COLLIER Bryan Wootten Jr A-5424 
COLLIER James Anderson A-2799 
COLLIER John Stuart C-5791 
COLLIER Merrick William T-871 
COLLIER Robert Birchheld C-7107 
COLLIER Samuel Probert Jr A-2861 
COLLIER Thomas Jordan A-966C-1023 
COLLIER Wayne Wallace A-4759 
COLLINS Algia Brittain Jr C-8336 
COLLINS Amos Walter A-1446 C-1806 

COLLINS Charles Dickinson A-3374 
COLLINS Charles Everett C-6248 
COLLINS Charles H A-407 
COLLINS Claude Alvin C-8526 T-908 
COLLINS David Browning C-5234 T- 

589 GST-186 RR pp 25 26 n6 

COLLINS Mrs David Browning see 

COLLINS Maryon Virginia 
COLLINS Everett Brisco A-3075 
COLLINS George Martin C-4434 
COLLINS Harry Timothy also BAX- 

LEY Timothy Collins A-5947 
COLLINS Helen Lynn p 342 
COLLINS Herbert M-1311 
COLLINS Howard Jr A-5997 
COLLINS James Jr A-1402 
COLLINS James Frank A-2221 
COLLINS James Henry Ernest A-1640 
COLLINS James Robert M-133 
COLLINS Jasper C-3652 
COLLINS John Charles C-3116 

COLLINS John Stiles III C-8574 
COLLINS Joseph Lawrence Jr C-3029 
COLLINS Joseph Taylor A-6043 
COLLINS Leighton Holden C-3093 
COLLINS LeRoy Jr A-5686 
COLLINS Maryon Virginia also COL- 
LINS Mrs David Browning Co-ed 

76 p 253 
COLLINS Philip Albert A-I572 
COLLINS Ralph Leonard C-3645 
COLLINS Robert Emmett A-2644 

COLLINS Vivian Bramble A-1678 
COLLINS William Henry A-1445 
COLLISON Joseph House A-3564 
COLLISON William Howard A-3566 
COLLOM George Curtis C-3545 
COLLUM Ein M-1085 
COLMORE Charles Blayney A-I2<53 

C-1445 T-188 H-189 Fac 
COLMORE Henry Perrine A-3004 
COLMORE Lionel Henry A-1103 

COLMORE Robert Lionel Staff 
COLMORE Rupert McPherson A-1443 

C-1751 M-948 
COLMORE Rupert McPherson Jr C- 

COLON Cecil Kermit Jr C-68S4 
COLSTON George Monroe C-S031 
COLSTON Jefferson Monroe C-2014 
COLVIN Charles Henry Jr A-4927 
COLVIN James Ludwig A-4812 
COMBS Fielding Jr A-5637 
COMBEE James Earl C-8654 
COMBS James Andrew M-972 
*COMEAUX Aristide Joseph M-486 
COMEAUX Rodolph Kossuth M-S93 
COMEGYS Edward Tiffin A-1738 
COMEGYS William McLoyd A-2607 
COMER Harper Hunt T-822 
COMER John Wallace C-4284 
COMER Richard Johnson A-4323 
COMPTON Elzie Marvin Jr C-8082 
COMPTON Freeman Walter A-2452 
COMPTON Golding F C-36 
COMPTON Oscar G C-37 
COMPTON Robert Lee M-1510 
COMSTOCK Richard Allan C-8682 
CON ANT Marcus A-3795 
CONARD Mackay Towne A-6607 
CONBOY Joseph George CPT p 22s 
CONDELL Ruth CFF p 341 
CONDER Claude Reignier H-57 
CONDRON Dudley Wayne GST- 170 
CONDUFF Silas Asa M-1423 
CONE Robert Leroy A-4484 
CONERLY Cullen Clarence M-ioii 
CONEY Hugh Burford A- 1846 
CONGER Ledlie William Jr C-6815 
CONGER Robert Edward Lee A-541 
CONKLIN Dexter Mattern A-4580 
CONK LIN Edward Wilbur GST-210 
CONKLIN Ensign Campbell A-S251 

CONKLIN Matthias (not Matthais) 

Dayton A-3477 
CONKLING Richard Dyson C-8406 
CONKLIN William Thaddeus A-3380 
CONLON William Sheldon C-6134 
CONNELL William Bisland A-1741 

CONNELLY Robert Bailey C-6867 
CONNER Earl Laural T-667 GST-76 
CONNER Frank Lindsey C-6182 
CONNER Percy James A-3287 C-3217 
CONNER William Wright C-7539 
CONNIFF John Robinson Jr A-3562 
CONNOLLY William Burton C-4137 
CONNOR George Coleman T-606 

CONNOR Henry Merle C-3250 
CONNOR James Elliott Jr A-5095 
CONNOR Robert Eldridge Jr C-6663 
*CONNOR Thomas Lawton Jr A- 1642 

CONNORS Charles T C-218 
CONOVER Robert Bruce C-6637 
CONRAD Frederick Ellison C-8281 
CONRAD John Newland Jr A-4224 
CONRAD Norman Emerson A-3470 
CONRAD Thomas Simmons A-4353 
CONROY Patrick John M-572 
CONRY Lyster Bernard II C-5478 
♦CONSTANT Frank Tebbets C-1304 

CONVERSE Edward Brandly C-55S6 
CONVERSE Frederick Folger Jr C-5458 
CONWAY Charles Duncan C-2711 
CONWAY Jean Duncan A-5121 
CONWAY Wentworth A-3842 
CONYERS William Colclough C-S18 
COOK E L A-656 C-664 
COOK Edgar Lewis C-54S4 
COOK Edward Richard C-7068 
COOK Edwin Preston C-3101 
COOK Elmer Jay Fac 
COOK Howard Willard A-2457 
COOK James Perkins A-6454 
COOK John Francis C-3920 
COOK John Henry A-1301 C-I354 

RR PP 35 64 
COOK John Miller Jr A-221S 
COOK M Belton C-31 
COOK Maximillian Montrose M-532 
COOK Richard Reese C-1095 
COOK Richard Robert T-666 
COOK Robert Daniell C-8828 
COOK Robert Moreland T-602 
COOK Robert Ray T-738 
COOK Tillie M A-94 
COOK Wade Hampton C-30 
COOK Willard Leffert GST-I92 
COOKE Austin C-3539 
COOKE Donald Davis C-8308 
COOKE Fred Thomas C-4228 
COOKE John William Jr C-3089 
COOKE Lewis Series C-31 4* 
COOKE Robert Henry C-6575 
COOKE Robert Percy Jr A-3517 C-3397 
COOKE Singleton Charles C-2323 
COOKE William Praytor M-493 
COOKSON Milton Albert GST-166 
COOLEY Edgar Robert A-3507 
COOMBE Andrew Palmer C-706 
COOMBS Edwin Seegar Jr also 

COOMBS Edwin Seeger Jr C-6170 
COON William Henry Jr A-3553 
COONER Mrs Lois FS-43 p 340 
COONS Frederic Kenneth A-6200 
COOPER Arthur Ferdinand A-1597 

COOPER Barbour Dicks A-695 C-750 
COOPER Bertram Cleveland C-5024 
COOPER Carroll Marcus C-5909 
COOPER Charles Denman C-8514 
COOPER David Young Jr C-1844 
COOPER Edmund Duery H-32 
COOPER George Price Jr C-459* 
COOPER Glenn Martin C-7846 
COOPER Harry Field III C-4850 
COOPER Inman Williams C-3654 
COOPER Inman Williams Jr M-634 
COOPER James Andrew M-909 
COOPER Jefferson Davis Jr M-159* 
COOPER Joe Ford A-2090 
COOPER John Humphreys A-2967 
COOPER John Locke RR p 118 Staff 
COOPER John Vanderveer Jr C-3IS4 
COOPER Johns Wharton A-5023 

COOPER Lewis Downey A-5257 
COOPER Richard Randolph A-6400 

COOPER Robin Jones A-IS56 
COOPER St George A-3768 C-43S6 
COOPER William Frierson A-1S57 
COOPER William Harrison Jr A-4273 
COOPER William Henry A-2944C-2731 
COOPER William Porter Jr A-4993 

COOVER Lawrence Bernard A-1013 

COPE Harris Goodwin A-1645 C-1703 

L-69 Staff 
COPE Harris Goodwin Jr A-4129 C- 

COPE Thomas Pym Jr C-2625 
COPELAND George Herbert C-3963 
COPELAND Herbert Earl Jr A-5078 
COPELAND Jefferson Daniel Jr C- 

COPELAND Jefferson Daniel Jr A-1751 

COPELAND Jesse Noel C-3764 
•COPELAND Miles Axe M-831 Fac 
COPELAND Roy Metcalf Jr C-5521 
COPPEDGE Everette Peter M-1073 
CORBETT John Lauderdale M-88 
CORBETT Lewis Bertrand A-5039 
CORBETT Louis Browne A-2780 
CORBIN Luther Owen Jr A-3153 
CORBIN Richard Johnstone C-7828 
CORBIT Robert McClain A-5555 
CORCORAN Theodore Francis A-4308 
CORDELL Henry Elmer Jr C-8218 
CORE Jesse Rozell A-2570 
COREY David Hamilton C-6829 
COREY John Norman Jr C-6249 
CORLEY John Percell or Purcell M- 

288 Fac 
CORLEY Purcell Chamberlain also 

HOWARD Mrs L Vaughan Co- 
ed 13 p 178 
CORNELIUS Maxwell RR pp 35 109 
CORNELL Ronald Clayton C-8837 
CORNELL Trent C-7314 
CORNISH Andrew Ernest C-605 T-50 

SST p 330 
♦CORNISH George Rainsford Fairbanks 

CORNISH Joseph Jenkins C-386 Fac 
CORNS Edwin M Jr Fac 
CORNWALL Aaron Woolley C-4650 
CORNWALL M P RR pp 35 92 
CORNWALL Raleigh Barnabas III 

CORNWALL William RR p 70 
CORN WELL John G Navy V-i* 
CORNWELL Fitz William McMaster 

CORPENING Charles Macon A-55° 

CORPENING R V A-549 C-571 
CORRETHERS Harry Leslie Young 

CORRIGAN Robert Edward A-4741 
CORRY Arthur A-2482 
CORRY James Walden A-2481 
CORRY Richard Stillwell C-4998 T-S79 
CORSE Carita Doggett or CORSE Mrs 

Herbert H-319 
♦CORSE Herbert Montgomery A-I799 
CORSON Henry Freedley II C-4506 
CORTE Arthur Dexter A-6003 
CORTES Henry Cornelius A-2584 

C-2344 H-504 
•CORTES Henry Cornelius Jr A-4076 

CORY John Lamar A-4957 



CORY Thomas C-234 
COSBY James Garland M-55 
COSDEN Joshua Stanley A-4644 
COSGRAVE Sylvester Arthur JrA-1338 
COSTAS DIAZ Jamie Francisco M-I599 
COSTELLE E C RR pp 35 54 
COSTELLE Laurence Steele C-2011 
COSTELLE Louis Wharton Eyre A-284 
COSTNER Richard Eugene Maurice C- 

COTTAM Henry Thomas A-864 C-1018 
COTTAM Robert Thomas Jr A-4867 
COTTEN Arthur Lee A-1S71 
COTTEN Ashbel Lee A-767 C-1102 
COTTEN Benjamin Wright A-949 

COTTEN Ernest Wright A-1298 
COTTEN Ernest Wright C-4774 RR 

PP 25 27 
COTTEN George Rainsford Fairbanks 

Jr A-3387 
COTTEN Howard Brooks C-5207 
COTTEN Leon D'Castro M-437 
COTTEN Leonidas C-25 
COTTEN Nannie Mus p 341 
COTTER James Daniel C-5044 
COTTER William Amice M-1337 
COTTON Doyle White Jr C-7585 
COUGHLAN William C-2879 
COUGHLIN David Joseph C-5278 T- 

575 GST-66 
COULSON Benjamin LeFevre Fac 
COULSON Henri William A-2462 

COULSON James Leadley A-2546 
COULTER Douglas Wilson C-5968 
COULTER George William Jr C-368i 
COULTER Thomas Clayton C-2569 
COUNCIL Harold Thornton C-2794 
COUNCIL Kenneth K C-2985 
COUNCIL Norman Briggs C-8322 
COUNTS John Stief Jr C-4019 
COUPER Butler King C-16 
COUPER James H A-582 
COUPER James Hamilton RR pp 35 66 
COUPER John A A-9 
COUPER Thomas Butler A-44 
COURTENAY Carlilc A-662 
COURTNEY Roger Ward C-6305 
COURTNEY Roscoe Lawton A-2089 
COURTS Richard Winn A-939 C-1107 
COURTS Richard Winn II A-6042 
COUSER Terrell Wayne A-6450 
COUSINS Ralph Edgecomb Jr T-792 
COUTTA Hosma Littleton C-4747 
COVERT George Jr C-2775 
COVINGTON Armistead Manly A-3219 
COVINGTON Charles Wall M-1212 
COVINGTON De Carr Dowman A-2918 
COVINGTON Edward Munro A-3305 
COVINGTON Euclid Madison A-2492 
COVINGTON Robert Wells RR pp 35 

COVINGTON Robert Wells Jr C-3158 
COVINGTON Treadwell Downing 

COVINGTON William Olin C-2470 
COWAN Albert Brown Jr C-2477 
COWAN Donald H C-4075 
COWAN John Staff 
COWAN Percy Ashby Jr A-3452 
COWAN Walter B A-277 
COWART Hiram Benjamin M-1068 
COWART Robert Erwin Jr C-1685 
COWGER William Howard Pershing 

COWLING Robert Finley T-681 

COWLING Mrs Samuel Willis also 

TURNER Emilia Nathurst Co-ed 

20 p 188 
COWPER Clarence Wills M-518 
COX Albert Lyman RR pp 35 82 83 
*COX David Friend C-4816 
COX David Keller A-5978 
COX Donald Aaron A-2873 
COX George Nelson M-1483 
COX Granville Gayle C-8789 
COX Harry Wesley C-5926 
COX Howard Bland A-2912 C-2807 
COX James A C-293 
COX James Ellis M-1487 
COX Jean Quitman A-4575 
COX John Craib Jr A-6304 
COX Robert Edmund Jr A-3843 
COX Samuel Ellis C-8830 
COX St John A-2110 
COX Thomas Augustus RR pp 36 105 
COX Thomas Augustus Jr A-1947 

C-2088 RR pp 36 106 
COX Walter Robison A-5279 C-6850 
COX William Brantly C-8699 
COX William Edward T-177 H-321 RR 

pp 36 60 61 
COX William Edward Jr C-5126 
COX William Hayden C-7542 
COX William Palmer A-3391 
COX William R RR pp 36 81 83 
*COXE Francis Sidney A-714 
COXE Franklin A-323 
COXE Otis M C-623 
COXE William McAllister A-5439 
COYKENDALL Glenn Brown T-293 
COYKENDALL James Barker Jr 

COYKENDALL Martin Shepard A-3366 
COYKENDALL Samuel Decker A-3627 
COYLE Charles RR pp 36 75 
COYLE Charles Goodrich A-722 C-890 

RR p 24 
COYLE Frank or Francis Langing A- 

737 C-914 T-120 RR pp 24 26 36 

COYLE Frank Soria C-3811 
COYLE John Linton Jr A-4591 
CRABTREE Charles Lillard A-5946 
♦CRACRAFT George Knox Jr C-2191 

RR pp 36 53 54 
♦CRACRAFT George Knox Jr C-5347 

RR PP 36 54 
CRACRAFT Scott A-5290 
CRAFT James Charles C-2046 Staff 
CRADDOCK Charles Egbert also 

MURFREE Mary Noailles H-24S 
CRAFT James Charles C-2046 Staff 
CRAGIN Richard Allen A-2248 
CRAGON Miller Murray Jr T-623 

CRAIG Bishop Melvin C-3901 
CRAIG Brown Atkin A-4231 
CRAIG Claude Phillip C-8295 
CRAIG Elizabeth FS-17 p 339 
CRAIG Emmett C-1526 
*CRAIG Emmett Cox C-4607 
CRAIG Frank Eppes A-997 
CRAIG Frank Graves M-1572 
CRAIA Hugh Fac 
CRAIG John Foster A-2728 
CRAIG John Kennedy HA p 521 RR 

PP 36 95 96 
CRAIG John Newton M-765 
CRAIG Lawrence Bruce Jr A-3794 

CRAIG Lawrence Bruce Jr A-6477 
CRAIG Robert Edward Lee C-902 T- 

76 RR pp 24 36 95 97 99 
CRAIG Robert Ellsworth C-8833 
CRAIG William Alphonso M-732 

CRAIG William Arthur C-8454 
CRAIG William Benjamin C-3854 
CRAIG William Benjamin C-8531 
CRAIG William Francis GST-139 
CRAIGHEAD Edwin Boone H-164 
CRAIGHEAD James B RR p 117 Staff 
CRAIGHILL Francis Hopkinson C-1372 

T-138 SST p 330 
CRAIGHILL Francis Hopkinson Jr C- 

3182 T-378 RR PP 36 108 
CRAIGHILL George Bowdoin C-1786 

L-102 RR pp 24 26 
♦CRAIGHILL George Bowdoin Jr C- 

4589 RR pp 36 108 
CRAIGMILES Walter A-169 C-207 
CRAIK James RR pp 20 22 70 
CRAIN Claude Davis A-1937 C-1962 
CRAINE John Thomas C-6111 
CRAMER Andrew Whittier A-5374 
CRAMER John Wallace C-5710 
CRAMER Morgan Joseph M-76 
CRAMER Roland Ernest A-3630 
CRAMPTON Richard Sidney A-3019 
CRANDALL William Wright HA p 521 
CRANDELL Howard Farrar A-1523 

CRANE Charles Ernest A-1264 C-1276 
CRANE Charles Foster CPT p 225 
CRANE Donald Reynolds Jr C-8033 
CRANE Douglas Cole C-8024 
CRANE Josiah Wellington M-479 
CRANE Matlack Cheesman C-S119 T- 

CRANE William Croes RR pp 36 76 

78 117 
CRANFORD Jeffrey Burke C-6260 
CRANFORD Wiley Sharp M-1186 
CRANK James Montgomery C-1470 
CRANK Thomas Woodruff C-1362 
CRANMER John Stuart A-2894 
CRANOR Forrest Carlton A-4951 
CRANMAN Arthur Herman C-5159 
CRANZ William Plunkett Jr C-8534 
CRAVEN Joe Hyer C-3251 
CRAVENS DuVal Garland C-2417 p 

CRAVENS DuVal Garland Jr A-3079 

C-3570 Staff 
CRAVENS Mrs DuVal Garland Jr also 

SANBORN Marymor Co-ed 62 p 

CRAVENS James Rorick C-2917 
CRAVENS John Fain A-3695 C-4355 
CRAVENS Rutherford Rector II once 

CRAVENS Thomas Rector A-3923 

CRAVENS Thomas Rector also CRA- 
VENS Rutherford Rector II 

A-3923 C-4698 
CRAVENS William Murphy A-3087 

C-3749 P 376 
CRAWFORD Andrew Jr A-1793 C-1961 
CRAWFORD Bud Joe C-8041 
CRAWFORD Charles Ralph A-5212 
CRAWFORD Claud Burton M-974 
CRAWFORD Hugh Howard C-5810 
CRAWFORD James Albert Jr C-2385 
♦CRAWFORD James Calvin M-1134 
CRAWFORD James Flowers C-8501 
CRAWFORD James Madison JrA-598t 
CRAWFORD James W A-359 
CRAWFORD John Emmett M-766 
CRAWFORD John Francis C-4977 
CRAWFORD John Rogers C-3S09 
CRAWFORD Nathan C-3804 
CRAWFORD Saxton Daryl III A-6182 
CRAWFORD Walter Joshua Jr C-8670 
CRAWFORD William Hall A-1791 
CRAWFORD William Jefferson C-744J 

CRAWLEY Jerry C-8516 
CREAL Kenneth Howard Michael Fac 
CREARY George Augustus C-299 
♦CREARY James Edwin C-5 p 87 
CREASE Frederick John M-262 Fac 
CREASY Robert Edward C-8071 T-828 
CREECH William Wiley 0-8451 
CREECY Herbert Lee Jr A-6320 
CREELMAN George Percy A-1259 
CRENSHAW Charles Glenn C-4139 
CRENSHAW Randolph Upton A-4062 
CRENSHAW Wesley Wynn M-771 
CRESWELL Wiltie Austin Jr C-7409 
CREVELING James Gordon Jr C-7757 
CREVELING Robert Wharton C-8354 
CREWS Christine Co-ed n p 176 
CREWS John David C-6681 
CREWS Katherine p 34* 
CRICHTON Eugene Christie A-477 
CRICHTON Thomas Jr A-4051 
CRIDDLE Edward Scruggs Jr C-7487 
CRIDDLE Lawrence Dortch C-7956 
CRIGGER Wilfer Lawrance A-3236 
CRIM Dawson C-8101 
CRIM William Doolittle A-2575 
CRINER Joseph Coleman A-5922 
CRISLER Henry Herbert III T-764 
CRISPELL Howard Reynolds C-4644 
CRISS John William C-5812 
CRITCHLOW David Gunn C-7281 
CROCKER Frank Richard Jr C-4724 
CROCKET George Louis C-765 T-61 
CROCKETT James Cave C-2201 
CROCKETT William James Staff 
CROCKETT William James Jr A-3988 

C-5 125 
CROFT George William Jr A-i688 

C-1733 L-9» 
CROFT Nathaniel Chafee T-soi GST- 

CROFT Theodore Gaillard A-1884 

CROLLY William S Staff 
CROMER Kenneth Earl Fac 
CROMIE Frank Harris A-1339 
CROMWELL Edwin Boykin RR pp 36 

CRONKRITE Charles Francis M-439 
CROOK Angus McDonald Green C- 

CROOK Whitfield Walker M-1530 
CROOK William Grant C-4665 
CROOKE George Arthur A-1743 
CROOKS Robert Blair C-8657 
CROOKSTON Claude Jansen later 
Claude Joseph now Father Joseph 
CROPPER Frank A-290 
CROSBY Hubert Buchanan A-2179 
CROSBY Hubert Buchanan Jr C-4926 
CROSBY Joseph F Jr A-856 C-949 
♦CROSBY Thomas James (not Jeffer- 
son) Jr T-ni RR pp 36 98 
CROSLAND Daniel Franklin A-3389 
CROSLAND David Woolley Jr C-3860 
CROSLAND Edward Burton C-4133 
CROSLEY Charlie (not Charles) Clay- 
ton A-203 C-564 
CROSS Albert Manning M-1045 
CROSS Andrew Bobbie M-1381 
♦CROSS Boiling Allyn C-2066 
CROSS Charles Wallace C-4170 
CROSS Jackson C-3996 
CROSS James Thomas Fac 
CROSS Joseph Richard A-2154 
CROSS Wilford Oakland RR p 119 Fac 
CROSSLIN Jack Stanford Jr C-2974 
CROSSWELL Alex White A-3165 



CROUCH Hasell Wilkinson A-1587 
CROUCH James Robert [II A-6077 
CROW Asa Lee Jr C-5190 
CROW Charles Robertson M-418 
CROWDF.R Herbert Leslie Jr A-4714 
•CROWDER John Wade M-1145 
•CROWDER Robert Stephen Jr C-5000 
CROWE Charles Campbell C-1066 
CROWE Jerry Marvin C-8603 
CROWE Thomas Huston C-5869 
CROWELL Beecher Vinson M-426 
*CROWL Chester Jackson M-551 
CROWLEY Byron Edward C-7588 
CROWLEY Richard Vick C-86gi 
CROWLEY William Garrett CPT p 

CROWNOVER Arthur A-1141 C-1266 

L-10 H-372 RR PP 36 95 no Fac 
CROWNOVER C h a r 1 e « Wadhams 

CROWNOVER Hugh Lawson A-1391 

CROWNOVER John A-1274 
•CROWNOVER Madison or Matison 

A-300 C-3Q5 
CROWNOVER Orel Gailor A-2336 
CROWNOVER Robert Mattison A-1781 
CROWNOVER Roland P A- 1637 C- 

191 3 L- 1 16 
CROWNOVER Roy T C-4971 P «* 
CROWNOVER Solomon L C-2458 
CROWNOVER Turney A-2384 
CROWNOVER Walter Parker C-8174 
CROWNOVER William A-176 
CROWNOVER William A-1964 
CROWNOVER William Jr A-2332 
CROWNOVER William Grady C-45 50 
•CROWNOVER Winfield Scott C-283S 
CROWSON Charles Felton Jr C-6339 
CROWTHER James Pollard Jr T-887 

P J*9 
CROZH-R Will C-173 
CROZIER William Houston Jr C-4806 
CRUDGINGTON Robert Lincoln C- 

CRUGER Nicholas John A-3 p 87 
CRUM George Milton Jr T-692 GST- 

CRUM Patrick Carroll A-5581 
CRUMBAKER Charles Marshall C-5030 
CRUMBLY John Quantock GST-99 
CRUME Francis Marion M-772 
CRUMLEY Davis Shifler GST-36 
CRUMP Dabney Hull Jr C-4131 
CRUMP Don M A-2717 
CRUMP Frank Millington C-4130 
CRUMP James Wesley C-908 
CRUMP Stephen A D C-422 
CRUMPLER Marion Marvin M-97S 
CRUMPTON Ronald Elmo A-6407 
CRUNK William F A-372 C-401 
CRUTCHER John Sims III A-6041 
CRUTCHFIELD Charles Dudley M-67 
CRUTCHFIELD Thomas A-2310 
CRUTE Charles Bledsoe M-7S8 
CRYER Clifford Milton A-3320 
CUBBAGE Benjamin Cook Staff 
CUBBEDGE Cooper Myers Jr C-6648 
CULBERTSON George Harrington 

CULBERTSON James Edwin T-669 
CULBERTSON Newton Hunter M-1431 
CULLEN Charles Pasteur A-3020 
CULLEN Roy Henry A-5036 
CULLER William Ernest A-5994 

CULLEY Thomas Somerville A-5075 
CULLEY Virginia Navy V-12 
CULLINS Carmack Edward C-8822 
CULLOM John Charles C-5072 P 222 
CULLOM Shelby Montgomery A-1928 
CULLOM Smith A-rg27 
CULLUM James Albert C-4513 
CULLUM John Medicus M-970 
CULLUM Marvin Thomas A-2731 
CULPEPPER Edward Haden A-3841 
CULPEPPER Richard Leake C-8402 
CULVER Joseph Irwin A-2805 
CUMMING Joseph Bryan Jr C-S663 

p 229 
CUMMINGS David Hamilton A-675 

CUMMINGS Henry Bryan A-3027 
CUMMINGS James Sevier A-1226 
♦CUMMINGS John Campbell A-5464 
CUMMINGS John Turner C-4492 
CUMMINGS Naurice Grant C-3075 
CUMMINGS Walter Morrow C-3745 
CUMMINGS William Floyd Jr A-3238 
CUMMINGS William Floyd III A-6147 
CUMMINS Charles Edward C-6406 
CUMMINS George David RR p 69 
•CUMMINS John Bigelow M-121 
CUMMINS William Philip C-7257 
CUNDELL Frank Arthur C-1660 
CUNINGHAM William Battle A-3 103 

CUNNINGHAM Carleton Sewell Jr 

CUNNINGHAM Carol Lamar A-3430 
CUNNINGHAM Charles Fred C-8005 
CUNNINGHAM Claude C-5210 
CUNNINGHAM Edward Brahan A-863 
CUNNINGHAM Elbert Claxton Jr C- 

CUNNINGHAM Floyd Wade C-3352 
CUNNINGHAM George Clarkson 

A-3077 C-3417 
CUNNINGHAM Hugh A-648 C-717 
CUNNINGHAM James Marvin M-899 

CUNNINGHAM John Henry A-2202 
CUNNINGHAM Miles Dobbins M-i 
CUNNINGHAM Percy A-649 C-718 
CUNNINGHAM Mrs Percy also Mr* 

Roberta Staff 
CUNNINGHAM Robert Edward M-399 
CUNNINGHAM Robert W A-499C-530 
•CURD Patrick Joyes C-2018 
CURD Price Hamlett A-3342 
CURETON George Douglas M-668 
CURETON John Adams III A-6404 
CURETON Peter Franklin Jr C-5342 
CURLEE Elijah M-1289 
CURNICK William Aydelott A-1367 
CURNUTTE Robert H Jr A-3689 
CURRAN John Cecil C-2387 
CURRIE Edwin Coleman A-5092 
CURRIE Francis Crittenden A-4510 

CURRIE Stewart C-5007 
CURRIER Arthur Pearl C-5649 
CURRIER Robert CFF p 341 
CURRLIN Albert Jewel C-346S 
CURRY Ancel Carlyle C-2326 T-306 
CURRY Joe Jr A-3746 
CURRY Tliomas Gordon A-4217 
CURTIS Clifford Lee C-6027 
CURTIS Daniel Behrens A-5781 
CURTIS George H C-784 
CURTIS Howard Jefferson C-4349 
CURTIS Lewis Harry C-5921 
CURTIS Moses Ashley RR pp j6 81 33 

CURTIS Walter Wells Jr A-2687 

CURTIS William Beecher A-2056 

CUSHMAN Charles Farrand C-3678 
CUSHMAN Joseph David Jr C-6641 
CUSHMAN Robert Brookman C-3111 
CUSTER Henry Clayton A-6281 
CUTHBERTSON William Hugh A-5270 
CUTLER Harold Nelson C-31S3 T-35* 
CUTLER John H FS-i p 339 
CUTLER Inhn Milton A-24Q3 
CUTLER (Miss) Maude Fac 
CUTTER John H RR pp 36 82 83 
CUTTS Edward Lewes H-IO 
CUTTS Fred Harder Jr A- 5)04 
CUYLER John Potter C-868 
CUYLER Telamon Smith also SMITH 

Telamon Cuyler A- 11 68 
CZER WONKY Arthur Hugo A-6648 
CZERWONKY James Harvey A-6496 


DABNEY Charles Crenshaw A-3 3 16 
DABNEY Marye A-153 
DABNEY Marye Yeamans C-1897 
DABNEY Robert pp 371 373 Fac 
DABNEY Thomas Ewing A-!7o8 

C-1825 RR pp 25 *7 
DABNEY Ward C-1289 
DABNEY Wi'liam Cecil A-4047 
•DABNEY William Pope A-178 
DADE Albert Langhorne Jr C-4878 

RR pp 2; 26 
DADY John William C-1964 
DAGGETT Charles Eben A-1731 
•DAGGETT Jesse Boomer A-1656 C- 

1704 RR pp 36 53 
DAGGETT Jimason Jackson C-4663 
L-AOGFTT John Lockwood A-3 537 

DAGGETT John Mayhew RR pp 36 5? 
DAGGETT Mary Jessamine also GIST 

Mrs Thomas Hottel Co-ed 26 p 

1 go 
DAGGETT Maxey DeWitt A-1730 
DAGGETT William Haywood C-3812 

RR pp 36 54 
DAHLBERG Robin Lynnlng A-5038 
DAHLBERG William Woodruff A-6380 
DATLEY L Jr A-4634 
DAILY Verne A-39IO C-4505 
DAKE Hartzell Lincoln C-7165 
DAKIN Walter Edwin T-I32 
DALE Robert Henry L-107 
D'ALEMBERTE Herbert Talbot C- 

DALEY Francis Darnall C-3651 T-418 

DALEY John Ellis T-561 
DALLAS Ben Markle A-5265 
DALLINGER John Russell RR p 116 

DALTON Hunter Cravens A-1318 
DALY Edgar William M-1308 
•DALTON Joseph Nicholas C-2407 H- 

420 RR pp 19 2! 
DALZELL William Tucker Dickinson 

H-84 RR pp 36 7S 7J 
DAMER Eyre Jr C-1835 
DAMERON George Robert A-2838 

DAMERON Gordon Haywood A-2662 
DAMERON James Russell C-5205 
DAMM Henry Christian Augustus C- 

C-2012 T-222 Fac 
DAMMANN Carl Siler A-1876 
DAMON David Reid T-8jo 

DAMRON Anthony Max Wright T-683 

DANA Charles B C-561 
DANA Frank Johnstone Jr C-5040 RR 

PP 25 27 
DANA Richard Henry Close C-1087 
DANCE Jack Whitman C-6047 
DANCE Robert Roy C-3052 
DANCY Clifton A-909 
DANCY Robert Frank A-910 
DANCY V D A-517 C-513 
♦DANDRIDGE Edmund Pendleton H- 

36g RR pp 36 94 95 96 109 119 

DANIEL Bobby Jack C-8746 
DANIEL Charles Elwood Jr A-4805 
DANIEL James David M-49 
DANIEL James Jacquelin RR pp 36 

63 65 
DANIEL Jerry Allen C-6671 
DANIEL Joseph S M-66 
DANIEL Leon Boockman M-693 
DANIEL Richard Potts C-ts8o 
DANIEL Robert Woodham C-4475 Fac 
DANIEL Rufus Lee C-2169 
DANIEL William Madison Jr C-4745 
DANIEL William Russell T-569 
DANIELL Smith C A-569 
DANIELS Frederick William III C- 

DANIELS John Honig A-3 3 12 
DANIELS Leslie John Jr A-6040 
DANIELS Otis A-6467 
DANIELS William Beaty C-5920 
DANIELS William Bell Jr GST-215 
DANNER Lucien Webster A-1024 
DANNER William Martin A-1023 
d'ANTIGNAC John Mcintosh Kell 

DARBY Jerry Noah C-5712 
DARBY Joseph Whelbert M-1317 
•DARDEN Albert Dickson C-50 
DARDEN Byrns Long C-3797 
DARDEN Louis Harrell Jr A-5302 
DARDEN Robert Ayres C-3393 
DARDIS James Chester A-1930 
DARDIS Walter Traynor M-657 
DARK Lonnie Talton Jr C-5685 
DARLING Alphonzo Council III C- 

DARLINGTON Harold Milton A-2989 

DARNALL Thomas Steele Jr C-8260 
DARNELL Elmer Jr M-1490 
DARNELL Frederick Mark Jr A-406! 
DARR Leslie Rogers Jr C-4866 
DARRACH Edward Harris Jr C-672I 
DARRAGH Frederick Kramer Jr 

DARRAGH Thomas Eugene A-4253 
DARROW Baldwin Henry A-IS29 

DARST Thomas Campbell H-197 RR 

pp 20 22 36 60 61 
DARST Thomas Campbell Jr A-3 586 
DART Lawrence Wayland M-1333 
DASHIELL Alfred Henry C-734 RR pp 

24 »7 
DASHIELL George Ringgold Jr A-867 
DASHIELL J G or J Y A-409 C-406 
DASHIELL J Yellott RR pp 36 97 
DASHIELL William R RR pp 36 55 
DAUGETTE Forney Rutledge Jr 

DAUGHERTY John Fenton Fac 
DAUGHERTY Raymond Ernest C-607 
DAVENPORT Fred P RR pp 36 95 
DAVENPORT John Arthur CPT p 

DAVENPORT Joseph Andrew! C-8S07 



DAVENPORT Richard Kelly C-70S9 
DAVENPORT William Forbes RR p 62 
DAVENPORT William Walker CPT p 

•DAVES Graham RR pp 36 °° OI 
DAVES Joel Thomas III C-6703 
DAVET Edwin Paul A-2344 
DAVIDSON Albert Treat A-I545 

DAVIDSON Antonio William A-2891 
DAVIDSON Charles Hooper A-3152 
DAVIDSON Edward Strauss A-2758 
DAVIDSON John Sumner C-3851 Staff 
DAVIDSON Junius Edward A-3727 
DAVIDSON Paul Edward Jr C-5267 p 

DAVIDSON Philip Grant Jr C-2892 H- 

DAVIDSON William Robert IV A-4468 
DAVIES Charles Polk M-1230 
DAVIES Elmer David Jr C-6223 
DAVIES Frank Wesley Jr A-4678 
DAVIES G see DAVES G RR pp 36 

60 61 
DAVIES James Murphy A-5189 
DAVIES Richard Wood T-811 
DAVIES Taleasin Hayden M-290 
•DAVIES Thomas Hayden Jr A-5675 
DAVIES William Allen Jr A-3905 

DAVIS Aubrey Allen Jr C-6878 
DAVIS Albert Hueling A-1392 C-1451 

DAVIS Benajah Bibb C-436 
DAVIS Benjamin Exum C-3756 
DAVIS Carroll Melvin RR pp 36 79 

1 10 
DAVIS Charles A-661 C-688 
DAVIS Charles King Jr A-5788 
DAVIS Christopher Wheelwright C-5642 
DAVIS Clifford Young Jr C-7530 
DAVIS Conan Erskine Jr C-591O 
DAVIS Edward A-2988 
DAVIS Edward Lee C-5644 
DAVIS Edward Lide A- 1268 
DAVIS Franklin RR pp 36 88 
DAVIS George Thomas A-1422 
DAVIS Guery Lee C-8553 
DAVIS Howell Lee Jr A-6199 
DAVIS Hueling Jr C-3584 
DAVIS James Harrison A-5871 
DAVIS James McKiniey Jr C-6314 
DAVIS James Wendel T-203 
DAVIS Joe Hart C-6492 
DAVIS John C-138 p 292 RR pp 36 S3 
DAVIS John M-1394 
DAVIS John A. RR pp 36 67 
DAVIS John Bankhead C-71X9 
DAVIS John Harold A-6213 
DAVIS John James Fac 
DAVIS John Malcolm A-6317 
DAVIS Kenneth Ross A-3527 
DAVIS Larry Philip C-7797 
DAVIS Lavan Baltzell C-5597 T-74! p 

DAVIS Lawrence Alexander Jr A-5999 
DAVIS Leo Vance Jr A-4935 
DAVIS Malloy A-3136 
DAVIS Minot Flagg M-637 
DAVIS Murray Bell C-2309 
DAVIS Newell Baisdon A-2835 
DAVIS Norman (not Normal) Paschall 

DAVIS Norman Ilezckiah H-235 
DAVIS Paul Whitman Jr C-6889 
DAVIS Percy C-1837 
DAVIS Perran Lewis Jr A-6568 
DAVIS Robert Adair A-6078 

DAVIS Robert Alfred M-906 
DAVIS Robert Baker Jr A-6497 
DAVIS Robert Emerson GST-194 
DAVIS Robert Evan CPT p 225 
DAVIS Robert Henry C-69 
DAVIS Robert Lee A-5344 
DAVIS Ronald Lee Jr C-6828 
DAVIS Roy Benton RR pp 36 109 Fac 
DAVIS Roy Benton Jr A-3989 C-4995 
DAVIS Shelah Dillard M-53S 
DAVIS Sidney Lee A-2268 
DAVIS Stanley Girard C-3348 
DAVIS Theodore Wilson Jr C-6690 
DAVIS Thomas Clarke Jr GST-249 
DAVIS Thomas Frederick RR pp 36 89 

•DAVIS Thomas Frederick C-484 RR 

PP 24 27 
DAVIS Walter Earl C-6516 
DAVIS Walter Lee C-4319 
DAVIS Walter Ray A-43S4 C-6699 p 

376 RR pp 25 27 
DAVIS William E HA p 521 
DAVIS William Henry C-1900 M-728 
DAVIS William Henry C-3419 
DAVIS William Judson C-6062 
DAVIS Willis Ringo C-2612 
DAVIS Wooldridge Wells A-5764 

DAVISON Charles Beaumont A-2437 
DAVISON Samuel Melford Jr A-4632 
DAVITT John Edmund C-3897 
DAWLEY Lester William Jr A-4156 
DAWKINS Thomas Cannon C-6820 
DAWLEY Joseph William C-8312 
DAWLEY Robert Worthington Fac 
DAWSON David Bradshaw C-8438 
DAWSON Ira J M-872 
DAWSON James Harris Jr C-4154 
DAWSON John William M-1161 
DAWSON Joseph Meadows Jr C-8183 
DAWSON Nathaniel H R RR pp 36 49 

DAY Edward Clyde M-580 
DAY Esther V FS-36 p 340 
DAY James P C-324 
DAY Mason Frederick Jr C-5881 
DAY Richard Lawrence A-5878 
DEADMAN William Webster Jr C-8240 
DEAN Frederick William Symmes M- 

DEAN Henry Ewing RR pp 36 55 56 
DEAN Henry Ewing Jr A-4705 C-6697 
DEAN Herman Baldwin T-29 
DEAN James III C-8728 
DEAN Robert p 342 
DEAN Stanley Irwin White C-4036 T- 

DEAN Thomas Jefferson M-1524 
DEARBORN Alexander Rhodolphus III 

C-69 14 
DEARBORN Frederick Houston C-3432 
DEARBORN John Gorman C-2659 RR 

pp 36 51 108 Fac 
DEARDORFF Joyce CFF p 341 
DEARING Albin Pasteur A-3601 (net 

3604) C-4206 
DEARING Charles W C-1127 
DEARING Daniel Sears C-7702 
DEARING Frank Patterson RR pp j6 

64 65 
DEARING Frank Patterson Jr A-3604 

C-3684 T-442 
DEARING Reed McLane C-3228 
DEARING Reed McLane Jr C-8200 
DeARMAN Milton Mellon M-335 
DEAS Charles A-2177 
DEAS Richard Ryder III C-6256 
DeBARDELEBEN Charles LeGrande 

Jr A-324J 


LABEN) R P C-70 
*DeBELL Arthur Wise M-932 
DeBRAY Francis Richard also BUSTER 

Francis Richard C-7404 
DnBERRY John Herman Jr A-5443 
DE BRUYN-KOPS William Jr C-26S1 

DECKER Alva George C-8296 
DECKER Austin Wheeler C-2825 
DECKER Edward Philip II A-4391 
DECKER John William M-431 
de COTTES Walter duQuercron (not 

deQuercron) A-468 C-456 
DEDMAN Bertram Cottingham Jr C- 

DEDMAN James Monroe Jr C-4918 
DEEMER Paul Caleb Jr C-5231 
♦DEENIK. Lloyd Jan also ELIE Lloyd 

Charles A-6171 C-8756 
DEESON W T A-363 C-399 
DEEVY Joseph Paul M-400 
DEFOREST John Theophilus Jr C-6594 

T-658 GST- 1 44 
DeFRANCE Albert Kennedy A-5489 
DeFREESE A B A-801 C-862 
DEGEN George Frederic RR pp 36 53 

DEGEN Robert Arthur Fac 
deGRAFFENRIED Joseph Stovall C- 

deGRAFFENREID Thomas P C-182 
DE HART William Wilson T-12 
DEHON Theodore RR p 89 

DEIMEL Richard Menning C-6593 
*DEKLE John T C-2286 
de la HUNT Thomas James Jr C-776 
DELANY Henry Beard RR p 81 
DELEANU Michael John also DE- 

LESME Michael John A-5420 

deLEIRIS Alain Fac 
DELESME Michael John also DELEA- 
NU Michael John A-5420 C-7647 
DELLA TORRE Thomas SSGR p 339 
DeLOACH Albertus Lee T-952 GST- 

DeLOACH Alfred Burton C-899 
DeLOACH Luther Asbury M-963 
DeLOACH T Allen A-535 C-654 
DeLONG William Edward M-96 
DELORME Francis Maynard C-5684 
DELPH Jack Wesley C-6059 
del VALLE Guillermo Stefamiai 

DeMARKO Michael Jean C-878S 
DE MARTIN0 Manuel C-3623 
DEMBY Edward Thomas RR p 53 
DEMEAN John A-2319 
DEMERE Charles Clapp GST-270 
DEMETER George C HA p 521 
DEMILLY (not DeMILLY) Walter 

A C-48 
DeMONBREUN Russell Cameron C- 

deMORAES Sergio Carvalho A-6245 
DEMOS William Christ A-3769 
DeMOSS E C A-275 
DEMPF Joseph RR pp 36 70 
DEMPSEY Andre Richard A-4677 
DEMPSTER George Seymour A-3983 
DEMPSTER Gilbert Baird C-3392 
•DENHAM James Scott A-2088 
DENHAM Richard Horace C-3649 
DENKLER John Markwell C-S955 
DENMARK Remer Lane C-4715 
DENN John W C-6716 
DENNEY Earl Andrews Jr C-8167 

DENNEY Joseph Fowler C-3035 
DENNEY Robert Clinton Jr C-2869 
DENNEY Samuel Rogers C-2868 
DENNIS Everett Jackson C-827S 
DENNIS James Copeland C-4906 
DENNIS James Wheatley M-709 
DENNIS John Jackson C-5818 
DENNIS Thomas Edmund Jr M-148S 
DENNISON Arlendo Irvin M-717 
DENN1SON James Sanford M-715 
DENNY George Hutcheson H-194 
DENNY John Lawrence C-7040 
DENSFORD Allan Miller C-8821 
DENSON John Franklin Jr C-7641 
DENSON John Beverly A-5430 
DENT James Monroe Jr C-3948 
DENT John Walker A-5 549 
*DENT Raymond Theodore Jr A-5655 

DENT Samuel A A- 11 5 
DENT Wade Gilbert III C-7499 
DENTAN Robert Claude Fac 
DENTON Harry A- 1853 
DENTON Jacob Raymond GST-60 
DENTON John Thomas M-541 
deNUX Emeric M-100 
deNUX Sylvain M-447 
deOVIES Julian Roberto A-3579 

deOVIES Julian Roberto Jr A-5876 
deOVIES Raimundo or Jorge (George) 

Garcia C-1589 T-176 H-396 RR 

pp 36 55 1 16 Fac 
DE PATIE David Hudson C-6882 
DEPKEN Craig Alan A-6588 
DEPUTY Mark A C-334 
DERBY Samuel Arthur C-7567 
DEROME Rene Fac 
DeROSSET Armand John RR pp 36 81 

deROSSET Armand John A-2243 
deROSSET Fanny B p 2 
•DeROSSET Frederick Ancrum C-236 

T-25 RR pp 24 36 76 Fac 
deROSSET William Green A-1870 C- 

DERRER Emily Rairdon (Mrs) CFF 

P 34i 
DERRICK Edwin Paris M-462 
DERRYBERRY Paul Lawrence C-3595 
DeSAUSSURE Douglas Blanding A-255 
DeSAUSSURE George Reynolds A-228 

C-274 RR pp 36 64 
DeSAUSSURE Henry William A-2768 
DeSAUSSURE John McPherson A-25J 
DeSAUSSURE Richard Champion A-254 

RR pp 36 55 
DesCHAMPS Bruce Wayne C-8023 
DESCHAMPS Perez Luis A-4537 
DESTICHE Robert James A-4274 

deTAMBLE Forbes Ross GST-115 
DETERING Carl August C-3284 
DETLING Lynn Eldon C-6420 
DEUPREE James Edward C-2653 
DEUPREE William James Jr A-4015 
DEVALL Frederick DuMontier Jr 

A-3186 C-2953 
DEVALL Frederick DuMontier III C- 

DEVALL James Wilmer C-3796 
DEVANY Edward Edmund Heath C- 

♦DEVLIN Theodore Peter T-447 RR 

pp 36 100 101 
DEW Henry Worsham A-5233 
DeWAR Alexander A-2327 
DeWEES Ledyard Holstein A-5429 
•DEWEY Chauncey C-IS62 
DeWITT W R Jr A-814 C-864 



DeWOLFE James Pernette Jr C-4864 
DeWOLFE Phillip William C-4992 
DEXHEIMER George Walter C-7161 
DEXHEIMER Paul C-2331 
DEXTER Charles Jr C-1441 
DEXTER Charles Lamb Jr C-5193 
DEZELL James Elton Jr C-7758 
DEZELL Richard Scott C-8520 
d'HEUR Malbrook Pierre A-2367 
d'HEUR William Teal A-2366 
DIAMOND Paul Liddell A-6244 
DIBBLE Thomas Wyatt C-3701 
DICK James McDowell Jr C-3481 T- 

DICKENS William Byrom C-3630 
DICKENSON Edward Hale A-2587 
♦DICKENSON Edwin Russell L-89 
DICKERSON Boyd Ebber Preston M- 

DICKERSON BurrJtt Kent Fac 
DICKERSON Leonidas Camden M-S" 
DICKERSON Marcus David Jr C-3336 
DICKERSON Robert Carl C-1884 
DICKERSON Robert Carl Jr C-6537 
DICKERSON William Buford C-7291 
DICKEY Charles Hall C-7089 
DICKEY John Lincoln C-6034 
DICKEY William Cox C-2558 
*DICKIE James Carson also DICKIE 

Jesse Carson Jr C-3375 
♦DICKIE Jesse Carson Jr also 

DICKIE James Carson C-3375 
DICKINSON Charles Dickinson A-i34< 
•DICKINSON Marion Franklin M- 

DICKINSON Philip Randolph A-3046 
DICKMAN Burton Saunders A-2361 
DICKMAN Frederick Norton A-2362 
DICKMAN John Frederick C-6469 

DICKS John Barber Jr C-6328 Fac 
DICKS John Fleming C-2164 
DICKSON Alex Dockery Jr T-900 Staff 
DICKSON Carter Bickham A-2157 
DICKSON Charles Martin Jr C-5371 
DICKSON Clyde Cecil Jr A-5991 
DICKSON Frank Lacy C-5593 
DICKSON George Bennet A-95 
DICKSON George Sentell A-2095 
DICKSON Samuel Allen A-2094 
DICKSON Willie A-2156 
•D1CUS Richard Earl C-4575 T-491 

H-493 RR pp 36 54 102 103 
DIETZ Lawrence August A-2877 C-2573 
DIETZEN Joseph Nicholas III C-8063 
DIFFENBAUGH Anthony Good C- 

5049 T-648 GST-67 
DIFFENBAUGH James Guy C-5623 
DIGGANS Roy Charles A-5011 C-686J 
DIGGINS Roberta p 342 
DILL Joseph Milton Jr C-1290 
DILL Norman Tolliver Jr C-7162 
DILLARD George Odes A-6073 
DILLARD James Hardy H-179 
DILLARD William Mason C-5010 
DILLAVOU Charles Tennent A-4371 
DILLON John Luther C-55'7 
DILLON Michael Francis A-6377 
DILWORTH William Penn III C-7158 
DIMMICK William Arthur T-897 
DIMMITT Addison Jr A-3968 
DIMON Joseph Homer III C-6599 
DINKINS Pat Candler C-2334 
DINWIDDIE Harry Gillespie C-7224 
DINWIDDDIE Malcolm Lee Jr A-5691 
DINWIDDIE Robert Robin C-3096 
DIRKS John Armstrong Jr T-959 
DISHAROON William L A-269 
DISMORE George Bertram Jr A-521* 
DISMUKES Arthur Forman Jr A-6141 

DISMUKES George Woodson A-I0O9 
DISMUKES James Taylor C-1173 
DISMUKES John Pickett C-7826 
DISOSWAY John Justice A-4709 
DISSEN William Julius A-2953 
DITTRICH Godehard Paul C-8224 
DIVEN Arlington Walton M-101 
DIVVENS Herbert Minor M-1325 
DIX Morgan H-43 RR pp 20 22 
DIX William Lee C-S127 
♦DIXON Francis Samuel C-3060 
DIXON George Lewis A-3327 
DIXON James Hall A-3736 
DIXON James William M-1093 
DIXON William Varney A-6526 
DIXON Wright Tracy Jr A-4226 
DOANE John S C-143 
DOBBINS Charles Joseph C-6811 
♦DOBBINS Edward Ragland A-3880 

C-4474 RR pp 36 108 
DOBBINS Francis Henley A-3966 
DOBBINS Robert Taylor C-2405 

DOBBS Fred Robert A-5432 
DOBBS John Gordon Jr A-3906 
DOBSON James Ezzell C-5428 
DOCKER Henry Jr A-836 
DODD Felix Campbell Jr C-5281 
DODD Paul Frazier (Fredrick) C-2870 
DODD Thomas James A-4480 
DODD William Thomas M-1119 
DODDS George W A-2620 
DODGE Harry Forrest III C-5673 
DODGE Jere Edwin A-2251 
DODSON George Almar A-2656 
DODSON Thomas Albert Jr C-6886 
DOFFLEMYER James Francis C-1696 
DOGGETT Frank Aristides C-4209 
DOGGETT John Locke C-837 H-32C 

RR pp 19 21 36 64 107 no 
DOING Charles Halleck III C-5S44 
DOKE William James C-5475 
DOLEN Joseph Massie C-1948 
DOLER Calhoun M-U58 
♦DOLSON Ronald Thomas C-794O 
DONAHEY John William Jr C-8607 
DONALD Kenneth T-751 
DONALD Leroy Jr C-8187 
DONALD Ralph William Jr A-5512 
DONALD Robert Glenn A-5307 C-6863 
DONALD Robert LaValle Jr C-8288 
DONALDSON Egbert Mills M-484 
DONALDSON James Anderson M-125 
DONALDSON James Walter M- 4 8s 
DONALDSON Joseph Campbell A-5260 

DONALDSON Robert Godard C-5379 

DONALDSON Robert Payton M-329 
DONALSON Walter Percy L-25 
DONEGAN Horace William Baden H- 

448 RR pp 21 22 
DONELSON Frank Taylor A-2649 
DONEY Fred C-6895 
DONNELL Ben Philips C-4796 
♦DONNELL James Frankin also DON- 
NELL Jess Franklin A-3561 (not 
A-356) RR pp 36 80 
♦DONNELL Jess Franklin also DON- 
NELL James Franklin A-3561 RR 
pp 36 80 
DONNELL Newman Ross Jr A-3622 

DONNELLY Clarence Eugene C-7045 
DONOHO William Thompson Jr C-5SO} 
DONOVAN Cornelius Edward Jr C- 

DONOVAN Dale Cornelius C-77SI 

DORITY Richard Franklin T-922 
DOROUGH George Dixon M-63 
DORR Carlton George A-4932 
DORR Cicero Hawkes C-4 p 87 
DORR Eben Walker A-292 
DORR Hawkes Barkley C-3 P 87 
DORSEY Alice Y FS-37 p 34° 
DORSEY John Brooks A-6os3 
DORTCH John B A-S31 
DORWART Walker Byrne A-1218 
DOSS John Leslie Jr C-6891 
DOSS Richard Burke C-6751 
DOSSETT Andrew Joseph A-3007 
♦DOSSETT Walter Brown C-2772 RR 

PP 36 98 
DOSSETT William Dixon C-3686 
DOS WELL Eugene Varnon C-8559 
DOSWELL William Temple III C-8056 

DOTSON Archibald Leftridge A-1616 

DOTSON George Allen C-6892 
DOTSON Grover Cleveland A-2196 
DOTSON John Spencer C-1092 
DOTSON Rufus Solomon (not Solo- 
man) A-1215 
DOTY Lemuel Humphrey Jr A-3446 

DOTY Odie Clarence C-2230 
DOTY Roland Ward C-2378 
DOUD LeRoy Wells RR pp 36 86 
DOUGHERTY James Smith L-45 
DOUGHERTY Joseph Ignatius M-448 
DOUGHERTY Robert Bruce A-574J 
DOUGHTY Mordecai Edward M-905 
DOUGHTY Ralph Kenneth C-8702 
DOUGHTY Roger Gamble Jr A-4721 
DOUGLAS Arthur Gascoigne H-40 
DOUGLAS George Herbert A-2058 
DOUGLAS George William H-120 RR 

pp 20 22 Fac 
DOUGLAS Harry Bell Jr C-5655 T- 

713 p 229 
DOUGLAS Henry H-61 
DOUGLAS James Geddes Jr A-4950 
DOUGLAS John H C-787 
DOUGLAS John Pitman Jr C-5850 
DOUGLAS John Smallwood RR pp 36 

DOUGLAS John Tucker A-2701 C-3003 
DOUGLAS Joseph Edmor.d A-2171 
DOUGLAS Kenneth Malcolm C-1486 
DOUGLAS Philip Carlton C-5523 
DOUGLAS Richard A-5471 
♦DOUGLAS Richard Mansfield A-2702 

C-2875 T-356 
DOUGLAS Walter Charles C-5964 
DOUGLAS William Aitken Jr C-4627 
DOUGLAS William Davis Jr C-3408 
DOUGLAS William Kirtland A-2059 
DOUGLAS William Kirtland RR pp 

36 73 
DOUGLAS William Taylor A-2340 
DOUGLAS William Taylor C-627 
DOUGLASS Charles Hervey C-4341 RR 

PP 25 27 
♦DOUGLASS Hiram Kennedy C-2912 

DOUGLASS James Herford T-767 
DOUGLASS Louis Archibald C-3542 
DOUGLASS Melvin Louis C-5884 
DOUTHIT Claude Jr A-4134 
DOVER G see DAVES Graham RR p 

DOW Cameron Quincy A-i 1 
DOW John A-2949 
DOW Leland Brown Jr C-4040 
DO WD George Leroy C-59I4 
DOWD Lawrence Scales A-2874 

DO WD ALL Paul Mason Daniel C-1423 

DOWDY Robert W Fac 
DOWDY Rudolph Francis C-4159 
DOWE Coleman H A-347 C-546 
DO WE Florian Keble A-1051 
DOWELL Frank Herbert Fac 
DOWLEN Otto Shelley Jr A-6392 
DOWLEN Victor Hugo Jr C-3 664 

Mrs Sara Sophia 
DOWLING Robert Edwin A-6345 
DOWLING Mrs Sara Sophia also Mrs 

James Staff 
DOWNING Leighton Knight A-1225 
DOWNMAN Eugene Burch Jr A-6487 
DOWNS Fred J C-5X49 
DOWNS Harold Ivan C-6091 
DOWNS William Wood A-1289 
DOYLE Gray Hartwell C-5141 
DOYLE Maurice Francis A-6339 
DOYLE Samuel Pleasant C-2848 
DOZIER Edwin (not Edward) Jor- 
dan A-1514 C-1623 
DOZIER Henry Cuttino C-2047 T-235 
DOZIER Henry Myatt Jr A-3128 
DOZIER Joe Frank Jr A-4085 
DOZIER M Mus p 341 
DOZIER Richard Jr C-650 
DOZIER Richard Henry A-1585 
DOZIER Richard Taurice C-735S 
DOZIER Thomas McCaa A-1255 

DRAFFIN Robert Warren C-5686 
DRAKE David Staff 
DRAKE John William Jr T-613 GST- 

190 RR pp 36 83 
DRANE Joseph Russell Jr C-5861 
DRANE Robert Brent H-85 
DRANE Walter Harding C-4577 
DRAPER Bruce A-3359 
DRAPER Byron Augustus A-3388 
DRENNAN John Craddock A-3346 
DRENNEN Charles Edward C-2872 
DRENNEN George Smith Houston C- 

DREW Eugene Hodson A-2909 
DREW Horace A-47 C-193 
DREW Horace Rainsford A- 13 94 

C-I452 M-428 
DREW John Graeme A-1423 
DREW John Graeme C-478 
DREW John Walter A-4997 
DREW Julius C-332 
DREW Mitchell Nebraska A-4858 
DREYFUSS Travers A-2456 
DREYSPRING A d o 1 p h Theodore 

DRICK Frank J A-1986 
DRINKALL Jeanette Frances CFF p 

DRINKALL Roger CFF p 341 
DRISCOLL Thomas Latane M-1326 
DRIVER David Miller C-2771 
DRONBERGER Edson Demaree A-3244 
DROUILLARD Van Leer C-732 
DRUMMOND Andrew Decatur p 296 
DRUMMOND Michael Edwin A-s868 
DRYDEN Cyrus Winslow A-3682 
DRYDEN Daniel McKisick Jr C-26S6 
DRYDEN Horace Ewing Jr C-5848 
DRYDEN Richard Frederick C-6127 
DRYSDALE Albert A-617 
DRYSDALE Alexander Irvine RR pp 

20 22 36 49 
DRYSDALE James Buchanan T-46 
DRYSDALE Joseph Forrest C-87S 
DUBARD Walter Highgate A-2511 
duBIGNON (not DuBIGNON) Flem- 
ing Grantland H-113 RR pp 18 21 



DuBOIS Charles Gautier C-5377 
DuBOSE Beverly Means A-1685 C-1853 
DuBOSE David St Pierre C-3321 
DuBOSE David St Pierre A-2893 

DuBOSE David St Pierre Jr C-7928 
DuBOSE Mrs Deane Spencer also Du- 
BOSE Mrs William Haskell FS-31 
P 340 
DuBOSE John Bratton A-2140 
DuBOSE Marion Porcher A-1395 

C- 1 6 1 7 
DuBOSE Marion St John A-2825 


♦DuBOSE McNeely A-187 C-390 T-43 

RR pp 36 89 90 91 105 106 107 

108 117 

DuBOSE Robert Edwin Mann C-728* 

DuBOSE Robert Marion RR pp 117 

118 Staff 
DuBOSE Robert Marion Jr A-831 

*DuBOSE Theodore Marion A-186 C- 

310 RR pp 36 107 Staff 
DuBOSE Warner Harrington T-218 
DuBOSE William Haskell A-657 C-887 

T-128 RR pp 116 119 Fac 
DuBOSE Mrs William Haskell see Du- 
BOSE Deane Spencer 
DuBOSE William Haskell Jr A- 3 6i3 

C-4 1 64 
DuBOSE William Porcher H-165 SS Gr 
PP 297 339 RR pp 116 119 Fac 
DuBOSE William Porcher C-2991 
DUCKWORTH William Capell Jr C- 

DUCOTE Joseph Richard M-1586 
DUCOTE Remy Gustave M-866 
DUDLEY Charles Council C-3896 
DUDLEY Francis Hubbard RR pp 36 

69 71 
DUDLEY Thomas Underwood H-35 
RR pp 18 19 20 21 22 36 69 113 
1 14 Fac 
DUDLEY Wolcott Kent RR p 118 Staff 
DUDNEY Rainsford Fairbanks also 
LYNCH Mrs Arthur Joseph Co- 
ed 102 p 271 
DUDNEY Rainsford Fairbanks Glass 
also DUDNEY Mrs Thomas 
Earl RR p 118 Staff 
DUDNEY Sara Tradewell also HAMM 
Mrs Lee Edward Co-ed 106 p 271 
DUDNEY Thomas Earl C-5045 T-412 

p 292 Staff 
DUDNEY Mrs Thomas Earl also 
DUDNEY Rainsford Fairbanks 
Glass RR p 118 Staff 
DUFF Gail Newhall C-6364 
DUFF William Eugene C-6870 
DUFFAU Frank T A-440 C-4 51 
DUFFY Walter Daniel Jr C-3548 
DUGAN Arthur Butler RR pp 36 109 

117 Fac 
DUGGAN Edmund Buchwalter Jr C- 

DUGGER Fowler Jr C-5456 
DUGGER Robert Barr C-7863 
DUGGER William Loss Jr A-1084 
DUHON John Octave M-563 
DUKE Coy Dayne C-5900 
DUKE Llewellyn Brittain C-2705 
DUKES Marvin Henry A-5641 
DULEY William Edward C-4260 
DULIN Albert Leland C-3579 
DULWEBER Donald Noble A-354I 
DUMBELL Howard Murray T-80 
DUMBELL Hugh Selwyn A-946 
DUMBLE David Harvey A-1304 

DUMBLE Robert Norman Jr A-370? 

DUMESNIL Joseph Peterson C-2109 
DUMONT Richard Northam A-4010 
DUMONT Robert Fernald A-4618 
DUN Angus H-410 RR pp 21 22 
DUNAWAY Joseph Albert T-770 
DUNBAR Bernard Savage C-1667 
DUNBAR Donal Steuben C-6888 
DUNBAR George Ralston A-494 
♦DUNBAR Henry Steiner A-1227 C- 

DUNBAR Jesse Louis C-5734 
DUNBAR Richard Field C-113 
DUNBAR Thomas William C-5250 
DUNCAN Charles William Jr A-4785 
DUNCAN David Turner C-4336 
DUNCAN Donald Dain A-3408 
DUNCAN Frank Gibson A-2748 
DUNCAN George B RR pp 36 71 
DUNCAN George Washington C-I947 
same as George W summer 1908 
P 154 
DUNCAN Greer Assheton C-1871 
DUNCAN Greer Assheton Jr A-3785 
DUNCAN Guy Franklin M-180 
DUNCAN James Loughlin T-510 GST- 

145 RR pp 36 55 93 
DUNCAN John RR pp 36 76 
DUNCAN John Henry C-4981 
DUNCAN John House A-4787 
DUNCAN John Thomas C-6088 
DUNCAN Rhonnie Andrew C-7098 
DUNCAN Thomas Hazzie Perry M-548 
DUNCAN Thomas Shearer Fac 
DUNCAN Thomas William A-2925 
DUNCAN William McKinley III C- 

DUNCAN William Patterson A-286 

DUNFORD Corwin Ray AFROTC Staff 
DUNHAM David Ross C-1949 
DUNHAM Fatio Jr A-5006 
DUNHAM William David Ross A-5160 
DUNK Herbert Broadwell A-2991 
♦DUNK Thomas Richard A-2992 
DUNK Thomas Richard Jr A-4670 
DUNKLIN Hearne P A-1237 
DUNKLIN James Philip A-4039 
DUNLAP Benjamin Bernard Jr C-8457 
DUNLAP Cecil Lorraine C-6032 
DUNLAP Charles Walters A-1118 
DUNLAP Clyde Peebles Jr C-6187 
DUNLAP George Hamilton IV C-4246 
DUNLAP Irvin Caldwell Jr C-7880 
DUNLAP Kinloch Falconer A-3547 
DUNLAP R E Jr A-382 C-372 
DUNLAVY Henry Foster C-I493 
DUNLOP David C-5110 
DUNLOP George William Jr C-8359 
DUNLOP Henry p 296 
DUNN Claude Cobbs A-4147 
♦DUNN John Guion A-1465 C-1514 
DUNN Joseph Wood RR pp 36 97 
DUNN Lee C-743 
DUNN Robert M-876 
DUNN Robert Burris M-627 
DUNN William Jr RR pp 36 60 61 
DUNN William Lyles C-3608 
DUNN William Watts M-1285 
DUNN Woodford Shute C-5156 
DUNNAM Thomas Eugene Jr A-4178 
DUNNINGTON F C RR pp 36 94 96 
DUNSCOMB Henry Martin C-20S1 
DUNSFORD Ensor Rubidge Jr C-5469 

P 229 
DUNWODY John Frank A-473 C-504 

duPONT Mrs Jessie Ball also duPONT 

Mrs Alfred Irenee H-414 
DuPONT John (Jack) Millard A-45U 
DuPRE John Lipscomb C-437' 
DuPREE William Edmond C-2515 
DuRANT Joseph Benjamin M-461 
DURDEN Chauncey Wright Jr C-4029 
DURDEN Hubert Henry Jr C-7831 
DURHAM Cornelius Bornebass M-1193 
DURHAM James Hampson A-5704 
DURM Orval Await C-7677 
DURNING Robert Lee Jr C-7324 
DURR John Wesley Jr C-2424 
DURRANT Henry Lester C-1882 T-215 

Fac Staff 
DURY George Carl C-5741 
DUSENBERRY Gowan Jr A-2646 
DUSSELL Karl Eberhardt A-2265 
DUVAL J W Jr C-585 
DuVAL John Calmes A-5944 
DUVALL Ernest Humes Jr A-3524 
DUVALL G Walker RR pp 37 90 m 
DUVALL Lindsay Opie T-467 
DuVERGEY Robert Edward C-3613 
DUY Charles Gookins A-1258 C-1319 
DVORAK Daniel David C-6472 
DVORAK John Douglas A-4895 
DWYER Francis Craighead A-5651 
DYAL Benjamin Upton A-1874 
DYAL Burton Guinette A-1926 
DYE Walter Rufus C-578 T-42 RR 

PP 37 77 
DYER David Patterson C-4984 P 222 
DYER Frederic Monroe Jr C-43 34 
DYER Mrs James T Jr also GILES 

Evelyn Co-ed 92 p 259 
DYER Robert Bruce C-7256 
DYER Theodore Kingsbury T-554 p 

DYESS Robert Warren A-5043 
DYKES James Foster A-4918 C-6894 
DYKES Oscar Gilbert C-8018 

DYWINSKI Edmund Norbert C-6211 


EADDY Albert Golden M-547 
EAGLE John Henry C-3257 
EAGAN Charles E A-1281 
EAGAN Dennis Livingston A-1320 
EAKLE Oscar Otas M-849 
EALES Samuel John H-41 
EAMES David Wendell M-U99 
EARGOOD Albert Burton Jr A-5569 

EARLE Alexander Morse III A-6428 
EARLE Baylis Drayton A-1126 C-1153 
EARLE Jeremiah Ward A-684 C-769 
EARLY William Richards Jr C-388S 
EARNEST Joe William C-3849 RR PP 

37 84 
EARNHARDT Eugene Irwin Jr A-5852 
EASLEY Joseph Hyde Jr C-7492 
EASLEY Robert Waters C-1605 
EASON Redmond Renn Jr C-4050 
EASON Robert Wood A-4242 
EAST Lonnie Montague A-3031 
EASTBURN Fordyce Elmer GST-45 
EASTER Henry A-IS7 T-98 
EASTER Henry Frederick A-1474 

EASTERLING Robert Hill A-4405 
EASTHAM Granville M-1038 
EASTMAN Albert Sherman Fac 
EASTMAN Frank Carr Jr C-2144 L- 

EASTLAND William Lane A-6069 
EASTON Burton Scott Fac 

EASTWOOD Benjamin Cluverius C- 

EATHERLY Adrian David A-6242 
♦EATHERLY Wilson Robertson C- 

EATON A Thurlow A-142 C-202 
EATON Benjamin RR pp 37 97 99 
EATON James Powell C-7088 T-714 
EATON Oscar Hardin A-3131 
EATON Oscar Hardin Jr A-6600 
EAVES Joel H Staff 
EBAUGH John Lynn III T-904 
EBBS Stephens Kent C-8348 
EBERHARDT George A C-4 184 
EBERHART Charles Stevens Jr C-1800 
EBERHART William A-3249 
EBY Charlie Crosley C-39 15 
EBY John Christian C-4488 
EBY Joseph Murray C-5439 
ECHOLS William Holding A-161 
ECHOLS William Joseph Jr C-8408 
ECKEL Arthur Frederick Fac 
ECKEL Edward Henry H-268 RR pp 

37 58 59 
ECKEL Edward Henry Jr GST-125 

RR PP 37 86 87 
ECKERT George John C-2328 Staff 
ECKFORD Q Oliver RR pp 37 76 
ECKHARDT Marcellus George C-1366 
ECKHART John Charles C-6358 
ECKLES George Love C-5244 
ECUYER Eugene Emile M-1160 
EDDINGS James Elzie Jr C-6369 
EDDINS Albert Neal C-1817 
EDDINS Vernie S FS-49 P 34° 
EDDISON Stanley Tasker C-7212 
EDDY Jesse Leeds II A-3607 
EDDY Nathan Elbert M-381 
EDDY Samuel Kennedy C-6203 
EDENS Charles Raymond CPT p 225 
EDENS Henry Harman Jr C-8509 
EDENS Samuel Franklin C-4273 
EDENS William Allen C-2666 
EDGAR Allen Boyce A-1196 
EDGAR Joseph Smith Jr C-3376 
EDGE Arthur B Jr RR pp 37 56 
EDGE S A RR pp 37 71 
EDGERTON Henry Helfenstein Jr 

A-955 C-990 
EDGINGTON Richard Pemelton (not 

Pemleton) C-7890 
EDMOND Neil Smith C-2507 
EDMONDS Lurlyne FS-54 P 34° 
EDMONDS Richard Hathaway H-271 
EDMONDS Waller Raymond Jr A-SW5 
EDMONDS William Drayton C-4440 
EDMONDSON Clarence Wilson Jr C- 

EDMONDSON Edward Macon Jr 

EDMONDSON George Bibb C-3S3* 
EDMONDSON James Howard A-5462 
♦EDMONDSON Richard Henry C-777 
EDMUNDSON Benjamin Rufus A-3573 

EDMUNDSON Ernest Edwin Jr C- 

EDMUNDSON William Leonard Jr C- 

EDSON Gilbert Grosvenor C-4827 
EDRINGTON John Price Jr A-273* 
EDWARDS Allan Greer C-6458 
EDWARDS Berryman Wheeler C-4124 
EDWARDS Dean A-3641 
EDWARDS Duane Lee A-6402 
EDWARDS Edward Emlin M-1519 
EDWARDS Felix Gilbert C-43 
EDWARDS Felix Zollicoffer Jr C-27S9 



EDWARDS George Clifton 0-1483 T- 

181 RR pp 24 26 
EDWARDS George Herbert C-3825 
EDWARDS George Potter M-783 
EDWARDS Harry Tucker Jr C-8160 
EDWARDS John Bowen Fac 
EDWARDS John Glenn Jr A-5613 
EDWARDS Paul David C-7480 
EDWARDS Peyton J C-1008 
EDWARDS Robert James A-6261 
EDWARDS Robert Marcus Jr A-2820 
EDWARDS Roger Chadwick A-4667 
EDWARDS Thomas Cook A-920 
EDWARDS Thomas Melvin (Meldrin?) 

M-3 5 3 
EDWARDS Thomas Turney C-5064 

EDWARDS Walter Dewey Jr T-809 
EDWARDS Wanzie Ward M-271 
•EDWARDS Wilbur Thomas L-86 
EDWARDS William Mecklin Jr C-1659 
EDWARDS William Morgan C-4881 
EDWARDS Zebe Donald A-2763 
EELLS Edward Louis C-6477 
EGAN Charles DuBose A-3297 
EGBERT Wade Wright T-853 
EGER John Paul A-5239 
EGGERS Ernest William Jr A-6504 
EGGLESTON Mrs Amy LeClair Brooks 

see EGGLESTON Mrs Joseph 

EGGLESTON John Randolph A-2972 

EGGLESTON Joseph Gardner A-2502 

C-2339 Staff 
EGGLESTON Mrs Joseph Gardner also 

EGGLESTON Mrs Amy LeClair 

Brooks Staff 
EGGLESTON Robert Boiling Jr C-223 
EGGLESTON Mrs Robert Boiling Jr 

also EGGLESTON Mrs Mary 

Lewis Nunnally Staff 
EGGLESTON William Clyde M-885 
EGGLESTON William Isaac A-942 
•EGLESTON DuBose C-4213 RR PP 

37 >o6 
EGLESTON George Pendleton A-1481 

C- 1 600 
EGLESTON William Jr C-3727 
EGLESTON William III A-5778 
EGLESTON William Isaac Jr A-1127 

C-1184 M-136 RR pp 37 90 111 

EGLIN Richard Carleton A-4291 
EHNINGER Robert Thompson A-5749 
EHREN REICH Herman Samuel M- 

1 152 
EHRSAM John Ross C-4777 
EIDT Albert Rollins C-3474 
EILERS McCall Wooten C-3 597 
E1SELE Charles Logan A- 1969 C-I935 
EISON Thomas Bennett A-6624 
ELAM Archibald Lmgow C-8263 
ELAM Clyde Houston C-2855 
ELAM David Hicks A-218S 
ELAM Egbert E A- 199 
ELAM James Alexander C-2647 
ELAM James Alexander III C-7288 
ELAM John S A-210 C-340 
ELAM Joseph Barton A-1494 C-1622 
ELBY Frank Philip C-5778 
ELDER William Thomas A-5278 
ELDREDGE Hartwell Alison M-671 
ELDRIDGE (Mrs) Irene Holt Co-ed- 

111 p 274 
ELDRIDGE Richard Roswell C-7301 
ELEBASH Hunley Agee C-5430 T-68S 


ELFORD Frederick Pemberton RR pp 

37 89 
ELGIN Clarence Eugene M-857 
ELGIN Robert W A-899 
*ELIE Lloyd Charles also DEENIK 

Lloyd Charles A-6171 C-8756 
ELINOR Alexander Curtis M-1455 
ELINOR Talmai Zethor M-702 
ELKAS David A.2189 
ELLERBE Fiank Rogers C-2521 
ELLERBE Paul Lee A-1939 C-1894 
ELLETT Albert Hamilton M-1368 
ELLETT Andrew Symington M-724 
ELLETT Edward Coleman C-961 H-402 
ELLINGTON John Henry M-759 
ELLINOR Thomas Roland A-5875 
ELLIOT Richard McCall A-376 
ELLIOTT Alton Doran A-5667 
ELLIOTT Arthur Beverly A-534 C-S69 
ELLIOTT Dabney Otey A-2401 C-2181 
♦ELLIOTT Edward Stiles C-672 SSGr 

p 339 RR pp 24 27 37 67 68 

107 Fac 
ELLIOTT Frank W A-797 
ELLIOTT Fred A A-308 
ELLIOTT George Bondurant C-6890 
ELLIOTT James David Jr A-5415 
ELLIOTT John Barnwell H-53 RR pp 

113 115 Fac Staff 
ELLIOTT John Barnwell Jr A-628 

C-885 RR pp 24 27 37 74 75 Fac 
ELLIOTT Joseph Harry C-2959 
ELLIOTT Joseph Huger A-769 C-1137 
ELLIOTT M Leo Jr A-4551 
ELLIOTT Richard Edwin C-6683 
ELLIOTT Robert Woodward Barnwell 

A-773 C-1177 T-560 H-327 Fac 
ELLIOTT Robert Woodward Barnwell 

H-6 RR pp 16 37 102 
ELLIOTT Sarah Barnwell H-186 
ELLIOTT Stephen RR pp 37 66 68 114 
ELLIOTT Stephen Jr A- 126 
ELLIOTT Stephen Habersham A-596 

ELLIOTT Stewart Witney C-8716 
ELLIOTT William Henry Jr or Harry 

A -604 C-610 
ELLIOTTE John Wesley II C-3138 
ELLIS Alfred Donaldson C-4359 T-489 
ELLIS Carey Jay Jr C-2065 
ELLIS Caswell G A-811 C-863 
ELLIS Charlton Louis CPT p 225 
ELLIS Crockett Jr A-6293 
ELLIS Donald Stewart A-4827 C-6646 
ELLIS Earl Madison Jr A-3118 
ELLIS Emmet A A-812 
ELLIS Frank P A-299 
ELLIS Guy A-351 
ELLIS Hugh Columbus M-1578 
ELLIS James Thomas A-6393 
ELLIS John Edwin Malott C-7934 
ELLIS John Matson A-4558 
ELLIS John William C-2683 
ELLIS Leroy Johnston III C-6740 
ELLIS Lloyd Addison A-6275 
ELLIS Marshall Johnston C-4994 T-609 
ELLIS Ralph Eakin A-5111 
ELLIS Sidney George T-958 
ELLIS Thomas Howard Jr C-8300 
ELLIS William Charlwood Jr C-7343 
ELLISON David Gaillard III C-8692 
ELLISON David McQuown Jr A-S639 
ELLISON John Thomas A-5580 
ELLISON Julian C-2252 
ELLISON Robert Emmet A-4431 
ELLISON William Thomas M-246 Fac 
ELLITHORPE Dean Baker C-8399 
ELLITHORPE Robert Currie C-7464 
ELLZEY Dennis Owen A-6406 
ELMENDORF John J SST p 330 Fac 

ELMER Harold Thomas C-8079 
ELMORE Albert Earl C-8737 
ELMORE Benjamin Thomas A-527 

ELMORE Charles Gunter C-1488 
ELMORE Charles Wickwire A-74* 

C-976 Fac 
ELMORE Frank Harper A-745 C-915 
ELMORE Franklin Harper Jr A-3355 

RR pp 37 64 
ELMORE Isabella Josselyn also BRAD- 
LEY Mrs John Miller Jr Co-ed 

101 p 263 
ELMORE John Stone A-5405 
ELMORE Stanhope Eli Jr C-5089 RR 

PP 25 27 
ELMORE William Bellingrath C-559» 
ELMORE William Taylor A-1035 

ELPHEE David Thomas C-8722 
ELROD John Tolliver M-443 
ELROD William Addison M-442 
ELSTNER Herman Kretz A-1981 
EMBREY Lindsay Cain A-I757 
*EMBREY Louis Owen C-288* 
EMBREY Thomas A Fac 
EMBREY Wiley Sims Jr M-21 
EMBRY James Bass Jr C-8324 
EMERSON George Wesley A-5546 
EMERSON Haywood Clark C-4921 
EMERSON James Withers C-5058 T- 

EMERSON Joseph Leroy C-7691 
EMERSON Leonidas Polk Bills C-577I 
EMERSON Lucien Staff 
EMERSON Robert Winchester C-5373 
EMERSON William James A-4401 
EMERY Grace D FS-53 P 340 
EMITT Harold Eugene C-5982 
EMMER William John M-90 
EMMONS William Monroe Jr C-7761 
EMORY Charles Morgan HI A-5395 
ENDSLEY Charles Ross C-2290 
ENEBOE Arthur James C-2117 
ENGEL Frederick Christian Charles M- 

ENGLAND Bernard Taylor C-7912 
ENGLE Michael Tliomas T-763 
ENGLISH Allan Jackson Jr A-4482 
ENGLISH Edward Alexander A-1701 
ENGLISH Edward William T-877 
ENGLISH Edwin Strawbridge M-502 
ENGLISH Joseph A-2200 
ENGLISH William W H-44 
ENGRAM Thomas Wesley C-7026 
ENLOE Henry ICirkpatrick A-3283 
ENNIS Richard Garrett C-12S3 
ENO Harry Thomas A-4495 
ENOCH George Field M-226 
ENOCHS John Romily Jr C-4996 
•ENSLEY Enoch C-2161 
ENSLEY Martin C-841 
ENSLOW Joseph Aquila HI A-947 

Francis C-6571 
ENZOR Roger P A-5782 
EPHGRAVE Herbert Jr C-4697 
EPLER Jacob Crura M-22 Fac 
EPPERSON Benjamin Holland A-1417 

EPPERSON Jay Forsythe A-3113 
EPPES Randolph RR pp 37 67 68 
EPPS William Lewis M-1246 
ERLE Broadus CFF p 342 
ERNST Charles Raymond Jr C-7105 
ERNST Walter Shaffer Jr C-6610 
ERSCHELL Fred William Jr C-7128 
ERVIN Robert Norman A-5458 
ERWIN A G Staff 
ERWIN Claud Martin A-4585 

ERWIN Ernest Dillard M-1261 
ERWIN James Daniel M-1370 
ERWIN Paul Lancaster C-2389 
ERWIN Thomas Henry C-2769 
ERWIN William Allen RR pp 37 8i 

ERWIN William Franklin Jr A-4351 
ESCOTT James Powels C-1440 
ES'DORN Charles Herman C-3677 
ESHLEMAN John Martin Slaymaker 

ESKEW James Monroe A-3471 
ESPEY Ben Clay C-5389 
ESPY Walter Curtis M-688 
ESSLINGER Samuel Wesley Jr C-57'5 
ESSLINGER Wade Hampton M-691 
ESTACHY Michael Robert C-8469 
ESTES Alfred Nicholson A- 1504 
ESTES George Colquitt Jr C-6581 T- 

ESTES Louis Shultz C-2635 
ESTES Marion Erwin A-i;o5 C-1732 
ESTES Richard Stockton C-7138 
ESTEVE Gaston A-170 
ESTILL Floyd Fac 
ESTILL Reverdy Van Warren RR pp 

37 69 
•ESTILL Reverdy Van Warren C-1429 

ESTILL Robert Whitridge GST-199 
ETHERIDGE James Allen C-2253 
ETHERIDGE Luther Burdette M-376 
ETHRIDGE Roy Emerson CPT p 225 
EUBANK Ernest Wyttenbach A-1485 
EULENSTEIN Emil Paul A-5037 
EUSTICE Robert James C-582S 
EUSTIS Harold C-4631 
EUSTIS Herbert Lee Jr C-359I 
EUSTIS Orville Blanton C-4439 
EVANS Andrew Hugh A-3656 
EVANS Charles Jr Navy V-ia 
EVANS Charles Arthur Jr C-5863 
EVANS Charles Horace C-3II5 
EVANS DeLancey A-301 
EVANS Dudley Seymour A-2887 
EVANS E E RR pp 37 89 91 
EVANS Ermon Mullen C-5870 
EVANS Eugene Rynearson C-6486 
EVANS Evan Barry C-7835 
EVANS George Kimmons C-S364 p 222 
EVANS Harry Marrell Jr C-6485 
EVANS Isaac Cuthbert M-220 
EVANS Jack Edward C-5698 
EVANS James Owen C-3371 
EVANS John Corliss Jr A-6151 
EVANS John Maurice C-8341 
EVANS John Patton A-6532 
EVANS Medford Fac 
EVANS Paul Wesley A-5295 
EVANS Philip Wharton C-5015 
EVANS Richard RR pp 37 78 
EVANS Robert Lloyd C-6558 
EVANS Robert Payne Frierson A-3413 

•EVANS Roland Curtin M-1237 
EVANS Ross Irwin Jr C-7722 
EVANS Sidney Alan A-6623 
EVANS Stanley Edward C-6362 
EVANS Theodore Isaac C-2992 
EVANS Thomas A-1619 C-1676 L-99 
EVANS Thomas Donnell Jr C-8315 
EVANS Thomas Morgan C-2107 
EVANS Walter Green M-1263 
EVANS Walter Fontaine A-5246 
EVANS William Augustus A-2639 
•EVANS William Henry C-2146 
EVANS Winston Gill C-931 
EVANS Winston Gill A-3048 C-2935 
EVENS Clifford Wallis CFF p 341 
EVERENCE Donald Ray C-8771 



EVERETT John Chenoweth Jr A-3070 
EVERETT Livingston Watson Ji 

EVERETT Marina FS-21 p 339 
EVERETT Robert Boyle A- 1407 
EVERETT Robert Brayton II A-3625 
EVERHART George M RR PP 37 49 

50 5> 
EVERHART Laurence A-1429 
EVERMAN Meredith David C-1336 
EVETT David Hal C-8304 
EVETT Douglas Paul C-8693 
EVINS Andrew Cleveland C-1710 
EVINS Elliott Dandridge C-3283 
EWBANK Harry Hutton Jr A-3724 
EWELL Andrew Travers A-4040 
EWELL James Elliott C-86q6 
EWING Boyd Frederick C-7046 
EWING Donald McDonald A-2498 
EWING Donald Pierce A-55°3 
EWING Edwin Hubbard A-5362 
EWING Ephraim McDonald A-1834 

EWING Fayette Clay A-507 RR PP 

37 79 
EWING Fayette Clay Jr A-1833 C-1922 

EWING John Dunbrack Jr A-4839 
EWING Majl C-3071 
EWING Presley Kittredge A-2418 
EWING Quincy C-900 T-75 RR p 24 

Fac Staff 
EWING Robert Lawrence C-7852 
EXUM Chandler A-2559 
EXUM William Jordan Jr A-2267 
EYLER Gene Paul C-7508 
EYSTER John Charles C-7024 
EYSTER William Bibb C-4990 
EZECHEL Joseph Donald Jr C-5442 

p 222 
EZELL Don Roy A-6052 
EZELL Philip Burett Jr C-3617 
EZELL Walter Leonard M-694 
EZZARD Webster Pierce M-675 
EZZELL John Moran C-4042 
EZZELL Oscar Sharp A-2866 


FABER Edward S A-437 

FAGG Mrs Robert O also MORROW 

Nancy Wright Co-ed 94 p 260 
FAHNESTOCK Earnest H-336 
FAIDLEY William Fenton C-4744 
FAIN Earle Morgan Jr C-7552 
FAIN James Rhea Jr A-5079 
FAIN William LaFayette A-3390 
FAIRBANKS Charles Massey C-i p S7 
FAIRBANKS George Rainsford p 297 

RR pp 32 37 63 64 65 94 96 117 

118 Fac Staff 
FAIRBROTHER Horace Walton Jr T- 

662 GST- 79 Fac 
FAIRES Reid More A-1086 
FAIRLEIGH Robert McLure C-SI22 
FAIRLEIGH Thomas Brooks C-4893 
FAIRLEY Frank Hilliard A-228S 
FAISON James Pellew C-1668 
FAISON James Rhodes A-1113 C-1150 
FAISON Walter Benjamin C-1200 
FALBY Chester Edward GST-201 
FALCONER William Armistead H-242 
FALGOUT Harris Charles Jr C-8058 
FALKENBURG Frank Benner A-6221 
FALKENER Sara FS-14 p 339 
FALKENBURRY John Allen Jr A-4742 
FALLER Preston Fidel C-2881 
FALVEY Clarence White M-1486 
FALVEY James William M-uoo Fac 

♦FALVEY Jeremiah Calvin Jr M-1571 
FALVEY Thomas Seymour M-713 
FAM Aziz Benjamin M-1531 
FANCHER Hampton Lansden M-340 

FANNING James Clifton C-4301 
FANNING Jesse G C-2395 
FANT Arlington Pope Jr A-4089 
FANT Frank Hereford A-2899 
FANT George N C-930 
FANT James Wilks C-6552 
FARGASON John Thomas III A-4948 
FARGASON William A-548 
FARGHER John Stanley Wakelam 

GST- 1 85 
*FARGO Joseph Chester A-1180 C-1190 
FARIS Evan Goadler C-1899 
FARISH Robert Davis A-2442 C-2426 
FARISH Stephen Power A-2393 C-22J7 
FARISH Thomas Harrison A-2465 
FARISS Fay Hazen Jr A-4286 
FARLEY Hoxie Carter A-1077 C-1083 
FARLEY James Aloysius H-328 
FARLEY Louis Bulow C-828 
FARLEY Nathaniel Rogers Jr A-4241 
FARLEY Robert Edward CPT p 225 
*FARMER Allen Thompson C-7488 
FARMER Henry Hughes Jr A-4954 
FARMER Hugh Arnold C-3856 
FARMER James Alexander Jr A-6185 
FARMER Jesse Douglas C-2847 
FARMER Simon Berry M-992 
FARNED Thomas Blair C-8811 
FARNHAM Clayton Henson C-8751 
*FARNSWORTH Austin Manchester 

A-2541 C-2262 
FARNSWORTH Floyd Forney M-816 
FARNSWORTH Robert Atwell (not 

Attwell) A-2993 C-2948 
FARQUHAR John Vance C-6 4 7t 
FARRAR Edgar Howard A-1420 C-145S 
FARRAR Edward D RR pp 37 76 
FARRAR Floyd C-103 
FARRAR James Montgomery Jr A-5242 
FARRAR Moulton III C-6808 
FARRAR Sydney Clifton C-2627 
FARRAR William Buford A-5687 
FARRELL Robert John C-6212 
FARRELL Robert Warfield C-3276 
FARRELL Siephen Stuart A-6142 
FARRIMOND James Hewitt C-7825 
FARRIOR Goode Woodfin A-25i8 
FARRIOR Hugh Lanier C-5788 
FARRIS Raymond Roger Jr A-5375 
FARROW George Granger C-2549 
FASICK Clyde Augustus C-4508 p 374 
FASICK Clyde Augustus Jr A-5574 

FASICK John David A-6302 
FASSLER Jacob Jr A-845 
FAST Robert Stanley C-4781 
FAST William Spencer C-4214 
♦FAUCETT Lawrence William C-2397 

T-297 Fac 
FAUCETTE William Lee A-4324 
FAULK Clarence Eugene Jr C-3808 
FAULK Ward Page C-8547 
FAULKINBERRY Frank Albert C-2137 
FAULKNER Joseph Daniel C-6350 
FAULKNER Samuel S RR pp 37 53 
FAULKNER Samuel Stuart Jr A-2436 

FAULKNER Thomas Howard Jr C- 

FAUST Sarah FS-23 p 339 
FAY Holmes Amsden T-550 GST-46 
FAY Robert Emory A-4532 
FEARN Richard Lee A-331 

FEARNLEY John Jr T-86 Fac 
FEARS John Allen A-4511 C-5500 
FEARS Morgan Pendleton A-4675 
FEATHERSTON Charles Neal Jones 

FEATHERSTON George Starkley 


STONE) William Ray Jr C-2621 
*FECHTIG Allen Garthwright C-2118 
FECHTIG F H RR pp 37 60 
FEEBACH John Bryson C-4318 
FEEHAN J Maver RR pp 37 80 
FEELY William T Jr also HOLDEN 

Horace Moore II A-4409 
FEICK Donald Harger T-649 GST-68 
FEILD George Malcolm L-151 
FEILD Talbot Jr A-3790 C-4486 
FELDER Calvin Williams Jr A-I994 
FELDER Idus Derrell III A-6408 
FELDER John Lawson C-1748 M-607 
FELKEL H Warren A-4211 
FELL Cobden Channing A- 1092 
FELL Richard Cobb GST-230 
FELL Thomas H-166 
FELLMAN Alphonso A-1043 
FELLMAN Louis A- 1044 
FELMET David Francis RR pp 37 

FELMET David Francis Jr C-8511 
FELTS Samuel Lee Jr C-5579 
FELTS William Edgar M-251 
FENDER James Ernest Jr A-4227 
FENDIG Edwin Ruble A-2938 
FENHAGEN James Corner II C-7637 

FENIMORE Thomas Stokes Jr C-8414 
FENN J J A-795 C-819 
FENNELL Robert Foster M-I442 
FENNER Charles Erasmus H-58 RR 

pp 1821 
FENNER Goodrich Robert RR pp 37 

FENTON George Thomas Jr A-2846 
FENWICK Edward Gulager Jr A-495 3 
FENWICK Lawrence Mason T-471 

FERGUSON Donald A-1388 
♦FERGUSON Edward Benjamin GST-37 
FERGUSON Harry L A-749 
FERGUSON Harry Thomas C-4542 
FERGUSON Henry Rugeley A-5231 
FERGUSON Howard Taft Jr C-8552 
FERGUSON Hoyt Hansel C-5868 
FERGUSON James Lawrence A-3774 
FERGUSON Joseph Eugene Jr C-488o 
FERGUSON Ralph Newton C-6068 
♦FERGUSON Robert Claudius M-973 
FERGUSON Thomas Crooks A-S480 
♦FERGUSON William Brownlee III C- 

5 590 
FERGUSON William Verda Jr A-634- 

mian M-i;t6 
FERNEYHOUGH James Fitthugh RR 

PP 37 61 
FERRELL Converse A-4527 
FERRELL William Hasel C-6235 
♦FERRILL John Pickett C-2581 
FERRIS Mary Kate Dicey also FER- 
RIS Mrs Raymond Tuttle Co-ed 
1 16 p 336 
FERRIS Raymond Tuttle GST-204 
FERRIS Mrs Raymond Tuttle sec 

FERRIS Mrs Mary Kate Dicey 
♦FERRIS Royal Andrew Jr A-2668 C- 

243 1 
FESMIRE Francis Miller C-7678 
FESSEY William Frank Jr A-4531 

FEUTLLE Gerald A-2839 
FEUILLE Harlan A-2844 
FIELD Eugene C-2196 
FIELD Fred Morgan A-4378 
FIELD George Calhoun Jr GST-222 
FIELD Lee B A-1222 
FIELDER Wilton Ward Jr A-5325 
FIELDING Alfred Donald Jr C-8320 
FIELDS David Blackstone C-1002 
FIELDS Joe Andrew A-3980 
FIELDS John Samuel C-2523 
FIELDS Robert Emmett Jr A-6256 
FIELDS Walter Garrett GST-263 
FIELDS William John C-1003 
FIGH John Poston Jr C-73 54 
FIKE Charles Theodore C-7490 RR pp 

25 26 27 
FILKINS Dwaine Wiley C-6503 
FILLMORE William CaiT A-4810 
FINCH Louis Wellington M-658 
FINCHER Robert Arth«r M-1047 
FINK Albert A-6263 
FINK George Paden A-3073 
FINK Herbert Gerson Jr A-5539 
FINKBEINER David Ernest A-5715 
FINKBEINER Edward Herbert A-5714 
FINKLEA John Furman C-7870 
FINLAY Andrew Grout Jr C-8485 
FINLAY Edward A-2383 C-2236 
FINLAY Edward Reed C-3831 
FINLEY James Ferguson A-1855 C-1860 

FINLAY John Frederick C-620 T-SI 
FINLAY Kirkman Jr C-3587 
FINLAY Kirkman Jr C-8307 
FINLAY Kirkman George T-178 H-231 

RR pp 37 89 90 100 
FINLAYSON Daniel Aylesbury A-58 

C-243 RR pp 37 63 65 
FINLAYSON John A-57 C-242 
FINLEY Cassius Julius A-2284 
FINLEY James Newton C-7294 
FINLEY (Miss) Louise Staff 
FINLEY Robert Elmer HA p 521 
FINLEY Robert Elmer Jr C-6896 
FINLEY William Peroruieau A-59S 

C-714 RR pp 37 102 104 

FINN Laurence Bigger Jr C-3427 
FINNEY Alva Curtis A-1246 
♦FINNEY Benjamin Ficklin C-903 H- 

373 p 292 RR pp 37 67 109 no 

111 11s Fac 
FINNEY Bruce Etter C-3819 
FINNEY Carl Mitchell C-8180 
FINNEY Edgar Bearden Jr C-4849 
FINNEY Emile Barnwell A-521 
FINNEY Gordon Herman C-5078 
FINNEY James Harry C-805S 
FINNEY Louis Roger C-8066 
FINNEY Michael Peter A-6538 
FINNEY Raymond Alfred C-4497 
♦FINNEY Teschanner (not Tescharnor) 

De Graffenreid C-813 
FINNEY W L A-435 C-450 
FIORI Paulino T-93 
FISCHER Hooker Lawrence A-2679 
FISCHER Joseph Henry Jr A-2080 
FISCHER Otto J A-563 
FISCHER William Lind A-2093 
♦FISCHLER Berthold III C-7168 
FISHBURNE Frank Chalmers Jr A-1155 

C-12 13 
FISHBURNE John Benjamin C-4422 
FISHER Alvah Arlington M-92 
FISHER Charles Albert A-4808 
FISHER Charlotte Eda also SMYTH 

Mrs Carl Beeler Co-ed 50 p 244 
FISHER Drury Alexander A-4092 
FISHER Geoffrey Francis p 365 
FISHER Jett Miller C-5470 p 229 



FISHER John C-351 
FISHER Leslie Carlisle M-1281 
FISHER Luther Calvin III A-5777 
FISHER Melvin Southwell A-2923 
FISHER Mildred Mae also SMITH 

Mrs Milton FS-46 p 340 
FISHER Phillip Allan Jr A-4093 
FISHER Ray Staff 
FISHER Richard Marshall A-4694 
FISHER Richard Stinson A-5467 
FISHER Robert Alfred C-75'6 
FISHER Robert Jefferson M-319 
FISHER Samuel James A-2818 
FISHER William III A-5904 
FISHER William Walter M-1292 
FISK George L Jr A-4593 
FISK George Washington Jr M-635 
FISKE Daniel Willard RR pp 18 21 
FISKE Fredrick C-7770 
FISLER John Fletcher C-6838 
FITCH J Marston A-809 
♦FITCH Thcmas Lindsey A-3663 C- 

FITCH Walter Oran Jr C-3593 
•FITCH William Hollis C-3279 RR PP 

37 103 
FITCHETT Frank Edward Jr A-5659 

FITCHNER Alan Craig A-6066 
FITCHNER Daniel Alexander A-6625 
FITE Frank Green Jr A-3061 C-2929 
FITTS Albert Neal C-6656 
FITTS Henry Bird A-325 C-397 
♦FITTS Herbert C-762 
FITTS James H A-397 C-446 
FITTS James Harris RR pp 37 49 
FITTS Philip Alston H-86 RR pp 20 

FITTS William Cochrane C-699 
FITTS William Faucon A-251 
FITZELL William H Jr FS-16 p 339 
FITZGERALD Edwin Jr A-1193 
FITZGERALD James Vincent Jr 

FITZGERALD Richard Harry Jr C- 

FITZ-GIBBON George William A-4172 
FITZHUGH Edgar Sterling M-380 
FITZHUGH William Jordan C-6561 T- 

639 Staff 
F1TZPATRICK John Duross C-8131 
FITZSIMONS John McCrady C-2165 
FLAKE Henry Frith A-4963 
FLANAGAN Frederick Kittrell A-4504 
FLANAGAN John RR pp 37 99 
FLANIGAN David Calloway C-4680 
FLANDERS W P A-709 C-730 
FLATO Harry Edwin C-4259 
FLAUTT Meredith Ezell C-5829 
FLAVIN Chester Edwin C-6758 
♦FLAVIN Harold John C-5947 
FLEECE William Edson A-8 
FLEMING Charles Joachim C-8205 
FLEMING Claude Anderson A-1275 
FLEMING Eugene Algeo C-4985 
FLEMING Frederic Sydney H-374 RR 

pp 21 22 
FLEMING Harry Lemuel M-1371 
FLEMING Jacob Waggoner Partee C- 

FLEMING John Vincent C-8329 
FLEMING Julian Johnston Jr A-4923 
FLEMING Louis Isadore RR pp 37 63 
FLEMING Louis Isadore Jr C-842 
FLEMING Peter Wallace Jr T-780 
FLEMING Robert Alexander A-1273 

FLEMING Robert David A-5519 
FLEMING Sidney Stetson 0-7824 

FLEMING Walter Randall A-1334 
FLEMING William Stuart III once IV 

FLETCHER Jack Turner A-4417 

FLETCHER John Caldwell C-7375 
FLETCHER Joseph Francis Fac 
FLETCHER Leonard Clay C-3755 
FLETCHER Richard McClurg A-5040 
FLETCHER Thomas David M-1314 
FLINTOFF Harrold Rae C-4770 HA p 

521 Staff 
FLINTOFF Harrold Rae Jr A-4276 


Mrs William Cosby Co-ed 49 p 244. 
FLIPPIN W H RR pp 37 97 99 
FLODIN Donald Gunnar C-7563 
FLODIN Victor Elmer C-7276 
FLOOD George De Lanoy Jr C-4524 
FLOOD Henly James Jr A-5612 
FLOURNOY Robert Willis Jr A-2S8S 

FLOWER Clarence Sprigg C-2833 
FLOWERS Charles Vernon C-6213 
FLOWERS Edgar A- 188 
FLOYD George Fleming C-1796 
FLOYD George Matthew M-1187 
FLOYD John Thomas M-960 
FLOYD Sam Hall Jr C-3525 
FLURY James Miles C-3497 
FLY William Paxton III C-8725 
FLYE James Harold FS-29 p 339 Fac 
FLYNN Jonathan Bullock also FLYNN 

John Bullock C-5582 p 229 
FLYNN Ralph Hugh C-8776 
FLYNN Thomas Brown C-8277 
FLYTHE Starkey Sharp Jr C-7962 
FOARD Harry Dupree A-3633 
FOERSTER Norman H-312 
FOGG Francis Brinley RR pp 37 94 96 

118 Staff 
FOGLESONG John Edward Fac 
FOLDS Sam Jones Jr C-8199 
FOLK Harry Boyd A-6629 
FOLK Humphrey Estes C-4119 
FOLLOWILL Kenneth Bemis C-7938 
FOLSE Parker Camille C-3308 
FOLSOM Charles A-1548 C-1670 
FOLSOM Robert Bartlett Jr C-8656 
FOLTS Thomas Wesley A-2797 
FOLTZ Martin A A-508 
FOLWELL Henry Philip Jr A-4542 
FONDA Charles Henry A-202 C-266 
FONDA Ronald Alan A-6360 
FONTAINE Charles Delabola M-20 
FONTAINE Edward H-30 RR pp 37 

FONTAINE Henry Lamar C-2567 
FONTAINE Maury Blackwell M-325 
FONTAINE Noland Jr A-1269 C-1279 
FONTAINE William Barksdale C-33S8 

RR pp 37 78 
FONVILLE William Marion C-870S 
FOOSHEE George Malcolm C-2609 RR 

pp 25 26 37 108 
♦FOOTE Huger William A-1802 
♦FOOTE William Maury A-5949 
FOOTMAN George Davis A-622 C-681 
FORBES Lewis Harley A-3495 
FORBES Raymond Horace Fac 
FORD Allan Peter C-2366 
FORD Charles Bickham A-895 C-1139 

FORD Darrell Lee A-5571 
FORD Earl Theodore C-3335 
FORD Edward M C-326 
FORD Edwin Guillard A-894 
FORD Elmer Austin McNeill T-782 


FORD Frank Cordes A-3501 
FORD Frank Cordes Jr C-7289 
FORD George Henry Horace A- 13 30 
FORD Mrs Henry also WARE Eliz- 
abeth Osborne Co-ed 38 p 198 
FORD Henry Milton A-3514 
FORD I von Ralph Jr A-4616 
FORD John Gordon McWilliams A-1409 

C-1569 M-429 
FORD Ralph Boughton C-1956 
FORD Thomas Robert C-5601 
FORD William Johnstone Lucas Jr C- 

FORDHAM Leon Francis Jr C-6535 
FORDYCE Sam Wesley Jr C-6215 
FOREHAND Harry Bennett Jr A-6196 

FOREHAND Paul Warren C-6394 
FOREHAND Wendell Caudel C-5991 
FOREMAN Evan Howell Jr A-4579 
FOREMAN John Otey C-2447 
FOREMAN Robert p 342 
FOREMAN Robert Lawrence A-2709 
FORGY George Ward C-49°° 
FORGY Joe Groman C-4393 
FORGY Joe Thomas C-8169 
FORMAN George Thomas C-6832 
FORREST George P A-374 C-371 
FORSGARD Oscar Lee Jr C-4843 
FORSTER Arthur Haire Fac 
FORSTER John Arthur A-646 C-686 
FORSTER Richard Ross III C-8749 
FORSYTH Augustine Warner Lewis 

C-2555 T-3M 
FORSYTHE James Adger III C-4560 
FORSYTHE Peter Arnold C-6044 
FORT Charles M C-18 
FORT David Acrill C-6S78 
FORT Dudley Clark C-4493 
FORT Dudley Clark Jr C-8779 
FORT John Porter Jr C-5350 p 229 
FORT Keith William C-7717 
FORT Robert Wallace C-4327 RR PP 

25 26 
FORT Robertson Mims A-3912 
♦FORT Rufus Elijah A-1000 C-1141 

H-360 RR p 121 
♦FORT Walter Vinson A-2737 C-243t 
FORT William Aldridge A-3044 
FORTINBERRY John Edward M-530 
FORTSON Howard Anthony A-3168 
FORTSON Lombard A-309S 
FORTUNE Frank Van Dusen C-4129 
FORTUNE James Robertson GST-123 
FORZLY George Nacle T-725 
FOSS H C Staff 
FOSTER Albert Johnston see FOSTER 

Jack Johnston A-4328 
FOSTER Donn Perrill C-7944 
FOSTER Durwood E A-733 
FOSTER Edwin Wilton Jr A-2357 
FOSTER Eleazur K RR pp 37 92 
FOSTER Ellis Edwin M-S52 
FOSTER Ira Curtin M-78 
FOSTER Jack Johnston A-4328 also 

FOSTER Albert Johnston 
FOSTER James William C-8532 
FOSTER John Graham A-2730 
FOSTER John R RR pp 37 93 
FOSTER John Radney C-7132 
FOSTER Joseph Warren C-477 
FOSTER Joseph Woods C-7316 
FOSTER Richard Clarke H-364 
FOSTER Richard Hails C-3986 
FOSTER Richard Hails Jr A-6208 

FOSTER Robert Bennett Jr C-7821 
FOSTER Robert Johnston A-2773 

FOSTER Sidney A-1341 C-1382 
FOSTER Theodore Mottue A-922 
FOSTER Thomas James C-6479 Staff 
FOSTER William HA p 521 
FOSTER William Moses Jr C-3100 
FOTT Solio CFF p 341 
FOUCHE John Staub Jr A-3571 
FOUGHRAN Mrs Anthony H also 

KROTZER Jean Stewart Co-ed 100 

P 263 
FOUKE Cam or Cam C A-106 C-197 
FOUNTAIN Lee Stanley Jr A-5386 
FOURMY James McCardell Jr C-5570 
FOUST George Thomas C-4135 
FOWLE Willis Hopper III C-5678 
FOWLER Charles Henry A-2069 
FOWLER Elbert A-1562 
FOWLER Francis Wiley GST-117 
FOWLER Joe Willis C-5911 
FOWLER John Winton C-7886 
FOWLER Oscar Selman C-8075 
FOWLER Paul Johnson C-7238 
FOWLER Ralph Waldo Jr C-624S 
FOWLER Robert Dobbs A-5277 C-6881 
FOWLER Samuel Wallace C-905 
FOWLER Sanders III A-6493 
FOWLKES Edwin Hockaday C-1974 
FOWLKES Harrell Price A-4188 
FOWLKES Henry Pleasant Jr A-2669 

FOWLKES John Samuel Jr C-I393 
FOWLKES Preston Coleman C-4858 
FOWLKES Samuel A Jr A-3920 
FOWLKES Samuel Hurt III C-8483 
FOX Andrew Criddle A-5849 
FOX Charles Loyd A-2036 
FOX David Benedict C-5286 
FOX Edward Cress C-5105 
FOX George Andrews T-519 GST-69 
FOX Gregory Benedict C-5636 
FOX Jesse William A-3652 
FOX John Joseph CPT p 225 
FOX John Wing Charlton C-5657 
FOX Joseph Andrew M-825 
FOX Witt C-2718 
FOXALL James Harold II A-5754 
FOXWORTH Thomas Daniel M-454 
FRAKER Jacob Henry A-2443 
FRAMPTON Henry George C-3o:6 
FRAMPTON William McLeod Jr C- 

FRAMPTON William Wallace C-8164 
FRANCE Albert Lee C-I744 
FRANCEZ Laennes Henry M-1416 
♦FRANCEZ Zachary J M-587 
FRANCIS Charles Dawson C-1497 
FRANCIS Irven William A-2722 
FRANCIS Jimmy p 342 
FRANCIS Montgomery Lyle A-2619 
FRANCIS Roy Fite C-6163 
FRANCIS Sidney Joseph C-8042 
FRANK Abe H C-937 
FRANK Harry Elmer Jr C-5713 
FRANK John Mayer A-1723 
FRANK Myrtile M-224 
FRANKE Joseph Stephen C-6199 
FRANKENBERG Ralph Hoover C- 

FRANKLIN Ernest Baber Jr C-7279 
FRANKLIN James Marvin C-4732 
FRANKLIN James William M-1294 
FRANKLIN John Ransom C-4568 
♦FRANKLIN Lewis Battelle H-277 
FRANKLIN Lloyd Edward Jr C-6566 
FRANKLIN Richard West C-1612 RR 

PP 37 98 99 
FRANKLIN William Easley Jr A-I745 




FRANTZ Elizabeth Shugart also Mrs 

Harold M CFF p 341 
FRANTZ Frank Callum C-6258 
FRANTZ Harold Melvin CFF p 341 
FRANTZ Mrs Harold Melvin see 

FRANTZ Mrs Elizabeth Shugart 
FRASER Alexander T-665 
FRASER Hugh Wilson Jr C-3139 
FRASER James Hamilton Jr C-3722 
FRASER Robert Morris C-7346 
FRASER Simeon Quincy C-2229 
FRASIER Alfred Smith M-1002 
FRASIER Joseph Hunt C-4965 
FRAYSER Benjamin Hobson M-1505 
FRANZ John Frederick A-175S 
FRAZAR Stanton Morrison C-7684 
FRAZELL Mason Amadon GST-56 
FRAZER Albert Danner A-4082 
FRAZER Dudley Dunn C-4421 
FRAZER George Augustine Fac 
FRAZER Washington C-4261 
FRAZIER Robert Patterson A-5202 
FREDERICH Julius E A-127 
FREDERICK Charles Ernest T-735 
FREDERICK Charles Xavier III 

FREDERICK Mark Nelson A-6475 

FREDSON John C-3326 
FREEL Jerome Franklin A-3713 
FREELAND James Jackson A-4724 
FREELAND Thomas A-119 
FREEMAN Arthur Cordukes T-625 
FREEMAN Charles Wolcott A-6332 
FREEMAN Douglas Southall H-435 

RR pp 19 21 
FREEMAN Edward Russell C-187 
FREEMAN Frank Alexander A-6436 
FREEMAN George Parrish A-3053 
FREEMAN George Washington RR pp 

37 52 
FREEMAN James Anderson T-894 p 

FREEMAN James Frazier CPT p 225 
FREEMAN James Hill A-1239 
FREEMAN James Page A-1581 C-1631 
FREEMAN John King Jr C-3505 
FREEMAN Joseph Townsend M-1272 
FREEMAN Lynn Barrett C-3944 
FREEMAN Percy Richmond A-386 
FREEMAN Robert Belmont Fac 
FREEMAN Sollace Mitchell RR p 11S 

FREEMAN Sollace Mitchell Jr A-6075 
FREER Arden Sheetz C-5202 p 222 
FREER Charles Harry C-5201 p 222 
FRELINGHUYSEN George Griswold 

FRENCH A Navy V-12 
FRENCH Aleck A-642 
FRENCH Beals Ensign Litchfield Fac 
FRENCH Chapman Johnson M-896 
FRENCH D Avery C-114 
FRENCH James Lane M-1188 
•FRENCH James Thomas M-1550 
FRENCH Julius George C-4091 
FRENCH Robert CFF p 341 
FREY Margaretta CFF p 341 
FREYER Egbert Barrows A-3072 

C-3090 RR pp 25 26 
FREYER Frederick Reese C-3639 
FREYER Robert Arnold A-6539 
FRIAR George Edward Jr A-6544 
FRIEDLANDER Ivan Preston A-4565 
FRIEDMAN Benjamin M-861 
FRIEND John Walk A-5407 
FRIEND Lawton Neil C-6657 
•FRIEND Robert Craig Jr C-3083 
FRIERSON Albert Meyer C-8590 
FRIERSON Bewley Douglass Jr C-6897 

FRIERSON David Ethan p 339 RR 

pp 120 121 Fac 
FRIERSON Gerald Edwin Jr C-8645 
FRIERSON James Nelson RR pp 37 

FRIERSON John Burton Jr A-3172 

FRIERSON John Burton III C-8269 
FRIERSON John Morgan A-998 C-1046 
FRIERSON Lucius Jr A-1242 C-1239 
FRIERSON Samuel Davies A-1322 
FRILICK James Wiggans C-2593 
FRISBIE Walter Rees Jr C-8571 
FRITH Thomas Poindexter III A-4306 

C-S393 p 222 
FRITTS King Crutchfield C-2416 
FRITZ Carleton William A-4627 
FRITZ Grant LeRoy Jr A-3729 
FRIZZELLE Samuel Williams C-3844 
*FROELICH Joseph Conon M-519 
FRONEBERGER James William A- 

1243 C-1240 
FROST Estes Meeks A-3010 
FROST Francis Lejau Jr C-1333 
FROST Francis Willoughby Jr C-8770 
FROST Frank Ravenel A-583 C-59S 
FRY Emory Starr A-88s C-951 
FRY Henry Peck L-74 
FRY Will D Jr C-3456 
FRY William Nail III A-5291 
FRYE Emory Floyd A-3930 
FRYE John H III A-5851 
FRYE John Marshall Jr GST-181 
FRYE Raymond Berson C-5452 
FRYE Roy (not Roye) Melton C-7860 

FRYSINGER George Patrick GST-261 
FUDICKAR Ernest Charles A-1752 
FUDICKAR Fred Jr C-44S3 
FUDICKAR Paul A-2037 
FULBRIGHT James William H-480 RR 

pp 20 21 
FULCHER Joseph P C-71 
FULKERSON Floyd Hurt Jr A-4330 

FULKERSON George Baucum A-4031 

C-4007 FS-51 p 340 
FULLENWIDER Harry Robert C-2080 
FULLER Allen Garfield A-1668 
FULLER Fred Allen Jr M-1529 
FULLER Fred Paul Jr C-7745 
♦FULLER Ford Prioleau C-19SO RR pp 

37 67 68 
FULLER George Stoney C-904 
FULLER Joseph Cardwell C-533* 
FULLER Martin Luther M-981 
FULLER William Thompson C-5533 
FULLERTON Charles Michael A-5461 

C-75 74 
•FULMER John Fizer A-3328 
*FULTON Charles Hammond C-7625 
FULTON John H-116 
FULTON Prentice Grady Jr C-7234 
FUNKHOUSER James Hammond 

FUNSTEN James Bowen H-134 
FUQUA James Bennett C-2446 
FURMAN Charles Manning III C-7931 
FURNISS John Neilson C-1582 
FURR Guy Littleton Jr C-7997 
FURRH William Madison A-6172 
FURUHOLMEN Clinton George A-S087 
FUSSELL Otis Nathan C-4108 


GABLE Martin Dewey Jr T-728 Fac 
GABRIEL Roger Price C-8139 
GADDIS John C-6827 

GADDIS Wyatt Wooten A-2744 
GADSDEN Christopher Edwards RR 

P 89 
GADSDEN Edward Hamilton A-552 

GADSDEN John p 373 
GADSDEN Paul Trapier C-966 
GAFFORD Frank Hall Fac 
GAGE James Stephen A-4539 
•GAGE Nelson Miles GST-58 
GAGE Wallace Henderson C-4932 
GAIENNIE Escalon Joseph Varley C- 

GAILLARD Alfred Secundus C-959 
•GAILLARD Elias Prioleau C-1295 
GAILLARD Franklin now Frank E 

GAILLARD Lawrence Lee Jr A-3486 
GAILOR Charlotte Moffett Fac 
GA1LOR Frank Hoyt C-2187 H-293 

RR pp 19 21 24 27 37 109 in 
•GAILOR Thomas Frank H-87 SS Gr 

pp 339 372 SST p 330 RR pp tg 

20 21 22 31 37 94 95 110 in 
113 114 115 116 Fac 
GAINES Charles Latham Jr A-3361 
GAINES Collins Jr A-3897 
GAINES Francis Pendleton H-378 RR 

pp 19 21 
GAINES Frank Wharton Jr C-2006 
GAINES Frank Wharton III now Jr 

GAINES Ray Franklin A-4750 
GAINES Rowland Reed A-2387 
GAINES Samuel Herbert M-1000 
GAINES Stanley Francis A-2370 
GAISER Arthur Valentine Jr C-5682 
GAITHER Donald Rex C-6232 
GAITHER Henry Buckner C-12 
GAITHER Horace Rowan A-1724 
GAITHER Joseph Gant C-1832 M- 

1255 H-459 RR pp 37 70 Fac 
GAITHER Joseph Gant Jr C-4778 
GALAHER David Jr C-8453 
GALBRAITH Charles Milton T-883 p 

GALBRAITH Frederick A-1362 
GALBRAITH H W RR pp 37 84 8s 
GALBRAITH Hugh Barnett C-3040 
GALBRAITH John Edward Hugh T-66 
GALBRAITH Richard Torbett A-3665 
•GALBRAITH Richard William C- 

2103 RR pp 24 27 
GALBRAITH Whitney Howard C-8S94 
GALE George Frederick A-5086 
GALE George Jackson A-3230 C-3106 
GALE William Dudley Jr A-387 RR 

pp 37 95 m 
•GALE William Dudley III A-2777 C- 

2501 RR pp 37 96 108 111 
GALLAGHER Cornelius Raymond OPT 

P 225 
GALLAGHER Joseph Edmund A-2253 
GALLAGHER Thomas Guy A-2271 
GALLAHER William Mack M-74 
GALLAVAN Thomas Edward C-5012 
GALLEHER Charlotte Fairfax also 

BLACKLOCK Mrs Alexander Gal- 
pin Fac Staff 
GALLEHER Clarkson A-1331 C-1503 

GALLEHER John Barbee A-6j9 C-888 

GALLEHER John Nicholas H-29 RR 

PP 37 73 74 Fac 
GALLEHER Paul Corbin A-660 C-889 
GALLEHER Thomas Kane C-6898 
GALLIGHER Billye Claire Co-ed 96 

p 263 

GALLOWAY David Fulton Shall 

GALT Hamilton Pope C-1491 
GALT Rogers Harrison Fac 
GALVAN Pedro M Antonio A-3685 
GAMBLE Dick (Richard) C-423 
GAMBLE Henry Lisle M-383 
GAMBLE Jesse Franklin M-685 
GAMBLE Robert McDuffie Jr C-4407 
GAMBLE Robert Neil C-3842 
GAMBRILL George Thomas III C-5053 
GAMMAGE Shockley Cyrus C-3145 
GAMMON Charles Edward C-5787 
GAMMONS Norman Edward A-5755 
GAMMONS Vance Snelson A-5796 
GAMSBY Cameron LeBreton C-2509 
GANAHL Adams G C-629 
GANDY Tillis M-1568 
GANLY Edward Robert C-6210 
GANNAWAY Will Lee M-487 
GANO Gordon Lee Jr C-7685 
GANT Allen C-3760 
GANT Cecil A-2711 
GANT George Terry Fac 
GANT John Maxwell C-3457 
GANT Russell A-270; 
GANTT Joseph Skinner C-2456 
GARABRANT John Warner CPT p 

GARBER Alexander Christian C-17" 
G A R B E R Alexander Christian Jr 

GARDELLE Louis Henry A-1601 
GARDEN Hugh Richardson H-79 
GARDNER Frank A-2277 
GARDNER George Condon C-4252 
GARDNER Hillen Bourland A-3753 
GARDNER Irvine Parker C-1373 
•GARDNER John Martin A-1228 

GARDNER John Twyman C-6739 
GARDNER Percy Whitehead A-259 

GARDNER Robert Eggleston A-2424 
GARDNER Roland Carlos Jr A-4210 

GARDNER Terence Cooney A-2751 
GARDNER William Edward H-190 
GARDNER William Jennings Staff 
GARIS George Benjamin C-5240 
GARLAND Alexander Charles C-2622 
GARLAND Clarence James Jr C-6718 
GARLAND Frederick Moses T-64 

Mrs Thomas Tudor Co-ed 80 p 

GARLAND Peter Joseph Jr A-533" 

GARLINGTON John Young C-1259 

GARNER Andrew A-515 
•GARNER Bayne Knox A-4488C-5519 
GARNER Benjamin Franklin A-1427 
GARNER Damon Franklin C-4974 
GARNER Damon Pythias A-2560 
GARNER David Walter A-1837 
GARNER Frederic Howard Jr C-34°« 

GARNER George A-1935 
GARNER George G Jr A-230 
GARNER Harvey Cleveland A-2508 
GARNER Henry A-1452 
GARNER John Berry C-2842 
GARNER John Davis A-1772 
GARNER Quintard A-1450 
GARNER Richard A-2426 
GARNER Robert Alexander C-3600 
GARNER Robert Lee C-4277 
GARNER Samuel Taylor A-1488 
GARNER Sanford Jr T-730 



GARNER Willie W A-229 
GARNER Wmton Earl Edward A-5230 
GARNETT Stanford Taylor Jr A-4426 
GARNETT William Briggs T-610 
GARNETT William H A-600 
GARRARD James Britain M-174 
GARRARD Joseph Bacon A-1052 

C-i 1 13 
GARRARD Sterling Davis C-5399 
GARRATT George Alfred H-505 Fac 
GARRETSON George Armstrong 

A-.j 165 
GARRETT Alexander Charles H-16 RR 

pp 18 20 21 22 37 57 58 59 
GARRETT Douglas Edward A-2222 
GARRETT George Long A-932 
GARRETT George Palmer Jr A-500S 
GARRETT Henry A-592 C-596 
GARRETT Henry Malon A-3324 
GARRETT Jack Watson T-812 
GARRETT John Abner M-1086 
GARRETT John Thomas A-222 
GARRETT Kimbrough Stevenson C- 

GARRETT Linda SSMC p 342 
GARRETT Louis Tolly III A-6239 
GARRETT Simon Sims M-1386 
GARRETT Stewart Phinizy A-3998 

GARRETT Thomas Henry Jr A-6130 
GARRETT Wallace Hight T-895 p 329 
GARRETT William Allan C-6280 
GARRISON Charles Pendleton C-6694 
GARRISON John Earl M-984 
GARRISON Karl Claudius Jr T-781 
GARRISON Lyle C-1496 
GARRISON Maurice Allen Martin 

GST- 1 54 
GARRISON Richard Ray A-5520 

GARROTT Joseph Thomas C-8158 
GARST Norman Sterling A-3645 
GARTH William Willis C-2904 
GARTH Winston Fearn A-209 C-272 
GARWOOD Alonzo A-390 C-409 
GARWOOD Calvin Baxter Jr A-4496 
GARWOOD Hiram Morgan A-572 

C-577 H-243 RR pp 19 21 24 
GARY Martin Wistar II A-4552 
GASKELL Charles Wilford M-156 Fac 
GASKIN George Dinkins C-5816 
GASS Charles E C-319 
GASS Currin Rather A-3990 C-S096 p 

GASS Henry Markley A-1687 C-19H 

H-44S p 292 RR pp 24 26 111 us 

120 Fac 
*GASS John C-320 T-32 RR pp 24 37 

S3 Fac 
*GASS John A-1691 C-2086 T-282 H- 

304 RR pp 21 22 37 71 107 io3 

1 11 
GASS John A-4028 C-5387 
GAST Stuart Franklin Jr C-7181 
GASTER Louis Dexter Sydney M-115 
GASTON Chester Davis C-4458 
GASTON Paul Lee Jr C-4685 
GAS TON Robert Kilpatrick A-990 

GASTON Robert Woodward III A-6050 
♦GASTON William Henry Jr C-1472 
GATES Floyd Thomas C-5719 
•GATES George Phelps A-1728 C-1854 

GATES Milo Hudson H-176 RR pp 

20 22 
GATES Sterling Atherton C-2782 
GATES William Edwin C-37S2 
GATHINGS Richard Earl C-7039 

GATLING Robert Riddick Navy V-12 

GAULTNEY William Lawrence C-5878 
♦GAUNT Robert Marshall C-2971 
GAUNTT Thomas Goodwin M-1299 
GAUSE Bernard C-4167 
GAUTIER Thomas Nicholas Jr A-2109 
GAY Andrew Price A-4104 
GAY Daniel Judson III A-s86» 
GAY Ewell C-1583 
GAY John Champlin C-3775 
GAYDEN John Everett C-3989 
GAYDOS Andrew Bernard C-6259 
GAYFER Hammond Bokenham A-1266 

GAYLE Columbus Jackson A-1859 

GAYLE Edmund D A-84 C-246 
GAYLE Norman Winn A-2955 
GAYLE Walter Winn A-2413 
GAYLOR Robertson Hayes A-642S 
GAYLORD John Freeman A-3104 
GEARHART Montgomery M-488 
GEE Clinton Lanier Jr A-4042 
GEE Edward Simmons C-3370 
GEE James Joseph C-3551 
GEE Joseph James III A-6309 C-8845 
GEE Joseph Morris C-4332 
GEHRMANN Lester Alden CPT p 225 

Henry P A-744 
GEITNER Jacob Shuford A-3215 
GELBERG Charles Mitchell CPT p 

GELLNICHT Donald Leonard A-4322 
GELSTON Hugh Edward Jr C-8679 
GEN ELLA Alphonse John Kennedy 

GENTRY James Walter Jr C-6856 
GEORGE Bernard Frederic C-7614 
GEORGE Burl Freeman C-8760 
GEORGE James Hardin Jr T-929 
GEORGE Joseph Edward M-596 
GEORGE Norman Langford Jr C-7389 
GEORGE Rob Roy A-2166 
GEORGE Sawnie A-2484 C-2239 
GEORGE Sothoron Burke C-6885 
GEORGE Walter Alexander III C-8111 
GERARD Lloyd Ashlord C-1747 
GERDING Paul Randolph Jr C-8602 
GERHARDT John Paul C-5349 
♦GERHART Nathaniel Vogle C-2377 
GERHART Willis Piedmont C-2312 T- 

289 H-422 RR pp 37 84 8s Fac 
GERNER Ambrose C-328S 
GERNER Ambrose Jr A-5790 
GERNER Charles Frederick C-2838 

SSMC p 342 
GESCHMAY Sandy SSMC p 342 
GESSNER Lee Emil C-4928 
GHEE James Edward C-5997 
GIAMPIETRO Ronald Leonard C-8724 
G1ARDINA Joseph Anthony A-5767 
GIBBES Arthur Middleton A-746 
GIBBES Charles A A-7U 
GIBBES Julian E C-543 
GIBBON John Edward A-337 
G1BBONEY Charles Haller C-4473 
GIBBONS Howard Boardman Staff 
GIBBONS Jack Hubbard C-3147 
GIBBONS Jeffrey Thomas A-2916 
GIBBONS Joel Woods Jr C-3559 
GIBBS Charles Wiley CPT p 22s 
GIBBS George Wildy C-i666 
GIBBS John Ernest Jr C-8558 
GIBSON Alan Charles A-6072 
GIBSON Byron Cullen Jr C-7650 
GIBSON Daniel Zachary RR pp 37 6» 
GIBSON Finley Foreman III C-7494 

GIBSON Franklin Lawrence T-399 
GIBSON George Dorsey once GIPSON 

George Dorsey A- 1641 
GIBSON George Miln A-122 C-201 
GIBSON Harry Preston M-1596 
GIBSON James Bolan A- 1066 
GIBSON James Davis C-4561 
GIBSON James Walter C-8680 
GIBSON John Walker C-6538 
GIBSON Joseph Carr C-4660 
GIBSON Knoble Dorsey also GIPSON 

Knoble Dorsey A-2183 
GIBSON Robert C-833 RR p 24 
GIBSON Robert Atkinson H-H5 
GIBSON Robert Fisher Jr RR p 119 Fac 
GIBSON Robert Thatcher C-S335 
♦GIBSON Samuel Malone A-219 C-443 

RR pp 37 98 
GIBSON Vernon Wallace Jr A-5732 
GIBSON William C-1036 
GIDUZ Hugo Fac 
GIEHLER James Houston A-4413 

C-5304 p 222 
GIESCH John Albert C-5496 
GIGNILLIAT Thomas Heyward A-5963 
GIGNILLIAT William Robert Jr 

GILBERT Frank B H-27 
GILBERT Harold Edgar A-4814 
GILBERT John Ross M-94 
GILBERT Leamon Galveston CPT p 

GILBERT Robert Ernest Jr A-4933 
♦GILCHRIST Alexander MacGregor C- 

GILCHRIST Daniel Jr C-4089 
♦GILCHRIST Gilbert Frank C-6597 

GILCHRIST (Miss) Philippa Fac 
GILCHRIST Thomas Lee M-393 
GILDAY Alton Joseph C-6304 
GILDEHAUS Charles Packham C-724S 
GILDERSLEEVE Basil Greenway Jr 


P 3 39 H-39 Fac 
GILES Evelyn also DYER Mrs James 

T Jr Co-ed 92 p 259 
GILES James Harvey A-4034 
GILES Robert Emmett M-gg; 
GILFILLAN Seabury Columb Fac 
GILHAM Paul Asher A-3433 
GILL Charles Haddox Jr A-4544 
GILL Charles McClelland A-5091 
GILL Joseph Franklin M-583 
GILL Laura Drake H-167 
♦GILLAND Aurora May also POPE 

Mrs Donald Co-ed 69 p 249 
GILLAND William Flinn Fac 
GILLEM Alvan Cullom Jr C-2222 H- 

GILLEM Jennings Frederick A-2497 

C-2264 Staff 
GILLESPIE Andrew Jackson C-1556 
GILLESPIE Benjamin Howard also 

GILLESPIE Benjamin Rollings A- 

GILLESPIE Claude Milton Jr A-5608 
GILLESPIE Frank Morgan C-2203 p 

292 RR pp 37 103 104 no in 
GILLESPIE Frank Morgan Jr C-4690 
GILLESPIE George William C-5599 
GILLESPIE James A-578 
GILLESPIE James Vance C-4982 p 222 
♦GILLESPIE Jerald Dan A-5964 
GILLESPIE John Jacob C-232S 
GILLESPIE John King A-843 
GILLESPIE Richard Johnson Jr A-1697 

GILLESPTE Robert Felix Jr C-7759 
GILLESPIE Samuel Douglas A-1712 

GILLESPIE Will Raymond A-2911 
GILLESPY Thomas Clayton A-6058 
♦GILLETT David Collins A-1715 C- 

1763 L-79 RR PP 37 92 93 
GILLETT George Forrest A- 3 922 
GILLETT Henry Martin C-3484 T-382 
GILLETT M E RR pp 3 7 92 
GILLETT Richard Walker C-7226 
GILLETT Tod Ford A-237S C-2235 
GILLETT William Lowry A-1495 

GILLETTE James A A-236 C-275 
GILLIAM Arch Franklin Jr C-5628 
GILLIAM Fred C-3692 
GILLIAM James Daniel T-553 GST- 

GILLIAM James P A-581 
GILLIAM John Bunyan A-1747C-180S 

GILLIAM Wed Orme A-2536 
GILLIAM William Napier A-1748 

GILLIAM William Young M-1064 
GILLILAND James Franklin C-8582 
GILLIS Albert CFF pp 341 342 
GILLIS Gary A-2305 
GILLIS Charlie Lyman M-1360 
GILLMAN Emil A-644 C-685 
GILLOCK Charles Henry A-1041 
GILMAN Daniel Trimble III A-560S 
GILMER Peachy Ridgway Jr A-5527 
GILMORE James Davidson A-5499 
GILMORE James Madison Jr T-862 
GILMORE John Winston A-6597 
♦GILREATH Emory Holton A-1909 

GILREATH Julius Alvin Jr A-6627 
GILRUTH Thomas Kirkland A-1921 
GINGOLD Josef CFF p 342 
GINNAVAN William Jiles Jr C-275? 
GIPSON George Dorsey later GIBSON 

George Dorsey A- 164 1 
GIPSON Homer Dorsey A-2182 
GIPSON John Harrison M-1033 
GIPSON Knoble Dorsey also GIBSON 

Knoble Dorsey A-2183 
GIPSON Thomas Edward A-1703 
GIPSON William Thomas A-934 
GIRAUD Charles William C-4638 
GIRAULT John Marshall C-8426 
GIRDLER Richard Raethan A-5931 
GIRDNER William Haywood M-912 
GIST Bogan Nathaniel Jr A-2092 
GIST Clarence Calhoun A-248 C-364 
GIST Mrs Thomas Hottel also DAG- 
GETT Mary Jessamine Co-ed 26 

P 190 
GIST Thurston A-249 
GITHENS Alfred Sands A-3560 
GIVEN John Bonbright A-2260 
GIVEN or GIVENS John Stuart 

A- 1 07 1 
GIVEN William Morris Jr C-4789 
GIVENS Emory M-1069 
GLADDEN Elliott Douglas M-660 
♦GLADDEN Karl Donald also Brother 

Christopher C-8125 
GLADDEN Sterling W Jr A-5640 
GLADNEY Charles Goodwin C-8i23 
CLADNEY Charles Wallace A-S24S 
GLADNEY E L RR pp 37 74 
GLADNEY Julian Mandeville A-3783 
GLADNEY William Kelley A-3574 
GLANCY David Lucas A-5674 
•GLASGOW Robert Samuel M-444 



•GLASS Charles Lewis A-873 C-1104 
GLASS Charles Stewart C-7830 
GLASS Frank Eugene A-916 C-i 178 
GLASS Franklin Elmore Jr C-6884 
GLASS George Henry A-871 C-1103 
GLASS George Lester Jr C-4937 
GLASS Guy Will Jr C-4410 
*GLASS James Gamewell C-602 T-58 

H-284 RR pp 37 90 92 93 107 
108 117 Staff 
GLASS John Wiley M-354 
GLASS Lovick McCord C-3230 
GLASS Meta H-355 
GLASS William Lewis A-1540 
GLASSCOCK Amos Leroy CPT p 226 
GLASSELL Philip Hobart C-1032 
GLASSELL William Erasmus Jr A-2615 
GLASSMAN Harry M-1472 
GLAZE Robert Pinckney C-7760 
GLAZEBROOK Larkin White A-693 

37 66 
GLEN Frank Pettibone C-3801 
GLENDINNING Sidney Ross A-3987 
GLENN Edgar Charles Jr A-3478 

GLENN James Greene A-5213 
♦GLENN James Lyle or Lyles Jr C-869 
GLENN Marion Sevier A-3655 
♦GLENN Richard Wallace C-803 
GLENN Robert Lee C-7927 
GLENN William Wallace Lumpkin 

GLENNIE Alexander RR pp 37 89 91 
GLOCKER Theodore Wesley Jr C-5904 
GLOVER Burton Wilks C-4144 
GLOVER Charles Porter A- 1776 
GLOVER Daniel Richard C-6031 
GLOVER Douglas A-6224 
GLOVER George Edward Jr C-5069 
GLOVER Mrs Gordon Logan see 

GLOVER Mrs Joseph 
GLOVER James North A-1812 
GLOVER John Crandell C-5277 
*GLOVER John Heyward (not Hey- 

wood) A-484 C-549 
*GLOVER John Wilder C-1370 
GLOVER Mrs Joseph also GLOVER 

Mrs Gordon Logan Staff 
GLOVER Joseph H Jr A-354 C-499 
GLOVER Mortimer Worth Jr C-2448 

RR pp 25 27 37 61 in 
GLOVER Mortimer Worth Jr GST-240 
GLOVER Samuel Graham C-6251 
GLOVER Wallace B A-701 
GLOVER William Alexander A-2573 
GLYDE Judith Pamela SSMC p 342 
GOAD Fred Curtis Jr A-6080 
GOAD James Melvin C-si6l 
GOAD John Robert C-7133 
GOAD John Thomas C-6323 
GOATLEY Coleman C-6413 
GODCHAUX Charles Ragland A-5128 
GODDARD Frederick Percy H-501 RR 

P 97 
GODDARD George Hill A-2913 
GODDARD Irvine T-209 
GODDARD Paul Dillon C-8701 
GODDARD Thomas Hunter C-3708 
GODFREY Norman Butler GST-16 
GODIN Henry Jules C-8110 
GODING Edward David C-8369 
GODSHALL Wayne Coleman A-5968 
GOELITZ Harry George Jr C-5325 p 

GOELLER Theodore Frederick A-3732 
GOFF Henry A-2249 

Mrs Gustav FS-44 p 340 
GOFORTH William Lowry A-2926 

GOLBACH John Bernard Jr C-66si 
GOLD Howard Newton CPT p 226 
GOLD John Kedney A-2486 
GOLD Morton Irving A-5449 
GOLD William Jason SST p 330 Fac 
GOLDBERG Bernard M-1321 
GOLDBERG William Eugene C-5762 
GOLDSBY James Elvin M-730 
GOLDSTEIN Harold Sylvan C-6080 
GOLDSTEIN Joseph M-1340 
GOLDSTEIN Montrose Weiss A-1634 

GOLDTHWAITE Graham A- 13 70 
♦GOLDTHWAITE Robert Jr C-1098 
GOLDTHWAITE Willis C-1325 
GOMILA Arthur Joseph A-2652 
GOMILA Arthur Torry (not Lorry 

or Larry) A-4900 
GOMILA John Gordon C-4147 
GONCE Elmore Sherwood Jr A-4168 
GONSOULIN Henry T A-6133 
GONTERMAN Richard Clarence C- 

GONZALES Donald Edward A-5582 
GOOCH Anthony Cushing C-8484 
GOOCH Cornelius Skinner C-3540 RR 

PP 38 84 85 
GOOCH James Walter M-1555 
GOOCH Robert Delmas C-3311 
GOOCH Robert Delmas Jr C-8466 
GOODBAR James Monroe C-3973 
GOODE Raymond Kendrick CPT p 226 
GOODLOE Aareiel Ellis M-1449 
GOODLOE Pete Hyhon A-6327 
GOODMAN Frederic William H-362 
GOODMAN Hugh Marion C-4171 
GOODMAN Jack Gilliam A-5310 

C-71 15 
GOODMAN John Calvin C-1688 T-192 
GOODMAN Rexel A-2621 C-2487 
GOODMAN Robert McAlpin Jr A-4407 
GOODMAN Ronald Ward Staff 
GOODNER Roderick Wade A-6397 
GOODPASTER Espy Chiles A-4446 
♦GOODRICH George Edwin C-2045 
GOODRICH John Calvin Jr C-8326 
GOODRICH Roger Searcy A- S5 oi 
GOODRUM James Jefferson A-5806 
GOODRUM Thomas McBride A-6170 

GOODSON George Washington T-434 

RR pp 38 103 
GOODSON Mrs George Washington 

also WADE Frances Kirby-Smith 

Co-ed 14 p 178 
GOODSON Mercer Logan now GOOD- 
SON Mercer-Logan A-5056 C-7656 

GOODSON Raymond Monroe C-5146 
GOODSON W Alexander RR pp 38 82 
GOODSTEIN Marvin Elias Fac 
GOODWILL Raymond Albert Jr A-6232 

GOODWIN Arthur Cleveland A-1828 
GOODWIN Jack Gaylord C-71 17 
GOODWIN Percy Lee A-1053 
GOODWIN Ray Allen C-8832 
GOODYEAR Charles Brightwell A-3059 
GOOLSBY James Franklin Jr C-8758 
GORDON Alexander Leslie A-985 

GORDON Bierne Jr A-1796 
GORDON Donald Code C-5766 
GORDON Duncan C-166 
GORDON Eugene Ray M-719 
GORDON George Anderson RR pp $8 


GORDON James Camp Jr C-7470 
GORDON John B RR pp 38 52 
GORDON John Brown RR p 18 
GORDON John Hurler A-2490 C-2241 
GORDON Steirling Gunn C-7612 GST 

GORDON William Hamilton HA p 521 
GORDON William Jones T-224 RR pp 

38 82 
GORDON William Osceola C-3868 
GORDON William W Jr A-361 
GORE James Larue C-8419 
GORGAS Josiah pp 371 373 RR PP 31 

38 94 96 115 Fac 
GORGAS Richard Haynesworth A-345 
GORGAS William Crawford A-27 C-167 

H-146 RR pp 19 21 
GORHAM Wilbur Clark Fac 
GORMAN Walter Peticolas A-1615 
GORMLY Harry Hemming M-336 
GORTON Adelos Jr C-7019 
GOSNELL Harold Cornelius H-494 RR 

pp 21 22 
GOSSAGE Walker Edward Jr A-56S6 
GOSSETT Cecil H C-3 5 54 
GOSSETT Robert Edgar C-7203 
GOSSOM Ernest Irving A-2423 
GOTCHER Alfred Neury A-3725 
GOTCHER Vernon Alfred C-8615 T- 

873 P 329 
GOTT Allan Dale C-5482 RR PP 25 27 
GOTT Kathleen Russell also GOTT 

Mrs Allan Dale Co-ed 82 p 254 
GOUDCHAUX Charles Abram M-145 
GOUGH Herbert Frederick Jr A-6241 
GOULD Arthur Ralph C-6147 
GOULD Charles Pinckney (not Pink- 

ney) Jr A-4386 
GOULD J Gregory C-8704 
GOULD Harris Amster C-5 559 
GOULD Mahns Edward Jr C-6520 
GOULDING Philip Sanford Staff 
GOURDIN Peter GaiUard Jr C-5390 
GOVAN Benjamin McCulIoch C-85 
GOVAN James Fauntleroy C-6189 Fac 
GOVAN Thomas Payne Fac 
GOVAN Mrs Thomas Payne also Mrs 

Jane Dickson Staff 
GOVAN William S C-84 
GOWAN Will Alex M-1275 
GOVVER May Wynn SSMC p 34* 
GOWEN John Ashmore C-4166 
GOZA Hiram Jennings Jr C-s8i7 
GRABAU Hubert Pierre LeFevbre A-240 

GRACE Thomas Jefferson Jr A-5724 
GRACEY Donald C-3042 
GRACEY Julian Frank C-479 
GRACEY Matthew Jr C-2102 
GRACY David Bergen A-6210 
GRACY David Caldwell C-2308 
GRADY Henry Woodfin Jr C-1246 L-6 
GRADY Samuel Porter A-4334 
GRAF David Brevard C-6146 
GRAFTON George Harlan Jr C-6099 
GRAHAM Angus Woodward Jr C-6931 
GRAHAM Belford Lorrimer A-226J 

GRAHAM Benjamin Emmett M-30 
GRAHAM Carlton Warren A-4897 
GRAHAM Charles Emmett C-743* 
GRAHAM Charles James A-6301 
GRAHAM Charles Richard M-255 
GRAHAM Edward Kidder H-19S 
GRAHAM George Granville C-2883 
GRAHAM George Sellers Jr C-4617 
GRAHAM Harold Grove Jr C-6901 
GRAHAM Harry Hardeman A-837 


GRAHAM Harry League C-4386 
GRAHAM Hugh Zwingle A-6535 
GRAHAM James Harry A-4700 
GRAHAM John Pink M-1546 
GRAHAM Lee Jr GST-118 
GRAHAM Owen McDavid C-2896 
GRAHAM Robert Lee M-1102 
GRAHAM Samuel Lowery C-IO39 
GRAHAME John A-1280 
GRAHL Carl Bernhardt Jr C-5981 
GRAHN Walter Gustav Jr C-7206 
GRAINGER William Garrett C-6?53 
GRAMLING George Francis Jr A-5471 
GRANGER Commodore Vanderbilt 

A- 1 079 
GRANING Alan Ward Jr C-7708 
GRANT Blount Hamilton Jr A-5611 

GRANT Frederick Clifton Fac 
GRANT Harold George C-6128 
GRANT James Neely Jr C-57S8 
GRANT Percy Stickney RR pp 20 22 
GRANT Richard Hatch Jr A-2102 

GRANT Robert McQueen RR p 119 

GRANT Rosyn Pitts A-2220 
GRANTHAM Clifton Francis Jr C-8504 
GRANTHAM Herbert Albert T-26 
GRAVATT John James Jr H-377 RK 

pp 38 100 10 1 
GRAVATT William Loyall H-158 
GRAVATT William Loyall Jr A-2419 
GRAVES Clayton Winn A-5090 
GRAVES Eliot Boyd A-3196 
GRAVES Frank Pierrepont H-383 RR 

PP 19 21 
GRAVES George Berry M-928 Fac 
GRAVES Hardy Wilson A-5448 C-7843 
GRAVES John Temple II H-34S RR 

PP "9 21 
GRAVES Peter Garey A-6483 
GRAVES Wildy Harding M-310 
GRAVES William Elijah A-1594 

GRAVITTE Rex Thomas A-47SI 
GRAY Allen Nethery M-129 
GRAY Arthur Rodefer A- 161 3 
GRAY Arthur Romeyn H-191 RR p 1 16 

GRAY Benjamin Peers A-696 
GRAY Campbell C-2073 
GRAY Cecil Embry C-5630 
GRAY Charles McGehee C-5333 p 229 
•GRAY Charles Mcllvaine C-n T-3 

p 292 RR pp 38 92 
GRAY Charles Mcllvaine Jr A-3170 

RR pp 38 92 93 
GRAY Charles Quintard C-1524 
GRAY Courtland Prentice Jr C-3729 
GRAY Daniel Roger Jr C-47" RR PP 

25 26 
GRAY David Whitney Jr C-2657 
GRAY David Whitney Jr C-727S 
GRAY Duncan Montgomery C-3243 T- 

RR pp 38 92 93 
GRAY Duncan Montgomery Jr T-754 
GRAY Edward Thomas III A-6470 
GRAY Francis Campbell C-1522 T-196 

H-269 RR pp 24 27 38 92 93 
GRAY Francis Campbell C-4229 
GRAY Frank Mitchell Jr C-40SJ 
GRAY George Mitchell C-6893 
GRAY George Zabriskie RR pp 20 22 
GRAY Hartsell Harvey Jr T-934 
GRAY Henry Septimus RR pp 38 70 
GRAY John Campbell A-614S 



GRAY Joseph Ridley C-58 p 29a RR 

PP 38 107 
GRAY Marion Edward C-3866 
GRAY Mary Law FS-24 p 339 
GRAY Mary Stoney also SMITH 

Mrs J Bruce Jr Co-ed 52 p 24s 
GRAY Peter W RR pp 38 97 99 
GRAY Robert Adam Jr A-4060 C-4820 
•GRAY Robert Muncaster C-1587 M- 

GRAY Ronald Dee III A-6388 C-8956 
GRAY Vernon Stevenson A-2041 C-2171 
GRAY Walter Bunn C-7989 
GRAY William Anthony T-898 GST- 

GRAY William Anthony Jr A-6465 
GRAY William Crane H-88 RR pp 

31 38 92 93 94 
GRAY William Crane C-3566 
GRAY Wi'liam Fairfax A-242 
GRAYDON Augustus Tompkins C-46J6 

RR pp 38 100 117 
GRAYSON Allan Monroe Jr A-4387 
GRAYSON Cary Travers M-907 H-356 

GRAYSON John Hugh A-3192 
GRAYSON Thomas Boyd A-4604 
GRAYSON William Cabell C-5249 
GRAYSON Wilmer Melville C-2207 
GRAZIER Allen Capron RR pp 38 93 
GRAZON R A L HA p 521 
GREAVES Stephen Arne Decatur C- 

GREAVES William Francis M-911 
GREEK Clarence Norman C-6365 
GREELEY Paul Julius C-8009 
GREEN Abner Everett C-1170 L-4 
GREEN Abram Asbury HI C-2227 
GREEN Allen J Jr C-178 
GREEN Benjamin Franklin M-1404 
GREEN Berkeley St John C-1521 
GREEN Bruce C-8313 
GREEN Charles Chesnut C-8227 T-93» 
GREEN Cordes Boylston RR pp III 

1 1 5 Fac 
GREEN Duff C-8294 
GREEN Duff A-959 C-1022 
GREEN Duncan Cameron A-1371 

C-1448 L-49 
GREEN Duncan Cameron A-3612 

GREEN Edward Badger A-2451 
GREEN Edward Billingsley A-2030 
GREEN Edward Hammond Jr A-5312 
•GREEN Francis Collin M-1191 
GREEN Frank Dudley A-4237 
GREEN Frank Nash A-2348 C-2179 
GREEN G Berkeley Fac 
GREEN George F C-624 
GREEN Henry Daniel M-306 
GREEN James Cyrus A-2754 C-2433 
GREEN James Elmer M-521 
GREEN James Hammett A-4519 
GREEN James Holt C-3871 
GREEN James Severin A-2302 
GREEN James Severin Jr C-1471 
GREEN James Thomas M-559 
GREEN James Vaden C-6344 
GREEN John Augustus C-8744 
GREEN John Taylor C-4972 
GREEN Joseph Franklin Jr C-3536 
GREEN Joseph Huron M-753 
GREEN Marcellus Jr A-2034 
•GREEN Maty Co-ed 115 pp 274 336 
GREEN Paul Arnold Jr A-4825 
GREEN Paul Flemyng A-601 C-768 

RR p 24 
GREEN Ralston Fleming A-1192 
GREEN Ravenscroft A-2494 
GREEN Robert Duff C-6899 

GREEN Robert Holt C-4237 
GREEN Robert Sharpies A-1350 
GREEN Robert W C-4007 
GREEN Roger Wilkins A-4578 C-5462 
GREEN Roscoe Rawdon M-1177 
GREEN Shirley Wilbur C-6271 
GREEN Stephen David C-7904 
GREEN Stephen Herbert p 296 
GREEN Walter Guerry Jr C-3425 RR 

PP 25 27 
GREEN William Adams Jr A-6057 
GREEN Wi'liam Andrew Jr A-4142 
GREEN William Edgar C-8207 
GREEN William Franklin Jr A-4437 
GREEN William Mercer C-IO 
•GREEN William Mercer H-17 p 296 

RR pp 38 76 78 114 
GREEN William Mercer Jr C-1296 T- 

147 SST p 330 H-223 RR pp 20 

22 38 76 77 
GREEN William Mercer Jr A-3472 

C-3571 T-478 GST-14 
GREEN Winfield Scott A-1435 
GREENBERGER Sam Augustus C- 

GREENE Alexander A-2364 
•GREENE Earle Rosenberry C-2008 
GREENE Harlan Samuel C-3962 
GREENE Howard Winsor C-5501 
♦GREENE James Allums III C-7744 
GREENE John William A-3254 
GREENE Julian Hudraon C-4041 
GREENE Otey Polk A-613 
GREENE Robert Barringer C-5658 
GREENE Robert Finnern C-8476 
GREENE Robert Samuel A-6076 
•GREENE Ward Storrs C-2324 
GREENHOW Barney Finnell A-1396 
GREENSTEIN Maurice Jacob M-1235 
GREENWALD Taylor Conklin C-8757 
GREENWOOD Eric Sutcliffe T-605 

GREENWOOD Pat Minter C-3590 
GREENWOOD Robert Ernest A-3882 

GREER Dan Cecil C-5160 
GREER David Hummell H-130 RR op 

20 22 
♦GREER Dion Attus M-16 
•GREER Frank Whited A-4292 C-5180 
GREER James Grant or Bob A-3404 
GREER John Broocks A-I920 C-1928 

L-160 p 292 
GREER John Broocks II A-4054 
GREER John Ripley Jr C-3255 
GREER Lewis Vance A-1902 
GREER Yates Calvert T-704 
GREET William Cabell C-2761 RR pp 

25 26 
GREETHAM H W RR pp 38 92 
GREGG Alexander H-18 RR pp 38 89 

97 113 "4 
GREGG Cornelius Kollock A-66 C-339 
GREGG David RR pp 38 102 104 
GREGG Fitzhugh Ward A-2031 
GREGG Francis Banner A-3209 
•GREGG James Jr C-5209 
GREGG Jesse Roy C-3499 T-383 
GREGG Kenneth Roy C-492S 
GREGG Robert Clark C-8686 
GREGG Wilson A-22 C-134 
GREGORIE Henry Baker Jr C-6427 
GREGORY Arthur Emory A-2480 
GREGORY E L RR pp 38 86 87 
GREGORY Henry Watt Jr C-4002 
GREGORY Thomas Evans C-4471 
GREGORY Winburn Willingham 

GRESCOM James Thomas C-3496 

GRESH Walter Antrim Jr C-7405 
•GRESHAM James Wilmer C-1220 T- 

114 H-198 
GRESHAM Richmond Clinton C-2698 

GRESLEY John Stanley Staff 
GRESLEY Mrs Stanley or Mrs La 

Hentz B Staff 
GRESLEY John Stanley Jr C-5225 T- 

GREVILLE Thomas Nail Eden C-392; 
GRIBBIN Robert Emmet H-331 RR 

pp 38 105 106 
GRIBBIN Robert Emmet Jr C-4651 

RR pp 25 27 38 83 
GRIBBLE Milton Orman A-3865 
GRIBBLE Terence John C-8502 
GRIER John Sheldon Jr C-7242 
GRIER Samuel Lycurgus C-5383 
GRIER William Alfred C-2291 
GRIFFEY Earle Bartlett A-4730 
GRIFFIN Alfred Wilson T-38 
GRIFFIN James Patrick Jr A-5769 
GRIFFIN Daniel RR pp 38 66 68 
GRIFFIN David Burton C-2329 
GRIFFIN Hilliard Elias M-986 
GRIFFIN James LeRoy M-721 
GRIFFIN James Patrick Jr A-5769 
GRIFFIN Joe Lee C-8022 
GRIFFIN Joseph William C-8812 
GRIFFIN P B Jr C-4761 
GRIFFIN Stanley Samuel A-3660 
GRIFFIN Thomas Franklin C-7442 
GRIFFIN Walter M-190 
GRIFFIN William Boyt Jr C-8203 
GRIFFIN William Hunt A-2176 C-2126 
GRIFFIS Wilbern Joseph M-1077 
GRIFFITH Balie LaFayette C-3440 
GRIFFITH Charles Marion Jr C-75 57 
GRIFFITH Elizabeth Jackson Co-ed 46 

P 225 
GRIFFITH George Taylor T-87 
GRIFFITH James M C-428 
GRIFFITH L E RR pp 38 59 
GRIFFITH Preston Harris C-4558 
GRIFFITH Robert Griggin A-4823 
GRIFFITH Robert Park M-1039 
•GRIFFITH Robert Sherrill C-2529 
♦GRIFFITH Robert William Jr C-3903 
GRIFFITH S L RR pp 38 52 54 
GRIFFITH Thomas Douglas A-3585 
GRIFFITH V C RR pp 38 87 
GRIGGS Walter Allen C-2594 
GRIGSBY James Scott Jr A-5915 
GRILL1S Chris Jr A-5366 
GRIMBALL Berkeley C-5375 
GRIMBALL William Heyward RR pp 

38 go 
GRIMES James Miller RR p 120 Fac 

GRIMES John Walter M-197 
GRIMES William B RR pp 38 97 99 
GRIMSHAW James RR pp 38 73 
GRIMSHAWE Joseph Leeming A-2472 
GRIMSLEY Aaron Dupree C-7814 
GRIMSLEY William Elmer Jr A-5924 
GRINER James Lemuel Lee M-470 
GRINNELL Charles Beall C-6451 
GRISARD James Wiley C-4098 
GRISARD John Percy M-496 
GRISARD John Turman C-4642 
GRISARD Wiley Parker C-2866 
GRISCOM James Thomas Jr A-499: 
GRIST Richard Dawson C-5104 
•GRISWOLD Hurlbut Anton C-3884T- 

419 GST-13 RR p 118 Fac Staff 
GRISWOLD James Francis Jr C-3687 
GRIZZARD Marion Leslie C-2777 
GRIZZARD Robert Harold C-4717 

GRIZZARD Thomas Beverly C-3679 
GRIZZARD Thomas Norman A-6121 
GRIZZELL Basil Manley Jr C-6879 
GRONERT Henry Clarence C-2544 
GROOM John Miller C-8339 
GROOM Robert Tee Jr C-7662 
GROSS Otys Talmage M-1277 
GROSSE M H HA p 521 
GROVE John Odie M-1133 
GROVER John Craig A-4315 
GROW Robert Marshall A-4701 
GRUBB Robert Elliott C-526 T-18 RR 

pp 38 64 Staff 
GRUBBS Allen Enholm C-2957 
GRUBER Gabriel CFF p 341 
GRUBER-WOOLF Anthony Hiram once 

WOOLF Anthony Hiram Gruber 

C-4757 T-493 
GUENARD James Hortaire A-2678 

GRUENSTEIN Bernard C-2168 T-250 
GUENTHER William Benton Fac 
GRUMLEY Edward Chauncey M-1163 
GRUVER Fleetwood M-108 Fac 
♦GUDE Albert Valdemar C-1561 
GUDE Edward Charles T-237 
GUERARD Edward Percy Jr C-2057 
G U E R I N George Herbert A- 1448 

C- 1 5 1 o 
GUERINGER William Hall M-784 
GUERRA Frederic "L" A-6383 
GUERRY Alexander A-1952 C-2089 

H-294 RR pp in 115 Fac 
GUERRY Alexander Jr C-4834 RR Dp 

25 26 
GUERRY Mrs Alexander also GUER- 
RY Mrs Charlotte Patten HA p 521 
♦GUERRY Edward Brailsford C-2988 

T-369 GST-80 RR pp 38 91 
GUERRY John Patten A-4400 C-5664 
GUERRY LeGrand A-1201 C-1193 

M-12 H-262 RR pp 38 100 101 
♦GUERRY LeGrand Jr C-2823 
GUERRY Moultrie C-2990 GST-70 RR 

pp 25 26 38 108 116 Fac 
GUERRY Sumner A-2309 C-2234 RR 

pp 38 78 90 91 
GUERRY Walter Jr C-5093 
♦GUERRY William Alexander C-671 T- 

62 SS Gr p 339 H-159 RR PP 24 

38 89 90 in 116 Fac 
GUERRY William Moultrie A-4151 

GUERTIN Lawrence Vincent C-6145 
GUEST Hiram A-2209 
GUFFEY James Carroll C-6092 
GUIGNARD Sanders Richardson C- 

1436 T-125 
GUILBEAU Preston L A-673 C-722 
GUILL Jack Price C-4289 
GUILL Mason Fac 
GUION George Seth RR pp 38 73 75 
GUION Walter RR pp 38 74 
GUION Walter Burling A- 1960 
GUITAR Earl Beal C-3428 
GUITAR Earl Beal Jr C-6883 
GULLAHORN William Collier Jr C- 

GULLEY Charles Henry M-856 
♦GULLICK Guy Adolphus C-2678 
GUMM Frank Avent A-1710 C-I9>5 
GUMMEY Henry Riley Jr H-309 Fac 
GUMP Alan Martin A-3288 
GUN John Edward T-172 
GUNBY Andrew Clarke A-2928 
GUNBY David Kirk A-2963 
GUNBY Paul Clark A-2530 
GUNBY Stanton Caywood C-7293 
GUNBY William Richardson A-2966 



GUNGOLL James Howard C-8515 
GUNN George Samuel A-2682 
GUNN J E A-789 
GUNN John Brooks 0-7842 
GUNN Marco Carter A-2638 
GUNN William Cecil C-3010 
GUNTER Charles Witt A-5383 
GUNTER Elbridge Glen A-5726 
GUNTER Julius Caldein (not Caldien) 

GUNTHER George John C-1878 
GUNTHER Julius Aroni A-2039 
GUNTHER Ludolph William A-2477 
♦GUNTHERBERG Alfred Joseph C- 

GUNTHERBERG Thomas Jacob C- 

5203 p 222 
GURNEY Charles Hazard M-520 
GUSHEE Richard Henry C-924 
GUTHRIE Claude Edward T-723 GST- 

146 Fac 
GUTHRIE David SSMC p 342 
GUTHRIE David Vance Jr T-814 Fac 
GUTHRIE Hoover Curtis A-5223 
GUTHRIE James Birney Jr C-1443 M- 

GUTHRIE Kenneth Sylvan C-958 T-99 
GUTHRIE Thomas Campbell M-1260 
GUTHRIE William Norman C-926 T- 

82 H-199 p 340 RR pp 24 38 107 

GUTSELL James Burnell C-8194 
GUY Charles Brandon C-7766 
GUY Frederick Davies A-4848 
GUYNES Edward Anding M-1023 
GWATHMEY Edwin L A-257 
GWIN Samuel Donnell C-3657 
GWYNNE James Andrew Boswell 



HAAS Alfred Jr A-3636 
HAAS John Lynn C-8506 
HABERSHAM Charles A-191 C-391 
HABERSHAM Edward Elliott Camber 

A-554 C-593 
HABERSHAM Fied A A-113 C-251 
HABETZ Heinrich Leon M-492 
HACKER Nick Fayette C-2067 
HACKETT John Emil A-5283 
HACKLEY James Bernard M-756 
HACKNEY Francis Joseph M-421 
HACKNEY McNutt Ernst C-8671 
HACKNEY Urban Philo M-794 
H ADD AD John Joseph C-5689 
HADDON Charlie Alexander C-7692 
HADEN Harry Cooper A-870 
HADEN Joey A-3792 
HADEN John Brannum (not Brannin) 

A-820 C-978 
HADEN Robert Lee Jr C-8708 
HADSELL William Valentine Jr C- 

HAEHL Russell Conway II A-4819 
HAESLY Elizabeth Anne CFF p 341 
HAFFNER Charles C III A-4635 
HAFLEY Ivan Wesley C-4068 
HAGAN Alfred Merritt C-778 
HAGAN Frank Eugene C-2304 
♦HAGAN William Ramsey C-2789 
HAGEDORN John Jr A-5619 
HAGEDORN Merlin Behrend A-5170 
HAGEMEYER William McGee C-7664 
HAGER Jean Patricia Co-ed 58 p 248 
HAGER William Thomas once WILD- 
ER William Thomas A-6528 
HAGERMAN Franklin Randall A-3263 
HAGLER Angus William A-4760 

HAGERTY Leidy Shimer M-594 
HAGGARD Douglass M-178 
HAGGARD John Holman C-7108 
HAGGARD William David H-310 RR 

pp 19 21 Fac 
HAGGARD William David III C-6714 
HAGGART James Asa Bray C-3841 
HAGGART Robert Alexander C-3350 
HAGLER John Brown C-4859 
HAIL William Darden C-6511 
HAILAND Arthur Garfield A-4481 
HAILE James Graham C-4517 
HAILE Thomas Evans C-4516 
HAIN Aaron Erastus M-98 
HAIN Edward Moore A-3801 C-4281 
HAINES Benjamin Cooper C-7902 
HAINLIN Marion Wendell C-6918 
HAIR James Cornelius Jr A 6506 
HAIRSTON William Gray Jr A-5976 
HALBERT Willie Washington M-1094 
HALE Charles R SST p 330 Fac 
HALE E P C-126 
HALE Edward Stuart Tracy T-686 
HALE George Blodgett Stuart T-594 
HALE J Calvin C-4647 
HALE Richard Chambers A-4059 
HALE Robert Phillips C-4523 
HALE Rowland T-47 RR PP 38 74 
HALE Ruth Marvin Staff 
HALE William Lee C-7726 
HALE William Prunkard C-7152 
HALE Winfield Berry III C-5014 p 222 
HALEY Robert Boyd C-6872 
♦HALIFAX (Lord) Edward also WOOD 

Edward Frederick Lindley H-391 
HALL Arthur Bell C-1088 
HALL Arthur Raymond Jr A-4886 

HALL C D C-26 
HALL Charles Howard C-2828 
HALL Charles Washington C-6911 
HALL Clifford Dwight C-6123 
HALL Edward Taylor Jr C-8394 
HALL Fred Cheek A-3409 C-3211 
HALL Fred Watt M-1207 
HALL Frederick Ives A-1808 
HALL Freeman C-1740 
HALL George Ellsworth Jr C-7506 
HALL George Johnson C-4443 T-480 

GST-211 H-449 RR p 116 Fac 

HALL Mrs George Johnson also Mrs 

Mary Ewbank Fac 
HALL George Ketchum C-348 
HALL Harry Frank C-6645 
HALL James A A-664 
HALL James Jefferson Davis T-79 
HALL Jerome George C-8731 
HALL Joe Beasman C-7255 
HALL Joel Barnard A-972 
HALL John Cox C-7307 
HALL John David C-7575 
HALL John Grant A-2627 
HALL John Hopkins C-5567 
HALL John Wesley M-1147 
HALL John William A-974 
HALL Kennan C-522 
HALL Levi Harry Jr C-1228 
HALL Lewis Miller Jr C-2900 
HALL Marvin LaRue Jr A-6198 
HALL Mrs Mary Ewbank see HALL 

Mrs George Johnson 
HALL Newton Hamill C-1201 
HALL Oliver Morgan C-4852 T-543 

GST-71 p 222 
HALL Peter Talbert A-6154 
HALL Richard Conklin A-1558 C-1629 
HALL Robert RR pp 38 62 
HALL Robert Benjamin T-656 
HALL Robert Emmett Seibels C-7283 

HALL Robert Fuller Jr C-4097 
HALL Robert Grant A-6580 
HALL Robert Noel C-7568 
HALL Robert William A-4372 
HALL Samuel J RR pp 38 66 68 
HALL Samuel Joseph C-6041 
*HALL Thomas Hartley M-725 
HALL Thomas Owen M-1071 
HALL Vernon Jr A-3945 
HALL Wallace Howard Jr C-6915 
HALL Wesley William Jr M-338 
HALL William see HALL Samuel J 

RR pp 38 66 
HALL William Alexander Jr C-4688 
HALL William Bonnell Jr C-698 SSGi 

p 339 RR pp 24 27 38 107 io3 

1 10 111 113 115 120 Fac Staff 
HALL William Guion A-3341 
HALL William Manks A-4075 
HALL William Pike Jr C-2617 
HALLBERG Russell Kurt Fac 
HALLIBURTON William Rufus A-98 

HALLIDAY William Parker Jr A-2851 
HALLOWES William Cannon C-8519 
HALLSTROM Carl Rupert C-1S90 
HALSELL Ben Lee A-1636 
HALSEY Fred D C-741 
HALYBURTON Porter Aleiander 

HAM Charles Douglas C-7978 
HAM Jordan or Jack Coover A-4715 
HAM Oliver Floid C-2322 
HAMBLEN William Perry III C-7497 
HAMBY Robert Kenneth C-763S 
HAMEL Charles Scott C-8768 
HAMER William Spencer C-3236 
HAMFF Christian Frederick C-2285 

HAMILTON Adgate Duer C-3626 
HAMILTON Charles Granville T-448 
HAMILTON Charles Robert C-8145 
HAMILTON Daniel Heyward A-1064 

C-1078 p 292 RR pp 24 27 11S 

HAMILTON Daniel Heyward Jr C- 

3265 RR pp 25 26 
HAMILTON David Barrow A-58S3 
HAMILTON David Philip A-2651 

HAMILTON Edison Keith T-563 GST- 

HAMILTON Edward Henry Jr C-6913 
HAMILTON Frank Pugh A-712 
HAMILTON Mrs Frederick also Mrs 

Gertrude Staff 
HAMILTON George William Jr C-7143 
♦HAMILTON Gordon Battelle M-1253 
HAMILTON Harold Francis T-252 
HAMILTON James Amos Jr C-4559 
HAMILTON James Linton C-2667 
HAMILTON John Albert C-5116 
HAMILTON Jones Stuart T-421 
HAMILTON Joseph Gregoire de Roul- 

hac A-1466 C-1550 H-395 RR pp 

24 26 
HAMILTON Lafayette Hill C-5003 
HAMILTON Lloyd Logan A-1171 
HAMILTON Mayo Wetmore C-3128 
HAMILTON Peter Bryce Jr C-7264 
HAMILTON Samuel Hayden A-3530 

HAMILTON Thomas Gordon A-3531 

HAMILTON William Alexander M-151 
HAMILTON William Blackshear 

A-2593 C-2299 
HAMILTON William Brooks II C-8113 
HAMILTON William Garnett A-S532 

HAMILTON William John A-3064 

C-3 161 
HAMILTON William John Jr A-5602 
HAMILTON William Sprigg A-668 
HAMLER George Hoover C-6504 
HAMM Jefferson Koger HA p S21 
HAMM Mrs Lee Edward also DUD- 

NEY Sara Tradewell Co-ed 106 

p 271 
HAMM AN George A- 11 62 C-1186 
HAMMAN William Harrison M-873 
HAMME Joseph Linwood A-2429 
HAMMER Estus Marion A-3856 
HAMMER Robert Quammen A-3848 
HAMMERSKOLD Hjalmar or Harry 

A- 1 14 
HAMMETT Eugene Wayne C-8719 
HAMMOND Charles A-284S C-2642 
HAMMOND Charles Phin A-294 C-3 16 

RR pp 38 107 
HAMMOND James Munro C-1126 
HAMMOND James Thomas III C-5411 
HAMMOND James W C-3 521 
HAMMOND Joseph Edward C-5585 
HAMMOND Mac Sawyer C-6633 
HAMMOND Stephen H H-62 
HAMMOND William Clement C-2393 
HAMNER Burks Latham III C-8176 
HAMPTON Edwin Rawk A- 1773 
HAMPTON Foster Jr A-3761 
HAMPTON Henry Rush A-2205 
♦HAMPTON John Erwin Jr M-585 
HAMPTON Lester Rayburn C-6054 
HAMPTON Walter Darden C-3 75 3 
HAMPTON William Wade Jr A-1774 

C-1855 RR pp 38 63 64 in 
HAMRICK Leon Jr C-7646 
♦HANAHAN Alfred Rhett A-3456 
HANAHAN Peyre Gaillard Jr A-3383 

C-3 3 62 
HANCHEY Richard Howard M-io 4 3 
as M RR pp 38 89 91 
HANCKEL Thomas M RR pp 38 89 91 
HANCKEL William Henry Jr T-552 
HANCKEL Mrs William Henry Jr 

also BINGHAM Rachel Harriet 

Co-ed 45 p 225 
HANCOCK Charles Frederick A-2463 
HANCOCK Edward Tompson (not 

Thompson) A-3872 C-4481 
HANCOCK Enoch Cliff Jr C-5583 
HANCOCK John T RR pp 38 55 
♦HANCOCK Meda Walter M-147S 
HANCOCK William Frederick CPT p 

HANCOCK William Mayo A-6638 
HAND John Anthon Jr A-5719 
HANDLEY Henry M-1282 
HANDLEY James White Fac 
HANDLEY John Oliver M-979 
HANDLY (not HANDLEY) Gustave 

Miller A-3867 
HANDLY Oscar Jr A-3557 
HANDS Edgar Beach Jr C-3 188 
HANEBURGER Franz Reiner Jt 

HANEE W B W RR p 38 see HOWE 

W B W 
HANES Grayson Pollard C-8721 
HANEY Daniel Alexander M-809 
HANEY Lawrence Orr A-3887 
HANEY Mary Emalyne SSMC p 341 
HANEY Taswell Pittman M-1024 
HANFF Samuel Merrill T-201 SST o 

HANFORD George William A-3096 
HANKINS Jeremiah Noble M-1429 
HANKINS Lawson Adamson M-1217 



HANKINS William Kirkpatrick C-6349 
HANKINS William Robert C-3281 
HANKINS William Thomas Jr C-5805 
HANKS Michael Leroy C-8486 
HANLEY Byrd Wells C-6408 
HANLEY Daniel McKinley Jr C-6584 
HANLEY James Robertson A-3431 
HANN George Haley C-4103 T-429 
HANNA Harry Lyndon C-6233 
HANNA James J A- 143 C-203 
HANNA Martin Jay M-1522 Fac 
HANNA Pete Michael A-6204 
HANNA Robert A-1111 
HANNABASS John Henry M-716 
HANNAH Edward Wayne A-5843 
HANNAH Howard Malcolm C-6754 
HANNAH Jack Walker CPT p 226 
HANNAH Kenneth Lyle A-6106 
HANNAH Rollin C-4591 
HANNEY W M A-166 C-259 
HANNON Alexander Cameron C-3992 
HANNON Horace Blake C-1545 M-138 
HANNUM Ellwood C-4112 
HANNUM Joseph Wilbur A-178S 

HANNUM William Henry M-279 

G RR pp 38 97 98 99 
HANSBROUGH John Alexander A-924 
HANSELL Haywood Shepherd A-2994 
HANSELL Robert Clark III C-8729 
HANSEN John Richard III C-8577 
HANSERD J B A-785 C-857 
HANSON Alexander Barraud Jr T-395 

RR pp 38 84 8s 
HANSON Henry Leonard C-433° 
HANSON James Nicholas A-5292 
HANSON (Miss) Marie L Staff 
HARANG Dominic Francis Jr C-1695 
HARANG E Bouligny A-463 C-452 
HARANG Edmund A-T883 
HARANG Warren Joseph A-1990 
HARB Richard Hilmey C-8367 
HARBAUGH John Washington A-1700 
HARBESON Kelley Richard A-2359 
HARBESON Walter Woodberry A-2358 
HARBISON Joe Bell Jr C-2757 
♦HARBISON Richard Nelms C-2758 
HARBISON Shelby Thomas Jr C-5448 

p 229 
HARD Charles Frederick C-2751 H-388 

HARDAWAY Thomas Arthur T-789 

HARDCASTLE Robert Dalton Jf 

A-60 1 5 
HARDIE Syd Knight A-3592 C-3721 
HARDIGG Dorothy also MacKENZIE 

Mrs Pierce Co-ed 8 p 176 
HARDIGG Oscar Carl Jr A-2969 

C-3 162 
HARDIN Durrie Benjamin C-3459 T- 

402 RR pp 38 62 
HARDIN Ernest Gilliam Jr C-5753 
HARDIN James Allen M-834 
HARDIN John C C-65 
HARDING Frederick Harriman C-1418 

T-165 RR pp 24 26 
HARDING Leon Knight M-229 
HARDING William P Gould Fac 
HARDISON Darwin Carter C-7127 
•HARDISON Herman Henry Jr A-460S 

HARDISON James Archibald Jr A-5009 
HARDISON Joseph Hammond Jr 

HARDISON Joseph Shelton A-5962 

HARDMAN Alfred T-622 GST-81 RR 

p 111 Fac 
HARDMAN Richard Joseph GST-108 
HARDMAN Samuel Robinson C-5557 

T-664 GST-82 p 229 
HARDRE (Mme) Berthe Fac 
HARDRE Jacques Fac 
HARDRE Rene p 339 Fac 
HARDTNER Quintin Theodore RR pp 

38 74 75 
HARDTNER Quintin Theodore Jr 

A-3278 C-3448 
HARDTNER Quintin Theodore III 

A- 5 896 
HARDY Clifton Leroy Jr A-5824 
HARDY Edward Rochie Jr Fac 
HARDY John M Staff 
HARDY Philip Sheridan Jr A-4423 
HARDY William Moore M-1518 
HARE Hobart Emlen A-2315 
HARE Robert Philip III C-4086 
HARE Robert Philip IV A-5945 C-8827 
HARE Walter Benjamin Hobart T-198 
HARGIS James Clay C-6924 
HARGRAVE Thomas Exam C-2773 RR 

PP 25 27 
HARGRAVE William Hays A-2686 
HARGRAVE William Loftin GST-26 
HARGRAVES James Fitzhugh C-4197 
HARGRAVES James Theophilus (not 

Tappan) C-283 
HARGROVE Claude B A-128 C-362 
HARGROVE Eugene Edward C-6186 
HARGROVE James Ward A- 4 2i4 
HARGROVE Joseph Leonard A-4628 
HARGROVE Matthew Vernon M-1138 
HARGROVE Robert Clyde A-4036 
HARGROVE Ulysses Shelby A-6265 
HARLAN John Pierce A-5186 
HARLAN Louis Eliphalet A-5187 
HARLE Richard Torrence A-5971 
HARLOW Augustin Marchant A-3396 
HARLOW William M C-327 
HARMAN Bryant Gray T-233 
HARMAN William Gray C-2058 
HARMON Benson Joseph Jr C-8338 
HARMON Harvey Staff 
HARMON Lee Scott A-5311 C-6905 
HARMON Robert Lee Jr A-3351 
HARN Maurice Lester Jr C-6432 
HARP John Bowman A-6639 
HARP William Lonnie A-5986 
HARPER Cecil Duncan Jr C-7111 
HARPER Emile Sherwood T-199 
HARPER Gerald Britton C-7273 
HARPER James Bartow CPT p 226 
HARPER Joseph Martin C-6079 
HARPER Thomas Preston C-2737 
HARPER Washington Allen M-68 
HARR Lee Bryan C-2511 
HARRADEN Edward Buckley Monroe 

HARRELL Benjamin Slaughter C-8536 
HARRELL Hazel Washington M-537 
HARRELL James Alister A-5572 

Sue Co-ed 28 p 193 
HARRELL William Benjamin A-3285 
HARRINGTON Arthur T-839 
HARRINGTON Thaddeus Staff 
HARRINGTON Wallace Gordon C- 

HARRIS Albert G Jr A-5363 
HARRIS Arthur Graham M-1250 
HARRIS Byron Deakins C-345S 
HARRIS Mrs Charles Anderson Jr 

also HOBACK Dorothy Ray Co-ed 

77 P 253 
HARRIS Charles Ansley Jr C-8152 
HARRIS Charles Oliver A-1734 

HARRIS Charles Quintard A-78 C-194 
HARRIS Clayborne Anderson M-1279 
HARRIS Clifton Kerfoot A-1389 
HARRIS Dudley Peete A-3033 C-2798 
♦HARRIS Edward Bledsoe C-2546 RR 

pp 25 27 38 108 
HARRIS Edward Bledsoe Jr C-8651 
HARRIS Esau Alun M-260 
HARRIS Eugene Owen Jr A-3140 

HARRIS Eugene Owen III C-7204 
HARRIS Felix Z A-478 
HARRIS Francis Bartow Jr A-3824 

HARRIS Frank Lenoir M-311 
HARRIS Frederick Holladay Jr Fac 
*HARRIS George Carroll H-137 RR 

pp 38 76 94 96 117 
HARRIS George Carroll Jr C-785 
HARRIS George Hazlehurst C-3176 

HARRIS George Henry C-1198 RR pp 

38 71 72 Staff 
HARRIS George Leach Jr A-4649 
HARRIS George Marshall Jr C-4922 
HARRIS George Ralph M-308 
HARRIS George Vernon T-315 
HARRIS Henry Canova C-1 174 
HARRIS Heniy Moss C-7197 
HARRIS James Lyon C-2049 L-135 
♦HARRIS Jerome C-2396 
HARRIS Johana or HARRIS Mrs Roy 

CFF p 342 Staff 
HARRIS John Augustus C-580 T-48 

RR PP 38 77 
HARRIS Joseph Daniel Jr C-6764 
HARRIS Joseph Walter A-43S9 
HARRIS Lancelot Minor Fac 
HARRIS Louis Lynn C-3S64 
HARRIS Normand Bond T-23 
HARRIS Norvin Trent A-357 
HARRIS Orville Beany C-4950 T-514 
HARRIS Orville Stockell CPT p 226 
HARRIS Poindexter A-2301 
HARRIS Richard Adley Wilkinson 

HARRIS Robert W C-120 
HARRIS Rogers Sanders C-6919 T-882 

P 329 
HARRIS Mrs Rogers Sanders also 

STEWART Anne Marshall CFF p 

HARRIS Roy CFF p 342 Staff 
HARRIS Mrs Roy or Mrs Johana Staff 
HARRIS Samuel Beveridge C-630 
HARRIS Samuel H Beveridge T-251 
HARRIS Samuel Smith RR pp 38 73 
HARRIS Seale Jr C-3050 
HARRIS Stephen Philip A-3894 
HARRIS Will Herbert C-1420 
HARRIS William A-2693 
HARRIS William Hastings Jr A-4248 

HARRIS William L A-311 C-368 
HARRIS William Mayo A-3204 C-3212 
HARRISON A Blaney A-247 C-312 
HARRISON Benjamin Franklin III C- 

HARRISON Burwell Connor C-6628 

RR pp 38 6s 
HARRISON Caskie H-60 p 340 Fac 
HARRISON Charles Trawick RR p 120 

HARRISON Edmond Jordan C-1880 
♦HARRISON Edward Hendree C-4427 

GST-126 RR pp 38 65 
HARRISON Francis Andrew A-5662 

HARRISON Frank A-2082 
HARRISON Frank Russell III C-8162 

HARRISON George Evelyn A-635 C-715 
HARRISON George Hendree T-169 RR 

pp 38 64 71 72 
HARRISON George Kennedy A-5977 
HARRISON George Scott A-6468 
HARRISON Grover Cleveland C-2518 
HARRISON Howard Watt Jr C-8711 
HARRISON James Bell M-1462 
HARRISON James Gladden Jr C-6803 
HARRISON James Lewis C-4096 
♦HARRISON Jesse McVeigh C-1588 

RR pp 24 27 
HARRISON John McCaughey A-3902 
HARRISON John Norton III A-5600 
HARRISON John Townsend T-671 

HARRISON Josiah Jackson C-4049 
HARRISON Leon Rivers C-476 
HARRISON Luther Adams A-2303 
HARRISON Nat A-; 4 C-241 
HARRISON Norwood Calhoun C-4682 
HARRISON Percy David A-497 
HARRISON Thomas Barclay Jr C-925 
HARRISON Thomas Demetrius C-5520 
HARRISON William Clement C-336 
HARRISON Thomas Gustavus A-2847 

HARRISON William Gordon A-748 
HARRISON William Preston C-1585 
♦HARRISON Zadok Daniel H-263 RR 

pp 38 55 66 67 in 
HARRISON Zadok Daniel C-4635 
HARRISS Marion Sanders A-2317 

C-2 1 3 1 
HARRISS Meares A-2241 
HARRISS Robert Curtis A-6422 
HARROLD Frank Anderson A-5156 
HARROLD Frank Probasco C-1311 
HARRY Hugh Logan C-2007 
HARSH Marcellus George A-3147 
HARSH Nathan James C-8S39 
HART Benjamin Lyon A- 11 86 C-u6l 
HART George Alfred C-5491 
HART George Barrow Jr A-6418 
HART George Ernest Jr C-4141 
HART George Henry Jr C-6475 
HART Mrs George Henry Jr also 

WHITEHEAD Sally Marshall Co- 
ed 48 p 244 
HART H C RR pp 38 49 
HART James Winfred C-6165 
HART Joe Carroll A-3024 
HART Joel Cecil Jr A-4327 
HART John Alexander Jr A-5457 
HART Joseph Everett RR pp 38 100 

HART Joseph Everett Jr C-4350 
HART Oliver James H-341 RR pp 2! 

22 38 55 
HART Phillip Bertrand A-6481 
HART Richard Morey C-3629 RR pp 

38 65 105 mi 117 
HART Walter Moore C-4612 RR pp 

38 9> 
HARTE John Joseph Meakin H-483 RR 

P 57 
HARTER Benjamin August A-6312 
HARTER Bernard Paul A-5338 
HARTER Frederick Paul A-6085 
HARTFORD Thomas James Jr C-6684 
HARTLEY William Albert Percy C- 

HARTMAN Frank Talmage C-4655 
♦HARTON James Edward Jr C-2776 
HARTON John Wheeler Jr C-4719 

Mrs Nathaniel Co-ed 68 p 249 
HARTR1CH James Sherwin C-458S 



HARTRIDGE Alfred Lamar RR pp 

38 66 
HARTRIDGE Alfred Lamar A-623 

HARTSFIELD Keith McRoy C-3543 
HARTT Quintin Hardtner A-4973 
HARTWELL Arthur Edward GST-100 
HARTWELL George Whitney A-6449 
HARTZELL Clifford Leroy C-21S8 
HARVARD Henry Luther M-1574 
HARVARD Richard Lee A-3962 
HARVARD William Bloxham A-3822 
HARVELL Everett Wesley Jr C-58S9 
HARVEY John Bastin C-4202 
HARVEY David Thompson Jr A-5728 
•HARVEY Joseph Harris C-1907 T- 

246 RR pp 38 50 
HARVEY Joseph Noland III A-5934 
HARVEY William Raymond GST-200 
HARWELL Baxter Hicks Jr C-7794 
HARWELL Clyde Bryan A-6547 
HARWELL Coleman Alexander C- 

3386 RR pp 38 108 
HARWELL David Walker C-7608 
HARWELL Henry Harlan M-1385 
HARWELL Lacy Rankin C-6910 
HARWELL Robert Ewing C-3007 
HARWELL Samuel Knox Jr C-2914 
HARWELL Thomas Martin A-5588 
HARWELL William Beasley C-4699 
HARWOOD Richard Drewry C-4134 
HARWOOD Warren Pearson A-2001 
HASBROOK Robert Decrow A- 1568 
HASELL Adams Hayne A-5214 
HASELL Duncan Ingraham A-5753 
HASELTON John Edwin Hall C-7104 
HASKELL Allen Wardlaw Jr A-2884 
HASKELL Charles Heyward A-1129 

HASKELL Edward Cheves A-702 
HASKELL Edwin Calhoun Jr A-4890 
HASKELL Frank Eugene Jr C-7200 
HASKELL Howze C-353S 
HASKELL James Heyward A- 1 1 28 

HASKELL John Cheves Jr A-703 

T R Co-ed 28 p 193 
HASKELL William Elnathan Jr A-939 

HASKIN Nagel C-5255 T-559 
HASKINS David Green RR p 119 Fac 
HASKINS William Gray C-6410 
HASSELL Don Philip C-7628 
HASSELLE James Terrell C-4048 
HASSINGER Howard Henry Fac 
HASTINGS Llewellyn Burton C-1877 

HASTY Frances Marian Co-ed 63 p 249 
HATCH Albert Huntington C-71SO T- 

HATCH Benjamin Francis Jr C-3869 
HATCH D W A- 1 36 
HATCH Edwin Irby C-4293 
HATCH Gregg Jackson A-3934 
HATCHETT David Wightman C-8078 
HATCHETT Edward Adolphus M-326 
HATCHETT John Wayne C-7953 
HATCHETT Marion Josiah T-705 Fac 
HATCHETTE James Benton A-6086 
HATFIELD Jack Leas C-3070 
HATFIELD Jack Watson C-7322 
HATFIELD Thomas Ralph C-4884 
HATHAWAY Anthony Wyatt C-8401 
HATHORN Charles Maury C-8524 
HATTEN Peter Henry C-8332 
HATTENDORF Richard Lawrence C- 

HAUGAN Harald Kenneth T-941 
HAUGHTON Marvin Bristol C-8460 

HAUSER Roscoe Conkling Jr C-3680 
HAUSER Stanley Fillmore C-5511 
HAVARD Leroy Stafford Jr C-5054 
HAVARD Ray Franklin Jr A-4861 
HAVERKAMP Charles Mann A-2019 

(not A-2018) C-1936 
HAVENS Henry Wilson Jr C-5236 T- 

618 GST- 1 58 
HAW Stuart McSpaden Jr C-6426 
HAWES Peyton Samuel A-3362 
HAWK Gordon Robert CPT p 226 
HAWK John Beamon Jr C-8816 
HAWKINS Alexander RR pp 39 6s 
HAWKINS Allen Phineas M-mi 
HAWKINS Charles Edward III C-581C 
•HAWKINS Charles LeGrand C-3951 
HAWKINS Clarence A Jr A-4860 
HAWKINS Douglas Harris Jr C-7434 
HAWKINS Eugene Wallace M-806 
HAWKINS Frank Jr A-80 C-304 
HAWKINS Frank Collins A-1343 
HAWKINS Frank Lewis C-4362 
HAWKINS Hobart Welton C-86 
HAWKINS Ira A-1344 
HAWKINS James Edward C-13 
HAWKINS James Everett M-!402 
HAWKINS John Baxter Jr A-46S5 

HAWKINS John Davis A-1182 
HAWKINS John Walter C-4113 
HAWKINS Leonidas Polk A-2605 
HAWKINS Louis Herring A-1002 

HAWKINS Luke A-1453 
HAWKINS Mary Carolyn also KEN- 
NEDY Mrs Harold Christian 

Reuf Co-ed 42 p 225 
•HAWKINS Murray A-2455 C-2238 
HAWKINS Paul French A-2184 
HAWKINS Paul Minor Jr C-5340 
HAWKINS Richard Vernon A-4385 

HAWKINS Ross Cooper A-6087 
HAWKINS Russell Lynn A-3786 
HAWKINS Thomas Jr A-4595 
HAWKINS Thomas Marshall A-1831 
HAWKINS William Blufard C-8052 

HAWKINS William Brown C-5361 
HAWKINS William Burgin A-3127 
HAWKINS Wilts Isaac A-2514 
HAWKS Cicero Stephens RR p 79 
HAWKS Joseph P C-100 
HAWKS Thomas Hardaway C-101 
HAWKS William Nassau RR pp 39 66 

HAWLEY Glenn CPT p 226 
HAWTHORNE Harry David GST-140 
HAY Charles Henry T-947 
HAY Joseph Smyser M-324 
HAY Louie Gerald C-4191 
HAY William Richard C-6775 
HAYDEN Augustus Henry Jr A-358 

HAYDEN Elmer Forrest M-315 
HAYDEN John Harold III A-6169 
HAYDEN Reuben Cone A-1015 C-1074 
HAYES Burton McKean A-3825 
HAYES Douglas Fac 
HAYES G D A-790 
HAYES Gordon Duval C-5736 
HAYES Henry Wells Stanley M-267 

HAYES James Marvin Jr C-5271 
HAYES Jasper Floyd C-4333 
HAYES Richard Earl C-7817 
HAYES Roger Freeman C-7448 
HAYES Toye Lester C-5702 
HAYES Virgil Leverette A-5886 
HAYES William Byron C-8639 

HAYES William Byron Jr C-7742 
HAYGOOD Thomas Converse A-4048 
•HAYGOOD Virgil Marion M-1122 
HAYLEY George Wilkerson A-3269 

HAYLEY John Henry C-4200 
HAYNE Isaac A-6505 
HAYNES Elizabeth Adeline Co-ed 19 

p 188 
HAYNES Emory Holloway A-f400 
HAYNES James Paris A-2776 
HAYNES John Marshall C-5549 T-926 
HAYNES Jonathan Langford Jr C-3361 
HAYNES Lawrence Jr C-1784 
HAYNES Leyden A-1852 
HAYNES Warren Edward T-896 
HAYNES William Paris Jr A-2775 
HAYNIE Hiram Garwood Jr C-6004 
HAYNIE Thomas Powell III C-7297 
HAYNSWORTH Custis Hall A-3819 
HAYNSWORTH George Edward T-654 

GST- 1 27 
HAYNSWORTH Knox Livingston 

A-3 1 19 C-2810 
HAYNSWORTH Waties Rees T-500 

HAYS Bert Shears C-4775 
HAYS David William C-8595 
HAYS John Putnam A-5481 
HAYS Julius Duncan A-5940 
HAYS Robert Bartholow Jr A-4202 

HAYS Walter Lynn C-5212 T-562 
HAYS William Auburn Jr A-5678 
HAYS William Francis GST-101 
HAYS William Jasper M-169 
HAYWARD Edward Farren Jr C-4258 
HAZEL Russell Lynn C-6016 
HAZLEHURST George Edward C-6712 
HAZLEHURST James Nisbet C-710 
•HAZLEHURST John G sum 1908 p 

■ 54 
HAZLEHURST Pinckney Alston A-1359 

HAZLIP John Kirkland Jr C-3120 
HAZLIP Steve Power A-3 148 C-314Q 
HAZZARD Meredyth Roberts A-4029 
HAZZARD Rutledge Parker A-4460 
HAZZARD William Wigg A-1561 
HAZZARD William Wigg Jr A-3956 

HEAD Brian Franklin A-5883 
HEAD Dixon Robinson C-7042 
HEAD Hugh Garland III C-7057 
HEAD Thomas Grady HA p 521 
HEAD William Campton C-3011 
HEANEY Harry Gilbert C-1597 M-604 

RR pp 39 102 103 104 
HEANEY Harry Gordon C-3902 
HEANEY James David C-4988 
HEARD Charles Stephen C-936 
HEARD Frank Muir C-1841 
HEARD John McDowell C-5504 
HEARD Thomas Vincent Jr A-4340 
HEARIN Charles Turner Jr A-2258 
•HEARN Thomas Oscar M-955 
HEARNE Joseph Leonard A-i 161 
•HEARNE Lorenzo Dial A-1159 C-II59 
•HEARNE William Garlington A-1160 

HEARTFIELD Maurice Kingsley Jr 

HEATH Brown McDonald A-3 3 73 
HEATH Edward Wyman C-7246 
HEATH Elliott Champion A-5725 
HEATH James Barton A-5650 
HEATH John Allen A-6524 
HEA'IH Spencer GST- 196 
HEATH Stewart William Jr C-2742 
HEATHMAN Alex Crawford C-4795 

HEATHMAN James Martin Jr C-44S7 
HEBBARD Frederick Gardner C-1337 
HEBERER Arthur Charles Jr C-7957 
HEBERT Philip Postell C-3295 
HEBERT Thomas Joseph C-3199 
HEBERT William Laurens C-3436 
HEBNER Edgar Jr C-6026 
HEBRON Henry Patton C-2159 
HEDDEN Henry Howard A-109 
HEDRICK John Adam C-8090 
HEERS Theodore Alfred T-8S4 
HEFLIN Virgil Philip C-7856 
HEGE Edward Napoleon Bonaparte 

HEGGIE Norman MacLeod Jr C-4675 
HEGYI Charlotte also Mrs Julius 

SSMC p 342 
HEGYI Julius SSMC p 342 
HEIDELBERG Mrs Cecil F also 

WOODLIFF Mary Elizabeth Co-ed 

35 P 198 
HEIDT Frank Edward Jr A-5793 
HEILBRUN Robert McKenna C-3569 
HEIMER Louis Benjamin M-1137 
HEI NEMAN Keith Donald C-3863 

Aaron David M-1551 Fac 
HEINITSH Heber Ducachet C-157 
HEINSOHN Douglas Lylburn C-7668 
HELLER John Ross M-510 
HELLMANN Bernard James T-842 

HELM Gay Coleman A-2998 C-2937 
•HELM George Meredith Jr A-2997 


HELMBRECHT Thomas Charles C- 

HELMS James Reding C-2864 T-340 
HELMS James Reding Jr C-5667 
HELMS Vanaman Moore A-3056 
HELMS William O'Keefe C-7208 
HELT Sanford Lloyd C-7782 
HELTON James Caton C-6604 
HELVENSTON Brantly Walker III 

HELVENSTON Edward Phelps C-74*3 
HELVENSTON Lyman Jr A-3773 
HELVENSTON Reginald Heber C-30I2 
•HELVEY Orin Greenhill C-3395 RR 

PP 39 98 
HELVEY Orin Greenhill Jr C-8261 
HEMBREE Joseph Harry C-3431 
HEMM1NGS James Robert A-3760 
HEMMINGWAY John Hunter A-2246 
HEMMING WAY Theodore Winter Jr 

HEMPERLEY Robert Franklin Jr 

HEMPHILL Lewis Simpson Jr A-4125 
HEMPHILL Robert A-3304 
HEMPHILL Vassar Dewey C-2921 
HEMPHILL William T C-471 
HEMPSTEAD Fay RR pp 39 54 
HEMPSTONE Smith Jr C-6932 
HENCKELL Paul Walker RR pp 39 84 

HENDERSON Archibald A-677 C-721 
HENDERSON Archibald H-211 RR 

PP 19 21 
HENDERSON Charlie Tressie M-1345 
HENDERSON Charles William Jr 

HENDERSON Clifton Morton Jr T- 

HENDERSON Douglas Harvie A-6645 
HENDERSON Earl Erie Jr C-6072 
HENDERSON Greenville Thomat Ji 

A-3 569 
HENDERSON Hunt A-1040 C-1075 

RR pp 39 74 



HENDERSON James Edward M-902 
HENDERSON John Lewis Jr A-4108 

HENDERSON John Peeler C-4073 
HENDERSON Leonard A-2025 
HENDERSON Lester Merriam Jr C- 

HENDERSON Richard Butler A-5062 
HENDERSON Thomas Burt C-4368 
HENDERSON Thomas Kelly M-8so 
HENDERSON William C-8112 
HENDERSON William Jr C-1458 
HENDERSON William Cramp C-4959 
HENDERSON William Davis T-966 
HENDERSON Willis Craig GST-84 
HENDLEY Emmett Werner C-426S 
HENDLEY George Oscar A-2430 
HENDON Frank Wilson A-6095 
HENDRICK John Alexander M-901 
HENDRICK Mastin Duke M-900 
HENDRICKSON Carl Cecil Jr C-7941 
HENDRY Allen Penfield A-2965 
HENDRY Chester Scoville A-2964 
HENDRY Jack Wall Jr A-4564 
HENEGAR William Washington M-525 
HENINGTON Robert Fletcher C-5773 
HENLEY Charles Glenn C-7519 
HENLEY Louis Campbell C-5211 
HENLEY Thomas A-302 
HENNEMAN John Bell RR p 120 

HENNESSY William Thomas Jr A-4009 
HENNIES John Henry Jr M-916 
HENNING Frank D A-74 
HENNING James Curtice A-4606 
HENNING Kent Standish C-8441 
HENNING Raymond Somerby M-1573 
HENNING Standish C-7818 
HENRY Albert Gallatin Jr A-327 
HENRY Charles Leonard C-6495 T- 

HENRY Elbert Augustus Jr A-5034 
HENRY Frank Moss A-2111 
HENRY George Groves C-6705 
HENRY George Selden A-2471 
HENRY George Selden Jr C-7065 
HENRY James Robert III C-6007 
HENRY Matthew George H-430 RR 

pp 39 105 106 
HENRY Patrick Jr A-2960 C-2733 
HENRY Samuel A-328 
HENRY Wallace B C-938 
HENRY William Armstrong A-1034 
HENRY William Thomas M-1436 
HENSAL Thomas William M-297 
HENSON Gregory Hawkins A-6453 
HENSON Thomas Arrington A-4394 
HENTON Wade RR pp 39 72 
HEPPES Larry Geoffroy C-8151 
HEPLER Philip Edward M-77 
HERBERT Charles Thomas Jr C-8000 
HERBERT Hilary Abner Jr A-1554 
HERBERT Kathryn Roberta also 

WEIR Mrs Harry E Co-ed 34 

P 198 
HERBERT Thomas Levine IV C-4348 
HERBERT William Bush Jr C-4372 
HEREFORD Rufus T A-6144 
HERIN Henry Mercer Jr C-2829 
HERLOCKER John Robert C-8015 
HERLONG Bertram Nelson T-945 
HERLONG William Frederick T-870 
HERMAN John William GST-160 
HERMANN Henry Albert M-818 
HERMES Louis Albert C-8392 

Conrado M-1498 
HERNDON Dale Collins A-5831 
HERNDON Edward Tremlett A-195 

HERNDON John Cleveland C-3674 
HERNDON Robin Cadwallader A-2116 

HERNDON Stanley Bell A-346 C-545 
HERNDON Thomas H A-197 
♦HEROD Alfred George M-1195 
HERPEL Henry Ketchin C-5308 
HERRING Edwin Barney C-5826 
♦HERRING John Bisland C-2783 
HERRING Louis Whitfield A-81 
HERRING Robert Freeman A-38to 

♦HERRING William Douglas C-2563 
HERRINGTON Lindley Clayton 

A- 1 949 C-1991 L-117 
HERRMANN George IV Henry C-5656 
HERRON Clarence Ray A-5822 
HERRON Turner Scott A-2897 C-2952 
HERSCHER George Sutherland C-6207 
HERVEY Harry Clay Jr A-2827 C-2901 
HERZBERG Louis Friedman A-5723 
HERZBERG William A-2433 
HERZOG Robert Henry C-5317 
HESLOP James William C-5124 
HESSEY Ella Catherine also HUNT- 
ER Mrs Thomas Co-ed 3 p 171 
HESSEY James Augustus H-36 
HESTER Frederick William A-3648 
HETSCH Laurence Daniel Jr C-4767 
HETZEL Alan Dorn C-7772 
HEUSS John Jr H-455 
HEWITT Fayette RR pp 39 71 
HEWITT Frank C-1422 
HEWITT Jack Aiken C-5157 
HEWITT James A H-59 
HEWITT John Howard A- 5 124 
HEWS Edson Lawrence Jr A-653 
HEWS Howard A-643 
HEWSON Harry Morris Clabaugh Jr 

HEWSON Mrs Harry Morris Clabaugh 

Jr also LUCAS Susannah Gaines 

Co-ed 116 p 275 
HEXTER Charles Frauenthal A-3726 
HEYMAN Charles Simon Jr A-5435 
HEYSER Lester Ingraham A-3708 
HEYWARD Lucius A-101 
HEYWARD Nathaniel A-1054 C-1146 
HEYWARD Theodore Coe Jr C-4609 

RR PP 39 83 
HEYWARD William Smith A-2568 

HIBBERT William Andrew Jr C-7496 
HIBBETT Rufus Gleason Jr C-5711 
HICKERSON Charles Franklin C-34S8 
HICKERSON Joe Roy C-4911 
HICKERSON Joseph Roy C-2632 
HICKERSON Thomas William C-6148 
HICKMAN William Tyler C-1973 
HICKS Alfred Burt C-2083 
HICKS Allan Gregory A-2235 
HICKS Charles Thomas Jr A-4209 
HICKS Don Ami C-3032 
HICKS George Yerger Jr A-3619 
HICKS Hunter McDonald Jr A-S076 
HICKS Isham Kimbell M-1403 
*HICKS Joseph Harkess M-622 
HICKS Laurence Baxter C-5213 
HICKS Louis Dennis A-1315 
♦HICKS Oliver Burdette M-1065 
HICKS Robert Burbank A-1360C-1384 
HICKS Robert Lansing T-593 Fac 
HICKS Roy Henry Jr C-8202 
HICKS Wayne Bernard A-6513 
HICKS William Lawrence C-6632 
HICKS William Whitfield C-5896 
HIGDON Joe Calvin Jr A-6321 



5051 p 222 
HIGGINS Abner M-179 
HIGGINS Carl Alexander Harwood C- 

HIGGINS Claude Chamberlain A-857 

C-919 M-70 
HIGGINS Horace Douglas C-282 
HIGGINS Joel Gibson A-1901 
HIGGINS Robert Allen A-5382 
HIGGINS Robert Nash A-5811 
HIGGINS Walter Vernon C-49S3 
HIGGS Gilbert H-89 
HIGGS James Alan Jr A-3936 
HIGH James Thomas Jr T-833 
HIGHFILL Herbert Holmes Jr C-5781 
HIGHT Frank Bartow C-910 
HIGHTOWER Joe Vaulx A-6083 
HIGHTOWER William Harrison Sum 

1908 p 154 
HIGMAN Mervin Briscoe Jr A-5015 
F1ILDEBRAND Adolph Michael T-210 
HILDEBRAND Franklin II A-5138 
HILDEBRAND J Hamilton M-165 
HILDEBRAND Richard David A-2694 
HILDRETH Harold Edwin C-1708 
HILDRETH Lawrence Marvin A-5807 
♦HILDRETH Richard Prescott A-2395 
HILDRETH William Sobieski A-2292 

HILL Alonzo A-2134 
HILL Arthur Thomas M-232 
HILL Benjamin DeWitt Clinton A-31 
HILL Bobby Baxter C-7748 
HILL Charles Wadsworth Ball T-173 
HILL Claude Monroe Jr C-5254 
HILL Courtney Hamilton M-1460 
HILL Frank Delmar A-3939 
HILL Frank Fontaine A-1270 
HILL Frank Young Jr C-7395 
HILL Frederick Sinclair Jr A-4718 
HILL Frederick Sinclair RR pp 39 82 
HILL Harry Marshall C-4916 
HILL Henry Erskine H-285 
HILL James Alexander M-1245 
HILL James Fitts A-1941 
HILL James Otto C-5612 
HILL Mrs James Otto also Mrs Vera 

Dorothy Williams Staff 
HILL James Wright Jr now III C-4716 
HILL Jesse Proctor C-8726 
HILL John William C-7644 
♦HILL Lewis Hamilton III A-5083 

HILL Lucius Davis Jr M-1544 
HILL Macdonough Craven A-6543 
HILL Nathaniel Moore Jr A-51 
HILL Oliver James C-7776 
HILL Oliver William M-962 
HILL Robert Edward Lee A-1709 

HILL Robert Emyl Jr A-6371 
HILL Theodore David Jr A-5759 
HILL Thomas Fielding A-6514 
HILL Thomas Joel A-4832 
HILL Virgil Anderson C-4910 
HILL Walton Harris A-1801 
HILL Walton W A-49 C-136 
HILLER George Irvine Jr C-5222 p 

HILLER John David C-6033 
H1LLHOUSE John Louden Jr C-8669 
HILL1ARD Byron A-1181 C-1270 
HILLIARD Henry Epps C-4539 
HILLIN Samuel H C-708 

HILLMAN Fred Bartlett Jr C-3560 
HILLYER Frank Clifton A-1895 

C-1868 M-1538 
HILLYER Hugh Rolston A-139 
HILLYER Whitfield Cowles A-1001 
HILSMAN Agnew Hodge Jr C-2968 
HILSMAN Lawrence Ruch (not Ruth) 

A-1254 C-1318 
HILTON Denson Ellis M-MS4 
HILTY Leonard Franklin Jr A-4265 
HILZHEIM Hyman Grey A-163 C-363 
HILZHEIM Jack Bloom Jr C-5764 
HIMEL Clifford Alphonsus M-561 
HIMMELBAUER George Ellis A-3432 
HINDMAN David Silas M-327 
HINDRY Louis Fitz-James RR pp 39 

HINDS Edmond Frank A-3829 
HINDS Jack Gilman C-8356 
HINDS Paul Leonard A-2902 
HINDS Sidney Rae Jr A-4660 
HINDSON William Henry A-3078 
HINE Edward West Jr C-6784 
HINE William James A-1733 C-1810 
HINES Benjamin Franklin M-54 
HINES Catherine Cabeen also ADAMZ 

Mrs Alfonso Constantine Jr Co- 
ed 56 p 245 
HINES Ida Jane also McGOWAN 

Mrs C K Co-ed 79 p 254 
HINES John Elbridge C-3821 H-415 

RR pp 39 67 79 97 99 108 in 
HINES John David A-6288 
HINES John Prey Jr C-7689 
HINES Lewis Ross A-2814 
HINES Paul Caase Jr C-7402 
HINES Richard H C-153 
HINES Wilburn Ray A-6308 
HINES William Moore M-957 
HINKLE Jack Crouch C-5546 
HINKLE John Homer Jr A-3767 
HINMAN William Burch C-2363 
HINSHAW Gilbert Kenneth C-743I 
HINSHELWOOD Alan Clyde C-4997 
H1NSHELW00D Paul Moore C-5S72 
HINSON Elwyn LeRoy A-5297 
HINSON William Mayberry C-7639 
HINTON Charles W SST p 330 
HINTON Eugene RR pp 39 76 
HINTON Eugene Henry C-i 19 RR pp 

39 107 108 
HINTON Harold Boaz A-2804 C-2S00 

RR pp 25 27 
HINTON Robert McClellan C-8259 
HINTON Robert Wood III C-3391 
HIPPS Martin De Merritt A-1992 

H1PSH Jacob Franklin M-874 
HIRIAT Charles Allen M-1419 
HIRONS Bernard Edwin T-441 Fac 

HIRONS Noel Woodrow A-4011 
HIRSIG James William C-2867 
HIRSCH Irvin Stafford A-5081 
HITCH Carston III A-S042 C-7261 
HITCHCOCK Murray Sims C-4104 
HITCHCOX Phyllis Ann SSMC p 342 
HITE Claiborne Mcintosh C-460 
HITE Richard Rousseau A-31 5 C-497 
HITE William Stuart CPT p 226 
HITER Leonard Mathis C-2780 
HITT Peter Goodman A-6647 
HIX Charles Parker A-5631 
HIX Joseph Newton C-4543 
HIX Lafayette C M-669 
♦HOAG Frank Victor C-2251 
HOAG Sheldon Griswold C-5509 
HOBACK Dorothy Ray also HARRIS 
Mrs Charles Anderson Jr Co-ed 
77 P 253 



*HOBART Duncan Monroe C-422* 

GST-27 RR PP 39 55 
HOBART Roderick James T-657 GST- 

HOBBS Douglas Brown A-2915 C-2725 
HOBBS Gustavus Warfield Jr H-332 
HOBBS Howard Casper A-4185 
HOBBS Richard Jr L-16 C-1363 
HOBDAY Herbert Thomas A-5259 
HOBDAY William Edward A-5392 
HOBDY Fount Edwin M-663 
HOBDY William M-386 
HOBSON Joel Jones Jr C-5343 
HOBSON John Lewis C-5676 
HODGDON Samuel Thomas C-8328 
HODGE Bertrand Peyton now STE- 
VENS Bertrand Peyton C-5992 
HODGE Ralph McCIorg C-3324 
♦HODGE Robert Francis C-254° 
HODGES Elizabeth Johnson also 
HODGES Mrs John Irel Hall p 
342 Fac 
HODGES Glenn Clark A-5225 
HODGES Irel Hall now HODGES 

John Irel Hall C-4678 Staff 
HODGES Jake Chaplaine Jr A-4412 
HODGES Mrs James R p 376 
HODGES Mrs John Irel Hall see 

HODGES Elizabeth Johnson 
HODGES John Randolph A-2706 
HODGES John Samuel C-1248 
HODGES Patsy Ann CFF p 341 
HODGES Samuel Joseph Jr A-4424 
HODGES William Cosby A-3938 
HODGES William Cosby Jr A-6176 
HODGES William Davenport JrA-6017 
HODGES William Livingston A-4717 
HODGES William Mabry C-4022 
HODGKINS Henry Bell Jr C-3369 T- 
379 H-404 RR pp 21 22 39 108 
in 117 
HODGKINS John Cummings C-7486 
HODGKINS Lewis T-727 
HODGSON Alice Cheatham also PARK- 
ER Mrs Edward CPT p 222 
HODGSON George William A-3491 

HODGSON George Wilmer A-1114 

C-1151 L-5 
HODGSON Harry Holmes A-20 C-239 
HODGSON Henry Michael A-1028 

HODGSON Herbert David Jr A-3780 
HODGSON Hugh H-474 
HODGSON John Hamilton Potter 

A-599 C-747 H-187 RR pp 39 l°7 

1 1 1 Fac 
HODGSON Joseph RR pp 18 21 
HODGSON Peter Calvert Leary A-3779 
HODGSON Philip Morton C-94* 
HODGSON Robert Everett C-8213 
HODGSON Telfair H-25 p 297 RR PP 

31 115 117 118 119 Fac Staff 
HODGSON Telfair C-1442 H-467 RR 

pp 117 118 Staff 
HOEHN Jack C-6319 
HOENBERG Bernard M-550 
HOERR George Henry A-3796 
HOFF Atlee Heber C-1788 L-121 RR 

PP 39 5° 
HOFF Atlee Henkel C-4521 
HOFF Ford M-847 
HOFF Louis George C-4708 
HOFFMAN Allen Charles C-5938 
HOFFMAN J Wesley Fac 
HOFFMAN Charles Frederick H-114 

RR pp 20 22 
HOFFMAN Eugene Augustus H-72 RR 

pp 20 22 
HOFFMAN Michael Jacobs C-3530 

HOFFMAN William G C-764 
HOFFMANN Carl Donnelly Jr C-7595 
HOFFMANN Carl Otto RR pp 39 62 
HOGAN Daniel Jr A-1493 
HOGAN Don Henry A-5974 
*HOGAN Francis Griffiths C-1329 
HOGAN George Calvert C-6119 
HOGAN James Ford A-5604 
HOGAN Richard Holt C-7362 
HOGE John Edward A-1675 M-949 
HOGE Lyman Paul A-2904 C-2734 
HOGE Thomas Neil A-5477 
HOGSETT George Arnold Jr C-M73 
HOGIN John McRaven A-3647 
♦HOGUE Bradley Brown C-1581 
HOGUE Cyrus Dunlap A-1866 C-2025 
HOGUE Richard Wallace A-1416 C- 

141 1 T-166 RR pp 39 60 Fac 
HOI Yip Ling A-2788 
HOKE Daniel Forney C-141 T-8 
HOKE William A RR pp 39 105 106 
HOLCOMBE Alden Vilas A-3302 
HOLCOMBE Woodruff A-2986 
♦HOLDEN Hector Sharp C-2246 
HOLDEN Horace Moore II also FEE- 

LY William T Jr A-4409 
HOLDEN William Robert A-3068 

HOLDING Samuel C-1342 
HOLLAND Casey Berry C-8061 
HOLLAND Charles Glaspie M-667 
HOLLAND Charles W A-602 
HOLLAND Clarence F RR pp 39 53 54 
HOLLAND Clifford Stokely C-8380 
HOLLAND George Courts A-4264 
HOLLAND Henry Finch A-3740 

HOLLAND Mrs Jack Carlyle also 

BAILEY Fannie FS-19 p 339 
HOLLAND James Clarence C-8062 
HOLLAND James Steedman C-1206 
HOLLAND John Winston C-3187 
HOLLAND N RR pp 39 97 99 
HOLLAND Philip Alvin C-8738 
HOLLAND Robert Afton H-168 Fac 
HOLLAND Thomas Bond C-1205 
HOLLAND Warren Frederick Jr C-8512 
HOLLER George Frank M-480 
HOLLEY Hugh Laxton A-3563 
HOLLEY John Calvert Jr A-5357 
HOLLEY Thomas James C-8226 
HOLLIDAY Arthur Roy Jr C-4240 
HOLLIDAY Clarence Fulton A-2099 
HOLLIDAY Walter Homer M-643 



HOLLINGSWORTH William Beckwith 

A-221 1 
HOLLIS Carloss Dudley C-4100 
HOLLIS Frederick Richard C-1683 
HOLLIS Frederick Thomas Jr C-4017 
HOLLOMAN Sydney Cartwright 

HOLLOWAY Boothby DeHaven C- 

HOLLOWAY John George A-1363 
HOLLOWAY Lewis Jefferson Jr C-6556 
HOLLOWAY Robert Ashton C-4531 
HOLLY Arthur Dayton Jr A-4192 
HOLLY Henry S A-91 C-26S 
HOLLY James Fuller Jr A-5084 
HOLMAN Baker C-5450 
HOLMEN Elmer Seigfred C-2469 

♦HOLMER Carl Stewart A-4566 
HOLMES Charles Edward Jr C-3836 
HOLMES Charles Edwin C-4212 RR 

PP 39 78 
HOLMES Charles Edwin Jr A-5895 

HOLMES Edward Lawson A-3642 

HOLMES Edwin Palmer A-179 
HOLMES Edwin Ruthven Jr C-3171 

RR pp 25 27 
HOLMES Francis Hammond C-4615 
HOLMES George Shove A-6536 
HOLMES Henry McCall M-568 
HOLMES James Dobbin Jr A-3290 
HOLMES James G Staff 
'HOLMES James Garrott A-1890 C- 

1865 RR pp 39 77 
HOLMES James Howell C-6923 
HOLMES James Kelley Fac 
HOLMES John Lewis A-2453 
HOLMES John London C-4908 
HOLMES Leonard Henry A-3436 
HOLMES Nicholas Schenck A-2715 
HOLMES Norman Calhoun A-3814 
HOLMES Randall SSMC p 342 
HOLMES Richard Hazzard A-1231 
HOLMES William Fowler Jr C-3929 

RR pp 39 77 Staff 
HOLMES Wilmot Stuart C-1086 T-100 
HOLSBERRY French Samuel M-299 
HOLSTUN Joe Jack later Jo Jack C- 

HOLT Albert Hyde GST-28 
*HOLT David Eldred C-2652 T-346 

RR pp 39 58 77 78 Fac 
HOLT James Marks A-2738 C-2435 
HOLT Milford Owen C-6204 
HOLT Thaddeus Goode Jr C-6900 RR 

pp 25 26 
HOLT William Therrel A-2532 C-2296 

HOLT William Therrel Jr A-38g5 

T-653 GST-86 Fac 
♦HOLTZHAUSSER George Jacob M- 

HOLVEY Rolston Erwin M-527 
♦HOLYFIELD Hays Newton M-1153 
HOLYMAN Emory Wilbur M-1319 
HOMMEL Rufus Spencer A-3950 

HONEA Bertrand Needham Jr GST- 

HONEY Albert Erroll RR pp 39 80 
HONEY Albert Erroll Jr C-8243 
HONEY John Kimpton C-8429 
HONEY William Chipman C-7270 
HONEYCUTT Sam Wi'burn C-6087 
HONIG Richard Martin Fac 
HOOD Charles Francis Jr C-3703 
HOOD Clifton Rodes A-4452 C-5560 
HOOD Foy Lamar A-4290 
HOOD Lee A-928 C-983 
HOOD Warren Eustis C-5776 
HOOD William MacKenzie C-7471 
HOOK John Ferguson A-5190 
HOOKE Robert Fac 
HOOKER C E Jr A-82 C-195 
HOOKER George Wesley M-1124 
HOOKER John Jay Jr A-S215 C-7424 
HOOKER Robert Clark C-8192 
HOOKS James Johnston C-1338 
HOOKS William H A-918 
HOOLE Axalla John C-8684 
HOOPER Albert Mims C-1345 
HOOPER Hartwell Dee C-7213 
HOOPER Johnson James A-715 
HOOPER Joseph Eppes C-1328 
HOOPER Lloyd McKee Jr C-3062 

HOOPER Marion Anderson C-5346 
HOOPER Richard Coleman A-3674 
HOOPER Russe'l Warren A-3158 
HOOTMAN David Albert M-93 
HOOTSELL Sessions Ault Jr C-8343 
HOOVER Dave Ramsey C-6609 
HOO\'ER Fred Lee Jr C-7699 
HOOVER Homer Leach T-202 RR pp 

39 86 
HOOVER James Rowan A-5452 
HOOVER John Edgar H-389 RR pp 

19 22 
HOPE Alexander James Beresford H-7 
HOPE Frederick Jr C-8268 
HOPE John Julian Jr C-3647 
HOPKINS Arthur Moseley A-1202 
HOPKINS Case Dickson Jr C-7030 
HOPKINS Edwin (Edward) McLean 

HOPKINS Frank Read A-2976 
HOPKINS George Mathews Marks 

HOPKINS George William C-7427 
HOPKINS Grover Prevail A-5563 
HOPKINS Homer Pettie Jr A-4922 

HOPKINS John Henry Jr RR pp 20 

HOPKINS Joseph Roger III C-6464 
HOPKINS William Brodnax C-7500 
HOPKINS William Cabell A-3227 
HOPKINS William H A-24 
HOPKINSON Henry Smith C-3779 T- 

HOPPE James Clarence C-7734 
HOPPE Lewis David Jr A-2796 C-2631 
HOPPEN Charles Thomas C-3994 
HOPPEN Harry Wrighton C-3640 
HOPPER Eugene Newcomb C-3113 T- 

HOPPER George William A-S269 

HOPPER Jack Fayette Gordon C-4739 

T-S36 RR pp 39 56 
HOPPING Andrew Bininger C-6206 
HOPSON Catherine Rivers also TIN- 
DELL Mrs George Co-ed 60 p 248 
HOPSON John William Jr C-4800 
HORD Charles Frederick Jr C-5963 
HORD D A C-649 
HORLBECK William Chisolm (not 

Chisholm) A-1130 C-1122 
HORLOCK Fisher Arthur Gregg C-4548 
HORKAN John Franklin Jr C-8080 
HORN Charles Kettler C-7066 
HORN Floyd Arthur C-6020 
HORN James Shapard Jr A-2876 
HORN Jesse M M-614 
HORN John Carl A-4410 
HORN Peter Moya A-5772 C-7995 
HORN Robert David A-4454 
HORNADAY Fred Alvis III A-6529 
HORNADAY Terry Alvis Jr A-5377 
HORNBARGER Harold Allen C-7703 
HORNBERGER Edwin Walter A-4459 
HORNBROOK John Bell M-729 
HORNE Charles Terrence A-6is6 
HORNE Edwin Carney A-5791 
HORNE Frank Leigh A-4845 
HORNE Hoyt C-8095 
HORNE Richard Porcher A-6460 
HORNER Clarence Herman C-2310 T- 

HORNER Edward Clarke C-3583 
HORNER Jerome Channing Jr C-317S 
HORNER John George C-8813 
HORNER Junius Moore H-121 RR pp 

39 105 
HORNER Selden A-803 
HORNEY Odus Creamer Jr A-333J 



HORNING Daniel Tierney A-494* 
HORNUNG Rahe Otto A-3439 C-3 57* 
HOR3FIELD Christopher Henry C-8135 
HORSLEY George Clifton A-4492 

HORSLEY Thomas Alonzo Jr C-5455 
HORT H V C-027 
HORTON Bobby Oran C-6105 
HORTON Henry Hollis C-1403 
HORTON Karl Ernest C-5497 
HORTON Thomas Hamilton C-5589 
HORTON Zilphia (Mrs Myles) CFF 

P 34i 

HORWITZ Robert H A-4395 
HOSEA Addison T-670 GST-87 RR 

PP 39 61 
HOSEA Jane Marston also HOSEA 

Mrs Addison Co-ed 75 p 252 
HOSEY William Hillman C-1750 
HOSKING William C-4923 T-544 
HOSKINS Baker Jr A-3067 
HOSKINS Charles Anderson A-2538 
HOSKINS David Eugene A- 194 
HOSKINS John Stone III (Jr) C-5365 
HOSKINS Richard Ireland A-2396 
HOSKINS William Lee A-584 C-607 
HOSMER Sandra Jeanne SSMC p 342 
HOUGH Carter Jr A-2206 
HOUGH William Lee C-6067 
HOUGHLAND Walter Gresham Jr A- 

HOUGHTELING Francis Stockbridge 

C-i8i3 Fac 
HOUGHTON John Henry Jr A- 1440 

HOUGHTON Patrick C-4032 
HOUSE Charles Henry C-3332 
HOUSE Helen Clark also PILKIN- 
STON Mrs S T Jr Co-ed 44 p 
HOUSE Johnny Warrick A-5925 
HOUSE Nathaniel Collins Jr A-6585 
HOUSE Rex Clayton III C-8636 
HOUSE Steve Warrick A-5751 
HOUSER Lewis Jacob M-999 
HOUSER Thomas William C-5756 
HOUSTON Charles Irving A-5589 
HOUSTON George Theodore C-6580 
HOUSTON Henry Howard A- 1628 
HOUSTON James Marcellus A-1313 
HOUSTON Oscar Lamar Jr C-4291 
HOUSTON Robert E A-220 
HOUSTON Wallace Frederick C-3404 
HOW John Hopkins C-4659 
HOWARD Alfred Philo Jr C-5217 
HOWARD Archie Baker A-1905 
HOWARD Benjamin Hill M-1280 
HOWARD Benjamin Rollins A-1490 

HOWARD Charles Cleveland M-927 
HOWARD Charles Clinton M-1580 
HOWARD Charles Henry A-1348 
HOWARD Charleton Alexander A-2767 
HOWARD Edward Jefferson A-4236 
♦HOWARD Ewing Fox A-1039 C-M45 

RR PP 39 77 78 
HOWARD George Wilberforce RR pp 

39 76 77 
♦HOWARD Isaac Bell M-1300 
HOWARD James Chad C-6065 
HOWARD Mrs L Vaughan also 
CORLEY Purcell Chamberlain Co- 
ed 13 p 178 
♦HOWARD Laurence Branch C-2927 
HOWARD Marion A-1826 
HOWARD Orville Blaine A-1818 

HOWARD Virginia Estelle now SPARK- 
MAN Mrs Joe Staff 
HOWARD William Henry Jr C-1089 
HOWDEN Frank Newton C-4936 
HOWE Drayton Ford C-3563 
HOWE Frederick Herbel C-4999 
HOWE Jack Harris A-6131 
HOWE James B C-519 
HOWE James Henry A-2461 
HOWE John Jack Cullom A-4261 
HOWE Richard Knowlton A-5763 
HOWE Thomas Mitchell A-2139 
♦HOWE William Bell White H-2 RR 

PP 39 89 90 91 
HOWE Wi'liam Torrey T-ioi 
HOWE William Wirt Fac 
HOWEL Millard Fillmore A-252 
H W E L Theodore Frelinghuysen 

A-1966 C-1932 L-133 
HOWELL Asa M-341 
HOWELL Carroll Sumner M-1273 
HOWELL Charles Andrew III C-7388 
HOWELL George Blaine Jr A-4945 
HOWELL George Dewey Fac 
HOWELL Harry Weston A-4525 
HOWELL Jefferson Trent Jr A-4841 
HOWELL John Edward A-4526 
HOWELL John M Jr A-452 C-501 
HOWELL Lee Jr A- 1303 
HOWELL Nathan M-1479 
HOWELL Roland Boatner Jr A-5050 
HOWELL Ronald Floyd C-6499 
HOWELL Samuel Harwell C-5558 
HOWELL Samuel Withers C-2278 
HOWELL Samuel Withers Jr C-4826 
HOWELL Silas John M-342 
HOWELL William Donald C-S754 
HOWELL William Evans A-5055 
HOWELL William Hennessey A-134 
HOWERTON C C RR pp 39 102 
HOWERTON Jack Woodworth A-2905 

HOWERTON James Charles A-70S 

HOWES Walter Newman A-1138 
HOWLAND Reginald RR pp 39 i°5 

HOWLAND Robert Louis Jr C-8739 
HOWSE Godfrey Lyle C-4114 
HOWSE Thomas Robert C-3733 
HOXTON Archibald Robinson H-289 
HOYE Herschel Bain C-2536 
HOYT Asa Limon Jr C-3133 
HOYT Bob C-6465 Staff 
HOYT Ralph Wadleigh A-4875 
HOWZE L H C-165 
HUANG Harvey F D H-295 
HUBARD Lyttleton Edmunds C-2023 

HUBARD Robert Thurston Jr L-73 
HUBBARD Augustus Griffin A-2878 
HUBBARD Curtis Tisdale C-1412 
HUBBARD David Anderson A-5603 
HUBBARD William Hart A-5272 
HUBBELL George Wesley C-3835 
HUBBELL Octave Emile Jr A-1667 

HUBBERT William Ernest M-621 
HUBER Lloyd Wells A-6163 
HUBER Paul Albert A-6i64 
HUBON Charles Wilson GST-138 
HUCK Laurie Meriweather A-4889 
HUCKABAY Harry Hunter Jr C-2844 
HUCKINS Pembroke Scott C-8465 
HUDDLE Horace Baldwin Jr A-6271 
HUDDLESTON Brannon C-5986 
HUDGENS Jerry S F C-6502 
HUDGENS John Strother A-5266 
Mrs W Douglas CFF p 341 

HUDGINS Charles Buckner T-20 RR 

PP 39 55 67 
HUDGINS Charles Buckner Jr A-199S 

HUDKINS Edgar Fernando C-2362 
HUDGINS Henry C RR pp 39 71 
HUDSON Carl Aubrey C-6153 
HUDSON Charles Cain Jr A-3400 
HUDSON Francis Chamberlain C-4290 
HUDSON Howard Stephen C-6512 
HUDSON J L A- 105 
HUDSON John Bennett A-2557 
HUDSON R W RR pp 39 102 104 
HUDSON Robert Dove C-1690 
HUDSON Robert Franklin A-5961 
HUDSON Wellborn Royston A-2501 
HUDSON Wellborn Royston Jr A-3754 
HUESTIS William Charles C-5606 
♦HUEY Guyton (or Guy) Palmer 

Stubbs C-8229 
HUEY Sarah King also LEWIS Mrs 

B M FS-4 P 339 
♦HUEY Stanton Ennes Jr C-7H7 
HUEY Thomas Ford Jr C-3665 
HUFF Herman Brudnell T-930 
HUFF James Marvin C-3233 
HUFFMAN James Taylor C-4624 
HUFFMAN John Clinton A-3047 

HUFFMAN Logan Herbert M-877 
HUFFMAN Robert James C-6678 
HUFFMAN Seth Wade M-844 
HUFFMAN William Collins C-5144 
HUFFMAN William George C-8809 
HUGER John Wells A-340 
HUGER Percival Elliott A-1604 C-I7*3 
HUGGINS Camillus Brennus III A- 

HUGHES Andrew Drew Cullen A-5184 
HUGHES Blackburn Jr C-6524 
HUGHES C R RR pp 39 99 
HUGHES Charles Evans A-5666 
HUGHES Charles Joseph C-7123 
HUGHES Charles Mitchell A-4440 
HUGHES David Arwel C-5065 
HUGHES David Green A-3 577 
HUGHES Duwain Elisha Jr C-6009 
HUGHES Edward Walter A-591 C-597 

RR pp 39 9° 
HUGHES Isaac Wayne A-377 RR PP 

39 82 83 
HUGHES James Rhodes A-5576 
HUGHES James Vestal III A-5854 
HUGHES John Horton C-7583 
HUGHES John Robert C-359 
HUGHES Leonard Bentley A-1085 

C- 1 o 5 2 
HUGHES Nat Ryan C-3609 
HUGHES Nicholas Collin p 373 
♦HUGHES Nicholas Collin Jr C-360 

H-232 RR pp 39 60 
HUGHES Paul Douglas Jr A-4546 
HUGHES Richard Brown C-8077 
HUGHES Robert Guerard Jr A-5873 
HUGHES Rufus Ra'ph A-5800 
HUGHES William Murrell C-2755 
HUGHEY Harry Lucius Jr C-6798 
HUGHSTON Hubert Holmes III 

HUGHSTON Robert Adams A-5348 
HUKILL David N A-92 
HULBERT Edward Irwin Jr C-5535 

T-591 Staff 
HULL Arthur Clayton A- 103 C-249 
HULL 4 rt ' lur Denison III A-5551 
HULL Asbury A- 1660 C-1730 
HULL Daniel Baldwin A-1670 C-1731 

HULL Francis Lyon A-1962 C-1931 

♦HULL James Meriwether Jr A-1792 

C-1827 RR pp 39 68 
HULL James Meriwether Jr A-4360 
HULL John Jr RR p 39 see HULL 

James Meriwether Jr A- 1792 C- 

HULL Joseph Jr A-2047 
HULL Robert Flavel A-3281 
HULL Stewart Phinizy C-4537 
HULLIHEN Walter H-244 RR p 120 

HULSEY Chessley Howard C-7855 
HUL3EY William Carter C-5650 
HUME Foster Jr A-3011 C-2809 
HUME Foster III A-5148 C-6909 
HUME Lee Hampton C-5561 
HUMPHREY Ethyl Leo M-1219 
HUMPHREY Rodney Harrison C-7209 
HUMPHREY William Furgison M-148S 
HUMPHREYS James Hubert A-3670 
HUMPHREYS Joseph Alexander A-518 

HUMPHREYS Edward Merriwether 

C-814 T-72 
HUMPHREYS Flynn Gammon C-4297 
HUMPHREYS William Yerger A-2172 
HUNDLEY Herbert Walker Jr A-5S48 
HUNGERFORD Cincinnatus Stith C-68 
HUNGERFORD William Carter C-67 
HUNT Charles Evans Jr C-3293 
HUNT Charles William C-6664 
HUNT Claude Porter A-6635 
HUNT Daniel Robert GST-161 
HUNT George Henry RR pp 39 84 96 
HUNT George Nelson III C-7381 
HUNT Guy A-1631 
HUNT Jefferson Davis C-829 
HUNT John Breckenridge Jr A-3005 
HUNT John Breckenridge III C-8700 
HUNT John Breckinridge Staff 
HUNT John Ferriss A-3035 C-2956 
HUNT Kenneth Stovall Jr C-7063 
HUNT Mary Crockett p 2 
HUNT Martha now STONEY Mrs 

William Shannon Staff 
HUNT Preston M-465 
HUNT Richard Wesley A-4854 
HUNT Robert Cross C-3336 
HUNT Robert Emmett C-8629 
HUNT Robert Holt A-2987 
HUNT Robert Joseph CPT p 226 
HUNT Thomas Alexander A-2714 
HUNT Thomas Lawrence A-2936 

HUNT Warren Hansell III C-6686 
HUNT William Berryman A-3228 
♦HUNT William Blackburn C-7896 
HUNT Zimri A-826 C-917 
HUNTER A C RR pp 39 71 7* 
HUNTER Aaron Burtis H-209 
HUNTER Benjamin Hartz C-8529 T- 

HUNTER Earle Greely C-4299 
HUNTER Edwin Kidd A-6531 
HUNTER Henry Frith A-4911 
HUNTER Horace Luckett A-3523 
HUNTER John Davidson M-474 
HUNTER Lee Owen A-4969 
HUNTER Mrs Benwood Jr also 

BATTAILE Anne T FS-55 p 340 
HUNTER Robert Hayes A-5163, 
♦HUNTER Sam Douglas C-2404 
HUNTER Stephen B A-810 
HUNTER Mrs Thomas also HES- 
SEY Ella Catherine Co-ed 3 p 171 
HUNTER Thomas A A-706 C-790 
HUNTER William C A-786 C-858 



HUNTER William Edward C-7336 
HUNTINGTON William Reed H-66 

RR pp 20 22 
HUNTLEY Preston Brooks Jr C-4221 

RR pp 39 91 
HUNZIKER John A-1033 
KUNZIKER Thomas Allen A-2199 
HURD E O RR pp 39 49 Si 
HURSEY Dexter Ansel A-5630 
HURST George Stackley T-668 
HURT Guy Raymond Jr C-5021 
HURT Leslie C-3294 
HURT Thomas Fogleman C-2465 
HURTER William Hammond C-1468 
HUSAIN Adnan Kafil C-8829 
HUSE Reginald p 373 
HUSE Robert Selden L-12 
HUSKE Bartholomew Fuller C-2062 

T-239 RR pp 39 60 
HUSKE John C-2770 
HUSS Stephen Wesley A-6279 
HUSSEY John Brennan Jr A-5668 
HUSTEAD Robert Neille A-4444 

Leigh C-75 
HUTCHENS Morton McAllister C- 

HUTCHERSON William Harrison Jr 

HUTCHESON Darius Lee M-15 
HUTCHESON James Theodore H-90 

RR pp 39 102 103 
HUTCHINGS George Ball A-904 
HUTCHINGS Sealy (not Sealey) A- 

903 C-1020 
HUTCHINS Charles Lewis H-122 
HUTCHINS Clarence Hill Jr C-8436 
HUTCHINS J W RR pp 39 99 

HUTCHINS Wyley Passmore M-1476 
HUTCHINSON Albion Knight Jr C- 

HUTCHINSON Thomas Govie A- 1908 
HUTCHINSON William Riley C-8528 
HUTCHISON Downs Barcus C-3364 
♦HUTCHISON Louis A-752 C-861 
HUTCHISON Ronald Reed C-7690 
HUTCHISON W O RR pp 39 102 103 
HUTCHISON William Cauthen Jr 

HUTCHISON William Leete C-7437 
HUTSON Edward Douglas A-4745 
HUTSON Henry Critchfield C-7010 
HUTSON Thomas Woodward Jr A-4436 
HUTSON William Jefferson M-1209 
HUTT Elizabeth L now MARTIN Mrs 

Thomas Finley FS-9 p 339 
HUTTON George Norman Jr A-3099 

HUTTON George Norman III A-5130 
HUTTON Joe Ewing C-6169 
HUTTON John Davidson Jr A-3045 

HUTTON William Henry Harrison 

HYATT Frank Fitzwilliam A-5752 
HYATT Fred Hogrey A-2307 
HYATT Geoffrey Horton A-2414 
HYATT H C Staff 
HYATT Maurice Brisco A-2405 
HYDE Conrad Elisha A-971 
HYDE James Milton II A-6082 C- 

HYDE William Fauntleroy M-1131 
HYDER Doctor Columbus M-1339 
HYER Martin Kirby A-4020 
HYLTON Delmar Frank A-3811 
HYMEL Sidney Joseph M-680 
HYSLOP James Nelson III C-7898 

HYSLOP Kenneth Daniel A-5169 

IGLEHEART Leslie Derthick A-3539 
IJAMS William Putnam C-5048 
IKARD James Polk C-2661 
ILSLEY John Henry C-2024 T-230 
ING Lucine A-496 
INGE Francis Coleman T-844 
INGE George Lake C-2551 
INGE George S C-221 
INGE Richard A-3122 
INGE Robert Paul C-6917 
INGELS Benjamin Crosse A-4871 
INGERSOLL Gerard George Jr A-3536 
INGERSOLL H H RR pp 59 95 
INGLE James Addison Jr C-7170 
INGLE Julian Edward Jr C-1252 
INGLESBY William Henry C-667 
INGI.EY James Lawrence Jr A-4713 
INGRAHAM James Draper A-1713 

C-1888 L-123 RR pp 39 64 65 
INGRAM Emmett Lurton II A-4282 
INGRAM Frank LeQuellec A-5681 
INGRAM John Graham A-1097 
INGRAM Michael Sedgwick C-8S41 
INMAN Clifford L A-940 
INMAN Edward L A-941 
INNIS John Edward A-I56+ 
INSKO William Robert GST-120 
INSLEY Sara Lee Co-ed 86 p 259 
INZER Henry Haynes M-401 
IRBY James J Jr A-438 C-500 
IRBY Laurens Hunter M-27 
IRBY William Ratcliffe (not Ratcliff) 

IRION Thomas Keith A-5168 
IRRGANG John Richard C-8323 
IRVIN Donald Moore C-7244 
IRVIN Harland MacMillan Jr C-6780 
IRVING David Holmes Jr T-691 
IRVING Peter Stoddard C-7378 
IRWIN Mrs Anne F also BRINGLE 

Mrs E S FS-26 p 339 
IRWIN Ashby Pelham C-8039 
IRWIN James Duckworth C-6927 
ISAAC Chesley Alfred Staff 
ISAAC Edward Charles Jr C-3275 
ISAAC Edward Charles III A-5775 
ISAAC Joseph Conrad A-3646 C-4074 
ISACKS Albert James Jr A-4281 
ISACKSEN Dwight Kimball C-8241 
ISACKSEN Lawrence Ralph C-8044 
ISBELL Joe Russell A-2950 C-2727 
ISENBURG Will C-807 
ISHAM Andrew Johnson M-424 
ISON Luther Oliver C-5398 
IVES Chauncey Pelton A-6341 
IVES Levi Silliman RR p 81 
IVES Silas LeRoy A- 1003 
IVEY Burnette Steele C-3152 

JACK David M A-443 

JACK Stuart C-3937 

JACKMAN Charles Moore II C-5508 

JACKSON Ben Ivey C-7093 

JACKSON Edgar Taylor C-3580 

JACKSON Frank Tourtellotte Jr C- 

JACKSON Fred Mitchell III C-5447 
JACKSON Frederick John Foakes H- 

* JACKSON Harold Eugene C-4304 
JACKSON Harold Orr C-7202 
JACKSON Harold Pryor A-4139 C-512I 
JACKSON Henry Melville H-68 RR 

PP 39 49 SO Fac 

JACKSON Henry Tyler A-5584 
JACKSON James Dennis M-1050 
JACKSON James Neal M-828 
JACKSON James Thomas C-5148 
JACKSON Joe Frank A-4596 
JACKSON John Brady M-446 
JACKSON John Long H-381 RR pp 

39 73 74 75 I" 
JACKSON Kenneth Glenn CPT p 226 
JACKSON Kenneth Leon C-7643 
JACKSON Lawrence Elbert C-6321 
JACKSON Leslie Lay M-1346 
JACKSON Logan Duane C-7112 
JACKSON Louis Foster M-1335 
JACKSON Louis Williford C-3513 
JACKSON MacDonald Bailey C-3413 
JACKSON Marion Francis Jr A-3943 

C-473 5 
JACKSON Mkajah Rowe A-ion 

JACKSON Percy Vertrees III C-772S 
JACKSON Rhea Ewing A-3903 
JACKSON Richard William A-5S75 

JACKSON Robert Golden C-7475 
JACKSON Robert Wayne C-3123 T-377 
JACKSON Roderick Humes GST-6 
JACKSON S Walton Jr A-4268 
JACKSON Samuel William C-5629 
•JACKSON Walter Bassil M-298 
JACKSON William CFF p 341 
JACKSON William M-82 
JACKSON William Farrow Jr A-5301 
JACKSON William Henry Ross T-433 
JACKSON William Hutchinson A-4998 
♦JACKSON William Oren C-2995 
JACKSON William Perry C-6178 
JACOB Donald Robertson A-1211 

C- 13 1 5 
♦JACOBS Bedford Forrest A-5149 
JACOBS Donal Edward C-5768 
JACOBS Fred Clark C-7262 
♦JACOBS Henry Grady A-4368 
JACOBS Henry Harrison A-3139 
JACOBS Randall H-408 RR pp 19 22 
♦JACOBS Rice Abner A-4367 
JACOBS William Lockhart C-48S1 T- 

573 GST-72 
JACOBSON Orlin Roy C-8625 
JAEGER Abraham H-31 Fac 
JAGODA William Wood C-8124 
JAHNZ Hugo Rudolph Carl Jr C-560S 
JAKES Edward Hayes C-3707 
JAMERSON Richard Elmer A-3735 
JAMES Andrew Story A-3392 
JAMES Ashby Minor A-2795 C-2490 
JAMES Daniel Erwin M-1363 
JAMES Earl Palmer Jr C-7958 
JAMES Fleming RR p 119 Fac 
JAMES George Randle A-2247 
JAMES George Roosa RR pp 19 22 
JAMES Henry RR pp 39 84 85 
JAMES Henry Whitfield A-2032 L-141 
JAMES James Hugh A-4515 
JAMES John Craigmiles A-1663 C-1705 
JAMES John Lester M-1351 
JAMES Joseph Emerson C-7125 
JAMES Judge M-988 
JAMES Lorenzo D Jr C-4242 
JAMES Paul Anthony Culvit M-230 
JAMES Philip Edgerton Jr A-6235 
JAMES Philip Herbert A-4068 
JAMES Spencer Thompson Jr M-196 
JAMES Terrell Rogers C-7633 
JAMES Vinton Lee A-458 C-453 
JAMES William Charles A-4758 
JAMES William Thomas A-1131 C-M23 
JAMESON Herbert William A-5982 
JAMESON William Lafayette M-852 
JAMESON Wylie Blount Miller T-616 

JAMIESON Edward CFF p 341 
JAMIESON Mrs Edward CFF p 341 
JAMISON Robert C-881 
JANES Arthur Roy Jr A-3900 
JANES Charles Donald A-4365 
JANES Francis Jackson A-6295 
JANIN Charlton Proudfit A-2I22 
J A N N E Y John Thomson A-5262 

JANNEY William Oliver A-3109 
JANSE Hector Mason Jr C-7504 
JANSON Charles Joseph CPT p 226 
JARDINE Clyde Lawton GST-57 
JARDINE Joseph Boyes T-542 GST-49 
JARMAN Thomas Henry M-582 
♦JARRATT William Vincent C-3067 
JARRELL Donald Lee C-5875 
JARRELL Edward Wesley C-3489 
JARRELL John Eben C-6926 
JAYNE John Gere L-47 
JAYNES Edwin Thomas C-7634 
JEANSONNE Philip M-814 
JEFFERIES James Gould A-1512 

C- 1 608 
JEFFERIES Leon Lyod C-5155 p 22a 
JEFFERSON John Robertson C-906 
JEFFERY Brooks Jr A-6410 
JEFFRESS Alonzo Hassell C-4233 RR 

PP 25 27 39 61 
JEFFRESS Thomas Daniel C-4232 RR 

PP 39 83 
JEFFREY James Beck C-8314 
JEFFREYS William Osborne RR pp 39 

63 65 
JEFFRIES John Livingston C-6906 
JEFFRIES Otis Frazier C- 4 i88 

W RR pp 39 63 65 
JEMISON Elbert Sevier A-4350 
JEMISON John Snow C-1709 
JEMISON Leonard A-3771 
JEMISON Mims Torrey A-2 57 2 
JEMISON Robert Sorsby Jr C-1607 L- 

52 RR pp 39 107 in 
JEMISON Sorsby A-1867 C-1985 
JEMISON William Fishburne A-2100 
JENKIN John Philip C-5441 
JENKINS Benjamin F Jr C-426 
JENKINS Charles Jones RR pp 39 66 

JENKINS Innis LaRoche T-440 
JENKINS John C-427 
JENKINS John Carmichael C-1309 
JENKINS Oliver Hart C-5472 
JENKINS Stanleigh Edward Jr C-7571 
JENKINS William Kimble A-2688 
JENKS Clarence Elisha C-1976 
JENNESS Richard Clifton C-8604 
JENNINGS Charles Leitner C-7340 
JENNINGS George Payne C-2149 
JENNINGS Henry Burritt C-279 
JENNINGS John Daniel A-4680 
JENNINGS Oscar Jackson Jr C-2604 
JENNINGS Robert Thomas M-252 
JENNINGS William Dickinson M-592 
JEPSON James Alton C-4511 
JERNIGAN Charles Edgar C-8363 
JERNIGAN James Harve M-495 
JERVEY Henry C-666 H-299 
JERVEY Huger Wilkinson Mus p 341 

C-1552 H-264 RR pp 19 22 24 27 

JERVEY James Postell FS-56 p 340 Fac 
JERVEY James Trapier Jr C-5179 
JERVEY Robert Fac 
JERVEY Walter Elliott Jr A-3463 

JERVEY William Palmer A-1399 
JERVIS Oliver Wheeler C-7948 



JERVIS Wayne Talmage Jr C-6752 
JESTER Roscoe Thurmond M-1549 
JESMORE William Dean A-5533 
JESSUP William S A-479 
JETER Richard Cullen T-116 
JETT Arthur Brisbane C-5866 
JETT Joseph Cabell M-1054 
JETT Samuel Griggs M-933 
JEWELL Earle Barton C-5547 
JEWELL Robert Batten C-7627 T-885 

P 329 
♦JEWETT Thomas J A-30 C-240 
JINKINS James MacKenzie M-807 
JINKS Colvin Crawford A-2696 
JINKS Colvin Crawford Jr A-4767 
JOFFRION Alban Emile T-706 GST- 

JOHN Milton Carr M-805 
JOHNES John Conway T-78 
JOHNS E W Staff 
JOHNS Edward Lovcll A-512 C-591 
JOHNS Joseph Arthur C-4405 
JOHNS Nicholas Brooks C-4401 
JOHNS Thomas W A-4141 
JOHNSON Abner Wilbur C-4181 
JOHNSON Albert Sydney C-4929 
JOHNSON Alexander A-87 
JOHNSON Alexander C A-474 C-529 
JOHNSON Algernon A-4171 
JOHNSON Andrew Jackson M-632 
JOHNSON Arthur Waldren Jr A-4547 
JOHNSON Arvid Kenneth C-6285 
JOHNSON Ben A-612 C-660 
JOHNSON Bertram Page A-1305 

JOHNSON Carol Hyde C-7323 
JOHNSON Charles Earle RR pp 39 81 

JOHNSON Charles Everest Jr C-5625 

p 229 
JOHNSON Charles F RR pp 36 69 70 
JOHNSON Charles L RR pp 39 98 
JOHNSON Charles Spurgeon JrA-4196 
JOHNSON Claude Jester C-3552 
JOHNSON Claude Marcellus A-1677 

JOHNSON Clay Jr C-3410 
JOHNSON Crawford Toy Jr RR p m 
JOHNSON David Marion C-8545 
JOHNSON Donald Davis A-4233 
JOHNSON Donald Miles C-5484 
JOHNSON Edward Augustus A-4339 
JOHNSON Edward H A-504 
JOHNSON Ellison Capers Jr C-8560 
JOHNSON Flournoy Carter A-921 

JOHNSON Floyd M-893 
JOHNSON Fred Terry A-S653 
JOHNSON Frederick Foote H-218 RR 

PP 39 79 
JOHNSON Freeland Grover A-2083 
JOHNSON George Euel C-8449 
JOHNSON George Laurie C-6922 
JOHNSON George Vernon T-970 
JOHNSON Mrs George Vernon also 

WALKER Wynema Lou Co-ed 67 

P 249 
JOHNSON Gerald White H-394 RR pp 

19 22 
JOHNSON Gilbert Earl Jr A-6299 
JOHNSON Harry Keene A-611 C-611 
JOHNSON Harry Keene Jr C-3507 
JOHNSON Harold Antone C-3611 T- 

JOHNSON Henry Blume A-6525 
JOHNSON Henry Byron A-996 C-997 
JOHNSON Henry Woods A-4167 
JOHNSON Howard Albert Fac 

JOHNSON Hugh Jacob M-780 
JOHNSON Irving Peake RR pp 21 22 
JOHNSON James Lawrence T-911 
JOHNSON James McCaw A-4086 
JOHNSON James William A-86 
JOHNSON James Willis Cantey T-109 

SST p 330 
JOHNSON James Wistar C-4446 
JOHNSON Jerome Bonaparte C-6480 
JOHNSON Jimmy A-5842 
JOHNSON Joel Edward Jr A-5700 
'JOHNSON John H-69 RR pp 39 89 

JOHNSON John Tatum C-8230 
JOHNSON Joseph Clayton Jr C-3847 
JOHNSON Joseph Sidney A-4170 
JOHNSON Joseph William A-3062 

JOHNSON Laurence Caleb C-8252 
JOHNSON Leland Brooks A-3533 
JOHNSON Leslie Thurmond A-3014 
JOHNSON Luther Fletcher M-842 

Malcolm Liddell C-3954 
JOHNSON Mark Thomas C-7141 
JOHNSON Martin Staff 
JOHNSON Martin Jr A-3991 C-5443 
JOHNSON Melville Allen C-6115 
JOHNSON Melville Edward T-328 
JOHNSON Neely N C-3829 
JOHNSON Oliver Morgan A-1629 

JOHNSON Otis Hackett C-1661 M- 

JOHNSON Ralph Foley T-917 
JOHNSON Richard Cardozo C-7624 
JOHNSON Richard Gerald Jr C-7317 
JOHNSON Robert Dexter A-4994 
JOHNSON Robert Laurent C-7426 
JOHNSON Robert Marvin also JOHN- 
SON William Cather C-5360 
JOHNSON Roberts Poinsett C-2163 T- 

JOHNSON Ross Stokley C-7216 
JOHNSON Sebastian King Jr A-1132 

♦JOHNSON Thomas Hines Rector A- 

513 C-5" 
JOHNSON Thomas Jacob A-943 C-984 
JOHNSON Thomas Madison Jr C-493S 
JOHNSON Victor Campbell A-1521 
JOHNSON Walter A C-1040 
JOHNSON Warren Moody T-938 
JOHNSON William M-210 
JOHNSON William B C-999 
JOHNSON William Bulger M-1227 
JOHNSON William Cather also JOHN- 
SON Robert Marvin C-5360 
JOHNSON William Charles T-647 
JOHNSON William Goodman A-1461 
JOHNSON William Henry Fac 
JOHNSON William M A-865 
JOHNSON William Marvin M-210 
JOHNSON William Rice C-6572 
JOHNSTON Carlisle M-584 
JOHNSTON Charles DeVane later 
JOHNSTON Charles Poellnitz Jr 
A- 1 500 C-1653 L-68 
JOHNSTON Charles Howard A-4877 
JOHNSTON Charles Poellnitz Jr once 
JOHNSTON Charles DeVane 
A- 1 500 C-1653 L-68 
JOHNSTON Donald Hardee A-6570 
JOHNSTON Douglas Lee A-6558 
JOHNSTON Edward Douglas A-1203 

C-1194 T-240 
JOHNSTON Edward Law T-761 

JOHNSTON Edwin McClellan C-3719 

RR pp 25 27 
JOHNSTON Frank Means M-450 
JOHNSTON J C RR pp 39 88 
JOHNSTON James Houstoun Jr A-667 

C-766 H-421 
JOHNSTON James Morgan A-2643 

JOHNSTON James Steptoe H-54 RR 

pp 20 22 31 40 102 
JOHNSTON Joseph Forney RR pp 19 

JOHNSTON Joseph Russell A-1390 
JOHNSTON John Alexander C-4442 
JOHNSTON John Bishop Jr C-4367 
JOHNSTON John B'assingame M-394 
JOHNSTON Lewis Stuart M-328 
JOHNSTON Lonam Sam M-977 
JOHNSTON Louis Alexander C-3565 
JOHNSTON Lowell Timothy C-84SO 
JOHNSTON Mercer Green C-1396 T- 

150 RR pp 40 104 
JOHNSTON Noah Alexander M-1027 
JOHNSTON Robert Peel A-3126 
JOHNSTON S Hudson Navy V-i* 
JOHNSTON Samuel Merideth A-1480 
JOHNSTON Sydney Dick C-73 30 
JOHNSTON Thomas Henry H-26S 
JOHNSTON William Hooper C-4692 
JOHNSTON William Hooper A-H40 

C-i 124 
JOHNSTON William Preston RR p 18 
JOHNSTON William Russell C-8388 
JOHNSTONE Charles Edward Jr C- 

443 > 
JOHNSTONE Francis Winthrop Jr C- 

JOHNSTONE Frank Elliott A-1291 
JOHNSTONE Henry Fraser C-3095 II- 

JOHNSTONE Yerger A-6260 C-9194 
JOLDEKSMA Morton Carlisle A-4388 
JONAKIN Seisel Neuton C-2317 
JONES A D Navy V-12 
JONES Albert Wade C-8364 
JONES Albigence Waldo Jr A-6634 
JONES Ashford C-3631 RR pp 40 98 

JONES Bayard Hale RR p 1 19 Fac 
JONES Cadwallader A-1699 C-1761 
JONES Calvin C-1815 
JONES Carroll Lee C-26r9 
JONES Cecil Avery A-1924 
JONES Cecil Baron T-450 RR pp 40 

JONES Charles Alfred Jr A-5543 
JONES Charles Glover A-1230 C-1317 
JONES Charles Marks Jr C-5 177 RR 

pp 40 68 
JONES Charles Pollard C-473 
JONES Charles Taylor A-4198 
JONES Clarence VanDoren A-5319 
JONES Clarke C-7918 
JONES Clarkson Jr A-5987 
JONES Daniel Patrick A-6316 
JONES David George C-7287 T-905 

P 329 
JONES Dennis Goulding C-8141 
JONES Don Julian C-6164 
JONES DuPre Anderson C-8357 
JONES Edgar Luke C-2352 
JONES Edward Elmore A-1115 
♦JONES Edward Reynolds C-2606 T- 

313 RR pp 40 77 78 
JONES Edward Warren M-1240 
JONES Edwin DuBose A-1809 C-1891 
JONES Egbert Malone A-5057 C-6650 
JONES Enoch Griff A-441 
JONES Francis Crawford A-3112 


JONES Everett Holland H-398 RR pp 

21 22 40 102 103 104 
JONES Fontaine Maury C-1967 
JONES Frances Marie Co-ed 30 p 193 
♦JONES Frank Parker A-3203 C-3107 
JONES Franklin Elmore A-771 C-1069 
JONES Frederick George Jr C-8646 
JONES Mrs Freeman also BOULDIN 

Helen Co-ed 65 p 249 
JONES G M RR pp 40 67 
JONES George Bliss C-3402 
JONES George Edgar C-6183 
JONES George Erwin Jr A-5317 
JONES George Mason A-772 C-1012 
JONES Gibson Midgley A-6640 
JONES Girault McArthur T-406 H-439 

RR pp 21 22 40 73 75 77 in 
JONES Hanson Weems C-870 
JONES Harry Franklin A-6061 
JONES Harry Ralpherd Jr ^8331 
JONES Henry Augustine A-398 C-447 
JONES Henry Collins A-6005 
JONES Herbert DuNoyer A-2440 
JONES Howard Moores C-4302 
JONES Hubert Reid A-5938 
JONES J Campbell RR pp 40 84 85 
JONES J M RR pp 40 97 
JONES Jackson Scott A-609 C-884 
JONES James Heustis M-564 
JONES James Irvin C-7422 
♦JONES James Monroe C-1787 
JONES Jarvis Parnell C-4941 
JONES John Ackland C-7967 
JONES John Earle Jr A-5538 
JONES John Joseph Jr A-2411 
JONES John Paul Jr A-2306 
JONES John Paul Jr GST-173 
JONES John Rison Jr C-6734 Fac 
JONES John T RR pp 40 54 
JONES John Walker Carter M-451 
JONES John Watkins Jr A-4403 
JONES John William M-164 
JONES John William M-867 
JONES John William T-174 
♦JONES Joseph Brevard A-487 C-788 

RR pp 40 50 
JONES Joseph Ramon II C-8238 Fac 
JONES Joseph William A-4199 
JONES Knox A-1292 C-1285 
JONES Lee Gastrell (Gastrelle?) M- 

JONES Lorraine Farquhar Jr RR pp 

40 80 
JONES Lucian Thomas Jr T-703 
JONES Marshall Bird A-879 C-i 106 
JONES Marshall Hairston A-1089 
JONES McMillan M-1232 
JONES Michael Gaylord Steams C- 

JONES Michael Melson A-6417 
JONES Millard A-2174 
JONES Milnor T-6 
JONES Odia Lavon C-6615 
JONES Paul C-295 RR pp 24 27 
JONES Paul Jr A-1891 C-1866 
JONES Philip Heber C-8089 
JONES Piamus Walter Jr C-4413 
JONES Richard Carlton A-6562 
JONES Richard Charles Jr A-4665 
JONES Richard Kimball A-5150 C-7446 
JONES Robert Anthony C-6348 
JONES Robert ap Catesby C-6908 
JONES Robert Holland Jr A-6494 
JONES Robert Lewis A-4056 ' 
JONES Robert Lewis Jr A-2412 
JONES Robert Luby C-5786 
JONES Robert Rockwell A-4756 
JONES Robert William A-4795 
JONES Robin ap Robin A-314 



JONES Roland Jr C-3180 RR pp 40 

JONES Roland Ward Jr A-2275 C-2232 
JONES S G RR p 40 
JONES Samuel Goode RR pp 40 117 

JONES Samuel Goode Jr A-488 C-745 
JONES Samuel William Peck A-1312 
JONES Scott Hallbrook (not Halbrook) 

JONES Sidney Watkins A-803 C-982 
JONES Stanley Gordon C-7135 
JONES Stratford Covert A-3066 
JONES T K RR pp 40 49 5" 
*JONES Theodore Bliss C-6912 
JONES Thomas Capers M-792 
JONES Thomas King C-325 
JONES Thomas Ray C-5999 
JONES Thomas Stanley C-4892 
JONES Thomas Walker RR pp 40 98 
JONES Tudor Jr C-5303 
JONES Vernon McWhirter (not Mc- 

Whorter) A-3597 C-3663 
JONES W G RR pp 40 49 51 
JONES W Kennedy C-349 
JONES Walter Peerson Jr C-8020 
JONES Waiter T A-qo6 
JONES Wayne Plummer C-5587 p 229 
JONES Wharton Stewart C-5822 
JONES Wilfred Hunt M-415 
JONES William Alonzo Nathaniel M- 

JONES William Arthur M-U89 
JONES William Daniel Jr A-2914 
JONES William Edgar M-1553 
JONES William Edwin Jr CPT p 226 
JONES William Eli A-1030 
JONES William Erwin A-4131 
JONES Wi'liam Franklin A-5923 
JONES William Gordon A-5146 
JONES Wi'liam Herbert C-4382 
JONES William Kirby A-6394 
JONES William Weems C-1340 

JONES-WILLIAMS Walter Maurice 

*JONNARD William Aimison C-2143 

JOPLIN Robertson Otto A-3441 
JOPP Charles Selden A-5412 
JORDAN Albert Bernard A-4989 
JORDAN Chandler Smith A-1806 
JORDAN Curry Erastus M-1373 
JORDAN Donald Clifford C-2762 
JORDAN Edward Carrington T-716 

RR pp 40 58 
•JORDAN Francis Victor A-1462 C- 

1718 M-789 
JORDAN Harrison M-356 
JORDAN Henry Washington M-1459 
JORDAN James Alston A-6084 
JORDAN James Lafayette M-1441 
JORDAN James Sigsbee M-1464 
JORDAN John Thomas C-3553 
♦JORDAN Mortimer Harvey C-2840 
JORDAN Otis Leon II A-5860 
JORDAN Richard Dudley Jr A-2133 
JORDAN Robert W A-279 
JORDAN Robert Woodrow Fac 
JORDAN Roger Williams C-7968 
JORDAN Thomas Gary Jr A-4041 
JORDAN Thomas Sublette C-5043 
JORDAN Walton McCauley aljo Mo 

JORDAN Walton McCauley A-3499 
JORDAN William Mudd C-I25J 
JORDAN William Spencer II A-3687 

JORDAN Mrs William Spencer II 

also ROGERS Mary Katherine Co- 
ed 18 p 188 
JOSEPH Charles Schwartz C-8750 
JOSEPH John Anderson A-782 C-856 
JOSEY Don William C-2861 
JOSLIN A'len Webster C-5358 T-580 
JOURDAN John William Jr C-4883 
JOWETT Edgar Paul C-7848 
JOY Frank Rollins A-1871 
JOY Martin Alexander Jr A-2549 
JOY William McClelland A-2281 

C-2 130 

JOYCE Charles William M-703 
JOYNER Edmund Noah Jr A-1499 

JOYNER Matthew Nevill C-1326 T- 

137 H-314 
JOYNER Nevill McCaa A-3224 
JOYNER Quintard C-2681 
JOYNER Robert Weldon A-3638 
JOYNER William Hunt A-148 
JUDAH Dunlap Farley A-580 C-640 
JUDD Carl Pswel A-1722 
JUDD Donald RR pp 40 86 
JUDD Frederick Lee A-846 C-I0I3 
JUDD Harvey Orrin pp 296 297 
JUDD Howard Cecil Jr C-6190 
JUDD John Edward T-699 
JUDD John Tinker Jr A-3429 
JUDD Mitchell Davis C-6140 
JUDD Robert Critchell C-5327 
JUDGE Charles Arthur A-5787 
JUDGE Grant Ernest Jr A-5166 
J U H A N Alexander DuBose A-3961 

C-4696 GST- 1 63 RR pp 40 65 
*JUHAN Charles James A-4389 C-5550 
JUHAN Frank Alexander C-2 151 T- 

262 H-266 RR pp 40 63 64 65 109 

in 114 Staff 
JULIAN Jay Malcolm C-5006 
JULIAN Scott Milholland Jr C-6157 
JUNGMANN John Drummond M-1341 
JUNKIN Abner Kirk A-6194 
JUNY Edward de Seebach A-154 T-33 
JUNY Frederick Augustus p 373 Fac 
JUNY Frederick Augustus A-40 
JUNY George Ously A-39 C-170 
JUNY Madison W A-41 
JUSTI Herman Fac 


KAHA Louis Henry Jr C-1596 
KAHN Alfred G Jr A-3942 
*KAHN Lawrence A C-6015 
KALLOCH Dudley Cromwell C-2 1 19 

KALMBACH Francis Terrell A-5706 
KALMBACH Vernon Terrell A-6124 

KALMBACH William Chase A-2787 

KALMBACH William Chase Jr A-5488 

C-7750 p 376 
KAMMER Franklin Daniel A-4726 
KAMPMANN Gustav (not Gustave) 

A A-481 C-506 
KAN William Enkichi H-450 
KANE Robert Jr C-8666 
KANE Samuel Webster A-3733 
KANELLY George Christofer M-1276 
KAPLAN Abram C-1339 
KAPLAN Jacob Mayer A-?oi8 
KARLSON William Bertil C-7382 
KARR Guy Atchison Jr C-6774 
KARSTEN Beverley Barker Scovil C- 

KARSTEN Charles Emil Jr A-4630 


KARSTEN John deLancey Allaire C- 

KATTACHE Leon C-3952 
KATZ William Patton C-6359 
KATZE Wallace Hampton A-30;? 
KAUERZ Theodore August Jr C-4329 
KAUFMAN Jerome Stanley CPT p 226 
KAUSLER George Shall A-2.U C-490 
KAUTZ Frank Alexander Sebastian Jr 

KAVANAGH Kathleen Sevier also 

BENSON Mrs Gregory K Jr Co- 
ed 113 p 274 
KAVANAUGH Lewis T.iibot A-2274 
KAY Floyd Ferguson Jr A-4842 
KAYDEN Eugene Mark RR pp 40 109 

HA p 521 Fac 
KAYE Frank Inman C-5672 
KAYE Samuel Jr A-2So6 C-240.8 
KAYS Lethea later KUHNERT Mrs 

George Jesse Fac 
KEADY William Colbert Jr A-5079 
KEAN Charles Duell RR pp 40 80 
KEAN Frank Hugh Jr C-4538 
KEAN John Selby Jr C-4526 
KEAN Thomas Gordon Jr A-o2?4 
KEARBY Howard Raymond RR pp 

40 99 
KEARNEY Samuel Deurson M-1206 
*KEARNY Warren H-287 RR pp 40 

74 75 no III 
KEATTS Cyrus Nathan M-748 
KECK Robert Kenneth C-8088 
KEDNEY John Steinfort Fac 
KEE Walter William CPT p 226 
KEEBLE Edwin Augustus C-3377 
KEEBLE John Bell Jr C-2928 
KEEBLE Sydney Frazer C-3156 
KEEBLE Walter Currin C-116 
KEEL Alvin Miller C-6361 
KEELE Benjamin A-I538 
KEELE Robert Larry Jr C-7954 
KEELER Stephen Edwards H-431 RR 

pp 2 1 22 
KF.ELY Douglas Vaughan A-£;22 
KEELY John A-1366 
KEELY Robert Wyndham C-1610 
KEELY Robert Wyndham Jr C-4821 
KEELY Thomas Neal A-1027 
KEENE Newton B At 36 
KEENAN Bruce Stone C-8753 
*KEENE Wallis Bodein C-1305 
KEENEN Harry Benjamin A-5024 
KEESE Will Shelton Jr RR pp 40 96 
KEESEE T Woodfin A-357 C-ssi 
KEETON Thomas Edwin C-6404 
KEGLER William Vera T-943 
KEIDEL Victor M-1125 
KEIM Richard Joseph C-6419 
REISER Clarence Cyrus Jr C-7543 
KEISER William Sugg C-4905 
KEITH Alexander Marshall A-131 

*KEITH Charles Fleming C-21 
KEITH Edwin Ewing A-3146 
KEITH Walter III A-5322 
KELK John Albert Jr A-5433 
KELL Cornelia Co-ed 29 p 193 
KELLAMS Robert M C-6040 
KELLER Bob Taylor A-1972 
KELLER Christoph Jr GST-187 
KELLER Constantine Charles C-7439 
KELLER David A RR pp 40 69 
KELLER George A-339 C-345 
KELLER George Richard A-6591 
KELLER Harry Frederick C-2556 T- 


KELLER Herman Theodore Jr A-1684 

KELLER Oswald Lewin C-6930 
KELLER Richard Douglas C-6434 
KELLER William Sebald H-346 
KELLERMANN Charles Richard Jr 

KELLERMANN Francis C-4369 
KELLERMANN George Harvey C-4890 
KELLERMANN Joseph Lodge C-4099 

KELLEY Alfred Logan M-1243 
KELLEY Daniel Claude III A-5993 
KELLEY Fred L Jr C-S803 
KELLEY Harry Warren C-6133 
KELLEY Konrad Etick C-3435 
KELLEY Konrad Etick Jr T-778 Fac 
KELLEY Rogers Caswell C-3097 
KELLEY William Ellis C-5356 
KELLNER William Donaldson C-6767 
KELLOGG Hamilton Hyde H-416 RR 

pp 21 22 
KELLOGG James C A-434 C-491 
KELLOGG Mrs Niran E also WATTS 

Mary Elizabeth Co-ed 78 p 254 
KELLOGG William Frederick M-113 
KELLS John C A-514 C-653 
KELLY Albert Allan C-3538 
KELLY Albert Allan Jr A-5478 C-7360 
KELLY Charles A C-352 
KELLY Charles Edward Jr C-6iso 
KELLY Don Anson C-7793 
KELLY Frank Gilmore A-3717 
KELLY Franklyn Walter C-4008 
KELLY Hazel Virginia also WILLIAMS 

Mrs F B FS-20 p 339 
KELLY Herbert Wood A-5306 
KELLY J H C-1910 
KELLY John Connally Jr A-3 1 10 

KELLY John Luther M-1120 
KELLY Lea S A-839 
KELLY Paul Clarence A-4623 
KELLY Paul Rue C-2920 
KELLY R L A-606 
KELLY William Pressley A-3111 
KELLY William Pressley C-4001 
KELLY William Robert M-1041 
KELSEY J M C-5949 
KELSO Frank Benton C-7704 
KELSO Robert Patterson A-5342 
KELTNER Traverlas M-1565 
KELTON Leslie Eugene M-65 
KELTS Morgan Arthur A-4734 
KEMENDO Vincent Crowder C-8787 
KEMP David Lee M-964 
KEMP Robert Burns C-7452 
KEMPER Jackson RR p 79 
KEMPER James Lawson A-3001 
KEMPER Richard Rogers A-3497 
KENDALL Francis Drake Jr A-3282 

KENDALL Joseph Jennings Jr abo 

MERRILL Hoadley Bray A-5321 
KENDALL Ralph Jones C-3268 T-392 

GST- 1 02 
KENDRICK Allen Rufus A-2547 
KENDRICK Charles Austin C-6417 
shall Howard RR pp 40 58 
KENNADY Marshall Howard Jr 

KENNARD J B RR pp 40 103 104 
KENNAUGH Robert Quayle C-S264 T- 

KENNEDY Albert E M-513 
KENNEDY David Duncan C-7266 
KENNEDY Edgar A-3 3 14 
KENNEDY Edwin A-3626 
KENNEDY Frank Love C-5854 



KENNEDY Frederick Zickler Jr CPT 

p 226 
KENNEDY George Henry A-2018 
KENNEDY Harold Christian Reuf 

KENNEDY Mrs Harold Christian 

Reuf also HAWKINS Mary Caro- 
lyn Co-ed 42 p 225 
KENNEDY James Henry M-1105 
KENNEDY James LaVerne A-5870 
KENNEDY James William GST-17 
KENNEDY John Alvin M-714 
KENNEDY John Thomas M-862 
KENNEDY Joseph Alexander M-1106 

H RR pp 40 58 
KENNEDY Pat Douglas A-4965 
KENNEDY Paul Bonner Jr C-500I 
KENNEDY Ranken A-1953 
KENNEDY Raymond Willard A-3972 
KENNEDY Richard C-4118 
KENNEDY Thomas Joseph M-350 
KENNEDY Thomas Peters Jr C-3715 
KENNEDY Thomas Simpson M-543 
KENNEDY Walter Wallace Jr C-6726 
KENNEDY William Benjamin C-5945 
KENNEDY William Parker or Patrick 

Jr A-3677 C-4038 
KENNEY Oliver Hazzard Perry C-2588 
KENNEY Thomas Hopper M-1517 
KENNON Robert Floyd Jr A-5973 
KENT Amos C-3084 
KENT Frank A- 13 54 
KENT John (or Jack) Henry A-1353 
KENT Richard Harper A-3711 
KENT Walter Campbell Jr C-3288 
KEPPLER Charles Briel StaS 
KEPPLER John SS Gr p 339 
KERCHEVAL Horace A- 189 C-267 
KERFOOT Clarence Weldon Jr C-3919 
KERNAN John Michael C-7570 
KERNAN William Patrick C-7798 
KERR Alexander SS Gr p 339 
KERR James Rufus Whitfield M-170 
KERR John L A-506 C-568 
KERR Kenneth Hodgson C-7349 
KERR Marion Mooty C-5046 
KERR Robert McCluney Jr A-5329 
KERR Thomas Nevins A-2474 
KERSEY Claude Harrison Jr C-6144 
KERSHAW Albert Payson C-7080 
KERSHAW J Alvin Louis T-578 
KERSHAW John T- 4 H-131 RR pp 

40 90 91 107 108 117 
KERSHAW John Jr T-200 
KERSHAW Joseph Brevard RR pp 40 

KERSHAW Theodore Gourdin M-1030 
KETCHAM Ferris Flint C-5138 
KETCHAM William Lowerre T-819 
KETTIG Thomas Haskins A-2261 
KEY Albert Watkins A-6593 
KEY Frank M A-670 
KEY Jack Botts Jr A-5110 
KEY Nat Baxter Jr C-7960 
KEY Robert Edwin M-811 
KEY William Binney GST-132 
KEYES Arthur Elmore A-3528 C-3688 
KEYES Eugene A-3620 C-3886 
*KEYES Henry Sheridan M-316 
KEYS John Anthony Jr A-664! 
KEYS William Hall C-5830 
KEYSER Charles Lovett C-6902 T-803 
KEYSER Howard Franklin C-6286 
KEYWORTH Jack Manchester C-3974 
KHALED Ahmed M-1410 
K1BBE Charles Walker M-734 
KIBLER Robert Young L-90 

KIBLINGER Elliott M-39 
KIDD James Vernon Jr C-7536 
KIEKINTVELD James Henry C-6i30 
KIERCE Joseph McLaughlin A-5861 
KIERSTEAD Douglas Matthew T-726 
KIESWETTER Edgar Otto C-6687 
KIGER Robert Byron A-3755 
KIKER George Edward Jr C-860S 
KILBOURN Max A-1379 
KILBOURN Robert Chester T-522 

KILBRIDE Joseph Benedict Jr C-7380 
KILCHENSTEIN Joseph Jr A-3883 
KILLGORE Travis Ellis C-8299 
KILLIAN Artemas Daniel M-673 
KILLION Charles Theodore M-1315 
KILLION Henry Alston M-767 
KILPATRICK Allen Wilson C-S488 
KILPATRICK Andrew Flowers C-i83 
KILPATRICK Chester Bernard Jr C- 

KILPATRICK James Walter Jr C- 

"KILPATRICK Ringland Fisher A-1482 

C-1620 L-63 
KILVINGTON Lyle George T-411 Fac 
KIM James Chang Se C-8621 
KIMBALL George Allen RR pp 40 75 

HA p 521 
KIMBALL George Allen Jr A-6190 
KIMBALL Gordon Griffiss A-3806 
KIMBALL James Nathaniel A-3716 
KIMBALL John Bryant A-1195 C-1233 
KIMBALL Weston Cawthorne Jr C- 

KIMBERLY Carleton Richard C-7421 
KIMBROUGH Allan McCaskill Jr (not 

Allen McCaskell) C-3494 
KIMBROUGH Allan McCaskill III 

KIMBROUGH Frank Richmond A-1439 

KIMBROUGH Hardie Bradford C-8430 
KIMBROUGH Hunter Southworth C- 

KIMBROUGH Leftwich Dodge C-8143 
KIMBROUGH Marmaduke Southworth 

KIMBROUGH Percy Marmaduke M- 

KIMBROUGH Tom Alexander A-2203 
KIMBROUGH William Adams C-8117 
KINARD Joseph Oscar M-1018 
KINCANNON Leroy Taylor Jr A-4983 

KINDER William John M-150 
KING Anson L A-844 
KING Adam Rush M-414 
KING Alexander Campbell H-212 
KING Alfred Newell C-1530 
KING Allan Carlisle C-7017 
KING Brinsfield Jr A-4869 
KING Charles H C-844 
KING Charles William A-5406 
KING Clay Baker A-2035 
KING Curtis LeRoy Jr A-3953 
KING Dennis Wilson A-5232 
KING Edward Bleakley C-62S7 
KING Edward Moody Jr C-3 347 
KING Elbert Franklin Jr C-5877 
KING Francis Edward C-8487 
KING George Dodgen Jr A-5834 
KING George Wiley M-126 
KING Gerald McCulloh A-5235 C-6725 
KING Harry Eubank Jr A-4936 
KING Harry Ketcham C-1034 
KING Horace McClelland A-4078 
KING James Arthur C-6945 
KING James Polk III A-S396 

KING John D A-349 

KING John Floyd RR pp 40 76 

KING John Jacob A-2432 

KING John Paul C-6347 

KING John Pendleton A-2255 C-2129 

♦KING John Smith Jr C-3839 

KING Kenneth Callen A-6385 

KING Leo Jr A-5470 

KING Richard Jr C-3922 

KING Robert Andrews A-4335 

KING Robert Baker A-5340 C-7479 

KING Robert Lee C-4192 

KING Samuel Calvin C-4437 

KING Sydney Warren C-517 T-34 

KING Thomas Edward C-486 

KING Thomas William C-6567 

KING Voris C-4694 

KING William Calhoun M-586 

KING William Donald Jr C-4365 

KING William Frank Jr C-4340 

KING William Russell Jr A-5829 

KING William Yancey C-2690 

KINGERY Price Hilton CPT p 226 

KININGHAM John Allen A-4743 

KINNAMON Ralph Clifford C-6084 

KINNETT Kenneth C-8232 


KINNEY Hance Hamilton M-362 

KINNEY Terry M-38 

KINNEY Wesley Everett A-5335 

K1NS0LVING Charles James III C- 

3287 T-393 H-477 RR pp 21 22 

25 26 Fac 
K1NSOLVING George Herbert H-91 

RR pp 20 22 40 97 98 
KINZIE Norman Francis T-497 
KIPPENBROCK David Michael C- 

KIRBY Horace A-2563 
KIRBY John Gildersleeve A-3892 

KIRBY Keith Paul C-6282 
KIRBY Leon Davis Staff 
KIRBY Leon Davis Jr A-3085 C-3334 
KIRBY Marion Arthur A-5102 
KIRBY William MacLeod A-2087 
KIRBY-SMITH Catherine Porcher Staff 
KIRBY-SMITH Edmund Jr once 

SMITH Edmund Kirby Jr A-501 

KIRBY-SMITH Edmund Jr A-2602 
KIRBY-SMITH Edmund A-3830 

C-45 57 
KIRBY-SMITH Elizabeth Washington 

KIRBY-SMITH Ellen Clair also RICE 

Mrs Louis Wood Jr Co-ed 64 

P 249 
KIRBY-SMITH Ephraim A-1534 

C- 1 9 1 2 M- 1 1 70 L- 1 40 
KIRBY-SMITH Mrs Ephraim also 

Mrs Mary Carroll Brooks Staff 
KIRBY-SMITH Ephraim Jr A-3997 

C-5070 p 222 
KIRBY-SMITH Hayden West A-3135 

KIRBY-SMITH Henry Tompkins 

A-3101 C-3426 Staff 
KJRBY-SM1TH Henry Tompkins Jr 

A-5799 C-8505 
♦KIRBY-SMITH John Selden A-37U 

KIRBY-SMITH Joseph Lee A-1449 

C-1716 M-1059 H-280 
KIRBY-SMITH Matilda Tompkins al- 
so KIRBY-SMITH Mrs Reynold 

Marvin FS-30 p 340 
KIRBY-SMITH Mrs Mary Carroll 

Brooks see KIRBY-SMITH Mrs 

♦KIRBY-SMITH Reynold Marvin once 

SMITH Reynold Marvin Kirby 

A-770 C-1138 M-33 H-444 Fac 

KIRBY-SMITH Mrs Reynold Marvin 

FS-30 p 340 
KIRBY-SMITH Reynold Marvin Jr 

A-3100 C-3422 
KIRBY-SMITH William Selden A-936 

KIRBY-SMITH William Woolverton 

KIRCHHOFFER Richard Ainslie H- 

KIRCHHOFFER Richard Ainslie Jr 


wig C-5042 
KIRK Albert Leonidas A-847 C-1042 
KIRK Irwin Franklyn M-1389 
KIRK James A-2027 
KIRK James Edgar A-3985 
KIRK John Melchoir C-432 
KIRK John Shattuck A-i86s C-1984 

L-144 RR pp 40 78 
KIRK Richard Rodney C-7999 
KIRKBRIDE C Dorothy FS-2 p 339 
KIRKHAM Harold Buchel A-3756 
KIRKLAND James Hampton H-13S 

RR pp 19 22 
KIRKLAND Robert MacDonald Fac 
KIRKLAND William Alexander H-495 
KIRKLAND William George A-2657 

KIRKLEY Columbus Burch C-7636 
KIRKMAN Anthony Wayne VanLeer 

KIRKMAN Caswell Macon Thompson 

Jr C-5276 
KIRKMAN Will Polk A-327I 
KIRKPATRICK Burgess Wade A-1586 

C-1632 L-55 
KIRKWOOD Willis Wallen C-3761 
KIRREH Shibli Said T-135 
KIRSCH George Thomas Jr C-6367 
KIRTLAND Michel William A-3(8t 
KIRTLAND Needham Franklin A-3309 
KISER James Clifford C-6614 
KISHPAUGH Howard Bird T-81S 
KITASAWA Shinjiro T-302 
KITCHENS James G A-4439 
KITCHENS Walter Lee M-75I 
KIZER Richard Dudley C-5288 
KLAUBER Morris A-291 
KLEIN Roy L C-5681 
KLEIN Walter Conrad Fac 
KLEIN William T-13 H-77 p 297 Fac 
KLEINWACHTER Charles Frederick 

KLINE John Jackson A-896 C-954 
KLINE Marcia Lois also BONEY 

Mrs Samuel Ashford Co-ed 99 

P 263 
KLINE Wendell Fischer Staff HA p 521 
KLING Chauncey Vorhis RR pp 40 88 
KLINGMAN Josephine Co-ed 17 p 183 
KLOCK Ernest Thomas Sewell A-3982 
KLOCK John Charles A-3981 
KLOSE Carl Otto HA p 521 
KNAPP Charles M RR pp 40 71 72 
KNAPP David Prentice Jr C-5394 
KNAPP Herbert Tolfree A-2313 
KNAPP John Frederick C-6175 
KNAPP Joseph Arnold A-4534 
KNAPP Peter James C-8010 




KNEELAND Charles Theodore C-7903 
KNEIPP Frederick William Jr T-679 
KNICKERBOCKER Charles Herrick 

A-1992 C-5230 
KNICKERBOCKER William Skinlde 

KNIGHT Aaron Dean Jr C-8617 
*KNIGHT Albior Williamson A-459 

C-4S7 H-148 RR PP 40 63 64 107 

108 1 15 Fac 
♦KNIGHT Albion Williamson A-2150 

C-2173 RR pp 40 64 65 
KNIGHT Albion Williamson Jr A-4586 
KNIGHT Benjamin Owen A-2676 
KNIGHT Carol Finley Jr A-3964 
KNIGHT Carol Finley Jr A-6636 
KNIGHT Charles Fraser A-5629 
KNIGHT Charles Wrenshall C-2646 
KNIGHT Craig Edgar A-5680 
KNIGHT Elizabeth Woolston also 

WELLER Mrs Matthew H Co- 
ed 61 p 248 
KNIGHT Floyd Livingston C-2054 RR 

pp 4° 92 
KNIGHT Franklin LaFayette pp 87 

2q6 RR p 1 16 Fac 
KNIGHT Franklin Whittingham A-I p 

KNIGHT Harold Ricker A-5690 C-8048 
KNIGHT Henry Turner Jr C-7077 
KNIGHT Jaqueline Emile C-1954 M- 

KNIGHT Joe Mitchell A-2337 C-2238 
*KNIGHT John A M-656 
KNIGHT John Harrison M-560 
KNIGHT John William Jr A-4103 
KNIGHT Peter Oliphant III A-4173 
KNIGHT Peter Oliphant IV A-5893 
♦KNIGHT Raymond Demere C-1783 


KNIGHT Samuel Robinson GST-124 
KNIGHT Telfair A-1897 C-1924 RR 

pp 40 64 
KNIGHT Thomas Howard M-86 
KNIGHT William Jackson C-3038 Fac 
KNIPP Louis Hughes C-7674 
KNISELEY Clifford Clark T-964 
KNITTEL William Chester CPT p 226 
KNIZLEY Homer Jr C-8462 
KNOEFEL William Rudolph C-2692 
KNOEFEL William Rudolph (not 

Randolph) Jr A-3086 C-3529 
KNORR William Hays C-4239 T-466 
KNOTT Boniface Joseph C-5759 
KNOTT Charles Ignatius C-5801 
KNOTT James Proctor RR pp 18 22 
KNOTT William Samuel C-3480 
KNOTTS Edward Bowen A-3169 
KNOWLES Clarence A- 1787 
KNOWLES Cline Haley Jr C-6313 
KNOWLES Jack Morris A-3868 
KNOWLES Jack Newton Jr A-3820 
KNOWLES William Hyer A-69 
KNOWLTON Sam Dove A-5866 
KNOX Edwin Lee A-4442 
KNOX Fitz-Hugh (not Fitzhugh) A- 

806 C-822 
KNOX George Kenneth C-7044 
KNOX Hugh B A-408 
KNOX Inman Horner C-675 
KNOX Leonard Charles A-4007 C-4733 
KNOX Russell Chandler C-3823 
KNOX Van William Jr C-3272 
KNOX William Carroll Jr A-4006 
KNOX William Prentice C-3467 
KNUDSEN Richard Alan C-8412 
KOBERG Edwin Roderick Jr A-6554 
KOCH Harvey Charles Jr C-8197 
KOCH Lyon William C-2760 
KOCHTITZKY Otto Morse C-S097 

KOCK T Hermann (not Herman) C- 

KOEHLER Max Jr A-2943 
KOEN John Everett C-7984 
KOGER Elijah McClain M-854 
KOLACNY Gordon Stone C-5983 
KOLB Roland Samuel A-1614 
KOLTER Charles Adsit C-8097 
KOMM Horace Fac 
KOONCE Francis Duval Jr M-130 
KOONTZ Alexander Ferguson C-474 
KOOPMAN Stanley Anthony C-5414 
KOPPEN Cletus Henry C-6310 
KOPPLIN David Goodwin C-3398 
KOSEK Frank Joseph M-1052 
KOSKI Augustus Alfred C-4419 
KOSTMAYER John Houston C-4765 
KOSTOFF Karl Dimotor CFF p 341 
KOURY Michael C-3312 
KOVAR Maurice Franklin C-8597 
KOZA Robert Wayne Fac 
KRABILL Albert Jarkson A-4332 
KRAIL William A-379 C-402 
KRAKOVIAK Anthony Ignatius C- 

KRAMER Joseph Frank A-1485 
KRAMER Richard William A-4251 
KRAMER William Paul RR pp 40 73 
KRANZ James Phillip Jr C-4351 RR 

pp 25 26 
KRASNE Jerry Alan A-5249 
KRAUTH George Power A-6516 
KREBS Theodore Luther C-1347 Staff 
KRETSCHMAR Malcolm Shelton C- 

KRICKBAUM Donald William C-8742 
KRING Frederick Kremer III A-6552 
KRING Robert Stephen A-6495 
KRING Ronald Gordon A-6;72 
KRISCHKE Egmont Machado H-470 
KROGSGARD John Rolland A-4763 
KROMER John Stotsenburg GST-38 
KROTZER Jean Stewart also FOUGH- 

RAN Mrs Anthony H Co-ed 100 

P 263 
KRUEGER Calton George GST- 169 
KRUSE Frederick William M-58 
KUEHNLE Bruce McPherson C-5088 

p 222 
KUEHNLE Joseph RR pp 40 77 78 
KUEHNLE Robert Dalby C-4879 
KUHLMAN Frederick William A-2870 
KUHN Carl B A-3661 
KUHN Francis Augustus A-5794 
KUHNERT George Jesse C-6576 
KUHNERT Mrs George Jesse or KAYS 

Lethea Fac 
KUNECKI Roman Chester C-6315 
KURTH Ernest Lynn Jr A-3731 
KURTH Melvin Hubert A-3730 
KUSMO Peter Matthews M-557 
KUTAIT Ralph Camil T-734 
KWASNIAK Irene CFF p 341 
KWASNIAK Olga CFF p 341 
KYGER Arthur Frank M-778 Fac 
KYLE Albert Sidney III C-6098 
KYLE Frederick Bauman A-4205 
KYLE Frederick Toombs Jr T-531 RR 

PP 4° 55 56 Staff 
KYLE John Edwin A-4098 
KYLE Robert Bartlett Jr A-2063 

LaBARRE George Pascalis Jr C-5265 

LaBORDE Hasell Thomas Fac 
LABOUISSE David Winder A-4186 


LaBRUCE George T-818 
LABUZAN Pembroke Rowland A-1467 
LACEY George S RR pp 40 73 75 
LACHMAN Arthur Gustave C-6770 
LACHMAN Stanley Philips A-5336 

LACKEY Charles Albert C-6402 
LACROIX George Fernand A-2028 
LACY Richard Albert Jr A-3286 
LAFFITTE Irving Davis A-5158 
LAFFITTE Rondeau Garvin Jr A-5205 
LaFIELD Howard T-160 
LAFLEUR Ertemon Jr M-i 192 
LAGARDE David Louis A-5928 
LAGARDE John Baptiste Jr A-3330 
LAGARDE Mary Virginia Co-ed 89 p 

LAGOMARSINO John Anthony A-5827 
LaGRONE David Charlton M-1427 
LaGROW Asa Joseph Jr C-5551 
LAIN Armsted Albert M-650 
LAIN Everett Samuel M-216 
LAIRD Edgar Stockton C-1592 
LAIRD Samuel Boden C-1531 L-35 
LAKE Richard Ellsworth C-8608 
LAKE Robert Hart Jr C-7410 
LAKE Roland Colwell A-5410 
LAMAR Elbert Carrau C-7428 
LAMAR James Wallace Jr A-4229 
LAMAR Robert Black C-8053 
LAMAR Tracy Hickman Jr T-540 
LAMB George Warrington M-283 
LAMB James Payton C-7711 
♦LAMB John Hall C-7s6 
LAMB MacRae RR pp 40 61 
LAMB Stephen Hall Jr C-709 
LAMB Thomas Kelsey RR pp 40 99 

HA p 521 
LAMB Thomas Kelsey Jr C-6929 
LAMB Wilson RR pp 40 60 
LAMBERT Elijah Allanson M-1334 
LAMBERT Hobert Elton C-6064 
♦LAMBERT Peter William Jr C-3945 

T-453 GST-254 
LAMKIN William Enoch M-917 
LAMOND Bertram Bruce C-2614 T- 

LAMONS Herbert Jones Jr C-5842 
LAMPTON Albert Wayne C-5959 
LAMSON Herbert Jr C-5359 
LANCASTER Albert Chapman M-503 
LANCASTER Henry Winfred Jr C- 

LANCASTER Henry Winfred III 

LANCASTER John Kyle C-5639 
LANCASTER Louis Aubrey Jr C-6063 
LANCASTER Richard David A-6osi 
LANCASTER Robert Samuel Jr C-4509 

RR p 120 Fac 
LANCASTER Robert Strange C-4322 
LANCASTER William Howard C-5275 

LANCE Lee White Jr C-8045 
LAND George William M-800 
LAND John Fletcher A-2373 
LAND John Richard A-5455 
♦LAND Joseph Norton M-945 
LAND Vincent Lester C-1593 
LANDAUER Horace Haas A-1463 

C- 1 5 1 2 
LANDAUER Leo Levy C-1706 
LANDERS Edward Leslie A-3737 

LANDERS Frank Charles Jr A-3738 

LANDIS Charles Beary A-4448 
LANDRETH Benjamin Franklin C- 

LANDRUM Casimir Alonzo Jr C-210* 

LANDRY Patrick A-6259 

LANDRY Thomas Wilson A-5252 

LANDSTREET Beverly Walter Jr C- 

LANE Albert M-1218 
LANE Carl Moorman C-1492 
LANE Frank Bruce A-2800 
LANE L M A-717 C-744 
LANE Martin Luther C-6035 
LANE Virginius Schylleene Jr C-3846 
LANG Duncan McRae C-4222 
LANG Edward Henry A-1993 
LANG Robert Grey C-397S 
LANG William Allyn Jr C-5337 
LANG William Philip A-3213 
LANGE Oscar Grnendler A-2786 
LANGFORD Albert Bernard C-4737 
LANGFORD Pierce Poindexter Jr C- 

LANGHAM Lindsay Lee C-8442 
LANGHORNE William Henry C-7400 

RR pp 25 26 
LANGSTAFF George Quigley Jr C-6546 
LANGSTAFF Morton Hampton A-5293 

LANIER Aubrey Falls C-2166 L-162 
LANIER Clifford Anderson C-907 
LANIER Eddie A-681 
LANIER James Augustus C-646 
LANIER John Summerfield Jr C-1399 
LANIER John Thomas Jr A-4512 
LANIER Monro Banister M-1313 
LANIER Nicholson Chambers M-25 
LANIER Norris Van Leer C-2204 
LANIER Sterling Sidney RR pp 40 70 
LANIER William Clinton C-5898 
LANING Benjamin Howard M-287 
LANKFORD Hal Gilbert C-5960 
LANKFORD Tira Jalee C-5951 
LANNOM Eldridge Albert A-802 
LANNOM Robert Joseph C-2476 
♦LANSDEN John (not Jahn) Bethel 

LANSILL Charles Wellington Burt 


393 C-403 
LARGUIER William Erwin Jr A-5652 
LARKEY Kenneth Clayton Jr C-6407 
LA ROCHE Christopher Innis C-329 

T-i 1 
LAROCHE Edwin Bruce C-2003 
LaROCHE James Henry Fowles T-14 
LaROCHE James Nagle C-4469 
LARSH Robert Campbell A-3715 

LARSON Stanley James C-5731 
LaRUE James Wheeler A-4612 
LaRUE Robert Hughes Jr C-8188 
LASATER James Robert C-4841 
LASH Earle Alfred now Earl Alfred 

LASLEY William Jr A-6045 
LASSITER Arleigh Walter T-565 
LASSITER William Frederick Alban 

also SLOAN William Frederick 

LASTER Edward Carroll Jr A-5529 
LATANE Thomas Bernard M-944 
LATHAM Benjamin Rathbun C-781 
LATHAM Charles Eugene M-1452 
LATHAM Ector B A-665 
LATHEN Thomas Barrow C-6454 
LATIMER Erwin David III A-4476 
LATIMER John Stratford A-4698 
LATIMER Sigsbee Booker M-1204 
LATIMER William RR pp 40 60 
LATTA George G RR pp 40 54 



LATTIMORE Malcolm Stockton Jr C- 

LATTIMORE Robert Kehoe C-7725 
LATTIMORE Samuel Thompson C- 

LAUDEMAN William Elliott III C- 

♦LAUDERDALE Clay M-1242 
LAUENBORG Alford Bruce T-548 
LAUGHLIN Frank Rube Jr C-4165 
•LAUNSPACH George William M-581 
LAURIE William Ross C-7177 
LAVENDER Sydney Leach C-7610 
LAVENDER Thomas E FS-3 p 339 
LaVERNE Donald Clifford M-1320 
LAW Henry Steagall A-5808 
LAW Ralph Aregood Jr C-6333 
LAW Tom Carlton C-6938 
LAWHON Zack Rufus Jr C-2774 
LAWLER William Gresham Jr A-4859 
LAWLESS Nicholas William M-1140 
LAWRENCE Alfred Stratton Jr T-476 
LAWRENCE David Stuart C-7459 
LAWRENCE Jack Duson C-4406 
LAWRENCE John Arthur C-8093 
LAWRENCE John Sidney A-2947 
LAWRENCE Larry Carlton III A-5989 
LAWRENCE Leonard Mize CPT p 226 
LAWRENCE Opie Reid C-S915 
LAWRENCE Robert A-4704 
LAWRENCE Ulysses Eugene C-6276 
LAWRENCE William Owen M-1367 

ard also TOOMBS Robert Bran- 

ard Lawrence C-4127 
LAWRES Mrs Irving A J also BU- 

FORD Maribel Co-ed 16 p 182 
LAWRIE Donald James C-3054 
LAWS Beverly Rhea C-6806 
LAWS Harry Ford C-5022 
LAWS Joseph Hiram M-275 
LAWS Stanley Frederick C-4939 
LAWSON Charles Reid M-576 
LAWSON Esley El wood M-686 
LAWSON George Asbury CPT p 222 
LAWSON Louis Russell Jr C-5133 p 

LAWSON Max Wendell C-6799 
LAWSON Ralph Hervey C-6113 
LAWSON Silas Bailey M-589 
LAWSON Thomas B RR pp 40 73 94 
LAWTON Alexander Rudolf Jr RR pp 

19 22 
LAWTON William Henry C-5652 
LAXSON (not LAXON) Shelby Allen 

LAY George William H-204 
LAY Henry Champlin RR pp 40 49 52 

54 62 117 
LAYCOCK Robert Redmond C-5486 
LAYFIELD John William M-322 
LAZARD Sidney Herold A-5143 
LAZENBY Walter Howard A-2756 
LAZONBY Joseph Lancelot C-8121 
LEA Luke C-1558 H-205 RR pp 19 as 

LEA Overton Jr C-1557 
LEA Rudolph Elmo Jr A-5810 
LEA Walter Thomas Jr C-7236 
LEA William Sentelle C-4672 T-486 

LEACH Benjamin Hugh C-6209 
LEACH Grady Washington Jr C-6168 
LEACH Robert Jr A-3504 C-3400 
LEACOCK William Thomas RR pp 40 

73 75 
LEAK Tyler Bennett A-2269 
LEAKE James Jr C-679 
LEAKE Vernon C-1439 

LEAKE Wilbur Neumon (not Neu- 

man) C-5876 
LEAKE William Leslie M-629 
LEAL Alfred Ray A-5942 
LEAR Allen Lawrence M-i 2 14 Fac Staff 
LEAR Ca'eb Byron Jr C-6389 
♦LEAR James Coates A-3831 C-4556 
LEAR James Hamilton A-2840 C-2574 
LEAR Thomas Andrew C-6723 
LEARNED Robert Dabel A-3957 

LEARY James Edward A-4882 
LEARY William Merriwether C-1135 
♦LEATHERBURY Douglas Bagwell C- 

2700 T-331 H-440 
LEATHERBURY Douglas Bagwell Jr 

LEAVELL William Hadley C-3528 
♦LEBBY William C-2019 
LEBO Benjamin David also LEBO- 

WITZ Benjamin David A-1775 

C-2087 L-149 
LEBOWITZ Benjamin David now LE- 
BO Benjamin David A-1775 C-2087 

LECHE Richard Webster Jr C-6727 
LEDBETTER Frank Ashton M-1396 
LEDBETTER William Dale A-6601 
LeDOUX Maurice Sterling Jr A-5870 
LEDWITH Thomas A C-928 
LED YARD Harold C-3818 
LEE Albert Sidney M-369 
LEE Anthony Joel C-7735 
LEE Basil Michael Jr A-5943 
LEE Benjamin Markley A- 1 764 
LEE Blewett (not Bluett) RR pp 1922 
LEE Charles Galloway A-3697 
LEE Clendon Hunt C-5034 RR pp 25 

LEE David Gilbert C-6so8 
LEE Fletcher Eugene M-412 
LEE Frank Stanley A-3259 
LEE Harry O A-3598 
LEE Hinton G C-148 
LEE Howard also LEVI Howard 

LEE Hutson Jr C-1041 
LEE John Lynch A-237 
LEE John Monterey Jr A-2230 
LEE John Scott A-1121 
LEE John Trumbull Jr C-6730 
LEE Joseph Benjamin Jr A-5175 
LEE L Lyons RR pp 40 106 
LEE Lawrence Moultrie A-1098 
*LEE Lenoir Valentine H-423 RR pp 

40 58 65 
LEE Lenoir Valentine Jr C-4927 
LEE Leslie Watkins A-4986 
LEE Lewis Swift C-7720 
LEE Permillas Arten Jr A-4474 
LEE Philip Francis III A-6346 
LEE Robert Augustus T-103 
LEE Robert Charles Jr A-1987 
LEE Robert E RR pp 40 86 87 
LEE Robert Edward A-1447 C-1715 
LEE Thomas Andrew Jr A-6132 
LEE Thomas Booth RR pp 40 97 99 
♦LEE Thomas Jefferson Jr L-164 
LEE Walter Edward A-4317 
LEE Walthall Bass A-1988 
LEE Warden Sperry C-5215 
LEE William Jr A-5872 
LEE William Reynolds A-3151 
LEECH James Guy M-1528 
LEECH Thomas Eugene A-6427 
LEECH William Everett C-4248 
LEEPER Paul Theodore C-8743 
LEES Robert B Fac 
LEESTMA Herman C-6316 
LeFEBRE Bruce William GST-156 

LeFEBRE (Monsieur) Staff 
LeFEBVRE George Norman A-5746 
LEFFLER Charles Doyle A-914 C-95? 
LEFTWICH William Groom C-2506 
LeGALLAIS Edward Yates Jr A-3781 
*LEGARE Justine later Julien Stockton 

Keith A-2666 C-2413 
LeGATE Frank Milton Jr A-3836 
LrGETTE Eugene Smith A-4856 
LEGG Albert Arthur A-4820 
LEGG John Dartmouth C-7626 
LEGGETT Claude B M-951 
LEGGETT Leroy Winstead C-4178 T- 

LeGRAND Milton Paul A-2724 
LeGREVE Charles Edmund C-4429 
LEHEW Leman Calvin A-6614 
LEHMAN Mrs George W also BUR- 
GOON Antoinette FS-45 p 340 
LEHMAN George Weidner M-1132 
LEHMAN Robert John C-6357 
LEHMANN Gerald David A-4582 
LEHMBERG Charles Edward M-1026 
LEICH Charles Duncan A-5900 

LEIDY Arthur Colton A-2324 
♦LEIGH Armistead Claiborne C-51 D 

292 RR pp 40 77 78 107 in 
LEIGH Junius F p 373 
LEIGH Randolph A-2207 C-2231T-295 

RR pp 24 26 
LEIGHTON Francis Knyvett H-3 
LEIMENSTOLL John Robert A-4425 
LEITCH Dynes A-5255 
LeLOUIS Edward Crawford A-2681 
LEMAN Clarence Croft T-24 
LeMASTER John Nathan Jr C-3I29 

RR pp 40 too 
♦LeMAY David John C-2589 
LeMAY Louis Thompson C-3174 
LEMBCKE John Henry Jr C-6942 
LEMEN Matthew Hyatt A-3866 
LEMLER John Frederick A-5564 
LEMMON Charles James M-1229 
LEMMON Earl Anthony C-3765 
LEMOINE Hampton Theophile M-645 
♦LEMOINE Jules Downing M-652 
LENDERMAN Herman Ray C-8626 
L'ENGLE Peter Porcher C-434 
LENHARD Kent Vernon A-6390 
LENHARD Robert Earl T-933 
LENHARD Robert Earl Jr A-6391 
♦LENNIE-SMITH Walter C-1438 T- 

♦LENOIR David Gaillard C-2384 
LeNOIR Gordon Lee Jr A-6049 
LENOIR Sidney Clinton Jr A-2397 
LENOX Samuel Henry A-848 
LENTZ James Donald C-882S 
LENZ Lester Lee C-5973 
LEONARD Carr A-2381 
LEONARD Dabney A-2382 
LEONARD Floyd Willard C-6934 
LEONARD Harold Colegrove Jr A-4722 
LEONARD Harry Nelson C-7520 
LEONARD John W RR pp 40 97 99 
LEONARD Neil Jones Jr C-64OS 
LEONARD Oliver Charles C-6246 
LEONARD Paul Augustus T-697 
LEONARD Richard Boone C-4023 
LEONARD Robert Addington C-7587 
LEONARD Robert Lee C-2899 
LEONARD Will C-911 
LEONARD William Pleasants A-4828 
LESSER Gerald Allen also RAY Ger- 
ald Allen A-542S 
LESTER Anne Co-ed 98 p 463 

LESTER Eugene Harper Jr A-3358 
LESTER Robert Charles C-5859 
LESTER Robert MacDonald H-401 

RR pp 19 22 
LETELLIER Edward Winston C-1171 
LEUZINGER John A-2040 
LEVENTHAL Stanley Lawrence C-5933 
LEVER John Ashton C-7867 
LEVERT Mark William M-160 
LEVERTON Foster A-2208 
LEVI Howard also LEE Howard A-3512 
LEVINGS George Edward III C-8632 
LEVINGS Nelson Trimble Jr A-4941 
LEVINGS Sanford Hopkins A-4879 
LEVINSON Herbert SSMC p 342 
LEVY Frank LaGrange Jr T-435 
LEWIS Albert Davidson III A-6191 
LEWIS Arthur Cullen M-1296 
LEWIS Mrs B M also HUEY Sarah 

King FS-4 p 339 
LEWIS Charles Baldwin A-5327 
LEWIS Charles Franklin A-5718 
LEWIS Charles Huffman Jr A-5783 
♦LEWIS Charles Kelley Jr C-2668 
LEWIS Charles R HA p 521 
LEWIS Charles Stuart M-737 
LEWIS Clayton Wilson C-8291 
♦LEWIS Cotesworth Pinckney T-494 

RR pp 40 54 
LEWIS Daniel Monroe III C-8542 
LEWIS Edwin Gilliland C-6689 
LEWIS Eskin Walter M-598 
LEWIS George Griffin C-8311 
LEWIS George Herman A-2513 
LEWIS George Rankin A-6387 
LEWIS Giles Floyd Jr A-5089 T-888 p 

LEWIS Henry Charles also BRUNING 

Henry Charles A-5268 
♦LEWIS Howard Guy C-2153 L-130 
LEWIS Hubert Lawrence A-1541 
LEWIS James Arthur C-6224 
LEWIS James Henry H-50 
LEWIS John A-1004 C-ino 
LEWIS Leicester Crosby Fac 
LEWIS Nicholas Alda C-6830 
LEWIS Orin Grisham A-5930 
LEWIS Powell Kimbrough M-699 
LEWIS Ralph Howard A-2810 
LEWIS Robert E L A-807 
LEWIS Robert Hugh A-5785 
LEWIS Rumsey C-5638 
LEWIS Tandy Giddens A-4826 
LEWIS Ted Eugene C-6136 
♦LEWIS Thomas Lorton C-2648 
LEWIS Thomas Lorton Jr A-5210 
LEWIS Venable Lane M-698 
LEWIS Virgil Bobo Jr A-S426 
LEWIS Warren David III C-4534 
LEWIS William Bolton A-1522 
LEWIS William Waters C-1802 Fac 
LEYDEN George Boal Jr C-7225 
LIBBY Robert Meredith Gabler (not 

Gablee) T-948 

462 RR pp 21 22 40 79 80 

LIDE David Morrison Jr C-5102 p 222 
LIDSTONE Lamar Worsham C-1639 L- 

LIGHT James Stanley GST-I2I 
LIGHT John Philip C-7367 
LIGHTBOURN Francis Chesebrough 

C-5152 GST-11 
LIGHTCAP Nathaniel Pugh A-2005 

LIGHTER Bernard Edward A-61S7 
LIGHTFOOT William Wesley M-1375 
LIGHTLE James Sinclair A-2460 



•LIGHTNER Homer Greysden M-1078 
LIGON Guilford Hamilton C-3206 
LIGON Henry Arthur Jr A-2217 
LIGON Miller Woodson C-6036 
LIKON Richard Simpson C-8353 
LILES Charles Sedberry T-474 
LILES Ronald Wyatt A-S482 
LILES William Washington M-263 
LILLIE James Hill C-6345 
LILLY Eli H-384 
LILLY Josiah Kirby H-347 
LINAKER Charles Alan A-5030 
LINARD James Laban Jr C-5268 
LINCER William CFF p 342 
LINCOLN Allen Staff 
LINCOLN Charles H RR pp 40 53 
LINCOLN Charles James II A-4271 
LINCOLN Charles Knox C-1130 
LINCOLN Jerome Waters Jr A-4179 
LINCOLN Leroy Alton H-488 RR pp 

20 22 
LINDAMOOD Edward Coleman C- 

LINDBLOM Howard Hunter A-3799 
LINDBLOM Robert Ingle A-3804 
LINDGREN Norman C-3418 
LINDHOLM John David C-7887 
LINDHOLM William Oscar C-4210 
*LINDLEY Calvin Denton M-664 
LINDLEY Grace H-349 
LINDLEY Hubbard M-1181 
LINDOP Richard Cooper C-8103 
LINDSAY Charles Matthews Jr A-4256 
LINDSAY Charles McCown C-7474 
LINDSAY Courtenay Tew A-1575 

*LINDSAY George Wilbur L-85 
LINDSAY Guion Alto M-611 
LINDSAY John Paul C-4467 
LINDSAY John Summerfield H-105 

RR pp 20 22 
LINDSAY Robert Franklin III C-6296 
LINDSAY William Leslie C-1164 
LINDSEY Malcolm H-278 
LINES Stiles Bailey C-4454 T-490 
LINING George Dent A-1550 
LINLEY Herbert Laflin GST-142 p 338 
LINN J B RR pp 40 59 
LINTHICUM Daniel Anthony A-1217 
LINTHICUM Thomas Gray C-2960 T- 

LINTON Maurice Ragland Jr A-5761 
LIPPINCOTT Edmund Nash Jr A-3412 
LIPPITT Frank B C-584 
LIPSCOMB Harry Shepherd A-4607 
LIPSCOMB John Marshall A-3704 
LIPSCOMB Robert Joseph C-7484 
LIPSCOMB Thomas Jefferson A-1415 
LIPSCOMB William Emory M-868 
LIPSCOMB William Harrington C- 

1343 L-8 
LIPSCOMB William Herbert A-3946 
LIPSCOMBE Stirling Allan Jr C-5493 
LITTELL Eugene Slack A-3386 
LITTELL John Stockton H-182 
LITTELL Shirley Northrop C-4234 
LITTLE Charles David III A-5421 

LITTLE Charles Summers A-3834 
LITTLE Jack Wesley C-6837 
•LITTLE Jesse Trawin M-158 
LITTLE Joe Frank A-3835 
LITTLE John Bob C-6iji 
LITTLE Ralph Jr C-7764 
LITTLE Richard Mobley M-314 
LITTLE Robert Eugene III A-5634 
LITTLE William Gray Jr A-4928 

LITTLEJOHN Abram Newkirk H-117 
LITTLEJOHN James DeWitt T-93S 

LITTLER David Clark C-8443 
♦LITTON James Cooper C-3053 
LIVAUDAIS Guernsey Denison A-3457 
LIVAUDAIS West A-3458 
LIVELY Arthur Joy GST-54 
LIVELY Lewis Matthew A-1321 
LIVERMORE Richard Larremore 

LIVINGSTON Whitner Kilpatrick Jr 

LLOYD Arthur Selden H-200 
LLOYD Gary Edwards C-7621 
LLOYD Oakley Benijah Jr C-4630 
LLOYD Roy Emerson A-4625 C-654S 
LLOYD Walter Kenyon SST p 330 
LLOYD William Nelson C-5417 
LOARING-CLARK Alfred Joseph also 

CLARK Alfred Joseph Loaring C- 

3486 A-386 Staff 
LOARING-CLARK Charles A-4057 
LOARING-CLARK Charles William al- 
so CLARK Charles William Loar- 
ing A-2323 C-2295 


ORD Mrs Hugh I FS-13 p 339 

PP 33° 521 
LOBDELL Frederick Danforth RR pp 

40 106 
LOBECK David Ligare C-5645 
LOBECK Packard Nutt C-5537 T-592 
LOCK George Thomas A-1133 C-1265 
LOCK Norman Miller C-5954 
LOCKABY Jesse Starnes T-372 
LOCKARD Robert Noel C-72S2 T-829 
LOCKARD Thaddeus Constantine Jr 

LOCKE Charles Hilton A-5863 
LOCKE Charles Oscar Jr A-3012 
LOCKETT Jerry Trabue A-6555 
LOCKETT Samuel H RR pp 41 73 
LOCKHART Arthur John C-6644 
LOCKHART David Armistead C-5168 
LOCKART Malcolm Wright C-1951 T- 

256 H-322 RR pp 32 41 S3 54 64 

91 1 09 in 
LOCKHART Richard DeWitt A-5217 
LOCKHART Robert Pitman Jr C-2016 
LOCK WOOD Arthur Lee A-1839 
LOCKWOOD Charles Harry RR pp 

4i 53 54 
LODER Alexander William Jr C-7440 
LODGE John Richard A-4541 C-7034 

LODGE Richard Leslie A-1653 C-1728 
LOGAN Bart Hunter A-3690 
LOGAN Herschel Josephus M-177 
LOGAN Howard Harbison C-6618 
LOGAN John Wells C-4203 
LOGAN John Wood RR pp 4I 62 
LOGAN Joseph Prescott RR pp 41 80 
LOGAN Nowell H-92 
LOGAN Richard Bland Jr C-5143 
LOGAN Robert Dean C-7095 
LOGAN Samuel M-238 
LOGAN Sheridan A HA p 522 
LOGAN William Lindsey Jr C-6804 
LOGUE William Harry C-5285 
LOHMANN John J C-8819 
LOKEY Charles William Jr A-4162 

LOMAX Oliver Anderson M-1350 
LOMBARD Benjamin Russell A-1665 
LOMBARD George Martin A- 1664 
LOMBARD George Rowley A-4070 
LOMBARD Harry Warner A-4792 

LOMBARD Mrs Stephen C or LOM- 
BARD Mrs Doris Warner p 376 
LONBERG Charles Frederick C-163S 

LONDON Henry Adolphus RR pp 41 

82 83 in 
♦LONDON John R RR p 91 
LONDON William Lord RR pp 41 82 
LONDON William Lord Jr A-1163 

LONG Ashby Murphy A-2264 
LONG Berdell H A-3570 
LONG Carl Henry C-3524 
LONG Frank James C-439; 
LONG Frank T Fac 
LONG Frederick Harry C-3027 
LONG George Edward T-473 
LONG George William C-6100 
LONG Harold Michael A-6430 
LONG James Henderson C-5066 
LONG John Cecil C-4565 
LONG John Kirksey C-6635 
LONG John Lewis C-5150 
LONG John Stanley C-6964 
LONG John Trotter C-6200 
LONG Lauriston Hardin C-8477 
LONG Mahlon Harris Jr C-S392 
LONG Noyes Capehart Jr C-7976 
LONG Palmer Reid A-4208 
♦LONG Randolph Nelson C-3910 
LONG Richard Call Jr A-1659 
LONG Robert James A-2448 
LONG Robert Mittlesteadt C-8153 
LONG Sidney Albert A-2601 
LONG Steven Kenneth A-6029 
LONG Thomas Hunter Jr A-3039 
♦LONG Tudor Seymour C-3488 Fac 
LONG William Banks Jr A-6011 
LONG William Hay A-312 C-496 
LONG William Hendren A-4830 
LONG William Horace C-7254 
LONG William Robert Jr C-3602 
LONG William Taylor C-4045 
LONGENECKER John Keiper Jr C- 

LONGEST James Thompson M-483 
LONGINO Hinton Fort HA p 522 RR 

PP 41 56 hi 
LONGINO Thomas Dick A-4428 
LONSDALE John G RR pp 41 79 80 
LOOMIS Charles Cook A-1199 C-1192 
LOOMIS Edgar Webb C-1942 
LOOMIS Thomas Alvin C-5928 
LOONEY Alexander Porter A-6155 

LOONEY Preston Smith A-1807 
LOONEY William Bernice A-2138 
LOONEY William Calvin M-285 
LOOP Carlos Arbra T-773 GST-136 p 

LOOP Carlos Arbra Jr A-6589 
LORD Balfour Thorn C-3433 
LORD Bunyan Henry Jr C-4231 
LORD Frank King C-1544 
LORD James Stephen C-8064 
LORD Samuel Shrewsbury A-1247 
LORD William Wilberforce RR pp 41 

LORE Douglass Rudisill C-7540 
LOTHIAN Harold Joseph C-629S 
LOTT Edward Eugene A-3808 
LOTT John James M-810 
LOUCKS Isaac Ray A-3462 
LOUNT Frederick Alexander C-1063 
LOURD Benjamin L C-146 
LOUTTIT Henry Irving GST-i H-411 

RR pp 41 92 93 in 
LOUTTIT Henry Irving Jr C-8780 
LOVE Carl Ardary A-3965 

LOVE Henry Hamilton Jr C-6737 
LOVE Quincy B C-4464 
LOVE Robert Ellison Jr C-5566 
LOVE Stewart Jones A-5830 
♦LOVE William Iverson C-2154 
LOVEJOY Edward Franklin M-701 
LOVELACE Everette McConnell C- 

LOVELACE Harry Hogin C-3911 
LOVELESS William Fletcher T-131 

LOVELL John Quitman A-200 
LOVELL Joseph Mansfield A-641 C-886 
LOVELL William Storrow (not Storrell) 

Jr A-201 C-488 
LOVETT William Dow A-4659 
LOVINS James Howard C-6346 
LOVVORN Harold Newton Jr A-6024 
LOW John Gorham A-2503 
LOW William Frederick Jr C-7792 
LOWE Edison Bryan C-6298 
LOWE Frederick George A-3063 
LOWE Harold Gladstone Jr C-7965 
LOWE Harry Allen A-333 C-498 
LOWE William Bell Jr A-1067 C-1080 
LOWE William Thomas M-858 
LOWNSBERY John Henry A-273 
LOWRANCE Edward Martin A-4067 
LOWREY Alfred Sebring C-6335 
LOWREY Perrin Holmes Jr C-5844 
LOWRY Charles Joseph L-131 
LOWRY Forrest Bushnell C-3306 
LOWRY George HA p 522 
LOWRY John Fac 
LOWRY Lionel Lee Jr A-4346 
LOWRY Robert Clarence M-1205 
LOWRY Sewell Parlon C-441S 
LOWRY Sumpter L RR pp 41 92 93 
LOWRY William Wallace T-96 
LOY William Mason A-3241 
LUCAS Albert Hawley H-357 
LUCAS Arthur F Fac 
LUCAS Burrel Francis C-6266 
LUCAS Frederick Fleming C-4507 
LUCAS Glen Orville Jr C-5369 
LUCAS Henry Wells A-556S 
LUCAS James Drew A-6451 
LUCAS John Fair Jr C-7054 
LUCAS John Hodges RR pp 41 77 
LUCAS James Walter M-166 
LUCAS Paul Emerson Jr C-8004 
LUCAS Robert Theodore Jr A-5144 
LUCAS Silas Emmett Jr C-8249 
LUCAS Susannah Gaines also HEW- 
SON Mrs Harry Clabaugh Jr Co- 
ed 116 p 275 
LUCAS Zachary Martin C-8769 
LUCE Harvey Hill C-4842 
LUCE Richard Carmi C-7611 
LUCIUS Howell Kirk A-6253 
LUCK Paul Maximilian Karl M-219 

LUCKETT Clinton Lee C-2856 
LUCKETT William R A-624 
LUCKIE Charles Carter C-8418 
LUDDEN James William M-47 
LUDLOW Ogden Roosevelt C-5527 
LUEDEKING Carl Christian C-2303 
LUEKER Charles Gottlieb Fac 
LUEY John Dexter A-6498 
LUEY Robert Allen A-637S 
LUKE George Richard M-1112 
LUKE John Marvin T-370 
LUKKEN Robert Mochlenbrock C-5793 
LULL Edward Earle A-3133 
LUMMIS Henry H C-294 p 292 
♦LUMMIS Frederick Rice C-1850 
LUMPKIN Hope Henry C-2013 T-220 
LUMPKIN Hope Henry Jr C-4614 RR 
pp 25 27 



LUMPKIN William Wallace RR pp 41 

LUMPKIN William Wallace T-462 

GST-88 RR pp 41 100 
LUNA Benjamin Curtis Jr C-6354 
LUNDY George Wesley Crooks A-4540 
LUNDY Thomas Jefferson Jr T-757 
LUNDY Thomas Van Slyke A-4902 
LUNSFORD Jason Hardy M-1157 
LUPLOW Harry William A-6064 
LUPLOW Rolland Edward A-6063 
LURTON Horace Harmon H-125 RR 

PP 41 94 95 Fac 
LUSK G B A-605 
LUSK William H C-27 
LUTHER Oliver Perry Jr C-6921 
LUTON Luther Lee Jr A-4816 
LUTTON Joseph Robert M-104 
LUTTERLOH Ralph Buxton A-3208 
LYBROOK Robert Critz A-4498 
LYBROOK William Richard A-4230 
LYELL Frank Hallam C-4207 
LYFORD George Tappan Jr C-3471 
LYKES Fred RR pp 41 105 106 
LYLE James Aaron C-5067 
LYLE Joel Holmes A-5411 
LYLE Orlando Wemple Jr C-8361 
LYLE Robert Nathaniel Jr C-5796 
*LYMAN Augustus J C-357 
LYMAN Charles Vernon C-2694 
LYMAN Dean Belden Jr C-2510 
LYMAN Guy Campbell C-3023 
LYMAN Harris C-3934 
LYMAN James Baird C-8764 
LYMAN Theodore Benedict H-19 RR 

pp 18 22 4t 81 82 
LYMAN Theodore Benedict Jr C-356 
LYNCH Mrs Arthur Joseph also DUD- 

NEY Rainsford Fairbanks Co-ed 

102 p 271 
LYNCH Carter A-2700 
LYNCH David Lafayette C-1905 
LYNCH David Lafayette Jr C-5381 
LYNCH Francis Lafayette L-14 
LYNCH James Jones Fac 
LYNCH John Carlton C-4639 
LYNCH Robert Edmund Lee M-773 
LYNCH Robert Eugene C-5942 
LYNDE Francis H-274 
LYNE Kenneth McDonald C-2050 Fac 
LYNN Henry James Jr A-891 C-953 
LYNN Robert Olin A-654S 
LYNN William Harris C-2763 
LYON George Curtis M-1008 
LYON George Leonidas Jr C-7548 
LYON-VAIDEN Arthur Lyon also 

VAIDEN Arthur Lyon C-4830 
LYONS James M-1270 
LYONS Joseph Sidney M-1570 
LYTLE Andrew Nelson A-2939 Fac 
LYTLE William Able M-529 

James Lytton C-3621 
LYTTON-SMITH James Filor C-8831 


McADAMS Charles Armstrong A-5264 
McAFEE William Richard C-6192 
•McALISTER Finis Ewing M-967 
McALISTER Harry Hill Jr C-5632 
McALISTER Ivo Burns Jr C-6595 
McALISTER William King Fac 

McAllister Edward c sst p 330 
McAllister Feio m A-6284 

McALLISTER Joseph Phelps C-7929 

RR pp 25 26 
McALLEN James Balli A-595 C-609 
McALLEN Robert Ashley A-5694 
McALPINE Daniel Russell Jr C-414& 
Mc AN ALLY Thomas Benton M-681 

McANENY Samuel Wright III C-7600 
McANENY Thomas Patrick C-6529 
McANULTY Richard Budden A-5096 
McARTHUR Joseph Maxwell C-I535 
McBEE Alexander A-1830 
McBEE Crosswell T-159 
McBEE Hubert Clyde C-4596 
McBEE John Harbour A-1679 C-1732 
McBEE John Wesley C-8421 
McBEE Richard Cunliffe C-i6s6 
McBEE Silas C-322 H-227 P 292 RR 

pp 41 81 83 107 Staff 
McBEE Silas Jr A-1652 C-1823 
McBEE Thomas A-625 C-748 
McBEE Vardry C-379 T-2 1 H-49 RR 

p 24 Staff 
McBEE William Bohan C-622 
McBRIDE Douglas Culpepper C-6937 
McBRIDE George C-7460 
McBRIDE Harold Ritchie Jr A-6289 
McBRIDE Ralph Houghton C-3750 
McBRIDE William Short A-5568 
McBRYDE Felix Webster A-3114 
McBRYDE John (Jack) McLaren 

McBRYDE John McLaren Jr Fac 
McCAA John Jr C-8803 
McCAIN Harry Cole A-2283 
McCALEB Patrick Franklin C-8245 
McCALL D F RR pp 41 49 51 
McCALL Frederick Adier (Adair?) M- 

McCALL Herbert Stewart A-4966 
McCALL James Francis C-5855 
McCALL James Henry A-2979 
McCALL John Ethridge Jr A-4220 
McCALLA Richard Calvin A-5846 
McCALLEY Langston Winston (not 

Winton) C-3705 
McCAMBRIDGE Patrick M-357 
McCANN Arthur WeMesley A-3916 
McCANN Charles Oglesby A-4239 
McCANN John Boyd M-1234 
McCANN William David C-7613 
McCANTS James Edmund Jr C-4870 
McCARREL Conrad Monroe C-6400 
McCARROLL Paul Lawrence A-6551 
McCARTEE Delmar C-5987 
McCARTT Morris Ben A-4266 
McCARTY Ivyl C-322 5 
McCARTY Nick Hinds C-2787 
McCARTY William Loring Jr A-63 33 
McCARTY Willis Barnum Coker C- 

7485 T-861 
McCARY James Henry Jr A-2533 
McCAUGHAN William Aubrey C-8105 
McCAULEY Richard Russell C-5077 
McCAW William Bratton C-380 
McCAY Donelson Caffery A-5271 
McCLAIN George A- 1484 
McCLAIN James Henry A-1406 C-1505 
McCLAIN Jimmy Howard C-7186 
McCLAIN Milton Hunt C-1061 
McCLAIN William C-1331 
McCLAIN William James C-5956 
McCLANAHAN Walter Lee C-2315 
McCLAURY George Austin A-2297 
McCLEERY James Samuel A-4691 
McCLEERY William Buford C-1401 
McCLELLAN Harvey Bascom C-4705 
•McCLELLAND John James A-3060 
McCLELLAND John James C-1058 
McCLELLAND William p 361 RR pp 

41 62 
McCLELLAND William Jr T-577 
McCLELLAND William Bruce C-6218 
McCLENDON Henry Leonidas M-323 
McCLESKY James Ray Jr A-62i8 
McCLESKY Louis Dugas A-1718 
•McCLINTOCK Oliver Wood C-3160 

•McCLOUD George Mitchell A-4084 

C-;oi8 p 376 
McCLOUD John Francis C-2020 T-231 
McCLOUD Ned Bills C-2311 
McCLUER Robert Hampton C-6557 
McCLUNG John Robinson C-2408 Fac 
McCLUNG Leland Hartman A-2983 
McCLURE James Jr A-4740 
McCLURE Malcolm Eastland C-2999 
McCLURE William B RR pp 41 71 72 
McCLURE William Donald C-5957 
McCLURE Wil'iam Hays C-5744 
McCLURKEN David Williams GST- 

McCLURKIN John Martin C-1416 
McCLURKIN Leonidas Cartwright Jr 

McCOLLOUGH John DeWitt H-94 
McCOMBS Paul S C-337 
McCONATHY Green Warren M-i;8c; 
McCONNELL David Bryan Jr A-5812 
McCONNELL Estelle Co-ed 37 p 198 
McCONNELL Geoffrey Lee C-6360 
McCONNELL J S Jr A- 5 n C-531 see 

McCONNELL Samuel James 
McCONNELL James S RR pp 41 73 75 
•McCONNELL James Jr A-690 C-771 
•McCONNELL John Alexander M-677 
McCONNELL John Lorraine II C-4424 
McCONNELL Lyle Thornton A-4921 

McCONNELL Paul Scofield Fac 
•McCONNELL Samuel James (Dede) 

A-;n C-53! 
McCONNELL Wayne Brocklesly C- 

McCONNELL William James T-308 
McCONNICO John Covington C-6043 
McCONNICO Thomas Rainey C-7743 
McCORD William Lucius Jr A-5491 
McCORMACK "J" Gordon A-5417 
McCORMACK John Crisler A-4032 
McCORMACK John Handford C-3021 
McCORMACK Miles Crisler A-4128 
McCORMACK Russell Otis Jr A-2766 
McCORMICK Everett Norwood C-8540 
McCORMICK James Donald C-2075 
McCORMICK James Edward C-2528 
McCORMICK J Guy Jr A-3893 
McCORMICK John Newton H-138 
McCORMICK Thomas Carson A-24OO 
McCOUCH William Joseph C-6060 
McCOWEN George Smith Jr C-8149 
McCOWN Charles Buford M-938 
McCOWN Oswald Stewart M-233 
•McCOWN William Vance A-5657 
McCOY Olan Bunn A-1413 
McCOY Paul John C-7218 
McCOY Webb A-2886 
McCRACKEN Ellis Young A-1975 
McCRACKEN R Vernon RR pp 4: 

52 53 54 
McCRACKEN William Charles C-S40 
McCRACKEN William Glasco C-3205 
McCRACKIN Horace Clifton M-676 
McCRADY Edward RR pp 18 22 
McCRADY Edward A-568 C-789 T-88 

H-248 RR pp 24 26 
McCRADY Edward Jr RR pp m 115 

McCRADY Edward Jr H-T40 RR pp 

41 89 91 
McCRADY Edward III A-5332 C-7796 
McCRADY James Waring A-5884 

McCRADY John Fac 
McCRADY John A-5891 C-8440 
McCRARY Charles Michael A-6503 
McCRAVEN Bonner Nichols C-429 
McCRAVEN Bonner Nichols Jr C-209S 

McCREA James Craig Jr C-5050 
McCREA Theodore H GST-251 
McCREADY Edwin Bosworth M-1005 
McCREARY Ernest Cannon C-7055 
McCREADY Richard French Jr A-6486 
McCREADY Richard Lightburne (not 

Lightbourne) H-249 RR pp 41 69 
McCREERY John Earle M-1128 
McCRORY Carl White C-3130 
McCRORY Edward Lamar A-6139 
McCRORY Martha SSMC p 342 
McCRORY Michael Edward A-6183 
McCRUMMEN Thomas Dodson Jr C- 

McCUISTION Harry McFatter C-2513 
McCUISTION Hubert Preston A-28S2 
McCUISTION Hubert Preston Jr A- 

McCULLAR Myrlin Jr C-4920 

Joseph G RR pp 41 69 
McCULLOCH Wendell Holmes A-4331 
McCULLOCH William Keith JrA-3583 

McCULLOUGH Bruce Kartridge 

McCULLOUGH David Walker C-7009 
McCULLOUGH John Walter Jr A-913 
McCULLOUGH Kenneth Carlyle A- 

McCULLOUGH Malcolm Nightingale 

A- 1 376 C-1449 
McCULLOUGH Roy Jr C-3223 
McCULLOUGH William Marvin C- 

McCUNE Edward L C-375 
McCURDY Bobby Joe A-6282 
McCUTCHEN Charles Edward C-5057 
McCUTCHEN Harvey Slaughter C- 

•McCUTCHEN William Laurence C- 

McCUTCHEN William Walker Jr C- 

McDANIEL Clyde Harton C-2863 
•McDANIEL John R M-247 
•McDANIEL William Cleage C-8025 
McDAVID Charles DeBardeleben C- 

McDAVID John Jackson A-3091 
McDAVID Prince C-7083 
McDAVID Robert Marvin Jr A-6395 
McDAVID Thomas Octavius C-3788 
McDERMOTT John Jr C-118 
McDERMOTT Milton Joe A-6044 
McDIARMID Thomas Scott M-1264 
McDILL John Eldon M-1463 
McDONALD Charles T M-679 
McDONALD George Glenn C-5952 
McDONALD Hunter III C-;6 3 5 
McDONALD John F Jr FS-15 p 339 
McDONALD John Maxwell Stowell 

McDONALD Kenneth George C-4123 
McDONALD Leo Van Jr A-5298 
McDONALD Robert Samuel A-1221 
McDONALD Robertson A-4797 C-6691 
McDONALD Thomas Ely C-6173 
McDONALD Warren Swann C-3728 
McDONNELL James Walter Jr C-6104 
McDONNELL McNeal Bond C-6401 
McDONOUGH J B RR pp 41 53 
McDONOUGH James Edward C-5993 
McDORMAN Clarence Lesley Jr A-5998 
McDOUGAL James Othello II C-4957 
McDOWELL Alexander B A-652 C-687 
McDOWELL Charles Byra C-4476 
McDOWELL Clyde Howard Jr C-7385 



McDOWELL Morgan Morrell C-472' 
McDOWELL Robert Herman C-3983 
McDOWELL Thomas C M-i6i 
McDOWELL William George Jr H-250 

RR pp 41 49 5° 
McDUFFIE Roy Holland Jr A-3 298 
McELHANY Homer A-1022 C-1031 
McELROY Andrew Harper C-3414 
McELROY James Mahlon M-710 
McELROY James Russell Jr A-6205 

McELROY John Robert C-3415 
McELROY Ollie Freemon C-6066 
McELWAIN William Johnson Jr C- 

McENTIRE John Andrew Jr A-3763 
McEUEN Harry Bernard A-4846 
McFADDEN Haynes Jr C-3763 
McFADDEN William James C-593° 
McFADDIN James Lewis Caldwell Jr 

McFAIL Robert Williams C-7099 
McFALL Henry Thomson M-1198 
McFARLAND Gustave Jones C-7076 
McFARLAND John Douglas C-533° 
McFARLAND Malcolm Carter C-4282 
McFARLIN Frederic Lee A-5072 
McGANNON Angus Edward C-2715 
McGARVEY Fred Brown M-402 
McGARY Richard Gabriel A-5384 
McGAUGHEY Robert Brown C-5099 
McGEE Ben Humphreys A-43U 

McGEE Burrell Otho C-7877 
McGEE Howard Jr A-6612 
McGEE John Divine A-3261 
McGEE Michael Van Hook C-7175 
McGEE Walter Floyd Jr T-776 
McGEE William A also COE William 

McGee A-6126 
McGEE William Farris A-5721 
McGEE William H C-480 
McGEHEE Cardwell William Jr now 

William C C-3691 
McGEHEE David Hartridge C-6409 
McGEHEE Gordon Oliver C-2135 
McGEHEE Henry James T-487 GST- 

McGEHEE James Edward C-2600 
McGEHEE Thomas Brumby A-6011 
McGEHEE William C see McGEHEE 

Cardwell William 
McGEHEE William Thomas Jr C-4847 
McGHEE Moses Alfred M-286 
McGILL Wallace Cleveland Jr C-6916 
McGTLL Willis Leon C-6221 
McGIMSEY Charles Robert III C-5929 
McGIMSEY Robert Hunter Jr C-2980 
McGINLEY James Donald A-3180 
McGINNIS Ralph T HA p 522 
McGLOHON Samuel Bailey A-370 

C-589 T-56 RR pp 41 67 68 
McGLOTHLIN John Thomas III A- 

McGOLDRICK Walter Lewis C-4822 

*McGOODWIN Robert Lea C-2320 
M c G O W A N Clarence Christopher 

McGOWAN Donald William A-4706 
McGOWAN Hugh Strong M-1097 
McGOWAN Oscar Bland A-1509 
McGOWAN Samuel 0-2042 
McGOWAN W C RR pp 41 91 
McGOWAN William Campbell A-260 

C-365 probably person cited in RR 

PP 41 9i 
McGOWAN William Campbell A-22;6 

McGOWN Mrs C K also HINES 

Ida Jane Co-ed 79 p 254 
McGOWN Daniel Thomas C-3893 
McGRAW Johnny Ray A-5080 
McGREGOR Daniel Arthur Fac 
McGREGOR Howard Clifford A-l868 

McGREW Milton Burton GST-119 
McGREW Robert Alan A-6553 
McGREW Sydney Darwin A-2613 
McGRIFF Lee Jr C-4963 
McGRORY John Reardon Jr C-7126 
McGRORY Joseph Bennett C-7780 RR 

PP 25 27 
McGUIRE Harvey Henry C-6484 
McGUIRE James Francis A-4611 
McGUIRE John Ely M-1180 
McGUIRE John Griscom A-2752 
McGUIRE William Short C-4746 
McHANEY James Paschal C-7736 
McHARD Samuel Everett Jr A-4500 
McHARGUE Robert Steely C-6395 
McHENRY Edgar Taylor Jr A-5748 

C-7972 P 376 
McHENRY Patrick Earl C-8397 
McILHENNY Edmund Botts A-2855 
McILHENNY Eugene Cully A-948 
McILHENNY Louise Westfeldt Co-ed 

23 p 188 
McILHERAN William C-323 
McINNIS Adrian Kell Jr A-4583 
McINNIS Douglas Emmett III A-4686 
McINNIS Frank Foote A-4777 
*McINNIS John McCallum M-213 
McINNIS William Weldon A-S463 
McINTOSH Edward Roy C-632S 
♦McINTOSH Guilford Cade A-1235 

C-12 16 
McINTOSH Helen Churchill or Mc- 
INTOSH Mrs Moultrie Hutchin- 
son Co-ed 117 p 338 
McINTOSH James Henry Jr C-7284 
McINTOSH John Alexander Jr A-5028 
McINTOSH John Manfull Jr A-4801 
McINTOSH Moultrie Hutchinson C- 

549S GST-241 
McINTOSH Mrs Moultrie Hutchinson 

see McINTOSH Mrs Helen 

McINTOSH Stephen Blake C-5468 
McINTYRE Jack Cooper A-3853 
McINTYRE James Wilbert A-4384 
McINTYRE William Sahm A-4517 
McISAAC David Bruce C-2535 
McISAACS Alfred C HA p 522 
*McIVER George Elliott C-2457 
McIVER Roderick Wilds C-3469 
McIVOR John Wilfred A-5507 
McJORDAN Richard Henderson A-6576 
McJORDAN Walton McCauley also 

JORDAN Walton McCauley A-3499 
McKANNA Philip Lynndon C-5647 
McKAY Charles Alberti A-3426 
*McKAY David William A-6165 C- 

McKAY Douglas Sidway A-2363 
McKAY Ernest Alberti A-3149 
McKAY George Lewis C-7849 
McKAY Howell Angus C-7311 
McKAY John Aleiander A-2670 
McKAY Paul LeRay C-5971 
McKAY Thomas Robbins C-8272 
McKAY William George A-3235C-2954 
♦McKEAGE (Guillam) Henry Royson 

McKEE Frank Sutton C-5595 
McKEE George Powers C-1714 L-46 
McKEE Hugh Crockett Jr T-640 GST- 

McKEE John Henry A-2578 

McKEE Richard C-6948 

McKEE William Leonidas Wells C- 

McKEE William Oscar M-S06 
McKEITHEN Thomas Mott C-6939 
McKEITHEN Walter Shands C-6522 
McKELLAR Wi'liam Henry Howard 

see MacKELLAR William Henry 

Howard C-782 T-89 pp 292 373 

RR pp 24 27 Fac 
McKELWAY Alexander Jeffrey Fac 
McKENZIE Benjamin Sumner T-95 

RR pp 41 103 
McKENZIE Eugene Garrot A-3 190 
McKENZIE Frank Erwin C-6605 RR 

pp 41 106 
♦McKENZIE Gordon Columbus M- 

McKENZIE Julian Armand A-1929 
McKENZIE Lawrence Harper C-6268 
♦McKEOWN James C-5187 T-586 RR 

pp 41 106 
McKEOWN James Preston C-8448 
McKEY Robert Milroy Jr C-6950 
McKIM Randolph Harrison H-174 RR 

pp 20 22 
McKIMMON Charles Jr T-793 
McKINLEY Erskine Williams (not 

William) Jr C-4894 RR PP 25 27 

McKINLEY Lawrence Charles C-8759 
McKINLEY Robert Hall A-4748 
McKINLEY William Russell C-6234 
McKINLEY Ross Lyons Jr A-4189 
McKINNEY Charles James A-3 590 
McKINNEY John Charles M-204 
McKINNEY Span James Jr or Pete 

McKINNEY William Akin C-6196 
McKINNEY William Neal C-3155 
McKINNON Coyle A-2512 
McKINNON Hector Alonzo M-1489 
McKINNON Hugh Lawson M-367 
McKINNON Neill Alfred Jr C-8492 
McKINSTRY Arthur Raymond H-363 

RR pp 21 22 
McKINSTRY James Thomas C-566; 
McKINSTRY Thomas Ingersoll A-5864 

C W A-223 

C W A-223 

Mcknight ciay A-6108 

McKNIGHT Hugh Stewart C-2250 
McKNIGHT Robert Neilson Jr A-2808 
McKNIGHT W a d d e 1 1 Alexander 

McKNIGHT William Wesley M-1356 
McLANE Jesse Roscoe A-293 
McLANE Raymond Atchison A-1841 
McLANE Reed Hunt A-6604 
McLANE Roscoe A-2180 
McLARAN Charles J C-179 
McLAREN William Edward H-38 RR 

pp 20 22 
McLAUGHLIN Norman Hunter C- 

McLAURIN Leslie Jr C-4785 Fac 
McLAURINE George E Fac 
McLEAN Arthur Frazier Jr A-6146 
McLEAN Carl Dudley CPT p 226 
McLEAN Charles Alney C-3781 
McLEAN Jack Campbell A-2576 
McLEAN James Kenneth C-3500 
McLEAN James Rayford T-663 GST- 

234 RR pp 41 54 Staff 
McLEMORE A Geren C-132 
McLEMORE Abram Geren Jr C-8537 
McLEMORE Geren C-4489, 

McLEMORE James McGoldrick Jr 

McLEMORE John Briggs C-1547 
McLEMORE John Dabney Jr A-90 
McLEMORE Price Perkins Jr C-3451 
McLEOD Alan A-5334 
McLEOD Charles Pace A-6012 
McLEOD Clyde Austin C-5836 
McLEOD Dorothy D FS-33 P 340 
McLEOD Frank Hilton Jr C-2550 
McLEOD Frank Hilton III C-4782 
McLEOD John Blount A-3052 C-2938 
McLEOD Lamar Young C-5507 
♦McLEOD Martin Clifton Jr A-5766 
McLEOD William C A-640 
McLERAN Will Parish A-3 5 10 
McLESTER Robert C-525 
McLURE Eugene Lester Jr C-4294 
McMAHON Amos Philip C-2242 
McMAHON John Houston HA p 522 
McMANIS Robert Bruce C-8718 
McMANUS John Hall Jr C-7741 
McMEANS Gerald Allen C-5723 
McMICHAEL Jack Richard M-1225 
McMILLAN Alexander Jr A-1758 
McMILLAN Alexander Malcolm T-595 

see MacMILLAN Alexander Mal- 
McMILLAN John Henry A-4298 
McMILLAN Mose McCarley M-114 
McMILLAN Robert Alan C-5965 T- 

McMILLAN Robert Franklin C-1433 
♦McMILLEN (not McMILLIN) James 

M M-183 
McMILLIN Benton RR pp 18 22 
McMILLIN John Calvin Brown C-2105 

McMULLAN James Franklin C-6462 
McMULLEN Marvin Edward C-6056 
McMULLEN William Vernon C-5419 
McMULLON Hilliard M-536 
McMURREY Jim Conner C-2910 
McMURRY Frank Edward Jr C-6s88 
McNAGNY Phil Jr C-5553 
McNAIR Robert Malcolm Fac 
♦McNAIR Stephen Duncan C-3055 
McNAIRY D Graham A-385 
McNAUGHTON Charles Neil A-5623 
McNEAL Albert Tliomas H-169 RR 

pp 19 22 41 94 95 96 117 121 

McNEAL Albert Thomas Jr A-mo 

McNEAL Austin Miller A-1589C-1647 
McNEAL Ezekiel Polk Jr C-969 
McNEAL Herbert Levonne C-6106 
McNEAL John Phelan A-3050 C-2802 
McNEEL Eugene Egbert A-2772 
McNEEL Morgan Louis Jr A-2770 
McNEEL Pleasant Jackson III A-6499 
McNEELY Robert Hall A-2356 
McNEELY Theodore Hunter M-915 
McNEIL Crichton C-4430 
McNEIL Frederic Albertus T-409 
McNEIL Frederic Albertus Jr C-879S 
McNEIL James Porter Jr A-4929 
McNEIL Walter William Jr C-4245 
McNEILL Allison Bayard C-5780 
McNEILL Jack Jr C-3850 
McNEILL James Blaine A-208S 
McNEILL Ragsdale A-24SO 
McNEILL Robert John M-590 
McNEW Joseph Franklin M-870 
McNUTT Charles Harrison III A-4926 

C-6672 RR pp 25 26 
McPHAIL Albert David C-1461 
McPHAUL Wilbur Ashley M-735 
McPHEE Malcolm John A-4S+S 



McPHERSON Edwin Malcolm Jr C- 

McPHERSON George Bruce Jr A-6178 
McPHERSON Harry Cummings Jr C- 

McPHERSON John Alexander C-7737 
McPHERSON John Rush A-6330 
McQUEEN Douglass C-1945 L-"5 
McQUEEN Douglass Jr C-5529 
McQUEEN Parr Hooper C-491S 
McQUEEN Stuart or Stewart A-2S3 

C-315 T-22 H-251 RR pp 24 32 41 

49 si 60 go 91 
McQUIDDY David Lipscomb Jr C- 

McQUIDDY Kenneth Willis C-3267 
McRAE Kenneth Gilbert III A-4964 
McRAE Robert Strange Jr C-2101 
McRAVEN R D C-156 
McREE John Ibson C-8622 
McREE John Ibson Jr C-4150 
McREE John Thomas A-6401 
McREE Richard Alexander III A-4234 
McREE William Thaddeus M-1098 
McREYNOLDS Robert Lee M-1254 
McREYNOLDS Rodney Eugene C- 

McSPADDEN James Avent C-4313 
McSPADDEN John Scott III C-4379 
McSPADDEN Lawrence Bayne Jr C- 

McSWINE J T A-132 
McSWAIN Norman Ellsworth Jr C- 

McTYEIRE Holland Nimmons C-3382 
McWATERS Richard James C-8533 
McVVHIRTER John Walton Jr C-753S 
McWHORTER Clifford Eldred C-6011 

McWILLIAMS Alfred Reeves C-2188 
McWILLIAMS Henry Trammell A-3364 
McWILLIAMS Robert Gray A-6280 


MAAZEL Lorin CFF p 342 
MABEN John Campbell Jr A-6476 
MABERY Billie Archer A-3709 
MABLEY Thomas C-2537 
♦MABRY John E C-300 
MABRY John Elliott Jr A-4967 
♦MABRY John Gregory C-2255 
MABRY Ray West C-6603 
MABRY William Marrast A-5164 
MacBEAN Samuel Neville C-8130 
MACBETH George Kerr A-2428 
MacBLAIN Raymond Earl C-3020 T- 

MacCALLUM Robert Nelson C-2288 

T-296 GST-4 RR pp 41 84 103 
MACCHI Anthony Jr A-1584 
MacCONNELL James Hamilton Jr C- 

4823 T-508 
MACCOUN George Toland T-143 
MacDONALD Frank Carter C-3953 
MacDONALD James Ross Jr A-2278 
MacDONALD John Elwood A-2342 
MacDONALD Malcolm B A-4262 
MacDONALD Ralph Fabian Jr A-4772 
MacDONNELL Richard Joseph C-5953 
MacDONALD Vaughan Griffith A-4381 
*MacDOUGALL George Macgillivray 

T-22 1 
MacDOWELL Marion St Pierre C-7084 
MacFARLANE Warren Courtland III 

MacGOWAN John Byrd C-7955 

MacGOWAN Kenneth Arbuthnot Jr 

MACK David Slocumb A-4342 
MACK Theodore C-4482 
MACK Tom Francis M-1347 
MACKALL Colin MacKenzie Fac 
MACKALL Richard Sprigg Stewart now 

STUART Richard A-3442 
MACKAY Arnold Jenks M-930 
MACKAY Jack Whiting Jr A-6337 
MACKAY R W RR pp 41 92 
♦MacKELLAR William Henry How- 
ard C-782 T-89 pp 292 373 RR pp 

24 27 Fac (once McKELLAR) 
MacKENZIE James Healani C-4503 
♦MACKENZIE James Tucker C-S145 

H-301 RR pp 41 108 in Staff 
MacKENZIE James Tucker Jr C-4606 
MacKENZIE Maurice Russell C-273? 
MacKENZIE Mrs Pierce also HAR- 

DIGG Dorothy Co-ed 8 p 176 
MacKETHAN John Alexander M-575 
MACKEY Elliott Monroe A-6507 
MACKEY Robert Edward A-5926 
MACKEY Sidney Lee M-683 
MacKINNON Mrs Daniel C also 

AVENT Mayna Rose Co-ed 104 

P 271 
MacKINNON Daniel George RR pp 

41 60 
MacKINNON James Colin III A-5117 
MACKINTOSH John Attrill A-3673 

MACLEAN Stuart Strother C-1432 T- 

123 Staff 
MacMILLAN Alexander Malcolm T- 

595 RR pp 41 80 
MacMILLAN W D Jr RR pp 41 60 (5 i 
MacMURROUGH Montie Charles also 

MANTOOTH Montie Charles C- 

MACON Robert Crockett C-4978 
MacQUEEN Marion Leigh Fac 
MACRORIE William Kenneth H-13 
MADDUX William Redmond Jr A-5970 

MADEIRA (not MADIERA) Dashiell 

(not Dashiel) Livingston C-2699 
MADEWELL John Alison A-2142 
MADLINGER George Joseph Fac 
MAGEE Fleet Foxworth Jr A-4052 

MAGEE Jake Frederick A-4121 
MAGGART Roscoe Jr C-7935 
MAGILL George John H-93 
MAGINNIS Gordon Hobson C-7020 
MAGRUDER James Mitchell T-i 10 RR 

pp 41 71 72 
♦MAGRUDER Levin Wales Jr M-422 
MAGRUDER Thomas B RR pp 41 76 

MAGRUDER Thomas Vannoy Jr C- 

MAGRUDER Walter Drane A-1627 
MAGRUDER William Howard A-3251 
MAGUIRE James Peter C-8642 
MAGWITZ Dorian Dwight C-6138 
MAGWOOD Andrew Peter A-25+4 

C-2263 T-319 
MAHAFFEY Albert Franklin A-5483 
MAHAFFEY Howard Albert M-542 
MAHAN Jabez Alexander M-223 
MAHAN John Gibbs Fac 
MAHIN Hilary Dennison Jr C-5923 
MAHIN Marion Woods C-3353 
MAHL Edward Lawson C-4970 
MAHONE Littleton Womack A-5107 
MAHONY George Duncan C-3289 
MAHONY John Albert C-389S 

MAINES John Edge M-1020 
MAINORD Mrs Hugh I also LOAR- 

ING-CLARK Ruth FS-13 p 339 
MAINS John Richard C-2888 
MAISCH Philip Francois Daniel C-8710 
MAJOR Alexander Humphrey A-1364 
MAJOR Arthur Lee Jr C-5192 
MAJOR Everett Carlisle M-1019 
MAJOR George Alexander A-2757 

C-2438 T-335 
MAJOR James Garnett Jr A-4017 

MALHIOT Samuel Mills C-226 
MALKIN Arthur Ben A-3605 
MALLERNEE Dow Elbert Jr C-4315 
MALLICOAT Lester Adonnus M-162 
MALLORY George Scovill H-73 
MALLORY Hugh Jr C-3503 
MALLORY Hugh III C-7630 
MALLORY John Parker L-23 
MALLOY Frederick Fagg A-2295 
MALMO John Richard C-7785 
MALOCSAY Rosemary CFF p 341 
MALONE Edgar Wallace A-5683 
MALONE Ferdinand Maddin M-921 
MALONE George Yewell A-2739 
MALONE Wallace Davis A-2733 
MALPAS George Leonard C-8027 
MANCHESTER James Gordon A-4727 
MANCINELLI Mario Valwtino CFF 

P 34i 
MANDES Louis Charles Jr C-7857 
MANER Eugene Williamson Staff 
MANER Eugene Williamson Jr A-3813 

MANER Frank Vincent A-3993 
MANER Leroy Hammond A-4i;o 
MANETTA Charles Isadore Jr C-5062 
MANFORD Hugh Clarence C-4103 
MANGUM Frank Burnett C-7562 T- 

878 p 329 
MANGUM Harry Huntington A-1151 
MANGUM Samuel Duncan C-1490 
MANIER Robert Salom A-5133 
MANKER Rieves Andrew M-1430 
MANKIN Hart Tiller C-8031 
MANKIN James Bradley A-2941 
MANKIN John Hampton A-2942 
MANLEY Duncan Young C-8736 
MANLEY George Munro C-2695 T-329 
MANLEY Wesley Doughty C-1400 
MANN Alden Taylor A-4132 C-5035 
MANN Cameron H-192 RR pp 20 22 

41 92 
MANN Charles Lynwood Jr A-6216 
MANN David Aden M-841 
MANN James Clopton A-3377 
MANN James E M-1287 
MANN James Lewellyn C-4160 
MANN James Scott M-1286 
MANN James Tift A-1537 C-1602 L-54 
MANN Joel A-2856 
MANN Robert C-5745 
MANN William Gordon A-2753 
MANN William Grayson RR pp 41 66 
♦MANN William Stillwell C-5025 T- 

584 RR pp 41 78 
MANNE Julius C-2878 
MANNEY John Edwin M-1010 
MANNING Charles Sinkler C-2009 
MANNING Frederick Williams C-78os 
MANNING Henry Pindell Jr C-4742 
MANNING John Adger C-3002 
MANNING John Laurence RR pp 41 

MANNING L W RR pp 41 7i 
MANNING Preston Cocke A-3116 
MANNING Robert Henri T-523 RR 

pp 41 75 117 Fac 
♦MANNING Vivian Meredith C-2000 

MANNING William Sinkler Jr C-1881 

RR pp 24 26 
MANNING William Thomas C-1067 

T-81 H-156 RR pp 20 22 41 95 

107 Fac 
MANSFIELD Charles Frederick A-621 

MANSFIELD F R A-796 C-912 
MANSFIELD James A-1369 
MANSHIP Charles Phelps Jr A-3556 
MANSHIP Douglas Lewis A-4019 
MANSHIP Douglas Lewis Jr A-6286 
MANSKE Dwain Edgar C-7580 
MANSKER Elvis Livingston A-5365 
MANTHEY Bailey William A-3862 

MANTOOTH Montie Charles now 

MacMURROUGH Montie Charles 

MANTZ Herbert Leslie C-2517 
MAPES George Chandler Jr A-4550 
MAPLES William Ellis M-662 
MARABLE Gardner Archer M-727 
MARABLE John Hartwell Jr C-2778 
MARABLE Milton Golson C-3682 
MARABLE Richard Dixie Douglas C- 

MARBURY Phillip Hoodenpyl Jr C-9 
MARCHAND Gilbert Yaeger C-7781 
MARCHAND John Harold Jr C-6706 
MARCHMAN David Ernest A-6047 
MARCUS Donald David A-236o 
MARGO Donald Rupert A-4732 
MARGO Marvin Kenneth A-4411 
MARION Robert Jr C-2688 
MARIS David Lee C-6343 
MARKETTE Mabel Lynne Co-ed 10 

P 176 
MARKHAM Hugh M A-375 
MARKHAM Joseph Henson Jr C-8011 
MARKLEY Lawrence C-2096 L-136 
MARKS Albert D Fac 
MARKS Arthur Handley C-696 
MARKS Charles Caldwell C-5086 
MARKS Charles Lewis C-8319 
MARKS George Mathews C-56 
MARKS Louis Denton C-3443 
MARKS Scott Pollard A-4470 
MARKS Thomas Bailey Jr A-6355 
MARKS William Mathews C-599 RR 

PP 41 50 51 
MARKS William Mathews C-8493 
MARLER Benjamin Franklin Jr A-6055 
MARLOVV Meirdy A-1706 
MARLOW Robert Y RR pp 41 50 
MARLOWE Joseph David C-4807 
MARMION Charles Gresham Jr H-473 

RR pp 41 69 70 
MARQUESS John Rogers C-5608 
MARR Constant Maney A-1337 C-1408 
MARR Freeman Carl C-5872 
♦MARRS William Rankin C-1168 
MARSH Clarence Bruce Cornelius C- 

MARSH Fred C A-544 
MARSH Harry Hale A-6105 
MARSH John Thomas C-8155 
MARSH Will A C-385 
MARSHALL Charles Kimball Jr C-3495 
MARSHALL Chester Stevens A-3083 
MARSHALL Edward Adger Jr L-157 
MARSHALL Edward Clark Jjr C-669* 
MARSHALL Edward West A-1082 
MARSHALL Elizabeth S also Mrs 

John S p 370 
MARSHALL Ernest Thomas Jr C-5970 
MARSHALL Garrett Davis A-2519 




MARSHALL Harry Eugene Jr A-3683 
MARSHALL James Eugene T-798 
MARSHALL John Ashby A-4255 
MARSHALL John Clement C-5808 
MARSHALL John Francis Jr C-1219 
MARSHALL John Sedberry T-582 

GST-50 Fac 
MARSHALL Mrs John S p 370 
MARSHALL Miller Woodliff A-4397 
•MARSHALL Richard Maynard Jr T- 

MARSHALL Robert Irving C-6943 
MARSHALL Rosalie CFF p 341 
MARSHALL William Robert Jr C-3036 
MARSHBURN Robert Jordan Jr C- 

MARSSDORF Robert Edward C-8150 
MARSTON Randolph Flippin Jr A-585S 
MARTEL Gilbert Lewis Jr C-7106 
MARTIEN William Jacob A-176S 
MARTIN Abbott Cotten Fac Staff 
MARTIN Albert T-105 RR pp 41 77 
MARTIN Benson Blake Jr A-6258 
MARTIN Carroll Grayson C-7572 
MARTIN Charles Augustus M-1266 
MARTIN Charles Calvin C-8467 
MARTIN Charles Harry M-217 
MARTIN Charles Holcomb A-4022 
MARTIN Charles Stuart A-29S4 C-272S 

RR pp 41 95 
MARTIN Charles Stuart III A-5418 
MARTIN Clarence Hanford C-2887 
MARTIN David Larkin A-180 C-268 
MARTIN Douglas Vass III C-5794 
MARTIN Edgar E M-574 
MARTIN Edmund Howard C-2512 
MARTIN Edward Houston A-3191 
MARTIN Edmund Zelotes A-4567 
MARTIN Edwin Barringer A-2624 
MARTIN Elbert Lelland Jr C-8734 
MARTIN Fletcher Creighton A-212 
MARTIN Frank Carroll A-5789 
MARTIN Frank D RR pp 41 85 
*MARTIN Frank Marion or Maryon 

MARTIN Franklin T-924 
MARTIN Gilbert Henry Jr A-3428 
MARTIN Harold Odest Jr T-597 
MARTIN Henry Fletcher A-2417 
MARTIN J Evans C-354 
MARTIN James B A-455 
MARTIN James Sinclair C-5843 
MARTIN John Sargent T-646 GST-73 

MARTIN John Thomas M-1062 
MARTIN Joseph Edward RR pp 41 95 

MARTIN Joseph Ramsey Jr A-5413 
MARTIN Lorenzo Woodhouse C-2602 
MARTIN Mayo Cabell T-35 
MARTIN Muscoe Burnett A-4906 
MARTIN Parke Edward A-2234 
MARTIN Percy Blackburn A-2548 
MARTIN Rowland Harrison A-238S 
MARTIN Samuel Cecil C-2598 
MARTIN Samuel Morrell C-6626 
MARTIN Mrs Thomas Finley also 

HUTT Elizabeth FS-9 p 339 
MARTIN Stuart Fonda A-4766 
MARTIN Thomas Clark A-4899 
MARTIN Thomas P RR pp 41 59 
MARTIN Thomas Walter C-6048 
MARTIN Thomas William A-i8m 

MARTIN Troy O'Dell C-8040 
MARTIN W E A-866 C-866 
MARTIN William Barnett Jr C-6194 
MARTIN William Battle M-120J 

MARTINEZ Jose (hijo) A-1624 

MARTORELL Richard Albert A-4876 
MARUGG Brosi Schild A-2151 
MARVIN Donald Mitchell A-2368 
MARX Albert Addison Jr C-5227 
MARZULLO John Francis A-5689 
MASON Benjamin Lester A-6423 
MASON C M C-280 
MASON Charles Avery H-432 RR op 

41 57 58 
MASON Charles Edwin A-6314 C-8627 
MASON David Earl A-2596 
MASON Hall Lipsey A-3123 
MASON Harry Elmo A-35>8 
MASON James Lunsford M-237 
MASON John Carl A-259S 
MASON Landon Randolph M-387 
MASON Lee A-761 C-944 
MASON Lee Othel M-1012 
MASON Meredith Sandburg C-3008 
MASON Paul Gannaway A-3300 
MASON Richard M-241 
MASON Robert Anthony A-4729 
MASSENGALE St Elmo Murray Jr C- 

MASSEY Benjamin Minor A-1074 
MASSEY Boone Embry C-7723 
MASSEY Don Jackson C-8065 
MASSEY Glenn Henderson Jr C-5I74 

p 222 
MASSEY Paul Donald C-8165 
MASSIE Joseph S C-162 
♦MASTERSON Harris Jr A- 163 5 C- 

1678 RR pp 24 26 41 98 
MASTERSON Henry Birdsall A-2828 
MASTERSON James Roane Jr C-1007 
MASTERSON Travis Smith A-1872 
MASTORAS Spiro Gregory A-S127 
MATA Jose Felipe Jr C-7688 
MATHENY Harrold Edmond Jr A-6413 
MATHER Thomas A-1309 C-1381 
♦MATHEWES Charles Peronneau A- 

672 C-749 
MATHEWES David Andrew C-2981 
MATHEWES John Raven C-3220 
MATHEWS David Lyen C-4824 
MATHEWS John Joseph C-2568 
MATHEWS Thomas Merrywether 

MATHEWSON Joseph Oscar Jr C-1093 
MATHEWSON Stanley Bernard C-1789 
MATKIN Charles Michael C-8568 
MATLOCK Charles Douglas A-6437 
♦MATSON Robert Culbertson Hayden 

MATSUSHITA Paul Mitsuo C-8687 
MATTAIR Lewis Henry A-835 C-894 

RR p 24 
MATTEI Raul Herminio C-6013 T- 

869 p 329 
MATTHEWS Alfred St John C-4010 

MATTHEWS Carl Luke C-6831 
MATTHEWS David William A-4355 
MATTHEWS DeWees James C-2136 
MATTHEWS Felix Grundy C-8790 
MATTHEWS Frank Power C-4064 
MATTHEWS George Haupt A-1383 
MATTHEWS George Wheeler Jr C- 

MATTHEWS Herman C-3990 
MATTHEWS James Brander H-126 
MATTHEWS James Browning A-1099 

MATTHEWS James Fouche C-1538 L- 

76 RR pp 24 27 

MATTHEWS John Benjamin C-3065 

T-362 Fac 
MATTHEWS John Thompson C-1941 
MATTHEWS Paul H-296 RR pp 21 22 
MATTHEWS R J RR pp 41 53 54 
MATTHEWS Thomas Bruce C-7881 
MATTHEWS Thomas Stewart GST-191 
MATTHEWS Walter C-3917 
MATTHEWS Warner Douglas C-1388 

MATTHEWS William Cary Jr C-1389 
MATHIASON Charles Jr C-6587 
MATTISON Charles Jr C-8156 
MATTISON George Augustus III 

MATTISON William Charles C-3675 
MATTISON William Ernest A-5263 
MATTOCKS James Howard A-3480 
MATTOX Charles C M-1535 
MAUND Robert Hill A-6136 
MAURER John Dean GST-55 
MAURER Robert Mize C-8378 
MAURY Austin Brinley C-8016 
MAURY Edward Fontaine C-147 
MAURY Ferdinand C Fac 
MAURY John Metcalfe C-964 
MAUST George Johnson Jr C-7233 
MAXEY James Robert C-5940 
MAXEY Robert A-1288 C-1321 
MAXEY William Melvin T-824 
MAXON James Matthew H-233 RR pp 

41 69 70 94 95 in "4 
MAXON James Matthew Jr C-3813 
MAXTED Aubrey Clement T-511 
MAXWELL Albert Joseph Jr C-7079 
MAXWELL Charles Neville A-556 

MAXWELL Clarence Schuyler M-539 
MAXWELL Edward Lucius M-835 
MAXWELL James Manly III C-8193 
MAXWELL John Aylmer III A-5339 
MAXWELL John Ramsey A-760 
MAXWELL L J A-674 C-676 
MAXWELL Louis Read A-1657 
MAXWELL Walter John M-270 
MAY Charles Scott T-884 P 329 
MAY Frank Howard M-209 
MAY Frederick Whitney A-5757 
MAY George Dismukes A-5114 
MAY Irby Benjamin M-1165 
MAY John Carrol C-7620 
MAY Seth David Jr C-5324 
MAYER Emanuel Francis Joseph now 

Emanuel Rothschild C-3104 
MAYER Herman A-502 C-532 
MAYER Joseph A-547 
MAYER Mark Jr A-6192 
MAYES Basil Lamar L-156 
MAYES Herman Bowman Jr A-133 
MAYES John Cheairs A-1323 
MAYES Walter Marshall A-562 C-638 
♦MAYEUX Samuel Joseph M-1328 
♦MAYFIELD Hugh Franklin M-1146 
♦MAYFIELD John Blythe C-373 RR 

PP 41 98 
MAYFIELD John Wofford C-5219 
♦MAYFIELD William DeCaraine or 

Deloraine C-2545 
MAYHAM Robert Terrill C-6521 
MAYHEW Charles Henry A-318 C-489 
MAYNARD Wesley Douglas C-7347 
MAYO John Seymour A-6313 
MAYO Leon Henly M-1222 
MAYO Oscar Newton M-mo 
MAYO Robert Kirk A-4765 
MAYO Stephen Larkin M-615 
MAYS George Crawford Jr C-4426 
MAYS Jamie Deavaur Jr C-4149 
MAYSON James Lution A-3460 
MAYSON James Spearing C-8562 

MAYSON Joseph Douglas C-8170 
MAZYCK Henry Chastaignier (later He 

Chastaignier) C-1302 T-187 
MAZYCK John Blake A-182 
MEACHAM Bonnie SSMC p 342 
MEAD Alfred T-823 
MEAD Gabriel Requa C-5631 
MEAD Gilbert RR pp 41 62 
MEAD Loren Benjamin C-6956 
MEADE Joseph Lyons Jr C-2063 T- 

^MEADOR Bruce Staffel C-5576 
MEADORS John Allen C-3343 
MEADOWCROFT Jeffrey Whittaker 

MEADOWS Joseph Simion A-1756 
MEADOWS Marion Talbot C-2321 
♦MEADOWS Robert Walter Garfield 

Jr C-5958 
MEALS Roy Clark M-1127 
MEANS Frank Thornton M-853 
MEANS William Martin A-2635 

MEARES Armand DeRosset C-235 
MEARES Gaston A-2454 
MEARES Iredell RR pp 41 60 
MEARES Louis Henry C-587 
MEARES William Belvidere Jr A-2439 
MEASE Hugh Jr A-4310 
MECKLIN James Naylor M-243 

Elsie Ann Co-ed 53 p 245 
MEDFORD David Lowell C-2658 
MEDFORD Floyd Chester Jr T-783 
MEDFORD James Weighstell A-4030 

MEE Ann SSMC p 342 
MEE Carl III C-8186 
MEEDS Charlotte Marie Co-ed 2 p 171 
MEEK Albert Nathaniel A-1923 C-1870 
MEEK James Thomas C-2406 
MEEK Joe Thomas C-6813 
MEEKS George Knight A-2033 
MEEKS John Alexander M-1542 
MEGGS Ural Edward C-5950 
MEGINNISS Benjamin Andrews Jr T- 

MEGUIAR Frederick Ramon A-4503 
MEISNER Henry William A-560 C-574 
MEISTER George Frederic Jr A-5498 
MELCHER Louis Chester C-3612 T- 

368 H-446 Staff 
MELDRIM Thomas James C-1299 
MELD RUM George John CFF p 341 
MELEAR Whittaker J A-3410 
MELENEY Henry Edmund Jr C-5013 

p 222 
MELENEY William Phelps C-5380 
MELLICHAMPE Edward Winborn C- 

MELLICHAMPE Edward Winborn Jr 

A-3699 C-4021 
MELLON James Foxworthy A-4556 
MELLON Joe Smith C-4255 
MELLON Robert Shackleford A-4712 

MELTON Edward Cabiness Jr C-69U 
MELVIN Billy Clifton C-5708 
MELVIN James Henry M-670 
MELVIN Walter Gibson M-359 
MEMMINGER Henry Edmund A-1418 
MEMMINGER Lucien A-1419 C-1570 
MEMMINGER Willis Wilkinson C- 

1413 T-225 Fae 
MENDE George Robert Jr C-6958 
MENDENHALL Scott M-1009 
MENEFEE James Warren A-4201 
MENNELL Alfred Edwin C-338S T- 




MENSING Gus Henry Jr A-3749 
*MENZ Frederick C-6sio 
MERCER Charles Arthur A-5858 
MERCER Michael Gary A-6609 
MERCER Robert Earl Jr A-6557 
MERCKE Robert Rankin A-6564 
MERCER William Newton RR pp 41 

73 74 
MERIWETHER James Scaife Jr C- 

MERIWETHER John Bestor Jr A-2725 

MERIWETHER William Augustus 

MERKEL George Christian GST-51 
MERRIAM Walter DeMilly A-5013 
MERRILL Hoadley Bray also KEN- 
DALL Joseph Jennings Jr A-532! 
MERRILL J H RR pp 41 67 68 
MERRILL Mark August C-4204 
MERRILL William C Jr A-4119 
MERRIMAN Edward Nate C-3757 
MERRIMAN Erie Homer GST-15 H- 

252 Fac 
MERRIMAN John Aidan C-4168 
MERRIMAN Paul Homer C-3794 
MERRITT George Fayette A-5401 
MERRITT Henry Richard A-6088 
MERRITT John Abercrombie A-533 
MERRITT John Abercrombie Jr A- 

2929 C-2803 
MERRITT Josiah Frank Jr M-452 
MERRITT Milton Clark A-6561 
♦MERRITT Patrick Richard C-3877 

MERRITT Richard Hill A-3038 
MERRITT Richard HU1 Jr A-5402 
MERRIX Albert Ronald GST-159 
MERRY Ernest Briscoe III A-6230 
MERSHON Edward Ralph C-2846 
MERSHON Lewis Smith M-95 
MERWIN Charles Buckingham Jr C- 

MESSICK Jefferson White A-1919 
MESSINGER John Albert C-7384 
METCALF Francis Olmstead Hewitt 

METCALF Richard Eugene C-3014 
METCALFE Albert Williams C-772I 
METCALFE Edmund Kearney C-3073 
METCALFE Harley C-827 
METCALFE Harley Jr A-2816 
METCALFE George A-815 C-977 
METEVIA Neil Robert C-7011 
METHVIN M M or M W A-446 
METHVIN Samuel Robert M-14ZI 
METOYER Howard Benjamin A-392 
METZGER Duane A-3372 
MEWHINNEY Frederick Bernard 

A-3188 C-3244 
MEYER Albert Whitehead Jr A-6278 
MEYER Henry William A-5354 
MEYER Lionel Leopold A-2583 
MEYER Schuyler Merritt C-1896 
MHOON Robert Brinkley Jr A-3237 
MICHAEL Arthur Mansfield C-1939 
MICHAL David Hill A-4374 
MICHAUX John Kirkland A-6294 
MICHAUX Larche Harris Jr C-S770 
MICHEL R F RR pp 42 49 
MICHELOTTI Victor Galileo C-6cu3 
MICKELSON Qifton Charles Jr C- 

MICOU Benjamin C-703 
MICOU Benjamin H RR pp 42 49 
MICOU Morgan Turrentine A-1547 

MICOU William H A-12 
MIDDLETON Carl Henry Jr A-6113 
•MIDDLETON Edward R C-237 

MIDDLETON Frederic Eliot A-2194 
MIDDLETON Joseph Barksdale M-282 
•MIDDLETON Newton A-2074 C-2032 

T-248 H-405 RR pp 42 64 
MIDDLETON Robert Aaron C-570S 
MIDDLETON Robert Simms A-47SS 
MIDDLETON Troy Houston H-489 
MIDDLETON William Jr C-7578 
MIDDLETON William Newton A-4136 
*MIDDLETON Willie Epping M-478 
MIDGETT Sammie Owen C-6317 
MIEKOW William Neville McClain 

MIGNERY Arnold Staff 
MIKELL Henry Judah C-1287 T-136 
H-219 SST p 330 RR pp 20 22 
42 55 90 in 114 
MIKELL William Ephraim H-236 Fac 
MILAM George Walton T-940 
MILBURN Eugene L A-603 
MILEM Charles Russell C-2973 
MILEM Donald Asbury C-3641 
MILEM Jackson Allen Jr C-2966 
MILES Addison Sanford A-6378 
MILES Charles Richardson RR pp 18 

42 89 91 
MILES Donald Cooper A-6632 
MILES James Edward A-3214 
MILES James Edward M-14 Staff 
MILES M D C-691 
MILES Paul Curtiss C-7210 
MILES William Mazyck A-334 C-565 
MILES William Porcher RR pp 18 22 
MILHOUS Holman Cannon CPT p 226 
MILLAR William Lawrence III C-7707 
MILLARD George Henry C-3204 
MILLARD George Henry Jr C-7455 
MILLARD John Merrill A-6274 
MILLEN Joe David C-8707 
MILLER Addis Marion Jr A-4138 
MILLER Alanson Austin C-2106 
MILLER Albert Henry A-838 
MILLER Alexander Campbell M-218 
MILLER Allen Jerome H-456 RR pp 

42 62 
MILLER Arthur Parquet A-4560 
♦MILLER Austin A-1606 C-1675 
MILLER Austin C-175 
MILLER Benjamin Neely M-508 
MILLER Boynton King Jr A-4463 
MILLER Brevard Davidson III C-7291 
MILLER Burkett Mansfield C-2223 
MILLER Carter Shaw A-6336 
MILLER Charles Edward M-761 
MILLER Charles Jefferson M-6 H-302 

MILLER Charles Kerom M-774 
MILLER Charles Stewart C-4463 
MILLER Clayton Hamilton C-7653 
MILLER Connie Jr C-6968 
MILLER Daniel Chambers C-2068 Fac 
MILLER David CFF p 341 
MILLER Dennis Long A-12 12 C-: 196 
MILLER Eddie Burns C-8490 
MILLER Edmond Trowbridge A-5716 
MILLER Elizabeth Ann also WIL- 
LOUGHBY Mrs William G Co-ed 
87 P 259 
MILLER Felix Grundy Jr A-4063 
MILLER Floyd Graybourne Jr C-5101 
MILLER Frank Hamilton A-4113 
MILLER Frank Harvey RR pp 42 06 
MILLER Frank Harvey Jr C-805 
MILLER Frank James Jr A-6569 
MILLER Frank Powel C-7501 
MILLER Frederic Robinson A-4115 
♦MILLER George Roger (not Rogers') 

A-3403 C-3325 
MILLER Griffith C-8317 

MILLER Harmon Ayres RR pp 42 105 

MILLER Harris William C-6527 
MILLER Harry B Jr A-4390 
MILLER Henry Burk A-1674 
♦MILLER Hilliard Eve A-2556 C-2261 
MILLER Hilliard Eve Jr C-5136 
♦MILLER Horace William A-2903 RR 

pp 42 105 106 
MILLER Howard Nelson Bowdry 

MILLER Hubert Adolphus C-5735 
MILLER Hugh R Fac 
MILLER I Austin A-957 C-991 
MILLER James Austin Jr A-3688 
MILLER James Robert A-4313 C-5513 
MILLER John Adam Jr A-5017 
MILLER John Lightfoot Jr C-4055 
MILLER John Samuel C-8598 
MILLER John Stuart A-4325 
MILLER Joseph Balfour A-2488 
MILLER Leonidas Bernard T-551 
MILLER Merrill Cushing Jr C-6952 
MILLER Milton Edward A-4149 

MILLER Minnie M Fac 
MILLER Norman Gordon Jr A-6356 
MILLER Norman Richard C-5242 
MILLER Orme A-2507 
MILLER Oscar Francis A-6471 
MILLER Owen Louis C-5894 
MILLER Perry Patton A-3587 
MILLER Pitser Jr A-141 C-389 
MILLER Richard Cobb C-5732 
MILLER Richard Dudley C-8019 
MILLER Richard Thomas M-281 
MILLER Robert Bayard A-2489 
MILLER Robert Carlysle M-1303 
MILLER Robert Reese C-7893 
MILLER Robert William C-5985 
MILLER Russell William T-659 
MILLER S A RR pp 42 69 
MILLER Samuel Gordon Bennett 

A- 1 669 
MILLER Thomas Cornelius C-4583 
MILLER Thomas Randolph C-7675 
MILLER Thomas Stewart C-5588 
MILLER Thomas Whitmire Jr A-6405 
MILLER Virgil George C-3099 
MILLER Walter Arthur M-961 
♦MILLER W W A-842 C-852 
MILLER William Benjamin A-4263 
MILLER William Harry CPT p 226 
MILLER William Howard C-7823 
MILLER William James RR pp 42 57 

58 59 
MILLER William Kitchen A-250 RR 

pp 42 66 67 
MILLER William Kitchen Jr A-1762 
MILLER William Scott A-3445 
MILLER William Waverly C-2360 RR 

pp 25 26 
MILLER Woodford Decatur M-687 
MILLETT Paul A- 11 64 
MILLICAN Guilford Wayne C-3672 
MILLIGAN Norvell Webb A-1073 
MILLIGAN William Finley C-4887 
MILLINGTON Frederick Alexander C- 

MILLINGTON Samuel Richard A-60 
MILLINGTON Thomas Edwin A-59 
MILLINGTON Walter Stephen A-6461 
MILLS Robert Daniel III C-7507 
MILLS Thomas Webb A-4050 
MILTON George Fort C-1038 H-207 
MILTON Taliaferro M-199 
MILTON William D RR pp 20 22 
MILNER Henry Robert A-2890 
MILNER Thomas Lee A-S36 

MILWARD Hendree Brinton C-4684 
MILWARD Lewis William Burton C- 

MIMNAUGH John Lautye Jr C-2893 
MIMS Charles Randall C-5777 
MINDLIN Richard Barnett C-5948 
MINER Douglas Willis Wentworth 

A-4297 C-5120 
MINER Edward Arthur A-2540 C-2297 
MINER Roger Lyon C-4955 
MINGE Collier Harrison A-3292 C-3322 
MINGE John Henry Jr C-1332 
MINNEHAN John Patrick C-5972 

PP 42 69 
MINOR Albert Neely C-6935 
♦MINOR Alcorn Ferguson A-3036 

MINOR Alcorn Ferguson Jr C-6660 
MINOR Charles RR pp 42 52 
MINOR Charles Landon Carter p 373 

MINOR Charles Launcelot C-2650 RR 

pp 42 109 1 1 1 
MINOR Clyde Ratliff III A-5918 
MINOR Edward Kemp Chaplin (not 

Chaplain) A-1365 
MINOR Edwin Carroll A-4003 
MINOR Lancelot (once Launcelot) 

Cabell A-3037 C-3213 
MINOR Lewis Gildart A-6619 
MINOR Lucian Weld C-6193 
MINOR Patricia Gay also TAYLOR 
Mrs Walter Jackson Co-ed 95 p 260 
MINOR Theodore Frederic T-846 
MINOR Washington C-812 
MINTER James Gordon Jr C-2743 
MINTER James Morgan M-770 
MINTER Winfred Pleasants Fac 
MINTON Robert Schenk C-5440 
MIQUELLE Esther Wyman (Mrs 

Georges) CFF p 341 
MIQUELLE Georges CFF p 342 
MIRACLE Meredith Walter C-8543 
MIRANDA William Frederick A-5906 
MISTROT Byrnes William L-108 
MITCHELL Alexander III A-6359 
MITCHELL Alexander Robert C-648 

T-49 H-323 
MITCHELL Alexander Robert Jr C- 

MITCHELL Alfred Cameron C-8349 
MITCHELL Allston Thomas C-3024 
MITCHELL Charles Clyde C-2399 
MITCHELL Charles Reese C-6430 
MITCHELL Cotesworth Pinckney C- 

MITCHELL Donald Grant Jr T-774 
MITCHELL Eugene Munroe C-1260 
MITCHELL Ewing Young III C-4S76 
MITCHELL Fern Wood Jr A-4002 
MITCHELL Fred D A-5654 C-8255 
MITCHELL Fred Neal C-676S 
♦MITCHELL George Milner M-958 
MITCHELL George Ray Jr A-5595 
MITCHELL Gove A-5220 
MITCHELL Helen E FS-28 p 339 
MITCHELL Henry Edward Jr A-5887 
MITCHELL Hume Lucas C-449S 
MITCHELL James King A-4352 
MITCHELL John Clinton C-2423 
MITCHELL John March RR pp 42 49 

MITCHELL Jonathan Nesbitt C-4729 

T-629 RR pp 25 27 Fac Staff 
♦MITCHELL Lewis Thayer M-222 
MITCHELL Martin Ralph C-8432 
MITCHELL Phillip Dixon C-5931 
MITCHELL Richard C-7660 
♦MITCHELL Richard Bland A-1881 



C-1986 T-265 H-305 RR PP 42 51 

53 54 ioq in 114 117 
MITCHELL Richard Bland McQuiston 

C-5565 P 229 
MITCHELL Robert Francis Jr A-3041 
MITCHELL Robert Halfyard C-2964 
MITCHELL Robert Lee M-894 
MITCHELL Stuart Allen C-4043 
MITCHELL Thomas Cooper Jr A-2981 
MITCHELL Walter C-1693 T-i83 H- 

324 RR pp 42 107 
MITCHELL William Daniel C-802 
MITCHELL William Edwin T-910 
MITCHELL William Hayes Jr A-5983 
MITCHELL William Thomas Jr C- 

MITCHELL Wylie C-4649 
MITCHENER James Carr C-2693 T- 

MIX H A A-25 
MIXON Aaron Malachi M-845 
MIXON Val Gene C-7489 
MIZE Edward Moore C-3461 
MIZELL Andrew Hooper III A-4790 
MOALE Philip Randle RR pp 42 105 

MOCK John Herman M-239 
MOCK Phillipp Edmund C-1551 
MOELLER John Linderlie A-4345 
MOESER Barry Richard C-3670 
MOGG Cicero Marion Jr C-5901 
MOGILL David Rogers C-8407 
MOHLMANN Harry William III C- 

MOHR Karl August A-2410 
MOISE Lionel M-1601 L-165 
MOISE Mrs Lionel also Maryon M Staff 
MOISE Matt Haden Jr C-3848 
MOISE Robeson Secrest C-7278 
MOISE William Sidney C-5175 
MOLETTE Robert Cockren C-3599 
MOLL William Frank A-3874 
MOLLEGEN Albert Theodore H-417 
MOLONY Charles Hely A- 3 o:6 
MONAGAHAN Benjamin Bunbury C- 

MONAHAN Thomas Aloysius M-1136 
MONCRIEF John McCoy Jr GST-177 
MONCURE J C RR pp 42 73 
MONEY Ernest Noel M-374 
MONEYHUN Marion Luther A-5859 
MONK Samuel Smith Jr C-7090 T-676 
MONROE Edward Humphrey (not 

Humphreys) A-1650 
MONROE Edward Humphrey Jr C- 

MONROE James Ford II C-7339 
MONROE William Bullard Jr C-7911 
MONROE William Paul C-2890 
MONRONEY Aimer Stillwell Mike H- 

45 1 RR pp 19 22 
MONSALVATGE Raymond Fernanda 

MONTAGUE Norton Thayer Jr C-4UI 
MONTEITH Hamilton Malcolm A-3232 
MONTFORT James Brown Jr C-7943 
MONTGOMERY Albert Waller C-2703 
MONTGOMERY Charles Carroll Jr 

MONTGOMERY Clarence Luster Jr 

MONTGOMERY Clinton Herschel C- 

MONTGOMERY David Holcombe M- 

MONTGOMERY Fred Houston Jr C- 

MONTGOMERY Frederick A-1958 
MONTGOMERY Granville Dodge 


MONTGOMERY James Alan Fac 
MONTGOMERY Raymond Reid C- 

MONTGMERY Robert Lee M-838 

♦MONTGOMERY Thaddeus Robert 

MONTGOMERY Thomas Hugh C- 

MONTGOMERY William Hayes C- 

MONTGOMERY William Heddens 

A- 1 106 C-1231 
MONTGOMERY William Jordan C- 

MONTGOMERY William M A-420 
MONTJOY Gideon Liddell A-1191 
MOODY Charles Wendell Jr C-8782 
MOODY James William Jr C-5474 
MOODY Stoflord Halford A-3144 
MOODY W L C-758 
MOODY William Kraus C-4845 
MOODY William Robert H-418 RR 

pp 42 71 72 
MOON Harold Pollard C-5502 
MOON Howard Richard C-6053 
MOON Jacob Robert C-6674 
MOON William Alonzo M-28 
MOONEY Burgett Hamilton Jr A-4090 
MOONEY Jimmy Dale C-8791 
MOONEY Paul Wesley Staff 
MOONEY Thomas Logan A-4044 
MOOR Theodric Edwin Jr C-7561 
MOORE Albertus Adair Jr M-83 
MOORE Andre Brown C-4083 
MOORE Auburn William C-5114 
MOORE Bartlett D Jr A-3944 
MOORE Baxter Springs Jr C-4648 
MOORE Benjamin Allston C-3045 RR 

pp 42 90 91 
MOORE Bernie H Staff 
MOORE Berwyn Thompson Jr A-4987 
MOORE Bradner James T-366 
♦MOORE Cecil Ulrich C-2357 RR pp 

24 27 
MOORE Charles Albert Petigru Fac 
MOORE Charles Carroll Jr C-2922 
MOORE Charles Henry A-3879 
MOORE Claude Bentley Jr C-3022 
MOORE David A-3632 
MOORE Edward Rutledge A-6006 

MOORE Elijah Watson C-4854 
MOORE Floyd Glenn Jr C-7875 
MOORE Frank Washington C-3263 
MOORE Fred Levi C-1792 
MOORE George Ruskin Jr C-6824 
MOORE George Seymour Adriance A- 

MOORE Gibson Stephens M-1588 
MOORE Glen Womack C-4256 
MOORE Gunnell A-1906 C-1809 
MOORE Harris Campbell Fac 
MOORE Harris Campbell Jr A-481! 
MOORE Harry Tunis H-220 RR pp 

42 57 58 
MOORE Jack Robey C-8628 p 376 
MOORE James Horace Jr Staff 
MOORE James Phillport C-3026 
MOORE James Rutland C-5668 
MOORE J Singleton A-421 
MOORE James West Estes Jr A-2121 

MOORE Jay Byron A-6573 
MOORE Jeff Carter Jr C-3817 
MOORE Jerome Rea A-1894 
MOORE Jerry Lee C-6398 

MOORE John Alexander M-373 
MOORE John R C-1059 
MOORE John Marvine A-4083 
MOORE John Thomas Jr C-7310 
MOORE Joseph Hallock A-3013 
MOORE Joseph Underwood A-3420 
MOORE Julien Kendrick C-2601 
MOORE Lanny Smith C-8030 
MOORE LeRoy Partridge A-1261 

MOORE Lester Leamen C-6574 
MOORE Lucas William later MOORE 

Lucas Edward A- 1626 
MOORE Marion DeVeaux A-232 
MOORE Marlin Duncan Jr C-8;57 
MOORE Maurice Augustus Jr C-3046 

p 292 Fac 
MOORE Melville Maury A-849 
MOORE Orin Houston C-4ogo 
MOORE Philip Nicholson C-3247 
MOORE Randolph Allen C-354I 
MOORE Richard Channing A-3584 
MOORE Rittenhouse Randolph C-H75 
MOORE Robert Allen A-2769 
MOORE Robert Dickey Jr C-6083 
MOORE Robert Jasper C-5804 
MOORE Robert Maxwell C-3240 
MOORE Robert Porter II A-599S 

MOORE Robert Winborne CPT p 226 
MOORE Robin Henry Sheridan A-5969 

C-8 34 7 
MOORE Sam Barbee A-5154 
MOORE Sam Gallaher A-2783 
MOORE Scott Louis Jr C-7900 
♦MOORE Thomas Channing A-877 C- 

1105 RR pp 42 107 108 in 
MOORE Thomas Leo C-1534 
MOORE Thomas Morgan C-296 
MOORE Thomas Waterman Jr A-3509 

C-3 5 73 
MOOTTE Vivien Dennis C-379° 
MOORE Walter Vernon Jr A-4038 
MOORE William Baldwin C-6244 
MOORE William McDaniel C-4593 
MOORE William Thomas M-1043 
MOORE William Wilson C-8548 
MOOREFIELD Harry Michael C-8372 
MOORER Rufus Alonzo M-647 
MOORER Walter Bozeman M-757 
MOORES James Collier C-3292 
MOORHEAD Paul Sidney C-5726 
MOORMAN Marion Ridley M-403 

MOORMAN Richard Herbert Fac 
MOOSE John Thurston Jr C-5887 
MORAN Harry Prosdame A-5856 
MORAVEK Kevin Michael A-6463 
MORDER Thomas Allen C-5677 
MOREHEAD Lemuel Yerger C-3079 
MOREHEAD Lester Cox A-3233 
MOREHOUSE Howard Lord C-1218 
MOREHOUSE Lynn Crawford C-6670 
MORELAND Henry Lewis A-2654 
MORELAND William Hall C-520 H- 

123 RR p 24 
MORELOCK George Leslie C-2319 RR 

PP 24 27 
♦MORELOCK Maurice Melvin C-2422 
MORENO Cameron Anderson C-757 
MORENO Eben Dorr T-70 Fac 
MOREY E B Staff 
MORFORD Herbert Tolman C-7511 
MORFORD James Hedlee M-1409 
MORGAN Albert Rufus RR pp 42 106 
MORGAN C Kendall A-824 
MORGAN Claud Sims A-3160 
MORGAN Clifton Hall C-6598 
MORGAN David Emmett M-nop 
MORGAN George C Jr A-82S 

MORGAN James Chapline A-4874 
MORGAN James Thomas III C-8793 
MORGAN James Walter C-3561 
MORGAN John Henry C-2978 T-374 
MORGAN John Lewis Jr C-S459 
MORGAN John Osborne A-2935 
MORGAN John Tyler RR pp 18 22 
♦MORGAN John William C-S988 
MORGAN Joseph Patrick C-5737 
MORGAN Morris Hartley Jr C-5653 
MORGAN Patrick Henry A-421 5 
MORGAN Robert Burr A-4177 
MORGAN Robert Lee C-1875 L-104 
MORGAN Thomas Henry III A-6605 
MORGAN Wade Hampton Jr A-3772 
MORGAN Wallace McDuffie A-6109 
MORGAN Walter McNairy Jr C-658S 
MORGAN William Alexander M-120 
MORGAN William Cosby C-5431 
MORGAN Mrs William Cosby also 

FLINTOFF Patty Co-ed 49 p 244 
MORGAN William Porter Jr A-1835 
MORGENROTH William Jr A-4238 
MORIARTY Ernest Condit A-4333 
MORISON Malcolm Jackson Jr C-4499 
MORREL George William Jr C-4944 

MORRELL Thomas Franklin C-5129 
MORRELL William Clarence C-5032 
MORRIS Arthur James M-798 
MORRIS Charles or Carlos Seifert 

A-3 747 C-4+61 
♦MORRIS Dowling Clements M-1249 
MORRIS Emory Arnold M-5 54 
♦MORRIS Frederick Miller C-244S RR 

pp 42 86 88 
MORRIS George Alan Jr C-3633 
MORRIS George LaFayette Jr C-5017 
MORRIS Herbert Brooke C-2444 T-322 

RR pp 42 86 87 Staff 
MORRIS James Craik A-728 C-891 

T-121 H-201 RR pp 24 27 42 73 

74 109 Staff 
MORRIS James Craik Jr C-36S3 Staff 
MORRIS James Richard C-6789 
MORRIS Joel Preston C-5980 
MORRIS John Cartwright C-6807 
MORRIS John Herbert C-7171 
♦MORRIS John Morton A-1021 C-1144 

RR pp 42 69 70 
MORRIS John Robert C-8297 
MORRIS Marr C-2851 
MORRIS Marion Eugene C-6156 
MORRIS Martin Eugene C-6577 
MORRIS Mason Thomas C-7980 
MORRIS N B C-4028 
MORRIS Ned Bradford A-5545 
MORRIS Paul Jr C-8051 
MORRIS Richard Anthony C-4151 
MORRIS Sheldon Alexander C-7357 
MORRIS Thomas Highley Jr T-598 
MORRIS Thomas Jordan T-2 RR pp 

42 97 
MORRIS Walter Conover C-8122 
MORRIS Walter Scott M-599 
MORRIS William A A-460 C-503 
MORRIS William Mallory Jr C-7800 
MORRISON Charles B A-663 
MORRISON Frank Jordan M-935 
MORRISON James C A-589 C-608 
♦MORRISON Mark Charles M-1444 
MORRISON Robert Franklin Jr C- 

MORRISON Roy C-1392 
MORRISON Thomas Jackson Jr C- 

MORRISON Truman Aldrich A-as88 

MORRISON William Gamble Boyd 

A-421 8 



MORRISON William Harley DaCamara 

MORRISON William Joseph C-2369 
MORROW Ernest Lane C-3150 
MORROW Hugh Alden C-7450 
MORROW John Thomas C-8410 
MORROW Nancy Wright also FAGG 

Mrs Robert O Co-ed 94 p 260 
MORROW Robert Michael A-6089 
MORROW Robert Prosser M-1392 
MORROW Thomas Henry A-1982 
MORROW Woolsey Allen A-6025 C- 

MORSE Bleecker A-3723 
MORSE Frank Wilmont M-925 
MORTON Austin A-3105 
MORTON Charles Brinkley T-954 
MORTON Don Edwin A-5957 
MORTON Frank or Francis Russle Jr 

MORTON Frederic Rand C-5113 
MORTON John Watson C-4314 
MORTON Richard Finley C-5962 
MORTON Walter Bevis C-8838 
MOSELEY Arthur Franklin Jr C-7I93 
MOSELEY Claiborne Lake M-1344 
MOSELEY Henry Vincent A-2252 
MOSER Gerard Stoughton C-8663 
MOSER William Oliver A-5254 
MOSES Frank Henry C-5581 p 229 
MOSES William Francis C-3222 T-36! 

GST-18 H-502 RR pp 42 92 93 
MOSIER William Blaine C-6166 
MOSS Al Henry A-3028 
MOSS Beverly Turpin Fac 
MOSS Charles McCord HA p 522 
MOSS Charles McCord Jr C-5797 
♦MOSS Charles Smith Jr C-2121 
MOSS Harry Semple A-1829 
MOSS James Edward C-7072 
MOSS John Willis A-2505 
MOSS Paul Simeon Jr C-7949 
MOSS Richard Olney C-2564 
MOSS Robert Mason C-8616 
MOSS William Stephen Jr A-4369 

MOSSER Albert Benjamin A-4735 
MOSSMAN William Weller A-4399 
MOTHERSHEAD William Augusta Jr 

A-3173 C-3164 
MOULDER John Granville C-8709 
MOULTON Alfred Menard C-678 RR 

P 24 
MOULTON Arnold Francis GST-262 
♦MOULTON Edgar C-755 
MOUNGER Harvey Thompson M-745 
MOUNT Anson Adams C-6606 
MOUNT William Martin C-8279 
MOUNTFORD Frank Abbott C-4478 
MOUNTS Marvin Umphrey Jr C-7513 
MOUNTS William Ashby C-6069 
MOWREY Paul Alison CPT p 226 
MOXCEY Louis John C-8556 
MOXCEY Thomas Oliver C-4451 
MOYER J Harold CFF p 342 
MOYER John Frederick Fac 
MOYER Jonas Jacob M-578 
MOYER Robert Kirk Jr A-6322 
MOYERS Jasper Allen M-119 
MOYERS Levi Jerry C-6121 
MUCKLEROY Eugene Watts C-3303 
MUDD James Thomas C-87 
MUDD William Lowndes C-93 
MUDD William Schweringen Jr A-4087 
MUDKINS Albert E RR pp 42 80 
MUELLER Erwin SSMC p 342 
MUELLER Howard Frederick McCud- 

den C-4236 T-479 RR pp 42 67 
MUELLING Rudolph Julius Jr A-4806 
MUHLBERGER Daniel Walter C-6356 

MUIR Edward Douglas Jr A-6500 
MUIR John Wallace C-7694 
MUIR Samuel Cadwallader A-6501 
MULHERON Earle Ridley M-763 

Gill M-1028 
MULKIN James Edward C-7109 
MULLEN Charles Gordon Jr A-4246 

C-5262 p 376 
MULLEN Charles Gordon III A-6590 
MULLEN Edward West C-7727 
MULLEN Erness M-57 
MULLEN Robert Gordon C-7103 
MULLIKIN Houston Yost C-6338 Fac 
♦MULLIKIN Thomas Wilson A-5022 

MULLINS Edwin LeGrand C-4174 
MULLINS Ira M-360 
MULLINS John Durward C-4173 
MULLINS Joseph Burrow C-2139 
MULLINS Randolph Pegues M-5 
MULLINS Robert Chapman C-6961 
MULLINS Walker A-698 
MULLINS William Albert A-4235 
♦MUMBY Jacquelin Daniel A-2214 
MUMBY Robert Corbin C-7598 
MUNAL John Terrell A-6586 
MUNDS William Capers H-484 RR pp 

21 22 
MUNFORD William RR pp 42 76 
MUNGER Lillo Shannon C-1833 
MUNN Boyd Herbert C-8640 
MUNRO John Brook A-4169 
MUNROE Scott FitzGerald A-5899 
MUNSON George King Pratt A-4379 
MUNSON Stephen Clarendon A-2244 
MUNSON Stephen Clarendon Jr A-4097 
MUNT Edwin Boardman A-4341 
MURCHISON Thomas Mcintosh M- 

MURDAUGH James Edmund Dan- 

dridge Jr C-7435 
MURDOCH Arthur Culpepper A-423 

MURDOCH Francis Johnstone H-64 

SST p 330 RR pp 42 82 Fac 
MURDOCH Francis Johnstone Jr 

A-1899 C-1925 
MURDOCH John Wallace A-367 
MURDOCH Rollo George A-1915 
MURFREE James Brickell Fac 
MURFREE James Brickell Jr Fac 
MURFREE Mary Noailles or pseudo- 
nym CRADDOCK Charles Egbert 

MURPHEY Arthur Gage C-2351 
MURPHEY Daniel Forney Hoke C- 

MURPHREE John Alexander Hender- 
son Jr C-8251 
MURPHY Charles Branner C-2214 
MURPHY Charles Percey M-1547 
MURPHY Clifford Askin A-3407 
MURPHY Don Pharis Jr C-7493 
♦MURPHY DuBose T-314 
MURPHY Edgar Gardner C-898 T-74 

H-181 RR pp 42 104 
MURPHY Henry H A-52 
MURPHY Henry Reginald Jr A-4221 

MURPHY Horace Lennon C-2994 
MURPHY James M Jr A-53 
MURPHY John Harry Jr A-4203 
MURPHY Joseph Long II C-s6oo 
♦MURPHY Joseph Raymond C-2451 T- 

323 RR pp 42 103 
MURPHY Leonard Brewster C-7180 
MURPHY Matthew Hobson Jr A-3875 
MURPHY Stanton Patrick GST-231 
MURPHY Terence Edward C-5718 

MURPHY William Milton A-2060 
♦MURRAY Albert Arthur M-1164 
MURRAY Archibald A- 1896 
MURRAY Charles Edward C-6729 
MURRAY Charles Matthew Jr A-6ia8 
MURRAY Cornelius MacPherson 

A-1517 C-1601 
MURRAY David Pope C-3237 
MURRAY Delon Lawrence M-1456 
MURRAY Ernest MacPherson C-I793 
MURRAY George Grant M-638 
MURRAY George Mosley H-479 RR 

P 49 
MURRAY Gerald Alexander Graham 

MURRAY Harrison Colhoun C-6312 
MURRAY Henry Lucas A-2822 
MURRAY Herbert Peterson II C-707D 
MURRAY John Owen Farquhar H-253 
MURRAY Joseph M-785 
MURRAY Marshall Dantzler M-51 
MURRAY Richard Oliver C-3030 
MURRAY Richard Rabon A-6262 
MURRAY Robert Mason Jr C-7920 
MURRAY Roger Goodman C-3238 
MURRAY Thomas Louis A-2425 
MURRAY Victor MacPherson C-I975 
MURRAY William A Pete Jr A-5578 
MURRAY William Henry A-2124 
MURRELL Alfred Henry Dashiell 

MURRELL Derbigny Denis A-5476 
MURRELL George Michael Jr A-5101 
MURRELL William Oliver Jr A-4553 
MURRELL William Sutton C-5396 
MURREY Edward Ennis Jr A-3975 

MURREY John Buchanan C-5755 
MURREY William Harwell C-8228 
MUSSETT Jack Adams C-6392 
MUSSIL Anton Carl M-460 
MUSSIX Charles Caleb M-1532 
MUSSON Harry Sheppard RR pp 42 69 
MUSTARD Allan Calvitte Jr C-8381 
MUTTON John Watson T-414 
MYATT James Archibald Jr A-498S 
MYER Clayton Pittenger C-5378 
MYERS Alexander Henderson C-4549 

FS-11 p 339 
MYERS Allen Hill C-8439 
MYERS Bruns McKie A-2371 
MYERS B S C-583 
MYERS deRosset C-5037 p 222 
MYERS DeWitt Talmage C-4370 
MYERS Elsie Ann also MEDFORD 

Mrs C E Co-ed S3 P 245 
MYERS Elvis Lucas C-7365 
MYERS Elvis Lucas A-2231 
MYERS Ernest Cecil A-4278 C-5479 
MYERS Galatain Fredric C-2862 
MYERS George Boggan C-2021 T-223 

H-472 RR pp 42 53 116 119 Fac 
MYERS George Clifton II C-5564 
MYERS George Thomas M-205 
MYERS Harvey Jr A-3986 
MYERS Henry Lee Hobart A-4974 

MYERS Hobart Jeffreys CFF p 342 
MYERS Hu Blakemore III A-5274 
MYERS Ina May Co-ed 54 p 245 
'MYERS John Dobbins C-2205 L-168 
MYERS Marie Elizabeth also WIN- 
TON Mrs Calhoun Co-ed 51 p 

MYERS Mary Octa also WINK Mrs 

George C Co-ed 112 p 274 
MYERS Robert Carroll C-6036 
MYERS Rosamond also THORNTON 

Mrs Peter FS-38 p 340 Staff 
MYERS Theron A-2131 C-2256 

MYERS Theron Lawrence C-5670 (not 

5970) p 229 
MYERS Vernon Brisco A-3317 C-3423 
MYERS William Cecil A-2132 C-2172 

MYERS William Robert CPT p 226 
MYERS William Scott A-3313 
MYLES Beverly Blount C-105 
MYLES Robert Cunningham C-88 
MYLIUS William Gordon A-6285 
MYNATT James Robert Jr A-6334 
MYNDERS Alfred HA p 522 
MYRICK Conrad William GST-89 
MYRICK Edwin Kelly Jr C-7071 

NABORS Floyd Staff 
NADLER Andrew Sevier A-5867 
NADLER Joseph Allan Jr A-5707 
NAFF Alfred Marriner C-5437 
NAILL John DuBose A-2853 
NAILL John DuBose Jr A-4707 
NALL James Daniel M-1397 
NALL John Luther M-540 
NALL Marvin Brown M-1509 
NANCE Martin David A-6027 
NANCE Walter Elmore C-7638 
NANCREDE Henry Topping A-351S 
NAPIER John J C-23 
NARROW Samuel Everett Jr A-5536 
NASH Charlton Phillips Jr C-7371 
NASH David Chenault C-7345 
NASH Donald Scott A-3600 C-3644 
NASH Douglas Williams A-1603 C-1649 
NASH Edward Cornelius C-3946 
NASH Francis Burdett H-258 
NASH Henry Sylvester SST p 330 
NASH James Edgar C-2671 
NASH James Edgar Jr C-8173 
NASH James George Jr A-6448 
NASH James Samuel C-7038 
NASH John Quincy A-3197 
NASH Joseph C A-2 p 87 
NASH Paul Fontaine C-7810 
NASH Richard Preston Jr A-4915 
NASH Robert Irvine A-3492 C-3439 
NASH Robert Spread T-271 
NASH W E HA p 522 
♦NASH Woodson Michaux A-3401 C- 

3304 p 292 
NASH Woodson Michaux Jr A-5857 
NATHAN Harold Palmer A-2270 
NATHURST Hugh L A-618 
NATION Hugh Edward C-2596 
NAUTS Richard Look A-3134 C-3320 
NAUTS William Boone C-516 T-16 

SS Gr pp 339 373 RR pp 24 27 

118 120 Fac Staff 
NAUTS William Boone Jr A-3003 

C-3069 RR pp 25 26 Fac 
NAYLOR Eric Woodfin C-8375 
NAYLOR Thomas Lloyd A-5526 
NEAL Alexander Stephen M-1175 
NEAL Beverly Byrnes C-3618 
NEAL Edward Lee C-5604 
NEAL George Edgar M-936 
NEAL Horace Clanton A-6001 
NEAL Thomas Jere A-4642 
NEAL William M-610 
NEALS Thomas O see O'NEILL 

Thomas J RR pp 42 86 
NEBLETT Mrs Lewyn also Mrs Laura 

NEEDHAM Henry Woodward A-5227 
NEEL William Hal Jr C-4909 ' 
NEELY Lemon Grey A-4118 
NEELY Robert Caldwell Jr A-4302 
NEELY Thomas Smith A-1609 
NEFF Jack Blackmore C-8029 
NEFF James Newsom A-337S C-3248 



NEFF John Peter M-467 
NEES Gordon Sparks A-3315 
*NEGISHI Timothy Yoshitaro H-350 
NEGLEY Alfred Walter A-4733 
NEIGHBORS Robert B A-350 C-344 
NEILER William Ernest Hyde C-20oj 

NEILL Emmett Cleveland A-4562 
NEILL Gilbreath Falls Jr C-I39 
NEILL James Abner M-302 
NEILL Julian Fort C-7398 
NEILL Marsha SSMC p 342 
NEJDL Robert Joseph C-7000 
NELIUS Albert Arnold T-779 Fac 
NELLANS Charles Thomas Jr C-S490 
NELMS Frank Constant C-7201 
NELSON Albert Langston C-2982 
NELSON Archibald Bell M-726 
NELSON Arthur Winford M-313 
NELSON Carl Edward T-866 
NELSON Charles C-2372 RR PP 42 

109 1 1 1 
NELSON Cleland Kinloch H-78 RR 

pp 20 22 42 55 66 67 hi 
•NELSON Edward Bridge C-1129 M-9 

RR pp 24 27 Fac 
NELSON Edward Gage C-7164 
NELSON Elbert Barksdale A-5346 
NELSON Felix C-4450 
NELSON Frank C-1035 
NELSON Fred Schuyler M-481 
NELSON Gerald Archibald C-8495 
NELSON Innes Armistead C-5555 
*NELSON James Algernon A-2645 

NELSON James Marston A-886 C-952 
•NELSON John Millard C-25S7 T-301 

RR pp 42 62 69 70 1 1 1 
NELSON Leonard Edward Fac 
NELSON Lon Victor C-8333 
NELSON Marvin Lewis A-5434 
NELSON Patrick Henry C-262 
NELSON Ralph Vee A-S388 
NELSON Richard Marshall RR pp 42 

NELSON Robert Arnold C-8840 
NELSON T M Jr A-685 C-723 
NELSON Thomas Curtis A-6123 
NELSON Truitt Hudson M-1312 
NELSON William II C-5444 p 229 
NELSON William Otis Jr A-3217 
NELSON William Portis A-828 C-859 
NEMER Harold C-6418 
NES William Robert C-6001 p 229 
NESBIT Ralph Jr A-1516 C-1576 
NESBIT Valentine Jordan A-1618 

C-1807 RR pp 24 27 
NESSELRODE George Harvey C-4856 
NESSELRODE John Harvey C-535S 
NESTER John Martin C-4865 
NEVILL O Clyde M-1500 
NEVILLE George Waddell C-2958 
NEVILLE Shepherd Spencer Jr A-2961 

NEVINS Thomas Derrel Jr C-5505 
NEWBERRY Alpha Omega Jr A-3928 

•NEWBERRY Eugene Bedford M-1457 
NEWBERRY Farrar Jr A-3911 
NEWBERRY Nick A-4024 
NEWCOMER Charles B Fac 
NEWELL Elizabeth CFF p 342 
NEWELL Paul Dammann T-431 
NEWELL Philip Daniel Jr C-6273 
NEWELL Robert Whitfield Jr A-4137 
NEWHALL Harry Bull A-4523 
NEWHALL Richard Beale A-4260 
NEWKIRK Robert Allan CFF p 342 

NEWLAND Charles Bruce C-5728 
NEWLAND Gordon Clay C-6318 
NEWMAN George Werling Jr A-5985 
NEWMAN Oscar Clarence M-212 
NEWMAN Robert Lee Jr C-3614 
NEWMAN Roy Conrad C-5683 
NEWTON Douglas Weld A-6273 
NEWTON Emmett Stanford C-2069 
NEWTON Harry Marsh A-3628 
NEWTON James Arrington C-6796 
NEWTON James Richard C-4952 
NEWTON John Brockenbrough H-109 
NEWTON St Elmo Jr A-3280 
NEWTON Virgil Miller III A-6197 
NEWTON William Fenton A-2594 
NEYLAND Gerald Lamar A-2750 
NICHOL Richard Everard Meade 

NICHOL William L Fac 
NICHOL William Lytle Jr C-1132 
NICHOL William Lytle Jr C-3048 
NICHOLAS Albert Burnet RR pp 42 S6 
NICHOLAS Carter C-6334 
NICHOLAS Jack Floyd C-7296 
NICHOLAS Samuel M M-M50 
NICHOLL Franklyn Macauley A-1408 
NICHOLL Jack Vincent A-1938 
NICHOLLS James William M-786 
NICHOLLS Joshua Robertson L-2 
NICHOLS Bard A-2409 
NICHOLS E B RR pp 42 97 99 
NICHOLS Edith SSMC p 342 
NICHOLS Effingham Howard H-47 
NICHOLS Gerald MacGowan C-8008 
NICHOLS James Gardiner A-4622 
NICHOLS John Harmon A-4930 

NICHOLS John Hatley Jr C-8472 
NICHOLS John Robert A-4487 
NICHOLS Lelia Staff 
NICHOLS Maurice Hubert C-4547 
NICHOLS Perry Lewis M-654 
NICHOLS Thomas P A-104 
NICHOLS William Clyde A-S152 

NICHOLS William Lloyd C-8766 
NICHOLS William Wight A-3606 

NICHOLSON Drue E RR pp 42 58 59 
NICHOLSON George Wilson Fac 
NICHOLSON J E (not J I) RR pp 

42 97 
NICHOLSON John Patrick Staff 
NICHOLSON Leonard Kimball A-1472 
NICHOLSON Robert Sheldon Jr 

NICHOLSON Theodore Richard C-5616 
NICHOLSON Thomas Norman III C- 

NICHOLSON William Evan Jr C-5287 
NICHOLSON Yorke Poitevent A-1473 
NICHOPOULOS George Constantine C- 

NICKEL Herman Frederick C-3076 
NICKERSON Donald Lloyd A-4548 
NICKERSON Thomas Henry Jr A-2589 
NICKEY William McMahan Jr C-6907 
NICKLES Otis C-382 
•NICKSON John Wesley M-1267 
NIEBANCK Paul Lowrance C-7790 
NIEHUSS Henry Hosea M-514 
NIELSEN (not NEILSON) Ferdinand 

Berg A-5583 
NIGHTINGALE Douglas A-1996 
NILES Charles McG C-181 
NILES James Swanson A-1786 C-1981 
NILES Jason Adams A-1784 C-1980 
NIMOCKS Robert Mitchell A-si6s 
NISBETT Frank M-544 
NISLEY Albert Warren C-7996 

NIX Horace Nuton M-722 
NIXON Francis Cobbs C-3726 
NIXON Gwinn Huxley A-6458 
NOBLE Albert Easter C-909 RR pp 

42 50 51 
NOBLE Alfred Royal A-1150 
NOBLE Cary Louie C-5476 
NOBLE Duncan Parker A-2485 
NOBLE George Henry H-228 RR pp 

42 55 I" 
NOBLE John Ward RR pp 42 49 50 

NOBLE R S A-632 C-662 
NOBLE Samuel Edward see NOBLE 

Stephen Edward C-783 
NOBLE Stephen (not Samuel) Ed- 
ward C-783 
NOBLE William Henry A-1134 
NOBLE William Ward A-213 C-270 
NOBLIN William Earl M-142 
NOE Alexander Barber A-3926 C-4520 
NOE Alexander Constantine Davis C- 

1959 T-242 RR pp 42 60 61 
•NOE Israel Harding C-2306 T-309 
NOE Julian Manney C-3601 
•NOE Thomas Pasteur C-1417 T-151 

RR pp 24 27 42 60 61 100 
NOE Thomas Pasteur Jr C-3300 
NOE William Garrison M-768 
NOE William Stanton C-7816 
NOEL Albert McGhee C-2061 
NOEL Henry Lee M-167 
NOEL S W A- 1 73 
NOFFZ Willis Buford M-1197 
NOHRDEN Julian Francis C-218S 
NOLAN Burwell Atkinson A-3440 
NOLAND Charles Arthur C-6122 
NOLAND Iveson Batchelor Jr T-516 

GST-33 H-47 1 RR p 73 
•NOLEN Frank Edward C-2764 
NOLEN Loomis DaCosta M-1372 
NOLL Albert Louis A-1397 
NOLL Arthur Howard SST p 330 p 

297 T-65 L-95 RR P 118 Fac Staff 
•NOLL Maxwell Hamilton A-2161 C- 

NOLLAU (not NOLLEAU) Milton El- 
mer C-288S T-358 RR pp 25 26 

NOLLE Alfred Henry C-2327 Fac 
NOLTY Augustus John A-2821 
NOONE Roger Work A-3634 
NORDEN William Gernannt C-6814 
NORDSTROM Carl Gustaf A-4536 
NORFLEET Charles Whitmel Jr C- 

7783 T-838 
NORFLEET John Chambliss A-2064 
NORFLEET Wilson C-3172 
NORMAN Ernest Barry C-1419 
NORMAN Joe Robert C-7064 
NORMAND John Denver later NOR- 

MAND Denver John C-4986 p 222 
NORMANN Frank Simon Jr C-5510 
NORRELL Horace Avery Jr A-5670 
NORRIS John Hardin A-4843 
NORRIS Wallis Walter M-1233 
NORSEK William Ross C-7609 
NORTH Charles William C-8685 
NORTH Frank Albert Joseph III C- 

NORTHAM Thomas Alfred Jr A-5341 
NORTHCROSS John William C-5856 
NORTHROP James Jessup A-1531 
NORTHROP John Mygatt C-1165 T- 

NORTHUP Francis Brackett A-5559 
NORTON Anthony Banning Jr C-1286 
NORTON Don Mooreland C-5687 
NORTON William Kirk Jr A-6068 
NORVELL Albert Sidney C-4674 

NORVELL Herbert Carl CPT p 226 
NORVELL Joseph Winston A-3516 

NORVELL Lawrence A-319 
NORVELL Samuel Strudwick C-5832 
NORWOOD Percy Varney Fac 
NOTTINGHAM Peyton Page M-779 
NOWLIN Robert Tate M-533 
NOYES Martha CFF p 342 
NOYES Samuel Oliver A-1286 C-1283 
NUGENT George C-4235 
NUGENT Richard RR pp 42 73 
NUMMY William Ralph C-5697 RR 

pp 25 26 Fac 
NUNN John Milton A-2529 
NUNNALLY David Ambrose C-7966 
NUTTER James Bertrand A-5771 
NYE Luther A M-56 
NYMAN Clifford Oliver C-5688 


OAKES John Archer C-6283 
OAKES Sam Houston C-3109 
OAKLEY Clarence Day Jr A-4910 
OAKLEY Ralph Sidney C-2827 
OATES David T RR pp 42 61 
OATES Joshua Camillus M-146 
OATES Walter Montgomery A-5299 
OATES William Holt Baker A-2312 
OBER Carlon Howard A-4651 
OBER William Haynes A-5919 
O'BRIEN John Fred Jr C-5329 
O'BRIEN Leet Alexander A-4834 
O'BRIEN Stephen Mazyck A-3789 
O'CONNER Thomas A-1198 
*ODEN John Wesley M-1092 
ODEND'HAL Stewart C-8574 
ODENWELLER Peter Edward A-6421 
ODOM Leo James A-5735 
O'DONNELL Arthur Francis T-652 
O'DONNELL Cameron C-7372 
O'DONNELL Edwin Leone C-6396 
O'DONNELL Peter A-2470 
O'DONNELL Peter Jr C-5463 p 229 

RR pp 25 27 
OEHRING Fred H HA p 522 
OEMLER Cyrus Heyward A-5447 
OERTEL Johannes Adam H-124 RR 

pp 42 94 Fac 
OERTEL John Frederick A-403 
O'FERRALL William Cluis RR pp 42 

53 54 75 
OFFICER William Carson M-456 
OGAN Servetus Wesley Jr C-4373 
OGDEN Archibald P A-4259 C-6647 
OGILVIE Kenneth Mead A-4309 
OGILVIE Russell Jennings III A-6125 
OGLE Ashley Winifred M-941 
•OGLE John Willis M-1567 
OGLESBY Mann Wills C-6180 
O'GRADY William Quinn C-3882 
OGSBURY Junius Frank Jr C-7946 
O'HARA Robert Daniel GST-235 
O'KAIN Bryan Tildon A-2977 
OLDHAM John Wellington A-3978 

OLDHAM Robert Honeyman A-48 
•O'LEARY Daniel William M-1013 

OLIVER Hugh Lawson Jr A-3367 
OLIVER Robert Gordon C-8630 T-930 
OLIVER Robert Mitchell III A-6374 
OLIVER Thomas Winfree Jr A-1204 
OLIVEROS Robert Lovell T-65 5 GST- 

OLLIC Michael Patrick Jr T-907 
OLSEN Richard Arnold A-6527 
OLSEN William Christian Jr A-4493 
OLSON Lyman Gregg A-4657 
O'MARA Michael Lee A-2617 



ONEAL Michael Charles A-6412 
O'NEAL Robert Edward Jr C-8777 
O'NEILL James Jasper Jr A-4543 
O'NEILL Lorena Co-ed 1 p 171 
O'NEILL Patrick Joseph Jr A-4293 
•O'NEILL Rue C-2272 
O'NEILL Thomas J (not NEALS 

Thomas 0) RR pp 42 86 87 
O'NEILL Thomas James A-1810 
OPDENBROW Albert Van Dover Jr 

OPPENBORN Frederic Burr A-3654 
O'QUIN Arthur A-2675 
ORAND James Bruton A-2809 
ORCHARD Charles Francis Pochin 

ORCUTT Robert Lee RR pp 42 79 
•ORGAIN Franklin Adelbert C-220 
ORGILL Edmund H-481 HA p 522 RR 

pp 1 10 111 
ORME Richard Wilson A-992 
ORMSBY George Donald Jr C-8761 
O'ROARK Jerry Noble C-6022 
OROZCO Pedro Enrique C-2450 
ORR Alfred Killebrew Jr C-6611 
ORR Eugene RR pp 42 65 
ORR Gilbert McWilliams C-2449 
ORR Hugh Walter M-555 
ORR James Calvin C-2287 
ORR John A-3455 
ORR Joseph Lackland C-7199 
ORR Lorenzo Dow C-6050 
ORR Sydney Carson Jr A-4490 
ORR Waitman Willey M-1453 
ORR William Frederick Jr A-3580 
ORT Harry Demmitt Jr A-6518 
OSBORN David Randolph C-7008 
OSBORNE Francis Moore T-195 RR 

PP 42 82 83 98 1 16 Fac 
OSBORNE Francis Moore Jr A-3229 

C-3 74I 
OSBURN Wilbur Forney Jr A-6091 
OSLER Eve Janet Co-ed 83 p 254 
OSSMAN George C-2307 T-305 GST-2 

H-463 RR pp 42 69 70 98 
OSTERTAG Edward Frederick C-6630 
OSTERHAGE Bruce Henry C-6411 
OTEY James Hervey RR pp 42 94 96 

OSTROWSKY Michael M-163 
OTTMAN Donald Radebaugh A-2520 

C-2337 T-284 
OTTMANN G A RR pp 42 88 
OTWAY Frank Sawford III C-6844 
OTWAY Mrs Frank Sawford III also 

SCUDDER Mae Bright Co-ed 93 

P 259 
OTWELL James Albert M-1141 
OVERTON Edward Milton Jr A-5626 
OVERTON Samuel Watkins C-839 
OVERTON Valdy Clinton M-195 
OVINGTON Richard Joseph C-6077 
OWEN Everett Montague Jr A-6135 
OWEN Glenn Elliott C-5860 
OWEN Harry L or S A-281 
OWEN Horace S A-366 
OWEN Howard Ellis C-8735 
OWEN Howard Malcolm Fac 
OWEN Howard Malcolm III A-6434 
OWEN James Lewis C-1608 
OWEN James Welch C-5775 
OWEN John Harvey C-8092 
OWEN John Laverty C-5552 
OWEN John T A-295 
OWEN Park Hanner Jr C-5063 
OWEN Robert Archie A-980 
OWEN Robert Charles C-3894 
OWEN Robert Torkilson C-8715 
OWEN William Denham A-3419 

OWEN William Hoyte A-3885 
OWENS Beacham Bell M-1318 
OWENS Benjamin L A-72 C-245 
OWENS Don Garrett A- 1864 
OWENS Mrs Hubert Bond also TORT- 

AN Anna Co-ed 25 p 190 
OWENS James Gray Thomas A-1959 
OWENS James Newton C-2281 Fac 
OWENS Joseph Zacrach A-2599 
OWENS Matthew Dickson A-3279 
OWENS Robert Bruce SST p 330 
DWENS Robert Stanley C-6057 
OWENS Robert Waller L-13 
OWENS Seaborn Jackson M-1374 
OWENS William Edwin Pitts A-5523 
OWENS William Norval Jr A-4320 
OWENS W P C-302 
OXARART Frank Joseph C-7841 
OXFORD James William Jr C-8114 
OXLEY William Robert GST-2 13 
OZBURN Joseph Nevin M-942 
OZENNE Gustave Achille M-1348 

PABST Albert Gunther A-3791 C-4076 

PABST Julius Froneigh A-3857 C-4528 

PACE Jack Peyton C-6970 

PACE James A-10 

PACE Johnson Hagood Jr T-567 

PACE W C C-42 

PACKARD Edwin Kane T-524 GST-40 

PACKARD Joseph Jr H-132 RR pp 19 

PACKARD Thomas Jones H-141 
PACKER James Malcolm C-4720 
PADDEN Raymond Perry A-4736 
PADFIELD James Harold Jr C-5890 
PAGE Carlisle Sale Jr C-4085 
PAGE Cary Lee Jr A-5661 
PAGE Charles Ravenscroft Greenleaf 

PAGE Fred M Fac 
PAGE George Keith Jr A-6093 
PAGE Henry Jr A-3094 
PAGE Holt Wilson Jr C-8546 
PAGE R E C-806 
PAGET Tom W HA p 522 
PAHLBERG Karl George A-5912 
PAIN Henry Cruickshank A-noo 
PAINE John Overton C-830 
PAINE Laurence Beverley C-2611 RR 

pp 25 26 
PAINE Leon Alexander A-4296 
•PALFREY E D A-466 C-458 
PALFREY Frank Richardson C-600 
PALFREY George DeClouet (not De 

Cluet) A-422 C-416 
•PALFREY Henry Sterling A-476 C-505 
PALFREY Thomas Bisland C-603 RR 

pp 42 102 104 
PALFREY Walter Chick A-3588 
•PALFREY William Taylor C-2909 
PALMER Allen Warren C-4400 
PALMER Archie Maclnnes H-390 
PALMER Charles Alfred A-2641 C-2488 
PALMER Charles Bee Ward A-5099 
PALMER David Maurice Jr C-7461 
PALMER Edward (Ted) Henry A-53S9 
PALMER Frank Dwight A- 1148 
PALMER Fred A A-130 C-253 
PALMER Gough Joseph Jr A-2713 
PALMER Henry Edwards Jr A-3437 
PALMER Horace William Jr C-2669 
PALMER James Richard A-6287 
PALMER James Young C-7974 
PALMER Jean Love or PALMER Mrs 

Stephen Donald Co-ed 57 p 248 
PALMER John James Ellis Fac 
PALMER Joseph A-1167 C-1188 

PALMER Leon Carlos C-2o;6 T-238 
PALMER Leon William C-3368 T-37) 
PALMER Michael Angelo CPT p 226 
PALMER Perrine A-1925 L-112 
PALMER Perrine Jr A-3691 
PALMER Ray A-2569 C-2343 
PALMER Richard Addison Jr C-4324 
PALMER Robert Ellis A-5324 
PALMER Ronald Lawrence C-8086 
PALMER Stephen Donald C-5391 
PALMER Mrs Stephen Donald Co-ed 

57 P 248 
PALMER Stephen R A-3352 
PALMER Thomas Waller A-1944 

PALMER Whitfield McRory Jr A-5010 
PALMER William Whyte C-2519 
PALMER Winfree Murray C-2670 
PAMPLIN Joseph Neal C-5248 
PAN Panos C-3000 
PAPOT Benedict Fac 
PARANTHA Charles Henry A-3353 

PARDEE Robert Dixon M-1201 
PARDUE Andrew Michael C-7361 
PARDUE William Pierce Jr A-5504 

PARHAM Clayton Eugene C-8676 
PARHAM John Greenway A-1907 
PARHAM John Robert Staff 
PARHAM Samuel Wellons Jr A-5201 
PARISH Burch M-1384 
PARISH Edward Walker Jr A-6310 
PARISH John Kimball Jr A-2854 
PARISH Walter Alvis Jr A-4037 
PARISH William Theodore Jr C-4120 
PARISH William Wheeler A-4197 
PARK Andrew Pyong Choi C-8266 
PARK James Kyle A-5697 
•PARK John Kirk A-3623 C-3786 
PARK Judson Beach A-4295 
PARK Richard Beckwith C-5246 
PARK Thomas Rutherford A-3080 

PARKE Frank Herbert C-3001 
PARKER Albert Lynn C-2554 
PARKER Alexis duPont H-272 RR pp 

19 22 
PARKER Alton Brooks Jr C-7159 
PARKER Austin Smith C-5613 
•PARKER Clarence Prentice Watkins 

T-266 RR pp 42 54 
PARKER Mrs Edward also HODG- 
SON Alice Cheatham CPT p 222 

PARKER Edwin A-1229 C-1316 
PARKER Floy Hoffman C-1691 
PARKER George R RR pp 42 71 112 
PARKER Harold Newton Jr C-8129 
PARKER Harry CPT p 222 
PARKER Harry Ambrose Vincent ill 

PARKER Henry Bragg C-1643 
PARKER James Porter Jr M-404 
•PARKER John Clifton (not S) Jr 1- 

95 3 GST-268 
PARKER Joseph Fleming A-6599 
PARKER Joseph Walter C-7706 
PARKER Josephus Derward (not Der- 

wood) Jr A-5956 
PARKER Josephus Derward Jr C-3792 
PARKER Louis Twells Jr C-8360 
PARKER Milton III C-7990 
PARKER Nathaniel Eldridge Jr T-856 
PARKER Noble Francis A-3766 
PARKER Mrs Oswald CFF p 342 
PARKER Pierson Fac 
•PARKER Reuben Sherman A-2685 


PARKER Roy Montgomery A-4181 
PARKER Thomas C-3822 RR pp 25 16 

42 100 101 
PARKER Thomas Jr A-5960 
PARKER Thomas Ogier C-780 
PARKER Tilden M-567 
PARKER Vona Lloyd C-2318 
PARKER Walter Burr C-6620 
PARKER William Lafayette C-2649 
PARKER William Van Fac 
PARKERSON Charles Lee A-2718 
PARKERSON Claude Robert C-3066 
PARKES A B (possibly JAB) A-526 
PARKES Edward Plumber A-2296 
PARKES James Franklin C-5008 
PARKES Robert Jackson C-7701 
PARKHURST Oscar B A-4617 
PARKINSON Cecil Verdier A-2483 
PARKINSON Frank Edward A-2422 
PARKS Leon C Jr A-63 11 
PARKS Limuel Guy Jr T-936 Fac 
PARKS Robert Ray T-661 
PARKS Walker Bell M-1034 
PARKS William VanZandt A-4554 
PARMAN David Robert M-441 
PARMELE Newton A-2684 
PARMENTER Emory Rankin A-4124 
PARMER William Johnson M-384 
•PARMLEY Tim Hennessey M-14SI 
PARNELL Henry Elliott M-1072 
•PARR Holly Hix M-952 
PARR Lester Strawn C-6638 
PARR Marshall Eugene A-6222 
PARR Samuel E III C-6534 
PARR Vester M-277 
PARRISH Ben Hamilton C-3490 
•PARRISH James Wesley M-978 
PARRISH John Herron M-1031 
PARRISH Joseph Perkins C-1816 
PARROTT Charles Blanks C-1258 
PARROTT Robert Blanks RR pp 43 99 
PARROTT Robert Blanks Jr A-1507 
PARROTT Thomas Sargent A- 1 3 72 

C-1504 L-43 
PARSHLEY Anthony Roberts II C- 

2401 T-290 
PARSONS John D C-619 
PARSONS John Wilson C-7012 
PARSONS Pearl Lawrence C-1778 
PARSONS Sherwood HA p 522 
PARSONS Veldra Wayne C-6272 
PARTAIN Gerald Lavern C-5709 
PARTIN James Clint C-4584 
PARTIN John Carter A-303 
PARTIN Richard Lionel A-6114 
PARTON Austin A- 1682 
PARTON James A-522 
PARTRICK Theodore Hall GST-135 
•PARTRIDGE Charles Stevens C-1482 
PARTRIDGE Joseph Arlington Jr 

•PARTRIDGE Preston Hughes C-1247 
PASCHAL James Steele A-4903 
PASS Charles Dewayne C-S874 
PASS Lewis Norwood A-2218 

PASSAILAIGUE Jack Melchers (not 

Merckers) Jr A-5469 
PASSMORE James David C-76t8 
PASTRANA Luis Frederico C-2113 
PATE Ear! Bean C-4325 
PATE Stephen Hampton C-751Z 
PATEE Lyman Edward T-432 
PATON James Richard A-5343 C-7695 
PATON Noel Edward C-2S43 
PATON William Carl Jr A-4907 
PATRICK Anthony Forsyth A-6521 
PATRICK Daniel Lloyd Jr C-6270 



PATSTON John Ralph Ansell C-7754 
PATTEN Charles Louis A-4572 
PATTEN George H RR pp 43 93 "2 
PATTEN Harry F M-405 
PATTERSON Arthur Wallace A-969 

PATTERSON Brooks Bartlett M-1582 
PATTERSON Charles Terrell C-5194 
PATTERSON Frazier Grey C-334* 
PATTERSON George also PAPA- 
THAKES George H-106 RR pp 
43 8 1 Staff 
PATTERSON George Dan C-2684 
PATTERSON Giles Jared Jr C-4653 
PATTERSON Jack Forrester C-5809 
PATTERSON John Edward A-3334 

PATTERSON Julian P A-3657 
PATTERSON Malcolm Rice H-170 
PATTERSON Richard E A-3959 
PATTERSON Robert Urie RR pp 43 

PATTERSON Ronald Russell C-7906 
PATTERSON Rozelle A-498 C-567 
PATTERSON Thomas Weaver L-158 
PATTERSON William Bailey M-334 
PATTERSON William Brown Jr C- 

7140 RR pp 25 27 
PATTERSON William Dean A-3576 
PATTERSON William Morrison Fac 
PATTILLO Charles E Staff 
PATTILLO Manning Mason T-325 
PATTILLO Manning Mason Jr C-5M7 
PATTISON Isaac Caldwell A-881 C-981 
PATTON Edgar Allen M-1556 
PATTON Elbert Branch C-6962 
PATTON Francis McLeod A-1549 

George H RR pp 43 93 112 
PATTON Howard Chandler C-6391 
PATTON Jay Dee C-4190 
PATTON Joe McCarty A-4456 
PATTON John Evander Jr A-2984 
PATTON John Perry C-8775 
PATTON Joseph Thomas A-307 
PATTON Mitchele Albert Nevin Jr 

PATTON Richard Trevanion Jr A-1471 
PATTON Robbins A-3098 
PATTON Robert Williams H-210 
PATTON Theodore A-3624 C-3711 

PATTON Thomas Walton RR pp 43 

105 106 
PATTON William Orland Jr C-7808 
PATTY Claibourne Watkins Jr C-7807 
PATTY William Ried A- 1900 
PATY Charles Clifford Fac 
PAUGH Ernest Leroy T-299 
PAUL James Howard C-5351 
PAUL Lila Hazleton M-1274 
PAUL Raymond LeRoy C-5680 
PAULEY Walter Harold T-807 GST- 

PAXSON James Lamar III A-6548 
PAXTON Elisha A-981 C-1229 M-35 
PAXTON John McNutt C-3112 
PAXTON Lawrence Lipscomb A-2720 
PAXTON Samuel Beazley A-1251 

PAYNE Arthur A-597 
PAYNE Beckwith Benjamin Jr C-2839 
PAYNE Bruce Ryburn II C-5302 
PAYNE C J A-509 
PAYNE D J M-1365 
PAYNE Joseph Franklin C-7672 
PAYNE Madison Perry C-3546 
PAYNE Malcolm Luther C-2841 

PAYNE Montgomery Ashby C-3453 
PAYNE Reuben Marion C-214 
PAYNE Reuben Saunders A-911 
PAYNE Samuel Dismukes A-1542 
*PAYNE Virgil Leroy C-2607 
PAYNE William A-3124 C-3057 
PAYNE William Jackson C-5725 
PEACHER Claude Harold C-5163 
♦PEACOCK Albert Cicero M-1428 
PEACOCK Loverd Vautus M-144S 
PEACOCK Joseph Lamar T-821 GST- 

PEACOCK Markham Lovick Jr C-3381 
PEACOCK Oliver Lumsden Jr A-6409 
PEACOCK Thomas Lipscomb C-4094 
PEAGLER George Miner C-4433 
*PEAK George Victor C-1885 RR PP 

24 27 Fac 
PEARCE Dennis Deremer C-8694 
♦PEARCE Henry Wynne C-2525 
PEARCE Henry Wynne Jr A-4960 
PEARCE Hill Everett Jr C-3732 
PEARCE Hugh Miller Thompson 

A-1611 C-1648 T-197 
PEARCE James Thomas A-6326 
PEARCE Paul Swink Jr A-5097 
PEARCE Robert Walton A-5203 
PEARCE William Stephen A-4908 
ward Adolphus C-933 
PEARMAN Benjamin Vincent C-3468 
PEARMAN Robert William C-3589 
PEARSON Charles Franklin C-454; 
PEARSON Charles Sanford A-778 

PEARSON Frank Jr A-4455 
PEARSON George Henry A-3178 
PEARSON Jack Herbert C-8247 
PEARSON James K Polk C-163 
PEARSON James Lawson White 

PEARSON James Walker A-2906 
PEARSON John H RR pp 43 105 
PEARSON John Reed A-779 C-893 
PEARSON Jurd Ellis A-1327 L-9 
PEARSON Thomas Ray A-6014 
PEASE Elisha Marshall RR pp 43 97 
PEASE Frederic Irving A-1145 
PECK Donald Curtis C-8256 
PECK George Barton A-3394 
PECK George Heckler C-5173 
PECK Jordan Brown Jr A-5352 
PECK William Allen M-173 
PECK William Henry C-131 
PECKHAM George W RR pp 43 79 80 
PECKHAM John Wooster C-4551 
PEDEN H H A-620 
PEDLAR John Arthur C-8265 T-859 

GST- 1 78 
PEEBLES Edward McCrady C-5577 
PEEBLES Frank Darrow Jr C-5580 p 

PEEBLES James Howell Jr C-5204 
PEEBLES Thomas Henry III C-8081 
PEEL Frederick William Jr A-4703 
PEEL Robert Dudley A-5889 C-8510 
PEELER Willie F A-636 
PEEPLES David Nathanael T-468 RR 

PP 43 106 
PEEPLES James Erwin III A-S696 
PEEPLES Lewis Munford Jr C-8017 
PEEPLES Robert Inabnit A-5874 
PEETE Richard Boyd A-3845 
♦PEGRAM Ferwell (not Fendall) S 

PEGRAM George Vernon Jr C-8538 
PEGUES Alexander Hamilton C-475 

PEGUES Alexander Hamilton Jr C- 

PEGUES Harry Toulmin C-1812 
PEGUES Malachi Christopher T-45 
PEGUES Thomas Evans Bedgegood RR 

pp 43 76 78 
PEGUES William Crosby A-1248 
PEGUES William Crosby Jr A-2924 
PEGUES William Crosby III A-4645 
PEIRCE William Foster H-177 
PEISSEL Antoine Joseph A-6399 
PEMBLETON William Edwin C-4500 
PENDERGRASS Bela Williston A-2661 
PENDERGRASS William Taylor C- 

PENDEXTER George A-2009 
PENDLETON Walker Nelson Jr C- 

PENDLETON William Gibson RR pp 

43 71 
PENICK Charles Inglesby T-702 RR 

PP 43 61 
PENICK Clifton Hewitt A-2004C-1997 
PENICK Edwin Anderson SST p 330 
♦PENICK Edwin Anderson Jr A-2007 
C-1998 H-254 RR pp 21 22 24 27 
43 81 82 83 112 
PENN Richard C-3547 
PENNEWILL William Ellison A-5959 
PENNIMAN Josiah H Fac 
PENNINGTON Edgar Legare GST-iq 

H-367 Staff 
PENNINGTON John Harding C-541; 
PENNINGTON Simeon Andrew M-272 
PENSINGER Charles Steven C-8672 
PENTICOFF Robert Bruce A-4549 
PENWELL Roscoe Volney A-2213 
PEPLE Edward Henry H-229 
PEPPER Cecil Nathaniel Alexander 

PEPPER Charles Willis Jr C-7436 
PEPPER George Wharton H-175 RR 

pp 19 22 
PERCY Billups Phinizy C-6835 
PERCY John Walker C-618 RR pp 

24 27 
♦PERCY LeRoy A-470 C-492 RR pp 

43 77 
PERCY William Alexander C-1782 H- 

379 RR pp 43 107 Fac 
PERCY William Armstrong Jr A-559 

C-573 RR p 24 Fac 
PERDUE Rhodes Lewis A-4892 
♦PEREIRA y LEAL Luis Pablo M- 

PERKINS Albert Lee A-4207 
PERKINS Albert Noble C-3017 
PERKINS Arthur Wilson Jr C-7239 
PERKINS Bob A-1933 
PERKINS Claud A-1934 
PERKINS Edward Williams Jr M-695 
PERKINS George Gaither C-8094 
PERKINS James Williams Jr C-7332 
PERKINS John III A-4731 
PERKINS John Ward C-3506 
PERKINS Joseph Gabriel James Jr 

PERKINS Percy Augustus L-84 
PERKINS Thomas James Jr A-529 C- 

PERKINS Thomas Joseph Jr C-3025 
PERLSTEIN Frank M-390 
♦PERNOT Henri Charles Stephens C- 

PEROT George Henry C-5117 
PERRIN Ladson Mills C-4396 
PERRIN William Patterson C-5584 
PERRY Albert Jefferson M-1435 
PERRY Alex Somervell Jr C-6543 
PERRY B F Dunkin RR pp 43 65 

PERRY C G A-135 
PERRY Coleman Robert C-6779 
PERRY David Clapham A-6517 C-9063 
PERRY Earl Vincent A-2163 
PERRY Edward Wathen C-786 
PERRY Ernest Wilson C-4136 
PERRY Frank Marshall Jr A-4958 
PERRY Gales Pickard Fac 
PERRY George Wilson A-5162 
PERRY Hobert (not Robert) Gus C- 

PERRY Jack Whitley C-3190 
PERRY James DeWolf H-315 RR PP 

2 1 22 
PERRY James Francis A-4601 
PERRY James Young C-2484 RR pp 

43 100 
PERRY James Young Jr C-5266 T-784 
PERRY Jennings Waring A-1135 

PERRY Jesse Lawrence Jr A-4187 
PERRY John James Patrick T-69 
PERRY Josiah Bedon H-157 
PERRY Robert Gus see PERRY Ho- 
bert Gus C-6267 
*PERRY Robert Jackson M-1121 
PERRY Tobe Duke A-3467 
PERRY William Crockett C-5362 
PERRY William Stevens H-100 RR 

pp 20 22 
PERSON Allen C-3196 RR pp 43 72 

PERSON Mrs James W also PRICH- 
ARD Adele LaNoue Co-ed 40 p 225 
PERSONS Frank Stanford III C-6491 

T-891 p 329 
PERSONS Robert Ogden Jr C-7308 
PETAGNA Dexter Scott A-6441 
PETEET Arch Jr C-3716 
PETER George Freeland C-1529 T-157 
PETERKIN George Alexander Jr 

PETERMANN Henry A-256 

Johnson RR pp 43 86 87 
PETERS Earl Joseph C-5701 
PETERS Edward Conway RR pp 43 

"PETERS Edward Johnson A-1325 C- 

1447 RR pp 43 86 87 
PETERS Edward Johnson Jr C-3961 
PETERS George Rowland C-7078 T- 

PETERS Harry Luria A-1460 
PETERS Henry Duke II A-6201 
PETERS James Henry A-4943 
PETERS John Punnett Fac 
*PETERS Lindsay A-1166 C-1268 
PETERS R H Mus p 341 Fac 
♦PETERS Roger Hanson T-67 RR pp 

43 70 
PETERS Thomas Jr A-1146 
PETERS William Asbury M-1417 
PETERSEN Carl August A-2606 
PETERSEN John Edward A-4939 
PETERSEN Robert Merritt A-6546 
PETERSON Carolyn CFF p 342 
PETERSON Marshall Wellborn A-457 

PETERSON Waldo Theodore C-8610 
PETERSON Walter Baker T-875 p 329 
PETERSON William Archibald L-24 
PETIT Lucienne Fac 
PETKOVSEK John Christian Jr C- 

PETOT John Searcy Jr A-405 5 C-4956 
PETRIE Robert William M-469 
PETRIE Claude Edward Jr A-4971 
PETRY Robert Lowell Fac 



PETRY Mrs Robert Lowell also Mrs 

Helen Adams Fac 
PETROPOLE Angelique Pete Co-ed 

105 p 271 
PETTERSON Charles Andrew A-4123 
PETTEY James Reeder C-5405 
PETTIS William p 296 
PETTIT Ernest Ning A-3338 
PETTIT William Foster C-1464 
PETTUS Beryl Erwin C-6093 
PETTUS Richard Starr C-8330 
PETTUS William Wheeler A-2812 
PETWAY Edwin Sayle Jr C-5055 
PETTY Paul Eugene C-6422 
♦PETTYJOHN Joseph M-153 Fac 
PEYTON Herbert Hill Jr C-8069 
PEYTON John David A-5805 
PEYTON John Howe RR pp 43 95 
PFAFFLE Arthur Clark A-1621 M-603 
PFAFFLE Frank Lee A-1783 C-1979 
PFEIFER Arthur Jules A-5693 
PHALAN Joseph Maurice Sherry M-775 
PHARES James Kirk M-1220 
PHARR George Thomas M-1470 
PHARR Newton Taylor A-4666 
PHARR Stanley Livingston M-1471 
PHARR William Christian M-1466 
PHELAN Ellis RR pp 43 49 
PHELAN George Richard C-1298 
PHELAN James Lolor or Color A-73 
PHELAN John Dennis RR pp 43 94 
PHELAN Owen C-1204 
PHELAN Thomas Sale A-1279 C-1245 
PHELAN William Richardson Hunt 

PHELPS C Paul Jr C-7566 
PHELPS Donald Thomas Williams C- 

PHELPS Henry Kneeland III A-4919 
PHELPS Henry Victor A-876 C-921 
PHILBRICK Jackson Edwin A-6173 
PHILIPE Antonio T A-401 
PHILIPS Burton Keeney C-4254 
PHILIPS Henry Lay RR pp 43 62 
PHILIPS Herbert Alexander C-7260 
♦PHILIPS (not PHILLIPS) Joseph Jr 

A-763 C-1136 
PHILIPS William Crozard A-740 C-793 
PHILLIPS Barrow Edwards A-2740 
PHILLIPS Benjamin Jr C-4664 RR 

pp 25 26 
PHILLIPS Calvin Bynum A-4250 
PHILLIPS Carl Haralson C-4158 
PHILLIPS Charles Coker A-3162 

♦PHILLIPS Clarence Eugene Jr A-5553 
PHILLIPS Daniel Ward Jr C-4183 
PHIILLIPS Edmund Julius C-3991 
PHILLIPS Edward RR pp 43 73 
PHILLIPS Florence E A-36 
PHILLIPS Frank Pierce A-1016 C-1143 
PHILLIPS Fred Hampson Jr C-5080 
PHILLIPS Fred William C-6152 
♦PHILLIPS Henry Disbrow C-1739 T- 

212 H-370 RR pp 21 22 43 55 

100 101 108 116 Fac Staff 
PHILLIPS Hilliard Folk C-7895 
PHILLIPS Howard Edward Jr C-7878 
PHILLIPS Jesse Martin C-6607 
PHILLIPS John Dimmitt M-1283 
PHILLIPS Joseph Hunter A-3210 


Joseph Jr A-763 C-1136 
PHILLIPS Levitte Lawrence A-2049 
PHILLIPS Lewis M-613 
PHILLIPS Louie M P A-3684 
PHILLIPS Nathan Richard M-628 
PHILLIPS Peter Rhind C-4496 
PHILLIPS Ralph Thompson C-4896 

PHILLIPS Robert C-2826 Fac 
PHILLIPS Robert Theodore C-1945 

RR PP 43 55 
PHILLIPS Thomas C-4976 
PHILLIPS Thomas Mott Jr A-2050 
♦PHILLIPS Thomas Tyre Jr A-4080 

PHILLIPS Walter Emmett C-3870 
♦PHILLIPS Walter James C-5206 
PHILLIPS William D C-66 
PHILLIPS William Myers C-7919 
PHILLIPS William Wallace T-721 
PHILLIPS ZeBarney Thorne H-202 
PHILSON Harry Forrest C-8316 
PHINIZY Barrett A-1314 
PHINIZY Charles Henry A-1333 
PHINIZY Coles A-1596 C-1722 
♦PHINIZY Irvine Jr C-7219 
PHINIZY John C-6240 
♦PHINIZY Stewart Jr A-2798 C-2497 
PHIPPS Benjamin Kimball A-5373 
PIATT John James Fac 
PICCIOLI Richard John C-7854 
PICKARD John Alexander A-3166 
PICKARD Thomas Francis C-6967 T- 

PICKENS George Waddey C-5807 
PICKENS William Carrigan II C-I358 
PICKERING Adrian Timothy Fac 
PICKERING William Albert Jr C-3006 
PICKETT Alston Karris C-77 
PICKETT James Belton C-1249 
PICKETT James Carroll A-4485 
PICKETT James T RR pp 43 76 
PICKETT John Hooe Russell A-2527 
PICKETT Lucien A-915 
PICKETT Roland Jones A-1324 C-1323 
PICKINS William Caragan A-3163 
PICKLE William Neel A-5625 
PIERCE Abraham Wallace A-37 C-303 
PIERCE Benjamin Edward A-6367 
PIERCE Charles Fontaine C-5578 
PIERCE David E M-1089 
PIERCE David Eugene C-5292 
PIERCE George Amos Jr A-6323 
PIERCE George M Jr A-5093 
PIERCE Gordon Decatur C-2913 T- 

PIERCE Henry Niles H-20 RR pp 

43 52 
PIERCE Henry Walker A-38 
PIERCE Jacob Richard M-1378 
PIERCE John Leonard Jr C-5076 
PIERCE John Richard A-4402 
PIERCE Ralph Valentine C-2979 
PIERCE Robert Bruce C-8146 
PIERCE Walter Bell M-155 
PIERCE William Candler Jr A-6571 
♦PIERCE William Meredith (not Meri- 

day) M-793 
PIERSON Jack L RR pp 43 80 
♦PIGGOT (not PIGGOTT) Cameron 

RR p 120 Fac Staff 
PIGGOT Charles Snowden A-2216 

C-2294 H-428 
PIKE Becky SSMC p 342 
PIKE William Sibley III C-8376 
PILCHER George Riley M-1564 
PILCHER Matthew Vidden A-3393 
PILCHER Paul Henry A-3343 
PILCHER William Edward III C-7227 
PILKERTON James Frederick C-8635 

HOUSE Helen Clark Co-ed 44 o 

PILLOW James Hargraves Jr C-5542 
PILLSBURY Harold Crockett Jr A-42 72 
PINCKARD William Edward III 


♦PINCKNEY Charles Cotesworth C- 

1394 L-38 
PINCKNEY John Adams T-436 
PINCKNEY Thomas RR pp 43 90 
PINCKNEY William Haskell A-338 

PINKERTON John Willson later Wil- 
liam III A-3415 C-3777 
PINKERTON Peter Charlton A-2449 
PINKERTON Stewart Mortley A-374? 

PINKSTON Olin Gleason C-7341 
♦PINNEY Charles Porter Jr A-6031 
PINSON Ellis Rex Jr C-5841 RR PP 

25 26 
PINTHER Harold Otto Paul Jr A-4824 

PIPER Carl Thackston C-4052 
PIPER George Washington M-1411 
PIPER Hilton Addison Jr A-4491 
PIPES Henry Minor A-3921 
PIPPEN Joseph Powell A-1205 
PIPPEN William Mayo Jr A-1142 
♦PIPITONE Pietro Joseph M-1579 
PIPKIN Jean SSMC p 342 
PIPLAR Charles Lee C-4298 
PIRKLE Lemuel Pinkney M-1166 
PIRKLE Noah Grover M-236 
PIRRET Peter Douglas A-5620 
PIRRONG Herbert Spencer A-2304 
PISE David H-42 p 296 RR pp 43 94 

96 117 
PISE David Allison A-3156 C-2820 
PITNER John Russell Jr C-2580 
PITNER Robert Howard C-2680 
PITT Walter Miles C-1202 
PITTENGER Isaac McKendree SST 

P 33° 
PITTENGER John Lynch A-4319 
PITTENGER Paul Nathaniel C-2076 

PITTMAN A B RR pp 43 76 
PITTMAN Andrew Campbell L-72 
PITTMAN Henry Neal A-1042 
PITTMAN Isham Watson M-1473 
PITTMAN James Allen Jr A-5073 
PITTMAN Vail Montgomery A-1579 
PITTS Allen Linwood A-.5950 
PITTS Douglas Ayers A-4483 
PITTS Guy Bunn A-5193 
PITTS Henry Elkton C-5421 
PITTS John Shedrick C-6142 
♦PITTS Rufus M-ni 
PITTS Walter Ingold M-648 
PLATT Edward Gould Jr C-7784 
PLATT John Meade C-700 
PLATT John Warren Jr C-3768 
PLATTE Charles Edward Jr C-5259 
PLATTENBURG George Smith C-7809 
PLATTER David Pearsall C-7441 
PLATTER Herbert Lingo A-2331 
PLATTER Nielsen Waples C-S306 p 229 
PLEMMONS Charles William A-4157 
PLESS James William III C-5374 
PLUMB Jack C-3636 
PLUME John Edwin A-4909 
PLUMLEY James Lawrence T-483 RR 

PP 43 75 99 
♦PLUMMER Cameron MacRae C-3280 
PLUMMER Frank Bretman C-4186 
PLUMMER Jesse Hopkins C-3923 
PLUMMER William Gardner C-3004 
PLYLER Lawrence Andrew C-6293 
POAG Lewis Morgan A-4404 
POAGE James Malcolm Jr C-4566 
POE Michael Hoke C-7092 
POELLNITZ Charles Augustus Jr C- 

POELLNITZ Richard Hooker C-5183 
POGUE John Timberlake A-5616 

POINDEXTER Early Whitten Jr C- 

3354 T-367 RR pp 43 79 80 116 

•POINDEXTER Richard Gundry C- 

POINDEXTER Sedley L A-627 
POINDEXTER William Q RR pp 43 78 
POINTER Henry A-500 
POITEVENT John A-5237 
POLEMAN John Soady A-2076 
POLK Albert McNeal A-1951 
POLK Cadwalader Leonidas Jr RR p? 

43 53 54 
POLK Charles Wesson M-661 
POLK Edward Marshall A-2386 
POLK Frank Devereux A-75 
POLK Frank Lyon H-300 
POLK Horace Stuart C-3475 
POLK Iredel Drew Jr A-2612 
POLK James Knox A-1858 
POLK John Jackson A-218 
POLK Leonidas RR pp 43 52 73 75 

POLK Newton Napoleon C-2289 
POLK Thomas R A-503 
POLK William A C-537 RR p 24 
POLK William Mecklenburg H-67 RR 

pp 18 22 112 
POLLARD Austin Wesley Fac HA p 521 
POLLARD Charles Alexander C-4381 
POLLARD Charles Teed RR pp 43 49 

POLLARD Dabney Maury Jr C-3968 
POLLARD Frank SSMC p 342 
POLLARD Raymond Dean A-3888 
POLLARD Robert Lindsay C-57 
POLLARD William Grosvenor H-468 

RR pp 19 22 43 96 Fac 
POLLOCK Walter John C-970 
POMEROY Edgar Erastus H-358 RR 

pp 19 22 
PONDER Oscar Wilkins A-5815 
PONDER Russell Stokes C-4024 
PONDER Silas D C-539 
PONDER William Milton M-498 
PONS Albert Erskine C-645S T-673 
PONTIUS John Frederick C-7987 
POOL J C A- 1 49 
POOLE Reginald Stuart H-46 
POOLE Rufus Edward C-6984 
POOLE William Henry C-1498 T-182 

SST p 330 RR pp 24 26 Fac 
POOLER Carroll Everett Jr A-6550 
POOLEY Edward Murray C-2592 
POOLE Y Thomas Edward C-7141 
POPE Alexander Park A-3155 
♦POPE Andrew Jackson M-910 
POPE Charles Fildes A-1849 
POPE Clarence Cullam Jr T-756 
POPE Mrs Donald also GILLAND 

Aurora Co-ed 69 p 249 
POPE Frederick Alexander Jr T-643 

GST- 1 88 
POPE George Marquis C-7994 
POPE John Bilbo A-3765 
POPE John Gill C-54 
POPE John Greenley C-2077 
POPE Leroy A-3071 C-3013 
POPE Richard Downing Jr A-5161 
POPE Russell FS-6 p 339 
POPPLESTONE Louis Bolles A-1005 

C- 1 047 
PORCHER Arthur Gignilliat A-2333 
PORCHER Octavius Theodore- C-809 

T-77 RR PP 24 27 43 90 
PORCHER Percival Ravenel Jr A-5145 
PORET Edward Alfred M-937 
PORTA Phillips Allen A-6254 
PORTA William Rector C-6582 
PORTAL Primitivo A-2029 



PORTER Anthony Toomer RR pp 43 

89 9> 
PORTER Anthony Toomer Jr C-1633 
PORTER Charles Brainard A-2801 
PORTER Charles McGavock C-8190 
PORTER David Marshall A-5466 
PORTER Donald Roy Jr C-880J 
PORTER George Edward Jr C-I9S3 
PORTER Hilliard Wood C-3710 
PORTER James Calmes A-6485 
PORTER James Herrin Jr C-8352 
PORTER John Bridgewater C-8468 
PORTER John Lucius Baxter M-1366 
PORTER John Wiley Jr A-5636 
PORTER Lamar A-3937 
PORTER Robert Andrew A-2883 
PORTER Robert Kay C-3824 
PORTER Starke M-1342 
PORTER William Blane C-7286 
PORTER William Haigh C-7926 
PORTIS Thomas G A-88 
PORTNER Robert Pritchard A-723 

POSSEHL Edward Arnold C-5316 
POSEY Ossian C-115 
POST Charles Augustus M-89 
POST Daniel Muse Jr C-6436 
POST Joseph Fowler A-2479 
POSTEL James Looft C-7871 T-855 

GST- 1 84 
POSTELL Dan L C-555 
POSTERO Howard Frank C-5936 
POSTLETHWAITE Alexander Lathrop 

Jr C-4220 
POTTER Charles Howell A-3142 
POTTER Eliphalet Nott H-6s 
POTTER Russel HA p 522 
POTTER Wiley H A-239 
POTTER William Walter M-639 
POTTS George Garrison C-5103 
POTTS John H-337 
POTTS John James A-1257 C-1241 
POTTS John Luther M-1405 
POULTON Albert Charles Jr A-4382 
POULTON Eugene Ayres A-4021 

POUND Edwin Aldine Jr C-7910 
»POW John Robert M-804 
POWE William Alison III A-633S 

POWELL Charles Austin C-8730 
POWELL Donald W Staff 
POWELL Dudley Sale Jr A-5823 
POWELL Edgar Lay C-6713 
*POWELL Eli M-iioi 
POWELL Ernest Allen Jr A-4105 
POWELL Ferdinand Jr C-4658 
POWELL Fitzhugh Knox C-6704 
POWELL George Mathews C-80 
POWELL Henry Arthur Jr A-5320 
POWELL Homer Irvin A-1695 
POWELL Howard Mitchell C-2859 
POWELL James Milton Jr C-4312 
♦POWELL John Edgar M-1554 
POWELL Leland Templeton C-7137 
POWELL Lyle Stephenson Jr C-5429 
POWELL Noble alley H-393 RR PP 

21 22 
POWELL Rebekah Megee also STO- 

VALL Mrs Kenneth Co-ed 66 p 249 
POWELL Robert Edward Jr C-4323 
POWELL Samuel James Jr A-471 
POWELL Samuel Madison Jr A-3850 

POWELL Thomas Alvin T-95S 
POWELL Wilbert Benton C-1539 
POWELL William Thomas III C-7933 
POWELL Winslow Robert Chilton RR 

p 86 

POWER James Sutton C-6460 
POWER John Smith T-777 
POWER Joseph William C-4456 
POWER Stephen Francis T-253 
POWERS Emory Byron M-1042 
POWERS Gerald Ralph A-5908 
POWERS Graham Henderson C-3351 
♦POWERS Henry Howard M-608 
POWERS John Werner A-3728 
POWERS Roy Rivington A-I794 
POWERS Ronald Frank A-6328 
POWERS William Dudley H-95 p 297 

RR pp 43 50 66 69 Fac 
POWERS William Kromar C-3136 
POYNOR Dudley Diggs A-2399 
POYNOR Wilmer Smith C-1779 T-226 
P'POOL David Bruce Jr C-7730 
PRATHER Andrew Clarence M-573 
PRATHER Billy Wayne A-6455 
PRATHER Charles Francis A-SS57 C- 

PRATT Benson King A-2117 C-2036 
PRATT Cornelius Francis A-1942 
PRATT James Brooks C-7075 
PRATT Julius Anderson A-6283 
PRATT Julius Augustus Jr T-472 Fac 
PRATT Louise also Mrs Julius A CFF 

p 342 SSMC p 342 
PREAUS Eugene Rowland A-6S41 
PREAUS Frederick F A-6264 p 376 
PREJEAN Louis Agerin M-588 
PRENTISS Augustine T-27 
PRENTISS Paul Trapier C-2048 T-236 

RR pp 43 102 104 
PRENTISS William Clark C-7623 
PRESCOTT Allen Worden A-2192 
PRESCOTT Arthur Taylor H-338 RR 

pp 19 22 Fac 
PRESCOTT Arthur Taylor Jr A-2193 
PRESSER William Henry CFF p 342 
PRESSEY Stephen Palmer C-7351 
PRESSON Herman Winifred Jr C-5906 
PRESTON Charles Reuben M-1537 
PRESTON Clinton Alexander A-1622 
PRESTON Mrs Fannie HA p 522 
PRESTON George A RR pp 43 57 
PRESTON Harry Cleveland M-1526 
♦PRESTON James Cummings A-537 

C-570 RR p 118 Staff 
PRESTRIDGE Bendo Allen M-1400 
PRICE Allen Wright A-6398 
PRICE Cecil Robert M-983 
PRICE David Raymond C-3232 
PRICE George Gordon III C-6238 
PRICE Humphry Rhodes A-4520 
PRICE James Robert C-8806 
PRICE Jerome A-2598 
PRICE John Emmet Jr A-4358 
PRICE John Williamson M-630 
PRICE Joseph Temple A-4633 
PRICE Julian George M-1224 
PRICE Lance Charles C-3814 
PRICE Robert Hampton T-549 
PRICE Robert Harris M-1357 
PRICE Robert Oakley A-2880 
PRICE Samuel Wilmer A-4000 
PRICE Stephen Elmore C-7670 
PRICE Thomas Lem A-5253 
PRICE Thomas Randolph H-74 p 340 

PRICE Thomas S A-355 
PRICE Vivian Henderson M-1576 
.'RICE William Penn GST-no 
PRICE Windsor Morris C-7114 
PRICHARD Adele LaNoue also PER- 
SON Mrs James W Co-ed 40 

p 225 
PRICHARD Alvin Lochinvar Jr C- 

PRICHARD Joseph Gibson A-1744 

PRICHETT Joe Davidson A-2951 
PRIDDY Mark Cheek A-1172 
PRIDE Harvey Jr C-6843 
PRIDE Lewis Dantzler A-5615 
PRIESKORN Gerald Adolph C-7731 
PRIEST James Robert M-837 
PRIEST Rufus E M-1583 
PRIEST William Ganels C-4155 
PRIESTLEY Elizabeth Lyell Co-ed 22 

p 188 
liam Montgomery Jr C-3713 
PRINCE Clofton Otis Jr C-4722 
PRINCE Edmond Mortimer M-366 
PRINCE George Edward C-4825 
PRINCE Gilbert Parker GST-22 
PRINCE H C RR pp 43 60 
PRINCE Henry Franklin A-2128 
PRINCE James Broza A-2052 
PRINCE James Preston Jr A-2t30 
PRINCE John Doyal Jr T-775 
PRINDLE Kenneth Vincent C-5406 p 

PRINGLE Henry Fowles A-519 
PRINGLE James Maxwell Jr A-520 
PRINGLE William Allston RR pp 43 

89 91 
PRIOR Henry Wolcott C-5300 
PRIOR Robert Lee Jr C-5315 
PRITCHARD Howard Porter C-7959 
PRITCHARD John Hayes Jr A-6249 
PRITCHETT Thomas Hall C-6541 
PRITCHETT William Henry A-5927 
PRIVETT Wayne Hall A-6509 
PROBASCO Donald Taylor C-4652 
PROBECK Edwin John A-4416 
PROBECK Robert VanDyke A-4267 
PROCTER D C RR pp 43 102 
PROCTOR J R RR pp 43 69 70 
PROSSER Ralph Hylton C-24 
PROUDFIT Adlai Harris A-7 
PROUDFIT James A-217 C-273 
PROUDFIT John Lucas C-7861 
PROUDFIT John Wormeley A-404 

PROUDFIT Lucas A-2618 
PROVINE Braxton Bragg Jr C-4275 
PROVINE Edgar Braxton III C-8774 
PROWSE Harold Marquette C-6786 
PRUDE John C RR pp 43 84 85 
PRUDE John Maxwell C-3091 
PRUETT Daniel Simpson M-738 
PRUETT Samuel Enoch C-753S 
♦PRUITT Sidney S M-132 
PRYOR Andrew Washington A-1165 
PRYOR James Leslie C-6225 
PRYOR William Downing A-4091 
PUCKETTE Charles McDonald A-I7I7 

C-1916 d 292 RR pp 43 108 112 
PUCKETTE Charles McDonald C-472 

RR pp 24 27 
♦PUCKETTE John Elliott A- 1968 C- 

2090 RR pp 43 70 
PUCKETTE Stephen Elliott A-1680 

♦PUCKETTE Stephen Elliott II A- 

4775 C-6746 RR pp 25 26 Fac 
PUCKETTE Stephen Elliott Jr C-7391 
PUESCHEL John Albert A-4109 
PUETT William Wesley M-1079 
PUGH Edward Lawrence A-406 C-405 
PUGH Joel Wilson II C-7S32 T-881 p 

PUGH Llewellyn ap Griffith A-264 
PUGH Oren Lamar A-2051 
PUGH Prentice Andrew C-1712 T-407 

H-316 RR pp 43 9s 96 
PULLEN Albert John M-248 
PULLEN Edwin Tilmon III A-5556 
PULLEY Frank Easton C-4140 T-438 

PULLEY Thomas N A-262 
PULTS Carl Miller C-5052 
PURDHOM Lewis Kirby A-777 C-818 
PURDHOM W W A-829 C-946 
PURDUE Thomas J SST p 330 
PURNELL Frank Micajah C-1010 
PURSE Ashley Allgood C-5256 
PURVIS Edwin Jackson A-6206 
PUTMAN Edward D Jr C-6841 
PUTMAN James Coy C-3828 
PUTMAN William Barrette M-1388 
PUTNAM Emmet Perkins III A-5129 
PUTNEY Rufus DeLancy Seeley Jr 

PYBAS Robert Hamner Jr A-4160 
PYBURN David Freeman A-4916 
PYE Stephen Satterlee C-8643 
PYLE Forest Barnett A-2727 C-2493 
PYLE Forest Barnett Jr A-5914 
PYLE Horace Theodore A-2765 C-2639 
PYLE Stephen Elmer C-3767 

QUARLES Curtis Blaffer Jr C-3330 
QUARTERMAN George Henry H-424 

RR pp 43 84 85 
QUARTERMAN George Henry Jr C- 

QUARTERMAN William Edward C- 


QUERBES Andrew A-4096 
QUESENBERRY William Fitzhugn 

Jr C-5176 RR pp 43 93 
QUIGLEY Albert James Jr A-5802 
QUILL J J Staff 

QUILLEN Thomas Benson C-5886 
QUILLIAN William Houston M-802 
QUIN Clinton Simon H-224 RR pp 

43 97 98 
QUINA Robert Marshall A-4127 
QUINCEY Hateley Jennings A-2958 

C-273 5 RR PP 25 27 
QUINCEY John Hendrix C-3914 
QUINN Arthur Gardner Jr A-4106 
QUINN Donald Rein C-6230 
QUINN Robert Franklin M-1494 
QUINTARD Alexander Shepherd A-2 123 
QUINTARD Catherine Hand also 

ASHBY Mrs McDonald P Co-ed 

55 P 245 
QUINTARD Charles Todd H-21 pp 297 

371 RR pp 31 43 94 95 96 115 

Fac Staff 
QUINTARD Daniel Bigelow Safford 

QUINTARD Edward H-318 RR pp 43 

109 112 
QUINTARD Edward Alexander A-4027 
QUINTARD Edward Alexander Jr 

QUINTARD Edward Alexander J' 

QUINTARD Edward Augustus A-71 

QUINTARD George William A-50 

♦QUINTARD George William Jr A- 

1995 C-1992 L-134 
QUINTARD Mary Shepherd also WY- 

ATT-BROWN Mrs Charles FS-58 

P 340 
♦QUIRK Daniel Lace Jr C-1060 
QUISENBERRY Ralph Dickinson Jr 

QUISENBERRY Richard Stanley C- 





RABB Stuart White A-4073 
RACE George Wesley RR pp 43 73 7$ 
RACHFORD Hugh Knox A-1832 
RADCUFFE Gibson A-1277 C-1379 
RADCLIFFE Roderick Thomas C-6081 
RADDIN James Hallow Fac 
RADEBAUGH Cushman Shelton Jr 

RADEBAUGH James Giles A-5134 

RADEBAUGH Leroy Neill A-5207 
RADFORD Chapin Winston C-1684 
RADFORD Cyrus Sugg A-766 C-798 
RADFORD James Agee Jr A-3438 
RADFORD Walter A A-768 C-799 
RAFFERTY Rory Robin A-4904 
RAGAN James Franklin A-5456 
RAGAN Jesse Dietzil C-3782 
RAGAN Robert Tippin A-2665 
RAGLAND Benjamin DeMarquis M- 

RAGLAND Harvey Ernest Jr C-5297 
RAGLAND James Black A-3977 C-4736 
RAGLAND Julian Potter A-3844 

RAGLAND Robert Allen C-7016 
RAGLAND Robert Barclay T-944 
RAGLAND William McKenzie A-4574 
RAGLAND Wynne C-6836 
RAGSDALE Milton Clay M-883 
RAGSDALE Raymond Spergan Jr C- 

RAGSDALE Robert William A-5049 
RAGSDALE Tomlinson Marshall A- 

RAGUET Charles Henry A-1375 
RAGUET H W A-651 C-720 
RAIMONDI Matthew CFF p 342 
RAINE John Miller A-3918 
RAINE Joseph Shelton Jr A-1358 

C-1410 L-19 
♦RAINER William Walton Jr C-3638 
RAINES James Long later Marion 

A-3194 C-2931 
RAINES Oney Carstaflen Jr A-3378 

RAINES Oney Carstaffen III C-840S 
RAINEY James Jr A-3948 
RAINEY Louis Rogers C-2792 
RAINOLD Mozart William M-117 Fac 
RAINSBURY Joseph Herbert C-2613 
RALEY Charles Julius A-3591 
RALSTON William Henry Jr C-697* 

RR pp 25 27 
RAMAGE Burr James RR p 121 Fac 
RAMAGE Charles Lewis A-3500 
RAMEY John Blaine A-5356 
RAMSAY Henry Ashton Jr C-3556 
RAMSAY John Woolfolk C-2989 
RAMSDEN Matthew Charles A-6070 
RAMSEY Bartlett Yancey A-3395 
RAMSEY Frank Alexander C-1099 
RAMSEY George Washington A-6466 
RAMSEY Rufus Tate A-6403 
RAMSEY Sam Mack Jr A-4294 
RAND Daniel Curtiss Jr C-6833 
RAND Frederic Henry RR pp 43 92 93 
RAND Frederic Henry Jr A-1714 

RAND Isaac Thomas M-781 
RANDALL Charles Harry A-4857 
RANDALL Edward A-97 
RANDALL Reginald Maurice A-4486 
RANDLE Edwin Lowman C-6008 
RANDOLPH Alfred Magill H-136 RR 

pp 20 22 
RANDOLPH Arthur Morey (not Mow- 

ry) C-33 

♦RANDOLPH Cary C-32 
RANDOLPH Edward C-960 
RANDOLPH John A-447 
RANDOLPH John C-307 
RANDOLPH John P A- 19 
♦RANDOLPH Richard Rutherford A- 

610 C-659 
RANDOLPH Richard Rutherford HI 

A-6350 C-8914 
RANDOLPH Vallee Joseph A-1625 

RANDOLPH Virgil Patrick A-1025 
RANDOLPH William Beverly A-2374 
RANEY Edward Wylie C-1065 
RANEY Godfrey A-2108 
RANKIN Henry Lamar C-1818 
RANKIN Leland RR p 118 Staff 
RANKIN William Charles A-4844 
RANNIE William R A-616 C-661 
RANSBURGH Richard Faris A-5294 
RANSOM Harry Huntt A-3424 C-3 575 

RR pp 25 26 
RANSOM John Bostick III C-5403 
RANSOM Robert Jerod C-2381 
RAPER James Groves A-3384 
RAOUL George Mower Jr A-3223 
RARDEN Milton Bailey A-4316 
RARITY David Jr C-8778 
RASCOE Bailey Jr A-5031 
RASMUSSEN John Henry Jr A-6306 
RAST Ernest Manly M-122 
♦RATELLE Robert Eugene T-624 Fac 
RATHBONE Monroe Jackson JrA-46 14 
RATHBURN William Daniel A-1070 

RATHER Gordon Smeade C-3033 RR 

pp 43 54 108 
RATHER Henry Chambers A-3 10 C-317 

RR pp 43 53 
RATHMAN Frank Ernest C-7498 
RATLIFF Samuel Myers C-4784 
RATTAN James Egbert A-1272 
RAU Ernest M-149 
RAU George Reneau (not Renau) M- 

18 Fac 
RAVENEL Frank Gualdo A-931 C-988 
RAVENEL Henry C-26! 
RAVENEL Henry W RR pp 43 89 91 
♦RAVENEL Mazyck Porcher C-538 
RAVENEL St Julien Jr A-2504 
RAVENEL Theodore DuBose A-2262 

RAVENEL Theodore DuBose III C- 

RAVENSCROFT Frank Hunt C-3277 
RAVENSCROFT John Stark RR p 81 
RAWLINGS Benjamin Moore Jr C-5661 
RAWLINGS George Venable L-166 
RAWLINS George William A-2592 
R A WORTH Henry Foster A- 1567 

RAY Alfred Patrick C-4840 
RAY Algernon Dale C-8741 
RAY Cecil Young C-7465 
RAY Charles Gee A-2862 
RAY Daniel Dowling C-6390 
RAY Edgar Everett Jr C-7564 
RAY Edward Hunt Jr A-4838 
RAY Gerald Allen also LESSER Ger- 
ald Allen A-5425 
RAY Harris Wayne A-4064 
RAY Jackson C-4288 
RAY Jackson Harvelle Randolph H-259 
RAY James Ware M-1504 
RAY John William A-3 3 48 
RAY Thomas Allison A-4980 
RAY Thomas Layton C-4346 
RAY William Shacklette T-968 
RAY William Stratton C-2S48 

RAYFIELD L S RR pp 43 97 99 
RAYMOND James H RR pp 43 97 
♦RAYMOND Reginald Irving C-21S6 

T-259 Fac 
RAYNER William A-107 
REA Kenton Booth A-5952 C-8154 
READ Albert Cushing Jr C-5094 
READ Courtenay or STERNER Mrs 

Michael Co-ed 85 p 259 
READ Joseph Stephen M-1223 
READ Landon Cabell A- 1206 C-1195 
READ Thomas Wayland A-2771 
READE Stephen Francis SST p 330 

RR pp 43 102 104 
READING Cornelius A A-164 C-2S7 
REAGAN Sheldon Wilson C-8135 
REAMS Hugh Etherton C-3195 
REANEY James Watson C-7523 RR 

pp 25 26 
REARDON Edwin Morris C-1735 
REARDON J G RR pp 43 92 
REAT George Marion C-6042 
REAVES Charles Richard M-1016 
REAVES Horace Adams M-616 
REAVES William Perry M-358 Fac 
RECKNAGEL Robert Bruce C-8588 
RECTOR James Knight Jr C-1940 
RECTOR Joseph McDonald III A-4784 
REDBURN Max Everett C-5434 
REDDEN James Robert C-6375 
REDDICK James Allen Fac 
REDDING Frank Russel C-1397 
REDDING James Lee C-4102 
REDDING John Howard A-6067 
REDWOOD Melville Hubert A-1648 
REEB Lyle Burrows C-5251 
REECE William Marsh A-3994 C-54°* 
REED Carson R M-1076 
REED Connell Badger C-3596 
REED Eugene Morrison Jr C-6117 
REED George Thomas Jr C-5700 
REED J P Jr A-426 
REED James Farr T-925 
REED John Thompson Jr C-7473 
REED Lawrence Ward A-5404 
REED Lyman Coleman A-3 117 
♦REED Ralph Wilson C-6954 
REED Stuart Royden A- 1803 
REEDER Fred Coleman C-3837 
REEDER Stephen C-22 
REEDER Walter Richard C-5704 
REEDMAN George Herbert C-3523 
REES Harold (Hal) Bynum C-2665 
REES Harry C Fac 
REES John Harrison C-6550 
REES Henry Kollock RR pp 43 66 67 
REESE Francis Emmet C-91 
REESE Frank Clyde Jr A-4849 
REESE Frederick Focke SST p 33° 

H-173 RR pp 19 22 43 66 67 95 

no 112 
REESE George Henry III A-5841 
REESE George Marlow C-209 
REESE James Richard C-6416 
REESE John Arnold A-1639 
REESE Warren Stone A-645 C-716 
REEVE Melville Arnold later Arnold 

Melville A-1405 C-1427 
REEVES Charles Victor A-3664 
REEVES Edwin Hagan C-4776 
REEVES Hume Wixom T-745 
REEVES James Joseph C-5846 
REEVES John Albin A-4398 
REEVES Michael Townsend A-6007 
REEVES Robert Milton C-8473 
REEVES Thomas Edwin M-1322 
REGAN Nancy SSMC p 342 
REGENSTEIN Ellsworth Jr A-3608 
REIBER Lea Alfred C-3771 

REID Allious Clarence C-2565 

REID Billy Charles C-6470 

REID Charles Pinckney Jr A-3889 

♦REID Cyrus Eugene Jr C-7420 
REID George A C-579 
REID Guy Thorpe C-2208 
REID Henry Alexander Jr A-4245 
REID Henry Alexander III A-6618 
REID Maury Thorpe A-1095 
REID Robert Huie Jr C-5410 
REID Roddey Jr T-566 GST-90 
♦REID Warren Harrill M-i 108 
REISMAN Emmet Emanuel M-1082 
REITER William D Burch A-3680 
REMBERT Andre Gardner A-4191 
REMBERT David Cameron C-5331 
REMBERT Francis Marion C-8374 
REMBERT Julius T A-18 
REMSEN Ira H-171 
REMY Thomas Nixon A-1788 
RENDER James Rowe CPT p 226 
RENEGAR James Frank M-764 
RENFREW Robert Rodes C-4000 
RENFROW William Frank Jr C-8340 
RENICK Eddie C A-54S C-636 
RENNOLDS Erwin Edwin C-2790 
REPP William Lawrence C-7047 
RESZKA Ralph Bert C-6274 
REYMOND Dalton Shaffer C-2440 
REYNAUD William A A-258 
REYNOLDS Albert Barnett A-4770 


REYNOLDS Mrs Albert Barnett aso 

BUCK Helen Co-ed 114 p 274 
REYNOLDS Bernard Adams Jr C-8021 
REYNOLDS Cedric Stovall A-6097 
REYNOLDS Mrs Cedric Stovall also 

REYNOLDS Mrs Frances Parker 

now BURN Mrs Duncan Staff 
REYNOLDS Dudley Walton Jr C-8013 
REYNOLDS George Lazenby Fac Staff 
REYNOLDS Mrs George Lazenby or 

REYNOLDS Mrs Marion Barnett 

(not Barnette) FS-59 p 340 Staff 

REYNOLDS George Lazenby Jr A-4533 

C-6428 GST- 1 47 
REYNOLDS Gordon Everitt Jr C-5111 
REYNOLDS James Everett C-4587 
REYNOLDS James H Staff 
REYNOLDS James Oren GST-134 
REYNOLDS John Henry M-372 
REYNOLDS John Hughes C-4435 
REYNOLDS Mrs Marion or Mit 

George Lazenby FS-59 P 34° 
REYNOLDS Robert Wallace A-1055 
REYNOLDS William McKenzie A-2571 

REX Charles Walton Jr A-5206 
RHEA Frank Archibald A-2447 
RHEE John Choon Jai C-8565 
RHEINER W H A-735 C-774 
♦RHETT Herbert C-277 
RHETT Wythe Munford A-2145 
RHINEHART William Clemens Jr C- 

RHODEN Elmer Carl Jr C-5522 
♦RHODES Charles Eugene (not Eu- 

geene) M-1216 
RHODES Hinman Casad C-3368 
RHODES Hinman Casad A-3368 
RHODES Jesse Thomas Jr A-52.47 
RHODES John LeRoy C-6445 
RHODES Joseph Ethomy A-4343 
RHODES Peyton Nalle H-473 RR pp 

19 22 
RHODES Rhonwin McGarry C-6161 
RHODES Thoma« Whitson M-Ufla 



RHORER Horace Lisle Jr A-4995 

RHYMES Jack Longstreet T-794 
RHYMES Raphael Ray A-3869 
♦RHYS Brinley John C-6474 Fac 
RHYS John Howard Winslow Fac 
RIBBLE William A A-3379 
RIBE Joseph James C-6231 
RICE Benjamin Botts A-832 
RICE Calder C-3384 
RICE Charles Stephen Olin III A-5816 
RICE Clarence A-454 C-502 
RICE Frank Gracey Jr T-695 
RICE Frank Mansfield A-4624 
RICE Frederick Allen Jr A-759 C-846 
RICE George C Jr A-833 
RICE George Porter A-3575 C-3748 
RICE Jackson Hamilton C-4198 
RICE John Calhoun M-747 
RICE Louis Eustace A-4884 
RICE Louis Wood Jr C-6959 
RICE Mrs Louis Wood Jr also KIR- 
BY-SMITH Ellen Clair Co-ed 64 

P 249 
RICE Milton Barber Jr C-7505 
RICE Robert Creighton Jr C-8371 
RICE Robert Lyle C-6980 
RICE Robert Richie Jr A-1885 
RICE Rutledge John C-4404 
RICE Stephen Edward A-3184 
RICE Thomas Brown C-6216 
RICH John VI A-4674 
RICHARD Maurel Newman C-4580 
RICHARDS Adolphus Edward H-118 

RR pp 18 22 
RICHARDS Aubrey Thomas C-7872 
RICHARDS Charles Andrew A-1214 
RICHARDS Charles William Victor 

RICHARDS Frank DeCoursey A-3325 
RICHARDS Henry Sinknecht A-2708 
RICHARDS Howard Virgil A-1136 
RICHARDS Michael C-7466 
RICHARDS Paul Stanford A-3326 
RICHARDS Richard Olsen III C-8239 
RICHARDS Robert Randolph C-8591 
RICHARDS Thomas Beecher C-7503 
RICHARDS Thomas Howell C-972 
RICHARDSON Albert Smith C-1494 
RICHARDSON Arthur Pawley or Paul 

A-60 3 2 
RICHARDSON Caroline G FS-25 p 339 
RICHARDSON Francis Miller T-718 
RICHARDSON Frank Tompkins III C- 

RICHARDSON Henry Burchill C-4536 
RICHARDSON James Brice C-8783 
RICHARDSON James Jackson C-7198 
RICHARDSON John Custis (not Cur- 
tis) A-1087 C-1147 
RICHARDSON John Gordon A-4014 

RICHARDSON Monroe McClurg 

A-3469 C-3449 
RICHARDSON Nellie Bass FS-40 p 340 
RICHARDSON Robert Milton C-6456 
RICHARDSON Roger Wolcott A-1574 

♦RICHARDSON Ryan Maclin C-3059 
RICHARDSON Terry McCall A-3631 
RICHARDSON Thomas Darby A- 1088 
RICHARDSON Walter E Jr A-4023 
RICHARDSON Walter Raleigh RR pp 

43 102 
RICHARDSON Walter Samuel II 

RICHARDSON William Allen A-710 

RICHARDSON William Cecil M-i36a 

RICHARDSON William Henry Jr 

RICHARDSON William Pric. Jr C- 

♦RICHEY Francis Harramond T-170 
RICHMAN Andrew Swett A-6372 
RICHMOND Roman Eugene A-731 

RICHMOND William Homer Jr A-2545 
RICHTER Robert Linley A-5367 
RICHTER Ronald LeRoy A-4800 
RICHTER William Thompson C-6570 
RICKARD Robert Burnay T-960 
RICKER Charles Loudon A-3489 

Belle Holbert Co-ed 72 p 249 
RICKER John Romaine A-989 C-1071 
RICKER Norman Jr A-4865 
RICKS Herbert Poindexter A-161.2 
RICKS John Poinriextei C-1968 
RICKS Raymond Daniel C-8148 
RICKS Vivian Quarles A-1610 
RIDDEL Harry Ormond or Henry Or- 

mond T-37 
RIDDICK John Gatling Jr C-4794 
RIDDICK Walter Garrett Jr A-492S 
RIDDLE David Lindsay Jr C-7671 
RIDDLE H L Jr RR pp 44 106 
RIDDLE Henry Taylor C-3483 
RIDDLE Henry Taylor Jr A-5795 
RIDER Elbert A-2068 
RIDGELY Cellie A-900 
♦RIDGELY Marion Gardner A-1234 

C-1272 RR pp 44 67 
RIDGELY Marion Gardner Jr A-3308 
RIDGEWAY Thomas Whitfield A-1235 
RIDGWAY George Wyndham T-413 
RIDLEY Robert Lee A-5541 C-7590 
RIEBEN Samuel Emil C-8798 
RIEPMA Sears Frederick Jr now 

RIEPMA Siert Frederick C-4490 
RIGBY Robert Stephen A-6365 
RIGGS John Donalson A-5188 
RIGHTOR Haskell III A-4509 
RIGSBEE Atlas Monroe C-3625 
RILEY Cecil Arthur C-6102 
♦RILEY George Samuel also RILEY 

George Pierpont C-3658 
RILEY Herschel A-3454 C-3576 
RILEY Joseph A-1368 
RILEY Joseph Jr A-4100 
RILEY S R (probably Silas Roy) Mus 

P 341 
RILEY Silas Roy A-1498 p 341 
RILEY William A-1444 
RILEY William Madison M-406 
RIMER Barr Collner Jr A-5444 C-7533 
RIMES William McKenzie A-5635 
♦RINER Clinton Remus M-556 
RINER Dan Harold C-2418 
RING William M A-168 
RINGE Thomas Biddle Kenilworth H- 

457 RR pp 19 22 
RINGGOLD Jonas Huber Jr C-3018 
RINGGOLD Samuel RR pp 44 96 
RINGOLD James Oscar M-182 
RIPLEY Daniel Hail A-2653 
RIPLEY Thomas Alexander A-2692 
RISBECK Earl Cavell C-6494 
RISK Robert James C-6371 
RISLEY Howard Sank C-1477 
R1TCH Paul Livingston Jr GST-201 
RITCHIE Harry Ward C-3908 
RITTENBERRY Andrew Blevins C- 

RITTENHOUSE Donald Arter A-2699 
RIVELY Tillinghast King Collins T-59 
RIVERS Gayle Longley A-850 C-1014 
RIVERS James Stuart A-2072 C-2031 
RIVES Herbert A-666 C-690 

ROACH Alexander Nicholas M-706 
ROACH Richard Rhoda C-4657 
ROANE Holmes M-968 
ROBARDS Amory Duval A-1351 
ROBARDS Frank Fitzhugh A-1349 

ROBARDS Robert Erwin C-5733 
ROBB Alexander Wentworth C-4987 
ROBBE Charles Arthur Jr A-1544 

ROBBINS Frank Mix Jr C-4072 
ROBBINS John Findley Jr A-5570 
♦ROBERT Joseph Clarke M-268 
ROBERT Patrick Gibson H-139 
ROBERTS Albert C-2486 
ROBERTS Albert Jr RR pp 44 93 112 
ROBERTS Albert III C-6668 
ROBERTS Bradford Earl Jr C-7700 
ROBERTS Bruce McCleery C-5648 
♦ROBERTS Charles Jr A-1725 C-1765 
ROBERTS Clarence Byron Jr C-5282 
ROBERTS Deering J Fac 
ROBERTS Edward Ennis Graham C- 

ROBERTS Edward Faison A-1267 

ROBERTS Edward Graham C-5i67Fac 
ROBERTS Elbert Mason Jr A-5000 
ROBERT Frank Wall C-4993 
ROBERTS Heyward Bradford C-7696 

RR pp 44 109 
ROBERTS Heyward Bradford Jr A-5 5 66 

ROBERTS Hugh Jackson C-3273 
ROBERTS James Arthur C-7915 
ROBERTS James Brown C-8585 
ROBERTS James Cleveland Jr C-4942 
ROBERTS James Keith C-5617 P 229 
ROBERTS James Waddell T-581 GST- 

ROBERTS Joe Clay A-3159 
ROBERTS John Boykin C-5073 
ROBERTS John Deering A-6626 
ROBERTS Joseph Boxley A-2077 
ROBERTS Leonard Huxley A-3558 
ROBERTS Lewis Simmons A-6366 
ROBERTS Liona Russell Jr C-6341 
ROBERTS Louis Vernon C-6046 
ROBERTS Mark Christian A-6464 
♦ROBERTS Matthew C C-973 RR PP 

44 58 59 
ROBERTS Philip T (Thomas?) A-227 

ROBERTS Prewett C-2712 
ROBERTS Reuben Barclay A-3678 
ROBERTS Richard Charlton Jr A-5208 
ROBERTS Robert Norwood A-4999 
ROBERTS Samuel Tise M-438 
ROBERTS Thomas Adams T-760 
ROBERTS Thomas Bottom A- 1403 
ROBERTS Thomas Daniel C-2443 
ROBERTS Thomas DuVal A-5813 
ROBERTS Thomas Paul A-6348 
ROBERTS Thomas Peyton A-3559 
ROBERTS Thomas Scott II A-6237 
ROBERTS Walter Douglas GST-isa 
ROBERTS Wayne Arthur C-5690 
ROBERTS William Esgar C-7514 
ROBERTS William Eugene A-5287 
ROBERTS William Swearengen A-34t8 
ROBERTS Wingfield A-5416 
ROBERTSON Archibald Boone C-2421 
ROBERTSON Armand DeRosset A-1761 
ROBERTSON Cecil Courtland A-i853 
ROBERTSON Charles Andrew Fac 
ROBERTSON Charles Archibald H-469 
ROBERTSON Charles Franklin H-34 

RR P 79 
ROBERTSON Heard C-5313 
ROBERTSON Henry Clay Jr C-4016 

ROBERTSON Herbert Dismukes A-2415 
ROBERTSON James Harvey Jr A-1931 
ROBERTSON Jarratt Padgett A-5717 
ROBERTSON John Ben C-1849 
ROBERTSON John Gans W A-4373 
ROBERTSON John Thomas III A-5394 

ROBERTSON Joseph Righton Jr C- 

ROBERTSON Levi M-1433 
ROBERTSON Lydia Ann Maclin Co- 
ed 108 p 271 
ROBERTSON Ogden C-7220 
ROBERTSON Robert Earl C-8257 
ROBERTSON Thomas Edwin C-7454 
ROBERTSON Tudor Chisolm A-5744 
ROBERTSON Victor Veach C-5195 
ROBERTSON Virginia SSMC p 342 
ROBERTSON Walter Lee A-734 C-751 
♦ROBERTSON William Clendenin (not 

Clendennin) A-1029 C-1049 RR pp 

24 26 44 95 
ROBERTSON William Cornelius IV 

ROBERTSON William Harris Peterman 

ROBEY Waddell Francis Jr C-7527 
ROBIDA James Anthony C-6977 
ROBINEAU Simon Pierre C-2225 
ROBINS Edward Allen A-3206 
ROBINS Eugene Franklin A-6162 
ROBINS Irvine Ashton Jr A-5734 
ROBINSON A H RR pp 44 95 
ROBINSON Albert Edward A-2875 
ROBINSON Arthur James Jr A-4116 

ROBINSON Benjamin Drew C-2977 
ROBINSON Charles Jarold A-2831 
ROBINSON Charles Pettit A-1424 
ROBINSON Charles Sherwood Jr C- 

501 1 
ROBINSON Charles Wellington H-260 
ROBINSON Edward Luckett A-1779 
ROBINSON Emmett Toole A-565 
ROBINSON Eugene A-638 C-634 
ROBINSON Eugene Bremond A-3276 
ROBINSON Francis Lee A-1329 C-1356 
ROBINSON George RR pp 44 98 
ROBINSON Harry Dalbey C-6393 
ROBINSON Jerry Alexander Jr A-1707 
ROBINSON John Alfred A-1046 
ROBINSON John McHenry Jr A-691 

ROBINSON John W C-628 
ROBINSON Joseph Fielding A-783 
♦ROBINSON Joseph William A-3815 

ROBINSON Laurence A-1857 
ROBINSON Louis Carr C-4111 
ROBINSON Lucien Moore H-142 
ROBINSON Oscar Alonzo A-6520 
ROBINSON Paul Booker A-3435 
ROBINSON Perry Ghent Jr A-5308 
ROBINSON Peter Chase GST-174 
ROBINSON Richard Swearingen A-2491 
ROBINSON Richard Wadsworth C- 

ROBINSON Robert Dent A-5814 
ROBINSON Samuel Landreth C-4669 

P 3 74 
ROBINSON Samuel Peter Warrintr 

ROBINSON W B RR pp 44 S 9 
ROBINSON Wallace Clark C-4983 p 

ROBINSON Willie P A-184 
ROBINSON Zachary Lee Taylor A-1778 



ROBISON Charles Lanier C-3103 
ROBISON James Maurice C-6374 
ROBISON James McGill C-156S 
ROBISON Julian Carruth C-3202 
ROBSON James Nicholson Jr M-1295 
ROCHFORD Philip A-5244 C-7444 
ROCKETT William Carson C-7901 
RODDY Ralph Jr C-7648 
RODDY Turney Benjamin C-2336 H- 

RODEN Calvin Bowman A-3629 
RODGERS Cowan Jr A-3947 
RODGERS George Griffin C-3357 
RODGERS James Warfield C-3964 
RODGERS John Ferdinand A-1588 
RODGERS John Hayes Jr C-8456 
RODGERS Joseph Print Jr C-5867 
RODGERS Robert Boston C-5979 
RODMAN Hendry Thompson T-564 
RODMAN Talbot Dudley C-4686 
RODNEY Richard Seymour II C-5386 
RODRIGUEZ Paul Augustine A-2689 
RODRIGUEZ William Drane Haddox 

RODDA Sidney Warner Jr A-4864 
ROGER Will Gerard A-2579 
ROGERS Albert A A- 174 
ROGERS Albert Jackson A-1249 
ROGERS Austin Bull A-2555 
ROGERS Charles Robert A-2863 
ROGERS Chisholm Tucker M-619 
ROGERS Clarence Augustus M-1329 
ROGERS Dale Coy T-9»8 
ROGERS Edward St George A-144 

ROGERS Frank Marion C-358 
ROGERS Frederick Alexander Jr C-4217 
ROGERS George Bradshaw C-2796 
ROGERS George Floyd RR pp 44 105 
ROGERS George Vernon A-1387 
ROGERS Granville Gladstone Jr C- 

3074 T-375 Fac 
ROGERS Harvey Allen Jr C-6763 
ROGERS Howard Griffin C-8481 
ROGERS Hyland Morris C-4643 
ROGERS James Amonell C-6573 
ROGERS James Marvin C-6756 
ROGERS James Wood A-6386 
ROGERS John Tertius Jr C-3867 
ROGERS Joseph Edward M-1143 
ROGERS Joseph Henry A-3376 
ROGERS Ledwith Bert C-8535 
ROGERS Mary Catherine also JOR- 
DAN Mrs William Spencer Co-ed 

18 p 188 
ROGERS Nathaniel James Jr A-2872 

C-295 1 
ROGERS Neal Denton A-4937 
ROGERS Powell Burwell C-4039 
ROGERS Robert Preston C-6848 
ROGERS S (not H) St George RR pp 

44 63 65 
ROGERS Sion Haywood A-493 C-510 
ROGERS Van Ness A-3185 
ROGERS Warren Lincoln H-352 RR 

21 22 
ROGERS William Addison III C-7366 
ROGERS William Earl C-6341 
ROGERS William Firstbrook C-6481 
ROGERS William G RR pp 44 82 83 
ROHANE Milton Alan T-722 
ROHRER Charles Griswold A-4831 
ROLAND William Robert C-6971 
ROLLINSON Harry Grant Jr A-5881 
ROLLMAN J E Navy V-12 
ROLSTON Howard William C-26*o 
ROMAGUERA Francis M-is:» 
ROMAINE Charles Boyd C-3508 T- 


ROMAINE Charles Boyd Jr C-8500 
ROMERO Ernesto Domingo Rivera T- 

ROMINE William Austin C-5270 
ROOKS Carl Greenlease A-1862 
ROONEY Edwin James GST-133 
ROOSMA Donald Arthur A-5171 
ROOT Robert Herbert C-6236 
ROOTS Logan H RR pp 44 52 
ROOTS Logan Herbert H-149 
ROPER John Alexander C-3702 
ROSBOROUGH Thomas Whitaker A- 

861 C-920 
ROSCHER Herbert Paul C-6662 
ROSCHER Ralph Mehlman Jr C-5569 
ROSE Alex Percy Jr A-5261 
ROSE Arnold A-5460 C-8244 
ROSE Bennett Perry A-2469 
ROSE Crawford Allen Jr A-5561 
ROSE Clarence Grover C-5871 
♦ROSE David Shepherd C-4S33 T-499 

RR pp 44 103 108 
ROSE Henderson Crawford C-433 
ROSE Henry John C-4877 
ROSE James Allen A-2127 
ROSE James Valentine C-2998 
ROSE John R RR pp 44 86 87 
ROSE Joseph Albert C-1037 
ROSE Samuel Jones C-1004 
ROSE Thomas Adrian Jr C-4958 
ROSE William Dake Jr A-4990 
ROSEBOROUGH Irving Jefferies C- 

1903 L-105 
*ROSEBOROUGH Ruskin Raymond 

♦ROSENBERG John Almon C-2243 
ROSENTHAL George William A-5021 
ROSENTHAL Gerrit Waldron now 

BATES Gerrit W A-4112 
ROSENTHAL Norman Lee C-8246 
ROSENTHAL Stephen John A-4905 
ROSENTHAL Willis Metcalfe C-4510 
ROSIEJKA Robert Anthony C-8581 
ROSIER Maurice M-389 
ROSS Charles Robert A-429 
ROSS Claudius Arville C-2382 T-307 
ROSS Frank Julian A-2334 
ROSS Frank Mason T-700 
ROSS Francis Dundas A-4204 
ROSS George S Jr A-823 
ROSS Henry Spencer C-4788 
ROSS James Edward A-6319 
ROSS James Emerson C-5499 
ROSS John Fac 
ROSS Paul Davidson C-4438 
ROSS Robert Harlan A-4148 
ROSS Robert Mars Jr C-8566 
ROSS Walter Willard III C-8383 
ROSS William Lyon A-400 
ROSSBACH William Farquhar C-2001 
ROSSER John William A-4163 
ROSSER Walter Averett Jr C-695S 
ROSZEL Brantz Mayer p 373 Fac 
ROTONDO Victor C-6167 
ROTROFF David Hicks C-3857 
ROULHAC John Saunders C-2516 
ROUNSAVALL Robert Walton Jr 


SAVILLE Augustus Adolphus Jr 

ROUNTREE James Washington C-6253 
ROUNTREE Lee Chestley C-2676 
ROUS (Miss) Marion H-339 
ROUSSEL Royal A-6059 
ROUTH Joe Mack T-749 
ROW Charles Adolphut H-SS 
ROWAN Archibald Hamilton A-S46S 
ROWAN George Hoke A-S832 

ROWAN William Albert C-7606 
ROWE James Manthey C-7556 
ROWE Lee Thomas C-4441 
ROWE Stephen William A-5065 
ROWE William Evans A-2667 C-2562 
ROWELL Arlin Lee C-8480 
ROWELL Carlton Fontaine A-6482 
ROWELL Edward Kincaid C-6012 
ROWELL Ernest Howard C-1090 Fac 
ROWELL William S C-692 
ROWLAND Charles Keith A-125 
ROWLAND Edward RR pp 44 69 

Dunbar H-329 
ROWLAND John pp 296 297 
♦ROWLAND John S C-155 p 297 
ROWLAND Robert Adrian C-7657 
ROWLAND Walter William C-6252 
ROWLAND William C-6840 
ROWLEY Gregory Arthur Edwin GST 

11 1 
ROWN Ray Haviland Jr A-4771 
ROX James Davis C-7445 
ROYALL George Claiborne RR pp 44 

ROYALL Willis Calhoun A-2849 

ROYCE George Monroe Fac 
ROYER William Blackburn A-53OS 
ROYSTER Francis William C-15 
ROZENDALE David Swan A-6036 
RUAN Albert Gibbs A-2726 
RUBENSTEIN Isaac Harry Jr A-3803 
RUBIN Philip Amon C-3405 
RUBLE Paul Eve M-126S 
RUBSAMEN Ernest Bernard Jr A-5376 
RUCH Ralph Homer C-4465 
RUCKER Jerry Carlton Jr C-5750 
RUCKER John Harry C-2482 
RUCKER Lindssy P RR pp 44 99 
RUCKER Peter G C-35 T-i p 297 RR 

PP 44 97 99 
RUCKER William Clinton Jr C-7525 
RUCKER William Harrison Jr C-8214 
RUCKS Walker Lee A-2316 
RUCKS William Gwin A-1916 
RUCKS William Preston A-342 C-370 
RUDDER Samuel Davis GST-214 
RUDEN John Daniel C-1707 
RUDOLPH Earl C-4161 
RUDOLPH Peter Michael A-SI13 

RUDY Charles Harris C-5751 
RUEF John Leonhart (not Leonard) 

A-1483 C-1481 
RUFFIN Joseph Blont M-2S4 
RUFFIN Thomas RR pp 44 81 83 
RUFFNER Richard Laidley Jr C-7013 
RUGE John G RR pp 44 64 65 
RULE James Doss C-8841 
RULE Louis (not Lewis) Blang C-3041 


H T A-489 C-509 
RUMPH David Spyrus M-459 
RUMPH Sterling Price M-959 
RUNCK Thomas Davis A-4305 
RUNDBERG Karl Leo Jr A-4822 
RUNYAN (RUNYON?) John Calvin 

RUNYON Bryce Freeman Jr C-5727 
RUNYON Harry Jr C-7124 
RUPP George Francis Fac 
RUPP Robert Seward A-4099 
RUSH Henry Powell M-649 
RUSH Holton Chappelle C-3379 
RUSH William Bland 06583 
RUSHIN Herbert M-1061 
RUSHING John G M-1066 
RUSHTON Eugene Ray Fac 

Samuel Morton Jr 

RUSMISELL James Adam M-848 
RUSS James Dexter Jr A-3198 C-3218 
RUSS James Dexter III A-5256 C-6949 
RUSSELL Albert Theodore M-1597 
RUSSELL Burke Alvin A-4415 
RUSSELL Charles Frederick C-8211 
RUSSELL Charles Henry III later Jr 

RUSSELL Gerhard Seymour C-45S3 
RUSSELL Henry Duane A-3778 C-4397 
RUSSELL Horace H-365 RR pp 19 22 
RUSSELL Howard Hugo Jr C-8754 
RUSSELL James Dean C-7155 
RUSSELL James Edward A-5198 
RUSSELL John Tennyson GST-206 
RUSSELL John Walker Jr C-5739 
♦RUSSELL Martin Van Buren M-846 
RUSSELL Milton Culbertson A-3222 
RUSSELL Richard Monroe A-5353 
RUSSELL Thomas Grover C-2198 
RUSSEY John Wesley Jr C-2375 
RUST Bryan Milner C-6431 
RUST Edward Walthall M-1324 
RUST Ernst Jr C-5614 
RUST George Foster A-3651 
RUST John Yellott Jr A-3258 
RUST Richard McEwan A-5836 
♦RUST Richard Sanford Jr A-1260 

RUTH Charles Leon Jr C-2553 
RUTH Frank Alfred C-1257 Staff 
RUTH James Hardwick C-6817 
RUTH Stuart Gillette C-5436 
♦RUTH William Hardwick C-831 RR 

PP 44 5° 
RUTHERFORD Robert Blanc Combs 

Jr A-3529 
RUTHERFORD Samuel Morton RR 

PP 44 88 


RUTHERMAN Frederick Allen C-6415 
RUTLAND Edward Cumpston C-6643 
RUTLAND Nona Co-ed 27 p 190 
RUTLEDGE Archibald Hamilton H- 

499 RR PP 20 22 
RUTLEDGE Arthur Middleton A-uo 

C-199 RR pp 24 26 44 69 70 107 
RUTLEDGE Arthur Middleton Jr 

RUTLEDGE Carleton A-2973 
RUTLEDGE Francis Huger RR pp 

44 63 65 
RUTLEDGE James Allen A-23SI 
RUTLEDGE Joseph Underwood Huger 

A-192 C-392 
RUTLEDGE Paul RR pp 44 80 
RUTLEDGE William Harries A-4249 
RYAN Bernard St Elmo M-1S21 
RYAN Eugene Spencer A-4366 
RYAN James Cone Jr C-4044 
RYAN Patrick Joseph C-576S 
RYAN Paul Dale A-6S98 
♦RYLANCE Joseph Bozeman A-1565 

C-1699 L-97 

SABO George William C-5087 
SACKET George Carleton L-155 
SADD Walter Allen H-256 RR pp 19 

SADLER George Marion Jr C-4388 
SADLER Howard Allen C-4973 
SAFFORD Daniel Vincent A r is82 
SAFFORD George A- 15 83 
SAGE Dean Jr C-8032 
SAGE F R A-775 
SAGE James Kenney A-3511 
SAHL Jamie Burrell also BURRELL- 

SAHL Jamie C-7413 



SAKAKIBARA Wataru C-1838 T-208 
ST MARTIN David Arthur C-5722 
SALES Fred Emil C-8807 
SALLEY George William M-830 
SALMON Edward Lloyd Jr C-7988 
SALTER Wilbur Mitchell M-1309 
SALZEDO Napoleon A-6094 
SALZMAN Carol Sue CFF p 342 
SAMBOLA Alexander Benjamin M-1036 
SAMES Franklin Pierce C-8745 
SAMES Herbert Elias C-331S 
SAMPLE Charles Maynard C-7309 
SAMPSON Howard Linwood A-4348 
SAMPSON Peter G A-424 C-415 
SAMS Thomas Alfred C-5061 p 222 
SAMS Walter Birt T-892 
SAMSON Bruce Adams C-8424 
SANBORN Jack Hill A-3273 

Mrs DuVal Garland Jr Co-ed <\z 

P 248 
SANCHEZ E F A-450 C-466 
SANDBERG Erik Theophile M-368 Fac 
SANDELS Leonidas Polk or Lee A-384 

C-493 RR p 24 
♦SANDELS William Anthony Williams 

A-383 C-408 
SANDERFER Paul Clifford C-2374 Fac 
SANDERS Archibald Campbell C-2314 
SANDERS Brice Sidney T-841 
SANDERS Donald Benjamin C-8550 
SANDERS Douglas Woodford A-488-, 
SANDERS Edward Kendrick C-6220 
SANDERS Edward Robin A-5554 
SANDERS Henry Shelby A-2636 
SANDERS James Ewing Jr C-3241 
SANDERS James Ray A-6203 
SANDERS James Wofford M-157 
SANDERS Maynard Judson A-4557 
SANDERS Olin Thaddeus C-4554 
SANDERS Omar Bostick C-4345 
SANDERS Robert David C-2624 
SANDERS Robert Hyle M-1096 
♦SANDERS Robert Lee M-994 
SANDERS William Evan T-601 
SANDERS William James M-1268 
SANDERSON Albert Evans C-3826 
SANDERSON Brown Hunter C-5747 
SANDERSON Evelyn Marion A-841 

SANDERSON Joe Wesley C-8618 
SANDIFER Fred Monroe M-284 
SANDIFER Henry Marvin Jr C-5153 
SANDS Alma E CFF p 342 
SANDS Truman Russell A-5238 
SANFORD Charles Bertram A-2377 
SANFORD George Rider A-4836 
SANFORD Edgar Lewis Jr C-5602 p 

SANFORD Edward William C-3403 
SANFORD Harry Burdell M-43 
SANFORD Henry Jackson C-3434 
SANFORD John Wesley C-2984 
SANFORD Royal Kendrick A-3770 

SANFORD Thomas Montgomery C-3810 
SAN SEVERINO Charles Pearce C- 

♦SANTOS y TIO Luis Felipe M-159S 
SAPHORE Edwin Warren H-225 RR 

pp 44 52 54 
SAPP Claude Napoleon Jr A-4175 
SARA John Michael A-5025 
SARGENT Edward A-1137 C-1212 
SARGENT George T A-907 C-923 
SARGENT James Findlay Torrance A- 

1096 C-i 118 
SAROSI Oliver Fac 
SARRATT Charles Madison H-436 

SARTWELLE William Dinsmore RR 

PP 44 57 59 
SARTWELLE William Henry C-5526 
SASNETT Carl Powers Jr A- 5 996 
SASNETT Kendall Haines A-5965 
SASS Herbert Ravenel Jr C-5603 
SATO Toshio C-2894 
♦SATTERLEE Charles Capers C-2741 

T-349 GST-148 H-485 RR PP 44 

50 51 100 Fac 

SAUER Thomas Neal C-4773 
SAUERBREI Claude RR pp 44 109 

SAUL Robert Lee T-724 
SAULS David Kelley M-1014 
SAULS Fred Lamar Jr A-5505 
SAUNDERS Clarence Jr A-3635 
SAUNDERS Douglass Gray C-8517 
SAUNDERS Dudley Dunn Jr C-963 
SAUNDERS Edward Roberts Jr A-5453 
SAUNDERS James Lloyd M-812 
SAUNDERS Lee C-3516 
SAUNDERS Swepson Harrison C-8216 
SANDERSON William Elmer A-4610 
SAUNDERS James Edmond A-3340 
SAUNDERS Joseph Richard Jr A-3538 
SAUNDERS Paul Jones Jr A-3522 
SAUNDERS Stanley Stewart A-4862 
SAUNDERS William Hardin A-2841 C- 

SAUSSY Frederic Tupper III C-836S 
SAUSSY Hugh Jr C-6444 
SAVAGE Carroll Jones C-7982 
SAVAGE Fred C-125 
SAVAGE Henry James M-352 
SAVAGE William Henry C-7545 
SAVILLE David Barnhardt C-6463 
SAVOY James Edward C-4829 T-521 

GST-74 Staff 
♦SAWRIE Nathaniel Jones C-1952 L- 

SAWRIE Paul Jones L-152 
SAWTELLE George Flint A-4153 
♦SAXON Robert E Lee M-881 
SAYERS Carl Russell GST-229 
SAYERS William Branch Jr A-1293 

SAYLES Charles Reed C-7129 
SAYLES Jack Welcome C-3970 
SAYRE Francis Bowes H-375 RR pp 

19 22 
SAYRE Lee Baldwin C-7680 
SAYRE W H C-152 
SAYRE William Sim A-1183 
SAYRES Gerald Attlee Jr A-5137 
SCALES Henry Minor A-827 C-8ss 
SCALES John Arthur C-5026 
SCALES Sam Webb C-5208 
SCANLAN George Nestor Jr A-3863 
SCANLAN John McAUen A-6187 
SCANLAN William Jr A-6331 
SCANTLIN Henry Lee A-6352 
SCANTLIN Lawrence Paul III A-6138 
SCARBOROUGH Claude Mood Jr C- 

SCARBOROUGH Daniel Culpepper 

A-4049 C-5033 
SCARBOROUGH Edward Turner 

SCARBOROUGH William Charles C- 

SCARBOROUGH William Clyde C-1687 
SCARBROUGH George Addison C-5451 
♦SCARBROUGH John William also 

William John A-1739 C-1917 
SCARBROUGH Lemuel A-2240 
SCARBROUGH William John now 

John William A-1739 C-1917 

SCARLETT William H-317 RR pp 21 

22 44 79 80 
SCARRATT Charles A-1045 
SCARRITT Curtiss Sumner C-8384 
SCATES Shelby Tarns A-5350 
SCHABEL Theo Betts A-669 
SCHAEFFER Orval William Jr A-5190 
SCHAFER Charles Martin M-411 
SCHAFER Glenn Fred C-7673 
SCHAFFER Karl Jr A-4469 
SCHAFTER Albert Anton Amadeus 

SCHALLER Charles David A-6228 
SCHARBER Beverly June Co-ed 91 p 

SCHARBER George Parker C-7649 
SCHAS William Daniel Francis A-2609 
SCHEEL William Preston C-8278 
SCHENCK Charles Henry Jr A-977 
SCHENCK Michael Jr A-3722 
SCH1FF William J A-1727 
SCHILLETTER William A Jr A-5939 
SCHILLING Charles Frederick T-460 

RR pp 44 55 65 68 
SCHILLING Frederick Augustus Fac 
SCHILLING Friedrich Jr C-8001 
SCHLANSKY Harry Philip M-546 
SCHLEMMER Norman Charles C-2392 
SCHLEY John S C-331 
SCHMIDT Peter Charles M-797 
SCHMIDT Theodore Lewis A-930 
SCHMIDT William John M-445 
SCHMITT Arthur Paul Louis C-3889 
SCHNEIDER John August Jr A-4699 
SCHNEIDER John Thomas C-2474 

TON Josephine Eggleston Co-ed 81 

P 254 
SCHNEIDER William Frederick C-2784 
SCHNEPF Edward Charles C-7546 
SCHNIEPP James Frederick T-834 Staff 
SCHNITKER Clarence Scott A-3414 

SCHNITZER Martin Colby C-6005 
SCHOEN George Lloyd A-6212 
SCHOERNER Elmer David once 

ZCHOERNER Elmer David C-4709 
SCHOFIELD Joseph Holt M-1426 
SCHOLES Samuel Dalrymple A-1393 

C-1387 L-21 
SCHOLL Jan Schurch A-6587 
SCHOLL John A-4821 
♦SCHONWALD John DeWitt C-2002 
SCHOLTZ Quentin Edward Jr A-4671 
♦SCHOOLFIELD Stephen Hughes Jr 

A-3220 C-2942 RR pp 44 90 91 
SCHOOLFIELD William Cleveland C- 

3714 RR pp 25 26 
SCHOTT Herbert Joseph Jr A-4161 
SCHRAMM Herman Peter Jacob Jr C- 

SCHROEDER Gerald A-6219 
SCHROEDER Joseph Lawrence C-2891 
SCHROETER George Hieronymus C- 

SCHUBER John Jr A-4166 
SCHUESSLER Carl Ives C-4703 T- 

538 GST-41 p 222 
SCHUESSLER George Dillingham C- 

SCHUESSLER John Morgan A-3216 
SCHUESSLER Joseph William Jr C- 

SCHUESSLER Wesley A-3741 
SCHULEIN Benjamin Miller Jr C-5802 
SCHULTZ Andrew Kyle A-2729 

SCHULTZ Milo Arthur M-769 

August Henry C-2455 
SCHUMACHER Carl Wellers C-3063 

John Bering C-2582 
SCHUYLER George de Grasse M-829 
SCHWAB Edward Henry III A-5378 
SCHWAB George Eckhardt A-5646 
SCHWAB Jerry Adam C-6387 
SCHWAB Robert Fest A-5379 
SCHWALB Otto William A-5409 
SCHWARTZ Daniel Dudley C-3316 RR 

PP 44 71 
SCHWARTZ James Porch A-4303 
SCHWARTZ Paul Leonard Cricks GST- 

SCHWARTZ Robert Esco Jr C-613S 
SCHWEER Fred Richard C-3510 
SCHWEER Roland Emtler A-3915 
SCHWEER Theodore Ronald C-7223 
SCHWEINLE Charles Andrew III C- 

♦SCHWENK Alfons Frederick T-876 p 

SCHWIDETSKY Oscar Max A-3464 
♦SCHWING Calvin Kendrick A-2946 

SCHWING Calvin Kendrick Jr A-4757 
SCHWING Charles Edward A-5147 
SCHWING Edward Beynroth (not Bey- 
moth) Jr A-3088 C-2932 
SCHWING E d w a rd Beynroth III 

♦SCHWING Samuel Poynter Jr C-28?3 
SCIVALLY Herschell Robert C-667S 
SCOBEY John David C-5792 
SCOFIELD Bernard Arthur C-8271 
SCOFIELD Bryan Marrs A-6353 
SCOFIELD Charles Forest T-60 Fac 

SCOLLARD Thomas Walter RR pp 44 

SCOLLARD Thomas Walter Jr A-1591 

SCOTT Adiel Roscoe M-494 
SCOTT Alexander Yerger A-851 C-1015 
SCOTT Benjamin Franklyn Jr CPT p 

SCOTT Betty Grace also BRES Mrs 

Haro'd A Co-ed 41 p 225 
SCOTT Charles Cobb A-2932 C-2805 
SCOTT Charles Russell C-7025 
SCOTT Dan Dryden C-6569 
SCOTT David Johnstone A-6534 
SCOTT Edwin Laurence A-1798 C-1829 
SCOTT Ernest Fillmore GST-252 
SCOTT Eugene Dyer C-6438 
SCOTT Frank W A-297 
SCOTT Frederick Myers Jr C-1525 M- 

293 L-58 
SCOTT George Brinton Jr C-4798 RR 

pp 44 80 
SCOTT George Chalmers C-4462 
SCOTT George Harry C-3881 
SCOTT Henry Bell Fac 
SCOTT Henry Dandridge A-1069 
SCOTT Henry Eldon Jr C-5301 
SCOTT Howard Coleman M-37 
SCOTT James Marks C-8395 
SCOTT Joe Marley Jr C-2394 RR PP 

44 84 85 
SCOTT John Baytop Jr A-5440 
SCOTT John Engelhardt Jr C-4597 
SCOTT John Francis Jr C-5531 
SCOTT John Grisard C-7166 
SCOTT John Gwin C-3517 
SCOTT John Jackson RR pp 44 6$ 65 
SCOTT John Mark Fac 
SCOTT John Walker A-3284 



SCOTT John Wyeth A- 1800 
SCOTT Joseph Welch C-4148 Fac Staff 
SCOTT J S C-424 

SCOTT Julius Frederic C-2858 T-357 
SCOTT Kenneth Briley C-6818 
SCOTT Lester Meacham A-4114 
SCOTT Mack Harris III C-5746 
SCOTT McCIure M-1139 
SCOTT Owen Myers C-4562 
SCOTT Robert Davenport C-8142 
SCOTT Thomas Miller C-3132 
SCOTT Thomas Warren C-7599 
SCOTT Waiter Leroy A-1955 
SCOTT Walter Melvin C-3242 
SCOTT William Henry GST-255 
SCOTT William Thomas III C-7554 
SCOTTILE William Salvadore see 

SOTTILE William Salvadore A- 

SCREVEN Franklin Buchanan A-3089 
SCREVEN Thomas C-301 
SCREWS R F RR pp 44 49 
SCREWS William Wallace RR pp 44 

49 51 
SCREWS Wallace W Jr A-819 C-823 
SCROGGIN Orville O'iver A-3201 
SCROGGIN William Wilson A-3200 
SCRUGGS Edwin Lyle C-2212 
SCRUGGS Gross R C-872 
SCRUGGS John Bridges Jr A-1961 
SCRUGGS Thomas Murphy C-212 
SCRUGGS Willard Mason CPT p 226 
SCUDDER Mae Bright now Mrs Frank 

Sawford Otway III Co-ed 93 p 259 
SCULL Fayette B C-347 
SCULL Paul Staff 
SCULL William Emmett M-407 
SEA Frederick Wirt A-1328 C-1324 
SEABREASE Nathaniel McLean A-1108 
SEABROOK Edward Mitchell C-6600 
SEABROOK Isaac DuBose C-219 Fac 
SEABROOK John Howard C-8794 
SEABROOK Julius C-281 
SEAGLE Richard Leander M-796 
SEAGRAM Edward Pollard C-7190 
SEALS John Augustus Jr C-8355 
SEAMAN Charles Henry ^4764 
SEAMAN Eugene Cecil C-1791 T-2M 

H-267 RR pp 24 27 44 84 85 98 

SEAMAN Henry Frederick C-5170 
SEARBY Frederick Wright A-3065 
SEARCY Battle Sorsby III C-8589 
♦SEARCY Emory William A-32H C- 

SEARCY George Harris M-200 
SEARCY George Riley A-2495 
SEARCY Joel Bradford A-5798 
SEACY Joseph Alexander M-201 
SEARCY Lum Duke C-7607 
SEARCY Scott Hamilton C-7983 
SEARCY William Don A-2496 
SEARIGHT Wilson Jr C-6640 
SEARS Claudius Wistar A-2346 
SEARS Howard Jones C-4485 RR up 

25 27 
SEARS James Norvell C-8792 
SEARS Peter Gray H-203 RR pp 20 21 
SEARS Robert Burgwin C-4142 
SEASE Hugh StClare Jr A-4682 
SEARSON Richmond Moore C-6995 
SEAT Samuel Lee C-5974 
SEAT William Wallace A-5267 
SEA WRIGHT Eugene Chester M-1104 
SEAWRIGHT James Lemuel Jr C-8140 
SEAY Charles Morgan C-879 
SEAY Erskine Austin Jr A-5288 
SEAY George W C-46 
SEAY John Waller Jr A-5627 
SEAY Roberdeau Wheat A-321 C-369 

SEAY Samuel Jr C-586 
SEAY Thomas Hundley C-4316 
SEAY William Rives C-1064 
SEBRING Harold Leon Jr A-5103 
SECKBACH Gustave Martin A-3549 
SEDBERRY Harvey Hart A-975 
SEE William Duncan C-5232 
SEEBER George Kennedy Jr C-3o6i 
SEELIGSON Edward C-1609 
SEELIGSON William Angier (Augier?) 

SEEMANN Henry Jesse M-505 
SEESE Robert Webb A-4516 
SEIBELS Edwin Grenville II C-5258 

p 222 RR pp 25 27 
SEIBELS Henry Goldthwaite C-1484 

L-57 H-490 p 373 RR pp 44 50 
SEIBELS Henry Goldthwaite Jr A-4174 
SEIBELS Howard Kelly C-5 545 
SEIBELS Robert Emmet A-2388 C- 

SEIBELS Robert Emmet Jr C-4934 
♦SEIBELS William Temple C-1335 
SEIDELL Stafford C-1261 
SEIDUI.E James Merlin C-7457 
SEIER Alfred Wallace A-6002 
SEIGLER John Aquila A-1753 
SEIKEL George Ruppert M-875 Staff 
SEILER John Gray RR pp 44 70 
SEILER John Gray Jr C-8006 
SEIP Frederick Jr A-I9I2 
SEIP James Flint A-1910 C-1926 
SEIP John McCreery A-1911 C-1927 
SEIP Micah Flint A-1913 
SEIPEL John Roman Jr C-6229 
SEIPLE George Washington Jr A-2372 
SEITER Arthur Louis A-198S C-189? 

SEITZ John Goddard C-3918 
SELBY Riley Halstead Jr A-4658 
SELBY Talbot Rayl Fac 
SELCER William Henry C-6253 
♦SELDEN Armistead Inge Jr C-5090 

RR pp 44 108 
SELDEN James Montgomery A-1501 

SELDEN John Armistead A-1300 

C-1349 M-191 
SELDEN Jose Martin A-1299 C-1322 

M-605 Fac 
SELDEN Karl Wilmans C-1598 
SELDEN Metellus Driver A-3490 
SELDEN Robert Falligant A-1573 
SELF Christopher Columbus M-739 
SELF David Eugene M-1434 
SELF Harold Elton C-7714 
SELF John Isaac M-891 
SELIGMAN David CFF p 342 
SELLAS Antonio John or Don C-7280 
SELLAS Robert Daniel C-7829 
SELLERS Alan C-6017 
SELLERS Cecil Gray C-2504 
SELLERS Ernest Edward C-S892 
SELLERS John S RR pp 44 97 
SELLS John D C-308 
SELMAN Elizabeth CFF p 342 
SELVAGE Watson Fac 
SEMPLE Henry Coolidge C-1346 
SENGSTAK Ernest Paul M-1075 
SENHAUSEN Claude Basso Jr A-6217 
SENNING Carl Earle C-2522 
SENTELL Houston M-736 
SENTELL Samuel Eugene III A-6492 
SENTER William Robert III C-8106 
SERAPION y Cenoguera Loretp T-303 
SEREY John Nibert A-3S03 
SERODINO Victor Pierre Jr C-7905 
♦SERRILL William Wilfong M-1129 
SESSIONS Charles E C-184 
SESSIONS Joseph Ferdinand A-2677 

SESSIONS Valentine Hunter T-327 H- 
333 RR pp 44 77 

SESSUMS Alexander Cleveland C-2824 
♦SESSUMS Davis A-64 C-244 T-17 H- 

70 pp 292 373 RR pp 20 23 24 

26 44 73 74 107 117 Fac 
SETTLE Thomas Lever RR pp 44 71 
SETZE Julius Adolphus HA p £22 RR 

pp 44 67 68 112 
SETZE Thomas Hazlehurst C-7215 
SETZER Robert Dunham C-5611 
SEVIER Theodore Frank p 373 Fac 
SEVIER Theodore Frank Jr A-155 
SEWALL Alexander Randolph C-2884 
SEWALL William Cleveland C-1694 
SEWELL Jesse Quimby C-3555 
SEXTON Richard Allen A-1336 
SEYBOLD William Rather A-6523 
SEYBOLT Robert Sherwood A-4913 
SEYBURN Stephen Young II C-3310 
SEYMOUR Charles Milne A-1681 p 

SEYMOUR Charles Milne Jr T-469 
SEYMOUR David Montre M-t 5 9i 
SEYMOUR Digby Gordon A-4337 
SEYMOUR Frederick Henry Hume A- 

SEYMOUR George Franklin H-153 
SEYMOUR Morton Stephen C-6947 
SEYMOUR Ralph Fletcher Fac 
SEYMOUR Richard Caswell A-4336 
SHACKELFORD Cary Peyton C-2830 
SHACKLEFORD Robert Lasley C-7975 
SHADDIX James Walter M-1495 
SHAEFFER Richard Munger T-617 
SHAFER Frederick Quentin Fac 
SHAFFER Baxter Randolph A-1593 

SHAFFER Daniel Williams T-15 
SHAFFER Harold Franklin C-7228 
SHAFFER John Dalton A-215 C-271 

RR pp 44 73 74 75 107 
SHAFFER John Jackson A-1790 C-rg20 
SHAFFER Milhado Lee Jr A-6325 

SHAFFER Thomas A A-626 C-683 
SHAFFNER Dale p 342 
SHAHADY Maurice Joseph C-6525 
SHANNON Dunlap Castle C-5624 p 

SHANNON Edward Robert A-798 

SHANNON Frank Huston A-4641 
SHANNON Joel Arlington A-5850 
SHANNON John Leonard A-3337 
SHANNON Larry Robert A-S484 
SHANNON Ralph Nesbit C-2514 RR 

pp 44 100 
SHANNON Robert Huston A-4445 
SHANNON William Landless T-583 
SHANNON William M Jr C-297 
SHANNON William Richard GST-164 
SHANTZ Robert Leroy C-6287 
SHAPARD David Green C-2791 
SHAPARD Evander Simpson A-4725 
SHAPARD Mrs Frank also Mrs Crete 

SHAPARD Robert Paine Jr C-3685 RR 

PP 44 56 
SHAPARD Robert Paine III A-5372 
SHAPIRO Jerome Harry A-4S97 
SHAPPLEY Thomas Kenchin Jr C-8600 
SHARBER Alpheus Leslie M-884 
SHARIT James Mack M-863 
SHARKEY Robert R A-211 C-441 
SHARP Alfred Dandridge Jr C-S922 
SHARP Buford Walden M-1190 
SHARP Edward Carlyle Jr C-7390 
SHARP James Robert H-406 

SHARP Jefferson McBride III C-7237 
SHARP Luther Franklin Jr C-8390 
SHARP Robert Fulton Jr A-6247 
SHARP Robert Kerr C-7049 
SHARP Rudolf Christian C-3366 
SHARP William Jr T-39 
SHARP William Barnard C-2141 
SHARP William Bruce C-3581 
SHARP William Edward M-1332 
SHARPE Beverly Reese A-2289 
SHARPE Frederick Archbould A-2o8t 

SHARPE Hiram Chesley M-1179 
SHARPE John R A-1950 
SHARPE Joseph Hiserodt A-2658 
SHARPE Louis Kerre A-2659 
SHARPE Samuel Merrick C-1963 Staff 
SHARTLE John M-61 
SHASTEEN Paul Kenneth (not Ken- 

nette) C-4902 
SHAVER Isaac Howell A-5929 
•SHAVER James Nicholas A-4435 
SHAVER William Whitfield III C-5716 
SHAW Arthur Tompkins A-2103 
SHAW Charles Carpenter C-6433 
SHAW Harry Lee III C-8470 
SHAW Oliver Clark A-1880 
SHAW Ralph Benjamin Jr A-6013 
SHAW Robert Evans C-7130 
SHAW Robert Johns C-6275 
SHAW Wallace Nelson C-8389 
SHAW Wallace Nelson Jr M-17 
SHAW William Alger A-213S C-2033 
SHAW William Whitfield C-3177 
SHAW Willie Joe Jr C-5284 
SHAW-STEWART John Archibald H-5 
SHEAR Henry Herbert C-8144 
SHEARD Joe Harry A-5337 
SHEARER Cyrus Newton A-3179 
SHEARMAN Neil Traynor A-2562 
SHEEGOG Edward Staff 
SHEERIN Charles Wilford H-353 RR 

p 112 
SHEFFIELD James Riley Jr A-5323 

SHEHEE D R A-193 C-238 
SHEIDER Dan Lewis M-707 
SHELBY Edwin Jr A-2633 
♦SHELBY Frederick Poitevent M-601 
♦SHELBY George Barnes A-1698 C-1760 
SHELBY Sublet Britton A-986 C-1026 
SHELDON Arnold Kennedy C-2359 
SHELDON Mrs Charles A also ALLI- 
SON Nell FS-52 p 340 
SHELDON John Rufus M-1130 
SHELFER Lewis Wiley Jr A-5597 
SHELFER William Clarence A-5596 
SHELL Charles James C-6823 
SHELLMAN Frederick Reese C-5197 
SHELTON George Henry C-2744 
SHELTON Howard Wendell C-5827 
SHELTON Howell Hobson C-4SH 
SHELTON Hugh Todd Jr C-4605 
SHELTON John Howell L-129 RR pp 

44 5^ 59 112 
SHELTON John Robert Jr C-5272 
SHELTON Lewis Porter C-2880 
SHELTON Ray Ellis C-6514 
SHELTON Robert Fain C-1697 
SHELTON Robert Johnson M-1514 
SHELTON Samuel Percy M-623 
SHELTON Wilson Addison C-4723 
SHEPARD Charles Clarke C-804 
SHEPARD Thomas Harriton A-860 

SHEPARD William Blount RR pp 44 

60 61 
SHEPHERD Alexander Roby Jr C-1303 
SHEPHERD Arthur Morson A-1057 




♦SHEPHERD David Alexander A-1421 

C-1507 P 292 
SHEPHERD Eugene James Pool A-3398 
SHEPHERD Frank Dennis M-363 
SHEPHERD George McNeei A-3871 
SHEPHERD Grant A-1306 C-13SS 
SHEPHERD Horace Alfred M-413 
SHEPHERD Howard Bruce Jr GST- 

SHEPHERD J E (not G) RR pp 44 Co 
SHEPHERD John Conness A-1310 

C-1407 M-72 
SHEPHERD Massey Hamilton Jr RR 

p 119 Fac 
SHEPHERD Robert Theodore T-893 
SHEPHERD Roger Lee C-6423 
SHEPLEY Ethan Allen Hitchcock RR 

PP 44 79 80 
SHEPPARD Hardy Augustus Jr T-923 
SHEPPARD Julius Kelly M-821 
SHEPPARD Lemuel Feild (not Field) 

A-614 C-612 
SHEPPARD Paul Richard Eddins M- 


Arthur Jr A-6396 
♦SHERARD Stuart Baskin M-869 
SHERIDAN Mark Gardiner A-170S 
SHERIDAN William Joseph Jr C-2837 
SHERLEY Bramin (not Brannin) C- 

SHERMAN Frank Walter Jr A-2723 
SHERMAN John Hayes Jr C-6766 
SHERMAN Stuart Holmes Jr A-5381 
SHERRILL Alan Prather A-4194 
SHERRILL Gene Allen C-7515 
SHERRILL Henry Knox H-507 
♦SHERRILL John Monroe Jr A-3508 

SHERRILL Laurence Edward A-3544 
SHERROD Henry Floyd Jr C-8365 
SHERTZER Leonard Lester Jr C-48rs 
SHERWIN Proctor Austin A-5314 
SHERWOOD Alfred McCallum C-3927 
SHERWOOD George Buckley Jr A-4289 
SHERWOOD R W C-2 p 87 RR pp 44 

SHERWOOD Robert Kilpatrick Fac 
SHIELDS Albert Evans C-643 
SHIELDS Bayard Benoist C-1462 
SHIELDS Devereux A-817 C-916 
SHIELDS Leo Jr A-794 
SHIELDS Marian Howard A-2719 
SHIELDS Robert Benoist C-1781 
SHIELDS Robert Douglas A-219S 
SHIELDS Van Winder C-335 T-9 H-98 

RR pp 44 60 64 
SHIELDS Van Winder Jr C-2 155 
SHIELDS Wallace Chesley T-858 
♦SHIELDS Wilkins Benoist C-1054 RR 

PP 44 79 
SHIELDS Wilmer A-724 C-792 
SHINE Frank (Francis) Eppes A-872 

C-987 M-7 
SHINE Frank Wayles A-951 
SHIPLEY Walter Westerman JrA-6167 
SHIPP Frank Sterling (not Stirling) 

C-2 I 15 L-I48 

♦SHIPP Frank Sterling (not Stirling) 

Jr A-4069 
SHIPP Julian Lee C-1001 
SHIPP Robert Andrew M-832 
SHIPP Walter M-653 
SHIPP Woodrow Singleton Jr C-8839 
SHIPPEN Herbert Truman C-3282 
SHIPPS Harrold Southard A-2458 
SHIPPS Harry Woolslon T-902 
SHIRLEY Edward Salmond C-7194 

SHIRLEY James Robert C-8206 
SHIRLEY John A A-117 
SHIVE George Ellis M-895 
SHIVERS Ernest Eraine M-777 
SHIVERS Marcus Ourelius M-234 
SHOBER John Bedford Jr C-6680 
SHOCKLEY Jack Nichol Jr C-7550 
SHOEMAKER John Earl GST- 189 
SHOEMATE Thomas Edward A-5894 
SHOFNER John Christopher C-6617 
SHOLARS Arthur Ransom M-408 
SHOLES Christopher Latham C-8351 
SHOMAN Alfred Franklin Jr C-8310 
SHOOK Allen Gilliam C-2767 
SHOOK George Allen C-3140 
SHOOK James Warner A-995 
SHOOK Newman A-2038 
♦SHOOK Paschal Green A-994 
SHORES Charles Verne Jr C-8411 
♦SHORT Clarence Albert C-2005 
SHORT James Edward C-4270 
SHORT Morgan Keith C-3345 
SHORT Paul Eugene C-4930 
SHORT Robert Brown C-5679 
SHORT Romeo Edward A-4653 
SHORT Thomas Martin Jr C-3932 
SHORTER Eli Sims A-2441 
SHORTLE Harris Dickson A-6127 
SHORTRIDGE John Buck A-2212 
SHOTT Tom M-1432 
SHOTWELL Clifton Earle Fac 
SHOTWELL William Ira Jr C-3028 
♦SHOUP Conway Howard C-3286 
SHOUP Francis Asbury H-26 RR pp 

44 94 96 116 117 Fac 
SHOUP Mrs Francis Asbury also 

SHOUP Mrs Esther Habersham El- 
liott Staff 
♦SHOUP Frank Elliott A-764 C-ion 

RR pp 44 57 58 59 75 
SHOUP George C C-934 
SHOUP George Oscar C-98 
SHOUP Stephen Elliott A-1605 C-1822 
SHREVE Dudley Michael C-8163 
SHREVE William Oman C-3179 
SHROPSHIRE Livingston Lindsay Jr 

SHROPSHIRE Robert Carrick C-4736 
SHROPSHIRE Walter Edmund C-5483 
SHRUM Reuben Welty Jr C-8126 
SHUFFLER Ralph Henderson Jr C- 

SHUFORD Donald Adolphus A-3221 
SHULTZ Edward Patterson C-3742 
SHUMAKER Henry Marvin M-1407 
SHUMAN Terry Fac 
SHUMATE Ervin Hayne Jr A-6104 
SHUMATE John Rufus M-333 
SHUTE John Donelson C-4077 
SIBBETT William Albert M-1584 
SIBERT David Erastus M-1545 
SIBLEY Guy Clarence L-119 
SIBLEY Jackson Cavett C-8050 
SIBLEY William Gatewood C-8177 
SIDNEY Thomas Cedric Jr C-5260 
SIDWELL Eugene Reid A-5347 
SIEG Joseph Lamar A-4225 
SIEGEL Willard Van Alstine Jr C-6112 
SIGMON Edwin Stewart A-3589 
SIGWALD Clyde Franklin CPT p 226 
SIKES Robert Keyes A-5954 
SILLAY Frank Ignatius Jr A-6650 
SILLERS Walter Jr A-1954 
SILLIMAN William Thomas C-2906 
SILVA Luigi CFF p 342 
SILVER Edgar Oscar C-6819 
SILVERTHORNE Charles Robert M- 


SIMKINS Eldred Clarke C-4185 T-428 

GST- 10 
SIMKINS Ormond A-1S59 C-:630 

T-204 RR pp 24 26 
SIMKINS Samuel McGowan A-261 

PP 44 63 65 
SIMKINS William Guerard A-3350 
♦SIMKINS William Stuart H-216 RR 

pp 44 57 98 
SIMMONDS Almay Dozier M-946 
SIMMONDS Jackson Donald C-2876 
SIMMONDS Sidney Burton A-5364 
SIMMONS C W A-444 C-420 
SIMMONS Charles Martin Jr C-5873 
SIMMONS Frank C-523 
SIMMONS Henry Julian A-566 C-576 
SIMMONS James Edwards Jr C-4573 
♦SIMMONS Jamej Irby M-1398 
SIMMONS John Henry A-6257 
SIMMONS Lewis Lilburn C-3907 
SIMMONS Patrick Cleveland M-1301 
SIMMONS Richard Earl Jr C-6951 
SIMMONS William Crockett Jr A-S289 
SIMMS John Thomas Jr C-3774 
SIMON Peter Nemour Jr A-4613 
SIMONDS Andrew A-268 
5IMONDS James Espey once SIMONS 

James Espey A-3925 
5IM0NS James Espey now SIMONDS 

James Espey A-3925 
SIMONS Sedgwick Lewis C-5674 
SIMONS William A-446S C-5471 
SIMONS William Nels Jr C-4399 
SIMONTON Charles Henry H-107 
SIMPKINS W D and W S see SIM- 
KINS William Stuart RR pp 4* 

57 98 
SIMPSON A E RR pp 44 84 85 
SIMPSON Clarence Alvin A-4804 
SIMPSON Frank Rush Jr C-3239 
SIMPSON Harrison Prew M-989 
SIMPSON Howard Kneeiand A-4637 
SIMPSON John Drury A-3877 C-4666 
SIMPSON Randolph Stewart A-1563 
SIMPSON Sam Pruit Jr C-3270 RR 

PP 44 103 
SIMPSON Thomas Wayne C-4491 
SIMPSON Wiley Terrell Jr A-4931 
SIMPSON William David M-1140 
SIMPSON Willliam Hester C-1686 

JIMRALL H F RR pp 44 76 77 Fac 
SIMRALL John Graham A-1815 
SIMS Bartlet et Ultimus C-1636 M- 

SIMS Benham Jones Jr C-7272 
SIMS Cecil Jr C-5473 
SIMS Charles Wright A-3150 
SIMS Eaton Kittridge A-1109 C-1085 
SIMS J Beauford A-465 
SIMS John Brockway A-2762 
SIMS John Vernon Jr A-6110 
SIMS Orland LeCompte Jr A-5229 
SIMS Ralph Haylton C-4567 
SIMS Robert Lee Jr A-6250 
SIMS Robert Nichols A-993 C-1028 
SINCLAIR Edward C-1225 
SINCLAIR Frederick Walker Jr A-3984 
SINGER Samuel M-1364 
SINGLETARY Henry Richard A-3306 

SINGLETARY John Noland A-5140 
SINGLETARY Joseph Kirkland A-SOS4 
SINGLETARY Raymond Cook Jr 

A-3 798 
SINGLETARY Thomas Fuller A-4380 
SINGLETON Thomas Walter A-1689 

SINNOTT Edmund Ware H-506 RR 

pp 20 22 
SINNOTT Henry Morgan A- 1426 
♦SIOUSSAT William Leonard C-2 116 
SIOUSSAT St George Leakin RR p 120 

SIPE Alfred Elmer C-3*42 
SIRMANS James Jackson C-5074 
SISLER George W Jr M-1117 
♦SISTRUNK Robert Donnie M-127 
SIVLEY John Harrison T-707 GST-172 
SIX Carvel A-5708 
♦SKARDON Alvin Wilson Jr C-1437 

SKIDMORE Edgar Stewart A-3960 
SKIDMORE Fletcher Lee C-2788 
SKINNER Edwin James C-2022 T-231 
SKINNER Frederick Vance A-2817 
SKINNER Iverson RR pp 44 61 
SKINNER John T or J T A-3026 C- 

3 '21 

SKINNER Nathaniel Chapman A-1767 
SKINNER William Howe C-4968 p 222 
SKIPWITH John Adair A-4 p 87 
SKIPWORTH David Thomas A-6480 
SLACK Charles John A-1308 C-1446 
SLACK William Samuel C-1057 T-112 

H-334 RR pp 24 27 44 74 75 Staff 
SLADE Charles Ebert III C-8136 
SLADE James Jeremiah C-8127 
SLADE James Jeremiah III C-8678 
SLATE Wesley Columbus M-684 
SLATTERY Charles Lewis H-215 RR 

PP 20 23 
SLAUGHTER Wilbur Shrewsbury M- 

102 1 
SLAUSON Frank Rexford GST-207 
SLAUTER Charles A- 1302 
SLAYDEN Acton Beadles A-1207 
SLAYDEN Thomas Bailey A-1332 
SLAYDEN William Walter M-171 
iLEDGE Billy Fredrick C-6353 
SLEDGE Clement Blount C-7178 
SLEDGE John Byron Jr A-4738 
SLEDGE Joseph Brown A-705 
SLEDGE Norfleet Fanning A-1107 

C- 1 1 2 1 
SLEDGE Norfleet Ruffin A-4749 
SLEDGE Norfleet Ruffin Jr A-1999 

SLEDGE Oliver Daniel A-1319 
SLEDGE Oliver Lee A-1147 
SLEDGE Robert Brahan A-2577 
SLEDGE Ruffin Fanning A-704 
SLEEPER Benjamin Risher C-2358 
SLINGLUFF Betts Simmons C-8570 
SLOAN Burton Jay C-2583 
SLOAN Edward Dunn Jr A-5280 
SLOAN George Willis C-2S84 
SLOAN John Pigott C-7411 
SLOAN Paul Earle T-410 
SLOAN Paul Hamilton Earle A-5817 
SLOAN Paul Lowe Jr A-2978 C-2933 
SLOAN Robert A-261 1 
SLOAN Robert A-2996 
SLOAN Sam Jones A-3448 
♦SLOAN Samuel Walker C-1777 
SLOAN Stanley C-5749 
>LOAN William Frederick now LAS- 

SITER William Frederick Alban 

SLOANE Thomas Joseph C-6159 
SLOGGETT Henry Digbee A-1056 
SLOSS Arthur Page Jr A-4881 
SLOSS J W A-608 
SLUSHER William Clarey M-934 
SLY Norman Ralph C-6076 
SMALL Andrew Buchanan Jr A-3406 

C-3437 RR pp 44 58 



SMALL Edward Stanley A-5436 
SMALL George Maurice GST-269 
SMALL Joseph Eugene C-5721 
SMALL Robert Toombs A- 12 50 
SMALL Samuel White Jr A-1213 

SMALL Thomas Lemuel GST-92 
SMALLWOOD Weymon Rae C-6763 
SMARTT Maury Erwin C-5939 
SMEDES Aldert RR pp 45 81 
SMEDES Charles Edward A-263 C-394 
SMILES Homer Lyman C-6624 
SMILEY James Meredith M-743 
SMILEY Logan H Jr C-6222 
SMITH Albert Lee Jr C-7315 
SMITH Alexandria Allen A-1570 
SMITH Alfred Hersey Jr C-7969 
SMITH Alfred Parker C-3209 
SMITH Alfred Parker C-8391 
'SMITH Algernon Sidney (not Sydney) 

C-278 RR pp 45 89 90 107 
SMITH Alonzo Thomas Jr C-8386 
SMITH Andrew Reid II A-5026 
SMITH Archibald Rubin A-1508 
SMITH Arthur Allen T-720 GST-167 
SMITH Arthur Dewey III A-6019 
SMITH Aubrey Adelbert A-3397 
SMITH Augustus Wardlaw C-556 
SMITH Augustus Wardlaw Jr A-31S3 
SMITH Austin Wheeler C-2464 Fac 
SMITH Ben T C-133 
SMITH Benjamin Bosworth RR p 69 
SMITH Benjamin Franklin III A-63;8 

SMITH Buford Colclough C-2983 
SMITH Bridgeford A-697 
SMITH Byron Archibald A-5958 
SMITH Carl Lee M-682 
SMITH Catchings Baird A-4619 
SMITH Charles Boone Jr C-3820 
SMITH Charles Carter Jr C-6957 
SMITH Charles Dan C-4061 
SMITH Charles Edgar C-3229 
♦SMITH Charles Edwin C-1566 
SMITH Charles Ernest H-no 
SMITH Charles Firman Fac 
SMITH Charles Perroncel C-5200 p 222 
SMITH Charles Singleton C-3383 
SMITH Clarence Doyle T-530 
SMITH Clarence Tompkin Jr A-4094 
SMITH Claud Duval C-4718 
SMITH Claude C-4869 
SMITH Claude William Jr C-3606 
SMITH Clifford Earl M-1560 
SMITH Clyde Wiley C-4886 
SMITH Colton Mumford RR pp 45 "3 
SMITH Colton Mumford III C-8398 
SMITH Dana Bradford A-719 C-77* 
SMITH Dana Tyrrell C-1520 L-42 
SMITH Daniel Fay A-4693 
SMITH Daniel Stines M-227 
SMITH David Haston C-8258 
SMITH Dennis Howard A-5980 
SMITH Douglas Aldridge C-5893 
SMITH Drayton Beecher A-3721 

SMITH Ebb Winston A-2256 
SMITH Edmund Kirby later KIRBY- 

SMITH Edmund Fac 
SMITH Edmund Kirby Jr later KIR- 
BY-SMITH Edmund Jr A-501 

SMITH Edward Leon C-6790 
SMITH Edward Hartwell Kiddei 

A-4065 C-4838 
SMITH Edward Powell Jr A-6300 
SMITH Edward Preston Acker C-599S 
SMITH Edwin DuBose C-975 
SMITH Edwin Kennedy Jr A-4026 
SMITH Emmitt Deder C-4272 

SMITH Eugene Jefferson C-4951 
SMITH Ewald Courtney A-3712 
SMITH Fletcher Bodky C-8074 
SMITH Fielding Glass A-453 
SMITH Francis Belk C-3470 
SMITH Francis Henry H-172 
SMITH Francis or Frank Hopkinson 

Jr A-3205 C-3305 
SMITH Frank or Francis Hopkinson 

III C-6946 
SMITH Francis Parke Jr C-6452 
SMITH Frank C-4949 
SMITH Fred Hatcher A-5593 
SMITH Fred Taylor A-3924 
SMITH Frederick LaGrange T-158 
SMITH Gadsden Jr A-4555 
SMITH Gary Lee C-8305 
SMITH George Faison C-6842 
SMITH George Grant Jr C-760 T-52 
SMITH George Lafayette Jr A-6440 
SMITH George Livingston C-7752 
SMITH Gilmer Poindexter A-430 C-418 
SMITH Gladys Marie CFF p 342 
SMITH Gustavus Hindman Miller 

SMITH H Edward Jr A-4663 
SMITH Harold Chapman A-5665 
SMITH Harold Van Jr A-4662 
SMITH Harry A-6376 
SMITH Harry M A-241 
SMITH Harry Vance A-6478 
SMITH Henry Benton T-180 
SMITH Henry Clark C-2559 T-280 H- 

399 Staff 
SMITH Henry Hayes Jr A-2298 
SMITH Henry Nealson A-2112 
SMITH Henry Ryall C-5416 
SMITH Henry Wilds Jr C-8826 Fac 
"SMITH Herbert Edmunds A-1592 C- 

1674 L-98 H-496 RR pp 45 50 51 
SMITH Herbert Edmunds Jr C-4541 

RR p 112 
SMITH Horace Hardy Jr A-1469 
SMITH Horace Levi Jr C-6320 
SMITH Horace Steevyns Pridgeon 

SMITH Houston Thomas C-1000 RR 

P 24 
SMITH Howard Morgan III C-5845 
SMITH Hugh F Fac 
SMITH Hugh F III C-5296 
SMITH Mrs J Bruce Jr also GRAY 

Mary Stoney Co-ed 52 p 245 
SMITH J F A-46 C-192 
SMITH J H RR pp 45 103 104 
SMITH Jack Reagan C-3193 
SMITH Jack Walker C-5446 p 222 
SMITH James Arthur A-1735 L-92 
SMITH James Burns C-6976 
SMITH James Edward M-1527 
SMITH James Edward C-8366 
SMITH James Elmo M-1477 
SMITH James Frank Jr A-5898 
SMITH James Gordon A-630 C-943 
SMITH James Lytton also LYTTON- 

SMITH James C-3621 
SMITH James McKinney C-3092 
SMITH James Murray A-5421 
SMITH James Pryor C-7331 
SMITH James Walter C-3899 
SMITH James William Jr A-5792 
SMITH Joe Purser Jr C-7547 
SMITH John Burgess A-3138 
SMITH John Edwin C-4215 
SMITH John Tanner C-7549 
SMITH John Theodore M-347 
SMITH John Wesley M-148 
SMITH Joseph Anthony A-4898 
SMITH Joseph Bruce C-1665 

SMITH Joseph Freeman or Freeborn 

SMITH Josiah Harris C-3444 
SMITH Julien Jr A-3417 
SMITH Katharine Alexander Staff 
SMITH Lambert Neil C-3746 
♦SMITH Larkin A-738 C-775 
SMITH Leander E M-762 
SMITH LeBrun Nourse C-6425 
SMITH Lemuel Augustus Jr C-3201 
SMITH Leo Pope A-967 
SMITH Leon Rutherford C-1369 L-56 
SMITH Lester Leigh Jr C-6467 
SMITH Lewis Doyle C-2193 T-277 
SMITH Lewis S RR pp 45 57 58 
SMITH Lewis (not Louis) Wardlaw 

SMITH Lindsay Crawford A-4101 
SMITH Lyman Aldrich A-2674 
SMITH Maclin Ferdinand Jr C-4755 
SMITH Martin Baldwin C-8242 
SMITH Mrs Milton also FISHER 

Mildred Mae FS-46 p 340 
SMITH Milton Finney C-1250 M-13 
SMITH Milton Graham A-4240 
"SMITH Monroe L C-95 
SMITH Oliver Fleetwood C-81 
SMITH Paris Eugene C-8182 
SMITH Paul Douglas C-5423 
SMITH Pocahontas Meredith now 

SMITH Constance C Co-ed 24 p 

SMITH Philip Hardy C-7188 
SMITH R E Lee Fac 
SMITH Ralph Henry C-1536 M-788 
SMITH Reuben Decatur M-186 
SMITH Richard Aiken C-7023 
SMITH Richard Clendinen C-6975 
SMITH Richmond Pearson A-1295 
SMITH Robert RR p 89 
SMITH Robert Irvin C-7022 
♦SMITH Robert James C-2586 
SMITH Robert McDavid C-5036 
SMITH Robert Morris A-2476 
SMITH Roger Claiborne Jr A-3345 
SMITH Roger Lionel CPT p 226 
SMITH Roland Keenan M-45S 
SMITH Royal Randolph A-3540 
SMITH Rufus Childress A-1058 
SMITH Rufus Henry C-3938 
SMITH Russell Kane C-1306 T-115 
SMITH Mrs S M Jr also BLACK- 
MAR Sue Co-ed 97 p 263 
SMITH Samuel Granville A-747 C-795 

SMITH Samuel Porcher C-4009 
SMITH Samuel Webb Jr A-5199 
SMITH Sidney Bertrand C-1460 M-19? 

SMITH Sidney Binion A-1296 C-1500 
SMITH Sollis Freeman M-625 
SMITH Stafford C-4238 
SMITH Stockton Hudson C-4969 
SMITH Stutson A-2995 C-2806 
SMITH Sydney L-65 
SMITH Sydney Hayden A-2016 
SMITH Telamon Cuyler or CUYLER 

Telamon Smith A-1168 
SMITH Theodore Seymour A-5194 
SMITH Thomas Edward A-1740 
SMITH Thomas Herndon A-108 C-198 
SMITH Thomas Lyde C-7232 
SMITH Thomas Olsen Hartley Jr C- 

SMITH Thomas Robert A-3658 
SMITH Thomas Rutland A-3175 
SMITH Vernon Presson C-5761 
SMITH Waldorf Astor A-2597 
SMITH Wallace Bryant C-7333 

SMITH Walter Bragg A-2416 
SMITH Walter Frank C-8620 
SMITH Walter Sidney C-4726 
SMITH Willard Lynwood III A-6277 
SMITH William A RR pp 45 82 
SMITH William A RR pp 45 55 
SMITH William David GST-130 
SMITH William Dorsett C-6822 
SMITH William Franklin M-1032 
SMITH William George Washington C- 

210 T-7 
SMITH William Hamlet A-5276 C-7593 
SMITH William Lee GST-223 
SMITH William Louis C-6974 
SMITH William Reader A-2233 
SMITH William Ruthven p 374 HA p 

SMITH Willis Basil C-3186 
SMITH Willis Jr A-4216 
SMITH Wilson Wakefield Jr A-3475 
SMITH Winfield Scott M-261 
SMITH Wofford Kreth T-927 GST-260 
SMITHERMAN Orland C C-5290 
SMITHERMAN Roy Lynn C-6805 
SMITHEY Frank Rosser M-13 27 
SMITHSON Vernon Gardner FS-18 p 

SMOOT George Andre A-5955 
SMOOT Thomas Middleton M-843 
SMYTH Mrs Carl Beeler also FISHER 

Charlotte Eda Co-ed 50 p 244 
SMYTH Thomas James Campbell T-596 

RR pp 45 83 
SMYTHE Cyrus Field Jr C-6966 
SMYTHE Douglas Caffee A-391 
SMYTHE James Shain A-1898 
SMYTHE Thomas Bennett Jr GST-2S3 
SNEED A'bert Chalmers Staff 
SNEED Dewitt Talmage Jr C-4760 
SNEED Harry Marsh A-6510 
SNEED Henry Harrison p 296 RR pp 

45 7> 94 
SNEED Henry Harrison Jr A-1821 C- 

SNEED John Louis Taylor RR pp 18 

SNEED John Robbin A-2294 
SNEED Samuel Robinson A-1492 
SNEED Torrence Handy C-4628 
SNEED Thomas Keeling A-278 C-366 
SNEED Wilson West H-503 RR ip 

21 23 
SNELL Anne Carleton also BOYKIN 

Mrs Elmer Staff 
SNELL Leroy Warren C-3148 
SNELL Robert Judson GST-137 
SNELL Robert Sidney C-6437 T-744 

RR pp 45 65 
SNELLINGS George Marion Jr RR pp 

45 75 
SNELLING Laurence Snow C-7472 
SNELLING Murdock Murphy Ir 

SNELLING Robert Garrison A-4761 
SNELSON Joseph Robert A-6223 
SNELSON Wayne Elmore A-5241 
SNIPES Wilson Currin C-5598 p 229 
SNODDY Joseph Bryan C-4060 
♦SNOW Alden Hazard A-2626 
SNOW Farley Moody A-6438 
SNOW Hubert Anderson Jr C-588S 
♦SNOW McLester Jared C-2108 
SNOW Richard McLester C-1584 
SNOW Robert Thompson C-4919 
SNOWDEN Brinkley Snowden C-3447 
SNOWDEN Charles Durkee C-4187 T- 

SNOWDEN George Logan Jr C-3124 
SNOWDEN John Bayard A-16S4 



C-1729 H-458 RR pp 45 107 109 

1 12 
SNOWDEN John Bayard II C-3648 

RR pp 45 108 
SNOWDEN John Bayard Jr A-3919 

SNOWDEN Mason A-944 C-1108 
SNOWDEN Robert Brinkley C-832 
SNOWDEN Robert Galloway A-4066 

SNOWDEN Thomas Day A-3167 

SNYDER Clarence M-46 
SOAPER Henry Turner C-1291 RR 

pp 45 71 72 
♦SOAPER John Morgan C-4084 RR pp 

45 72 
♦SOAPER William Henderson RR pp 

45 69 
♦SOAPER William Henderson A-1345 

1345 C-I3S7 RR PP 45 69 
SOFGE Charlotte SSMC p 342 
SOFGE Neal SSMC p 342 
SOLLER John Estes C-7337 
SOLOMON Frederick Emanuel C-1431 
SOLOMON George Lee C-1288 
SOLOMON James Brantley C-5004 p 

SOLOMON Maitland Sum 1908 p 154 
SOMERS Ira Clinton M-749 
SOMERVILLE Edwin Lemoine A-U04 
SOMMERVILLE Richard Clarke Fac 
SONNEMAN William Frederick A-50i6 
SOPER John Harvey C-4512 T-481 

GST-20 RR pp 45 93 
SOPER John Harvey II A-5951 
SOPER Leroy Dilmore T-937 
SORRELL Gordon Sylvester Jr C-7458 
SORRELS Henry Allen Jr A-3303 
♦SORY Bailey Brown Jr C-2660 
SORY Bailey Brown III C-8382 
SORY Curtis Holt C-3798 
SORY James Dunn Jr C-2244 
SORY James Robert C-3412 
SOSKIS Joque Hall A-6633 
SOTSKY Marvin A-4447 
SOUTHARD Stuart Dallas A-3639 
SOUTHARD Walter Edward E M-187 
SOUTHER William Lester M-914 
SOUTHWELL Ralph Delany C-1435 
SOUTHWICK Melvin Leonard Staff 
SOUTHWORTH Fisher Luke Morgan 

A-3468 C-3493 

Salvadore A-6457 
SOWARDS James Monroe Jr A-3274 
SOWDER Ellie Mae Fac 
♦SPAAR Albert Peter Jr C-5252 
SPADES Cyril Cox A-2015 
SPAKE LaVerne B Jr C-4857 
SPALDING Philip Mars C-5409 
SPANGLER Arthur Stephenson M-882 
SPANGLER John David C-6722 
SPANN Thomas Baker T-351 
SPANOGLE John Andrew Jr A-5828 
SPARKMAN Carl Otto Witte C-2313 
SPARKMAN Claude Charles Jr A-4001 
SPARKMAN George Eugene C-2283 
♦SPARKMAN Henry Berkeley (not 

Berkley) C-1958 
SPARKMAN Thorne Fac 
SPARKMAN William Buck A-3817 

SPARKS Charles Byfield Fac 
SPARKS Jesse Spurgeon T-906 
SPARKS Joseph Everett M-860 
SPARKS Winfred Earl A-SS47 

SPARRENBERGER Frederick Hesslet 

M-143 Fac 
SPATZ Karl Eugene C-741S 
SPAULDING Ben Charles Jr A-6030 
♦SPAULDING James Herbert C-3009 
SPEAKE Daniel Webster C-6795 
SPEAKE Neal McCalla Jr C-6655 
SPEAKES Samuel Trigg Jr C-4564 
SPEAKS John Thomas T-651 GST-93 
SPEAR James Farley A-1078 
SPEARE William Thomas M-1594 
SPEARING James OrlofI A-2000 

C-1995 T-273 Staff 
SPEARING Joseph Hall T-107 p 373 

RR pp 45 74 75 
SPEARING Joseph Watkins A-2286 

C-2 1 76 
SPEARMAN Alan Worthington Jr 

A-4656 C-5883 
SPEARS Claudius Wistar see SEARS 

Claudius Wi3tar A-2346 
♦SPEARS Henry Esten C-1197 T-129 

GST-2! RR pp 45 7' 72 
SPEARS J W Navy V-12 
SPEARS Monroe Kirk Fac 
SPEARS Mrs Monroe Kirk Staff 
SPEARS Sam Bronson C-3466 
SPECHT Frederick Rollins C-5528 
SPECK Arthur Leo C-8282 
SPECK Horace Tilden M-890 
SPECK Victor Frederick Jr C-8118 
SPEED John D A-344 
SPEER Charles Fairfax C-3736 
SPEER Edward Pinkney C-745I 
SPEER Everett Shake C-2468 
SPEER Eustis Holland A-965 
SPEER George Algernon A-962 C-986 
SPEER Ralph John Jr C-3445 RR PP 

45 53 54 
SPEER Robert Corless C-5191 
SPEER Wilson Lucas A-964 
SPEIR Adolphus Greely A-938 
SPELL Doyle Paul C-7899 
SPENCE John Wilson A-4046 
SPENCER Alexander Burke Jr C-3557 
SPENCER Charles Douglas C-2579 
SPENCER F M RR pp 45 97 
SPENCER Henry Perry C-60 
SPENCER Kathleen Frances FS-42 p 

SPENCER Maurice Franklin Water 

SPENCER Maury M C-932 
SPENCER Milton Vance C-4025 
SPENCER Richard Perry Jr A-1600 
SPENCER Robert Walter C-5783 
SPENCER Wallace Clark C-5820 
SPENCER Walter West M-40 
SPENCER William Micajah III C-4962 
SPEROS William Sid C-5814 
SPERRY Henry Louis C-779 
SPERRY Joseph Austin III C-7007 
SPICER Rolf Lewis C-7655 
SPIES Tom Douglas H-409 
SPILMAN William Stahel T-79S GST- 

SPITLER John Wilson C-824 
SPITZER Garrett E A-5768 
SPIVEY Joseph Marvin III A-S892 
SPIVEY Lloyd Gilmer Jr A-5825 
SPLANE Peyton Edwards Jr T-750 
SPONG John Shelby GST-243 
SPORE Orville "J" Jr C-8431 
SPORE Richard Roland Jr C-7936 
SPOWART Peter Engman C-7425 
SPRAGUE John A RR pp 45 63 
SPRATT Charles Brewster A-958 C- 

SPRATT James Wadsworth C-800 

SPRAWLS John Lanier C-8804 
SPRIGG D Francis SST p 33° 
SPRINGER Benjamin Franklin A-3679 

C-4122 T-457 
SPRINGFIELD Richard T A-274 
SPRUILL William Arthur Jr C-7374 
SPURGEON Holcomb C-1055 
SPURLIN John L Jr A-2466 
SPURLOCK Ben Rish A-5074 
SPURLOCK Jesse Littleton A-4581 
SPURLOCK John Minor A-5990 
SPURRIER Henry Barr C-5477 
SPURWAY Jesse Everett A-4362 
SPYKER David B A-5 C-121 
SPYKER George A C-8 
SQUIER Lucius Robinson III A-4652 
SQUIRES Houston Dunlap A-3097 
SQUIRES James Creighead A-3659 
SQUIRES Raymond Jay II A-6583 
♦SQUIRES Robert Lester M-678 
STAAB Hermann (later Herman) 

Adolph Julius C-2419 Fac 
STACK William Edward C-3258 
STACKER Patrick Lewis C-1466 
STAERKER Herman Emil Walter 

STAFFORD Harry Eugene C-880 
STAFFORD James Dale C-6963 
STAFFORD Jean Rae Co-ed 119 p 338 
STAGGERS Robert Newton C-2 195 
STAGGERS William Llewellyn C-2 194 

RR pp 24 26 
STALLINGS Jerome Wade C-7 196 Staff 
STALLINGS Samuel James Jr C-8788 
STALLINGS William Thomas C-8096 
STAMBAUGH Jere Long Jr A-3967 
STAMEY Owen Jr A-5628 
STAMEY Thomas Alexander A-5008 
STAMLER William Raymond Jr C- 

STAMPER Belle Holbert also RICKER 

Mrs E L Co-ed 72 p 249 
STANDING William Robert A-2017 
STANLEY Albert McKinney A-1973 
STANLEY Augustus Owsley Jr A-3551 
STANLEY Calvin Thomas A-1974 
STANLEY Herbert Noah T-260 
STANLEY Paul A-2078 
STANLEY Thomas Coke RR pp 45 >°2 

STANPHILL Dexter L C-4897 
STANSBURY Benjamin Howard C-4594 
STANSEL Arthur Jr C-3396 
STANSELL Walker Jr A-3265 C-3328 
STANSILL Robert Nichols A-5326 
STANTON Christopher Charles Jr 

STANTON Christopher Charles Jr 

STANTON David Brandon A- 11 76 

C- 1 1 60 
STANTON Thomas RR pp 45 76 78 
STANTON Walter Clement Jr A-4746 
STAPLETON Archie Cummins Jr T- 

STARK Barton Oldham A-1233 
STARK Benjamin Franklin M-1293 
STARKE James Douglas A-1063 C-1230 
STARKE John William A-1062 C-1115 
STARKE Lewis Willis A-1149 C-1351 
STARKE Thomas A-1061 
STARKEY Henry Melchior Muhlen- 
berg A-4629 
STARLEY William Fletcher Jr C-1133 
♦STARNS Charles Emanuel M-1590 
STARNES Mary Davies A-380 C-445 
STARR Edward Augustus A-629 C-632 

STARR Edward Lee C-8747 
STARR Francis Ruse RR pp 45 102 
STARR Homer Pilgrim C-4387 GST-30 
STARR Homer Worthington C-I559 T- 

190 H-297 RR pp 24 26 
STARR Joseph N A-935 
STARR Reginald Heber Fac 
STARRETT Claude Ennis Jr C-8387 
STARRETT Warren Leigh Jr T-848 
STARS William Kenneth CPT p 226 
STATEN Adolphus Burleson M-929 
STATHAM Stephen Ernest III C-775 5 
♦STATHIS Kostas Chris C-5784 
STATON John Walton Jr C-2301 

STAUDT Frederick William A-2860 
STEAKLEY Richard Lewis C-7416 
STEARLY Wilson Walters Jr C-7368 
STEARNS Chilton Rupert C-1256 
STEARNS Harry Lawrence III A-5243 
STEBER Gary David C-8452 
STEDMAN J W A-688 C-725 
STEDMAN Jerry Clemmond Jr C-8664 
STEDMAN John Branch A-4720 
STEED Harold Edwin C-5769 
STEED James Walter C-1902 M-1060 
STEEL Charles Leighton C-826 T-63 
STEEL John Albert Jr C-2481 
STEELE Edwin Carroll C-224 
STEELE Harold C-225 
STEELE Hobart Theodore A-3030 
STEELE James Nevett H-51 
STEELE Sears Childers Jr A-4038 
STEELE Thomas Fearn A-243 
STEELE Ulysses Moody C-7866 
STEELE Warren Hugh T-63 7 
STEELE William DuBose A-204 C-269 

RR pp 24 27 
STEELE Wiliiam Harding C-5084 
STEELMAN Eddie Morgan Jr C-5646 
STEEN John Houston M-1113 
STEENSEN Ralph Stephen M-449 
STEEVES Harrison Ross III C-839: 
STEGALL Arthur John Jr C-5819 
STEGALL John West A- 1468 
STEHL Walter Byron Jr C-5016 
STEILBERG Robert Hays C-7559 
STEIN Samuel M-1173 Fac 
STEINBACHER Frank Harry C-6208 
STEINER Eugene C-2228 
STEINER Hal H C-321 
STEINER Henry Hegner A-1189 

STEINER Murray Colgate A-1576 
STEINER Pinckney Alston A-1190 
STEINER Ralph A-324 C-396 
STEINER Robert Eugene III C-5353 
STEINMULLER Douglas Jones A-6118 
STELL Kenneth Malcolm M-1501 
STEPHENS Charles Pickens C-8733 
STEPHENS James Linley M-558 
STEPHENS Jerry Madison M-924 
STEPHENS John Daniel C-5319 
STEPHENS Miles Haywood A-4956 
STEPHENS Noland Lewis A-3662 
STEPHENS William H RR pp 45 96 
STEPHENSON George Royster T-495 
STEPHENSON Jack Lyndon C-6085 
STEPHENSON Jack Porter C-5367 
STEPHENSON Lindsay Harris C-6732 
STEPHENSON Nathaniel Wright Fac 
STEPHENSON Ronald Keith C-7769 
STEPHENSON Samuel Lewers Jr C- 

STEPHENSON Stuart Xanthus A-4813 
STEPHENSON Walter Logan M-n8» 
STEPHENSON Wallace Orville Staff 



♦STERLING George Archibald A-3653 

STERLING Jack Ellis C-6172 
STERNER Mrs Michael or READ 

Courtenay Co-ed 85 p 259 
STERZ Henrietta FS-47 p 340 
STETSON Caleb Rochford H-286 RR 

pp 21 23 
STEVENS Alfred Davis Jr A-4318 
STEVENS Bertrand Peyton also 

HODGE Bertrand Peyton C-5992 
STEVENS Charles Robert C-5461 
STEVENS Chauncey Bigelow C-4033 
STEVENS Douglas C-4296 
STEVENS Ernest L Fac 
STEVENS Gladstone Hudson Jr C-6801 
STEVENS James Garfield Fac 
STEVENS James William III A-4853 
STEVENS John Harold A-5493 
STEVENS Merrill Arthur C-7091 T- 

684 GST-242 
STEVENS Orrin Cedesman Jr C-8237 
STEVENS Richard Gilbert C-6131 
STEVENS Weaver Leslie GST-220 
STEVENS William MacDuff A-3360 
STEVENS William Smith Jr C-2271 
STEVENSON Alexander Montgomery 

STEVENSON Eugene Val Jean (not 

Valjean) A-1208 C-1406 
STEVENSON Henry A-1213 
STEVENSON Horace Lee C-2963 
5TEVENSON John Alexander Ir 

STEVENSON Robert Band A-5047 
STEVENSON William Taylor Jr GST- 

STEWART Andrew M-1290 
STEWART Anne Marshall also HAR- 
RIS Mrs Rogers Sanders CCF p 

STEWART Angus A-3479 
STEWART Benjamin Dwell Jr C- 

STEWART Charles Alfred M-473 
STEWART Charles Earl A-6368 
STEWART Charles F A-694 C-727 
STEWART Daniel Douglas Jr C-7096 
STEWART Earl Willard Jr C-8175 
STEWART Edgar Allen Jr C-3852 
STEWART Edmund Bellinger C-8447 
STEWART Edward McGee C-1637 
STEWART Floyd A-1156 C-11S7 
STEWART Harry A-3356 
STEWART James Newton A-3177 
STEWART John Charles C-6989 
STEWART Mrs John Charles also 

WHITESIDES Rachel Caldwell 

CFF p 342 
STEWART John Douglas C-7074 
STEWART John Rufus T-660 
STEWART Kenneth Andrew L-153 
STEWART Lawrence Fricks A-4213 

STEWART Malcolm McNair A-4782 
STEWART Marshall Bowyer H-464 RR 

p 119 Fac 
STEWART Oliver Ernest M-1025 
STEWART Mrs Paul R also WIL- 
LIAMS Corinne Smith Co-ed 7 

p 176 
STEWART Paul Turner A-4392 
STEWART Thomas Melville A-400S 

STEWART Virgil Pierce C-4274 T-446 
STEWART Warren A A-iai 
STEWART William Craig C-8714 
•STEWART William Meacham C-1848 
STEWMAN Amos A-*S4* 
STEYERMAN Harry aifton A-«>8a 

STICKNEY Edward Leonidas C-1094 
STICKNEY Fenner Satterthwaite C-668 
*STICKNEY Frederick Grist Jr C-213 
♦STICKNEY Joseph Bryan C-1364 
♦STICKNEY Joseph Bryan Jr A-3076 

STICKNEY Joseph Bryan III A-5209 
STICKNEY Samuel P C-626 
STTEFEL Walter E Fac 
STIEFEL William Charles Jr C-863-> 
STIGLER Robert Leath C-2215 
STILES George Gordon A- 11 78 
STILES Hamilton Couper A-567 C-639 
STILES John Chadwick A-607 
STILES John Chadwick A-1814 
STILES Robert Edward A-3611 
STILES William Gordon A-553 
STILES William Henry Jr or III A-112 

STILES William Henry V A-5502 
STILLMAN John Edgar Jr A-5U5 
STIMMEL Frederick Cyril Jr C-5525 
STIMSON Andrew VanSickle C-4216 
STIMSON Robert Blankenship C-3967 
STIMUS Frederick Randolph Fac 
STINECIPHER Patricia SSMC p 342 
STINSON Louis M-1391 
STIRLING Carl M-1257 
STIRLING J Bowman A-792 
STIVERS Robert Lawrence C-3088 
STOCK James Hunter C-6019 
STOCK Richard Martin Hume A-5522 
STOCKARD Charles Cecil Jr M-1185 

PP 45 55 
STOCKELL Albert Wright C-4662 
STOCKELL Kent Logan Co-ed 73 p 

249 Staff 
STOCKELL Matthew DeLamere Cooper 

Jr C-4898 
STOCKELL Mercer Logan C-5235 
STOCKWELL Edward Harvey A-4489 
STOEBE Peter Morton C-8579 
STOFFEL James Neil C-3830 
STOKES Clarence Joseph Jr A-4190 
STOKES George Ellis Jr C-6478 
STOKES Walter Emory C-5158 
STOKES Robert Edward Lee Jr C- 

STOKES Thomas Melvin C-2055 
STOLPER Joseph H M-244 
STOLZ Clarence Frederick Jr T-820 
STOLZ Robert Albert Jr A-3827 
STONE Albert Asa Jr C-5977 
STONE Andrew Alexis C-2059 RR PP 

24 26 
STONE Belo Jr A-4888 
STONE Edwin Eugene A-1347 M-73 
STONE Frederick Lee A-1220 C-1235 
STONE Frederick Oscar C-7833 
STONE Henry Fanthrop (not Fan- 

thrope) C-1310 
STONE James Robert Jr A-5833 
STONE Jerry Farmer A-3289 
STONE Julius Caesar M-1080 
STONE Leland Wooten A-3582 
STONE Marshall Christman. A-4959 
STONE Martin Charles C-4335 
STONE Norman Edward M-1056 
STONE Richard A-4887 
STONE Robert John Jr C-5366 
STONE Samuel Marion M-J035 
STONE Thomas David Jr A-5368 
STONE Thomas Floyd C-2H2 
STONE Thomas Harmon A-6630 
STONE Thomas Walter A-2869 C-2641 
STONE Will M C-1313 
*STONE William Porter C-470 Fac 

STONEBURNER Mrs Wesley also 

BANKS Betsy FS-12 p 339 
STONEHAM Carl Baker C-7192 
STONER Alfred Moorman A-2276 
STONESTREET Reginald Fort A-3321 
STONEY Christopher Louis C-2527 
♦STONEY James Moss C-2122 T-27S 

H-400 RR pp 45 50 51 
STONEY James Moss Jr C-4766 
STONEY Laurence O'Hear C-5092 
STONEY Randell Croft C-4679 
STONEY Samuel Gaillard C-2160 
STONEY Theodore DuBose C-4933 
STONEY Thomas Porcher C-2147 RR 

pp 45 91 108 
'STONEY William Shannon C-2526 T- 

344 GST-8 RR pp 45 51 105 106 

STONEY Mrs William Shannon then 

HUNT Martha Staff 
STONEY William Shannon Jr C-6709 
STORCK John Philip Jr A-6120 
STORIE Raymond Wilson C-7131 
STORM Walter Woolsey A- 1795 
STORY William Bryan Jr C-6082 
STOTLER John Bainter A-4687 
STOUGH Furman Charles C-7021 T- 

STOUGH Selman Warner C-7998 
STOUGHTON Owen Francis C-5293 
STOUT Arthur Polk A-29 
STOUT Harry Bonney A-1076 C-1082 
STOUT James Jordan A-I7 C-190 
STOUT John Barnes C-5840 
STOUT losiah Wilkins C-5023 
STOUT Paul Warren C-8415 
STOUT Thomas Jefferson M-361 
STOUT William Cumming RR pp 45 

52 54 76 
STOUT William Jordan C-28 
STOVALL John Willis A-1006 
STOVALL Mrs Kenneth also POWELL 

Rebekah Megee Co-ed 66 p 249 
STOVER Verne Ricord T-304 
STOWE N Read also CLOW N Read 

Stowe A-5966 
STOWE Robert William Carleton 

STOWERS Edward A-539 
STOWERS Gabe A-538 C-536 
STOWERS John Gates C-7502 
STRAIT Cecil Donald A-5385 
STRADER James Wilson C-6037 
STRADER Joseph Daniel C-6125 
♦STRADLEY Frederick Sill C-7241 
STRAHAN William Homer M-1298 
STRAIN James Raymond C-2969 
STRAINGE Roy Thomas Jr C-5554 
STRANG John Sharp T-675 
STRANG Samuel Bartow Jr C-4618 
STRANG Shorter Thornton A-5118 
STRANGE Luther Johnson Jr C-5847 
STRANGE Robert H-150 RR pp 20 23 

45 6° 
♦STRANGE Robert Jr A-2427 RR PP 

45 61 
♦STRANGE Robert Wright Jr A-2223 
STRAS Joseph C-4067 
STRASSBURGER Benjamin W A-414 
STRATFORD Alfred Louis C-8717 
STRATTON Josephine Eggleston also 

ed 81 p 254 
STRAWN Joel Thomas C-8549 
STREET Claudius Augustus A-5067 
STREET George Lynn A-4955 
STREET Oscar Johnston M-516 
STREETT David Corbin II T-825 

STREICHER Ralph Leo C-6090 
STRETCH Jerome Bates C-8650 
STRICKER Philbrick or Philip Ham- 
man A-2614 
STRICKLAND Clyde Hodo Jr A-6181 
STRICKLAND Glenn George A-3913 
STRICKLAND Harold Somerset T-682 
STRICKLAND William Aaron M-976 
STRICKLER John Horter A-6039 
STRINGFELLOW Breville Breard 

STRINGFELLOW James Horace RR pp 

20 23 45 59 
STRINGFELLOW Horace C-1657 T- 

205 RR pp 24 27 
STROBEL Abner J A-304 
STRODER Benjamin Franklin M-705 
STRODER James Thomas M-787 
STRONG Edgar Freeman p 373 
STRONG Henry N RR pp 45 73 
STRONG Jack Cloy C-5811 
STRONG Shiel C-4117 
STRONG Willard Lee A-4914 
STROOP John Henry C-3338 
STROTHER Benjamin A-1263 C-1242 
STROTHER Corneille Bacon M-71 C- 

STROTHER Edmund Weyman C-1842 
STROTHER James Otey Read A-1608 
STROTHER Robert Simmons C-7652 
STROTHER Sam Pryor Jr C-7342 
STROTHER William Augustus A-1398 

STROTHER William Augustus Jr C- 

5432 p 222 
STROTHER William Frederick C-4208 
STROUD Edward Clayton M-331 
STROUD William Exam III A-6119 
STROUD William Fletcher M-840 
STROUP James C-6114 
STROWD William Spencer A-4817 

STUART Albert Rhett H-486 RR pp 

45 66 68 
STUART Calvin Biddison Jr C-8576 
STUART Charles Calvert A-1104 
STUART Fletcher Slocumb C-7819 
STUART Gardiner or Garden Clarksoo 

STUART Gray Williams C-6532 
STUART Herbert McDonell A-2889 
STUART Hudson Whitaker C-7174 
STUART John Melton Jr C-8611 
STUART Ralph A-2378 
STUART Richard also MACKELL 

Richard S S A-3442 
STUART Robert S RR pp 45 59 
STUART Roger Moore A- 1726 C-1766 
STUBBS Alfred H RR pp 45 106 
STUBBS Alfred Roland M-26 
STUBBS G Edward H-155 
STUBBS Sidney Johnston Jr A-4529 

C-5311 RR PP 45 93 
STUBLEY Robinson Houghton A-5803 
STUCK Hudson Jr T-85 H-160 RR 

PP 45 57 
STUCKEY Emanuel Oscar M-889 
STUCKEY Raymond Butler Jr C-6738 
STUCKEY Walter DuBose C-3219 
STUDSTILL Richard Thomas A-6J74 
STUMB Frank Andrew C-3942 
STUMB William Thomas C-659* 
STUNTZ Albert Edward A-a8,48 
STUNTZ Andrew Jackson Sharp 

•STURDIVANT Benjamin William 

A-3171 C-29SO 
♦STURGIS Richard Leroy Jr C-3815 
T-463 RR pp 45 61 



STURKTE Henry Ray Jr A-512S 
STURRUP Cyril Neville Lee T-515 
STURTEVANT Joseph Edward C-8503 

♦STYRON Arthur Herman C-2475 
SUAREZ Harry Durant Jr A-6140 
SUAREZ Joseph Manuel M-696 
SUBLETT Robert Buckner A-3881 
SUDDOTH Gerald Alexander Jr C-5891 
SUDDUTH Curtis Alvin Jr C-7139 
SUGARMAN Norman Louis A-5920 
SUGG Henry Byron A-3846 
SUGG James Edward C-4758 
SUGG John Thomas M-116 
SUGG William Ernest Jr C-4470 
SULGER Kurt Armand Fac 
SULLIVAN Chauncey Forward A-1817 
SULLIVAN Claude Hutcheson Jr C- 

5363 T-619 
SULLIVAN Meredith A C-97 
SULLIVAN Thomas Crofoot A-3917 
SULLIVAN William Albert Jr C-5438 

p 229 
SULLIVAN William Alexander A-3927 
SUMAN Glenn Wayne C-6378 
SUMMERLIN James Allison M-1331 
SUMMERS David Alan C-5540 
SUMMERS Edward Oscar A-1721 
SUMMERS Estus Leon M-H58 
SUMMERS Forrest Tunnell M-491 
SUMMERS John Walter A-1711 
SUMMERS Robert Lee M-1581 
SUMMERS Thomas Roderick A-4894 
SUMMERS William Lee M-1029 
SUMMERS Wright Stevesson C-8773 
SUMNER Gordon Sykes M-1099 
SUMNER Raiford Eve C-4636 
♦SUMRALL Jesse Lott M-823 
SUNDQUIST Chester Royal Jr C-6311 
SUNDT lb Eric A-5414 
SUNDT Peter Christian A-4786 
SUNN Harold Edward C-6018 
SUNNY Joe CFF p 342 
SURFACE Henry Howard RR pp 45 

SUTCLIFFE Samuel C-2192 T-278 
SUTER Herman M Staff 
SUTER Jesse Louis C-1749 
SUTERMEISTER Robert Lowell C- 

SUTHERLAND Ashby McCulloch C- 

5118 RR pp 25 26 
SUTHERLAND James Madison Jr C- 

SUTHERLAND John Calhoun Staff 
SUTHERLAND Julian Hoyt A-4840 
SUTHERLAND Sena Margaret FS-4< 

P 340 
SUTHERLAND Wade Hampton M-839 
SUTHERLIN John Haskins C-3064 
SUTPHEN Denig Eastwood A-2759 
SUTTLE Julien Lafayette C-5823 

SUTTON Benjamin Whitworth M-12S 
SUTTON Fred Walter Jr C-6449 
♦SUTTON George Thomas M-980 
SUTTON Harvey James Jr C-4622 
SUTTON J Quarles Fac 
SUTTON John Brannen Jr A-4499 

SUTTON Julian Rush M-1037 
SUTTON W H RR pp 45 57 
SUYEKUNI Akira C-2707 
SWAFFORD Samuel Berry A-2892 
SWAIM Edward C-2206 
SWAIN Clifford Eugene C-6424 
SWAIN Howard Lee A-1355 C-1359 
SWAIN Jack Randolph C-2202 RR pp 

45 58 

SWAIN William Harvey M-1316 
SWAN Bart Rogers A-4212 
SWANMAN Ira Charles T-312 
*SWANN Edward A-492 C-566 
SWANN Jeptha Haynes T-185 
SWANN Samuel Davis A-590 C-641 
SWANSON Benjamin Graves M-1415 
SWANSON Donald Clarence C-6490 
SWANSON Frederick James A-3861 
SWANSON Stanley Runyan (not Run- 
yon) C-6352 
SWARTZ Charles Miller M-134 
SWANZY Coy Gene A-5445 
SWARTZ James Walter A-3466 
SWASEY Allan Hefler C-7429 
SWASEY Arthur Morton Jr A-4809 
SWAYNE Hugh Herring A-3277 
SWEANY Joseph David M-644 
SWEARINGEN Joseph William III C- 

SWEAT Carroll Dabney A-3137 
SWEAT F G Staff 
SWEAT Wilson Thomas A-2927 
SWEENEY Robert Dale C-8593 
SWEENEY Robert Todd C-4687 
SWENSON Kenneth Speir C-5181 
SWENSON Robert Jerome C-5123 
SWETNAM George Nelson C-6075 
SWETT Frederic George C-1374 
SWIFT Charles Thomas A-2158 
SWIFT Dick Fox A-2282 
SWIFT Lee Wilson Jr C-7043 
SWIFT Luther Jr C-3359 
SWIFT Milton Joseph C-3114 T-352 
SWIFT Wilbur Lance C-3215 
SWIFT William Waldo Jr T-S71 
SWIGGETT Glen Levin Fac 
SWIGGETT Horace Haffner A-2197 
SWIGGETT Levin Bain A-2129 C-2293 
SWINEFORD Jerome Alfred A-2311 
SWINGLE Edgar Gray II A-5104 
SWINK Robert Burle C-1613 
SWINNEY Daniel Webster M-1123 
SWINNEY Sam Emmett M-665 
SWISHER Charles L Fac 
SWITZER Ross Adams M-666 
SWOOPE Charles Carter A-2749 C-26l7 
SWOOPE Jacob K A-888 
SWOOPE Walter Ashby A-2509 
SWOOPE William Mangia A-2475 
SWOPE Harold Brown C-196S RR pp 

45 106 
SWOPE Rodney Rush RR pp 45 105 
SYDNOR John W A-196 
SYKES Allen Theodore T-717 
SYKES Charles Merrell C-7596 
SYKES James Lundy T-211 RR pp 45 

SYKES Lawson A-889 
SYKES Lucien Silvern A-4603 
SYKES Thomas McQuiston RR pp 45 

SYKES Walter Morriss M-878 
SYLER Charles Wayne C-4948 
SYLER George Willoughby C-4070 
SYLVAN Gustaf Jonson II A-4364 

SYLVESTER William Henry C-422S 

SYMES William Finley C-5714 
SYMMES Leon Leonard A-1889 
SYMONDS Roderic Graham A-5098 

TAAFFE Harry C Francis C-1901 T- 

TABER Albert Rhett A-2743 
TABER Albert Rhett Jr C-604 
TABER Joseph William C-4054 
TABER William Audley A-2695 

TABER William Audley Jr A-4i82 
TABOR Britton Duncan C-4546 RR 

pp 25 26 
TABOR Hugh H M-1533 
TABOR James Hamilton C-4619 
TAENZER Charles Robert A-2735 
TAFT Marshall Daniel Jr A-5155 
TAFT Samuel William C-4656 
TAGGART Thoburn Jr C-7302 
TAKAMATSU Takaharu H-261 
TALBOT Eugene Woren A-288 
TALIAFERRO Benjamin J C-425 
TALIAFERRO Edmund Pendleton A- 

2321 C-2177 
♦TALIAFERRO Harry Nicholas C-2270 
TALIAFERRO Lula Marion Staff 
TALIAFERRO William Morrison A- 

2 122 

TALLEY John Williamson Jr C-8196 
TALLEY Lynn Charles A-2782 C-2495 
TALLEY Pickens Coles C-4895 
TALLEY Thomas Julian C-6555 
TALLICHET David Compton Jr C- 

TALLICHET H RR pp 45 97 99 Fac 
TANDY Henry Arch A-3718 
TANKERSLEY Marshall C-107 
TANKSLEY Ben Altman Jr A-4193 

TANNAHILL Robert Nicholson Jr C- 

TANNER Arthur Thomas Jr C-5897 
TANNER Brent McIIvain A-1451 
TANNER James Mahan C-5609 
♦TANNER John Stewart C-1402 M-106 
TANNER Seabourne Herbert Jr C- 

TANNERHILL Theodore Lafayette C- 

TAPP John Rives A-707 C-728 
TAPPAN Lewis William A-3802 
TARBLE John Edward A-467 
TARBUTTON Robert Michael C-8748 
TARLTON Guy C-1689 
TARNOW Donald Martin A-5840 
TARNOW Jerry Warren A-6195 
TARNOW Paul Albert A-5844 C-7838 
TARPLEY Collin Southall A-402C-412 
TARPLEY John Estelle C-2247 
TARPLEY Joseph Russell M-1355 
TARPLEY Robert Fulton M-534 
TARRY Edward Gailor A-3170 
TARTT Elnathan Jr T-405 RR pp 

45 53 
TATE Allen (John Orley) Fac 
TATE Ernest Carnes A-976 C-1209 
TATE John Henry L-i 
TATE Paul Alexander C-3673 RR pp 

25 27 
TATE Paul Tudor Jr C-4425 
♦TATE Robert Middleton A-2148 
TATE Simpson C-142 
TATE Simpson Jr A- 1989 
TATE William Bethea A-278S 
TATE William David C-8396 
TATOR Donald Walter C-6029 
TATUM Benton F M-490 
TATUM John Franklin A-4284 
TATUM (not TATUS) John Henrv 

♦TATUM Robert George C-2748 T-339 
TAUBER Charles Bernard C-4611 
TAUBER John Arthur Jr C-4250 
TAYLOR Alfred Robert C-48S T-41 
♦TAYLOR Benjamin Cicero M-1508 
TAYLOR Benjamin Franklin A-1012 
TAYLOR Burt Fowler Jr A-5801 
TAYLOR Carl Biggs Jr A-4688 
TAYLOR Cecil Morton C-6826 
TAYLOR David Patterson Jr C-6691 

TAYLOR Dick Jr C-4079 RR pp 25 27 
TAYLOR Donald Allen A-1224 C-1377 
TAYLOR Edward Wilson M-1336 
TAYLOR Eldridge Hayward GST-224 
TAYLOR Frederick Elwood C-6482 
TAYLOR Garland Stewart C-2566 
TAYLOR George Wallace C-2603 
TAYLOR George Washington M-1091 
♦TAYLOR Herman Marshall M-723 
TAYLOR Hiero Louis Jr A-4870 
TAYLOR Jack Howard Fac 
TAYLOR James Alston A-3371 
TAYLOR James Crosby A-5710 
TAYLOR James Franklin M-81 
TAYLOR James Henry Jr T-872 p 329 
♦TAYLOR James Jerkins C-2114 
TAYLOR James R A-852 C-918 
TAYLOR James Spense Jr C-7907 
TAYLOR John Ecklin T-860 
TAYLOR John Ramsay Jr C-7087 
TAYLOR John Yerger A-4223 
TAYLOR Joseph Taliaferro M-139 
TAYLOR Kenneth Eve C-2094 
TAY'LOR Marcus Elvis M-42 
TAYLOR Marion Arch C-3034 
TAYLOR Orval Reeves M-1543 
TAYLOR Owen Hobson M-1213 
TAYLOR Paul Lee Jr A-3821 
TAYLOR Philip Reade A-4737 
TAYLOR Ralston Longstreth C-8344 
TAYLOR Reuben Davis A-2632 
TAYLOR Richard McCrary A-4200 
TAYLOR Richard Putney C-7358 
TAYLOR Robert Brew A-4473 
TAYLOR Seneca Curtis C-1300 
TAYLOR Shelby Glass C-1874 
TAY'LOR Sidney H RR pp 45 93 
TAYLOR Thomas Allen C-6370 
TAYLOR Thomas Edward A-5530 
TAYLOR Thomas Franklin Jr C-4020 
TAYLOR Thomas Henderson A-5741 
TAYLOR Thomas James A-5250 
TAYLOR Thomas Jefferson C-3224 
TAYLOR Ulysses Solon M-24 
TAYLOR Mrs Walter Jackson also 

MINOR Patricia Gay Co-ed 95 

p 260 
TAYLOR William Allen Jr A-6620 
TAYLOR William Josiah A-96 C-440 
TAYLOR William Lewis A-6018 
TEAGUE James Isaac C-3518 
TEAL Keith Alexander A-6177 
TEASLEY John Osborne M-1063 
TEASLEY Thomas Sawyier A-6642 
TEAT Pinckney Alexander M-566 
TEBAULT Alfred Hugh Jr C-8108 
TEETERS Henry Negley M-91 
TEMPLE Edward Arthur H-185 RR 

rp 45 84 
♦TEMPLE Morris Eugene C-1062 
TEMPLE William Jr C-2473 
TEMPLETON Handly Cotton A-6595 
TEMPLETON Harry Clifton C-4411 
TEMPLETON Harvey Maxwell Jr C- 

TEMPLETON Harvey Maxwell III A- 

TENISON Jack Robert Jr A-4154 
♦TENISON Smith Jr A-3081 C-2943 
TENISON William Jerome A-3787 

TERHUNE Thornton P RR pp 45 71 
TERRELL Clinton Christopher III C- 

TERRELL John L RR pp 45 i7 59 
TERRELL Vernon LaGrange C-825 

TERRELL William Robert C-569.3 



TERRILL Carmon Jackson C-8797 
TERRILL Joseph Leon A-3971 
TERRILL William Kyiser A-3979 
TERRY E W A-721 C-791 
TERRY Mrs John Heaney also 

CHITTY Gertrude Brown Co-ed 

59 P 248 
TERRY Lucius T A-79 
TERRY Ray Gordon C-7834 
TERRY Robert Bracey A-3370 
TERRY Robert Leake Jr A-3602 
TESKEY Charles Benjamin C-7666 
TEVIS Henry Lloyd A-2420 
TEXADA John Augustus A-415 C-407 
TEXADA Joseph William A-462 C-4S5 
THACH Collett Munger C-5634 
THACHER Arthur Worcester A-2898 
THACKER Hugh Percy M-997 
THACKSTON Turner Bartlett Jr A- 

THAGARD Thomas Werth Jr C-7961 
THAMES Christopher Dudley Jr A-3700 

THAMES George Walter III A-3672 
THAMES Harold Stanley Fac 
THAMES James Robert Jr A-3481 
THAMES Kemps A-3876 
THAMES Rufus M-1088 
THEOBALD Carl Frederick Jr A-I5 43 

THEOBOLD Theodore Van Riper T- 

THERIOT Alexander Jr M-296 
THETFORD L Charles A-280 
TH1BAUT David Dubourg A-5020 
THIBAUT John Edgar A-4681 
TH1BAUT Thomas Augustus A-4314 
THIBODEAUX Adolphe Jr A-713 
THIBODAUX Alton Henry A-3526 C- 

♦THIESEN Rudolph John (Jack) A- 

1882 Sum 1908 p 154 
THIGPEN Francis Marion Jr C-3859 
♦THOM James Alexander M-1506 
THOMAS Albert Sidney T-134 SST 

p 330 H-291 RR pp 45 89 90 91 
♦THOMAS Charles Edward C-3390 

RR pp 45 109 112 118 Fac Staff 
THOMAS Claude Bledsoe C-5944 
THOMAS Cyrus Henry C-6058 
THOMAS Dan Anderson Fac 
THOMAS Edward C-388 
THOMAS Edward Perry Jr C-3776 
THOMAS Edward Wilmans A-5135 
THOMAS Eugene Franklin Jr A-576o 
THOMAS George Bruce M-140 Fac 
THOMAS George Buckner A-3535 
THOMAS Gwilym Llewellyn Glandare 

THOMAS Harold C-1459 T-154 
THOMAS Harry T-752 
THOMAS Henry Jones A-3450 
THOMAS Herbert LeRoy III A-6s6d 
THOMAS Herschel G M-343 
THOMAS Horace Ezell M-824 
THOMAS Ira Lee III C-7433 
THOMAS J Talbert also THOMAS 

Lawrence Talbert A-2431 C-2260 
THOMAS James Bishop Fac 
THOMAS James Brooks Jr C-4861 
THOMAS James Edwin C-5918 
THOMAS James Maxwell A-6540 
THOMAS John Newton RR pp 45 74 
THOMAS John Newton A-3451 
THOMAS John Waties Jr A-4133 
THOMAS John Wesley M C-2630 
♦THOMAS John William Jr C-2854 
THOMAS Joseph Cumming A-1569 C- 

THOMAS Joseph Edgar A-765 C-797 

THOMAS Joseph Micajah C-7321 
THOMAS Julian Johnson Jr A-4992 
THOMAS Lawrence Talbert now THO- 
MAS J Talbert A-2431 C-2260 
THOMAS Leo Julian Jr A-5219 
THOMAS Lewis Collins A-1060 C-1114 
THOMAS Lewis Wimberly A-3365 
THOMAS Lloyd Daunis C-1938 
THOMAS Louis O'Vander C-4848 T- 

THOMAS Oswald Henry Jr C-5879 
♦THOMAS Otho M-819 
THOMAS Peter Glyn C-8762 
THOMAS Richard Weir C-7591 
THOMAS Robert Putnam C-5669 
THOMAS Robert Reece C-6928 
THOMAS Robert Walton C-4223 (not 

C-4224) RR pp 45 100 
THOMAS Sumner Evans Jr A-4370 
THOMAS Wade Noland A-6161 
THOMAS Walter Lord A-917 C-1140 
THOMAS William Corbin C-6264 
THOMAS William Deane A-2079 
THOMAS Wilmer Jones C-2452 
THOMAS Windsor Pipes Jr C-7822 
THOMPSON Albin Clifford Staff 
THOMPSON Albin Clifford Jr C-43S7 
THOMPSON Allan James C-S541 
THOMPSON Allison Whitaker A-2053 
THOMPSON Charles Curran A-2186 

THOMPSON Charles Oscar M-1004 
THOMPSON Charles Wiles A-800 C- 

THOMPSON Claude Durant M-332 
THOMPSON Cornelius Owen Jr C-4477 
THOMPSON Dennis Paul C-8655 
♦THOMPSON Ernest (Earnest?) Lin- 

drel M-301 
THOMPSON Francis John T-607 
THOMPSON Fred Arnold C-4105 
THOMPSON George Taylor C-4645 
THOMPSON Gustave C-2924 
THOMPSON Henry Jackson C-7005 
THOMPSON Hugh Miller H-33 SST p 

330 RR pp 20 23 45 73 76 77 Fac 
THOMPSON Hugh Miller Jr C-4211 

THOMPSON Jack Pillow C-4740 
THOMPSON Jacob RR pp 45 94 
THOMPSON Jacob Jr C-598 
THOMPSON Jacob Jr A-1732 C-1763 
THOMPSON James Barrett A-633 
THOMPSON James Earle C-5895 
THOMPSON Jerome Pillow C-3988 
THOMPSON Mrs J Lewis Jr also 

CAGE Chaille M FS-34 P 340 
THOMPSON John Christian C-8403 
THOMPSON John Keller A- 1297 
THOMPSON Joseph Benjamin M-1239 
THOMPSON Joseph Scott C-6384 
THOMPSON Lawrence Franklin C-4320 
THOMPSON Leslie Edmund M-1540 
THOMPSON Livingston Mims A-1690 
THOMPSON Lloyd Garrison A-2534 
THOMPSON M (Marcus) M M-1454 
THOMPSON Martin Luther A-3805 
THOMPSON Michael Paul C-7837 T- 

THOMPSON Norman Nathaniel Jr C- 

THOMPSON Oscar Menees Jr A-4609 
THOMPSON Paul Stockbridge A-2224 
THOMPSON Richard Sanford A-8S9 

THOMPSON Robert Lee C-6265 
THOMPSON Robert Luckett L-30 

THOMPSON Robert William A-555 

THOMPSON Rogers CPT p 226 
THOMPSON Thomas Campbell A-1813 
THOMPSON Wayman Jackson Jr C- 

THOMPSON William Bess Jr C-759 

RR p 24 
THOMPSON William Bess III C- 

1548 L-51 
THOMPSON William George Gosling 

THOMPSON William Hunt A-439 
THOMSON Julien A-1223 
THOMSON Keith Edward C-6421 
THOMSON Robert Richard A-2341 
THOMSON Thaddeus Austin III A- 

THOMURE Clyde Russell C-6051 
THORGUSON Caesar Stephens C-3520 
THORINGTON Joseph Winter A-880 
THORN Edwin McCosh A-4599 
THORN Thomas Hamilton A-5122 
THORNTON Clarke Wayne Jr A-3949 
THORNTON Henry Nelson A-2956 
THORNTON James Clark C-5720 
THORNTON John Blocker Jr C-4677 
THORNTON Linis Norman C-3803 
THORNTON Mrs Peter also MYERS 

Rosamond FS-38 p 340 
THORNTON Shapard A- 15 36 
THOROGOOD George William C-35Q4 
THOROGOOD James Edward C-3668 

RR pp 45 109 Fac 
THORP Arthur Gray A-2380 
THRASH Joe Fiquette C-6351 
THRASHER Paul McNeel Jr C-5038 
THRASHER Thomas Robinson T-461 

THROCKMORTON Robert Lazear Jr 

THRUSTON Charles Mynn A-3240 
THUL James Riley C-7015 
THUNEMAN Mrs Geraldine once AR- 
NOLD Mrs Geraldine (Mrs Geor£e 
Dewey) Co-ed 74 p 252 
THURMOND George Murat C-7222 
THURMOND Sonia Dabney Mus p 

THURSTON Raymond Donald Jr C- 

THURSTON Theodore Payne H-226 

RR pp 20 23 45 86 88 
THWEATT Robert Catchings Jr C- 

THWING Philip Leonard A-2919 
TIBBS Homer Harrison C-2874 
TICKNOR Henry Wilmer C-1831 T- 

TICKNOR T M RR pp 4 5 67 
TIDBALL Leonard Clark A-1977 
TIDBALL Thomas Allen RR p 116 Fac 
TIDMAN John Haskell A-3181 
TIDMAN John Haskell Jr C-7553 
TIDMORE Dotson (Dodson?) Wright 

TIDMORE Trelles A-5736 
TIERNAN Paul Welborn A-6028 
TIFT Samuel Hall A-1253 
TIGHF. Katherine FS-50 p 340 
TILFORD John Wood Jr C-4328 
TILLER John Albert M-752 
TILLER Oscar Byron M-1515 
TILLETT Wista Lamar C-2577 
TILLEY Parks Fac 
^TILLMAN William H A-436 
TTLLSON John Charles Fremont Jr A- 

TILSON Martin Robert C-6769 T-641 
TILSON William Coe A-5622 
TIMBERLAKE Harold Kenan C-8084 
TIMBERLAKE Roland Ashley C-7483 
TIMMINS Lyle Vaughan III A-6188 
TIMMONS Ernest Andrew M-214 
TINDELL Mrs George also HOPKINS 

Catherine Rivers Co-ed 60 p 248 
TINKER Homer Neville Jr C-4262 T- 

458 RR pp 4; 98 
TINNES Barbara Ann p 292 Staff 
TINSLEY Benjamin William Harned 

TIPS Julius Conrad III A-3828 
TIPPS William Clifton C-4748 
TIPTON Edmond Marshall C-5154 
TIPTON John Levi C-7376 
TISDALE Charles Harry T-525 GST- 

♦TISDALE Martin Luther M-1310 
TISDALE Thomas Sumter T-449 
TISON Bennett Maxey M-1424 
T1S0N John Laurens Jr C-4380 
TITUS Donald Frederick C-6816 
TITUS James Lewis A-1528 C-1579 
TOAL Sylvester Wesley T-797 
TOBIN Charles Milton C-1254 
TOBY Simeon T Jr A-389 
TODD Andrew Lee L-31 
TODD Andrew Lee Jr A-3493 C-3492 
TODD Dudley Mayer A-2299 
TODD Earl Henry Jr C-6299 
TODD George William III T-918 
TODD Harry Allen C-5913 
TODD Oscar Alexander M-526 
TOLAN David Green A-4697 
TOLAND William Leslie Jr C-7788 
TOLER William Ernest M-1354 
TOLLES Shelton King A-4329 
TOLLESON Wilmer Clarence A-2I75 
♦TOLLEY Mark McClellan C-3646 
TOLLEY Robert Lee C-2332 
TOLSON John M-425 
TOMLINSON Allen Robert III C-8208 
TOMLINSON Charles Edwin C-7524 
TOMLINSON Frank Roane A-3129 C- 

TOMLINSON Harry T A-171 
TOMLINSON Hendley Edgar Jr A-4773 
TOMLINSON Jerry Ruddick C-7686 
TOMLINSON Pride (not Price) C-2218 
TOMLINSON Pride Jr C-4805 
TOMLINSON Wallace Kuehn C-8303 
TOMPKINS Charles Hook Jr C-5112 
TOMPKINS Christopher Farrar Jr C- 

TOMKINS Floyd Williams H-183 RR 

pp 20 23 
TOMPKINS Henry Bethune A-2464 
TOMPKINS Joel Urquhart C-8444 
TOMPKINS Laurence Palmer A-2535 
TOMPKINS Luther Pendleton C-8109 
TONEY Charles Lee A-28 C-168 
TONSMEIRE Louis Edward T-880 p 

TONSMEIRE Plumer Burgett A-5838 
TOOHEY Charles Henry A-2257 
TOOKE Henry Eugene III A-6233 
TOOLE Luther Chandler C-8204 
TOOMBS David Robert A-5116 
TOOMBS Robert Branard Lawrence 
ert Branard C-4127 , 
TOOMER Henry Buckingham A-1513 
TOOTHAKER Alleyne Richard C-3387 

RR pp 45 86 
TOOTHAKER Horace Lauren C-3388 
TORBETT Matthew Barrow C-82 
TORESON Kenneth Everett C-6383 



TORIAN Anna also OWENS Mrs Hu- 
bert Bond Co-ed 25 p 190 
TORIAN John Potter C-4269 
TORIAN Oscar Noel C-1391 H-429 RR 

pp 45 107 108 1 12 Staff 
TORIAN Mrs Oscar Noel also Mrs 

Sarah Hodgson Staff 
TORIAN Robert Chester A-2622 
TORIAN Telfair Hodgson C-3834 
TORRE Y Reuben Archer III T-6is 
TOTMAN Glenn Parker C-8755 
TOTTEN Rev Dr RR p 70 
TOTTEN Ephriam Salisbury or Jack 

TOTTEN L A (probably Lawrence Al- 
len) Mus p 341 
TOTTEN Lawrence Allen A-1552 p 341 
TOTTEN R L (probably Robert Lyle) 

Mus p 341 
TOTTEN Robert Lyle A-1553 p 341 
TOURIGNEY Robert Allen T-603 
TOWART Sanford Knapp C-6634 
TOWER Frederick Andrew M-1478 
TOWERS Jack A-5035 
TOWERS William McGee III C-7401 
TOWLE Edwin Sargent C-3965 
TOWN Albert Hays Jr A-5738 
TOWN William Forrester M-464 
TOWNE Dudley Porch A-2318 
TOWNES Charles Lewis A-181 
TOWNES Charles Lewis Jr C-2082 
*TOWNES James Armstead A-3270 C- 

*TOWNES James Armistead Jr A-5819 
TOWNES Lloyd Reid M-1387 
TOWNSEND Frank Albert M-257 
*TOWNSEND Henry Evans C-2148 
TOWNSEND Peter Sergeant also 

CLARK Peter Sergeant A-4530 
TOWNSHEND George C-2282 T-272 

TOWNSHEND Rolph RR pp 45 62 
TOWNSEND Walter Corley Jr A-S720 
TRABUE Thomas Malone C-4418 
TRACY Sterling Hill T-512 
TRACY William Douglas C-1006 
TRACY Wilmer Lee A-3074 

RR pp 45 99 
TRADER Thomas Richard Bailey RR 

PP 45 97 99 
TRAGESSER George Manley C-4034 
TRAGITT Horatio Nelson Jr C-2479 

T-294 H-441 
TRAINER Edwin Hudson C-8201 
TRAMMELL Niles Leander or Leander 

Niles A-2742 C-2560 p 292 RR 

pp 45 108 109 112 
TRAMPLER Walter CFF p 342 
TRANAKOS Arthur Peter C-7879 
TRAPP Claude Wilkes Jr C-5352 
TRAPP David Morton C-5382 
TRAUGHBER Thomas Eugene A-S08S 
TRAVIS Jennings Walter M-1484 
TRAVIS Marvin K C-4472 
TRAWEEK Chase Ewell A-3002 C- 

TRAWICK Leonard Moses III C-7806 

RR pp 25 26 
TREACCAR Charles Jesse A-2070 
TREACCAR Herman A-2379 
TREADWELL Arthur Barlow A-2829 
TREANOR John Bell Jr C-2597 
•TREAT Cornelius Parker A-2937 C- 

2729 RR pp 45 80 
TREAT John Callahan A-6617 


TRELEASE Murray Lincoln C-6743 
TRELEASE Richard Mitchell Jr C- 

TREMLETT Francis William H-i RR 

p 16 Staff 
TRENHOLM Arthur Wellesley A-2522 
TRENHOLM Frank F A-680 
TRENHOLM William Lee A-205 C-311 
TRENT William Peterfield H-154 RR 

pp 19 22 120 Fac 

A-692 C-751 
TREVATHAN Charles Edward C-801 
TREVATHAN William Andre C-73 55 
TREZEVANT Edward (S) or possibly 

Robert A-485 
♦TREZEVANT Hugh Pollard A-1526 
•TREZEVANT James Cain Jr A-5671 

TREZEVANT Marye Beattie (not 

Brooks) A-956 
•TREZEVANT Stanley Hamilton C- 

1845 L-113 
TRICE J Frank C-613 
TRICE William Hunter Jr C-8«I9 
TRICHEL Milton Clarence Jr C-4035 
TRIMBLE David Lardner C-34 RR PP 

45 54 
TRIMBLE Henry Leland C-8587 
TRIMBLE Robert W RR pp 45 52 54 
TRIMBLE Robert Wilson A-2022 
TRIMBLE Samuel Withers A-2045 
TRIMBLE Wilbourne A-2097 
TRIMBLE William Bradley T-799 
TRINE John G M-1369 
TRIPLETT William Harrison A-4847 
TRIPPE Charles Tissier C-5326 
TRIPPE Graham A-2330 
TRIPPE Hubert Heiner A-1661 
♦TRIPPE Richard Edwards A- 165 8 C- 

TROSCLAIR Gaston Emile M-923 
TROSDAL Reidar Arnljot Jr A-5756 
TROST Charles Arthur A-6115 
TROTT Thomas L SST p 330 
TROTTER William Chamberlain Jr A- 

TROUP Hugh Fraser Grant C-29 
TROUSDALE Charles Eastman C-2520 
TROUT Russell J Navy V-12 
TROWBRIDGE Adam Short A-3568 
TROWBRIDGE George Graham Jr A- 

TROWBRIDGE Harry Lorraine Jr A- 

TROWBRIDGE Newman A-4283 
TROWBRIDGE Terrell O'Dale A-5361 
TROY Ralph Talbot C-8168 RR pp 

25 27 
TRUAX George H M-69 
TRUEMAN Ernest Raymond C-3773 
TRUESDELL William Harriott C-6710 
TRULOVE James Otis A-3021 
TRUMBO Arthur Howell A-6268 
TRUMBO Donald Jr A-5355 
TRUMBO Graver Cleveland Jr A-4383 
TRUSSELL Sam J M-1159 
TSCHUDY Philip William C-2918 
TSU Andrew Yu Yue H-407 
TUCK Marston Harwin C-8423 
TUCKER Augustine Washington A- 

4970 C-6800 
TUCKER Charles Lee A-1175 
TUCKER Dan Wilbur C-3843 
TUCKER Edward Blount C-3181 
TUCKER Edward Blount Jr C-7157 
TUCKER Edward C A-726 C-773 
TUCKER Ernest Eckford C-1553 
TUCKER Everett Jr A-3793 

TUCKER Felix Harris C-3865 
TUCKER Frank Beckwith A-4576 
TUCKER Frederic Fulton C-1390 
TUCKER Gardiner Chylson H-307 
TUCKER Gardiner Leigh C-J395 T- 

149 H-234 RR pp 45 74 Fac 
TUCKER George deSaussure A-1967 
•TUCKER Henry St George H-465 

RR pp 21 23 
TUCKER James Lester Jr C-5748 
TUCKER John Douglas A-2198 
TUCKER John Gordon C-5518 
TUCKER John Randolph C-5322 
TUCKER Mrs John Randolph Jr or 

TUCKER Virginia Wyatt Co-ed 84 

P 258 
TUCKER Johnnie Staff 
TUCKER Joseph Louis RR pp 18 22 

45 49 76 117 
TUCKER Joseph Louis C-4047 
TUCKER Katherine also BUNNELL 

Mrs James Leighton Staff 
TUCKER Lee S A-751 
TUCKER Louis A-1065 C-1079 T-113 

GST-95 H-255 RR PP 45 53 54 74 
TUCKER Otis Benjamin M-321 
TUCKER Prentiss C-1415 Mus p 341 

TUCKER Royal Kenneth C-1746 T-213 
TUCKER Thomas Tudor A-2858 
TUCKER Thomas Tudor Jr C-7258 
TUCKER Mrs Thomas Tudor Jr also 

GARLAND Mary Ann Co-ed 80 p 

TUCKER Virginia Wyatt or TUCKER 

Mrs John Randolph Jr Co-ed 84 

p 258 
TUCKER Wiliam III C-3068 
TUCKER William Henry Jr C-7300 
TUELL Herbert A HA p 522 
TULL Charles Watson Jr A-4232 
TULLER John Ellis A-3444 
TULLIS Clayton Thurmond Jr A-2999 

TULLIS Don Delano C-7693 
TULLIS Rogers Bethune C-2508 
TULLOS Augustus Madison M-512 
•TULLOS Nevil Eugene M-265 
TUMLIN George H A-313 
TUNBERG William Chichester C-8818 
TUPPER Deas Geddings A-3860 
TUPPER Edward Davis A-2165 
TUPPER Frederick H-361 
TUPPER Lamonte A-1903 
TUPPER Samuel Yoer Jr A-1530 
•TUPPER Vernon Southall C-1682 T- 

206 RR pp 46 95 no 112 
TUPPER Vernon Southall Jr C-3511 
TURKINGTON William Ryland Down- 
ing T-636 
TURLEY Eli Rayner Jr C-3252 
•TURLINGTON Bayly C-5106 Fac 
TURNBULL James P A-5226 
TURNBULL Joel Tucker C-3298 
TURNBULL Louis Alen K A-449 
TURNBULL William Arthur Wilfrid 

TURNBULL William B C-74 
TURNER Alonzo Gwartney C-1898 L- 

TURNER Baker Jones Jr T-677 
TURNER Benjamin Bynum Jr A-5737 
TURNER Benjamin Weems A-4690 
TURNER Charles Henry Black T-54 

RR pp 46 98 99 
TURNER Charles Willard Fac 
TURNER Edmund Tipton Jr C-4420 
TURNER Edward Lewis Jr C-6010 

TURNER Edmund Pendleton JrA-1936 

C-1989 L-145 
TURNER Emilie Nathurst also COW- 
LING Mrs Samuel Willis Jr Co- 
ed 20 p 188 
TURNER Gene Clyde C-6023 
TURNER George Nelson Jr C-2675 
•TURNER Henry Augustine Jr C-3838 
TURNER Hugh Miller A-2146 
TURNER James Dix M-453 
TURNER James Franklin M-63 1 
TURNER John Carlton C-3909 T-425 

RR pp 46 51 64 108 112 
TURNER Lisle Fac 
TURNER Malcolm E'lsworth Jr C-2970 
TURNER Marshall Sayre Jr A-3974 

TURNER Paul Charles C-2524 
TURNER Robert Benjamin Jr C-6331 
TURNER Robert Williamson III C- 

4787 T-556 GST-198 
TURNER Russell Wood A-4035 C-4808 

GST-i 12 
TURNER Shirley Randolph A-2105 
TURNER Speare Owen M-1563 
TURNER Thomas III A-4719 
TURNER Thomas E Jr A-3644 
TURNER Thomas Jackson M-388 
TURNER Thomas Martin A-3084 
TURNER Webb William A-5935 
TURNER William A'len Jr M-141 
TURNER William Baker A-868 
TURNER William Deane Jr C-4138 
TURNER William Richard A-3042 
TURNER William Richard Jr C-8781 
TURNER W.lliam Stephen C-3416 T- 

416 RR pp 46 55 112 
TURNER William Stephen III C-8107 
TURNEY Lowndes A-804 C-854 
TURNEY Sam C-877 
•TURNEY Tom C-96 
TURNEY Tom C-2390 
TURNIPSEED Jesse Andrew M-198 
TURPIN Frederick Johnson C-8437 
TURPIN Jefferson Davis C-378 
TURPIN Thomas Baynard A-137 
TUTT Richard Henry M-i8i 
TUTTLE Daniel Sylvester H-48 RR 

PP 19 20 22 23 46 79 
TUTTLE Robert Trezevant C-2269 
TUTWILER Temple Wilson II A-4277 
TWIFORD Horace A-3995 
TWITTY Bryce Linton Jr A-5048 
TWITTY Joseph Durward A-6034 
TWITTY Weldon Craig C-3725 
TYE Hiram Clark Jr C-3037 
TYLER Gordon Robert C-6761 
TYLER John Robinson A-6533 
TYLER John Sanford GST-212 
TYLER Joseph D C-481 
TYLER Osceola Gordon C-3758 
TYNER Henry Vergil M-987 
TYNER Oscar Paul C-6385 
TYNES Bayard Shields C-6973 
TYNES Walker Aubrey C-5214 
TYNES William Doric Jr C-7604 
TYSON John Charles C-8584 
TYSON Lawrence Davis H-288 RR pp 

19 22 
TYSON Paul Lawrence A-2721 
TYSON Richard Parren A-2564 
TYSON Stuart Lawrence RR p 116 Fac 
TYSON Stuart Mitchell Stephen A-2660 


UEDERMANN Alexander Louis A- 11 70 

UEDERMANN Edwin Otto A-1169 

UFFORD Henry Mandeville Jr C-7069 



UHL David Edwin A-897 C-1043 
UHLIG Merle C C-3862 
UHRIG Paul Keil C-6846 
UIHLEIN Paul Jerome C-6834 
ULRICH Donald Phillip A-5673 
ULRICH Raymond Herman Jr A-5387 
UNDERDOWN David Edward Fac 
UNDERHILL Donald Wallace C-8377 
UNDERHILL John Sears C-8824 
UNDERWOOD Charles Latham A-2781 
UNDERWOOD Charles Walton A- 1780 

C-1919 RR p 118 Fac Staff 
♦UNDERWOOD Charles Walton Jr 

A-3610 C-4199 
UNDERWOOD Gerald Vincent C-6303 
UNDERWOOD Henry Warner A-2703 
UNDERWOOD Richard Eugene C- 

UNDERWOOD Roy Fielden C-6176 
UNSWORTH Herbert Randolph A- 

UPCHURCH Charles Marion C-8455 
UPCHURCH John J A-587 
UPCHURCH Terrell M Fac 
UPSTILL David Alexander A-5131 
URQUHART James Cameron A-4962 
URQUHART Park Vasco Jr A-5109 
USHER Guy Samuel T-518 GST-75 
USREY Richard Foley C-6991 
USSERY Hugh Dudley Fac 
UTHMAN Uthman Bachir C-8835 

VACCARO Herbert Albert Charles A- 

3 594 
VACCARO Lucas Joseph Jr A-3498 
* VACCARO Regis Francis A-3593 C- 

VAIDEN Arthur Lyon also LYON- 

VAIDEN Arthur Lyon C-4830 
VAIL Sidney Lee A-2225 T-261 GST- 

VAIL Vernon Armstrong Jr A-3686 
VAILL Frederick Sturdivant RR pp 46 

VALE Charles Harrison C-5134 
VALENTINE J C M RR pp 46 92 93 
VAMMEN Reuel Eberhart C-5943 
VAN ALLEN William Maurice Dirk 

VAN ALSTYNE David HA p 522 
VanBERGEN Charles RR pp 46 105 
VAN CAMPEN Sherwood Tyler C-8002 
VANCE James Milton A-411 C-413 
VANCE William Little III A-5459 
VAN CLEAVE Henry Shibley M-207 
VAN CLEVE William Early C-7773 
VanDEMAN Carl Berton A- 1068 
VAN DEN AREND Nicholaas Fac 
VANDERBILT George Washington RR 

PP 46 105 
VANDERFORD Morris Dale C-7601 

VANDERPOOL Charles Howard A- 

VANDER VEEN Richard Frank C-6052 
VanDERVEER Thomas Morris A-979 

VAN DEVENTER Hugh Flournoy Jr 

A-3447 C-3327 
VanDEVENTER James C-3253 
VAN DUZER John McKee C-1312 
VAN DYKE Edgar Carlyle A-1177 
VAN DYKE Howard Barnes A-1153 
VAN FOSSEN Harry Thomas Lee A- 

VAN GIESEN Frank Stafford A-30SI 

VAN HOOSE James Alexander C-176 

T-10 p 292 RR pp 46 50 51 Staff 
VAN KREVELEN Nellis Donald C- 

VAN LEER Samuel Wall A-5676 
VAN LENTEN Donald Henry C-7412 
VAN MATRE Peter A-4408 
van MOORT Johannes Gerardus T-903 
VANN DuBose Anthony III A-5901 
VANN Sally Maurine CFF p 342 
♦VAN NESS Frank Waters A-1437 C- 

VAN NESS Lawrence Pike Graham A- 

♦VAN NESS William Waters Jr C-871 
VanNORMAN William Chisholm A- 

VAN SICKEL James Rhiner C-5905 
VanSLATE Jan Oliver C-8817 
VanSLATE Jean Ellsworth C-8404 
VAN SURDAM Henderson E Staff 
VAN TASSELL Howard Perlee Jr C- 

♦VanVOORHEES Steven Coerten II 


ick C-1528 
VanWART Donald MacGregor Jr A- 

VAN ZANDT Gertrude Fac 
*VANZANT James Houston Jr C-5239 
VARDELL Henry Hardee C-7586 
VARDELL James Cain C-5178 
VARDELL William Gadsden Jr C-5323 

P 229 
VARINO Francis Harmon Lewis C- 

VARLEY John Spaulding C-4873 
VARLEY Ransom C-4862 
VARNELL Gilbert Lynn A-6303 
VARNELL James Lawrence A-6565 
VARNELL Larry Shelton A-6098 C- 

VARNELL Lon Shelton Staff 
VARNER Frances Gentry SSMC p 342 
VASEY Robert LaMarr A-5390 
VASQUEZ Rafael Pinzon C-5413 Fac 
VAUGHAN Benjamin Decherd A-3996 
VAUGHAN Charles William C-4172 
VAUGHAN Douglas Loughmiller Jr 

A-3720 C-4354 RR p 117 Fac Staff 
"VAUGHAN Fielding A-40S C-383 RR 

pp 46 107 
VAUGHAN Fielding Jr A-2115 C-2034 
VAUGHAN George R A-418 
VAUGHAN Herman Frizzell C-4466 
VAUGHAN James Alexander Jr C-8784 
VAUGHAN James Herbert Jr C-6564 
VAUGHAN John Frederick III A-5709 

VAUGHAN Robert William C-6368 
VAUGHAN Thomas Clinton C-4343 
VAUGHAN William Watkins C-2749 
VAUGHN Harvey Penn M-1244 
VAUGHN John Richard Jr C-6255 
VAUGHN Pierce Latimer A-5531 
VAUGHT James Brown C-5223 T-672 
VAUGHT Thomas Levingston Bayne 

A- 1 595 
*VAUX Cleland Huger C-2634 
VEACH James Madison A-6153 
VEAL Michael Boynton C-8373 
VEAL William Anthony C-8662 
VEALE Donald Ernest T-387 RR pp 

46 79 
VELASCO Abelardo C-1294 
VERDIER Williams Alexander M-434 
VERMILYE Claudius Ira Jr T-919 
VERNER Catlin Cade A-2990 
VERNON Charles Clark C-838 

VERNON Charles Clark Jr C-5460 
VERNON Hugh Frederick C-1428 
VERNON William Sidney C-1348 
VERNOR Durwood Conway A-3174 
VEST Gerald Wright C-8171 
♦VESTAL Kent Greer A-5442 C-75I7 
VIBERT Robert King Jr C-4979 
VICK Fletcher Mack M-203 
VICK Ivan Felix A- 1848 
VICK John Earle A-2604 
♦VICK Kyle Alfred C-24S4 
VICK Vivian A-1847 M-950 
VIERS Emmett Lee M-107 
VILLAR William Edward A-sootJ 
VIMONT Charles Whitworth A-250D 
VINCENT James Harry Jr C-8026 
VINCENT Lastie Paul Jr A-4307 
VINER Alexander Edward C-7799 
VINES Albert Van Buren M-1210 
VINES Daniel Dyer A-5558 
VINEYARD Edwin Hawes C-7909 
VINEYARD John Pendleton Jr C-7173 
VINSON Frederick Irving A-6307 
VINSON Willie Joseph A-2279 M-1439 
VINTON Thomas Wood A-2228 
VIRDEN Alexander Jr A-83 C-196 
VIRDEN Joe Lutz C-3592 
VIRDEN Walter A-425 C-414 
VIRGIN John Fredrik C-2217 
VIVRETT William Randolph Jr A- 

VOGEL Arthur Anton C-5568 
VOGT Frank Philip Jr C-8222 
♦VOGTLE Jesse Stringer A-5669 
VOIGT Henry Ferdinand C-35I3 
VOLKMAR William Ward A-2159 
VOLLMER Myles Leroy C-6639 
VOLMERT Elmer James C-6055 
VOLTZ Charles Franklin Jr C-8633 
VOLZ Robert Arthur C-6038 
von ALLMEN Robert Fenwick C-8499 
von der LEHR William Norman C- 

VON ENDE Elard Ferdinand C-70S 
VON HARTEN William C-108 
von MILLER Richard Andrew C-7006 
vonRICHTER Frank Charlee III C- 

vonROSENBERG Hilmer Carl A-2473 
von STERNBURG Baron Hermann 

Speck H-144 RR pp 19 22 
VOORHEES Edwin Meredith A-2011 
VOORHEIS Leroy Kaiser C-3888 
VOORHIS Manning Fac 
VORDENBAUMEN Ernest Godfrey A- 

VORIS Charles Ray C-5838 
VOSE David Eccleston C-7555 
VOSS Edward Christen C-4278 
VOSS Ronald Lafayette Jr C-6707 
VOTH Murray Howard T-796 
VREELAND Edward Butterfield Jr C- 

VREELAND Edward Price C-2197 
VREELAND Louis Cutlife A-5216 
VREELAND Robert Lauren C-5220 
VRONCH George Kemp C-6307 
VUCOV1CH Frasier George A-5826 



♦WADDILL George Anderson A-579 C- 

WADDY John Vernon C-7235 

WADE Frances Kirby-Smith also 
GOODSON Mrs George Wash- 
ington Co-ed 14 p 178 

WADE George A- 145 

WADE L D C-4180 

WADE Maner Lawton A-3319 C-3420 
WADE Thomas Magruder III T-868 

GST- 1 80 p 329 
WADE William Center A-1014 
WADE William Rife A-2394 
WADEWITZ Peter A-5692 
WADLEY Edward Dorr Tracy A-2043 
WADLEY Heber Taber C-2078 
WADLEY John Everingham A-234 
WADLEY William Morrill A-3734 
WADSWORTH Albert Hodges A-2012 

WADSWORTH Daniel Uriah M-228 
WADSWORTH Horace Miller C-3309 
WAELDER Maj RR pp 46 103 
WAGAMAN John Jr C-7560 
WAGER George Peter A-905 
WAGLEY Benjamin Franklin M-1251 
WAGLEY Thomas Sparks C-4608 
WAGNER Charles Gore A-2815 
WAGNER C G RR pp 46 84 
WAGNER Francis Jerome A-2376 
WAGNER George Jacob Jr C-73'9 
WAGNER Gilbert Charles George C- 

WAGNER Howard Alonzo M-708 
WAGNER Kenneth Mitchell Grayson 

♦WAGNER Theodore Joy Jr C-4338 
WAGNER Willard Burch II C-53U 
WAGNON George Noble A-3958 C- 

WAHBY or WAHBI Serush Tawfiq C- 

WAHI.E John Philip Jr C-7329 
WAINWRIGHT Eric Ross A-147S C- 

WAINWRIGHT Sam Huss A-5644 
WAINWRIGHT Thomas Gill C-8035 
WAITE Warren Lee Jr C-7908 
WAITS Emmett Moore T-674 GST-246 

WAKEFIELD Francis Bryan Jr C-3134 

T-360 RR pp 32 46 51 64 117 
WAKEFIELD Francis Bryan III C- 

67 1 1 
WAKEFIELD Henry Smith C-2655 
WAKEFIELD James Smylie C-7476 
WAKELAND John Thomas A-5058 
WALBURTON Bill Washington A-3941 
WALDEN Harry Thomas A-1414 T-163 
WALDEN Virgil Anderson M-266 
WALDO Arthur Webb A-2407 
WALDRON Edward Owen T-914 
WALDROP Allen Marion M-1211 
WALES Jackson White A-3250 
WALKER Aaron Thomas Jr A-6099 
WALKER Adin Wayne A-S537 
WALKER Alexander Levette M-692 
WALKER Benjamin Franklin M-903 
WALKER Benjamin Watson Jr A-42J7 
WALKER Carl Edward Jr C-8573 
WALKER Charles Lee III C-8037 
WALKER Claude Jones M-1247 
WALKER Croom A-818 
WALKER Croom Ware Jr A-2187 
WALKER David Gibson A-1838 C- 

1892 L-125 
WALKER Dorothy Co-ed 43 p 225 
WALKER Edgar Ezeriah A-5S52 
WALKER Edward John Jr C-4157 
WALKER Frank Marion C-5166 
WALKER George David C-3935 
WALKER George Dawson 'A-3751 
WALKER George Dudley M-I3 59 
♦WALKER Gordon Beverley C-4518 
WALKER Harold Foshay A-2811 
WALKER Henry Clay III A-4004 C- 

WALKER Irl Raymond Jr C-5418 



WALKER James Ernest A-1970 
WALKER James Ware C-1334 L-u 
WALKER John Mizell A-5045 
WALKER John Moore Jr C-2266 T- 

268 H-386 RR pp 46 55 56 82 
WALKER John Patrick C-6717 
WALKER John Robert A-4280 C-522S 
WALKER Joseph Ernest III A-6611 
WALKER Joseph Hill C-1465 
WALKER Joseph Rogers C-2483 T- 

324 RR pp 46 77 
WALKER Julian Charbonnier A-5936 
WALKER Julian Wilson Jr C-8038 
WALKER Knox Polk A-2188 
WALKER Louis Gercke A-6231 
WALKER Madison A- 1209 
WALKER Morgan Wailes Jr A-5192 
WALKER Olive p 88 Staff 
WALKER Paul Shields C-6666 T-864 
WALKER R S RR pp 46 97 99 
WALKER Raleigh Washington Jr C- 

WALKER Richard Wild RR pp 46 (9 
WALKER Robert Coulter C-2305 RR 

pp 25 26 Fac 
WALKER Robert Dugue C-7100 
WALKER Robert Kirk C-5839 
WALKER Robert N RR pp 46 63 65 
♦WALKER Roosevelt Pruyn C-1872 
WALKER Rufus Allen C-3235 
WALKER Steve Lewis A-4961 
WALKER Stewart Phinizy A-3176 
WALKER Stewart Phinizy Jr A-5933 
WALKER Thomas Bidwell Jr C-s883 
WALKER Thomas Dick M-50 
WALKER Warren A-3505 
WALKER William Hale A-6613 
WALKER Wynema Lou also JOHN- 
SON Mrs George Vernon Co-ed 67 

P 249 
WALKER William Philip Jr C-4026 
WALKLEY Richard Nelson T-840 
WALKUP Henry Clay M-300 
WALKUP James Andrew M-463 
WALL Donald Wadlington C-7136 
WALL Edward Sutton A-4518 
WALL John Alexander M-423 
WALL John Anderson A-4866 
WALL John Newton Jr C-6992 
*WALL Joshua Columbus Jr A-1232 C- 

WALL Samuel Davis M-355 
WALL Thomas John C-5799 
WALLACE Charles or Pat A-4946 
WALLACE Charles Franklin C-4991 p 

WALLACE David Love M-1040 
♦WALLACE Edward Bruce C-2370 RR 

pp 46 86 
WALLACE George M-887 
WALLACE George Robinson C-6329 
WALLACE George Winch Jr C-3502 
WALLACE Hamilton C-2750 
WALLACE Hewitt Walton C-4444 
WALLACE James Edward M-888 
WALLACE Jeremiah Green Jr or Jerry 

Jr C-4836 
WALLACE Jerry C-2629 T-318 
WALLACE Joe A-5684 
WALLACE John Carter C-3058 
WALLACE Johnson Bransford C-7179 
WALLACE Robert Bruce M-1420 
WALLACE Robert Guy A-2061 
WALLACE Robert McKinney Jr C- 

WALLACE Samuel Henderson M-1558 
WALLACE Thompson Murphy A-5733 
WALLACE William Jones M-569 
WALLACE William Joseph III A-3331 


WALLENS Richard Louis C-6596 
WALLER Harcourt Edmund Jr GST- 

WALLER James Fac 
WALLER James Edgerton A-5711 
WALLER John Elijah C-5422 T-827 p 

WALLIS Woodrow Wilson T-526 
WALMSLEY Henry A-285 C-342 
WALPOLE Charles Carroll A-3125 
WALSH Donald Edwin A-5967 
WALSH Donald Henry C-5738 
WALSH Frank Ogden Jr A-3311 
WALSH Leon George Jr CPT p 226 
WALSH Norman Sinkler C-8102 
WALSH Thomas Haac C-4271 
WALSH Thomas Tracy T-117 H-275 

WALT Jesse Page A-5052 
WALTER Berney Hill C-4358 
WALTER Charles Mason C-3980 
WALTER Francis Xavier III T-879 P 

WALTER Mrs Gustav also GOFFI- 

NET Elverda FS-44 p 340 
WALTER Robert Hart C-4317 
WALTER Rudolph Marshall A-6255 
WALTER William Garth A-2162 
WALTERS Bayard Harding A-6420 
♦WALTERS Frank Edward C-4230 T- 

465 RR pp 46 108 
WALTERS Sumner Jr C-5640 
♦WALTHALL Thomas Jones Jr M-U73 

WALTHALL William Shelby T-572 
WALTHOUR John Buckman C-4051 T- 

426 H-466 RR pp 46 55 56 108 

1 12 
♦WALTMON Robert R A-483 C-468 
WALTON Basil Manly C-2480 T-292 
WALTON Edward East Jr C-7594 
WALTON Edward Holt C-2072 
WALTON James Aubrey C-6137 
WALTON John Marshall Jr A-5877 C- 

WALTON John Roberts C-4092 
WALTON Milton M-990 
WALTON Samuel Barton Jr C-468 1 
WALTON William B C-164 
WALTON William Rutherford A-1535 
WALTS Samuel William Jr A-1311 C- 

WALWORTH Ernest Fontleroy (Roy) 

WALZ Henry Herman C-5307 
WAMBOLDT Wickes HA p 522 
WAMPLER John Taze M-410 
WANN James Creekmore C-5534 
WANNAMAKER Jacob George Jr M- 

WANNAMAKER William Elliott A- 

WANNER Charles Marshall C-4768 
WARD Alfred Pierce Jr C-4177 
WARD Benjamin Franklin C-3078 
WARD Charles H A-4600 
WARD Clarence Fac 
WARD David Earl C-754I 
WARD Edward Henry Jr C-1794 
WARD Frank Watson Jr C-3098 
WARD Goodloe Hale C-5798 
WARD Guy Turner C-2268 
WARD Heber Aaron (Arden?) M-103 
WARD Horatio Jennings Jr A-1173 
WARD James Cooper C-2420 
WARD Jeremiah RR pp 46 97 
WARD John Hester M-202 
WARD Jubal Benjamin M-1593 
WARD Mayham L A-395 
WARD Melgie M-iois 

WARD Robert Newton C-2267 T-288 

RR pp 46 99 
WARD Robert Wallis Jr C-6753 
WARD Samuel Mortimer A-282 C-367 
WARD Thomas P A-151 C-494 
WARD Vesper Ottmer Fac 
WARD Wade Fitzgerald A-4140 
WARD William E III A-4684 
WARD William Gomez Jr C-7172 
WARD Zach Dobbs M-1194 
WARDE Frederick Fac 
WARDEN Gordon Edward Jr C-6988 
WARDEN Harry Ripley A-1736 
WARE Archie Joseph M-609 
WARE Charles Scott SST p 330 
WARE Mrs Darrell Jervey or WARE 

Mrs William Lynch FS-57 p 340 
WARE Elizbeth Osborne also FORD 

Mrs Henry Co-ed 38 p 198 
WARE Elmer RR pp 46 72 
WARE James Kittrell Jr A-5633 
WARE John Davis Dabney A-2859 C- 

294 5 
WARE John Lowry M-417 
WARE John Nottingham Fac 
WARE Mrs John Nottingham also Dora 

Anna Elizabeth baroness von Turck- 

heim-Baden Staff 
WARE Kenneth C-8057 
WARE Robert Toland A-5182 
WARE Sedley Lynch H-443 Fac 
WARE Thomas Kendrick Jr C-5056 
WARE William Eastland Jr C-3981 
♦WARE William Franklin C-2376 
WARE William Lynch A-2790 
WARE Mrs William Lynch or WARE 

Mrs Darrell Jervey FS-57 p 340 
WARE William Porter A-2970 C-3340 

WARFEL William Joseph C-8060 
WARFIELD Charles Horace C-5790 
WARFIELD Walter Adgate M-1236 
WARING Charles Witte C-2786 
WARING Clark Jr C-2209 T-257 
WARING James Allen CFF p 342 
WARING James Cash T-133 
WARING Joseph I RR pp 46 90 
WARING Thomas Richard Jr C-3170 
WARING Thomas Richard Jr C-3477 

RR pp 25 26 
WARING Mrs Thomas Richard Jr also 

Anita Rose Staff 
WARLEY Theodore Dehon Wagner A- 

WARMBROD Ernest Millard A-4441 
WARMBROD John David C-7654 
WARMBROD William Knapper C- 

WARNER Beverley Ellison H-m 
WARNER Charles Dudley H-63 
WARNER Charles Edwin A-4126 
WARNER Gaylord C-I54I 
WARNER George Kitchum RR pp 46 

WARNER Gilbert Scrughan A-1216 
WARNER Irvin Boston Fac 
WARNER James Prince III A-5643 
WARNER James Shelburne M-344 
WARNER John McConnell A-2300 
WARNER John Sloan C-7393 
WARNER Robert Jay Jr C-6002 
WARNER Stanley A-2819 
WARNOCK John Frommel A-3976 
WARNOCK William George Jr A-3932 
WARREN Alexander III A-4934 
WARREN Charles Thurman III C-8S14 
WARREN Edward Jr C-4741 
WARREN Hallie DeLesslin Jr T-7S5 
WARREN Hugh Collins C-738 

WARREN J Collins C-739 
WARREN James Daniel T-126 
♦WARREN James Walter M-466 
WARREN James Willis M-184 
WARREN John Learning C-3739 
WARREN John Moss C-8561 
WARREN Joseph Melvin M-1200 
WARREN Matthew Madison Fac 
WARREN Richard Wallace A-4462 
WARREN Thomas Davis RR pp 46 81 

♦WARREN Samuel Nathaniel A-431 

WARRINER Alfred Louis Jr A-4058 
WARRINER Douglas Dohan A-5774 
WARRINER Douglas Moynahan (not 

Hoyenhan) A-3840 
WARRINER William J A-776 C-8si 
WARTERFIELD Charles Wesley C- 

WARTERFIELD Charles Wesley Jr 

WARTMAN Alvin Nicholls C-6591 
WARTMAN Peter Secord C-7603 
WARWICK Charles Earl C-7251 
WARWICK Everett Loomis A-3267 C- 

WASHBURN Mrs Nathaniel Jr also 

HARTON Nancy Co-ed 68 p 24s 
WASHINGTON Francis Whiting C- 

WASHINGTON Henry C-2170 
WASHINGTON James MacKnight A- 

WASHINGTON James Sprague C-3544 

WASHINGTON Marina Woods also 

Mrs George Augustine "Miss 

Queenie" HA p 522 
WASON Lloyd A-3878 

PP 46 52 53 
WASSELL John RR pp 46 54 
WASSON Benjamin Franklin Jr C-2756 
WASSON Billie Eugene C-5969 
WASSOM Leo Clarence A-5029 
WATERHOUSE Dale Leigh C-6531 
WATERMAN Myles Standish A-523 

WATERS Robert Leroy C-5081 
WATERWORTH James A RR pp 46 79 

♦WATIES John Collins L-48 
WATKINS Allen Harrison A-3573 C- 

WATKINS Arthur Charles Staff 
WATKINS Arthur James A-902 
WATKINS Chester Charles A-1112 
WATKINS Donnell King A-4639 
WATKINS Frank Gettys C-6990 
WATKINS George Staff 
WATKINS George LeGrand A- 1805 C- 

1857 L-124 RR pp 46 86 Staff 
WATKINS John Franklin Jr A-2008 
WATKINS John Franklin Jr A-4243 

WATKINS Lewis Hayes C-1843 
WATKINS Miles Abernathy A-1804C- 

1890 M-1256 
WATKINS Miles Abernathy Jr C-4574 
WATKINS Morgan Jr C-6996 
WATKINS Philip Hunter Jr A-4087 
WATKINS Richard Munsey A-901 
WATKINS Thomas Henry A-4638 
WATKINS Walter Barker Critz Fac 
WATKINS Warner Sutphen Jr C-6762 
WATKINS William Everette C-3890 
WATKINS William Tomlinson C-6978 
WATKINS Willis Lamar M-S04 



WATLEY Lloyd Ray C-6S49 
WATSON Alfred Augustin H-37 SST 

p 330 RR pp 46 60 Fac 
WATSON Andrew Bates C-962 
WATSON Ben Edward Miles C-6247 

WATSON Charles A-i 1 S2 
WATSON Charles Paul A-1580 C-1701 
WATSON Clyde Mortimer Jr T-920 
WATSON David Allen M-339 
WATSON David Endel C-5806 
WATSON Edward Willard C-3800 
WATSON Elbert C-5671 
WATSON Ernest Louis A-2136 
WATSON Frank Norwood A-4571 
WATSON Franklin McChesney C-6439 
WATSON George Allen Jr A-5349 
WATSON George Henry A-1693 
WATSON James Campbell A-1020 C- 

1 181 
WATSON James Eli A-2778 
WATSON John David A-3189 
WATSON Lawrence Middleton A-4304 

*WATSON Matthew A-1487 C-1572 L- 

WATSON Neal Ainsworth A-3349 
WATSON Robert Leon A-5587 
WATSON Samuel Newell T-53 
WATSON Sidney Powell C-1527 L-34 
WATSON Watkins Crockett C-5984 
WATSON Whitfield Wannamaker Staff 
WATSON William Breese C-6602 
WATSON William Robertson A-93 3 C- 

WATSON William Taylor III C-5743 
WATT Alfred Riddeford Staff 
WATTERSON Henry H-75 RR PP '8 

WATTERSON Henry Jr A-1436 
WATTS Charles Nichol M-472 
WATTS George Oscar C-2044 T-263 

RR pp 24 27 
WATTS George Wayne A-6606 
WATTS Harrison Davenport III C- 

WATTS Iddo Lauderdale M-1070 
WATTS James Foster Jr A-5837 
WATTS Mary Elizabeth or Polly also 

KELLOGG Mrs Niran E Co-ed 

78 p 254 
WATTS William Cheney (Cherry?) M- 

WATZEK Peter Ficke H-491 
WAUGH Grant Reed A-6227 
WAY Roger Atkinson C-3873 
WAY Warren Wade H-292 
WAY Warren Wade Jr C-3724 
WAYMOUTH John Francis Jr C-s6;8 
WAYMOUTH Laurens Samuel C-8036 
WAYNE Harry Anthony L-106 
WAYNE James Robert A- 1845 
WEARS Leslie Hunter II C-7050 
WEATHERLY Charles Taliaferro C-41 
WEATHERLY Harold Lamar C-6185 
WEATHERLY James Meriwether A-67 
WEATHERLY William Wallace Wat- 
son C-2398 
WEATHERS Benjamin A RR pp 46 >2 
WEATHERS Benjamin Seaborn A-i75o 

WEATHERS Christopher Trigg A-66i? 
WEATHERS Walter Thornton C-3698 
WEAVER Glenn GST-205 
WEAVER Henry O'Neil C-3515 
♦WEAVER James Martin C-4613 
*WEAVER John Calvin M-565 
WEAVER John V A-271 C-314 
WEAVER Joseph Patrick C-6184 

WEAVER Louis Allen C-1221 
WEAVER William Amzi A-;548 
*WEAVER William Minter Jr C-3921 
WEAVER William Richard C-8458 
WEBB Anderson Miller M-307 
WEBB Charles William Jr C-2587 T- 

338 Staff 
WEBB Dwight Thomas Jr C-3793 
WEBB Edward Craig C-3378 
WEBB Glenn Curtiss CPT p 226 
WEBB James Stewart C-3875 
WEBB Jesse Barr M-1376 
WEBB John Maurice RR p 120 Fac 
WEBB Lyman Watson C-6998 
WEBB Mem Creagh Jr C-3313 
WEBB Oscar Lee C-5692 
WEBB Paul Hamilton Waring Fac 
WEBB Paul Hamilton Waring Jr A- 

WEBB Robert Reed C-7729 
WEBB Stephen Elliott A-6567 
WEBB Wendell Burkhead A-6065 
WEBB William Gatewood III C-6695 
WEBB William Robert Jr H-427 
WEBBER Henry Earl III A-6220 
WEBBER Percy Clinton T-30 
WEBER Frank Nicaud C-4571 
WEBER Henri Carl or Carleton A-516 

'WEBER John Walker C-264 p 373 

WEBER John Walker Jr A-2126 
WEBSTER Edmund K Fac 
WEBSTER Edwin Evans A-3618 
WEBSTER George A- 3 8;8 
WEBSTER John Robert C-6061 
WEBSTER Joseph Edward A-3643 

WEBSTER Mason Jr A-3701 C-4306 
'WEBSTER Vannoy Cleveland Jr C- 

WEBSTER William Mendenhall III 

WEBSTER William Worthington C- 

WECHSLER Benjamin Bernardt M-477 
WEDDLE Bobby Ray C-7950 
♦WEED Caleb Brintnall Knevals C- 
1217 T-I45 H-354 RR pp 46 53 
74 75 
WEED Edward Henry A-433 C-548 
WEED Edwin Gardner H-45 RR pp 

20 23 46 63 64 
WEED James Evans C-3297 
WEED Lowrey Albert Jr C-4943 
WEED Sam Farrington C-4780 
WEEKLEY Augustine Smythe Whit- 
man Jr A-4872 
WEEKS Harry Curtis Jr A-5174 
WEEKS James Louie M-1087 
WEEKS Lester Reginald M-1238 
WEEMS Elmer Jesse C-6149 
WEEMS Houston Kay M-1338 
WEF1NG George Frederick A-6229 
WEHRENBERG George Henry A-4522 
WEI Francis Cho Min H-279 
WEICHSEL Robert Franz Jr C-7579 
WEIL Albert Jay C-6414 
WEILENMAN John William C-3700 
WEINBERG Melvin Seymour C-5763 
WEINBERGER James Earnest C-6139 
WEINBURG Morris M-1151 
WEIR Mrs Harry E also HERBERT 

Kathryn Roberta Co-ed 34 p 198 
WEIR John Harvey A-1342 
WEIR Randolph Robert Balfore A-988 
WEIR Robin Slane A-4723 
WEIS Henry Mahlon A-3552 
WEIS Raymond George C-6379 
WEISHAMPEL Charles Axel C-4249 

WEISS Ludwig David C-806 
WEISSINGER Aubrey Earl A-2149 
WELBORN William Jackson Jr A-6143 
WELCH Arthur Stellhorn A-5236 
WELCH Carl Belmont M-982 
WELCH James Tracy C-3191 RR pp 

46 77 
WELCH Jules C Jr C-3203 
WELCH Richard Burk C-8119 
WELCH Wallace Harding C-5071 
WELLBORN Arthur Horry A-6117 
WELLER George Carroll A-2922 
WELLER Heber Williamson C-3624 
WELLER John Cyrus A-1887 
WELLER Mrs Matthew H also 
KNIGHT Elizabeth Woolston Co- 
ed 61 p 248 
♦WELLER Reginald Heber Jr C-376 

RR pp 46 63 
WELLES John Stuart C-4003 
♦WELLFORD Alexander White C-4378 

RR pp 46 108 
WELLFORD Hugh Penn C-7889 
WELLS Benjamin Willis Fac 
WELLS Charles Luke SST p 330 RR 

p 119 Fac 
WELLS Charles Monroe A-1356 
WELLS Christopher Columbus A-3291 
WELLS D L A-416 
WELLS Elbert Lucas Jr A-7;6 C-850 
WELLS Eliot Chambers Jr C-7285 
WELLS Eugene Malcolm C-6089 
♦WELLS Frederic Lyman A-1457 C- 

WELLS George Baker C-2996 
WELLS George Eugene Jr C-3380 
WELLS Harry Brown A-3295 
WELLS Holly Wilberforce H-4I2 
WELLS Horace Edwards A-3294 
WELLS Horace Gilmer C-4633 
WELLS James Edson Jr GST-151 
WELLS John Oscar A-3054 C-2813 
WELLS Malcolm Rhoderick Norris A- 

WELLS Richard Sutton C-7768 
WELLS William Holly C-4689 
WELSH John Rushing Jr C-4809 
WELT Dixon Sherman C-8554 
WENDE Philip Scott A-6361 
WENDEL David Deaderick Jr C-7335 
WENDT Charles CFF p 342 
♦WENDTE William A-1373 
♦WENGER Joseph Bainbridge III C- 

WENGER Ramon Van A-6512 
WENLEY Robert Mark H-196 RR pp 

19 22 
WENTZ Charles Hancock C-1560 
WERLEIN George Shepherd Halsey Jr 

T-179 RR pp 46 58 Fac 
WERLEIN Halsey Ewing C-8276 
WERLEIN John Parham A-4299 
WERLEIN Philip Prentiss GST-176 
WERLEIN Presley Ewing A-2291 
WERLEIN Richard Orme A-4559 
WERNER Charles Ernest A-3 107 
WERNER James Kennedy C-2965 
WERNER John Eldon C-8223 
WESLEY John Harold C-7004 
WESSELS Robert Rogers A-4528 
WESSON Mrs Isaac also Mrs Elizabeth 

G Staff 
WEST Arthur Alexander C-6993 
♦WEST Edward Hamilton H-433 RR 

pp 46 63 65 
WEST Edward Hamilton Jr C-8385 
WEST Eugene Jagar C-6014 T-599 RR 

pp 46 106 
WEST G S RR pp 46 97 

WEST Hayden Austin Fac 
WEST John Townsend M-633 
WEST Lawrence Christopher C-7396 
WEST Milton Vance C-3683 
WEST Otis Jackson Jr C-5946 
WEST Raphael Benjamin Jr A-6443 
WEST Richard Lowell C-7811 
WEST Richard Temple H-8 
WEST Robert A-5701 
WEST Tarpley William M-855 
WEST William Conover C-3407 
WESTBROOK Hiram Whittington A- 

2755 C-2489 
WESTBROOK John Franklin A-2616 
WESTBROOK William Parker A-2242 
WESTCOTT Allan Craven C-6306 
WESTCOTT William Beverly C-14S7 
WESTCOTT William David A-43 
WESTERN Elgin Underwood C-834 
WESTFELDT Ethel Jane also BUNT- 
ING Mrs Frederick H Co-ed 31 p 
WESTFELDT Gustaf Reinhold RR pp 

46 74 
WESTFELDT Wallace Ogden Jr C- 

WESTFIELD John Oscar A-858 C-895 
WESTLAKE John Berry C-7682 
WESTLAKE William West A-3764 
WESTMORELAND Hawkins C-4027 
WESTMORELAND Robert Willard C- 

WESTON Arthur King A-2732 
WESTON Plowden C J (not T) RR pp 

46 89 91 
WESTON William C-1222 M-135 H- 

WESTON William Ray C-3936 
WETHERBEE Charles Augustus M-926 
WETHERILL Lynn C-6446 
WETMORE Silas McBee A-1340